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Global EMBA Programme

Experience real-time transformation

Global EMBA Programme
INSEAD is the only school that offers a modular
Global Executive MBA programme (GEMBA) in
fully integrated campuses across three regions:
Europe (France), Asia (Singapore) and the Middle
East (Abu Dhabi). GEMBA offers experienced
executives an intensive 14 to 17-month fast-track to
the top via one of the world’s most prestigious and
multicultural business schools.
Each class has an unparalleled diversity of
nationalities, enabling participants to learn from
each other and build a close-knit yet globally
distributed network. Another unique feature is the
Leadership Development Programme (LDP) which
includes a programme-long schedule of group
coaching, 360-degree assessments and team
activities, designed to develop a leadership style
that is authentic to you – thus accelerating your
career progress even further.

Class Profile 2014





Average age

13 years

Average work experience


Global EMBA Programme


Working outside home country


Professional sectors

Geographic diversity

Western Europe
Asia Pacific
Middle East / Africa
Central / Eastern Europe
North / South America


Programme Overview
The programme takes place on the INSEAD
campuses in Europe, Asia and the Middle East with
initial regional focus depending on the section you
choose. You will also have opportunities to network
with the other sections when they all come together
mid-way through the programme for the electives
and Key Management Challenge courses.

Independent Study Time
In addition to the time spent on campus, equivalent
to 12 working weeks, you will also need to allow
at least 5 weeks in total for independent study:
preparation for classes, writing 6 essays, your final
project and peer work-­shadowing. This adds up to
about 10 to 12 hours of homework a week.




Middle East




Abu Dhabi


17 months

14 months

15 months

Days Out of Office

56 days

63 days

63 days

On-Campus Classes

Core Courses

Elective Courses

Key Management

Leadership Development Programme


12 weeks





Aug 2015

11 days



Oct 2015

5 days


1 week

Nov 2015

4 days

2 weeks

1 week

Jan 2016

5 days

1 week

1 week

Feb 2016

4 days


1 week

Mar 2016

4 days

2 weeks (Singapore)

1 week (Singapore)

May 2016

4 days

1 week

1 week

Jun 2016

4 days



Jul 2016

2 weeks (Fontainebleau)

Aug 2016

1 week (Fontainebleau) *

Sep 2016

1 week (Singapore) *

Oct 2016

1 week (Abu Dhabi) *

Dec 2016

2 weeks (Singapore)

* Select any two (one KMC per location)

December 2016 (Singapore)
Dates are subject to change

Global EMBA Programme



The GEMBA curriculum combines theory and
practice, hard skills and soft skills. The idea is to
make an impact on your work from the Monday
after the first module to the day you retire.
However, the GEMBA is not simply an intensive
business programme. It is an intense all-round
experience and you are required to attend –
and prepare for – all modules without exception,
as well as complete a substantial volume of work
between modules.

Core Courses
The first half of the programme comprises
11 core courses which cover the fundamentals
of business disciplines that all leaders need:


orporate Finance
Financial Accounting
International Political Analysis
Leading Teams and Organisations
Managerial Accounting
Prices and Markets
Process and Operations Management
Uncertainty, Data and Judgement

Global EMBA Programme

Elective Courses
Elective courses take place on INSEAD’s
Fontainebleau campus over two weeks in July.
The electives allow you to go deeper into some of
the disciplines covered in the core courses and to
explore a few new areas, depending on your
personal interests.
Sample elective courses:
• Advanced Corporate Finance
• Brand Management
• Corporate Entrepreneurship
• Power & Politics in Organisations
• Psychology of Leadership
• Strategy, Structure and Incentives

Key Management Challenges
We recognise that real-life management does not
always fall neatly into business school subject
departments. This is why we devised the Key
Management Challenges (KMC) as innovative
courses to cover broader, multi-disciplinary,
company-wide issues.
Sample KMC courses:
• Corporate Governance
• Entrepreneurial Leadership
• Innovation Management
• Managing Multinational Enterprises
• Value Creation and Blue Line Management

Leadership Development Programme
INSEAD offers a comprehensive ‘programmewithin-a-programme’ that follows and shapes your
personal and professional development and runs
throughout your time as an EMBA participant and
beyond. The Leadership Development Programme
(LDP) is founded on the belief that leadership is
much more than management. Today’s leaders must
strike a balance between reflection and action to
help their organisations adapt to the unknown.

They must be flexible, aware of the context and
able to adjust their leadership style to the situation.
Just as importantly, they must know themselves
and understand their impact on others. Delivered
by the INSEAD Global Leadership Centre, the LDP
combines a wide range of innovative learning
methods designed to further cultivate your
leadership style.

LDP Elements
Academic Content

Live Forums

Teaching Sessions
EMBA Leaders Forum
Peer Exchange
Experimental Teamwork Training

Interactive Coaching

360-degree Feedback
Group Coaching

Career Development
GEMBA participants have diverse needs for
career support. You may be part of an organisation
where you are already on your way to building
a successful career, or you may be looking to
advance your career in a new organisation or a
new field. In other words, you require a customised
approach to professional development.
We address both your “internal-career” needs
(making the most of your career within your
present organisation) and your “external-career”
needs (making a change outside your
organisation). In both cases, INSEAD is recognised
by companies worldwide as a key source of talent
and career development.


Global EMBA Programme

Our rigorous admissions process is designed to
ensure the best possible fit between you and the
INSEAD GEMBA. Throughout the process, we will
be looking for qualities and criteria that we know
make the best participants.

Admissions Criteria
Academic Capacity
You must have a sound academic foundation
(preferably a bachelor’s degree or equivalent
from a recognised college or university) and a
demonstrated aptitude for business studies
supported by the GMAT or the INSEAD EMBA
Admissions Test. The INSEAD EMBA Admissions
Test is held monthly across our three campuses.
Strong Leadership Potential
We look for applicants who can demonstrate their
potential as leaders. Therefore, your professional
experience and past performance will be
considered when assessing your application.
Participants in our current class have an average
of 13 years of work experience, with at least three
years in a management role in charge of teams
and/or projects. More important than the length
of your experience, however, is the quality of
your accomplishments and motivation through
career evolution.
International Outlook
We attract applicants with cross-cultural sensitivity
and those who have lived, worked or studied
abroad or who are working for international
companies or have global responsibilities for
clients, suppliers, etc.

Application Deadlines (Class of 2016)
GEMBA Asia Section
Round 1: 20 January 2015
Round 2: 10 March 2015
Round 3: 28 April 2015
Round 4: 16 June 2015
GEMBA Europe Section
Round 1: 24 March 2015
Round 2: 12 May 2015
Round 3: 01 July 2015
Round 4: 01 September 2015
GEMBA Middle East Section
Round 1: 17 February 2015
Round 2: 21 April 2015
Round 3: 23 June 2015
Round 4: 18 August 2015

The dual degree Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA (TIEMBA)
provides an additional option for experienced
executives – in partnership with Tsinghua
University, one of the world’s best universities in
Beijing, China. This unique programme offers an
in-depth understanding of business in China, from
both international and domestic perspectives,
which can also be applied to other emerging
markets across the world.
For more information, please visit

Ability to Contribute to the INSEAD Experience
We look for participants who will contribute
proactively and share the insights they have gained
throughout their professional and personal
experience. It is our belief that a substantial part
of your learning will be shaped by your interaction
with your fellow classmates and your active
participation both inside and outside
the classroom.

Global EMBA Programme


Connect With Us
Visit Us on Campus
We have an experienced team on our three
campuses that can advise you on your search for
the right EMBA programme and would be happy
to arrange for a personal campus visit. Several
times a year we hold EMBA information sessions
on campus which include an overview of the
programme and admissions process. If classes are
in session, you may also have the opportunity to
network with current EMBA participants.

You are welcome to send us your CV and ask us
for feedback.
Tel. : +33 (0) 1 6072 4191 (Fontainebleau)
Tel.: +971 5 0220 1989 (Abu Dhabi)
Tel. : +65 6799 5191 (Singapore)
Email: [email protected]

Visit Us Online

Selected Photos: Matt Stuart, Henry Koh, Isabelle Negre

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Throughout the year, we host EMBA events
worldwide, as well as online. Join us at one of these
sessions to learn more about the programme
and meet faculty and alumni. Please refer to our
website for a complete list of upcoming events.

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