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MBA Programme 2013

One year to challenge your thinking, change your outlook and choose your future.

1. Welcome to the INSEAD MBA Experience 2. Ten Reasons to Choose the INSEAD MBA 3. Campus Life 4. The Power of Diversity 5. Classes of 2012: Key Facts 6. Curriculum 7. Exchanges and Partnerships 8. Group Work 9. World-Leading Research 10. Our Faculty 11. Student Life 12. Alumni Network 13. INSEAD Women in Business 14. A Typical Day 15. Career Momentum 16. Applying to the MBA Programme 17. Financing: The Facts 18. Meet Us 19. Other INSEAD Programmes 01 02 04 07 08 10 12 13 14 16 20 22 26 27 28 32 34 35 35

MBA Programme 2013 01

Welcome to the INSEAD MBA Experience

Of course, INSEAD is famous for its diversity, but it’s the sheer quality of our teaching and research that I’m most proud of. INSEAD faculty are known for both their rigour and their relevance. They not only do groundbreaking research but are also outstanding at bringing the insights from that research into the MBA classroom. In addition, they know how to leverage the diversity of cultures, experiences and backgrounds in each class, which is what makes INSEAD one of the most enriching places to learn – and teach – on the entire globe.

Peter Zemsky The Eli Lilly Chaired Professor of Strategy and Innovation, Deputy Dean, Degree Programmes and Curriculum

02 MBA Programme 2013

Ten reasons to choose the INSEAD MBA

01 03 05

Simply one of the best
We’re ranked international number 1 MBA by Businessweek and have been in the Financial Times global top 10 for over a decade, which means you’ll learn from some of the most expert professors and talented peers in the world.

02 04 06

Unquestionably the most international
With 80 nationalities in every year, no dominant culture, MBA campuses in Europe and Asia, and an optional US exchange, there’s no better place to build your international career.

Maximum return on investment
And minimum opportunity cost. INSEAD’s oneyear programme means only one year out of the job market…. and only one year of fees – resulting in an average 97% salary increase. No wonder the FT ranks us higher than any other top-10 school for ROI.

Truly global career opportunities
With over 25 expert careers staff across both campuses and over 100 of the world’s top MBA recruiters visiting campus, you can find a new vocation or accelerate your existing career – anywhere in the world.

A powerful alumni community

Work hard, play hard, go far

INSEAD’s 43,000 alumni form a tight-knit community of like-minded individuals that stretches across more than 160 countries. It is renowned for being one of the most supportive and well-connected business networks in the world, offering you a ready-made global address book.

After 10 intensive months of learning, socialising, travelling and career building, you’ll be ready for any challenges life throws at you.

MBA Programme 2013 03

07 09

Grow professionally – and as a person
Join a collaborative culture that will accelerate your development – and leverage your classmates’ 5,000+ years of combined experience to grow even faster.

08 10

Curricular and geographical flexibility
The 75 electives and study treks, the 2 intakes (January and September) across 2 campuses (France and Singapore) and the option of studying on 3 continents will allow you to tailor your MBA to fit your career goals.

Entrepreneurial inspiration

The best year of your life
Nearly all our alumni say it, so – after over 50 years of listening to them – we figure it must be true!

There’s something about having so many perspectives in one place (not just 80 nationalities, but also a wealth of diverse career backgrounds) that generates new ideas. Perhaps that’s why 50% of our graduates start or run their own company at some point in their career.

04 MBA Programme 2013

I bike to school past the château where Napoleon and many of the kings of France lived.
Frank Panuwatana Class of July 2012 Thai Before INSEAD: Manager in Corporate Advisory Services, Baker Tilly, Thailand Previous degree: Thammasat University, Thailand

I wanted to experience – and work in – Europe. So there was really only one MBA choice: INSEAD. Fontainebleau is Europe at its most charming. I bike to school past the château where Napoleon and many of the kings of France lived. I go running behind campus in the idyllic forest, which is also a world centre for rock climbing. I’ve even joined the rugby club, which was something I never thought I’d do but seemed like the right way to challenge myself!

Paris is only 40 minutes away, so I go there a few times a month. And having a scholarship (thanks to the MBA class of July 1987) has enabled me to get the most out of the experience of being in Europe. Best of all, in addition to industry, I’m considering careers in finance or consulting – and Europe’s top recruiters in both fields come to campus.

MBA Programme 2013 05

I only applied to INSEAD. I chose it because I wanted to study for a top MBA in Asia.
Linn Tonsberg Class of December 2012 Norwegian Before INSEAD: Regional Manager, Voss, Asia Previous degree: Tufts University, USA

I only applied to INSEAD. I chose it because I wanted to study for a top MBA in Asia and because my father did the Advanced Management Programme here a few years back. He’s always been passionate about the school and now it’s my turn. I’ve moved every three years since I was born, so the international environment feels like home. I was born in Hong Kong, grew up in the

Middle East and Europe, studied in the US and worked in Asia, including Singapore. But I’m in a whole new Singapore now that I’m experiencing it through INSEAD! The campus is a wonderful mixture of the laid back and the intense, full of high-energy, hard-working, motivated people. There’s always something going on – whether it’s a National Week or an INSEAD Women in Business meeting. I always have the feeling that there aren’t enough hours in my day.

06 MBA Programme 2013

MBA Programme 2013 07

Take one problem and you’ll get at least 80 different views.
Trevor Muchedzi Class of July 2012 Zimbabwean Before INSEAD: Research Analyst, Strate Limited, South Africa Previous degree: National University of Science and Technology, Zimbabwe

I came here for the multi-lingual, international mix – to gain leadership skills and cultural sensitivity. But it’s been even more enriching than I bargained for. With more than 80 different nationalities – and almost as many professional backgrounds – in some classrooms, you can imagine the debates. Take one problem… and you’ll get at least 80 different views. And by exchanging campuses, you see things from yet another angle. The professors are real experts in allowing the different perspectives

to emerge. All the time, I keep thinking, “I could apply this idea in Africa.” Although I’ve experienced both Europe and Asia thanks to INSEAD – the two campuses are like twins separated at birth! – I’d like to return to Africa. In the long run, inspired by INSEAD, I’d like to start my own business there. Africa is at the point Asia was at a decade ago. If you want to seize the opportunities, you just have to be on the ground!

08 MBA Programme 2013

Classes of 2012: Key Facts


(2 to 12 years)

average years work experience




average age of participants



(23 to 36 years old)

Diversity of Class
7% 12% 9%

Countries Asia / Asia Pacific Central / Eastern Europe Latin America Middle East / Africa Northern / Western Europe Southern Europe United States / Canada

(range of 600 to 790)

average GMAT score





MBA Programme 2013 09

10 MBA Programme 2013

A cuttingedge, realworld curriculum
Period Period Period

The 10-month MBA programme includes five periods, each lasting eight weeks. At the end of every period, there is an assessment (exam, essay or project) and a short break. The first half of the programme is built around 14 core courses, which provide you with a solid understanding of the key management disciplines.



Financial Accounting Financial Markets & Valuation Organisational Behaviour I Prices & Markets Uncertainty, Data & Judgement

Corporate Financial Policy Marketing Management Organisational Behaviour II Managerial Accounting Process & Operations Management Strategy

Elective * Elective * Elective * Elective * International Political Analysis Macroeconomics in the Global Economy

Elective * Elective * Elective * Elective *

Elective * Elective * Elective *

Business Ethics (P1-P2) Career Orientation Job Search Strategies On and Off Campus Recruitment Job Search

January intake internship/break Opportunity to take advantage of the campus exchange
* For more information on academics and elective offerings go to

MBA Programme 2013 11

During the second half of the programme, INSEAD offers you an unparalleled range of innovative electives, all taught from an international perspective. You can tailor the programme to meet your specific needs and career objectives by choosing 11 electives from a selection of more than 75 courses (offered

across both campuses). While some students prefer to concentrate on certain disciplines, such as entrepreneurship and strategy, others choose to take courses in a wider variety of subjects to prepare for a career in general management.

Elective examples
Period Entrepreneurship in Action
This dynamic business simulation puts participants in the shoes of an entrepreneurial team competing in a consumer-durable market. The aim is to simulate the pressure-cooker environment of managing a new venture in the critical second-round financing stage. The highlight is the relentless focus on action and the realism – as you take dozens of strategic and tactical decisions under enormous time pressure, significant uncertainty and intense competition. Prepare for long hours and late nights!

Elective areas — Accounting

Applied Corporate Finance
Put your insights from the core finance classes into action with this practical, hands-on course. You will apply the concepts and tools of capital structure, valuation, capital asset pricing and option pricing (among others) to a series of real-life business cases – and discover not only their benefits but also their limitations.

— Decision Sciences — Economics &
Political Science & Family Enterprise Finance Marketing Organisational Behaviour Strategy Technology & Operations Management
(Courses in areas such as ethics and communication)

— Entrepreneurship — — — — —

Advertising and Social Media
Gain a balanced overview of the rapidly changing advertising landscape – with a special focus on social media as an integral part of overall marketing strategy. You will not only learn how consumers respond to different media and interact virally in social networks but also acquire valuable tools to track campaign effectiveness and ROI. This innovative, case-study-packed elective culminates in a hands-on project to design a social media strategy for a brand, company or product.

— Others

Strategies for Asia Pacific
Why is Asia such a tough business environment for non-Asian companies and managers? Drawing on INSEAD research and our long experience of succeeding as an outsider in the region, this elective supplies some answers. Better still, it gives you an indepth understanding of how Asian markets function, how to formulate market-entry strategies and how to avoid typical management frictions.

12 MBA Programme 2013

Exchanges and Partnerships
Student Exchanges:
The Wharton School In addition to the dual campus exchange between France and Singapore, students can also choose to take electives during one period at Wharton, one of the leading business schools in the US, located on the University of Pennsylvania campus in Philadelphia. This is a particularly interesting opportunity for students looking to develop their network and career prospects in North America. INSEAD participants at Wharton have full access to Wharton’s career management services. Kellogg School of Management Since 2010, INSEAD students have had the opportunity to exchange at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University near Chicago, Illinois. This new partnership, combined with our existing relationship with the Wharton School, provides greater choice for INSEAD students who want to spend some time in a U.S. business school. Similar to the terms of our Wharton exchange programme, students will have access to both INSEAD’s and Kellogg’s Career Services teams whilst at Kellogg.

INSEAD-SAIS Dual-Degree Programme INSEAD and The Johns Hopkins University Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) have joined together to offer a dual MBA/MA degree programme. The dual-degree programme allows students from both schools to work toward completing the SAIS Master of Arts (MA) and the INSEAD MBA simultaneously with the aim of preparing students for careers that combine international affairs and business administration. Students admitted to both programmes are able to complete the two degrees in two and half years, instead of the three years required to complete the degrees separately, by spending one and a half years at SAIS and one year at INSEAD.

INSEAD - Lee Kuan Yew Partnership INSEAD and the Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore, have partnered to provide students with a continuation pathway from the INSEAD MBA to the LKY School MPA and vice versa. This relationship enables students from INSEAD to branch out into public administration, and students from the LKY School into business administration. INSEAD students from both campuses - Fontainebleau, France and Singapore - will be eligible to participate in this collaboration.

MBA Programme 2013 13

Positive friction makes for great learning.
Nidhi Joseph Class of December 2012 Indian Before INSEAD: Manager, Maersk, India Previous degree: St Stephen’s College, Delhi, India

For the first two periods of the programme, we are allocated to a small group of students with whom you need to work closely on classroom projects and assignments. Every group has a different composition in terms of cultures and professional backgrounds, and consequently, each group has a different experience. My group, for example, was comprised of an American, an Italian, a Chinese, a Kyrgyz (I’d never met anyone from Kyrgyzstan before), an Israeli and me.

One of our professors once mentioned that we would need to engage and disagree with each other to get the most out of our group. Given our backgrounds, each of us see things differently and this positive friction makes for great learning. I have, for example, benefitted from my team-mates’ expertise and developed in areas where I was previously lacking and they have done the same. This makes for an incredibly collegiate, supportive atmosphere, which permeates the entire INSEAD community – including the alumni, who are always ready to help. And needless to say, it’s perfect preparation for an international career.

14 MBA Programme 2013

The INSEAD MBA: powered by world-leading research

World experts
Ranked 1st for business research outside the US by the most comprehensive ranking (compiled at the University of Dallas at Texas), our faculty offer you truly cutting-edge insights. In 2011 alone, they won 22 major research awards. In addition, INSEAD won the overall prize at the prestigious ECCH Case Awards and was the only institution to win 3 awards at the EFMD international case-writing competition.

Real-world relevance
Our 9 academic areas cover all the main business disciplines. And our 16 crossdisciplinary Centres of Excellence reflect business reality – and ensure relevance. Some also offer innovative MBA activities, such as the Maag International Centre for Entrepreneurship’s range of intensive “bootcamps” and business venture competitions.

Prolific publication
You’ve probably seen the INSEAD-authored books, Blue Ocean Strategy and The Innovator’s DNA, or the article “The 100 Best-Performing CEOs in the World” (still on Harvard Business Review’s ‘most popular’ list after 2 years). But INSEAD professors are publishing new research all the time. In 2011 alone, our faculty published 15 books, 84 academic journal articles and 67 teaching case studies. Expect to encounter new ideas constantly!

Multiple viewpoints
Diversity is a differentiating factor of our faculty as well our student body. Our 145 professors come from 35 countries and are resident across the three INSEAD campuses. They are great minds who think differently. That means you don’t just get one answer at INSEAD. You get all the possible answers.

MBA Programme 2013 15

INSEAD attracts world experts who are also brilliant teachers.
Lee Gonzalez Class of July 2012 American Before INSEAD: Entrepreneur and Founder of Somnio Hostels, Barcelona, Spain Previous degree: Wharton, University of Pennsylvania, USA

When I arrived at INSEAD, I was impressed by the extremely high quality of teaching. As an undergraduate at a leading US business school, I always had professors who were at the top of their field, but the classroom experience was sometimes disappointing. INSEAD makes it a point to attract and retain professors who are not only experts but more importantly, brilliant teachers. They do an amazing job at orchestrating diversity to generate learning. Having already studied business, I entered the programme fully aware of which areas were

my weak points. I came to INSEAD dreading accounting but to my amazement, the teachers were so great that it was one of my favourite subjects. I chose to revisit the business curriculum, figuring there would be more relevant application given my entrepreneurial experience. I was pleasantly surprised by how much more enriching the classroom experience is with more mature and international colleagues. I very much look forward to returning to my business to apply the lessons I’ve learned in and out of the classroom.

16 MBA Programme 2013

I link theory with practice by telling stories.
Pushan Dutt Professor of Economics Chair, Economics and Political Sciences Area Indian PhD: New York University, USA MBA teaching: Prices and Markets core course

I teach a compulsory MBA course on microeconomics. Economics is a logical and structured way of thinking about the world. You can’t understand the world if you don’t understand economics. And you can’t be an effective manager if you don’t understand how the world works. I bring my own research on international economics into the classroom frequently – whether in terms of predicting the impact of a financial crisis on companies or understanding

the effect of farm subsidies in the US and Europe. I link theory with practice by telling stories, which is the most powerful way of conveying ideas. The MBA students are a smart, opinionated, curious lot. It’s very refreshing interacting with them. The diversity in languages, cultures and backgrounds is the icing on the cake. I learn many stories and examples from them, which, in turn, makes me a more effective teacher down the road. It’s a two-way process.

MBA Programme 2013 17

As a former CEO of a NASDAQ company in the US, I feel really comfortable at INSEAD.
Randel Carlock Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise Berghmans Lhoist Chaired Professor of Entrepreneurial Leadership American PhD: University of Minnesota, USA MBA Teaching: Family Business elective course

As a former CEO of a NASDAQ company in the US, I feel really comfortable at INSEAD in our entrepreneurship and family business department. When I joined the school a decade ago, we had two entrepreneurship courses. And now we have 20. What this demonstrates to me is not only that INSEAD has developed an outstanding reputation for entrepreneurship research and teaching but also that it’s one of our core values as an institution – reflected in the creation of our campuses in Singapore and Abu Dhabi.

I enjoy teaching at INSEAD because it truly is a global experience. And I get to lead innovative classes with some of the brightest MBA students in the world. I tend to integrate role plays and excerpts from world cinema into my classes. As far as I’m concerned, no other business school is as well-positioned to look at global entrepreneurship and family business as INSEAD.

18 MBA Programme 2013

MBA Programme 2013 19

I’d recommend the school purely on the basis of the finance professors.
Christian Li Class of July 2012 Chinese Before INSEAD: Research Analyst, McKinsey, China Previous degree: Fudan University, China

I came from a technology background and, after a few years at work, realised that business interested me more than coding. That was when I started to think about an MBA. I wanted to learn about entrepreneurship and finance most and knew that INSEAD was famous for the former. But, now that I’ve been here, I’d recommend the school purely on the basis of the finance professors. They’re amazing – all of them!

At university in China, we didn’t have discussions in class. Learning is about listening to lectures rather than interactivity. So it took me a while to catch up with the teaching style. People from some other cultures seemed to speak up much more readily. But gradually, I started to put my hand up more often and now it feels natural. After eight years at work, to become a student again and learn so much – on two continents – has been a once-in-alifetime experience.

20 MBA Programme 2013

Campus life is busy, busy, busy – but a lot of fun.
Richa Menke Class of July 2012 German/Indian Before INSEAD: Product Manager, Nokia, Germany Previous degree: Rice University, USA

Campus life is busy, busy, busy – but a lot of fun. The classes, the studying, the group work and the social life all add a different dimension to the intensity. Time goes faster, but it’s so sunny in Singapore that it feels relaxed at the same time. National Weeks are special. They’re an opportunity to laugh at ourselves and to be open about the stereotypes in each other’s cultures. It is a refreshing break in a world that’s

so obsessed with political correctness. I was on the organising committee of the South Asian Week. As well as the usual culinary events and “amphi-storming”, we simulated the Indian Festival of Colours (Holi). We put up a huge tent on campus and inside everyone was throwing coloured powder, eating food and dancing arm in arm. It was magical.

MBA Programme 2013 21

Students with kids have a special bond – even if we go to fewer parties!
Joo-Ok Lee Class of July 2012 Korean Before INSEAD: Programme Specialist in Education, Korean National Commission for UNESCO Previous degree: Seoul National University, Korea

I’m one of those people who like to get involved in everything, just in case I miss out. But there’s so much going on at INSEAD that it’s just not feasible – especially if you’re a parent like me. The experience has taught me to prioritise and extract the most from the activities that I can do. I was very involved in the Korean National Week and several clubs, especially INDEVOR (social impact) and the Consulting Club. But I’ve probably been most involved with the other

students with kids. We have a special bond – even if we go to fewer parties than the others! INSEAD has been very supportive too – with family rooms on both campuses. My daughter (age 1) is having a great time. Since we’ve been in Fontainebleau she’s become old enough to appreciate her “Future MBA” security badge, which she tries to use on campus to open doors. And opening doors is just what the INSEAD MBA does.

22 MBA Programme 2013

About 90% of the alumni I contacted said, “Just give me a call”.
Aram Kradjian Class of July 2012 Lebanese/Canadian Before INSEAD: Consultant, Roland Berger, Middle East Previous degree: American University of Beirut, Lebanon

INSEAD has more global reach for careers than any other school. It’s the perfect place for international companies to find people who can work in London, Shanghai or anywhere else in the world. All the main MBA recruiters come to campus. Regarding my career, consulting would be a safe environment for me in the future. But I want to go back to my original passion, which was mechanical engineering. INSEAD has

helped me to discover that I want to work as part of a team producing something concrete – rather than providing a service. I’m looking at aerospace and automotive sectors at the moment. The alumni network is amazing! It’s as helpful as Career Services and has provided everything I need: contacts, experts on recruiting and industry-specific information. I never needed to beg. About 90% of the alumni I contacted said, “Just give me a call”.

MBA Programme 2013 23

Alumni Network

Abu Dhabi Singapore

Our alumni live and work in over 160 countries across all continents. The INSEAD Alumni Association (IAA) brings together an active network of 43 national associations. The advice and encouragement that flows between INSEAD alumni is a very important tool in building business throughout the world.

MBA Alumni

Key :
Campuses Alumni Networks ( >100 Alumni ) Alumni Networks ( >30 Alumni )


24 MBA Programme 2013

Our Alumni
My MBA helped me get to where I am now: CEO of Germany’s most global plc
My MBA helped me get to where I am now: CEO of Germany’s most global plc. I’m an engineer by education, so I knew I needed to get a business background. But finance was the big revelation at INSEAD. After graduation it was my new knowledge of finance plus experience in international sales that really made a difference in my path to general management. But what I benefitted from the most was the international approach. INSEAD really opened my eyes to Asia – I was one of the Singapore “pioneers”. Ines Kolmsee Class of July 2001 German Before INSEAD: Consultant Current role: CEO, SKW Why did I choose INSEAD? For the social life and the diversity as much as for the academics. I was used to working hard and didn’t want to come out hollow-eyed after a year. In the end as much of the learning came through group work and social activities as in the classroom. And the learning stayed with me ever since. I am, for example, often reminded about what Professor Pierre Hillion used to say in finance classes.

Other schools may say they’re international but they all have a dominant culture.
I’d had an Ivy League education and was a lawyer by the time I realised I really wanted to be the client instead. I feel very fortunate to have gone to INSEAD. Studying for a one-year MBA in France was the perfect combination. The courses, teachers, subjects, computer simulations were all fascinating and fulfilling. Most important of all, though, was being in a community where everyone is in a cultural minority. Other schools may say they’re international, but they all have a dominant culture. Now I’m responsible for a global enterprise. On one of our cruise ships alone we can have crew from 70 different countries and guests from 100. It’s impossible to say whether I could have become CEO of such an international company without my MBA from INSEAD, but I was definitely better prepared for the role as a result of it. In fact, sometimes it feels like INSEAD all over again.

Adam Goldstein Class of July 1988 American Before INSEAD: Corporate Lawyer Current role: President and CEO of Royal Caribbean International

MBA Programme 2013 25

The entrepreneurial zeal and community spirit were palpable… and they’re still there
Looking back at my career there were many inflection points, but none of the rival walking through the door of INSEAD on the first day. Any expectations I had were left behind in the dust by reality. The entrepreneurial zeal and community spirit were palpable… and they’re still there. Of course, INSEAD – as one of the great start-ups of all time – has evolved and adapted but the energy, the candour, the sense of humour and the lack of sacred cows are in the DNA. That DNA really helped set the course of my future as an entrepreneur and venture capitalist. I’ve done business in places like the DRC and Afghanistan, where it takes a generation to figure Loudon Owen out how things work, but there’s always been an INSEAD contact to Class of July 1988 speed things up. I don’t think there’s a single step I’ve taken without Canadian / British Before INSEAD: Lawyer & Entrepreneur the benefit of input from a fellow INSEADer. Current position: Managing Partner and Co-founder of McLean Watson Capital Inc.

The learning environment sharpened my ability to look at issues through many different lenses
It was a most intense and exhilarating year… the passionate debate in and outside of the class, often with completely different perspectives from different career experiences and cultural upbringings. The learning environment challenged my thinking and sharpened my ability to look at issues through many different lenses before reaching a conclusion. INSEAD was also where I developed an understanding of the consumer goods industry – and launched a 20-year career in this sector. It’s a career that has since taken me away from Hong Kong to work in different continents. The opportunity to work in Europe after graduation had a particularly profound impact on my outlook. Aside from striving for excellence and results, I learnt to embrace the importance of work-life balance and to appreciate the joy of living – values I hope I am passing on to the people I lead and work with today.

Christina Law Class of December 1991 Hong Kong Before INSEAD: Manager, Chemicals Division, Shell, Hong Kong Current position: Vice President, Neutrogena Worldwide, Johnson & Johnson

26 MBA Programme 2013

Our objective is to create opportunities for women through networking activities and events.
Marta Antunez Ruiz Class of July 2012 Spanish Before INSEAD: Planning Manager for Cadbury, Switzerland Previous degree: Universitat Politecnica Catalunya, Spain

I’m president of INSEAD Women in Business (IWIB), one of the student clubs. Our objective is to create opportunities for INSEAD women to become future leaders and role models. We do this through networking activities and events, such as workshops, roundtables, guest lectures and panel discussions. We believe that if we can help to improve understanding of the issues affecting women in business worldwide, we really can help to promote wider participation at the highest levels of organisations. When you start work the gender ratio is 50–50. By the time you start your MBA, it’s down to 32%

– and INSEAD is one of the better examples. And the percentage of women decreases even further, the higher you rise in the corporate world. Things are changing, but slowly. This year IWIB has been working with banks and consulting companies that are keen to attract more women. Employers are starting to understand that diverse teams generate better performance. One challenge is to retain women that want to dedicate time to their families, but everyone wants quality time and flexibility at work – men as well as women. We just have to keep reminding them of that!

MBA Programme 2013 27

Typical Day
“A typical day at INSEAD is hard to define because every day is so different”. This is the answer most students and alumni give when asked to describe one day of their INSEAD experience.
Take a look at a schedule of two students to get a sense of what you can expect during a “typical” day.

Period 2

Period 5

Core course: Corporate Finance Policy 08:30 Elective course: Managing Corporate Turnarounds Topic: “Mergers and Acquisitions: an Introduction” Topic: “International Bankruptcy Laws” Quick coffee break Coffee break and browse through the news of the day

Core course: Managerial Accounting 10:15 Squash match on campus Topic: “Evaluating Profitability of Product, Services, Assets and Customers” Guest Speaker: General Manager of 12:00 Guest Speaker: Venture Capitalist Asia Pacific Services, GE Healthcare Topic: “Raising Angle Financing” Topic: “Insights into the Latest in the Asian Healthcare Space” 13:30 Lunch at campus cafeteria Lunch at campus cafeteria

Core course: Process and Operations Management 14:00 Elective course: Communication and Leadership Topic: “Diagnosing Business Processes” Topic: “Concept of Timing” Prepare cover letter for summer internship 16:00 Review job offer with a Sector Advisor from INSEAD Career Services Meet study group to prepare strategy class case 17:00 Meet Private Equity Finance group to prepare class project On-campus recruitment event: networking 19:30 Media Club event: “Getting Ready for the opportunities with companies from the financial, Cannes Film Festival” consulting, healthcare and high-tech sectors Korean National Week dinner at East Coast Park 22:00 Dinner and drinks at Château de Montmelian (Singapore) (student house)


28 MBA Programme 2013

Career Momentum
The advantage of the INSEAD MBA is that it opens doors throughout the entire world. This is why – even in a difficult year like 2011 – we were able to reach near-record levels of employment. An extraordinary 92% of our graduates had a job offer within 3 months of graduation. They are now working at 455 companies across 64 countries. All locations The career destinations of INSEAD graduates mirror the trends in the world economy. At the moment, we are seeing significant growth in recruitment to the BRIC countries, stability in Western Europe, lower numbers than last year heading for Southern Europe and slight growth in North America. In addition, 25% of our students found their first jobs after graduation in Asia Pacific. All sectors We are seeing growth in the percentage of students finding finance jobs (up from 20% in 2010 to 23% in 2011) and high-tech/ telecommunications. Our graduates’ initial career destinations are fairly evenly split – once again – across consulting (where top recruiters are McKinsey & Company, The Boston Consulting Group and Bain & Company), finance (top recruiters: Standard Chartered Bank, Barclays Capital and Credit Suisse) and the “corporate sectors” (top recruiters: Samsung, Microsoft and Amazon). Sector split in 2011
Consulting Corporate Sectors Financial Services

Supporting success Over 50% of INSEAD students find their first post-graduation jobs through INSEAD Career Services or the global alumni network. But even if you choose to go it alone (8% of new graduates set up their own company and 21% returned to their former employer, for example, in 2011), Career Services will support you with CV workshops, interview preparation and personalised advice. High salaries Salaries of new INSEAD graduates reflect the breadth of their career destinations. In 2011, the mean salary was €86,200 and the median signon bonus was €17,000. Pay, of course, varies by country and sector. For detailed information on salary ranges, you can download the 2011 Employment Statistics brochure from our website. An ever-increasing diversity of job locations







5% 7% 9%

5% 1%

All change INSEAD graduates demonstrate an astonishing appetite and capacity for change. In 2011, 82% of new graduates changed their country of work, sector or job function upon leaving INSEAD. In fact, an extraordinary 23% changed all three!

Countries Western Europe Southern Europe Northern Europe North America Latin America Central / Eastern Europe Asia Pacific Africa / Near / Middle East

MBA Programme 2013 29

You’re constantly evaluating and re-evaluating your career options.
Maria Leoussi Class of July 2012 Greek Before INSEAD: Head of Digital Communication, Solid Communications, Greece Previous degree: UCL, London, UK

From day one you’re constantly evaluating and re-evaluating your career options. My background wasn’t typical. After studying psychology in London, I worked in advertising, first in the UK and then in Greece. By the time I was managing a department, I could see that it made sense to do an MBA. At INSEAD, I had the opportunity to work on a number of projects related to education,

and I became increasingly passionate about this sector. With the help of Career Services, I was given the chance to meet a very dynamic company in the field of private education. As of September 2012, my life will change again as I will relocate to Zurich and start my new career at this company, working in a business development and marketing role.

30 MBA Programme 2013

MBA Programme 2013 31

And now I have an internship with Goldman Sachs to look forward to this summer.
Zaya Kadyrova Class of December 2012 Kazakh Before INSEAD: M&A Advisor, PricewaterhouseCoopers, UK Previous degree: Simon Fraser University, Canada

I’d had an MBA at the back of my mind for a few years. I wanted to be exposed to new ideas and expand my horizons – possibly with a view to a career change. The attraction of INSEAD – apart from the Asian exposure and the international environment – was the structured support for soul-searching that it offers. I particularly wanted to take advantage of the entrepreneurship bootcamps and career treks.

Career Services has been a huge help. I wanted to do an internship at a top global bank – and the process is extremely structured. The people in Career Services know exactly how it works. They provided special workshops and even an investment banking career trek to London to help us get to know the top banks. And now I have an internship with Goldman Sachs to look forward to this summer!

32 MBA Programme 2013

Applying to the MBA programme
Two intakes a year (September and January) 500 students approximately per intake 300 start in Fontainebleau 200 start in Singapore 8-week summer break or internship for January entrants Admissions criteria Forget the myths. The facts are that we evaluate four entry criteria: • Ability to contribute to the INSEAD experience • Academic capacity – evaluated on the basis of GMAT or GRE scores, plus previous performance and qualifications • International motivation • Leadership potential and professional experience Some people have evidence for all this after five or more years of work experience; others after only two. Admissions process It takes up to 12 weeks from the admissions deadline to be offered a place. If you are selected for interviews, you can expect to have two separate interviews with alumni based in the country where you live. Your file will then be presented to the Admissions Committee – a group which comprises both faculty and alumni – and a final decision will be taken. Once admitted, you become part of the INSEAD community with access to INSEAD MBA Connect, a resource to help you network with your future classmates and prepare you for the full INSEAD experience. Application pack Your application form should be submitted online with soft copies of the supporting documentation. The pack includes: a personal profile; a photo; a job description; several essays (five compulsory, one optional); two letters of recommendation; official transcripts of qualifications; language certification; GMAT or GRE scores; a statement of integrity; and an application fee of €200 (waived in exceptional circumstances for those in great financial need). Application deadlines We operate a staged admissions process, with three deadlines for each intake. Competition for each of the rounds is relatively equal, but the earlier you gain admission, the more time you have to secure financing and arrange logistics. Deadlines: September 2013 intake (class of July ‘14): 1st round: 2nd round: 3rd round: 3 October 2012 5 December 2012 13 March 2013

Deadlines: January 2014 intake (class of December ‘14): 1st round: 2nd round: 3rd round: 3 April 2013 12 June 2013 7 August 2013

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Language policy We believe that the ability to communicate in more than one language will give you an advantage in the global job market. English is the language of instruction. • If English is not your mother tongue or the language in which your university degree was taught, you will need certification. • If English is your mother tongue, you will need to supply proof of intermediate-level ability in one other commercially useful language. • By graduation, all students will have to demonstrate basic-level ability in a third language. The complete language policy document can be found on our website. Campus selection When you apply, we ask you to indicate your starting campus preference: Europe (Fontainebleau) or Asia (Singapore). We don’t take your choice of campus into account in allocating places. However, if you are admitted, depending on availability, we may ask you to start on the other campus. Everyone has the opportunity to spend at least one period on the other campus (from period three onwards). However, due to capacity restraints, we cannot guarantee that these will be your preferred period or periods. You may also choose to spend one period at one of our partner schools in the US: Wharton and Kellogg. All exchanges are allocated through a bidding process conducted in period one.

Non-discrimination policy INSEAD is committed to the value of diversity as a source of learning and enrichment. In keeping with this principle, INSEAD does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, national or ethnic origin, political beliefs, marital status, or disability in the admission to, treatment in, or employment in its programmes and activities.

34 MBA Programme 2013

Financing: The Facts

tuition fee for the classes of 2013


per month estimated living expenses in Fontainebleau / Singapore

2,000 2.4M

participants per year receive scholarships

total scholarship funds awarded per year

No. 4
Financial Times value for money rank (higher than any other top-50 school)


average value of scholarship award

Once you have been offered a place on the MBA programme, you can apply for an INSEAD scholarship. Our goal is that no qualified candidate should walk away from the INSEAD MBA because they cannot afford it. Scholarships INSEAD scholarships enable us to target either diversity (gender, geography, career background) or excellence (academic or other strength). Some are awarded on the basis of financial need. For all scholarships we ask for accurate details of your financial situation. Loans Anyone who has accepted a place can also apply for a loan from Prodigy Finance – a financing innovation set up by INSEAD alumni to meet the needs of MBA students at top schools. Full details at:

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Meet Us
Visit us on campus
We would be delighted to see you at one of our regular information sessions and tours, which take place most Friday afternoons from 2.00 pm in Fontainebleau, and most Mondays and Fridays from 2.00 pm in Singapore. It is sometimes possible to attend an MBA class straight after the session (from 3.45 pm to 5.15 pm). Please register online for a campus or class visit. In addition, we have MBA In-House Events throughout the year, which enable you to meet current students and admissions staff, as well as attend a masterclass run by a faculty member.

Other INSEAD Programmes
The MBA is INSEAD’s flagship programme, but we offer many others, including: Executive MBA

Our Global EMBA (GEMBA) is a part-time, modular degree programme for more experienced managers, completed over 14, 15 or 17 months, depending on whether you opt for the Europe, Middle East or Asia sections. Whichever option you choose, you will need to spend time on the other two INSEAD campuses. We also have a dual-degree EMBA programme run in partnership with China’s prestigious Tsinghua University.

Upcoming In-House Dates:
2012 21 September 2 November 7 December 2013 25 January 22 March 19 April 7 June

Master in Finance

More specialized than an MBA or EMBA, our new part-time, modular degree programme runs for the first time in 2013. Aimed at finance professionals with 4 to 6 years’ experience, it consists of 5 modules over 20 months.

Executive Master in Consulting and Coaching for Change

Alternatively, if you can’t make a scheduled event, contact us at [email protected] to arrange an individual visit.

This specialized 18-month, part-time modular degree programme for general managers, human resources professionals and consultants, delves into the fundamental drivers of human behaviour and its role in organisational performance.

Meet us closer to home
Throughout the year, we host and attend MBA events worldwide. Join us at these events to learn more and meet faculty and alumni.

Executive Education

Find out more online
Twitter: @INSEADMBATeam Facebook: The.INSEAD.MBA.Experience Blog: the-insead-mba-experience.

We have 40+ open programmes for executives. Options range from a 3-day course for firsttime managers, through a variety of 1-to-2-week specialized courses, to longer general management programmes – such as the Management Acceleration Programme (3 weeks) and the Transition to General Management (4 weeks).


Our four-to-five-year doctoral programme is designed to train future business school academics. It is highly competitive and offers full tuition scholarships – plus bursaries for living costs – to all successful applicants.

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