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MBA Programme 2012

One year to challenge your thinking, change your outlook and choose your future.

00 MBA Programme 2012

Welcome to the INSEAD MBA Experience
As I begin my journey as the new Dean of INSEAD, The Business School for the World, I invite you to explore how the MBA programme offers the tools to cultivate both success and significance in your life. What distinguishes INSEAD as a global management education leader? For one thing, INSEAD has a world-class faculty whose top-ranked research, dynamic teaching, and global perspectives provide you with the knowledge to make a broad impact. In addition, our community enjoys strong cultural diversity: more than 80 countries are usually represented in our MBA student body, which currently includes 33% women. No single culture dominates. Then there is the appeal of our efficient, intensive, one-year programme, offered across two campuses on two continents. Most importantly, an INSEAD MBA is the doorway to a very bright future for you and for all those who will benefit from your leadership. You will gain the ability to manage in complex, competitive markets, where uncertainty prevails. And you also will be ready to solve all kinds of challenges facing business and society itself. I look forward to seeing you join us as a member of the world’s most international business school and alumni network. Best personal regards,

Dipak C. Jain Dean of INSEAD

MBA Programme 2012 01


You will most certainly learn the fundamentals of business if you attend INSEAD. After all, the school was recently ranked number one in the international MBA category by Bloomberg Businessweek, while the programme has been in the Financial Times global top ten for the last 10 years. And the recruitment record of our graduates over 50 years speaks for itself. But there is more than an education with a future to be had on INSEAD’s two MBA campuses. There is the opportunity to establish relationships with your classmates that will endure for the rest of your lives. The INSEAD MBA is an experience like no other. Of course, it’s impossible to capture it perfectly in words, but who better to try than the people who create the INSEAD experience? I therefore hand over most of the pages that follow to our MBA students, professors and alumni. This is their INSEAD story. Perhaps one day it will be yours too.

Peter Zemsky Deputy Dean, Degree Programmes and Curriculum

02 MBA Programme 2012

With many different nationalities and backgrounds in the classroom, you learn so much more.
Asie Arkhurst Class of July 2011 Ghanaian Before INSEAD: Head of Administration, BSL Ghana Limited/theSOFTtribe Limited

I considered other schools, but INSEAD offered the chance to meet the entire world in just one place. Its reputation for excellence was another major factor. With many different nationalities and backgrounds in the classroom, you learn so much more. The realm of possibilities just expands. You can’t dismiss anything anyone says, because you never know what angle they’re coming from. And, as Ghana is a matriarchal society, I’m not shy about adding my own perspective!

When you arrive at INSEAD you’re assigned to a diverse study group. In mine, there’s a Russian scientist, French and Pakistani engineers, a US trader – and me. We’ve learned a lot from our differences but also found a lot in common: our sense of humour, our love of food, our family lives…deep down we’re all young people with similar ambitions.

MBA Programme 2012 03

A lot gets lost in the word ‘diversity’.
Masami Takahashi Class of December 2011 Japanese Before INSEAD: Product Manager, Sony

If you want to change the world, you have to understand the world. INSEAD gives you that chance – and a world-class education at the same time. My long-term ambition is to use business acumen to create social impact. I’ve realised that if I want to accomplish something special, my approach has to be original. And INSEAD is certainly enhancing the uniqueness of my perspective.

A lot gets lost in the word ‘diversity’. Having lived around the world, I thought I knew all about it, but the group learning and classroom discussions here are something else. It’s a very powerful experience to discover that something you thought was ‘common sense’ can be interpreted completely differently by someone from another culture… and in fact you’re both right!

04 MBA Programme 2012

MBA Programme 2012 05

Why two years when we can achieve it all in 365 days?
Kelly Sun Class of December 2011 American/Chinese Before INSEAD: Technology Audit Manager, Expedia, Inc.

One of the main reasons I chose INSEAD was the pace and lifestyle – I appreciate the efficiency and can-do style of “Why two years when we can achieve it all in 365 days?” approach. From what I heard, INSEAD’s fastlearning-fast-living environment was action packed like no other. Now I know it’s all true. The alumni I met also won me over with their passion for the school and passion for life. I thought to myself: “If my INSEAD classmates are like them, I’ve definitely made the right choice.” And I was right.

The classroom experience is interactive and hyperactive. We do things from holding heated (yet civil) debates on ethical issues like foreign convenience bribery to counting M&Ms to see if the probability of finding red ones conforms to company advertising. Note: eating while counting does not help. What will I take away at the end of the year? Much learning, many friendships, an amazing network…oh, and passport stamps. Lots and lots of passport stamps!

06 MBA Programme 2012

MBA Programme 2012 07

The learning is intense, just like the social life.
Juan Montalvo Bressi Class of December 2011 Argentinian/Italian Before INSEAD: Middle Office Analyst, Repsol YPF

I decided to start in January in Singapore then move to Fontainebleau for the last three periods. This allows me to do an internship in the summer and to finish the programme in Europe, where I’m most likely to work. I initially wanted to work in London, but right now anything seems possible. The learning is intense, just like the social life. We have a lot of debates in class. Because

people tend to be slightly older than in US schools, the experiences they can share are much more valuable. I was first attracted to INSEAD by its position in the rankings and then the diversity. But the oneyear programme sealed it. It means spending less money in total and spending less time away from my career.

08 MBA Programme 2012

Before becoming a professor, I was an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley.
Vikas Aggarwal Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise American Teaches: Private Equity Elective

INSEAD is one of the key players for private equity research and recruitment, so it’s the perfect place for me – and the students in my elective. The course challenges us all to stay on the cutting edge. I make sure top names from well-known private equity firms visit to provide their perspectives on the latest industry trends through simulations, projects and case studies, giving a practical as well as an academic flavour to the material we cover.

For me, what’s exciting about teaching is that there’s always learning. It’s also inspirational to be at the interface between bright, diverse MBA students and the whole ecosystem of entrepreneurship. The future of private equity is in emerging markets, so the global environment of INSEAD is a key advantage.

MBA Programme 2012 09

Demystifying my research in class takes my understanding to a new level.
Ioana Popescu Associate Professor of Decision Sciences Romanian Teaches: Uncertainty, Data & Judgement (statistics) core course and Dynamic Pricing & Revenue Management elective

Both the courses I teach are extremely enjoyable in different ways. The challenge for statistics is to make it both fun and relevant to a wide audience. I like to find games and statistical puzzles that are topical or tailored to the class. Once I had an Olympic participant in class, so I found some Olympics data to interpret. Teaching the elective is exciting because it draws and builds on my own research.

Why do I enjoy teaching INSEAD MBAs so much? I love the fact that you never know who you’re going to find in your class: fashion designers, lawyers, science PhDs, as well as bankers, consultants and engineers. They’re all incredibly sharp and make me realise how many different facets of intelligence there are in this world.

10 MBA Programme 2012

A cuttingedge, realworld curriculum
Period Period Period

The 10-month MBA programme includes five periods, each lasting eight weeks. At the conclusion of every period is an assessment (exam, essay or project) and a short break. The first half of the programme is built around 14 core courses, which provide you with a solid understanding of the key management disciplines including finance, accounting, marketing, operations, strategy, leadership and business ethics.

1 23 45
Period Period Financial Accounting Financial Markets & Valuation Organisational Behaviour I Prices & Markets Uncertainty, Data & Judgement Corporate Financial Policy Elective * Elective * Elective * Elective * International Political Analysis Macroeconomics in the Global Economy Elective * Elective * Elective * Elective * Elective * Elective * Elective * Marketing Management Organisational Behaviour II Managerial Accounting Process & Operations Management Strategy Business Ethics (P1-P2) Career Orientation Job Search Strategies On and Off Campus Recruitment Job Search

January intake internship/break Opportunity to take advantage of the campus exchange
* For more information on academics and elective offerings go to

MBA Programme 2012 11

During the second half of the programme, INSEAD offers you an unparalleled range of innovative electives, all taught from an international perspective. You can tailor the programme to meet your specific needs and career objectives by choosing 11 electives from a selection of more than 75 courses (offered

across both campuses). While some students prefer to concentrate on certain disciplines, such as entrepreneurship and strategy, others choose to take courses in a wider variety of subjects to prepare for a career in general management.


Student Exchanges: The Wharton School Students can also choose to take electives during one period at Wharton, one of the leading business schools in the US, located on the University of Pennsylvania campus in Philadelphia. This is a particularly interesting opportunity for students looking to develop their network and career prospects in North America. During their exchange, INSEAD participants at Wharton have full access to Wharton’s career management services. Kellogg School of Management Since 2010, INSEAD students have had the opportunity to exchange at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University near Chicago, Illinois. This new partnership, combined with our existing relationship with The Wharton School, provides greater choice for INSEAD students who want to spend some time in a U.S. business school. Similar to the terms of our Wharton exchange programme, students will have access to both INSEAD’s and Kellogg’s Career Services teams whilst at Kellogg. More information on the campus and student exchanges can be found at:

Elective areas — Accounting & Control

— Decision Sciences — Economics &
Political Science

— Entrepreneurship — — — — —
Finance Marketing

& Family Enterprise

Organisational Behaviour Strategy Technology & Operations Management
(courses in areas such as ethics and communication).

— Other

12 MBA Programme 2012

MBA Programme 2012 13

It’s very special to be tucked away in this charming little town.
Smriti Arora Class of December 2011 Indian Before INSEAD: HR Business Partner, Procter & Gamble

I’d lived in Singapore before and I’ve always lived in cities, so my husband (who is also on the MBA programme) and I decided to spend the entire year in Fontainebleau. It’s very special to be tucked away in this charming little town with its own life and culture. People tend to live in shared houses, many of which are châteaux. The social life tends to centre around dinner parties and campus itself. I also get to Paris once or twice a month, when I feel like being in a city again.

I was set on INSEAD from the start. But it has surpassed all my expectations. I came to get an MBA from a top business school, but I’ll take away lifelong friendships with my classmates, a great bunch of people who I think I can call upon beyond INSEAD for any kind of professional or personal help.

14 MBA Programme 2012

MBA Programme 2012 15

My baby has escaped her first European winter!
Mihai Dragota Class of December 2011 Romanian Before INSEAD: Board Member & Logistics Manager, Let’s Do It, Romania!

My daughter was born in October – and just a few months later, all three of us were setting off for a new life together here in Singapore. The quality of life is excellent. It feels very family-friendly and safe. There’s a family room on campus and we’ve made friends with other couples who have children. Plus my baby has escaped her first European winter!

There’s a great mix of lectures and experiential techniques too. We’ve analysed movies in Organisational Behaviour, used simulations in Microeconomics, placed bets in Statistics and worked on case studies in every course. I was also lucky that I could take the exemption exams for some of the finance courses. It enabled me to frontload a lot of careers research… and spend time with my wife and new daughter.

16 MBA Programme 2012

Classes of 2011: Key Facts


intakes a year



women scholarships


months MBA



average GMAT score

MBA Programme 2012 17


average years work experience


students Diversity of Class
Asia / Asia Pacific Latin America Middle East / Africa


9% 7% 12%

average age of participants


Central / Eastern Europe

Northern / Western Europe Southern Europe North America 8% 14%


18 MBA Programme 2012

I’m very aware of the friendships for life that are forming around me.
Michael Shoemaker Class of December 2011 American Before INSEAD: Business Development, Personnel Decisions International

If the campus was in the middle of Paris, I’m sure it would be far less of a community. I spend a great deal of my time at INSEAD, where I’m very aware of the friendships for life that are forming around me. Those bonds will also become the foundations of future business networks. I came here with my partner. She’s as much part of the community as I am. It feels very inclusive and welcoming, yet at the same time very

honest and not at all politically correct – which is both refreshing and fascinating. Coming from a city to a little house in the country was a real change. At the same time we’re only 40 minutes from Paris, where my partner is enrolled in a graduate programme. It genuinely is the best of both worlds.

MBA Programme 2012 19

We tend to work hard during the week and get away at the weekends.
Lucie Martin Class of July 2011 British/French Before INSEAD: Associate, Virgin Management Ltd.

There’s so much going on campus that you really have to tailor the INSEAD experience to what works for you. I started my career in investment banking so I thought I knew what intensity was. But INSEAD takes it to a whole new level. You certainly learn how to balance extra-curricular activities and socialising with job seeking and getting an MBA in just ten months! In Singapore, people tend to work hard during the week and get away at the weekends. There’s

so much diverse Asian culture on our doorstep that it would be a shame to miss out on it. In Fontainebleau there’s a bit more focus on campus life. Student clubs are a great way to develop leadership skills. I’ve been co-president of the INSEAD Women in Business Club, which enabled me to make a lot of contacts in the real world. And aligned with my ambition to work in sport, I’ve also played a lot of basketball and volleyball!

20 MBA Programme 2012

Career Momentum
The statistics for the classes of 2010 say it all. An extraordinary 93% had a job offer within three months of graduating – better than any year since the 1990s. The career destinations were as diverse as the student body itself. The graduates of 2010 accepted positions in over 397 different companies (up 7% on 2009) located in 68 countries (up 13% on 2009) – more companies and countries than ever before. Just over half (53%) opted for jobs in Europe, while a quarter chose to work in Asia Pacific. And the rest aren’t just to be found in the USA and Canada (which account for 8% of the total). They’re in Mexico and Morocco, Gabon and Ghana, Haiti and Honduras, Saudi Arabia and Senegal, to name just a few. In terms of sector, 44% of graduates chose consulting, 20% financial services and 36% other corporate sectors, including manufacturing, healthcare, high-tech and consumer goods. Career change was a recurring theme. Over 80% of graduates in the classes of 2010 changed their country of work, sector or functional area on leaving INSEAD. In fact, 22% of them rose to the challenge of entering a new country, new sector and new function all at once. Salaries rose, too. Among the 2010 graduates who divulged precise figures, the median salary was €85,000 (up from €77,000 in 2009) with the range in salary being from €6,500 to €350,000. Over half of successful jobseekers found their position through INSEAD Career Services and Alumni, while a quarter returned to their previous employer and 3% went to work for their own company, following in INSEAD’s long tradition of entrepreneurship.
An ever-increasing diversity of job locations

8% 25%
Asia Pacific

Africa / Middle East


Western Europe


Central / Eastern Europe

7% 6%
Latin America



Southern Europe

North America

Northern Europe

Sector split in 2010


Financial Services




Corporate Sectors

MBA Programme 2012 21

I just fell in love with the Asian experience.
Patricia Colard Class of July 2011 Belgian Before INSEAD: Corporate and Finance Lawyer, Freshfields/Van Bael & Bellis

As a former lawyer, I came to INSEAD to make a career change, but now I realise that I’ll probably make a geographic change, too. I really fell in love with the Asian experience. In the long-term, I’d like a career with social impact, but to start with I’m looking for some solid business experience. You really feel the booming, vibrant Asian economy when you’re in Singapore. And it’s only a short distance to surrounding countries

such as Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. It was quite unique to live in a modern and thriving Asian city such as Singapore while visiting more rural places in Cambodia and the Philippines. I’ve visited economies at all stages of development, experienced the range of Asian cultures firsthand and seen different political systems for myself. I don’t think I’ve ever travelled so much. Singapore broadened my horizons in a way I never dreamed of.

22 MBA Programme 2012

My specific career plans have changed thanks to an elective.
Jason Goldlist Class of July 2011 Canadian Before INSEAD: Deputy Venue Manager, 2010 Winter Olympics

Before joining the 2010 Olympics operations team, I worked with people from all the top business schools as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company. The people I wanted to be like were the ones who had done an INSEAD MBA. They seemed to live a philosophy of balance. They worked hard during the day, and enjoyed life more outside of the office. I still want to be like them, but my specific career plans have become more entrepreneurial thanks to an elective on product and service design.

One of our projects involved designing a real business in four weeks. We created a suit-tailoring service for the business-school community. With another MBA student and two design students, I created a brand, a product and a website and turned over a profit. All this in just four weeks! It was challenging and fun, which is exactly how I want my career to be.

MBA Programme 2012 23

The ten-month programme was very important to me, as I couldn’t afford to leave my company and co-founder for any longer.
Cátia Carias Class of July 2011 Portuguese Before INSEAD: Entrepreneur, off7 & Senior Consultant, Arthur D. Little

The ten-month programme was very important to me, as I couldn’t afford to leave my company and co-founder role for any longer. At the same time I felt I needed an MBA to complement my engineering background with sound business concepts. Also, the INSEAD network is very strong in Portugal, which is particularly important for a start-up. Before coming here, I read a blog that said INSEAD was a jungle. And in some ways it is. I’m shy in a crowd, so sometimes it felt hard to raise my hand in a class of 75 people. But now

I put myself out there. I’ve realised that it’s a supportive, laid-back kind of a jungle! I feel so much more confident. INSEAD gives you the feeling that you can do absolutely anything. Because my career plans were set, most of my electives were to do with entrepreneurship. I’ve also been the sustainability rep for my class. I feel so lucky to be working in this field, as it has so much potential to make a difference – and to save money, too. That’s particularly important in the tough financial times my country is currently facing.

24 MBA Programme 2012

MBA Programme 2012 25

The INSEAD alumni network really is big: it covers the entire world.
Samuel Yuen Class of December 2011 Brazilian Before INSEAD: Experienced Solution Architect, Ericsson

After working for seven years it was time to study, refresh and think about life. My other main reason for doing an MBA was to build my network. And the INSEAD alumni network really is big: it covers the entire world. It’s one of the main advantages INSEAD has over other schools. Career Services does a great job of bringing companies to campus, but you have to be

selective. There were five or six events just this week. I couldn’t possibly have gone to all of them. Besides, the social life is very intense – and I’m here to meet as many people as I can! Student clubs are also great for this. I’m a member of the entrepreneurship and toastmasters club. I’ve also been to events run by the investment banking and private equity clubs.

26 MBA Programme 2012

Alumni Network

Fontainebleau Abu Dhabi Singapore

Our alumni live and work in over 160 countries across all continents. The INSEAD Alumni Association (IAA) brings together an active network of 43 national associations. The advice and encouragement that flows between INSEAD alumni is a very important tool in building business throughout the world.

Key: Campuses Alumni Networks ( >100 Alumni ) Alumni Networks ( >10 Alumni ) 20,000+ MBA Alumni 42,000+ INSEAD Alumni

MBA Programme 2012 27

The INSEAD alumni community is global and interconnected.
Hian Goh Class of December 2004 Singaporean Before INSEAD: Investment Banking in London & Entrepreneur in China Current Role: Co-founder of the Asian Food Channel

The INSEAD alumni community is global and interconnected. You can ask any question and – even if you don’t get the answer right away – someone will know who to ask. INSEAD got me excited about all the things I could do, but I quickly discovered the need for Asian content – particularly about food – in the growing Asian Pay TV business. I wrote my first business plan in class and by the time I’d finished P3, I was on the road in Malaysia doing research and at a media festival in the South of France buying content. The rest of the year was taken up with entrepreneurship electives…and raising funds!

There’s no doubt that the INSEAD brand helped a lot. And the courses gave me confidence. But the shoes still felt big when I first stepped into them! Now I operate an established company with 60 employees and the shoes fit well. In fact, we just moved our offices next door to campus, so I’ve come home once again. I often have coffee on campus with students interested in the media. The area is much more vibrant than it was in 2004, with lots of new cafés, but INSEAD still has the best croissants in Singapore!

28 MBA Programme 2012

Gradually I started to see business from a topmanagement perspective.
Julie Avrane-Chopard Class of July ’98 French Before INSEAD: IT Researcher in the US/ Consultant in the UK Current Role: Partner, McKinsey (Paris)

I was a pure engineer who became a consultant. After a couple of years, I realised the need to complement my skills with an MBA. I did all the research and identified that I wanted a one-year programme in Europe, but with a global culture. INSEAD was the obvious choice. The experience brought me far more than I’d expected. I connected with a group of people who are still my friends and my network today. But it also changed my way of thinking. Gradually I started to see business from a topmanagement perspective. This gave me the confidence and the skills that I use every day in

advising CEOs. And my friends who run their own companies tell a similar story. There are six of us from my class at INSEAD working at McKinsey. Two are senior partners, while I manage our B2B tech, media and telecoms practice for the whole of EMEA. It’s proof that INSEAD is perfect preparation for anyone considering a career in consulting. Personally, I have only one small regret – it’s that there was no Asia campus when I was at INSEAD!

MBA Programme 2012 29

Friends, networks and memories for life.
Kristin Skogen Lund Class of July 1992 Norwegian Before INSEAD: Diplomacy, Norwegian Embassy in Madrid Current Role: EVP and Head of Nordic Region, Telenor Group

INSEAD does something to you. It develops your creativity, your interpersonal skills. Most of all, it trains you to deal with challenges and find solutions. There’s something about working in those diverse groups that marks you. Although there are zillions of other programmes that teach the same thing, the INSEAD experience makes the MBA special. Today, I have ten times more friends from my one year at INSEAD than from my three years at university in the US. They feel like family and I often spend my holidays catching up with them.

We’ve also been back to our 5, 10 and 15 year reunions - and 20 is coming up soon. Sadly, our ability to party has declined somewhat over the years! Although I have a lot of commitments (including two sets of twins), I still make time to interview MBA applicants. I enjoy meeting clever people and, I hope, giving good advice. I always recommend the INSEAD experience: it gives you unique development, networks and memories for life.

30 MBA Programme 2012

Financing: The Facts

fees for Classes of 2012


per month estimated living expenses in Fontainebleau / Singapore



participants per year receive scholarships

Financial Times value for money rank (higher than any other top-50 school)

No. 4

Admission to INSEAD is based on merit alone. Detailed information on how to apply for scholarships, as well a complete list of scholarships available, can be found on our website at: Scholarships The criteria vary but all scholarships target diversity (gender, developing economy, other national origin, unusual career background) or excellence (academic or other strength). For scholarships awarded on the basis of financial need, you will need to provide detailed information about your financial situation.

Scholarship funding is generously provided by donors (mainly alumni, corporations and foundations) or by INSEAD itself. Our ultimate goal is that no qualified candidate should walk away from a place at INSEAD because they cannot afford it. Loans Anyone offered a place is also eligible for a loan from Prodigy Finance – an innovative financing scheme set up by INSEAD alumni to meet the needs of MBA students at top schools. See for full details.

MBA Programme 2012 31

I’m honoured to have been selected as the first recipient of the Sam Akiwumi Scholarship. I come from Cameroon and in my country it is not at all common to take a bank loan to finance studies. When INSEAD admitted me, I had very few opportunities for financing. I had no idea how I would finance not only the tuition but also the expenses for one year without a salary. Of course, I had savings but they were not enough to cover all the costs. Fortunately, INSEAD has many scholarships to help students coming from everywhere in the world.I was pleased to discover that I could apply for mulitiple scholarships and even happier to be selected as a recipient. The Sam Akiwumi scholarship definitely helped me to pay a significant part of my tuition and thus enabled me to become part of the INSEAD community!

Serge Moungnanou Ambadiang Class of December 2011 Cameroonian Before INSEAD: Radio Engineer, Orange Cameroon Recipient of the Sam Akiwumi Scholarship

Attending a top notch business school is possible only when two parts of the formula come hand in hand – admissions and financing. Since I made my decision to go to INSEAD, my first choice for business school, I initially focused on the first part. Coming from Kazakhstan, a developing country, where financial institutions do not have loan programmes for MBA studies and having limited access to other sources of funding, I feared that financing would be a real obstacle. After weeks of intense searching for financing options, I received an email from INSEAD stating that I had been awarded the Admiral Scholarship for outstanding MBA applications. I was extremely grateful to the INSEAD financing team for relieving my financial burden and making it possible for me to apply to Prodigy Finance for the rest of the necessary sum, thereby making my dream to attend this highly esteemed business school a reality.

Rabiga Ibrayeva Class of July 2011 Kazakstani Before INSEAD: Program Manager, GSM Kazakhstan Recipient of The Admiral Scholarship

32 MBA Programme 2012

Applying to the MBA programme
Two intakes a year (September and January) 500 students approximately per intake 300 start in Fontainebleau 200 start in Singapore 8-week summer break or internship for January starters Admissions criteria Forget the myths. The facts are that we evaluate four key criteria: • Ability to contribute to the INSEAD experience • Academic capacity • International motivation • Leadership potential and professional experience. Some people have evidence for all these after five or more years of work experience; others after only two. Academic capacity is evaluated on the basis of GMAT or GRE scores, plus previous higher-education performance and/or professional qualifications. For more details see: Languages We believe that the ability to communicate in more than one language will give you a competitive advantage in the global job market. English is the language of instruction. If English is not your native language (or your university degree was not entirely taught in English), you will need certification of advanced-level ability. If English is your mother tongue you will need to supply proof of intermediate-level ability in one other commercially useful language. By graduation, all students will have demonstrate basic-level ability or above in a third language. For more information, download the Language Policy at: Information on the Campus Exchange Our campus exchange, unique to INSEAD, allows you to follow the programme on different continents. When you apply, we ask you to indicate your starting campus preference, either the Asia Campus (Singapore) or Europe Campus (Fontainebleau). After your first two periods, you can begin exchanging campuses. You will have the opportunity to spend at least one period at the other campus, although due to capacity constraints that period may not be your initial preference. You may also choose to take advantage of the Wharton or Kellogg exchange in the US for one period. All exchange preferences are facilitated through a bidding system run during period 1.

INSEAD-SAIS Dual-Degree Programme INSEAD and The Johns Hopkins University Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) have joined together to offer a dual MBA/MA degree programme. The dual-degree programme will allow students from both schools to work toward completing the SAIS Master of Arts (MA) and INSEAD Master of Business Administration (MBA) simultaneously with the aim of preparing students for careers that combine international affairs and business administration. Students admitted to both programmes will be able to complete the two degrees in two and half years, instead of the three years required to complete the degrees separately, by spending one and a half years at SAIS and one year at INSEAD. For more information on the dual-degree programme, please visit: degree

MBA Programme 2012 33

Deadlines: September 2012 intake (class of July ’13) INSEAD - Lee Kuan Yew Partnership INSEAD and the Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore, are partnering to provide students with a continuation pathway from the INSEAD MBA to the LKY School MPA and vice versa. This relationship will enable students from INSEAD to branch out into public administration, and students from the LKY School into business administration. INSEAD students from both campuses - France and Singapore - will be eligible to participate in this collaboration. For further details on this partnership, please visit: kuan_yew.cfm 1st round: 2nd round: 3rd round: 28 September 2011 7 December 2011 21 March 2012

Deadlines: January 2013 intake (class of December ’13) 1st round: 2nd round: 3rd round: 11 April 2012 20 June 2012 16 August 2012

Application pack Your application should be submitted online with the supporting documentation attached. The pack includes: a personal profile; a photo; a job description; several essays(five compulsory, one optional); two letters of recommendation; official transcripts of qualifications; language certification; GMAT or GRE scores; a statement of integrity; and an application fee of €200 (waived in exceptional circumstances for those in great financial need). Application deadlines We operate a staged admissions process, with three deadlines for each intake. Competition for each of the rounds is relatively equal, but the earlier you gain admission, the more time you have to secure financing and arrange logistics.

Admissions process It takes up to 12 weeks from the admissions deadline to be offered a place. If you are selected for interviews, you can expect to have two separate interviews with alumni based in the country where you live. Your file will then be presented to the Admissions Committee – a group which comprises both faculty and alumni – and a final decision will be taken. We don’t take your choice of campus into account in allocating places but, depending on availability, we may ask you to start on the other campus. Once admitted, you become part of the INSEAD community with access to INSEAD MBA Connect, a resource to help you network with your future classmates and prepare for the full INSEAD experience.

34 MBA Programme 2012

What next?
Find out more online The INSEAD website has a great deal more information about the programme, as well as profiles of faculty and insights into their research. In addition, our blog, the INSEAD MBA Experience ( you a taste of the programme by enabling you to follow the progress of INSEAD students – and even to interact with them. Upcoming In-House Dates: 2011 16 September 14 October 25 November 2012 27 January 23 March 20 April 8 June Alternatively, if you can’t make a scheduled event, contact us at [email protected] to arrange an individual visit. Meet us closer to home Throughout the year, we host and attend MBA events worldwide. Join us to learn more and meet alumni. For upcoming events visit:

Visit us on campus We would be delighted to see you at one of our regular information sessions and tours, which take place most Friday afternoons from 2.00 pm in Fontainebleau, and most Mondays and Fridays from 2.00 pm in Singapore. It is sometimes possible to attend an MBA class straight after the session (from 3.45 pm to 5.15 pm). Please email the MBA office at [email protected] to request a class visit. In addition, we have regular INSEAD In-House events throughout the year, which enable you to meet current students and admissions staff, as well as attend a masterclass run by a faculty member.

INSEAD is committed to the value of diversity as a source of learning and enrichment. In keeping with this principle, INSEAD does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, national or ethnic origin, political beliefs, marital status, or disability in the admission to, treatment in, or employment in its programmes and activities.

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