Instant Broadband™ Series

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Insta nt Broadband™ Series Instant


EtherFast Wireless Access Point + Cable/DS able/DSLL Router  with  wi th 4-Po 4- Port rt Switch witch

Use this Guide t o install:


User Guide


Instant Broadband TM  Series 

EtherFast ® Wireless Access Access Point + Cable/DS able/DSL L Router with 4-Port Switch 

Table of Contents Introduction

L inksys Wireless A P +Cable/DSL Router Features Package Contents System Requirements Getting to Know the Wireless Access Point + Cable/DSL Router


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 The  The Wir ire ele les ss Ac Acc cess Point int +Cable/D le/DS SL Ro Rou uter’s Rear Panel  The  The Reset Bu Buttton

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 The  The Wir ire ele les ss Ac Acc cess Point int +Cable/D le/DS SL Router’s Front Panel L EDs


Connecting the Wireless Access Point + Cable/DSL Router to Your Network

Overview A bout Static & Dy Dynamic I P A ddresses Connecting Your Hardware Together & Booting Up Confiiguri Conf guring ngYour PCs PCs to Connect to the Wireless A ccess Point +Cable/DSL Router Configuring Your Network with the Wireless Access Point + Cable/DSL Router

Confi fig guring the Wireless AP +C +Ca able/DSL Ro Router The Wireless Access Point + Cable/DSL Router’s Web-based Utility


Common Problems and Solutions Frequently A sked Questions Appendix

How to Ping Your IS ISP P’s E-mail & Web Addresses I nstalling the TCP/I P Protocol  Tw  Twis istted-Pa -Pair Cablin ling g Crimping Your Own Network Cables


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Quick and Easy A dministration


Setup Setting WEP Encryption Password Status DHCP L og Help Filters Forwarding

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Dtyan cuRtionugting S tia cm Rio DMZ Host MAC A ddress Cloning

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Warranty Information


Contact Information



Instant Broadband TM  Series 

Getting to Know the Wireless

EtherFast ® Wireless Access Access Point + Cable/DS able/DSL L Router with 4-Port Switch 


 The  The Uplin Uplink k Port is where you can expand your network by connecting connecting to another swi witch tch or hub. The Uplink Port is shared with Port 4. Uplinking to another switch switch or a hub is is done by sim simply runni running ng a cable ffrom rom th the e Upli Uplink Port to the other devi device ce.. If  I f  the Uplink port is being used, Port 4 will not work.


 The  The Power Port is where you will c co onnect the includedAC Power adapter.

Antenna J acks

 The  The An Anttenna J acks are where you will connect the

 Acce  Access ss Point Point + Cable able//DSL Router The Wireless AP + Cable/DSL Router’s Rear Panel

 The  The rear panel o off th the Rou Router is where all of of th the Ro Rou uter’s connection ions are made.

included ncluded antennas.

The Reset Button*

Briefly pressing the Reset Button will refresh the Router’s connections, ti ons, potential ntiallly clea cleari ring ng any jammed links.


Ports 1-4


 The  The WAN ((W Wid ide e Area Network) Port is where you wil willl connect you yourr cable or DSL modem.  The  These fo fou ur LA LAN N (Loc (Local Area Network) port rts s are where you wil will connect networked devi vices, ces, such as PCs, PC s, pri print nt servers, and any other Etherne Ethernet devi vices ces you want to put on y your our network. IIff Port 4 is i s being used, the Uplink Port will not work.

Pressing the Reset Button Button and holding holding it in ffor or a few seconds wil will clea clear all all of the Router’s data and restore the fact actory ory defaults. T Thi his s shoul should be done onl only y iiff you you are experi xperiencing encing heavy ro routi uting ng probl roblem ems, and onl only y after you have exhausted all of the other troubleshooti troubleshooting ng options. options. By By resetti tting ng the Router, you run the ri risk sk of creati ting ng confl confliicts between your PC PCs’ s’ act actua ual I P A ddresses and what the Router thinks thinks their IP I P A ddresses should be. You may be for forced ced tto o reboot the enti tire re system(s). (s). I f your router llocks ocks up, si sim mply power it it down for 3 to 5 se seconds conds by removing the power cable ffrom rom the the Route Router’s r’s Power Por Port. t. L eavi ving ng the power off for too long l ong could re result iin n the loss of network connecti connections. ons.



Instant Broadband TM  Series 

The Wireless AP + Cable/DSL Router’s Front Panel LEDs

EtherFast ® Wireless Access Access Point + Cable/DS able/DSL L Router with 4-Port Switch 

The WA WAN N Indicators


Green. The Li Link L LED ED illuminates when a su succe ccess ssfful connection is nection is made between the Router and your B Bro roadba adband devi vice ce or network.


Green. The TheA ct LED LED flickers wh whe en th the e Route Router is is s se endi nding o orr receivi ving ng data over the broadband port.

Diag The LAN Indicators


. The L ink L LED ED illuminates whe when there is wireless Green activity.

WLAN Link 

Green. The L ink L LED ED illuminates whe when the wi wire relless opti option is ena enabled. When tthe he wireless wireless opti tion on is is disabled (through theWeb-based utili utility), the L LED ED is off. off.


Green. T The he Powe Power L ED illuminates wh whe en the Router Router iis s pow-

Red  Red . The The Di Dia ag LE LED il i lluminates tes wh when en the Router goes through its selfself-diagn diagnosi osis s mode during during bootoot-up up and restart. It wil will turn off upon upon su succe ccess ssfful completion of the diag diagnos nosis. If thistoLED Lthe ED Tsta ys on footi or an ang n abnorm bn orm ally llong ong peri riod od of time, refer roublesh ooting secti ction. on.

ered on. Link/Act

Green. The L ink/A nk/Act ct L LED ED serves two purpose purposes. If If the L ED is continuously illuminated, the Router is successfully connected to a device vice through the cor correspond responding port ((1, 1, 2, 3 or 4). 4). IIff the L ED is fli flickeri ring ng,, the Router is a active ctively ly send send-ing or receiving receivi ng data over that port.


Green. The Full Full/Col /Col L ED also serves two purpose purposes. If If this this L ED is cont contiinuous nuously illuminated, the connection made through the correspondi through ding ng port port is i s su succe ccessful ssfully ly running in in Full Duplex Duplex mode ode. IIff th the e LED LED is fflilicke ckering, the the c con onne nection is e expe xperie riencing colli coll isions. Infreq I nfreque uent colli coll isions are are no norma rmal. If this L LED ED is fli fl ickeri ckering ng ttoo oo often, often, the there re may be a problem with with your connect ectiion. Che Check the Troubleshooti ooting ng sect sectiion if  if  you think think there is a problem problem.


Orange. T The he 100 LE LED iillluminates tes when a successful 100Mbps connection 100Mbps ction iis s made through the correspond corresponding port.




Instant Broadband TM  Series 

EtherFast ® Wireless Access Access Point + Cable/DS able/DSL L Router with 4-Port Switch 

6. Pr Pres ess the Reset button on the back of the route router. r. Hol Hold d the button in for for three seconds, or unti untill the theDiag Diag L ED illuminates red. This re resto store res s the router’s default settings.

Configuring Your PCs to Connect to the Wireless Access Point + Cable/DSL Router

7. Po Powe wer on your your PC.

Now that that your Router is is p phys hysiical cally iinsta nstalled, you wi willl have to conf confiigure your PCs PCs to accept ccept the I P addresse dresses that your Router wil willl provide.

TheHardware IInsta nstallation is is complete. Continue tothe next page toconfigure your PC PCs and Router.

N ot  e: S om e I IS S P s—m ost no tab ly som e c ab le p rovid ers—con ers—con fig ure  ure  th e ir n e tw o rks s so o th a t yo you u d o n o t h a ve to e n te r a ful ull lIn te rne t  ad d ress into nto you r w eb b row ser or e-m ailap p lica tion to rea ch you r  ho m e p ag e o r rec eive yo ur e-m ail. If you r Internet nternet ho m e p ag e  ad d res ess s is so m ethi ething ver ve ry sim p le, su such ch as “ www” , rat athe he r tha n  “ w w w .lin ks ksys ys. .c o m ” , o r yo u r e-m a il se rve r’ s a d d re ss is s so o m e th in g sim ila r to “ e -  m a il”o r “ p op 3” , rath rath e r th a n “ p o p .m a il.lin ks ksys ys. .c o m ” , yo u w o n ’ t b e a b le to p ro p -  erly c on fig ure yo ur R ou ter un til you yo u d eterm eterm ine the ac tua lInt nterne ernet t ad d res esse ses s o f  your W eb and e-m e-m ailcon ne ct cti ion s.

 The  These in ins structio ion ns apply only to Win ind dows 95, 98 and Millenni nnium machines. For TCP TCP/I /IP P setup unde nder Wi Wind ndows ows NT or Windo Windows 2000, please refer to you yourr M Miicrosof crosoftt Windows NT or Wi Windows ndows 2000 manual.

1. Click the Start button, select Settings, then thenC Control Panel. 2. Double-click the Network  Network icon. icon. 3. In I n the theConfiguration Configurationwi window ndow, select select the theTCP/IP TCP/IP prot protocol ocol li l inetha ne that has been associ associate ated with wi th your network card/adapter.

t o b ta in th th is inform nform a tion p rio r to c o n n ec ting th e R o uter to y yo o ur net ne tw ork. You m us  Yo You u ca n ob tain this inf nform orm ati ation b y c on tac ting yo your ur IS P, or you ca n turn t to o the  ur I  S P ’ s E -  m ail& W e b A d d res    ses. sec tion of the A p p en d ix on H o w to P ing Yo 

N ote: Ifth the  e  TC P /IP p rotoc otoc ol is n no o t c o n fig -  ured ured on your  P C , g o to the  A pp end ix f for  or  T C P /IP in st sta a lla -  tio n in struc tio n s  now.




Instant Broadband TM  Series 

4. Click the Properties Propertiesbutton, button, then choose the theIIP Address tab. Select Select Obtain Obtai n an IP address automatically atically.. Click on the Gatewaytab ay tab and make sure that all f ields there are empty.

EtherFast ® Wireless Access Access Point + Cable/DS able/DSL L Router with 4-Port Switch 

Configuring Your Network   with the DSL Wire irele less sser Acce Access Poin Pointt + Cable/DS able/ L Router Rout Configuring the Wireless AP + Cable/DSL Router

Now that your Wireles Wireless s Acce Access Point +Cab +Cablle/DS /DSL L Route Routerr is i s wire wired iinto nto your network ork,, you can begin gin conf confiiguring guring your system. 1. Open your web brow browser and type in the browser’s A Addre ddress bo box. x. This This number is i s the default IP I P address of your router. Pres Press Enter Enter..

e: If yo N ot  you u h av ave e p revi ev iou sly ena e na b led an Interne nternet t S ha ring  P roxy S ervice on an y of you r P C s, you m ust d isab le it no w .

5. cli Click T The heaNetw ork Properties wi wil will re rea ppe ppe ar. Cl Cli ick OK  cl ient OK  settings tti.ngs re com plete. plete . Windo Windowind wsndow mow ay as klffor oraoriginal ori ginal Windo Wi ndo ws. All insta nstallation fi f iles, which c ca an b be e found on your your Windo Windows ws CD-ROM CD-ROM (i (i.e.: .e.: D:\win98, D:\win95, D:\ win9x - where “D” is the letter of your CD-ROM drive) or possibly on your hard drive (c:\windows\options\cabs.)

ef  er  ence > ence  •If you yo u are r run un ning N et etsc scap ap e N av avi ig ator: ator:C lick E dit > > P r  > >  A d v  anc ed  ed > oxies > an d click D ir  e ct C onnect  ion t  o t  he I  nt  er  ne t  . > > P r  ar  t  •If yo u a re ru n n in g In te rn e t E xp lo re r v5 o r b e tte r, c lic k S t  > >  Se t  t  ing s  nt tr  ol   P an el> > I  nt  er  net O p t  ion s  onne  ct  ions > >  > > C on > > C onne  i ng s  K t L A N S e tt  . R em ove the ch ec ks from allthree hree b oxe s. C lick O K  to  co nt nti inu e.

6. Windows will ask you to restart the PC. Click Y Click Ye es. Repeat steps1-6 for each PC on your network. When all of your PC PCs s are configu confi gured, continue on to set up the router using therouter’s Webbased Util Utility.




Instant Broadband TM  Series 

2. A usernameand password pr prom ompt wil will appear. L Lea eave the User Nam Name box empty and type admin (the default password) in thePassword the Password box. Click OK .

EtherFast ® Wireless Access Access Point + Cable/DS able/DSL L Router with 4-Port Switch 

4. Configu onfigure thefollo following values. N ote: A llo f th is i infor nform m a tion sh sho o u ld b e re a d ily a vai va ila b le from yo you u r IS P.

Host Name & Domain Name Name Th  The ese field fields s allo llow w you to supply a host and domain name for the Router. Some I SPs SPs requir require e these names as iiden denti tiff icati cation. You may have to ch check eck wi with th your IISP SP to see if your B Broad roadba band I nternet service service has been conf confiigured with with a host and domain name. In In most cases, lle eavi ving ng these fi fields b bllank wi willl work. LAN IIP P Address The  These valu lue es refer to your in intternal n ne etwork settin ing gs. Unl nles ess you have specif ic interna internal needs, there shoul should d be no reason to change these values. For the internal L A N, the defaul ultt values are as as ffol ol-3. TheWir WirelessAP + Cable/DSL /DSL Router’s Setup pagewill appear.

lows. •Priva Pri vate te I P A ddress: •Subnet Mask:

Wireless I n this this section, ction, you can decide cide whether or not to use WE WEP P Encryption and and confi configu gure re the level of WE WEP P Encrypt Encryptiion. WE WEP P Encryption ncryption is not necessa cessary for f or the operation of your Router Router.. For more infor nform mation, see the secti ction on of this gui guide de cal called edSe Setting WEP WEP Encryption.. Encryption

N ote: D ue to d if-  fer eren en ce s in w eb  brow brow ser sers, s, som e  of the sc scr ree ns  show n m ay d iffer 

WAN IP Address The  These valu lue es refer to the outside ide network you connect to every ti tim me you access your B Broadba roadband Interne Internet connecti ction. on. M Most ost Broad roadba band IS ISPs Ps as assign sign their cli clients with a diff ffe erent I P address dress each ti tim me they llog og on. If I f this iis s the the case wi with th your ISP I SP, cli cl ick Obtain an IP IP AddressAutomati ticall cally y and cont contiinue to step 5. If I f your IISP SP assigns you a f ixed I P addre ddress ss, cli click ck Specify an IP IP Address and enter the address iinto nto the Subnet Mas Mask, Default Gateway Addr Addre ess ssa and DNS f ields pro provi vide ded by the ISP. SP.

from tho se se en  on y yo o u r ro u te r.




Instant Broadband TM  Series 

The Wireless Access Point +

EtherFast ® Wireless Access Access Point + Cable/DS able/DSL L Router with 4-Port Switch 


Cable/ able/DS DSLL Router’ Router’ s WebWeb-based based Utility Quick & Easy Administ Administration ration

For your convenience, an administrative mini strative uti utillity has been programmed iinto nto the chi chipse pset of your router router. A Alll router-ba router-based admini nistrative strative tasks are perf rformed ormed through this this web util utility. The web util utility can be accessed by any PC on the network by typing into the PC’s PC’s web browser address window window.

N ote: The Se tup  pag e show n in  this g rap hic m ay  d iffe r fro m th e  one seen on your  rou te r.

Upon enteri ring ng the address iinto nto the web browser, a password request page wil willl pop up. L eave the User Name ffiield empty, but type “admin admin” ” iinto nto the the Password fi field.

On the fol folllowing pages you w wiill f ind brie rief descriptions of each uti utility webpage and each page’s more im important functi functions. ons. More M ore detailed expl xplana anati tions ons and instructions nstructi ons caente n bered found byycl cli icking cki,ng ach page’sHelp e’san Help button. To clear clea any val values ues you’ve on an page cl clie ck Cancel d re-ente r iinf nformaormation. ti on. To apply any settings ttings you’ you’ve ve altered on any page, cl cliick theApply the Apply button. Once all settings are correct, click cli ck Continue. 17

 The  The Basic Setup screen is the firs firstt screen you will see when you access the Uti tillity. If If you have already insta installed and setup your router, you have already seen this screen and have already properly properly conf confiigured all of the screen’s values. •Host Name This  This entry is necessary fo forr some ISPs ISPs. As Ask k your ISP. •Domain Name Th Name This is entry is necessary fo forr some ISPs ISPs. As Ask k your ISP. • Firmware Version  This  This entry shows the versio ion n of th the firmware you are usi using. ng. Future Future versi rsions ons of the Router’s Firmwa Fi rmware may become avail vailab able on the Li Linksys Website. • L AN IP I P Address and Subnet Mas Mask  k  Th  The e IP Add Address and Subnet Ma Mas sk of  therouter as it is seen on theinternal L A N. The T hedefaul ultt value is for IIP P and 255.25 55.255.255 5.255.0 .0 for for Subnet M Mas ask. Unless y you ou already know your setti settings, ngs, we recommend that you k kee eep the defaults. aults. • Wi Wireles reless (E (Ena nable/Dis ble/Disable). I n order to utili util ize the wireles wireless s functions of the Router, select Enable. If I f you d do o not wish do u util tiliize any wireles wireless s functions, make sure sure Disable Disableis is selected. ( Note: Note: No other wireless functions will be

available unless you enable this setting.) 18


Instant Broadband TM  Series 

2. Yo You u may enter the encrypti ncryption on key manuall ually. y.

EtherFast ® Wireless Access Access Point + Cable/DS able/DSL L Router with 4-Port Switch 


(The Passphrase method is i s recom r ecomm mended ended;; however, yyou ou m may ay need to enter  enter  a manua anuall kkey ey in or orde derr to meet eet the requi equirrements ents of exi existi sting ng wir wi reless eq equi uippment ent on you yourr net network. work. I f you are unsur unsure, e, chec checkk wi with th your your System System  Ad  Adm ministra inistrattor. r.)) In either case, you should should commit this thi s Passphrase or M Manu anual K Key ey to memory.  You  You will probably need it fo forr other wire ireles less devic ice es on the network. Once you have chosen your key encry Once encrypti ption on method and entered either the Passphrase or manual key, cli click the theApply Applybutton button and theencrypti encryption on portion porti on of  the setup is is complete complete.

It is i s strongly strongly recommended that you set a password ffor or the router. When you f irst powe power up the router, you wi willl notice tha thatt the Pass Password setti tting ng default is is “admin”. For securi rity, ty, we recommend that you change your password of often. ten.  To  To change your password, enter your new password in the Router P Pass assword box. Enter it again in the box jjust ust below the Router Password box, exactl ctly y as you typed it in the f irst box. When you are sure you have entered the password as you want it, it, press the theApply Apply button.

I f you set set the Restore Factory Default option option and click cli ck Apply, Apply, you will clear all of the router’s settings. Do not restore to the factory defaults defaults unl unles ess you want to completely set up the Router again. Once the Router iis s reset, you wil will have to reenter ter your conf confiigurati tion. on.




Instant Broadband TM  Series 

•Starti ting ng IP Address Enter a numerical value for the DHCP server to start with with when issuing issuing IIP P addresses. •Number of DH DHC CP users Enter the maxim aximum number of PC PCs s that you want the DH DHC CP server to assign IIP P addresses to, with wi th the absol solute ute maxi axi-mumbeing being 253. •DHC DHCP P Cli Clie entsTable Click on the Cli lie entsTable button to show the current DHCP Client information. (This information is stored in temporary memory, so the list li st of cli clients could di disa sappear, as iin n the fol olllowing screen.)

EtherFast ® Wireless Access Access Point + Cable/DS able/DSL L Router with 4-Port Switch 


 This  This tab shows the status of Log Loggin ing g on the Ro Rou uter. If y yo ou enable lo log ggin ing g, the Router wi willl keep a record of all sites on the I nternet (i (i.e., .e., e-mail, ftp ftp si sites, tes, etc.) that have been accessed thro through ugh the Ro Router. uter.

• Access Log: Here you will either Enable or Disable the logging feature. •Send Log LogTo: Here you wil will specif cify the address that you would like the log to be sent to. •Iyou ncom ing/Outg /O oing Accesso L : Here youthat willha specify want to utg make a record ofLog f og Inernet si sites tes ve beewhether n accessed through the Router. Both outgoi outgoing ng or incoming incoming addresses can be recorded. (For (For iinsta nstance, if if you have web-server, you can keep a record of the sites from from which which your web-server has been accessed.)  To  To view these lo log gs, you need the LogViewer sof software tware. You can downlo download ad the sof software tware from




EtherFast ® Wireless Access Access Point + Cable/DS able/DSL L Router with 4-Port Switch 

EtherFast ® Wireless Access Access Point + Cable/DS able/DSL L Router with 4-Port Switch 


3. Click UpgradeFi Fir rmware. A new page will wil l appear.

Here you wil willl f ind lilinks nks to all of the Utili til ity’s internal rnal su supp pport ort docu docum mentation, a linkato L inksys’s nksys’s website, the appli pplica cati tion on that upgrades the Router’s f irmw re re..Li

4. Enter your Router’s admini nistrati stration on password into thePassword box.

I n order to upgrade the Router’s fi firmware, youm you must use I nternet Explorer Expl orer 5.0 or hi highe gher, or Netscape Navi viga gator 4.7 or highe hi gher. Upgrading the f irmware may cause the Router to be res reset et to to the fac actory tory defaults. Make a record of all setti ttings ngs before before attempting pting the upgrade.

5. Cli Cl ick the theBrowse Browsebutton button and fi find the f irmware upgrad upgrade e fi file that that you downl do wnloa oade ded from the L inksys website. Double Double-cl cliick theupg theupgradefi file le..  This  Th is will pla lac ce the file in intto the “File Path:” box. 6. When When the the correc correctt fi file is in the the “Fi “Fille Pat Path:” h:” box, click cli ck the the Upgrade Upgradebutton button and fol olllow the instructions there. This wil will complete your fi firmw rmware are upgrade.

 To  To upgrade the Rou Router’s firmware: 1. Downl Download oad the latest fi firmware versi version from the L inksys website ( 2. Go to the theHelp Help screen (above).




Instant Broadband TM  Series 


EtherFast ® Wireless Access Access Point + Cable/DS able/DSL L Router with 4-Port Switch 

Dynamic Routing Dynamic Routing


Port forwarding sets up public services on your network. When users from the Internet make certain requests of your network, ork, the router wi willl forward those requests to the appropri ppropriate ate computer. The router's D DH HCP functi f unction on must be di disa sabled bled to use For Forwarding. warding.

For Forwarding warding is i s generally used to set up a web server, fftp tp server, or e-ma e-mail server on your network. ork. To add a server usi using ng Forwardi Forwarding: ng: 1. Enter the port port number or range used by the server. On the same line, select TCP, U UDP DP or B Both. oth. Enter the IP A Addre ddress of the server that you want the I nternet users to be able to access. Refer to your software software documentation tion ffor or more inf informa ormation tion concerni rning ng which service service port setti ttings ngs may need to be changed, if if any. 2. Conf onfiigure as many entries ntries as you would lilike ke until all of the link entri ntries es are filled.

With With Dynamic R Routing outing you can automati atical cally adjust to physica ysicall changes iin n the network's etwork's lla ayout. T The he router, usi using ng the RI P protocol protocol,, determines the network packets’ route based on tthe he fewest number of hops between the source and the destination. T The he RI P protocol regularl ularly y broadcas broadcasts routing iinfor nform mati tion on to other routers on the network. To set up Dy Dynam namic Routi Routing: ng: 1. Choose the correct correct worki working ng mode.G e. Gateway M Mode odeshoul should d be used if if your your L inksys router is i s hosting your network's network's connecti ction on to the Inte Internet. Router Mode shoul should d be selected if if the router exists on a network with wi th other routers. 2. In theTX the TX f ield, choose tthe heprotocol protocol by which which you transmit data on the network. 3. In theRX the RX f ield, choose the protocol by which the Route Router rec receives eives n net et-work data. 4. Cli Cl ick theApply the Apply button to to save your changes.

3. Click Apply to save the setti settings. ngs. 33



Instant Broadband TM  Series 

Static Routing Static Routing

EtherFast ® Wireless Access Access Point + Cable/DS able/DSL L Router with 4-Port Switch 

2. Enter the fol olllowing owing data to create a new stati tic c route:  The Destin ina atio ion n LAN LA N IP is the Add Address of th the remote Destination LAN IP  The network or host to which which you want to assi sign gn a static rroute. oute. Enter Enter the IP address of the host fo forr which which you wish wish to create a stati tic c route here. If I f you are buil building ding a route to an enti ntire re network, be sure that the network por porti tion on of the IP address dress is set to zero (0) (0).. For For example, the Router’s s sta tanda ndard IIP P address is Based on thi this s address, the address of the network to which the Router is i s conn connec ected ted is 192.168.1, wi with th the last digi digitt (1, in thi this s case) determi rmini ning ng the Router’s place on the network ork.. The Therefore refore you would woul d enter the I P address if if you wanted to route to the Router’s enti ntire re network, rather than just to the the Router. Netw Netw ork Mask  The  The Network Mas Mask (als lso o known as the Subnet Ma Mas sk) determines termines w whi hich ch portion portion of an IP address is the n netw etwork porti portion, on, an and d whi which ch portion porti on is is the host porti portion. on. In I n the example above the Network Mask is i s T Thi his s determines (by using using the values 255) that the f irst three numbers of an network IIP P address ide identify ntif y this parti particular cular ne nettwork, while whil e the last digi digitt (f (from rom 1 to 254) 254) would iide dentify ntif y the specif cif ic host. Gatew ay IP  This  This IP address should be the IP address of th the gateway

devi vice ce that al alllows ffor or contact between the Router and the remote network or host. If your R Router outer iis s connected to more than one network, it may be necessary to set up a stati tatic c route route between them. A stati static c route route is a pre-determined pre-determined pathway that network inf i nformation ormation must travel to reach a speci ciff ic host or network. Click the Show Routing Routing Table button to vie view the curr curren ent stati tic c routi routing ng conf iguration.

 To  To create a static route entry: ry: 1. Select Static Rou Route Entry from tthe he drop down lliist. The Cable/DSL Router supports up to 20 stati tic c route entri ntries es.


Hop Count  This  This valu lue e giv ive es the number of nodes nodesthat that a data packet passes through before re through reac achi hing ng its desti tina nati tion. on. A node is any any devi vice ce on the network, such as switc switches hes, PC PCs, etc.

 This in intterfac face tells you whether your network is on the in intternal Interface  This L A N or the WAN WAN,, or the external I nternet. If you’re you’re connecti cting ng to a subsubnetwork, sel select LA L A N. I f you’re connecti cting ng to to anothe another network through through the Internet, select WAN WAN.. 3. Cli Cl ick theApply the Apply button to save your c change hanges.



Instant Broadband TM  Series 

DMZ Host

 The  The DMZ Hos Host setting ing allo llow ws one lo loc cal c co omputer to be exposed to the Internet to use a specialpecial-purpose servi ervice ce such as Interne Internet gaming or vi videodeoconferencing.  To  To expose one computer, enter the computer’s IP address and clic lick k theApply button. butt on. Ina I nactivate DMZ DM Z by ente enteri ring ng a zero (0). DMZ Host

EtherFast ® Wireless Access Access Point + Cable/DS able/DSL L Router with 4-Port Switch 

MAC Address Cloning

MAC Addre A ddress Cl Cloni oning ng allows you to assign the Router a MAC address, which is i s a 12-di 2-digit git code assigned to a unique piece of hardw hardwa are for identif icati cation, on, lliike a social security curity number. Some ISPs SPs requi uire re that that you register the MAC address of your network card/adapter, which was connected to your cable cable or DSL modem during iinsta nstallati tion. on. You can f ind your adapter's M MA AC address by doing the following: • If you are run running ning Wi Windo ndows 95, 98 or M Miillennium: Go to Start Start,, Run, type in command command,, and press Enter Enter.. A t th the e DOS prompt, type typewinipcfg winipcfg. • If you are running Windo Windows NT 4.0 or 2000: Go to Start Start,, Run, type in command command,, and press Enter Enter.. A t th the e DOS prompt, type typeipco ipconfig nfig /all /all.. The Physical A Addre ddress with with 12 digits digi ts is your adapter’s M MA AC address.


Enter those 12 digits iinto nto the f ields on th thiis screen, and and click cli ck Apply Apply.. This “clones “cl ones” your network adapter’s M MA AC address onto your Ro Router, uter, and prevents you from from havi ving ng to cal call your IISP SP to cha change nge the registered M MA AC address to the adapter’s M MA AC address. Z Host



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C:\>ping -a

Installing the TCP/IP Protocol

Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data: Reply Reply Reply Reply

from from from from

EtherFast ® Wireless Access Access Point + Cable/DS able/DSL L Router with 4-Port Switch 

bytes=32 bytes=32 bytes=32 bytes=32

time<10ms time<10ms time<10ms time<10ms

TTL=127 TTL=127 TTL=127 TTL=127

Ping statistics for Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0%

Fol Folllow these instructions nstructions to install theTCP/I CP/IP P Protocol on on one e of your PCs only after a network card has been successful ssfullly iinsta nstalled insi nside de the PC. PC. The These instruct nstructiions are for Wi Wind ndows ows 95, 95, 98 or M Miillienni nnium. For T TCP CP/I /IP P setup unde under Microsoft Windows NT or 2000, please refer to your Microsoft Windows NT or 2000 manual. 1. Click the Start button. Choose ChooseSettings Settings,, then Control Panel. 2. Double-click the Network  Network iicon. Your N Netw etwork wi windo ndow shou shoulld pop u up. p. Select Select the theConfiguration Configurationtab. tab.

loss), Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds: Minimum = 0ms, Maximum = 0ms, Average = 0ms

2. Wri Write down the web addr addres ess returned returned by the ping ping command. (I (In n tthe he example ple above: mail.msnv3.occa.hom Thi his s web address is the web address assigne assigned to the I P addre dress ss you just pinged. pinged. Whi Whille the IIP P addre dress ss of “m “mail” could conceiva vably bly change, iitt is lliikely that this web address wil will not. 3. Replace your ISP’s abbrevi viate ated server addresswi sswith th this this extended web address in the cor corresponding responding Interne Internet appl pliication cation (web browser, e-mail application, etc.). Once you have replaced the brief brief server address with with the tr true ue server address, your Router Router should should have no probl problem emaccessi ssing ng the IInterne nternet through that I nternet applica pli cati tion. on.

3. Click the Add button button.. 4. Double-cli Double-click ck Protocol Protocol.. 5. Highlight Microsoft Microsoftunde under the lilist st of manuf ufacture actures.




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6. Find and double-click TCP/IP in the list to the right (below). (below).

EtherFast ® Wireless Access Access Point + Cable/DS able/DSL L Router with 4-Port Switch 

Twisted-Pair Cabling

 The  There are diff iffe erent grades, or categorie ies s, of tw twis istted-pa -pair cablin ling g. Category 5 ichoi s the mos reli reliab le and is iscab highly highly recom ed. Categ ory 3 pute is is a rs good choice. ce. StraightStrtaight-through through les are usedmfor fend or connecti connecting ng com to asecond hub. Crossover cables cables are used for for conne connecti cting ng a hub to another hub ((there there is an excepti tion: on: some hubs hubs have a b buil uilt-i t-in n uplink upli nk port that is i s crossed inte internall rnally y, which all allows you to li link or connect hubs ttoge ogether with wi th a s straight-through traight-through cable instead).  You  You can buy pre-made Category 5 cabling, or cut and cri crimp mp your own. Category gory 5 cabl cables es can be purchased or crim cri mped as either strai straight-thr ght-through ough or crossover. Insi Inside de a Category 5 cable cable are 8 thin, col color-coded or-coded wir wire es insi nside de that run fr from om one end of the cable cable to the other. Al All 8 wi wires res are used. In I n a strai straight-thr ght-through ough cable, wires wires 1, 2, 3, and 6 at one end of the cable are also wi wires res 1, 2, 3, and 6 at

7. A Affte terr a ffe ew seconds you wil willl be brought back to the main Network winwi ndow dow. The TCP CP/I /IP P Protocol shoul should now now be listed.

the other end. In I n a crossover cabl cable, e, the order of the wires wires change from one end to the other: wire wi re 1 becomes 3, and 2 becomes 6. See the diagram diagrams on the next page for more detailed information on straight-t strai ght-through hrough and crossover cabling.

8. Click OK . Wi Wind ndows ows may ask ask for f or origina originall Wind Windows ows inst insta allation ffiiles. Supply them them as needed (i.e.: (i.e.: D D:\ :\wi win98 n98, D D:\ :\wi win95 n95, c:\windows\options\cabs.)

 To determin ine e which ich wir ire e is wir ire e number 1, hold the cable so that the end of the plastic RJ -45 tip ti p (the part that goes into a wall jack ffiirst) iis s facing away from from you. Fa Face ce the cli clip down so tha thatt the coppe copper side side faces up (the springy pringy cl cliip wi willl now be parallel to the floor).When looking down on the copper side, wire 1 will be on the far left.

9. Windows will ask you to restart the PC. Click Y Click Ye es. TheTCP/IP P/I P Installation is complete. 49



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Crimping Your Own Network Cables

• Straight-Through C Cabling abling

EtherFast ® Wireless Access Access Point + Cable/DS able/DSL L Router Router w ith 4- Port Swi tch 

Glossary Ad-hoc Network - A An n ad-hoc ad-hoc network is i s a wir wireless elessnetwork or other small network in which some of the network devices are part of the network only for the durati tion on of a communications ses session sion while whil e in in some close proxim proximity to the rest of the network. BSS (B (Ba asic Service Service Set) - A group of I nsta nstant nt Wireles Wireless s TM Network PC Card use users a and nd aWi Wire relless A P +C +Ca able/DSL Router. Defaultt G Defaul Gate ateway - T The he router used to fforward orward all traff traffiic that is is not addressed to a stati tion on wi within thin the lloca ocall subnet.

• Cro Cross-Ov ss-Over er Cabling

DHCP (Dynamic Host Host Conf Confiigura guration tion P Protoco rotocoll) - A prot protocol ocol that le lets network twork admini nistrator strators s manage central centrallly and automate the assi ssignme gnment of IInternet nternet Protocol (I (IP) P) addresses iin na an n organiz nizat atiion's network. U Using sing the Inte Internet's s set et of  protocol (TCP (T CP/I /IP) P),, each machine tha that can connect to the IInte nternet needs a uni unique que IP address. When an organizati zation on sets up its its computer users wi with th a connecti ction on to the IInterne nternet, an IIP P address must be assi ssigne gned to each machine. Wi Without thout DH DHCP, the IIP P address must be entered manuall nually at each computer and, if computers move to another locati location on in in another part of the network ork,, a new IP IP address must be entered. DH DHCP lets anetwork admini nistrator strator supervise supervise and di disstri tribute bute IP addresses from a central poi point nt and automati ticall cally y sends a new IIP P address when a computer iis s plugge plugged into into a dif diffferent pl place ace in the network. ork. DH DHC CP uses the concept of a "l "lea ease" or or amount of ti tim me that a given IIP P address wil will be vali valid d for for a computer. The The lease ti tim me can vary dependi nding ng on how long long a user is i s li likely to requir require e the Inte Internet connecti ction on a att a parti rticular cular lloca ocati tion. on. IIt's t's especiall cially y useful in education and other envi vironme ronments where users change frequently. U Using sing very short lle eases, DHC DHCP P can dynamical cally reconf igure networks in which which there are more computers than there are avail vailab able IIP P addresses. DH DHC CP supports stati tic c addresses ffor or computers contai containi ning ng Web servers that need a permanent IIP P address. DMZ - A DMZ DM Z (demilitarized zone) iis s a computer host or s sm mall network inserted as a "neutral zone" between a company's y's pri private vate networ twork k and the outsi side de publi public c network. I t prevents outside outside users from from getti tting ng dir direct ect access to a server that that has company data.




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EtherFast ® Wireless Access Access Point + Cable/DS able/DSL L Router with 4-Port Switch 

Network appl pliications cations that want to save processing ttiimebecause they have very small data units units to exchange (and therefore refore very littl ttle e message reassembling to do) may prefer UDP UDP to TCP. TCP.


UTP - U Unshiel nshielded ded twisted twisted pair is is the most common ki kind nd of copper telephone wi wiri ring. ng. Twi Twisted sted pair is is the ordi ordinary nary copper wi wire re that connects home and many business computers to the teleph telephone company. To red reduce crosstalk or electromagnetic induction between pairs of wires, two insulated copper wires are twisted twisted around each other. E Each ach signal on twisted twisted pair requires requires both wi wires. res. Si Since nce some telephone sets or desktop locati locations ons requi uire re mul ulti tipl ple e connections, connections, twisted pair is sometimes installed in two or more pairs, all within a single cable.

Model Number Standards

Vir Virtual Server - Mul ulti tipl ple e servers that appear as one server, or one system image, to the operati ting ng system or for for network admini nistrati stration on WANAN - A communicatio unications ns network that covers a wide wide geographic area, such as state or country. WEP (Wi (Wired Equi Equivalent valent Pr Priivacy) - A data privacy privacy mechani nism sm based on a 64bi bitt shared key algori gorithm thm, as descri cribed bed in the IEEE 802.11 standard. WINIPCFG - Conf Confiigura guration tion util utiliity based on the the Wi Win3 n32 2 AP APII for queryi rying ng,, def ining and managing IP IP addre dresse sses wi within thin a network. A commonly used util util-ity, ty, und under er Windo Windows 95, 98, 98, and Mil Mi llennium, for confi configuring networks with static IP I P addresses.

Protocol Ports WA N: L A N:


One 10Base 10Base-T RJ -45 Port for Cabl Cable/D /DSL SL Modem Four 10/100 10/100 RJ -45 Switch Switche ed Ports, One Shared Uplink Port WA N - 10Mbps, Switch - 10/100Mbps (Half   Duplex) 20/20 20/200 0 (Ful (Fulll Dup Dupllex) Wire Wirelless (See Below) 10BaseT: UT UTP P/STP Category 3 or 5 100Ba 0Base seTX : U UT TP/STP P/ST P Cate Catego gory ry 5 Reset

Operating Rang Operating Range: Indoors: up to

(Wireless) 30M (100ft.) @ 11 Mbps

up to up to

50 M Mbp 70M M (165 (230ft.) ft.) @ @ 5.5 2M Mbp bpbp ss 91M (300ft.) @ 1 M Mbp bps

up to up to up to up to

152M (500 ft.) @ 11 Mbps 270M (885ft.) @ 5.5 Mbps 396M (1300ft.) @ 2 M Mbps bps 457M (1500 ft.) @ 1 Mbps Star (Et (Ethernet)


Cabli lin ng Type


 To  Topolo log gy LE LED D Indica icators WA N L AN AN


BEFW11S4 IE IEE EE 802.3 (10BaseT), IE IEE EE 802.3u (100Ba (100Base seTX), I EE EEE E 802.1 802.11b 1b (Wire (Wirelless ss)) CSMA /CD

Power, WLAN Ac Acttivit ity y, WLAN Li Lin nk L ink/A ctivity, Diag for WA N Full D Du uplex/Collision, L iin nk/A ctivity 100



Instant Broadband TM  Series 

CEnvironmental onnectors

2 A ntenna Connectors


Dimensio ion ns Unit Weight Power Input Certific ifica ation ions Opera rating ting Tempera ratu ture re Stor Stora age Temperature Ope Operating Hum Humidity idity Sto Storage Hu Hum midit idity y

EtherFast ® Wireless Access Access Point + Cable/DS able/DSL L Router with 4-Port Switch 

Warranty Information 7.31” x 6.06” X 2 2..44” (186mm x 154mm x 62mm) 19.2 oz. (0.56 K g). External, 5V DC, 3A FCC C Cla lass B, C CE E Mark Commercial 0ºC to 40º 40ºC ((32 32ºF to 104 104ººF) -20º -20ºC to 70 70ºC ((-4 4ºF to 158ºF) 10% to 85%, No Non n-Condensing 5% to 90%, No Non n-Con -Condensin ing gCustomer Support





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Contact Information For hel help with the installation tion or ope operation of this this product, product, con conta tact ct Li Linksys Customer Suppor Supportt at one of the phone numbers or Internet I nternet addresses below. Information Tech Support and RM RMA A Issues Fax Email Web

800-54 -546-5 6-579 797 (LI (L I NK NKSY SYS) S) 800-326-7114 949-261-8868 [email protected]

FTP Site

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