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Maintenance of Insulation
 There are many places where damages almost always occur:
 Gaps or unsealed joints admit water through poor
weather barrier jacketing
 Job done without expansion breaks rips the cladding,
 Spillage ruins the weather-barriers, and soaks into the
insulation through unprotected edge detail.
 Unfilled projections through the insulation cause
disintegration of the weather-barrier and result in
 sealant in Weather-barriers shrinks and cracks admitting
water freely.
 Foot loads coming as a surprise on a design not capable
of bearing them.
Maintenance of Insulation
 Insulation when selected properly and installed well
is an excellent investment, and good maintenance
protects that investment. Poorly applied insulation is
a large drain on resources - both in terms of poorer
Energy economics and in terms of higher costs of
recurring maintenance that it entails.

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