Insurance Agent Resume Template

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Insurance Agent Resume Template
Neil Smith 66, Wales Street, US

Topeka, Kansas 2962

Phone: (243) 286424 [email protected] Objective: Want to join an insurance company as a sales agent and want to achieve high career aims. Summary of Qualifications:


Very good conversational skills. Very good at data documentation. Good computer proficiency.

 Good at organizing collected data. Career Experience/Job History: 2005-Present
New Life Insurance Company, Kansas, US Insurance Agent

 Selling personal insurance products.  Advising clients for the insurance policies.  Data Documentation for the policies. 2003-2005 Good Life Insurance Co., Kansas, US Insurance Agent  Advising clients for the insurance policies.  Discussion with the clients about their insurance products.  Data documentations about the policies. Achievements: ‡ I have won gold medal during the master level course. ‡ Got the appreciation from the company. Education: 2001-2002 MBA in Finance, University of Arizona, US

1997-2000 BS in Finance, University of California, US Professional References Upon Request


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