Insurance Maramag

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Lessons Applicable: To whom insurance proceeds payable (Insurance)


Loreto Maramag designated as beneiciary his concubine !"a de #u$man Maramag

%icenta Maramag and &dessa' arl rian' and Trisha Angelie (heirs o Loreto Maramag) and his concubine !"a de #u$man Maramag' also suspected in the *illing o Loreto and his illegitimate children are claiming or his insurance+ %icenta alleges that !"a is dis,ualiied rom claiming

-TC: #ranted . ci"il code does /&T apply

CA: dismissed the case or lac* o 0urisdiction or iling beyond reglementary period

ISS1!: 23/ !"a can claim e"en though prohibited under the ci"il code against donation

4!L5: 6!S+ 7etition is 5!/I!5+ Any person who is orbidden rom recei"ing any donation under Article 89 

cannot be named beneiciary o a lie insurance policy o the person who cannot 

ma*e any donation to him I a concubine is made the beneiciary' it is belie"ed that the insurance contract will still remain "alid' but the indemnity must go to the legal heirs and not to the concubine' or e"idently' what is prohibited under Art+ ;<=; is the naming o

the improper beneiciary+ S!CTI&/ >9+ The insurance proceeds shall be applied e?clusi"ely to the proper interest o the person in whose name or or whose beneit it is made unless otherwise speciied in the policy+

#-: only persons entitled to claim the insurance proceeds are either the insured' i still ali"[email protected] or the beneiciary' i the insured is already deceased' upon the maturation o the policy+ !: situation where the insurance contract was intended to beneit third persons who are not parties to the same in the orm o a"orable stipulations or indemnity+ In such a case' third parties may directly sue and claim rom the insurer

It is only in cases where the insured has not designated any beneiciary' or when the designated beneiciary is dis,ualiied by law to recei"e the proceeds' that the insurance policy proceeds shall redound to the beneit o the estate o the insured

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