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International Business 0 International Business is any Business Activity or Commercial Transaction (Marke ting, Supply Chain, Logistics, Private or Govt., Operations, or Finance) across legal or Political Boundaries or Borders. Generally these transactions or commer cial activity include two or more nations or territories. This is exchange of Go ods, Services or Capital across national borderlines. Now due to Globalization I nternational Business is becoming more important part or activity of any organiz ation who wants to survive in International as well as in Domestic Market.

Definition of International Business â The economic system of exchanging good and services, conducted between individuals and businesses in multiple countries.â -by â The specific entities, such as multinational corporations (MNCs) and international business companies (IBCs), which engage in business between multiple countries.â -by The Sub Categories/ Parts of International Business are1. International Finance 2. International Marketing 3. International Supply Chain and Logistics & other Transportation/movement acti vities 4. International Human Resource Management Theories or important models of International Business or International Trade There are different theories of International Business/Trade explaining the patt ern of International Trade. The details of International Trade Theories are give n here1.International Trade Theory by Adam Smith 2. International Trade Theory by Ricardo 3. International Trade Theory by Ohlin & Heckler 4. Other International Trade Theories International Business Environment & factors 1. Political & Legal Environment or Factors 2. Economical Environment 3. Social and Cultural Environment 4. Technological Environment 5. Miscellaneous

Also can be classified as Micro Environment and Macro Environment of Internation al Business. Stages of Internationalization or Globalization 1. Pure Domestic Company or Business 2. Domestic Business (With Some Export activities) 3. International Company (With Business activities across legal/political boundr ies) 4. Multinational Company 5. Transnational 6. Global International Business Career Opportunities International Business is available as specialization for MBA ( Master of Busine ss Administration) Students. They can choose International Business as their car eer with options of many sub fields under it. They can concentrate on any of the following parts as per their interests and basic qualification1. International Logistics and Supply chain 2. International Operations Management 3. International Finance 4. International Marketing

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