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Internet marketing is now part and parcel of marketing in the 21st century, it has gain optimum recognition over a decade since it’s emancipation into the marketing system, with search engine marketing coming in with a major breakthrough in this industry and then followed by social media marketing, this two giants of online marketing services have grown to become a formidable two side of the coin in that they both have made breakthroughs for other forms of marketing to spring up like subsidiaries form of marketing, e.g content marketing which comprises of email, blogging, forum, article and social groups for communities. You also have the likes of video marketing, mobile marketing, cost per actions, pay per clicks, cost per impressions, banner advertisement, contextual advertisements and so many call to action mode of advertisement online, which now gain profound exposure thanks to the out reached and popularity of both social media and search engine sites have created for themselves.

a. Brand Awareness and Promotion b. Generate and Sustain Customers c. Improve Customer Product Behavior d. Increase Product Sales Conversion e. Increase Product Circulation and Distribution f. Situation Analysis g. Competition Analysis "Branding" h. Financial Analysis

Why propose the use of Internet Marketing for your business? Let’s kick off with this following case study using Nigeria as our guinea pig in this experiment. Nigeria is a third world country and are basically categorized under developing country, if you take a literal survey about the country you will get to see how buoyant the use of internet is in that country, firstly the country is populated with close to 160 million people and are ranked 7th most populous country in the world. Their economy is one of the fastest growing too likewise the use of internet, the country do have less well educated professionals and more average learned person with respect to illiterates, so you can say they have got a fair mark for this case study. So why will I deploy an interest in working on a strong trend of internet marketing development in this country, well with the research carried out lately due to this date of writing I figure that by the year 2020 that this country will be very ripe for internet marketing, similar to their entertainment industry which has profound success over the years of its existence, if anything can best this record, Internet definitely can.

Please read through the researched data below to help justify this claim:


MARKET SHARE IN NIGERIA SEARCH ENGINES Google - 88.47% Yahoo - 5.85% Bing - 4.42% Ask jeeves - 0.88% Mamma - 0.1% SOURCE: MOBILE USERS IN NIGERIA TELECOM INDUSTRY - 99 Million active subscribers Attestation: Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) SOURCE: SOCIAL MEDIA IN NIGERIA FACEBOOK: 6,712,700 users POSITION IN THE WORLD: 31st FACEBOOK PENETRATION: 14.9% SOURCE: TWITTER PENETRATION: 4.41% POSITION IN AFRICA: 3rd SOURCE: ANONYMUS (

TOP TEN MOST VISITED SITES IN NIGERIA This is to simply showcase the usage of the internet among Nigerians and how well saturated the use of the web is with them, thus with Facebook and Google clearly taking the highest share in the competition list of search engines and also stating it’s vibrant possibilities for web marketing in Nigeria it’s no wonder why Google’s subsidiary local search site for Nigeria ( is ranking 243 in the world, with more effort driven to ensure the growth of this industry it is quite going to be a source for revenue and job creation to the populist in the future.

Our research has boldly detailed the capability of internet usage for marketing in Nigeria, thanks to the share of marketing audience it generates.


WHAT IS SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING OR SEARCH MARKETING? The term SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING or SEARCH MARKETING can be explained by summing the meaning of SEARCH ENGINE and MARKETING together, so we shall begin with the meaning of search engine. SEARCH ENGINE A search engine to my best of knowledge is a website application or online software or a computer program that does a specific query of a word or sentence and returns a list of documents or files in which they were found. A very good example will be the normal search program on your personal computer, the same way the program runs on your computer to search for a file that is correlated with the words you typed (search words) is the same process an online search engine works, the only difference is that it is not restricted to one source (in your case your personal computer). A search engine queries the World Wide Web for information and majorly the documents it list are web pages that are found with the normal density of the searched keyword in them. This innovation as brought about new opportunities for businesses when online search engines became popular in the early 90's starting from the days of ALTAVISTA, OVERTURE, etc.

Marketing Marketing is part and parcel of any business life and it all encompasses the four vital P’s that is the Product, the Place, the price and finally the Promotion. As stated in the beginning of this article I started

off by taking a quote from Wikipedia about the definition of "internet marketing", this is the section that will bring light to its close relationship with marketing. The last P in marketing which is promotion easily defines itself, the list below show case a list of common internet marketing services branch;

1.) a) b) c) d) e) f) 2.) a) b) c) d) 3.) a) b) 4.) a) b) 5.)

Internet marketing Search engine optimization Social media marketing Email marketing Referral marketing Content marketing Native advertising Search engine marketing Pay per click Cost per impression Search analytics Web analytics Display advertising Contextual advertising Behavioral targeting Affiliate marketing Cost per action Revenue sharing Mobile advertising

Now how search marketing became a part of search engine is what we are going to explain in this paragraph.

Search engine marketing came to light when search engine giants "GOOGLE" made an hall mark approach to how relevant the results of searched queries where done to give a more accurate list of websites, Search marketing also allowed us to get more data to how a certain keyword is being searched, which search terms are trending and which region searches a particular keyword the most, all this technology is best associated with GOOGLE with their search engine products like the Google Keyword Tool, Google Trend and Google Analytics, among other Google's webmaster products all designed to help build a better seo marketing that is suitable for your particular seo business. Take this as an advice and seek a search engine specialist to perform a sound seo optimization on your business website today! Gone are does days that a website was commonly used as an online reference or showcase your business inventory or profile, now a web site is now incorporated as part of most giant corporation marketing departments, for branding, sales, and engagement.

When performing search engine marketing the most common misinterpretation of the term is pay-perclick and adwords, whilst this is far from the point of search engine marketing. Search marketing as it will be later termed as search engine optimization is what website owners or business sites owners must do to get their site or business name on the search list of search engines and this is done by the utilization of targeted keyword phrases that are secured by a seo specialist or seo firm



1. Off-site Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategies 2. Keyword Optimization 3. Webpage Optimization 4. Link Building Management 5. Search Engine Submission 6. Directory Listing 7. Pay-Per-Click Management 8. Article Marketing 9. Social Media Marketing 10. SMS Marketing 11. Web Press Release 12. Full in depth SEO Analysis Reports 13. Online Marketing Survey and Analysis Report 14. Forum and Blog Posting 15. Social Book Marking For a quick understanding of how seo optimization company execute their seo services for niche markets we shall make emphasis on major topics and ignore close related topics, to avoid repetition of descriptions.

This will include solid web 2.0 designs with cutting edge web programming for capturing web visitors and to increase conversion rates on the brand web page. Conversion rates from the capture page to the landing pages, it will also be use to get web visitors interactive on the pages.

This will involve keyword researches, both consumer keywords and researched keywords used by web visitors to generate organic and generic searched results on search engines. Keywords to be investigated are phrases that are attributes, benefits to the brand and these words will be filtered by Keyword Effective Index (KEI) to provide quality keywords for the brand/product.

This will be done in correlation with the keyword optimization, to define the keyword relevancy for the page, thus providing keyword rich contents that are pertinent to the product/brand benefits and features.

This will include inbound and outbound links, to connect and get referral web traffic from other relevant or high profile sites, which will increase page search engine reputation. Maintaining this links is to avoid broken links from Anchor text Links, Reciprocal links, etc.

Regular submission of WebPages to search engines help with effective spidering of your WebPages by search engines, this will help as part of the points for your webpage visibility on search engines listings.

This is good for generating quality links, especially reciprocal links and is a good way to feature the product/brand webpage; most popular search engines do rely on popular directories to place the algorithms for search queries.

This is the best way to quickly get results and can be used properly to boost the search engine marketing campaign for the product/brand, among other awesome features which PPC carries to benefit the usage in setting up online campaign advertisements.

This will focus on Health related topics, placing product/brand adverts in them, and packaged as e-books for easy downloading from the social site, they will be used to engage social marketing on social media sites.

From the term "SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING" we have both "SOCIAL MARKETING" and "MEDIA MARKETING". This are the two core of social media marketing we will use social media platform like facebook and twitter to engage people/consumer on the brand. It will also serve as one of the source to keep relationship before and after the acquisition of product targeted customers, it will be one of the points of contact and message distribution.

This will highly serve as awareness generation and message distribution, content messaging "call to action" adverts will be most effective due to the huge number of mobile users and the fact that most of all internet users in Nigeria spend most of their browsing hours on the phone, while 60% of them are either on social media sites or search engines.

Similar to the directory listing, but vary in terms of publishing content on the web and they also get to your targeted audience. Web press release is also a good source for search engine visibility and generates traffic to the product webpage.

A full in depth seo analysis report point on the major factors that increases the probability of a business website service or product/brand to get listed on Top Ten Search Engine Ranking results and from which clients can rate the quality of services being rendered. The following are SEO reports content to be reviewed by client:
Table of contents 1. Report overview 2. Keyword use in document title 3. Number of backlinks 4. Anchor texts of backlinks 5. Keyword use in body text 6. Age of web site 7. Keyword use in H1 headline texts 8. Keyword use in domain name 9. Keyword use in page URL 10. Mentions on social sites 11. Server speed 12. Keyword use in H2-H6 headline texts 13. Keyword use in IMG ALT attributes 14. Top level domain of web site 15. Keyword use in bold body text 16. Number of visitors to the site 17. Keyword use in same domain anchor texts 18. Keyword use in outbound anchor texts 19. Keyword use in same domain link URLs 20. Keyword use in outbound link URLs 21. Keyword use in meta description 22. Number of trailing slashes in URL 23. HTML validation of web page to W3C standards 24. Readability level of web page 25. Keyword use in the first sentence of the body text 26. Search engine compatibility 27. Factors that could prevent your top ranking 28. Table: Number of keywords 29. Table: Keyword density 30. Table: Keyword position 31. Table: Number of words 32. Table: Number of characters 33. Table: Ranking factors digest

A seo score of within the A grade of 70 to 95% is a sure score of possibility of inclusion of your website for a very competitive keyword, all that remains is to increase the number of links that are being use to point back to your site; you need to make them natural and they must be mixed in such a way that you don’t solely rely on just using the exact keyword to link back to your site, you saturate the link with some keywords that are correlated to your keyword, eg you can use firm to replace company, you can add more text in your target anchor keyword. Most importantly the place you get your links from also matters, like the page rank, the alexa stats of the site, the content on the site, and the TLD of the site alongside the age of the domain, the authority points, and so much other factors helps to weight a link value Link management is by far one of the most crucial factor in seo optimization and you can get it done the right way or easily get tempted to do it the wrong way and get black listed for it by PANDA and PENGUINE UPDATES set out by Google to detect fraudulent link building schemes, when your site gets hit by this updates it simply means that your keyword ranking will drop and subsequently you lose this traffic from the keyword and other traffic generation keywords. From my experience organic traffic is definitely the best source of generating sales although paid search engine marketing via pay-per-click is highly encourage for startups or sites in need of urgent targeted traffic, just have it in your back of mind that this cost more money unlike SEO and it is quicker than SEO, but their reputation for your site is quite different.

When it comes to getting targeted traffic via search engines the two things that do cross my mind is generic and organic search, both work on the volume of searched query from the respective keywords they are targeting and both have different merits and dismerits. A generic search is a list of sites that are found by the search engine to be worthy of listing for such keyword query and they are positioned in terms of their relevancy, most sites have worked their way genuinely and others have done it the black hat way, such black hat method are not advisable because it only get you black listed and you will lose other keyword rankings as well but Google search engines among other search engines online have got their own developed system to remove such scrupulous sites from their listing and it will only be in a matter of time before that site gets hit. Organic search are basically more reputable because they stay on the keyword for a much longer time than the generic keyword, because the site awarded the ranking position merits it naturally unlike the site listed as being paid for to rank for the keyword, most paid keywords are costly, some may bid for over 2USD per click while some are below 1USD, and if the keyword is the type that generates a lot of search volume then to place a paid campaign for such keyword will be totally expensive in the long haul, unlike letting a seo company to work your site to rank for the keyword genuinely.

Organic search ranking helps to build authority in that keyword niche market, imagine your site ranking for a particular keyword like “consulting company” for 6 months and you have over 35,000 local search for this targeted keyword in your niche market, you can easily look into converting a 1 % of this monthly search into sales if your sales landing page is done right.

This should provide reports online to provide estimates 1. Possible Market Share 2. Perfect Product Consumer 3. Targeted Consumer Persona 4. Brands Comparison 5. Highlighted Market Strategies We shall only discuss on some factors here the rest can be deduced from the list explained below: Possible Market Share Using search engines to conduct possible market share of a particular niche is by far the most cost effective way but not the most reliable, it should only be done to give some sort of a picture frame of what the market is like in that particular country, and the best way to go about it is to make use of Google. Google has over 60% shares of searched traffic and can be used to estimate the possible market share of a product or niche market, follow these guidelines below:

1. You will like to know if performing an online marketing survey will be reliable using search engine like Google you will need to rely on Google rankings in your country, if it’s within the top ten most visited site in your country then you can apply this calculation. 2. You will need to have a Google adword account to make use of Google’s webmaster tools, like keyword tools (This help you to know the volume of search queries done on Google for every keyword phrase you enter, e.g “ways to get slim”) and the use of Google’s Trend ( This tell you which keyword is trending currently, how many searches were made on Google in the past few months) 3. The use of Google keyword tool in the Google adword account is most important because it you can get trends from those keywords, simply type in a keyword as show in the diagram below. 4. Select your searched phrase, it could be anything, could be the product your trying to market, a point of note:- When doing a keyword research or market research using Google keyword tool for a product, it’s best to use what the product itself cures, than to type the product name; ie the product usefulness, especially if the product is not a well know brand name, by searching for what the product does, you need to apply the use of local terms, eg You will not need to search for dentist, but rather search for “tooth pain”, tooth decay problem” or “tooth ache” etc they all may have different search volume, it’s up to you to select the one that best describe your service or product. 5. Next select the country you want to target and do your search query volume, note the amount of the Global search volume and the volume being supplied to you as local, and do a percentage score on it, eg consulting firm is searched 550,000 (Globally) but in Nigeria it’s targeted (1,600) So my percent score for that keyword will be 1,600 x 100/550,000 = 0.29%

Now again we look at the country in question what is their population percentile in the world, that is if we have 6 billion people in the world and the country Nigeria have 157 million count there percentage will be 157 million x 100/6 billion which will equal to a 2.167% of the total world population Now we compare and contrast our marketing researched result Population percent is 2.167% over a 0.26% searched volume for the keyword “consulting firm” will be a profitable niche to enter if you rank within the top 3 position of course and your conversion rates will also increase. Using Google trend will be the case of getting a better understanding as to why the fall or rise in a search volume, just like stock market and take advantage of new search trend, you can also use it to target other competitive keywords alike. Perfect Product Consumer In the analysis of the use of internet marketing to target a niche market, one also need to consider the type of consumer the product is intended to get in other to better develop a more winning marketing strategy, am sure most of the big names in the Brand industry never got it right the first time of its release to the public, some of them may even have a better pre-launch targeted audience, but to best the profiling of a product to the right consumer means more to any long lasting business ; 1. It encourages repetitive sales. 2. It ensures that the right message is being passed across in the right language. 3. It helps you to get to know your consumers better. The best method to carry out a easy case study will be the use of social media sites like facebook, you can create a fanpage for your service and make it very appealing but not diversify for the content of the page itself (Which is to showcase your product), You can run a simply campaign after you must have invited some of your facebook friends to like the page, ask them to also invite their friends to like it and when you must have reached a target mark of 100 likes, you can successfully run a ad campaign for more likes to your page. Now if you are to target Nigeria, you might just focus your like page ads to that region and see what happens within a week, make sure your ad is a actionable type and not just an image and some few words, after some weeks get back to your fanpage profile and check how your likes have grown. Facebook supply data which can be very useful for you in terms of getting age group of those that liked the fanpage and their genders, etc. use the information to tailor a much more personal ad in your next campaign and see how people react to your personalized ads. You can also get the same information from search engine using alexa and Google analytic, to get the age bracket and financial status of those that visit your site the region that visit the most and from what city.

Use all this information to collate a profile of your best targeted consumer or client and work towards branding a better advert or site that attracts such a profile. Targeted Consumer Persona Nowadays it is quite an easy thing to get people to fill forms online than in person when approached by sales personal, most people abruptly refuse such approaches and it becomes a dent to the psychological aspect of that sales person. If you have a business site setup for your services or product it is best to try as much as possible to define your target consumer or clients, and in doing so you might one to make use of forms (online forms) to collate data of the consumer or prospect, so you can easily narrow down the type of person your product is targeting. The internet provides a better opportunity for this experiment and it’s response has been far better than the physical approach of doing things, even if the main goal was not to sell to an individual, they frankly have a second thought of you asking them questions that they consider PRIVATE. There are lot of forms you can utilize to get data that will help you define your target prospects and it is usually best to incorporate such ideas with incentives, so it will be a win win situation for both parties, another thing to consider is the validity of the information being submitted by the prospect, this is a very big tackle for offline method of self administration of collating personal data which has been reduced with online form method, because when they drop their data to collect the incentives they need to confirm the data has being genuine by activating a valid link that is usually sent to the participant email to redeem their incentives, some prefer the use of social accounts which is more relevant now in today’s web marketing. The use of online forms with incentives and associated auto-responder services for better communication is just a step forward to building a long lasting relationship for your business, a regular communication is one of the best way to retain costumers and also helps in building natural referral business sales for the company, information gathered from forms can be use in building customer relation management system a well know plug and play software created specifically for marketing department of any organization (Large firms). Well at this junction I like to end our enlighten on the subject matter and hope you see some valuable points to make use of, by the way you could visit my website for more articles on search engine marketing and internet marketing, the site was designed by seo specialist to get seo company or individual that will like to boost their online revenue with our web marketing services, you try us today or just sign up for a regular tutorial account.

Cheers, SEO Web Analyst®™ OLATUNJI.adetunji [email protected]



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