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A presentation made for



EMBA Batch , Group3 5th April , 2012


Mind Map Should talk bout our understanding of Reelabs


Mission   Mission to benefit human life through rejuvenating therapies

Vision  Vision  to be dominant player through player through innovative and cost effective therapies

Corporate Objective To become a dominant player in player in the stem Cell Industry



Value Proposition Quality Stem Cell solution – Near You

Reliable,Efficient and and Affordable  Affordable Stem Cell Solutions for a disease free life



Latest technology ensuring the safety and security of the produce


Marketing Plan

 Analysis | Problem | Objective | Strategy | Tactics


Value Chain Analysis Values we give to our customers


Stem cell storage Immediate collection & Processing

Stem cell storage Long term safety, Viability & unbeatable count

through Industry leading excellence

of Baby‟s stem cell

Service Services s


Stem cell therapy Through Latest & Most effective techniques

Healthy and Happy living!

Stem cell therapy Painless and affordable treatment


Global Scenario

Global stem cell therapy market is expected to cross $60 bn by 2015 .  As on date it is used to treat 200 diseases. Amongst all global regions, the United States holds approximately 60% of the stem cell market - followed by Europe and  Asia Pacific.


Indian Scenario Stem Cell Market in India is Rs. 150 Cr and is 2% of the global market

India possesses has the potential to occupy the leading position in stem cell market growth with a CAGR exceeding 28 percent. Penetration Level in India : 1/1000 1/1000..

Indian biotech market has tripled in last 5 yrs and is growing @ 20%. WHO: "About 70% Indians are

spending their out-of-pocket income on medicines and healthcare


Stem Cell Market in India Transformed ed from a Non-existent to a prospective flourishing business  Transform illnesses, and as a  Gaining momentum as a less traumatic alternative to treat neurological illnesses, guarantee for the family against a host of diseases. LifeCell,, the first such organisation to bring this concept to India, claimed that about 20,00 20,000 0  LifeCell parents have so far banked their baby’s cord blood stem cells with it.

 Cyrobanks India, India, another major player, said to have gathered more 15,000 clients since it made an entry in the country four years ago. ago.


Consumer Analysis and Interpretation

Awareness About About Stem Cell No , 50%

Partial Awareness of Stem Cell Technology

Yes, 50%

Low Brand Awareness of Reelabs Consumer are not well informed by the Medical Fraternity

Brand Awareness ReliCord , 33% ReeCord , 17%

Cyro, 50% Lifecell , 67%

Lifeste m, 17%

Medical Fraternity on Stem Cell yes , 25%

* Through a market Survey of 25 Women * Through W omen

No , 75%


SWOT Analysis

Strengths:  Proprietary techniques/technology. techniques/technology. Will help in reducing costs. Patents sought. Generate income for the company. Own R&D: This will help since Stem cell research is at the clinical trial stage.  International Accreditation's.

W e a kn e sse s:  market arket share Bottom of the table as far as m

is concerned.

 Low visibility brand. Not into dental stem banking, which other  players are already into… 


SWOT Analysis

Opportunities:     Enter dental stem banking segment.  Egg generation from ovarian stem cells. for infertility. This is currently at  Treatment a trial stage.

The technology is in the nascent stage. High potential market.

Threats:  Established, bigger players in the market Negative news reports in the media Resistance from the doctors


Interpretation of SWOT Analysis • •

Weak Brand Identity and Awareness Focus on increasing footprint in the existing segment


Competitor Analysis


Chaitanya LifeCell Stem Cell Competitor Analysis






Stem Cell Banking?








Stem Cell Therapy?
















Types of SCB

Bone Marrow

Cord Blood Cord Tissue Menstrual Blood

Cord Blood

Cord Blood

Cord Blood Cord Tissue

Cord Blood

Cord Blood Cord Tissue Menstrual Blood  Amniotic fluid Bone Marrow  Adipose Tissue

Treatment Categories

Cerebral palsy, Brain disorders due to Hypoxia, Wilson disease

Oral surgeries, Neuro, Opthal, Uro, Cardiac, Ortho, Vascular 





Muscular  Dystrophy Paraplegia Diabetes  Alzheimer's Cerebral Palsy Multiple Sclerosis

Based in








N/w of  centres


100 centres across India

17 centres across India

Centres across India

9 Centres across India

100+ acrosscentres India

4 Cen tres in Western India










Interpretation of Competitor Analysis

• •

Focus on niche segments Establish identity

Offer Therapy, Sell Stem Cell Banking


Macro-Socio Economic Analysis

There is a negative opinion about Stem Cell therapy amongst the medical community. Doctors do not prescribe Stem Cell banking to expectant mothers. Stem Cell industry is regulated r egulated by the Indian Council For Medical Research (ICMR) guidelines. Any change in the guidelines might impact the company.


•Doctors lobby

(Difference of  opinion) •Low  Awareness •Strong International Brand •Ethical issues

5 Forces (ReeCord / ReeCure)

•New technology

Not required : can be spoken of when the interpretation is brought up

•New Technology in

current medical science

•Too many player in

small market


Interpretation of 5 Forces •There is a strong resistance from

the doctors & Hospitals due to difference of opinion • Although  Although it is a New ttechnology echnology it

is yet to be proven in a much larger  scale •There is a potential threat from

strong international brands (Life cell) and bigger players (Reliance Life science). •Potential buyers have many

options due to too many players


Brand Customer Touch Points


Customer Service >Fast response to Enquiry >Always Connected during the

Unexpected >It is not proven

Touch point can be put on one slide for ReeLabs, ReeCure, ReeVeda or we should consolidate and keep it for ReeLabs only >R&D @ Trials stage, Not sure >Go for it, else you will regret in future

Pregnancy period > Flexible Payment option > CRM (Online Account)

Enquiry Channel Maternity clinics Direct Phone Website


Brand Customer Touch Points

Promotions   Unexpected >Very Expensive R&D @ Trials stage, Not sure Govt will not allow it soon as it is unethical  They are fooling you

Customer Service

Touch point can be put on one slide for ReeLabs, ReeCure, ReeVeda or we should consolidate and keep it for ReeLabs only >Educate the customer 

Enquiry Channel Direct Phone Website


Brand Customer Touch Points


Unexpected >Are you sure it is safe

Customer Service

ReeVeda Ree Veda Touch point can be put on one slide for ReeLabs, >Customer complaint cell

ReeCure, ReeVeda or we should consolidate and keep it for ReeLabs only Enquiry Channel >Lead to sales executive at the counter  > Telebrands


Target Segmentation For ReeCord

Embryonic stem cells

Umbilical cord blood stem cells

Umbilical cord stem cells

22-25 years

25-28Years 25-28Years

28-35 Years

8-15 Lacs

15-23 Lacs

24-32 Lacs


Target Segmentation For ReeCure

 Accidental Case

Lifestyle Disorders

Hereditary Disorders

30-40 years


55-65 Years

8-15 Lacs

15-23 Lacs

24-32 Lacs


Target Segmentation For ReeVeda


Home Makers

Working Professionals

< 25 years

25-45 Years

> 45 Years

8-15 Lacs

15-23 Lacs

24-32 Lacs


Target Audience For ReeCord: Umbilical Cord stem Cells, (25-28 Years) & INR 15-23 Lakhs (Income) For ReeCure: Hereditary Disorders----(40-55 Disorders----(40-55 Years) & INR 15- 23 Lakhs (Income) For ReeVeda: Working Professionals---(25-45 Professionals---(25-45 Years) Years) & I NR 15- 23 Lakhs (Income)


Brand Positioning

F C   B Grid


Promotional Strategy Informing



Marketing Issues Awareness  

Lack of  belief 






Brand Positioning •

ReeCord : Safe and hygienic hygienic STORAGE of stem cells to secure your family„s HEALTH 

ReeCure: Affordable TREATMENT for Chronic Diseases

ReeVeda: Nutritions substitute for Busy Working Professional



On the basis of the market analysis, SWOT  

analysis,FCBGrid, Competitor Analysis, Situation analysis,FCBGrid, analysis.......we suggest the following




Marketing Mix

Can Combine into 1 slide ReeCord

Price leader (due to Location

Western India (Focus on

advantage/ Better VCA)


a) OOH b) Social Media c) Direct mail d) Print (Lifestyle Event e) Trade promotion (Doctor)


Marketing Mix

Can Combine into 1 slide b)


Offer highest quality

Western India (Focus on Mumbai)

a) OOH Direct mail c) Public relation (Media d)

Relation) Trade promotion (Doctors)


Marketing Mix

Can Combine into 1 slide ReeVeda

Price Leader

PAN India

a) OOH b) Direct mail c) Public relation (Hospital) d)

Trade promotion (Doctors)


Non Linear IMC Model

DO ITS ITS,, FEEL A FEEL A GOOD THINK FUTURE Explanation : the stem cell market is at the very nascent stage in indian , people are aware, we have to make them take the step which will convice them to take an action , Reelabs caters to the Rich, Nouveau Rich, Upper Middle Class and Middle Class . It is a fixed asset with no depreciation, an investment which which will help you or your child in the near future. Unlike buying a car or a house, this has a different objective. It attracts and has an emotional  and rational appeal . Once the person is convinced he/she will not THINK twice, FEEL good  about making a an investment better than life or health insurance, so that the FUTURE is disease free.


Communication Positioning Sell the concept of “Reliabili “Reliability” ty”   Sell the concept of “Trust”  “Trust”  Sell the “Success Stories”  Stories”   Sell that it can be passed down for generations


Message Source

Hiring a Brand Evangelist would be the best possible source of the message Other than Lisa Ray, who just turned 40 was also suffering from a cancer . Till about few years back she was introduced to the concept of stem cell threapy and today she has been cured . There is no credible person than someone who has gone through the pains and has attained a cure Lisa ray is the brand evangelist evangelist of Lifecell, our other suggestion is Table Tennis champion V Chandrasekar had been suffering with impaired vision for  over two decades. After a knee surgery that had gone horribly wrong, he had problems with his gait and head posture. Ten days ago, after undergoing an autologous stem cell course at Lifeline Hospitals, his situation has improved considerably, “It feels like a different world now,” he said.  


Communication objectives

 To create awareness and Sell STEM CELL as a Therapy.


Communication Strategy Messaging

Reliable, Efficient and Affordable Stem Cell Solution for a disease free life Creative

Expression of the creative for Reelabs will be both informative and transformational . Informational will will be more mass focused and transformational will be targetted to the Husband (Inform (I nform ational talks about the produc t/service and attributes the benefit . Eg. A Brand  Evangelist talking about how he/she got over their disease throug h the stem cell therapy)  (Transform (T ransform ational elaborates non - product related benefit or image . Eg. Fea Fear/ r/ Guilt of not  doing the stem cell banking/treatment and and yo u have a situtation where the Doctor say “ i wish

you would have saved the cord blood”)  


Communication Channels (Reelab) Personal Channels

Medical Journals Direct Mail Public Seminars Advocate Channels : Salespeople contacting prospective mothers and selling the

concept of saving stem cells for the future Expert Channels: Independent experts who have tied up with ReeLab making “positive

statements to decision makers Social Channels: Where information is floated in the general public eg. Social Networks

and other channels where their is a personal interaction between friends, neighbours, family members


Communication Channels (Reelab) Non - Personal Channels

 Advertising : It is an expensive medium medium but itit reaches out the message directly to the audience you are targeting and there is no loss of information in transition Campaign 1 : Informative and Knowledge building Campaign  Ad Type : Testimonial Brand Evangelist : A Credible Person for that matter it can be Mr Sunil Pophale 1 insertion advertisement in one of the large mainline dailies targeting Campaign 2: Corporate Image Building  Ad Type: Corporate Corporate No Brand Evangelist required Message will be talking about about the company, its div divisions, isions, the expansion plans it has in the future and why people should choose ReeLab as their Preferred Partner 


Communication Channels (Reelab) Television

Campaign 1 : Informative and Knowledge building Campaign  Ad Type : Testimonial Brand Evangelist : A Credible Person who has faced the problems and has been cured cur ed   Radio

Not Advised Online

Social Media : Did you know ? Campaign which creates awareness and builds knowledge amongst the youth of india which are going to be ReeLabs Customers of  tomorrow


Communication Channels (Reelab) Online

Search Engine Optimization : Keywords optimization for search engines that will push the company's website and related microsites up the ladder  Search Engine Marketing: Usage of Paid form of online advertising to create more traction online when an individual searches for Stem Cell Therapy or Stem Cell Banking or Nutriceuticals Microsite : Development of a landing page which directs you to the Reelab website. This website will have the objective of being educative and informative on stem cell therapy and banking. This initiative will make the company stand away from the rest Blogs- which talk about success stories ,new technology breakthroughs and company updates


Communication Channels (Reelab)   Sales Promotion

POP Material at shopping centres ,toy shops, supermarkets which will catch the attention of the mother, to be mother or the mother in law of the daughter who is a to be mother  Sales Targets to Salesmen Referral Discounts Bday Cards every year to all the mother who have banked with them , reassuring that they will be safe until they are banking with Reelab


Communication Channels (Reelab)

Public Relations ( Media Relations)

On going public relations activity which will propagate stem cell banking and therapy across important locations . In doing PR the objective will be to soft sell Reelabs involvement and postion it as a dynamic player and influencer in the indian market


Concept 1

(Message: Sensitive, Emotional) , Objective : Awareness – Cord Blood Banking , Audience : To

be Mothers

Before I am Born, Mom take care of my Future Future,, All your Love, Wishes & Blessing Lies  Lies within 1 Cord

Storage | Therapy | Nutriceuticals


Concept 2

(Message: Sensitive, Sensitive, Humour, Humour, Objective : Awareness Awareness Therapy, Audience Audience : Elderly)

“My 80 years old Grandpa is on a Jog” Jog” Thank  you

Storage | Therapy | Nutriceuticals


Concept 3

(Message: Sensitive, Emotional) Emotional) , Objective : Awareness Awareness - Therapy , Audience : Athletic Athletic Youth )  ) 

Sometime back his elbow gave him a problem. But now he has

Storage | Therapy | Nutriceuticals


Concept 4

(Message: Surprise, Objective : Awareness Therapy, Audience Audience : Elderly)

Im 65, you may be thinking what makes me stay fit and happy The Secret Lies at

Storage | Therapy | Nutriceuticals


Concept 4

(Message: Surprised , Objective : Awareness Awareness - Therapy, Therapy, Audience : Elderly)

70 and feeling twenty

Storage | Therapy | Nutriceuticals


Concept 5

(Message: Informative, Objective : Awareness Awareness – Cord Blood Banking, Audience : Women/H Women/Husbands) usbands)  

Reasons to save that Cord

Blood  A biological protection for the whole family  family 

Painless and Risk free for baby and mother 

100% match for your baby 

Once in a Lifetime chance to collect 

Can Treat more than 200 diseases like leukaemia and 

High chance to match vs bone marrow transplants


Lower rejection rate for transplant 

Benefit from Future emerging treatments Peace of Mind  – Immediately  Exclusive use for your family 

Storage | Therapy | Nutriceuticals


Concept 6

(Message: Informative , Objective : Awareness – Cord blood blood banking, banking, Audience : to be mothers)

UMBILICA L CORD BLOOD BANKING by Storage | Therapy | Nutriceuticals


Concept 7

(Corporate ad )

Incorporated in 2009 , Reelabs is a end to end  solution provider for cord for cord blood banking, stem cell  therapy and Nutriceuticals by means of its 3 divisions ReeCord , ReeCure and ReeVeda. It is Spearheaded by Mr. Sunil Pophale, Managing  Director & Chief Promotor) .

 At ReeLabs, ReeLabs, we hav have e adopted industry best practices and evolved a highly efficient processing mechanism that ensures the highest yield and potency, maximizing the benefits that processed stem cells can deliver when used in treatment. We have a state-of-the-art cord & cord blood

processing laboratory with the latest and most sophisticated technology in the heart of Mumbai. Mum bai. The laboratory is manned 24 x 7 by a well qualified, highly competent and skilled staff, to receive, process and store stem cell samples.  

Storage | Therapy | Nutriceuticals


Concept 8

(Corporate ad )

WHY   WHY Because its Reliable Efficient   Affordable

Storage | Therapy | Nutriceuticals


Concept 9

( Message: Transformational, Transformational, Objective : Awareness Awareness : overall, Audience: General Public )


 At ReeLabs, we have adopted industry best practices and evolved a highly efficient processing

mechanism that ensures the highest yield and potency, maximizing the benefits that processed stem cells can deliver when used in treatment. We have a state-of-the-art cord & cord blood processing laboratory

with the latest and most sophistica ted technology in the heart of Mumbai. The lab oratory is manned 24 x 7 by a well qualified, highly competent and skilled staff, to receive, process and store stem cell samples

Storage | Therapy | Nutriceuticals




Budgeting Method You cannot follow a comparitivate parity method because the market leader  spends on the basis of his sales and the other players dont have any fixed spend. Therefore we consider the spend as an investment so that Reelab is furthur known in the market it operates in . It is suggested to go for a percentage of sales method


Proposed Spend

• • • •


Spend / Month Month

Public Relations Online Acitivies ( SMM,SEO, SEM, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing)  Advertising Miscellaneous

INR 1,00,000

Total Budget  

INR 1,00,000 INR 2,00,000 INR 1,00,000

INR 60 lakhs



• •• • • •

ReeLabs website Websites of other Indian Stem Cell companies c ompanies ICMR website  Articles in Indian Indian and Inte International rnational newspapers/pub newspapers/publications lications Interactions with Doctors and consumers Lots of Googling :)


Bottles, bibs, blankets and booties …   … Diapers, late nights & parental duties …  While you prepare for the grind …   … Don‟t forget to give your child …  

The Gift of Life from


Thank you

Group 3 Jesal Kachalia, Suman Bal, Gurneet Makkar, Ashish Poladia, Uday Darp, Lalit Jaisingh, Madhura Gurav 

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