Job Description for Building Site Engineer

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Job Description for Building Site Engineer



Description for Building Site Engineer, Sample of Building Site Enginee...

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engineers are civil engineers who ensure that all the construction activities on the field are proceeding as per plan, design and schedule. He has to be present at the construction site to oversee the building activities.
Building site

The duties and responsibilities of a building site engineer are: Ensuring that the building activities proceed as per plan Organizing labor and equipments on the field Evaluating the available resources and making decisions regarding further requirements Ensuring that the building is proceeding as per schedule and deadlines Ensuring that the building activities are within budget Documenting the different stages of building and submitting reports to the higher officials Checking the compatibility of the design and plan to the site and recommending changes if required Conducting preliminary surveys of the site and testing its eligibility for construction Replenishing the stock of building materials as and when required Ensuring that all safety precautions are adhered to during the construction of the building Providing troubleshooting solutions on the field

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Description for Building Site Engineer, Sample of Building Site Enginee...

The skills and specifications of a building site engineer are: Sound knowledge about all aspects of building construction Sound knowledge about practical problems encountered on field and ability to provide solutions Excellent decision making skills Excellent management and organization skills Good communication, negotiation and motivational skill Ability to work outdoors for long hours Good knowledge about federal rules and regulations of construction and of safety precautions

A building site engineer has to hold a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering with onsite experience of up to five years

The salary of a building site engineer ranges between $40,000 and $90,000 per annum.

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