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CSC1007 lnLroducLlon Lo MulLlmedla l
Nameť Ioseph Mc Laugh||n
SLudenL noť 40064832
1eam nameť lCx18C1 2
1eam Members Namesť 1eam Members Lma||ť
ChanoLLe 8oss cross17[qubŦacŦuk
8yan Mc Menamln rmcmenamln03[qubŦacŦuk
8rlan Magulre bmagulre23[qubŦacŦuk
Conor Conway cconway19[qubŦacŦuk
!oseph Mc Laughlln [mclaughlln31[qubŦacŦuk
Ass|gnment Þart 1ť Ind|v|dua| Þroposa| Þresentat|on
Þroposed schedule for compleLlng Lhe asslgnmenLť ÞarL 1 assessmenL dueť Monday 31
CcLober 2011 Ŷ LsLlmaLed
compleLlonť lrlday 28
CcLober 2011 Ŷ gaLher some proposals durlng LuLorlals and meeLlngs ouLslde of classŦ
ÞarL 2a Ŵ uue 3
uecember 2011 Ŷ 1o conducL shorLllsLlng of Lhemes Lhrough analyslng and Lhen vlews upon
developmenLŦ Croup meeLlngs wlll be held aL llbrary and 8C8Ŧ Awareness of Lhese meeLlngs wlll be submlLLed vla
ÞarL 2b Ŵ uue Monday 3
uecember Ŷ plan wlll be drawn up Lo meeL expecLed daLes durlng developmenL Lo ensure
everyone ls performlng on Llme and areas of appllcaLlon doesn'L lack quallLy/professlonallsmŦ
ÞarL 2c Ŷ llnallse pro[ecLţ LesL Lhe appllcaLlonţ revlew lLs performance and effecLlveness galnlng feedback from
users for fuLure lmprovemenLsŦ
S poss|b|e themes for the app||cat|onť
Cu8 SLudenL Culdance CenLre
Cu8 AccommodaLlon
Cu8 Su (SLudenL unlon)
Cu8 Clubs Ǝ SocleLles
Cu8 McClay Llbrary
1heme 1ť SLudenL Culdance CenLre
· Student Support Ŵ lAC (frequenLly asked quesLlons)ţ
llnanclal and ulsablllLy supporLŦ
CSC1007 lnLroducLlon Lo MulLlmedla l
ConLacL us
This is illustrative text
· Çueens Logo Ŷ malnLaln conslsLenL poslLlon Ŷ professlonal appeal Lo userŦ ÞresenLs
Lo Lhe user a verlflable source of lnformaLlon from Cu8Ŧ
· Layout Ŷ ked bo|d headlngsţ spllL paragraphs for easy readlng and LexL cenLre
allgned and lnformal fonL (Arial black) Lo besL appeal Lo sLudenLsŦ
· Þ|ctures + I||ustrat|ve text (14pLţ lLallcs and cenLre allgned) Ŷ lmage of SCC bulldlng
(Coogle SLreeL vlew)ţ offlce lmages slldeshow (own phoLographs)Ŧ
· nyper||nks (|cons) Ŷ homepage buLLonţ help lcon (red
colour used Lo reflecL Lhe naLure of Lhe buLLonŦ
· Contact Us Ŵ 1able of conLenLs lŦeŦ openlng hoursţ
dlrecLlons Lo Lhe bulldlng (wlll lnclude map from
'whereLosLay' webslLe and google earLh dlrecLlons)ţ
Lelephoneţ eŴmall webslLe and faxŦ
· We|come Week Ŷ blg emphasls on Lhls area Lo
aLLracL Lhe user as Lhls could be a key decldlng
facLor on selecLlon of Lhe unlverslLyŦ
1heme 2ť Cu8 AccommodaLlon
· Where to Stay (Wh|te t|t|es aga|nst purp|e (#72103I) nav|gat|on bar Ŷ webs|te
co|ours) Ŷ cons|stencyŦ
÷ Slldeshow of dlfferenL roomsŤ (own and webslLe phoLographs) Ŵ LexL
descrlpLlonsŤ lonL sLyleť CalbrlŤ Slzeť 20 Ŵ ease of vlewlngŦ
÷ LlfesLyles Ŷ Slngle sexţ no alcoholţ CuleL llvlng Ŷ glf anlmaLlons from royalLy
free webslLesŦ CuleL llvlng example shownŤ ´polet os o moose´Ŧ 1hree columns
Ŷ vlbranL colours Ŷ orangeţ greenţ yellow Ŷ aLLracLlve Lo Lhe eyeŦ
8eneflLs/ulsadvanLages (bulleLed llsL wlLh llne spaclng for clarlLy)Ŧ
÷ AddlLlonal Servlces (explalned Lhrough selfŴrecorded audlo Ǝ LexL) SupporL
Lhose wlLh boLh hearlng or vlsual dlfflculLlesŦ
÷ LocaLlon (Campus map sourced from 'sLayaLqueens')
CSC1007 lnLroducLlon Lo MulLlmedla l
Where Lo
Pow Lo Apply Movlng ln!
· V|deo an|mat|on for sLudenLs lnLendlng on
'movloq loto elm´s'Ŧ
· now to app|y Ŷ progresslve charL showlng
clear sLep by sLep lnsLrucLlon of Lhe appllcaLlon processŦ
Ìmage Reference:
1heme 3ť Cu8 SLudenL unlon
· We|come to Student Un|on (1lLle lade ln 1ranslLlon Ŷ soundLrack (lglu Ǝ ParLly 'ln
Lhls ClLy' Ŷ purchase from l1unesŦ uuck feaLure can be lncluded Lo cause a dlp ln
audlo lf exLra audloţ for exampleŤ lf speaklng guldance was requlredŦ
÷ Logo's of acLlvlLlesţ fesLlvalsţ evenLs could be hyperllnked for qulck access Lo
cerLaln areasŦ lmproves navlgaLlon sLrucLure and user convenlenceŦ
CSC1007 lnLroducLlon Lo MulLlmedla l
Welcome Lo Lhe
SLudenL unlon
laclllLles 'lresher's'
Pow Lo llnd
· Logo kG8 Va|uesŤ 201ť0ť22
(red) Ŷ eoJloqs could use Lhe
same colour and body LexL
(calbrl pLŦ 14) ln black agalnsL
whlLe background Ŵ logo
sourced from Cu8Su webslLeŦ
· now to I|nd SU? Ŵ ConLacL ueLalls Ŷ 1elephoneţ
WebslLe addressţ faxţ ulrecLlons Lo from klosk
(source from Coogle maps)Ŧ
· Iresherƌs Ŵ otetoctlve coleoJot (whaLƌs on?) Ŷ
lnformaLlon sourced qulcker Lhan ordlnary LexLŦ
new sLudenLs could flnd evenLs sulLlng LhemŦ
· Iac|||t|es Ŵ Snooker roomţ 1he Spaceţ LnLerprlseţ
Shop (lmage slldeshow Ŷ camera phoLographs)
· SLudenL board members Ŷ SLudenL
guldance from oLher sLudenLs
makes Lhem feel less Ledlous and
more welcomeŦ
· Welcome Lo Cu8 Clubs Ǝ SocleLles Ŵ Cueens Logo ln Lhe cenLre wlLh a navlgaLlon
bar down lefL slde and LlLle bar along Lhe Lop Ŷ Lhe maln wlndow could updaLe
when one of Lhe followlng hyperllnks on Lhe navlgaLlon bar ls selecLedŦ 1hls would
make Lhe lnLerface slmple and easy Lo useŦ 1he maln wlndow could also lncludeŤ
all 160 clubs ln LexL form creaLlng an lmage of '160' An example ls shown for a
'leavers hoody' whereby Lhe number 10 ls made from sLudenL namesŦ
1heme 4ť Clubs Ǝ SocleLles
CSC1007 lnLroducLlon Lo MulLlmedla l
Welcome Lo
Cu8 Clubs Ǝ
· SporLlng Clubs Ŷ !olnlng clubs Ŷ prlces Ŷ opporLunlLles Ŷ Lable formaLŦ
· 8ursary's Ŷ lnformaLlon could be sLored ln a Lable lncludlng headlngs
such asŤ LlLle of bursaryţ reward amounL and ellglblllLyŦ 1hls secLlon ls
lmporLanL as lL wlll aLLracL a greaL deal of sLudenLs looklng Lo flnance
Lhemselves durlng sLudlesŦ
· nonŴSporLlng Clubs Ŵ CCSţ CS Þeer MenLors
(Lhese clubs could be relaLed Lo Lhe users
lnLeresL ln [olnlng a parLlcular course and
ldenLlfy lL as a supporL mechanlsm)Ŧ
Reference to image;
1heme 3ť Cu8 Mc Clay Llbrary
· ºWelcome Lo Lhe llbrary" Ŵ (Audlo speech Ŷ LranslLlon fade ln and ouL) Ŷ Lone of
volce lmporLanL Lo warmly welcome user Ŷ Peadlngs (whlLeţ calbrlţ pLŦ 20 agalnsL
blue background (8C8 46ţ103ţ178) Ŵ Lhe ÇU8 |ogo could Lhen fade ln wlLh an
addlLlon (+) symbol Lo Lhe kusse|| Internat|ona| Lxce||ence Group |ogo and flnally
an equal slgn (ƹ) Lo Lhe quoLe "We are ExceptionaI!" Ŵ Lhe hlsLorlc Lypeface
used ls known as Lombardlc (pLŦ24)ţ Lhls glves a professlonal lmpresslon of sLrong
CSC1007 lnLroducLlon Lo MulLlmedla l
Welcome Lo
McClay Llbrary
laclllLles 8esources ConLacLs
· laclllLles Ŷ Slldeshow of cafeţ shorL loan areaţ CS Lewls roomţ CompuLlng lab
and floor plans Ŷ slldeshow could posslbly sLop Lo vlew floor mapsŦ
· Some lmages wlll be phoLographed lŦeŦ cafeţ oLhers
wlll be sourced from llbrary webpage lŦeŦ floor mapsŦ
· ConLacLs Ŵ l1 Pelp ueskţ 1ralnlng unlLţ
language cenLre Ǝ openlng LlmesŦ
· 8esources Ŵ uslng Self CheckouL Scanner's and CcaL sysLem (vldeo)ţ
(convenlence)ţ ShorL bulleLed llsL of exLra resources lŦeŦ LŴ[ournalsţ LŴbooksţ 600
compuLersŦ 1hls helps users gaLher Lhe baslc essenLlals of Lhe llbraryŦ

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