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Vol. 14, Issue 2 • suMMeR 2010

Meet the Press Fellowship Honors Russert legacy
Commencement Alumni Survey Results

Vol. 14, Issue 2

suMMeR 2010

John Carroll University

President Robert L. Niehoff, S.J. Vice President for university Advancement Doreen Knapp Riley Assistant Vice President of Integrated Marketing and Communications John A. Carfagno Director, Marketing services-Writing and Interim editor Marcia Meermans Aghajanian Alumni Journal and Campus Photography Coordinator Cheri Slattery Advisory Board John A. Carfagno Sherri Crahen Kimyette Finley ’95 Jack Hearns ’61 Mary Lavin ’87 John Marcus ’72 (ex officio) Paul V. Murphy Doreen Knapp Riley Thomas Schubeck, S.J. Barbara Schubert ’62 Karen Schuele John Walsh Brian Williams

John Carroll Magazine is published quarterly by John Carroll University, 20700 North Park Blvd., University Heights, OH 44118 [email protected] / 216-397-3050 Periodicals postage paid at Cleveland, OH 44118, and additional mailing offices. ISSN 1542-0418 POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: John Carroll Magazine Integrated Marketing and Communications 20700 North Park Blvd. University Heights, OH 44118

Photographs by Robert Wetzler

Mission: As a Jesuit Catholic university, John Carroll inspires individuals to excel in learning, leadership, and service in the region and in the world.

S av e t h e Dat e

Commencement AND
John Carroll University will celebrate its 125th anniversary in 2011. A year-long schedule of celebrations is being planned and will begin in January 2011.
One of the signature events of the year will take place May 20, 21, and 22, 2011 and for only the second time in the history of the institution, Commencement and Reunion will be combined into one BIG weekend celebration! The first time the two events were combined  was in 1986, in celebration of John Carroll’s 100th anniversary. For graduating seniors and alumni, it will be an opportunity  to celebrate the lives and accomplishments in which John  Carroll will always play a part, and the history and tradition  that makes the University a revered institution to so many, past and present. Alumni events will take place throughout the weekend and Commencement will be on Sunday, May 22.  

Reunion201 1
May 20-22

Stay tuned for a full schedule of events and activities. In the meantime, be sure to

save the date!


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Commencement 2010
Mother Nature delivered in spades for Commencement 2010 on campus in May. Sunny, blue skies shined brightly on John Carroll’s 687 undergraduates and 248 graduate students. This year’s Commencement speaker and honorary degree recipient, Tom Brokaw, called upon the graduating class to “go forth and become the next Greatest Generation.”
Cover story:

JCu’s andrew rafferty ’09 Meets the Press
First fellowship recipient reflects on his D.C. experience Andrew Rafferty ’09 wrapped up his 9-month NBC/John Carroll University Meet the Press Fellowship at the end of June. His first-person, bi-partisan account sounds like a job most recent grads can only dream about, and—as he notes—“being a Blue Streak was the only way it could’ve happened.”

20 20
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alumni attitude “survey says …”
Last fall, for the first time in more than 10 years, John Carroll University’s Alumni Association engaged in a new partnership with alumni through an alumni attitude survey. The high response rate speaks volumes about Carroll’s sons’ and daughters’ feelings for their alma mater.

President’s Message On Campus Enrollment Quarterly AlumNews Alumni Journal / Class Notes In Memoriam My Turn

on the cover: John Carroll alumnus Andrew Rafferty ’09
(far right in photo) was the first recipient of the NBC/John Carroll University Meet the Press Fellowship. He is on the cover with Betsy Fischer, Meet the Press executive producer, and David Gregory, Meet the Press moderator. Turn to p. 14 for Andrew’s first-person account of his 9-month fellowship.
Photograph by Paul Fetters

Contributors: Jim Baron, Paul Fetters, Taylor Horen ’12, Andy Johnson ’10, Josh Marcin ’09, Dan Milner, Jose Nogueras, Andrew Rafferty ’09, Chris Wenzler ’90, Robert Wetzler, Luke Whitworth ’11, Brian Williams Design: Villa Beach Communications, Inc. Printed by Lane Press A “G” in the class year following an alum’s name indicates a Carroll graduate degree.
It is the mission of the magazine to provide an engaging and accurate reflection of the University and its extended community for its alumni and the other members of the John Carroll family.


John Carroll university SUMMER 2010

PresiDent’s MESSAGE

Building on the Momentum
his issue of John Carroll magazine illustrates that the hard work of our great University never stops—not during the summer or any other time of year. The John Carroll community works tirelessly year-round to prepare our students to become the next generation of leaders. In May, for example, you could feel our campus community buzzing with energy. At Commencement, the crowd of faculty, staff, students, parents, grandparents, and other loved ones swelled into the thousands under blue skies and a bright sun. As I greeted and congratulated members of the Class of 2010, I knew that John Carroll University was fulfilling its promise to provide an outstanding Jesuit education—mind, body, and spirit. You will find Commencement and other events on campus chronicled in greater detail in this issue of John Carroll magazine, including our honorary degree recipient and speaker, Tom Brokaw; our distinguished Alumni Medal Award recipients; and several faculty and students recently celebrated for their excellence. I am particularly excited about our cover story featuring Andrew Rafferty ’09, our first graduate to


In May, you could feel the campus buzzing with energy. Looking ahead, we will be a campus on the move this summer.

Maureen orth, wife of the late tim russert ’72; tom Brokaw, commencement speaker and 2010 honorary degree recipient; robert l. niehoff, s.J., president, John Carroll university. Ms. orth presented Mr. Brokaw’s honorary degree to him and read the citation written by George Bilgere, Ph.D., associate professor and poet in John Carroll’s english department.

Photograph by Robert Wetzler

earn the NBC/John Carroll University Meet the Press Fellowship. When we established this fellowship last summer, we did it to create a lasting tribute to Tim Russert ’72. We couldn’t have asked for a better steward than Andrew to kick off this initiative, and I am confident that our next Meet the Press fellowship recipient, Joseph Toohey ’10, will uphold our new tradition. The fellowship would not be possible without the generous and gracious support of Tim’s wife, Maureen Orth; their son, Luke Russert; Tim’s close friend and colleague, Tom Brokaw; and our donors. Before he left campus, Mr. Brokaw shared that he couldn’t imagine a better or more fitting way for us to honor Tim than providing a John Carroll student with a Meet the Press fellowship each and every year. I couldn’t agree more. Looking ahead, we will be a campus on the move this summer. For example, our work on the Woodrow Wilson Ohio Teaching Fellowship program is accelerating. Our goal is to attract 20 Teaching Fellows with strong math and science backgrounds to this pioneering teacher education program at John Carroll. They will then focus on re-energizing education in the sciences for the young minds in Cleveland’s low-income, public, secondary schools. Work is also starting on our Hamlin Quad, which will restore the area between Grasselli Tower and the Dolan Center for Science and Technology by removing the parking lot and replacing it with a beautiful green space. In August, we will welcome the Class of 2014 – which is one of our brightest and most geographically diverse classes ever. We must build on the momentum of our spring and summer initiatives. I look forward to our 125th anniversary in 2011, when we will come together for a series of events that will celebrate our Jesuit Catholic heritage and our high-quality education that has transformed the lives of generations of John Carroll students. Blessings,

Robert L. Niehoff, S.J.

SUMMER 2010 John Carroll university


ommencement C 2010
John Carroll university SUMMER 2010 John Carroll university SUMMER 2010


other Nature delivered in spades for Commencement 2010 on campus in May. Sunny, blue skies shined brightly on John Carroll’s 687 undergraduates and 248 graduate students, their families and friends, the University community, and others in the audience on the lush, green Quad. In his opening remarks, John Carroll University President Robert L. Niehoff, S.J., recalled the words of John Henry Cardinal Newman (1801-1890), who said the purpose of a university education “is to be a transformative experience for students, so they become the kind of individuals that can fruitfully engage in conversation and debate. They can exercise good judgment and bring their insights and strong arguments from a variety of disciplines to solve complex issues.” Fr. Niehoff said, “Ask yourself how your

knowledge and your talents will serve others. Please ask yourself how your ethical leadership will make a positive difference to society – and answer those callings with all of your passion and energy.” Legendary journalist and best-selling author, Tom Brokaw, received an honorary degree and served as this year’s Commencement speaker. He urged the graduating class “to celebrate one another in a common cause of restoring economic justice and true value, advancing racial and religious tolerance, (and) creating a healthier planet.” Prior to Commencement, Mr. Brokaw participated in a breakfast fundraiser on campus to benefit the NBC/John Carroll University Meet the Press Fellowship as a tribute to his late friend and colleague Tim Russert ’72. Mr. Russert’s wife, Maureen Orth,

Millor Orator

Beaudry Award honoree

John J. Kuczynski

emily n. Ferron

Photographs by Robert Wetzler

SUMMER 2010 John Carroll university SUMMER 2010 John Carroll university


presented Mr. Brokaw with his degree. This year’s Millor Orator was John J. Kuczynski, selected by a committee of students, faculty, and staff to serve as senior class speaker. Several days prior to Commencement, John and fellow 2010 graduate Franco Carapellotti, were a YouTube sensation for their “John Carroll Finale” dance video that showcases the University campus and the John Carroll community, including students, faculty, administrators, staff, and others. Emily N. Ferron was chosen by her classmates as this year’s Beaudry Award honoree. Established in honor of the late Robert Beaudry ’50, the award is presented to the senior student who has contributed the most significantly in terms of academic achievement, Christian life, leadership, and service to the University or civic community during the preceding school year. The Distinguished Faculty Award also

Distinguished Faculty Award

elizabeth v. swenson

is presented annually at Commencement. A committee of faculty, students, administrators, and alumni selects the honoree for excellence in the classroom, scholarship, advisement, and leadership of students. This year’s recipient is Elizabeth V. Swenson, Ph.D., professor in the Department of Psychology. Five alumni were selected as 2010 Alumni Medal honorees and were celebrated at Commencement: Suzanne (Schlichtman) Greenberg ’83, Carter F. Ham ’76, James E. Kline ’63, Gerald F. O’Connell ’61, and Rev. Wesley Toles ’59. John Carroll has awarded the Alumni Medal for nearly half a century. It remains the highest honor for alumni, who are selected by former presidents of the Alumni Association. The medals are awarded annually to individuals for their professional accomplishments, exemplary family and personal life, contributions to the community, and dedicated service to John Carroll University. The Alumni Medal recipients also were celebrated at the Alumni Awards Dinner on May 21 (see story on page 22). During the week before Commencement, six seniors were named Outstanding Senior Student Leaders at the Senior Class Celebration. They are selected for making significant contributions to changing the campus culture in a positive way during their time at John Carroll. This year’s honorees are Shaylyn Mahoney, Maura McCool, Andy Merchant, Carolyn Pici, Lauren Stayer, and Andy Trares. For more on the Alumni Awards, go to


John Carroll university SUMMER 2010 John Carroll university SUMMER 2010

Commencement speaker tom Brokaw addresses

The Next Greatest Generation
For those of you graduating with honors, congratulations. For those of you just squeaking by, your speaker is a blood brother. Tim and I had a friend, the late and exceptionally gifted humor columnist Art Buchwald, liked to conclude his commencement addresses by saying to graduates, “We have given you a perfect world; don’t screw it up.” It was always good for a laugh, whatever the circumstances at the time. It is a little difficult for me to issue the same order to the class of 2010, even in jest. You are leaving this sanctuary of learning and innocence in a season of uncertainty and anxiety. Daily there are painful reminders that the economic model that has defined your lives was a house of cards. Indeed, it is a shambles that will not be easily repaired, and even then, it will have a far different shape and evoke far different expectations. We lost our way and allowed greed and excess to become the twin pillars of too much of the financial culture. We became a society utterly absorbed in consumption and dismissive of moderation. A friend, a very successful businessman who nonetheless lives a temperate life, says appropriately we have to replace want with need. It’s not what we want that should rule our lives but what we need. And, it goes without saying, what we can afford. Something fundamental has happened and there will be long-term consequences when it comes to risk and debt and economic assumptions. That does not mean you will be consigned to a life of deprivation and struggle. America remains a land of unparalleled economic opportunities with a standard of living that even in these constricted circumstances is well beyond the hope of hundreds of millions in less developed countries. It is not a perfect world well beyond the economic conditions, of course. America remains engaged in two wars with no tidy end in sight. Rogue nations with nuclear arms, or the potential for acquiring them, show no signs of good behavior. The vital signs of your mother – Mother Earth – have taken a turn for the worse and the prescribed treatment is complex and controversial. How we fuel our appetite for energy – for consumer, industrial and technological electrical power, for vehicular power – without exacerbating global climate change is an urgent question for your time.

Your fellow John Carroll alum, my friend Tim Russert – I can hear him now, saying, “Well, Brokaw, you finally made it. You have a John Carroll degree.”

Please visit for a complete transcript of Tom Brokaw’s speech, to see a video of his address, a photo gallery, and other Commencement highlights.
SUMMER 2010 John Carroll university SUMMER 2010 John Carroll university



Breakfast with Tom Brokaw
More than 100 guests attended a pre-Commencement “Breakfast with Tom Brokaw” in May. The program was a fundraising tribute to Tim Russert ’72 to benefit the NBC/John Carroll University Meet the Press Fellowship. The fellowship helps cover the recipient’s cost-of-living expenses while working in Washington, D.C. for nine months on Meet the Press. Special guests joining Mr. Brokaw included Maureen Orth, Mr. Russert’s wife; several members of John Carroll’s board of directors and their families. Event sponsors who generously supported the event were Ferro Corporation, Evelyn Jenkins Gunn ’72G, Howard Hanna Real Estate Services, PNC, and Elizabeth B. and David W. Short ’81. Mr. Short, chair of John Carroll’s board, served as master of ceremonies over a program that included a video tribute celebrating the life of Tim Russert and remarks from Mr. Brokaw, Ms. Orth, John Carroll President Robert L. Niehoff, S.J., and Andrew Rafferty ’09, who was awarded the first NBC/John Carroll University Meet the Press Fellowship. The event included the announcement of the 2010-2011 fellowship recipient, Joseph Toohey ’10, who graduated in May with a major in communication and a minor in political science. Joe is from Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania.
Joe toohey ’10, Maureen orth, tom Brokaw, and andrew rafferty ’09.

New Saint John’s Bible volumes arrive
John Carroll received the Prophets and the Psalms volumes of the Saint John’s Bible earlier this year. The gift of the handcrafted Bible from Saint John’s Abbey and University was originally made possible in 2008 through the support of Target, in honor of John Carroll alumnus and retired Target executive, John Pellegrene ’58. During a lunchtime presentation in April, Charles Zarobila, Ph.D., curator of special collections in The Grasselli Library and Breen Learning Center, discussed the symbolism of imagery, as well as different graphic treatments, techniques, and inks used to create the epic project.


John Carroll university SUMMER 2010

Photograph by Robert Wetzler

Senator keynotes Woelfl Seminar on Public Policy
U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown addressed a packed Donahue Auditorium in March when he served as the keynote speaker for John Carroll University’s Woelfl Seminar on Public Policy – one week after President Barack Obama signed a historic health care reform bill into law. Sen. Brown shared his insights regarding the health care debate, and answered questions from the audience, which included many John Carroll students. The Woelfl Seminar on Public Policy was established in 1981 in honor of Rev. Paul A. Woelfl, S.J., the founder and long-time chair of the Department of Political Science at John Carroll University. The purpose of the Woelfl Seminar is to provide an academic forum for the discussion of significant public policy issues.
Photographs by Taylor Horen

Photo kudos
letter to the eDitor

Tanzania tie
Your article on JCU alums working throughout the world was great (see “Global Reach,” winter 2009 John Carroll magazine). There is one more, and I am sure there are others, who is living his Jesuit education in Africa, my son Brendan Knoblauch ’09. Brendan is working in Tanga, Tanzania, on behalf of the Episcopal Dioceses of Ohio and Massachusetts. Michael Knoblauch ’83, ’90G Cleveland Heights, Ohio
Editor’s Note: Brendan is a third generation JCU graduate, joining grandfather, George M. Knoblauch ’48 and father, Michael, as well as several aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Congratulations, to whoever thought of the pose in the ‘New to the Faculty’ pic on page 5 (winter 2009 John Carroll magazine). It’s creative and actually shows human beings interacting with each other. Can’t wait to see a similar pic of the United States Supreme Court. Lou Reymann ’66. Marriottsville, Maryland

John Carroll magazine welcomes letters from readers.

Spring accolades
The spring issue was magnificent! Campus pictures were beautiful; the Profiles in Excellence were super! Tom Harrison ’49 Rocky River, Ohio
Proļ¬les in Excellence
– Our Accounting Powerhouse

Letters, which may be edited for length and clarity, reflect the views of the writer and not necessarily official positions of the University. E-mail [email protected]; fax to 216-397-3085; or send via U.S. mail to John Carroll Magazine, Integrated Marketing and Communications, John Carroll University, 20700 North Park Boulevard,
Living Simply

JCU Alum in Haiti

University Heights, OH 44118.

SUMMER 2010 John Carroll university



Students and faculty garner awards
the Congressional Award program include setting goals and completing 400 hours of voluntary public service, 200 hours of personal development, 200 hours of physical fitness, and 12 days of expedition/exploration activity. • Julia Karolle-Berg, Ph.D., associate professor in the Department of Classical and Modern Languages and Cultures, received the Lucrezia Culicchia Award for Teaching Excellence. This award is presented to the faculty of the College of Arts and Sciences who have made a distinct difference in the teaching climate of the College. The award was initially founded by the Sears-Roebuck Foundation. Through the generosity of an alumnus, Anthony N. Culicchia ’64, the award continues in honor of his mother, a former teacher. Dr. KarolleBerg will receive the award in September. • linda seiter, Ph.D., was one of three faculty members in Ohio selected to receive the David Hoch Memorial Award for Excellence in Service from Ohio Campus Compact, a nonprofit organization of 46 Ohio colleges and universities with strong community service, service-learning, and/or civic engagement programs on their campuses.

Philip Metres

Jack Morton

Julia Karolle-Berg

linda seiter

Springtime is typically award season on campus and this year is no exception. Several students and faculty were celebrated for excellence in and out of the classroom. • Dan Fitzmaurice ’11 and thomas Coast ’12 received The George B. Sweeney Endowed Campion Award for Service. The award recognizes students who are “committed to becoming leaders in social action through the lens of faith.” Dan has worked with a team of Carroll students to develop an annual “World AIDS Awareness Week” at the University; Thomas is committed to helping the homeless.

• Philip Metres, Ph.D., associate professor of English, received this year’s Emerging Artist Award in Literature from the Cleveland Arts Prize. The award recognizes an artist living in Northeast Ohio who shows remarkable promise and has created a significant work or project. Dr. Metres teaches American Literature and Creative Writing at John Carroll. • Jack Morton ’11 has received a Congressional Award Gold Medal, the highest honor legislated and presented to young Americans by the U.S. Congress, which awards only a few hundred each year. Jack is a physical education/exercise science major at John Carroll. Requirements of

JCu’s relay for life raises $40,000 to battle cancer
Cool, wet weather couldn’t dampen spirits at John Carroll’s 2010 Relay for Life weekend. The event hosted 608 participants, which was about 250 fewer than in prior years, but still raised $40,000. New this year, University Heights Mayor Susan Infeld—a 2010 Relay participant—gave the city’s blessing to hold the event outdoors the entire weekend, including through the night. The weather forced the event indoors this year, but organizers hope future Relays can be outdoors.


John Carroll university SUMMER 2010

John Carroll pitches in for Cultivating Community Day

John Carroll makes President’s Community service honor roll – again!
For a third consecutive year, John Carroll University has been named to the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll, the highest federal recognition a college or university can receive for its commitment

Photograph by Robert Wetzler

to volunteering, service-learning, and civic engagement. A majority of JCU students participate in some form of community service each In April and May, JCU alumni, students, faculty, and staff all over the country participated in Cultivating Community Day service projects in their respective communities. In Cleveland, members of the Carroll community gathered at St. Thomas Aquinas Elementary School on Superior Ave. and in the E. 95th Street neighborhood. Projects included indoor and outdoor spring cleanup, as well as building raised beds for a community garden. year. In 2009, more than 2,000 of the University’s students engaged in nearly 34,000 hours of service learning. Margaret Finucane, Ph.D. ’80, is the director of John Carroll’s Center for Service and Social Action. The Center is dedicated to meeting real community needs through outreach efforts and has developed or guided many successful projects. Visit for more information.

Business Week ranks Boler among nation’s best
BusinessWeek has ranked the Boler School of Business at John Carroll University 62nd in the nation. BusinessWeek considers many factors in its annual rankings, including academic quality, faculty-student ratio, average SAT and ACT scores, teaching quality, facility and services quality, recruiter survey rankings, student survey rankings, and median starting salaries.

alumna on New York Times best-seller list
Regina Brett ’96G, two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist, Plain Dealer columnist, and NPR radio show host, is also a New York Times best-selling author. Ms. Brett’s book, God Never Blinks: 50 Lessons for Life’s Little Detours, is a collection of essays and stories. As one of 11 children from a small town in Ohio, an unwed mother

Photograph by Dan Milner

at 21, and a breast cancer survivor at 41, Ms. Brett says she “got lost on a lot of life detours over the years.”

SUMMER 2010 John Carroll university



Fulbright Student Scholars off to Korea and China
Two John Carroll graduates have received Fulbright U.S. Student Program scholarships for next year. Kelly Crawford ’10, a middle childhood education major, was awarded a Fulbright to teach English in Korea. Matthew Joyce, a 2004 history alumnus, will conduct research next year in China, specifically the contributions of the Yi minority to the Long March. The Fulbright Program is the flagship international educational exchange program sponsored by the U.S. government and is designed to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries. Recipients of Fulbright grants are selected on the basis of academic or professional achievement, as well as demonstrated leadership potential in their fields. The Program operates in over 155 countries worldwide. Since its establishment in 1946, the Fulbright Program has given approximately 300,000 students, scholars, teachers, artists, and scientists the opportunity to study, teach and conduct research, exchange ideas, and contribute to finding solutions to shared international concerns. Photograph courtesy of Matt Joyce

Photograph by Robert Wetzler

The French (Football) Connection
Every three years since 1994 -- with one exception -- the John Carroll University football team has traveled overseas to play a game in Europe. After visiting Germany (1994), Spain (1997), Italy (2000), Ireland (2004) and Switzerland (2007), the Blue Streaks traveled to France in 2010. The team, led by Head Coach Regis Scafe, traveled from May 24 to June 1 for a unique cultural experience that combines local sightseeing with a game against local opposition in the Global Football Tour of France. A total of 35 players and five coaches represented John Carroll, and were accompanied on the trip by several family members of participating players. “These tours have become a part of our John Carroll University tradition,” says Scafe. “This is my fourth trip, and each and every year it is unforgettable. We get to experience a new culture, while playing in an international game. It is very worthwhile and even people who went years ago still talk about it today.” – Chris Wenzler ’90
John Carroll university SUMMER 2010 Photograph by Luke Whitworth

Photograph by Jose Nogueras

Scholarship to honor former football coach
Blue Streak Spring Sports Recap
The Blue Streaks had a historic season as John Carroll won its first OAC Tournament title by sweeping all three games. JCU defeated #5 ranked Ohio Northern by a 7-3 score to claim the crown. Capturing the schools’ firstever OAC tournament championship wasn’t the only accolade earned by the Blue Streak softball team this season; head coach Erin Brooks ’09 and assistant coach Kim Tackett were named coaching staff of the year in the conference. A total of six Streaks were named to the All-OAC team with Brittany Danilov ’12 and Olivia Mathews ’12 tabbed first team. The late Coach John Ray had five winning seasons during his short tenure (1959-1963) at John Carroll. His 29-6-0 record included three undefeated seasons in 1959, 1962, and 1963, which remain the only undefeated teams in the rich history of John Carroll football. Ray was named National Catholic Coach of the Year in 1959 and 1962, and also is a member of the John Carroll Athletic Hall of Fame. He died in November 2008. Last year, several of Ray’s former players established The John W. Ray Memorial Scholarship Fund to celebrate his legacy at John Carroll. The endowed scholarship will be awarded to a freshman with unmet financial need. The committee set a goal of $100,000 and already has nearly $83,000 in gifts and pledges from his players representing the first phase of the campaign. The campaign has now been extended to include all others who may have been influenced by Coach Ray and who wish to participate. For more information on the scholarship, contact Tony DeCarlo ’66G, director of development, at [email protected], Gus McPhie ’64 at [email protected] or Jerry Schweickert ’60, ’65G at bjschweick@ Visit to make an online gift to the scholarship fund.

Men’s Golf
For the second consecutive season, the men’s golf team finished the regular season atop the Ohio Athletic Conference. Leading the team were All-OAC team honorees Joe Zucker ’11 and Blake Furgerson ’10, who qualified for nationals in back-to-back seasons.

Track & Field
The Blue Streaks men’s track team finished in the sixth position in the OAC, but it wasn’t for lack of effort as David Hickey ’11 and RK Glover ’11 each finished with All-OAC Honors. The Women’s track team had four All-OAC honorees during the season as Ashley Aberl ’13, Megan Lutz ’12, Katie Manjerovic ’10, and Emily Tillmaand ’10 each had top-three finishes in the OAC Championship.

This year’s baseball team won 25 games, which ties the school record for wins in a season, and qualified for a second consecutive OAC Tournament. Six Blue Streaks were named to the All-OAC squad, including second teamers John Skomra ’10, Brian Benander ’11, Michael Eden ’11, Tom Hickey ’13, and Ryan Pacyga ’13. The senior class graduated with the highest four-year win total in program history.

After the addition of new head coach Shaun Keenan, the women’s tennis team finished the season with a 9-6 record in conference, which landed them in fourth place. Amy Marchlen ’10 and Anna Navatsyk ’10 both earned all-league status. The men finished the season in fourth place and were paced by All-OAC Second Team freshman Ryan Mullaney who won 17 matches in his first season as a Streak. – Chris Wenzler ’90

Women’s Golf
Finishing the postseason in a tie for fourth place was the end result for the lady Blue Streaks, who were led by All-OAC honorees Jackie Leuby ’13 and Ashley Pettibon ’12.

visit for all stories, scores, live broadcasts, athlete profiles, and interviews with Blue streak athletes and coaches.

SUMMER 2010 John Carroll university


JCu’s rafferty Meets the Press
First fellowship recipient reflects on his D.C. experience


14John Carroll university SUMMER 2010 2010 John Carroll university SUMMER

Photographs by Paul Fetters

By Andrew Rafferty ’09 The woman ahead of me wished Vice President Joe Biden the gift of blarney. “I already have that one,” he said. “That’s my problem.” Of course, he was right. Less than a week after that exchange, microphones picked up the expletive he whispered to President Barack Obama before he signed the health care bill into law. But there were no worries of a slip of the tongue at the Radio and TV Correspondents Dinner on St. Patrick’s Day this year. Everyone in the Washington Convention Center was soaking up Biden’s gift of gab. The vice president continued to work the rope line well after he delivered his jokefilled keynote address. A crowd of mediaemployed gawkers surrounded him, some for just a picture, others for the chance to pitch him on why he should appear on their show. When I finally maneuvered my way to the front of the crowd, I introduced myself as a fellow Irishman. “Holy cow, Andy Rafferty, who’s taking Andy Rafferty’s picture?” he yelled. Joe Biden had truncated my name from Andrew to Andy, but I guess when you’re the vice president you can do that. Of course, it would not be a major Washington event if there wasn’t an afterparty. Following this year’s dinner the heavy hitters would cross the street to a BBC sponsored event. The BBC’s chief party planner had forgotten to send me the invite, which surely was nothing more than a clerical oversight. So, I strolled up to the entrance and approached one of the gatekeepers holding the keys to decide who could pass security and walk on the

red carpet. I told her I wasn’t invited and asked if there was any chance I could get in, figuring she might find my honesty endearing. She looked up from the list of names in front of her and had a quick conference with a colleague sitting next to her. “Well, it ends at 12,” she told me. “So you should come back around 12:30.”

surreal life
Even though I can’t get into all the after parties I would like, the past year of my life has been – by and large – surreal. It started with John Carroll University’s announcement of the NBC/John Carroll University Meet the Press Fellowship in spring 2009, and accelerated when Betsy Fischer, the show’s executive producer, called to invite me to join her staff. My phone rang while I was sitting on my parents’ couch, scouring the Internet for jobs. Most of my friends spent senior year applying for jobs and graduate school, but I spent most of my energy thwarting the question of what I would do after I received my diploma. I could not find anything that really appealed to my interest

in journalism and politics. Yet somehow – after graduating in what people continually referred to as one of the worst job markets of all time – I found myself with an opportunity as exciting as any college graduate could ever hope for. It was all because, four years earlier, I decided to leave Western New York to attend the same school as Tim Russert ’72. The first day I reported to work at Meet the Press, I found myself chatting with Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) as I escorted him to the green room. I told him I went to school in Ohio, and he told me he is from the Cincinnati area, which judging by his deep tan is a much sunnier part of the state than Cleveland. The date was Sept. 20, 2009, and it was Barack Obama’s first appearance on the show as president. However, the president also appeared on four other Sunday shows that day, all of which were taped the Friday before in the White House. So there was no meet and greet with the president, but instead Rep. Boehner and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) came to the bureau to respond to the president’s interview. They both got to the green room,

Photograph courtesy of A. Rafferty

Joe Biden had truncated my name from Andrew to Andy, but I guess when you’re the vice president you can do that.
SUMMER 2010 John Carroll university


and I considered it a good first day. I don’t handle guests very often. Hillary Clinton and John McCain are probably the biggest names I’ve gotten to walk and shake hands with. This is Washington, so whenever people ask what famous politicians I’ve met, I always try to mention lawmakers from both sides of the aisle to show my bipartisan spirit. On most Sundays, I monitor breaking news that could be of relevance to the show, help find tape for last minute video additions, and keep an eye on what is happening on other Sunday shows. It could also mean doing some last-minute research for the show’s moderator, David Gregory. I have not been able to get over my alarm clock going off at 4 a.m., but once I am able to shake the cobwebs out, I really enjoy Sundays because of how crazy they can be. Regardless of what may go wrong, the show is airing live at 9 a.m. (Though it does air later in some markets, please check your local listings.)

a few people do a lot of work
David Gregory’s office has just enough room to pack in all of our 10-person staff. I attended my first staff meeting during my first week on the job. Before we began, David slapped me on the back and pointed to the Chinese food sitting on the table.

“See, this is all for your arrival,” he joked. I find a lot of things remarkable about Meet the Press, but when I began there what I found most stunning was the size of the staff. A few people do a lot of work. The informality of things reminded me a lot of the weekly Carroll News staff meetings– except The CN has a larger staff. Intimidation would be a good way to describe how it felt walking into NBC’s Washington Bureau for the first few weeks I was there. The welcoming attitude of the MTP staff went a long way to help me get over that. But knowing what kind of work goes on in the building prevents one from ever completely escaping that feeling. Any given day, I am liable to go into the cafeteria and run into someone like Chris Matthews yelling about whatever’s on his mind at that moment. One day, Pat Buchanan was coming out of the lobby and we shared one of those awkward, “you go left, I’ll go right” moments that didn’t end until I finally just stood still and he made his way around me. On employee appreciation day there was a luau, complete with a guy twirling fire sticks. It was great until he set himself and the sidewalk ablaze as Madeleine Albright walked in. On top of that, there was the intimidation that came with having never

done anything in television. I spent a lot of hours locked in the newsroom of The Carroll News, and I felt very capable of entering the field of journalism, but TV never crossed my mind until this fellowship. And I wasn’t just entering any old TV news program – this was Meet the Press, the longest running show in the history of television.

‘JCu served me well’
While there is a TV language barrier I continue to struggle with at times, it did not take long to realize the most important lessons I learned at JCU served me well. My day-to-day work includes gathering stories and opinions driving the news and sending them to the staff. A few weeks into the job, David sent me an e-mail saying he liked the work I’d been doing, but he wanted more. He asked me to construct an outline of the major arguments being made for and against sending additional troops to Afghanistan. So I did that and got the response, “This is a good start, but you need to go deeper.” Being able to regularly learn from and have access to one of the world’s most influential journalists was something I did not expect, at least not to the degree it has happened. I have a lot of interaction with David, mainly working with him on his blog and managing his online presence. He also asks me for research on a regular basis – which varies from finding good reads about a particular subject, to checking a fact on Sunday morning before the show. The moderator of Meet the Press is coming to me with assignments and challenging me. That’s a position I never anticipated. I’ve learned the most about how the show operates on a day-to-day basis from


Photograph courtesy of A. Rafferty

I’ve been able to visit NBC News headquarters … (and) meet with ...Matt Lauer.

John Carroll university SUMMER 2010

Betsy and the rest of the staff. One of my most frequent assignments is to look up what guests have said about issues in the past. The “put-it-on-the-screen” type of quotes that Tim Russert made famous during his tenure as moderator. The vetting process for what does and does not make it into the show is vigorous, and the overwhelming amount of research I do will never make the show. Not only are we concerned about the accuracy of information, but also the source and what kind of answers a person has given to similar questions previously. There is a flow from one point to the next, and the goal is to always lead to a defined point.

readily accepted
The thing that has most impressed me about this fellowship is how readily accepted I was by the Meet the Press staff. It was more than just people being nice to the new guy, it was about giving me a shot to contribute to the program. I am learning from the people who learned from Tim, and it’s really a testament to him that they were willing to create this opportunity and allow someone who is barely out of college to step in the door and contribute. At times, this inclusion has extended outside of the bureau. I was invited to Betsy’s birthday party. Among the others invited were Wolf Blitzer, senior adviser to the president David Axelrod, and Alan Greenspan. An article on Politico about the event was headlined “Gregory to dominate dance floor.” A few weeks after the party, I came across a picture of me in the background of a photo taken of Dee Dee Myers, former President Clinton press secretary, in a conversation. The look on my face suggests I was delighted to

have finally found the cupcakes. I’ve also been able to visit NBC News headquarters at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York on two occasions and meet with Brian Williams and Matt Lauer. Both TV heavyweights took questions from a group of interns, giving up generous amounts of time. Along with advice, they shared with us some views on life. Williams, a New Jersey native, lamented about how nobody from the cast of MTV’s Jersey Shore – a show that portrays Jersey folks in what some argue is a negative light - is actually from New Jersey. “Pauly D has the thickest Rhode Island accent I’ve ever heard,” Williams told us. After we went around the room and did introductions, he turned back to me and said, “Buffalo and John Carroll, that’s just ridiculous.” The comment was in reference to my path from home to college to employment. At least, I think. Another thing that became abundantly clear from the moment I set foot in NBC is that Tim’s co-workers sincerely meant all the amazing things they said about him when he passed. From the anchor of Nightly News, to the men and women who spend their days answering phones, you can tell there is still a void. Tom Brokaw filled in one Sunday to moderate Meet the Press, and a producer introduced us after the show. Standing in the green room, he asked me about my experience and how I liked what I was doing. “What a fitting tribute to Tim,” he said. “More than naming a building after him, this is what he would have wanted – the opportunity to help someone.”

newseum exhibit remembers tim
Tim’s office was cluttered the day he passed. Covering his desk were all the

newspapers and magazines you would expect a political junkie to be reading. Along with those publications was reading material that had great significance to him – the program from his son, Luke’s, commencement ceremony; a copy of Big Russ and Me. I was behind Betsy and Luke as they pointed at the items and talked about the significance behind each. We weren’t at NBC where Tim’s office had been converted into a conference room with a Buffalo Bills pennant hanging on the wall, known as “The Russert Room.” We were on the fourth floor of the Newseum, where his office had been recreated to mirror what it looked like the day he died. In November, they had a luncheon and special showing for his friends and colleagues the day before it opened to the public. I was lucky enough to be included, and as I looked around the room, I realized I was probably the only one there who had never met Tim. His colleagues packed into the small exhibit, even though most had spent time in its authentic inspiration. After the lunch ended and the crowd cleared out, I went back up to the exhibit where I found Betsy and Luke swapping stories, rehashing life with Tim. For someone I had never met, I sure missed him a lot. I don’t think an experience like this exists anywhere else. I don’t think it can. Wherever I go from here is going to be in large part thanks to my time at Meet the Press. Meeting politicians and attending Washington events make for the best stories, but being able to contribute to holding the highest echelons of power accountable has given me the biggest thrill. And being a Blue Streak was the only way it could’ve happened. What a country.
SUMMER 2010 John Carroll university


John Carroll’s
By Brian Williams, Vice President for Enrollment

enrollment update and guide to the college admission process

summer’s a great time to visit campus
(despite some myths you may hear)


ohn Carroll is a great place to visit on a beautiful summer day. Whether you’re just starting your college search, or trying to narrow your choices, a campus tour can be incredibly useful.

I recently read an article entitled “5 reasons not to tour Colleges During summer Break.” The article makes some good points, but as I read it I thought, ‘we really take a different approach at John Carroll.’ So much so, that I started thinking of specific counterpoints to the article highlighting why John Carroll is great to visit over the summer. Here are the five reasons – I’ll call them myths—and my responses to them based on our admission process:

Myth 1. Colleges are serene in the summer.
College campuses tend to be deserted in the summer. The biggest, most important question students should ask themselves on a college tour is, “Do I fit in here?” JCu: “Fit” is an important factor in your college decision, yet, it is something more appropriate to consider near the end of the college selection process. A summer visit should be about getting a feeling for the campus, for instance how it looks, the distance from home, questions about the admission and scholarship process, its majors, and academics. You should learn enough on a summer visit to confirm whether or not you want to apply for admission. So, treat a summer visit as an introduction to the school and your expectations and the visit will be better aligned.


John Carroll university SUMMER 2010

2010 Summer Visit Opportunities
Interested in visiting John Carroll University? We welcome all students and their families to visit campus this summer for a great overview of the campus and our offerings in a few different types of settings to meet your needs. saturday Cookouts on the Quad Join us on the following Saturdays at 11 a.m. for our introductory session about John Carroll, covering academics, admission, and financial aid. After a campus tour, join JCU enrollment staff, current students, and faculty for great conversation and a cookout on our beautiful quad! July 10 August 7 July 17 August 14 admission and Financial aid information sessions Our information session goes beyond facts and figures. Not only will you hear the story of JCU, but you will also learn about our mission, philosophy on education, what makes us unique, and learn about how we define student success at the University. This introductory session is offered Mondays, thursdays, and Fridays at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. and tuesdays and Wednesdays at 10 a.m. Campus tours Sometimes a campus tour is all you need to know if JCU is right for you. You will have an opportunity to see the entire campus, including classrooms, a residence hall, and dining facilities. Campus tours are available MondayFriday every hour from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. one-on-one If you have unique needs or questions, our enrollment staff is happy to meet with you one-on-one. exploring Cleveland Cleveland’s restaurants, museums, parks, and clubs are an integral part of your John Carroll experience. We encourage out-of-town visitors to plan your summer visit to Cleveland around other activities or events in the region. Check out for regional events. *Dates to avoid The University will be closed on the following dates: July 5, July 23, and July 30
SUMMER 2010 John Carroll university

Come hear how our unique size, structure, culture, and environment align to help us provide an outstanding education for our students and help them become John Carroll graduates in Four years. Come see why U.S. News & World Report ranks John Carroll #3 in Best undergraduate teaching among Midwest universities that offer master’s degrees. Come visit John Carroll in the summer and learn about our traditions, programs, and opportunities.

Myth 2. tours are scarce and faculty absent.
You won’t find twice-daily tours and be able to meet faculty during the summer. JCu: We actually offer tours every hour on the hour! We have an active summer term of courses with students and faculty around, and before you know it, our student athletes are back on campus in early August preparing for the fall 2010 season. So, while it does not bustle like the school year, there is enough staff and activity on campus to give you a great feel for our community.

Myth 4. College tours are neither relaxing nor fun.
College visits are exhausting, multi-hour excursions. JCu: Summer is a little more relaxed. Typically a summer visit can be a tour and introductory session. Your tour can be tailored to be shorter or longer based on what you want to see and how much time you have. In the summers we even sponsor Cookouts on the Quad where you’ll meet with students and staff over some grilled food. (If you’re not from the Midwest, we’ll also introduce you to a game of Cornhole).

Myth 3. students are hard to find.
Even the most helpful campus tour guide has an inherent bias - he or she is paid by the college to recruit new students. JCu: The assumption here is that tour guides are not “regular” students. At JCU, our tour guides are trained, but not scripted. The difference is important and allows our students to speak directly from their own experiences. Yes, our tour guides represent the best of JCU, but they also reflect the reality of the experience that any incoming student can have.

Myth 5. younger siblings will hate you.
It’s not fair to drag younger siblings around in the summer. JCu: A side trip to nearby Cedar Point, the “roller coaster capital of the world,” or to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame can be a great incentive for younger siblings to “tolerate” a campus tour this summer. Cleveland is an important extension of your JCU experience and worth seeing in the summer. Check out to coordinate your JCU summer visit around other activities and events that interest you and your family.

To arrange your campus visit, please start with our website or call 216.397.4294



Alumni Survey Results
By Mary Lavin ’87, Director, Alumni Relations

In November 2009, for the first time in more than 10 years, John Carroll engaged alumni nationwide in an electronic survey sponsored by the JCU Alumni Association. We asked you for your opinions, and you readily engaged us in a conversation. We wanted your feedback about existing programs and how we can better meet your expectations.

Thank you to the 2,694 alumni who responded to our survey. We achieved a response rate of 19.24% (national average is 14%). We asked 27 questions and seven open-ended questions. We heard from former Day Hops, Student Union members, WJCU Radio DJ’s, U-Club, IXY’s, Rugby players, RAs, Carroll News reporters, ROTC cadets, and many who worked full-time while attending Carroll. Over 300 pages of qualitative answers were received and more than 700 alumni provided names and offered to be part of focus groups or ongoing engagement with John Carroll University. 57 % of the respondents were male; 43 % female. Approximately 12% of the respondents graduated prior to 1963; 15% graduated between 1964 and 1974; 10% graduated between 1974 and 1980; 21% graduated between 1981 and 1993; 14% graduated between 1994 and 2000; and 28% graduated since 2001. Here is what you told us: Good to excellent College experience Overall, our alumni are pleased with their experience at John Carroll University. 91% of respondents reported either a “good” or “excellent” experience, and 69% say their experience since they graduated is “good” or “excellent” (equal to the national average). value and respect your Degree Remember that moment when you walked across the stage to receive your diploma from Carroll? Nearly 90% of you told us that the most important thing is how you value and respect your degree. You want to know that the equity of your degree is improving and will improve more over time. You want us to tell you how your degree is increasing in value.

respect for Carroll’s history and tradition You also told us that you respect the rich history and traditions of John Carroll University and that you want to know about the accomplishments of our current students. You shared with us which John Carroll person made the greatest impact on your life. Look for stories on many of these individuals in future issues of the alumni magazine and on our website. Career networking and Jobs A particularly notable finding was about alumni programs and services, including which are the most valued, and where alumni would like to see the University do more. “Identifying job opportunities” rose to the top in importance—specifically, a more effective alumni job network for younger alumni. Also, a considerable number of alumni expressed interest in mentoring current JCU students.

Distribution and response
response rate Surveys Distributed Returned E-mail (bad addresses) Presumed Delivered Number of responses 19.24% 15,720 1,689 14,031 2,694


John Carroll university SUMMER 2010

Communication with alumni You told us our communication with you is “just about right” on specific questions related to frequency of the magazine, e-mails, phone calls, or paper invitations to alumni events or news about JCU. Most of you responded that you read the magazine. Recent graduates suggested that we have a greater presence with online social networking, like Facebook. If you would like to join our 2,923 Facebook fans, see Barriers to Participation in alumni activities Respondents identified time constraints, geographic distance, and family/job commitments as the three greatest barriers to their participation in alumni activities. Perceived value and related cost, as well as the possibility of not knowing anyone, were also barriers for younger alumni related to participation in alumni activities. We have identified the following action items as a result of the survey: • Provide feedback to all alumni about the survey results. • Increase branding efforts • Expand career-related programs for both students and alumni, and engage alumni in the effort create a more effective and accessible alumni network. • Communicate outcomes from successful events (not just tell us about an event that took place but give alumni more advance notice and share details about who was there and what was accomplished).

Q06. Which of the following best describes your overall current opinion of the University? Q06. Which of the following best describes your overall current opinion of the University?
Percentage of Respondents

Percentage of Respondents

50 40 30 20 10 0 Poor Fair Good Excellent

50 40 30 20 10 0 Poor

• Create more programs and communications targeted to the “-2/+3” alumni to engage students while they are juniors on campus or within the first three years of graduation to Fair Good Excellent keep a connection to Carroll. • Engage alumni who live out-of-state. • Offer opportunities for alumni to provide feedback and engage in activities at JCU. John Carroll asked alumni for your time and your opinions. You responded, and we sincerely thank you for telling us what you think about your alma mater and how we can better engage you in the future. In the coming months, we will continue to implement these action items, as well as other new programs, events, and outreach efforts, in a way that best serves you.

SUMMER 2010 John Carroll university



alumni awards Dinner honorees
Carter F. ham ’76. Only one graduate in the history of John Carroll University has attained the rank of four-star general of the United States Army: Carter Ham. One of only 11 fourstar generals in the Army, Carter is the current Commanding General, U.S. Army Europe and Seventh Army. As commanding general, he ensures the welfare and care of over 40,000 soldiers and more than 50,000 family members throughout Europe. In September 2008, three weeks after he moved to Germany to assume his current command, Carter returned to John Carroll to serve as keynote speaker for the University’s first ever ROTC alumni reunion. Last year, the Hams hosted John Carroll alumni overseas at their home. James e. Kline ’63. Fortune 500 corporate attorney, professor, author, chair or member of many civic, educational, and professional

Five alumni from the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s received John Carroll’s Alumni Medal at the annual awards dinner in May. John Carroll has annually awarded the Alumni Medal for nearly half a century and it remains the highest honor for alumni. Medal recipients are selected by former presidents of the University’s Alumni Association.

The 2010 Alumni Medal honorees are:
suzanne (schlichtman) Greenberg ’83. Suzanne learned from and overcame her tragic experiences as a child who was sexually and

physically abused. Today, she is CEO and president of the Child Abuse and Neglect (CAN) Council of Saginaw, Michigan. In that role, and as a speaker at national conferences, Suzanne shines a spotlight on the critical need for prevention of child abuse. Under her leadership, the council has twice received the statewide Children’s Trust Fund Council of Excellence Award and now serves thousands of children. An annual attendee at Carroll Reunions, Suzanne is truly a woman for others in the Jesuit tradition.

silver Quill winner Frank e. Kelley

James e. Kline, Carter F. ham, suzanne (schlichtman) Greenberg, rev. Wesley toles, Gerald F. o’Connell.

boards and committees in and around Toledo, Ohio, Jim has accomplished many things since he graduated from John Carroll. In 1991, he completed the Executive Program at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business. Jim credits his John Carroll education for his wideranging interests and innovative thinking and says it prepared him well for law school, for business school, and for life.


John Carroll university SUMMER 2010


which recognizes bravery or acts of heroism, by members of the John Carroll University community. This year, the Alumni Association recognized William F. Ryan ’67 and, posthumously, James H. Powers ’60. Bill is a New Orleans attorney, entrepreneur, decorated U.S. Marine Corps officer (retired), and an active member of numerous organizations and boards, who protected and served his community postHurricane Katrina. Jim retired as a colonel from U.S. Army after 25 years. His service included two tours of duty in Vietnam, and tours at the Pentagon, in West Germany, and on the faculty
Campion shield honoree William F. ryan and elizabeth Powers, widow of James h. Powers, posthumous Campion shield recipient.

of the U.S. Army War College. Frank E. Kelley ’64 received the 2010 Silver Quill, the annual award presented to a John Carroll magazine class columnist for dedication to his or her classmates and the University through writing a quarterly column for the Alumni Journal. Two graduating seniors were also recognized at the event: Emily N. Ferron was chosen by her classmates as the 2010 Beaudry Award honoree, and John J. Kuczynski was selected as the Millor Orator (see related story on p. 5).

For more on the alumni awards Dinner visit

Gerald F. o’Connell ’61. As a member of John Carroll’s Board of Directors, and former chair of the Board’s Advancement Committee, Gerry has been a faithful advocate and ambassador for John Carroll, whether raising money for a Kresge Grant, as a member of the Magis Legacy Society, or encouraging classmates to attend Carroll Reunions. A successful business entrepreneur, Gerry recognized the future of computers early on, launching businesses that he subsequently sold to ADP, Unisys, and Oracle. Through the years, he has dedicated an almost equal amount of time and energy to community service and family life. rev. Wesley toles ’59. For almost 40 years, Wesley served his country in active duty and active reserves, rising to the rank of colonel in the Army Medical Services Corps. He is a successful businessman, owning and operating a retail plaza serving Cleveland’s inner city since 1998. He also is an ordained minister and currently serves at Antioch Baptist Church. He is described as a humanitarian, a mentor, a teacher, a preacher, a loving husband, father, grandfather, and a friend to the friendless. As one John Carroll alumna notes, “after all these years, he still has that spirit of service that only a true Blue Streak can understand.” Other awards presented at the Alumni Awards Dinner included the Campion Shield,

Calendar of events
Save the Date!
Thursday, July 22 Chicago Alumni Celebrate the Class of 2010 Hosted by the Class of 2000 Schuba’s Tavern Sunday, August 15 Mid-Atlantic Summer Celebration Overlook Pavilion at the Port of Annapolis Marina September Alumni Networking Event Cleveland, OH

(Some dates subject to change. For latest information, visit September 24-26 Homecoming Weekend Saturday, October 2 Andrew “Dewey” McCarthy ‘81 Memorial Mass and Alumni Soccer Game October Alumni Networking Event Pittsburgh, PA November Alumni Networking Event Chicago, IL

The Woodrow Wilson Ohio Teaching Fellowship:

Put your math, science, or engineering background to work for the students who need you most.
$30,000 fellowship to•earn your master’s•degree $30,000 Fellowship Master’s Degree Ongoing Support • Ongoing Supportand young alumni welcome. alumni welcome Career changers • Career changers and young

Learn more at

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Carroll roommates together in Iraq -- twice

Homecoming Weekend 2010
This year’s Homecoming Weekend (September 24-26) will provide the opportunity for alumni to celebrate shared experiences as the University also celebrates 40 years of women in athletics, 60 years of ROTC, and held every five years, a Pershing Rifles reunion.

While the traditional Reunion Weekend celebrates class identity, and

Lt. Col. Tom Rogers and Lt. Col. Peter Haas, members of the Class of 1989 and roommates at John Carroll, managed to be in Iraq together, not just once, but twice during two separate tours of duty. Returning home in April 2010, Tom served as the physician for U.S. Special Operations Command and Pete served as commander of the 49th Transportation Battalion.

being on campus and in the classroom at the same time, Homecoming provides the opportunity to come together as former teammates, fraternity or sorority members, student union leaders, residence life staff, cheerleaders or dance team members, and more. New this year, the third annual RideFor-Miles, in memory of biology professor Miles Coburn ’75G, will also be part of Homecoming Weekend. For the second year in a row, Footprints for Fatima Walk/ Run will be held on Saturday morning.

Future Blue Streaks
Our Future Blue Streak featured in this issue is Graham Traven, son of Sarah (Navratil) ’03 and Philip Traven.
We want to welcome the newest addition to your family in style. Share your baby announcement with the Office of Alumni Relations and you will receive a “Future Blue Streak” baby certificate and legacy bib! FREE! To request a bib, e-mail alumni@ or call 800-736-ALUM (2586), x4336. Include your baby’s name and date of birth, along with your name, grad year, spouse’s name, and mailing address.


John Carroll university SUMMER 2010


Images of
Photograph by Robert Wetzler

Can you identify any alumni in these photos? We’d like to know! Please e-mail us at [email protected]
SUMMER 2010 John Carroll university



to our readers


don Mcdonald 216-991-9140 [email protected]

For further columnist contact information, please call us at 216-397-3050 or 800-736-ALUM (2586). Note that we publish additional class notes and archived columns online. Visit to read unabridged copy as well as previous columns.

The GoldeN Years


larry Kelley ’36 216-941-1795 [email protected]

I’m later than usual! The role of a “caretaker” is time consuming, and 24 hours a day is not enough. Yet I’m thankful that the Lord is giving me the ability to still take care of Frances, my wife. ... My recent comments in my last column about “retiring” produced three people who don’t agree. One was Bill Nardi’s ’34 daughter, Nadine Nardi Davidson of Los Angeles, CA. The second was Norm Kempel ’38. The last time I heard or saw him, he was from the Akron area. He is now recovering from a terrible accident and is presently in Florida, after spending time in three hospitals and numerous surgery procedures. For details you will have to contact him. I almost forgot the most important note and the main reason for “writing another column.” The third request was from one of the “youngest” Carole Chandler Sullivan ’95 who was a TV Anchor for TV3. She writes – “You can’t stop your column! We always read it. I’m from the class of ’95 and aside from our column; my friends and I always read yours. The school must mean a great deal to you to have you dedicate 30 years to its magazine. Don’t give up on the column. You have fans! We love you, Larry! All the best!” I’ll talk to my grand and greatgrandchildren -- so I don’t write about anything that would bore you and your fellow classmates. I wonder if she is related to Les Chandler. I’ll have to check this out later. ... So until later, keep praying. Just Larry

piling up frequent flyer miles visiting one daughter in Boston, and one in New Jersey every summer. His third daughter lives with them at home. ... Lou Sulzer has the double role of husband and caregiver to Bea. She is confined to a wheelchair and living in an assisted living place in Beachwood, OH. Apparently the chef fails to meet Lou and Bea’s high standard of cuisine, so he takes her out to dinner everyday. ... Jim Schlecht reports that his parish, St. William, was made to merge with St. Robert. The Bishop said their last Mass, and Jim was one of the lectors. Jim has been a lector for 46 years and a Eucharistic Minister for 38 years. How many people do you know who can even come close to that record? ... Again, I am indebted to John Sweeney for his persistence and diligence in rounding up the material for this column. Be good to each other. Carl

I recently talked with Dr. Bob Colopy, who is doing a little bit better health wise. ... Dottie and Harry Badger are doing well. They are planning on attending the Saturday, June 12, dinner Reunion Weekend. ... Dr. Fred Schnell passed away recently, reducing the number of surviving ’44 class members. ... Ethel McGuigan has been listed as an honorary member of our class, probably due to the fact that Ed and Ethel were married for many very happy years. Ethel had a longer than planned visit with her daughter in the Washington, D.C., area a few months ago. She went to attend a party but it put her in the hospital. She is now back at Hamlet Hills and doing much better. Her phone number is 440.893.9042 -- she loves hearing from old friends. Ethel graduated from Notre Dame College in the Class of 1948. ... I confirmed the fact that Ed O’Connor passed away November 2008, as did one of our old friends Dan Gallagher. Don


Bruce e. Thompson 216-382-4408 [email protected]


Carl Giblin 727-518-7961 [email protected]

reUNIoN Year
The head of our Cleveland News Bureau, John Sweeney is testing the limits of medicine; he’s dodged a bullet of bladder cancer, and now is being shot up for excessive pain in the neck. I have been accused of that, but I am a long way from John. ... Dick Breiner, pianist extraordinaire, took a heavenly booking in March. ... Jim Carey made the move from condo living to an independent living facility, The Normandy. He enjoys the independence of condo living, but also can use their dining room for all meals. I took shelter in such a facility in Florida and am fighting the battle of the bulge. I have room service at dinnertime and can eat, while I am barefoot. This is not allowed in our stuffy dining room. ... John Kenney was finally brought to the phone and 26
John Carroll university SUMMER 2010

After a series of rehabilitation institutions, this third week of April is the first time Mary Ruth and I have returned home since November 2009. Home at 2207 So. Belvoir Blvd. was a welcome sight to behold. But sad to see was the death notices of Bernie Brysh and Dorothy “Doll” Smith Leslie, widow of Jack Leslie. Our prayers are offered for their families. ... Nice to hear from Dr. Joe Seibert, who weathered the problems of atrial fibrillation for three months then had two cardioversions. Back on his feet once again, Joe’s major concern is why does John Carroll schedule The Vagina Monologue for student viewing. Your opinion on this subject is requested. ... People on the move: Rosemary and Wally Schwarz recently moved into the lovely Normandy apartment group. ... Jane McSweeney Nicolay has moved from Sun City, AZ, to a senior living arrangement in Overland Park, KS, Apt. #3123, 6117 W. 119th St., Overland Park, KS 66209. She will be close to daughter Joy and her husband, Gene. Jane’s swimming schedule is one thing but her diving program is amazing. ... In early March, Marge and Pete Diemer met with Tom Dunnigan and his sister, Pat, for lunch in Naples, FL. Later they joined Jerry Sullivan and friend Margaret Perver at the March 14 John Carroll Naples reception. ... Time flies -- the May 23 commencement ceremony marks our 67th graduation date. No, I haven’t forgotten that our Class of ’43 finished on Jan. 17 and May 7, 1943. Mention of those dates prompts awe and wonder to those hearing that longevity. While we are still a lively group, there is a lack of communication within our class. I’ll send you a current mailing address. How about using it! ... Be good, take care. Bruce

‘47 ‘48 ‘49

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John Giblin responded in a recent memo that the spring weather was glorious in Silver Spring, MD. His golf game has deteriorated, and that the only tennis shots he can return must land within one step, left or right. We recalled the “good old days” riding the Lakeview bus to Cedar and Lee to brave the cold wind while awaiting the Cedar Road bus to the campus. ... Ed McKenna, Ray Fox, and I were the ’49ers attending the Gray Streaks Luncheon on April 14. We were impressed with the presentation, which showed the serious work performed by Carroll students helping the poor in Central America. ... Ed Mulroony joined the BakerRaulang Co. after graduation and participated in the development and sales of the early electric forklift trucks. On St. Patrick’s Day 1951, partying with customers, he met beautiful Beverley; they were married in September, after a serious six-month courtship. Ed’s sales efforts continued as the company was merged into Otis Elevator, and new industrial goods were produced. The Mulroonys moved to New Jersey, where their two children were born while Ed spent some leisure time in civic affairs of the village of Pequannock, NJ, where he served as a councilman and later, as mayor. The company continued to grow and his responsibilities expanded. Relocating to Louisville, KY, was a cultural adjustment for the entire family and life continued blissfully, and Ed’s effective sales efforts continued while the family gathered and grandchildren arrived. Ed was required to reduce speed because of macular degeneration, then another health difficulty developed and Ed

died with his family present or nearby on Dec. 8, 2009. ... Send News, good news preferred. All reported with reasonable accuracy. Tom days in Washington, D.C., so here goes. Little did I know on graduation day from JCU, June 1951, the career path my BS in business administration would take. Fast forward, I earned a law degree at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law 1961 and passed the Ohio Bar which then paved the way for me to become a special agent of the FBI during the Cold War and work almost entirely in foreign counterintelligence in Washington, D.C., from 1962 to 1984. Ten of those years were under the iconic J. Edgar Hoover. (My retirement was mandatory at age 55). All the embassies are in Washington and the embassies are havens for intelligence officers – SPIES – under diplomatic cover to conduct espionage and other dirty business. The Soviet-bloc establishments and personnel were the FBI’s primary foreign counterintelligence targets in the nation’s capital. I was privileged to have been involved in those efforts. My Washington days were a world of intrigue, deception, clandestine activities, double agents, moles, defectors, surveillances, and various forms of skullduggery, not quite the James Bond or Jack Bauer level -- don’t ask for any trade secrets. Most of us forget what a threat the Soviets were to U.S. freedom and security. At the U.N. in 1959, Nikita Khrushchev, shouted “We will bury you!” I frequently tell people that being an FBI agent in Washington was the greatest job in the world. It is very gratifying for me to have played a role in the defeat of “the evil empire.” Oh, yes, during those years in Washington, I helped boost morale by running 14 FBI golf tournaments. After the FBI retirement, I worked for the U.S. Department of State, conducting background investigations from 1984 to 2000. Washington will always be my favorite city, with its great history, mystique, and international atmosphere, but fellow Clevelanders, let not your hearts be troubled, I, Joe Stipkala, still cheer for the Browns when they play the Washington Redskins. In 2003, after living away from Cleveland for 41 years, my wife and I moved back and now reside in Avon. In case you would like to call, 440.937.9843. Finally congratulations to all my classmates who have become octogenarians and to Don Ungar who is recovering from heart surgery. ... Thanks Joe. Who’s next - spend a couple of minutes and tell us about your life, e-mail me - [email protected]. Don a trip that should be required of every American family -- to learn about our history and appreciate what we have been given. In June Bill and Betty will journey to Hawaii with son John and wife Kelly to help celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. They plan on visiting Waikiki Beach where Bill and Betty met in 1954. An article in the Ft. Belvoir, VA, paper about General Carter Ham ’76 caught Bill’s eye, as the General is one of two DOD officials who will be preparing a possible revised policy on “Don’t ask, Don’t tell.” Bill used a term that I was not familiar with, VOG, and I asked for an explanation. VOG is the term used by weathermen in Hawaii to denote the dense stuff that comes out of the 26,000 foot volcano on the big island which is still spewing small eruptions. ... Jim Previt did send an article written by Sam Miller, a Jewish Cleveland businessman, which I read with pleasure and pride. In the article Mr. Miller gives reasons why we should all be proud to be Catholic. It did the heart good to know that sometimes we as a people are appreciated. ... By the next column, the flower show that Don is participating in will be over and I can give an update on his success. Having a black thumb (Jim was the gardener) I am looking forward to hearing about the show. ... Till next time, stay safe. Dorothy


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reUNIoN Year
Our 60th Reunion has come and gone, but the memory will last a long time (hopefully another few years). Those who attended had a great time! Many classmates helped make it a success, they included: Charles Byrne, Jim Conway, Jack Eggl (Toledo, OH), Jerry Fenton (Naples, FL), Hugh Gallagher, Bob Knotek, Fred Korey, Gene Kray (Loudon, TN), Tom Lynch, Bob Lyons, John McCauley (Venice, FL), Frank Ruther, Dick Sweeney (Birmingham, AL), Len Terry (Novi, Ml), Dick Timbers (Naples, FL), and Ed Turk. ... Dr. Ken Callahan was again our M.C. and did a superb job. One of the highlights was the call for the class treasury report. Class treasurer Dick Sweeney provided a report on the Class of 1950 financial status. He announced that in May of 1949, Jim Sennett, then class treasurer, found a nickel in the pay phone and appropriated it as the sole asset of the Class of 1950. Sweeney said that after Sennett had transferred the balance to him later that year, “he has invested wisely, prudently, and conservatively.” After 60 years of growth, Sweeney announced that the last surviving member of the Class of 1950 will receive the proceeds of $1,000,000 -- payable at $1 per year for a million years or until the death of the last member of the Class of 1950. When the ultimate beneficiary is determined, a packet will be presented to the survivor as to how to apply for the annual distribution. Considering the state of the economy, our class is doing quite well! All members of the class present were given a 60th Reunion shirt and door prizes were also handed out. ... On a sadder note, I am sorry to report the deaths of Frank Burns (Nov. 9, 2009), Walter Malanowski (Nov. 20, 2009), Joe Raymond (Mar. 10, 2010), Jan Ruffing (Mar. 6, 2010) wife of Jim Ruffing, and John Buckon (Apr. 5, 2010). John was very active while at Carroll, but will probably be best remembered as a member of the varsity boxing team. Also, Steve (Steve Konrad) Kubofcik (Apr. 10, 2010). Please remember all of these individuals (and their families) in your prayers, likewise keep in mind all of our classmates and/or spouses who are ill. ... Again, my personal thanks to everyone who came to our Reunion and those who helped make our 60th so enjoyable. Also, thanks to the Alumni Relations office for all of their help, especially Carla Gall ’05, reunion coordinator. Until next time, God bless and all the best, Jack


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In the last class column, I asked “Do you have a minute to send me a thought” and this is what I received -- Hi Don, Joe Stipkala checking in, you invited me to submit something about my FBI

Hi. Well, it didn’t work. Even though I threatened you with tales of Dorothy, I only received two replies. Admittedly they are very good ones, but I know there are more than two of you out there. I do receive e-mails from Jim Previt and Larry Casey, but they aren’t news about them and their families. ... I have two great reports from Bill Kenealy and Don Terrell. Since space is limited, I will do Bill’s report this time and save Don till next time. His is too good to condense. Bill said that even being used to lake effect snow, he was surprised at the Washington, D.C., weather, which was worse. He and Betty took five grandkids to the Great Wolf Lodge Resort in Williamsburg, VA, during spring break. I think visiting Williamsburg is

Hello to all in the Class of ’53 and to your family and friends. We were happy to have Joe Fakult join Norm Perney, Carl Munn, and myself at Muldoon’s Saloon and Eatery for our April monthly get together. Joe and his spouse, Terry, have been married 53 years. Their nine children were raised in the Willowick, OH, home where Joe and Terry have lived for 52 years. Joe tells us he has been active in several of the recent political tea parties. ... Lou and Joe Lyman have been married for 50 years and live in Cleveland Heights. They have two sons and a daughter. Joe attends weekday Mass at St. Paul’s shrine at 40th and Euclid in Cleveland and weekend Mass at St. Philomena in East Cleveland. ... Dick Barrett recently called from his home in Canfield, OH, just to say hello and see what’s happening. He stays in contact with Elmo Miller. ... Gene Wetzel has finally fully retired from his insurance business. He is a frequent attendee at the Gray Streaks Luncheons. Gene also plays bridge, usually two days each week. Gene and Catherine have 19 grandchildren ages 4 through 27 so they also devote a lot of time to family gatherings. ... By the time you read this, your columnist, Jim Myers, and his spouse, Ceale, will have moved from their Painesville Twp. condo to a retirement community in Willoughby, OH. We have lived in Painesville for 12 years, the longest we have ever stayed in one place. ... I am now going to request Chuck Schott, Dave Winch, and Arnold Fiore to call or e-mail an update as to what is happening in their lives. The rest of you can look forward to reading their news in our next issue. Of course news from any of you is greatly welcomed. ... God’s blessings to you all, jim

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Well it’s happened again, Dom LoGalbo has written a rather pithy article about Cleveland’s lakefront. The article appeared in the Plain Dealer and in a very detailed way cited the plan no-plan approach of Cleveland planners that leaves miles of land looking like a barren wasteland north of the Shoreway and railroad tracks. Dom should be appointed to the Planning Commission or Port Authority. ... Gene Burns, spending a lot of his time at the Rocky River Rec Center, says that he has to keep his stents open and blood flowing. It has been a long time since he tried out for football at Cathedral Latin. ... Jim Sutphin sent along a nice note and some info about Dave Schuler (you may have seen the RIP for Dave in the last issue of the John Carroll magazine, spring 2010). Dave was our class president, a good friend to everyone and fun to be with. He worked in the steel industry, formed his own business, and after retiring spent time trolling for 6 lb. bass. His family and many, many friends miss him. ... Recently, after spending a few days of moving snow from peaks to the valleys, my wife and I were in Denver, so a call to Dave Nilges, not to talk about commercial realtors, but to find out how his wife, Sandra, was doing. Things are getting better but she still belongs on the prayer list. Our Pope Benedict has been in the negative press recently but Lou LaRiche assures me that the Popemobile (that glass phone booth on wheels) is still in good shape, a Cadie V8 and hemie heads will keep ahead of the press. If you ever get a chance, look at the plate on the rear bumper -- LaRiche Motors-Findley OH, Plymouth MI. ... Prayers please, Fred Blodgett, Joanne Groden, Sandra Nilges, and Gail LaRiche. Keep the faith, Pete

reUNIoN Year
As I am writing these class notes, the snow has melted from the tundra in Cleveland, OH, the Indians have lost two in a row and most, but not all, of the snow birds have return from the south. I have decided not to bore you with the sad plight of the snow birds, who almost froze to death in Florida this past winter. Instead I decided to make a few phone calls and try to catch up with classmates who have not previously graced this column. Our classmate Paul Blair majored in sociology while at John Carroll. Originally from Amherst, OH, he lived off campus while at Carroll. He participated in ROTC, graduated from TOBC at Ft. Eustis, and was sent to Eniwetok Island in the Pacific where he saw the results of “A” and “H” bombs. He worked in the steel industry with Republic Steel and then LTV steel. He retired in 1999 and settled in Hammond, IN. Paul has seven children and 16 grandchildren. Paul asks me to give his best to Mike Caplice, Bud Feely, and John (Buck) Byrne. ... Bill Boyle from Pittsburg, PA, lived at Pacelli Hall while at Carroll. His roommate from Warren, OH, was Lou Vennitti. Bill thought a major in physics with a minor in math would be excellent preparation for the study of law. The University of Pittsburgh agreed with him and eventually gave him a law degree. Bill has been practicing law ever since and is still at it. Bill has four children and 10 grandchildren. ... Joe Dory was my next call. Joe was one of our many classmates from St. Ignatius High School, Cleveland. He majored in physics and math in his first two years at John Carroll. After two years he couldn’t decide what he really wanted to do, so he joined the U.S. Marine Corps hoping for direction. He returned to Carroll in 1959 and was welcomed

back by Fr. Monville, S.J. After graduation, he decided to give California a try, while in California, he hooked up with his classmate Kevin McDonough (deceased). Kevin steered him to a job with Pacific Life Mutual Insurance Co. He remained with Pacific Mutual in California for 30 years. He has three children, eight grandchildren and one great-grandchild. ... Our 55th Reunion -the 55th for ’55 – has come and gone. Hope you were able to catch up with all of your classmates -- look for the recap in the fall issue. ... And remember to pray for our classmates who are suffering and in great pain. Ray


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Again, some of your classmates got together in mid-March. In Fort Myers, FL, John and Mary Jo Boler hosted a lunch for 14 graduates and nine spouses. Those attending were -- Mary Jane and Jack Breen, Mike Conti, Joan and Ed Daugherty, Al DeGulis, Mary and Leo Duffy, Marykay and Jim Knechtges, Carmella and Ben Miralia, Tom O’Neil, Gloria and Bob Pascente, Pat and Phil Schaefer, Noreen and Paul Schlimm, Larry Selhorst, and Leo Slack. Most of the group is planning on coming to our 55th Reunion in 2011, provided we are all still here. Don Buckley would have joined us, but he was under the weather. Al DeGulis brought up the interesting idea of leaving a class gift on the campus from the class of ’56 that we did not do when we graduated. Following this lunch, Bob and Gloria traveled back to the Phoenix area where they also had lunch with Lauretta and Jack Broderick and Marie and John Nowlan. Again, if any of you are in these areas next year, please join us. ... George Waldeck and

Men of the Class of 1956 in Fort Myers, Fl. standing are Phil schaefer, Paul schlimm, larry selhorst, ed Daugherty, John Boler, Ben Miralia, Jack Breen, leo slack, Jim Knechtges, and al DeGulis. those kneeling are Bob Pascente, tom o’neil, leo Duffy, and Mike Conti. 28
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ladies of the Class of 1956 in Fort Myers, Fl. Back row, they are noreen schlimm, Mary Duffy, Joan Daugherty and Gloria Pascente. in the front, they are, Carmella Miralia, Mary Jo Boler, Mary Jane Breen, Marykay Knechtges, and Pat schaefer.

Al DeGulis happened to run into each other at the state high school hockey championships in Columbus, OH, where their grandchildren were playing for different schools. ... Also, please remember Tom Moffitt who died on June 2, 2009. My best to all of you and God bless! Leo


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Support is so important, whether it be physical, psychological, or financial, when one is experiencing a difficult time – just ask Susan Cicero, “the guardian angel” and spouse of Jerry Cicero. Jerry was diagnosed with multiple myeloma approximately six months ago. When I spoke with him in mid-April, he was into his third cycle of chemo and had undergone 10 days of radiation treatments with no visible negative effects. His energy level is rising and progress is positive, but slow. We spoke of our dear friends Jake Downes, Frank Petro, Dick Murphy, Jim Gasper, Frank (Crash) Hovorka, and Chuck Novak. Jerry welcomes your prayers and cards. ... Jim Gasper was in contact with Crash Hovorka, who was planning to call John Scanlan regarding Jerry. Jim periodically sees Tom Grace ’67, brother of Don Grace, in the Galveston area. Tom keeps him updated on Joe Smaltz, Don Grace, and Tom Tupa. ... In March, Deacon Bart Merella had the honor and privilege of baptizing, by immersion, his ninth grandchild, Lauren Teresa, at St. Dominic’s church in Shaker Heights, OH. Lauren is the third child of his daughter Monica. ... For nearly six years, Dick Murphy has been quite busy taking care of his cousin who suffered from a number of physical ailments, had a stroke, and later died. Dick went from giving support as “care giver” to “executor” of his cousin’s estate. Dick and Laverne extend regards to all. ... Dan Huberty, son of Maureen and Dick Huberty, won the “run off” vote as State Representative, District 127, in the Texas primary and will challenge the incumbent in the November election. ... Sadly, the spring 2010 issue of John Carroll magazine listed the death of another class member – Joseph D. Murray -- who died Nov. 10, 2009. He and wife Betty Ann had three children. Our condolences are extended to the Murray family. ... In early April, daughter Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Anita Felice Kazmierczak ’87, retired from the U.S. Army Reserve at Ft. Stewart, GA, with 23 years of faithful and dedicated service (includes 14 years of active duty). Anita turned down her promotion to Colonel (COL) inasmuch as husband LTC Jim is currently serving his third tour of duty in Iraq with the 3RD INF DIV and the two children, Tommy (11) and Alaina Rose (9) would not fair well with both parents away on active duty – family first! Anita has had a brilliant military career – we are very proud of her! God bless, Sal

relaxing in Jacksonville: l to r: Barbara and Don ’59 Gould, Mary Jo and rick ’59 Dodson, and tom ’59 and Dolores Barrowman ’59. whereabouts in the next issue. Well, this is the next issue, so I can report that he was on a Caribbean cruise to Costa Rica, Panama, as well as Belize. “I have previously been to Costa Rica as well as thru the locks at Panama,” he reported, “but this trip was put together by Tony Musca ’55 and it was comprised of many friends. Good time, but personally, I think I will stick to Med cruises which offer so much more in the way of side trips, cities, e.g. Venice, Istanbul, Ephesus, Capri, Rome, etc.” ... My wife, Nancy, and I visited Portugal -Lisbon and Fatima -- during spring break as our 50th wedding anniversary present to each other. It was a fabulous, very spiritual trip -- one of those life-changing experiences. ... Don Santos contacted me last month. He recalled that he was in ROTC with Bill Doran, and went through Transportation Officer Basic with him at Ft. Eustis in 1959. I sent him the pictures I have of Bill in Vietnam. After graduation, Don served a U.S. Army tour of duty at Ft. Eustis, VA, received an MBA from Case Western University in 1966, and then worked at Eaton Corporation for 28 years in information technologies until retirement 14 years ago. He currently works part time as a computer instructor at Cuyahoga Community College. Don and Marsha (married 39 years) have three children and live in Mentor, OH, but spend a cold winter month each year in warm Naples, FL. ... I heard from Robert (Bob) Seiler, who considers himself a member of ’58 since that is the class he spent most of his time with at Carroll. Bob was a “day” student from the West Side. He explains that he “carried lots of credits, worked 34-40 hours a week, and drove 45 minutes each way since I lived with my parents at the time. About the only extra activity I had time for was ROTC.” He switched majors “to math in spring ’58, went to night school for the next three years, and finished in January ’60. Went on active duty in March ’60, and spent eight plus years on active duty, became a civilian for DOD, and retired in 1995.” Bob also wanted the photos of Bill Doran as he was in the same Vietnam locations as Bill during those years. ... Time for The Whistler, April 21, 1951, “Silent City.” For the extended version of this column visit: class_notes_1958.htm -- Peace, JEC


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A beautiful spring day in San Antonio, TX, April 21. I mentioned in the last issue that Larry Dietz was out of the country and that I would report on his

Spring was beautiful except in Florida -- all the locals reminded me that the temperature hadn’t been above 80 for more than 100 days. Undaunted, Barbara and Don Gould, Dolores and Tom Barrowman, and Mary Jo and I spent a few days together in Jacksonville, FL, in late March. Our initial goal was to see a Key West sunset. The additional 581 mile, 10 hour drive allowed reality to creep into our euphoric plan to sip margaritas while listening to old Jimmy Buffet offerings. We settled for a few days of buying “treasures” at the local San Marco Arts and Craft Show, dinners at Whitey’s Fish Camp and The Players Club, and many reminiscent moments not previously shared -- looking forward to an annual get together. ... Rev. Wesley Toles is one of five recipients of the 2010 Alumni Medal. The award is the highest honor awarded annually by the Alumni Association for an individual’s accomplishments in his/her profession, exemplary family and personal life, contributions to their community, and dedication to John Carroll. Wesley was honored at the Alumni Awards Dinner on Friday, May 21. Well done, Wesley. ... Dr. Chuck Ward’s e-mail “for the States” has changed to: [email protected]. His Irish e-mail address is unchanged. ... Dianne and Jack Toronski celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at Our Lady’s chapel at St. Jude Cathedral, St. Petersburg, FL, with an intimate
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family Mass on February 20 (their actual day). A family dinner with their oldest children and local residents Cammie and John, and youngest daughter Stephanie and family, who flew in, was very special. They also had the opportunity during their lengthy stay to spoil their sixth grandchild who was born 16 days later. ... At Gary Furin’s urging, Pete Fegen entered the lottery for master’s practice round tickets. After almost 10 years of trying, Pete hit. Pete and Carol treated Gary and Adele, to Wednesday’s practice round and Par 3 tournament. Then Gary, who had waited 19 years for the “toughest tickets in sports,” and who has been a holder of two badges since 1995, went on with his sons for the weekend’s two final rounds. [columnist’s note: it was great to see Phil Mickelson take home the Green Jacket.] ... Not quite as earth shattering but having local reverberations, Rick Dodson finally broke through with a hole-in-one on the 138-yard second hole on the Cardinal Golf Club Red Course with a 7-iron while playing with two old friends. The best thing about it was no one was around after so I didn’t have to buy drinks. I bought my friends lunch. Classmates, I anxiously await news of what’s going on in your lives. God bless you. Rick that the Student Union lend its moral support to the protest of lunch counter discrimination against Southern negro students. The assembled members defeated the resolution [how far we have come in 50 years]. Apr. 8, 1960 -- “The Student Lounge, Silence or Bedlam?” Seeking to answer the question of what students do for relaxation during school hours, the most frequent response was students have nothing special in mind they only come to the lounge to relax. Relaxing can mean shooting pool, playing cards, reading, talking, or studying. A head count revealed 22 students milling around the pool tables, 47 students sitting around playing cards, 17 students talking or reading and five studying. Jan. 8,1960 -- “President Resolves Students’ Questions On Cheerleaders, Union Responsibility.” In a discussion on the responsibility and authority of student government at JCU, the circumstances behind the school’s veto of female cheerleaders for athletic events were questioned. John Lovas stated that the administration made the Union look ridiculous when it rejected the entire project at the last minute. Tim Strader asked why the entire plan wasn’t “nipped in the bud” before it was carried so far. Jerry Rachfal felt that the Union should have more to say about the issue. ... As you can see, we were dealing with momentous issues during our final year at Carroll, at least one was. The following headline made me laugh: Tuition Increases $5, (Making The Cost $25.00/Credit Hour). I guess we have come a long way. Those of us attending Reunion revived more memories. Be well, Schweick transportation industry, he has taken up golf and is also assisting with a program that provides disadvantaged youth opportunities to become involved in the world of golf. ... John Dwyer has retired as human resource manager for Smurfit Stone Container -- a paper products company located in New Philadelphia, OH. He and his wife, Pressy, live in North Canton and have four children and seven grandchildren. John’s major hobby is golf. ... Special congratulations to Gerry O’Connell on receiving the John Carroll Alumni Medal at this year’s graduation. His accomplishments are highlighted elsewhere in this magazine but he has been a very successful businessman, benefactor of his alma mater, and has served on Carroll’s Board of Directors for the last six years. He and his wife, Judy, have been married 46 years and have six children and 16 grandchildren. ... Mark your calendar: our 50th Reunion will take place next year. The University is planning on combining commencement and reunion into one grand weekend, May 20-22, 2011, in celebration of the 125th anniversary of John Carroll University -further info to follow. If you have not been receiving class updates, send me your e-mail address. JH


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reUNIoN Year
I will start this with the bad news. In seeking contact info on classmates for our 50th Reunion, I learned that Dave Wenzler passed away last November. May he and our other departed classmates rest in peace. ... I found several copies of The Carroll News from ’59–’60 in the attic and will share some of the content with you. All direct quotes: Oct. 9, 1959 -- “Gauzman’s, Steps, Fee Spark Union Discussion.” At Tuesday’s meeting John Lovas proposed a motion to rename the snack bar from “Gauzman’s” to a more collegiate nickname (motion defeated). Members did pass a motion concerning the possibility of installing steps at the side door of the Student Activities Center. Tim Strader initiated a motion to see whether the $10.00 library fee could be changed to a donation so it might be deducted from income tax [a clear indicator of future success as a venture capitalist]. --“MS Cadet Clubs Plan Year’s Sked (sic).” Scabbard & Blade: Captained by Paul Bott, this organization began their five week pledge period [we miss you Paul]. Assn. of U.S. Army: The AUSA headed by Pat Wagner will continue the Speaker’s Bureau and weekly war films [you might be run off campus today for this, Pat] in addition to the annual trip to the Mardi Gras in New Orleans [for this you might be chosen by today’s student body as the next president of JCU]. National Defense Trans. Assn: President Bob Schayer presided at the meeting at which a major trip to the Brooklyn Army Terminal during the Easter vacation was scheduled [what a great spring break]. Mar. 25, 1960 -- “Union Withholds Moral Support.” “We all have an obligation to be concerned with something that violates the Constitution of the United States.” These words of John Lovas stirred up the March 15 meeting of the JCU Student Union. Lovas’ motion suggested 30
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While this column was being prepared, we received notice of Bob Kreidler passing away in Akron, OH. As was mentioned in this column a year ago, Bob served in the U. S. Army for five years in Vietnam and Europe as well as having been a professor of European History at the United States Military Academy at West Point. In more recent years, Bob was founder and headmaster of the Ohio College of Clowning Arts and was a noted actor and storyteller. Bob attempted to teach the art of living through laughter and was equally adept at performing for youngsters and corporations. Survivors include his wife, Dr. Maryhelen Kreidler, three children, and 11 grandchildren. ... George Narby and his wife, Eleanor, live in Buffalo, NY. They have three children and 11 grandchildren, two years ago, they lost their youngest son at age 35. George is still practicing law but also spends considerable time with his Bernese Mountain dog that recently became an American Kennel Club champion. ... John Tien and his wife, Marlene, live in Twinsburg, OH, and for the last several years have spent three months each winter in Naples, FL. The Tiens have four children and three grandchildren. ... Ronald Bodziony and his wife, Kathleen, live in Warwick, RI, and have four boys and 10 grandchildren. After serving 15 years with the U.S. Army, Ron was involved for many years in management with American President Lines -ocean cargo carriers. Now retired from the

We received a note from Terry Leahy some time ago, which due to space limitations we were unable to include. The occasion has presented itself to share these significant sport memories now. “Just a short and belated congratulations to all of the players on the ’59 JCU football team which was recently inducted into the Hall of Fame. It is an honor which, to me anyway, would seem to be way overdue. I was a sophomore then and was fortunate enough to get to almost all of the games. I’m even brave enough to admit that I was on the bus to the final game at W&J. (That got a little out of hand.) I’ve watched football almost all of my life. Your team dominated games like anyone seldom sees. It was like watching mis-matched Pop Warner teams. I remember sitting in Hosford one game, I’m not sure who it was against, but they somehow got the ball on our 40. I remember thinking those guys are not going anywhere against our defense, and that’s just what happened. Four and out. It was like that almost the entire season. You just dominated. I know enough about the game that those results just didn’t happen by chance. There was a lot of hard work involved, and for that I congratulate each of you who played. I think all of us fans were lucky to witness this team. I tried to get to the induction dinner this fall, but my health wouldn’t quite agree with that idea. I really wanted to be able to push my chair back from the dinner table and stand up to give you guys an ovation. You must have had some great stories to tell, especially about playing for John Ray. I’ve had season tickets at Notre Dame since 1966. My older brother was a manager for Terry Brennan at ND and in 1966 no one cared about ND. I’ve had them since. Coach Ray, of course, coached at ND about that time. His defenses at ND were much the same as at JCU. When he passed away, I saw some of the things that people wrote. Everyone

remembered him pretty much the same way I’m sure most of us do. There were even nice comments from the high school where he coached before he came to JCU -- also, some great comments from Kentucky fans. I think we all owe Herb Eisele a debt of gratitude for that hire. John Crilly forwarded me the Media Guide from that year and it’s priceless. Coach Ray had ONE assistant. How many are there now, a dozen plus? I hope this finds everyone in good health. I’m especially happy to hear the latest about Jerry O’Malley’s health. Take care of yourselves.” My thanks to Terry for sharing his thoughts. Bob heavy-duty Honda, two-stage snow blower proffered by her loving spouse? Thanks to you, Frank, our brides now imagine these gifts in juxtaposition to the 27 foot sculpture of “San Francesco Della Vigne.” In Italian one could say, “Guadagnate! Perdiamo!’’ From all of your former friends, Frank, Congratulations! ... Until next time, Pete


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Hugh Largey is currently among the “formerly employed” in San Diego, CA, where he is devoting more time to fulfilling volunteer service opportunities afforded by the Knights of Columbus. Hugh is also working very hard to keep his wife, Laura, happily employed full time, which is their “insurance plan,” at least until the economy turns around. Both Hugh and Laura work with Catholics for the Common Good, which deals with the protection of children and the preservation of traditional marriage. Hugh said he was looking forward to our Reunion in June. ... Sharon and Jack Mesker had a busy 2009 with the birth of two grandchildren, one in Atlanta, GA, and another in Birmingham, AL, for a grand total of eight -- one more and it’s a baseball team. Jack’s fishing is taking a back seat to family events but, he and Sharon are traveling, starting with 10 days in Italy this fall. In his spare time, Jack is chairman of the Greenville, SC, Disabilities Board, serves on his homeowners association, is on the local parish Finance Council, and is financial secretary with the Knights of Columbus. He says that anybody near or passing through Greenville or Spartanburg should get in touch. ... Jim Worley recently retired (for the second time) from East Kentucky Power Cooperative, where he was the general manager of their Envision Energy Services subsidiary. He tried to retire in January 2008 but was called back in October only to retire in January 2010. He says this time it is going to stick, although he is already cheating by doing some part-time consulting for Fort Knox. ... Joe Whelan is currently doing educational consulting work in Cleveland Metropolitan schools, Palos Heights School District in Chicago, and Worthington, MN. Joe’s topic is “Differentiated Instruction to Meet the Needs of all Learners.” He worked on our 45th Reunion with Mark Hanket and was looking forward to the June gathering. Also headed to Reunion were Wink and Duane Kexel, Judy and Jay Brungo, and Peggy and Tom McGrath. All were looking forward to many other friends from our class joining in the fun. Sandy and Ken Esper are living in Conway, SC. They are looking forward to their 50th high school reunion next year. ... Paul Margosian received his M.S. in physics with our class while working at NASA-Lewis on flight propulsion. He writes that he went on to get his Ph.D. in physics from MIT in 1974. He and his wife, Diane, had three children who have presented them with seven grandchildren. After getting into the design and development of CT and then of MRI, he enjoyed five years in Germany working for Siemens in its medical division. These days he is employed at Hitachi Medical in Twinsburg, OH. ... Ed Doherty e-mailed from Accra after completing a three week volunteer project in Ghana involving a large irrigation project on the Volta River. His sponsor was ACDI/VOCA - a non-profit, economic development organization. Ed assisted in improving the leadership and team development for a cooperative specializing in rice farming. ... 31


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Hi, everyone. Hope your spring was a great time for you. As for news, Tom Kilbane - TKilbane@ - has been selected by in-house counsel and his peers as one of the world’s leading litigation lawyers. That’s a great honor, Tom. Congratulations. In more than 30 years of trial experience, Tom has been involved in litigating highly technical, multi-party commercial disputes with particular emphasis on antitrust, contract, construction, and securities cases, at state and federal levels. Tom is also a fellow of the International Academy of Trial lawyers, the American College of Trial Lawyers, and the American Bar Foundation, is recognized in the International Who’s Who of Professionals, The Best Lawyers in America, Who’s Who in America, and Who’s Who in American Law. Suffice it to say that you have done very well, Tom. Keep it up. ... Jim Kline is one of the recipients of the 2010 Alumni Medal. This was announced in the last issue of John Carroll magazine. I had not received the info, so I thought it best to insert it here as well. The Alumni Medal is the highest honor awarded annually by the Alumni Association for an individual’s accomplishments in his/her profession, exemplary family and personal life, contributions to their community and dedication to John Carroll University. Congratulations and all the best. ... And an open letter to Frank Grace from Jim Corrigan - [email protected]: “Dear Frank, Your significantly married classmates from John Carroll, wish to congratulate you. Never before has one man brought so much joy to his own wife with a single, birthday gift than you did this year when celebrating Judy’s 39th. That said, your married classmates wish to chastise you for fueling the wave of huge disappointments coming to the Mary Lous, Siennas, Sallys, Cathys, Sandys, Mary Lynns, Pennys, Carolines, Kays, Maureens, Marys, Lenores, Eunices, Junes, Rosemarys, and others that we have married. For are they not celebrating their 39th birthdays as well, this year? Standing alone, a six quart, Kitchen Aid Pro Line Mixer is an impressive gift. So too is that bad boy of vacuums, the Dyson DC25-Blueprint-Limited Edition, fresh out of the box. Such gifts might have evoked a gushing, “Oh, I’m so lucky to have married you!” or “Oh, you’re just the greatest,” remark punctuated with a tender kiss. During the halcyon days, i.e. the time-period prior to Judy’s 39th, was there ever a love of your life that wouldn’t have been tingling and bubbling as she unwrapped a

Ellen and Tom Ungashick’s latest globetrotting dispatch is from Morocco. They report singing along at Rick’s Casablanca piano bar, eating dates at a romantic palm tree oasis, living regally in a Sahara Desert tent – OK so far, BUT, Ungy riding a camel? Lawrence of Arabia redux? It stretches the imagination. The picture shows the camel’s head is as large as Tom’s torso; fill in your own punch line here. ... Wife Joanne and I entered the travel competition with three weeks to Australia and New Zealand, spectacular countries with magnificent vistas and wildlife. Joanne’s lifelong dream came true when she held and fed a koala in the Australian Blue Mountains. My highlight, other than the nightly piano bar aboard ship, was the wondrous albatross which routinely uses its 10’ wingspan to circumnavigate the Southern oceans. ... Mary and Angus McPhie are enjoying an exciting and unique summer of family bonding. Both sons are getting married, taking them to California in May and then Illinois in June. Also in June, their second daughter will present them with their first granddaughter. What great memories! Our prayers and best wishes to them. By the way, those of you who took the ill advised weight-loss bet against Gus at the Reunion last year, dust off your checkbooks. He’s down 17 pounds and hitting the gym five mornings a week. Never bet against an All American. ... Lastly, the Class of ’64 receives another honor – I’ve been awarded the 2010 Silver Quill Award for dedicated class columnist. Just at the age when they pin a note to your coat to ensure you get home safely, along comes this humbling honor. Becoming your scribe began at Mary and Tom Leahy’s 2004 40th Reunion party when the columnist replacement posse, err, committee, at wife Joanne’s suggestion I might add, found me sated with copious amounts of Idaho wine from Chateau Rus Centanni and willing to agree to anything. John Breen sums up subsequent events best: “Matthew had Jesus and the 12; F. Scott had Gatsby and Daisy; Lee Child has Jack Reacher; Kels has the idiots from Red & Eddies, Nagles, the 2085 Club, the I-Chis, and more. It seems a bit unfair to the others when their subject matter pales in comparison.” True enough, what a great, diverse, original, talented, amazing group that first met in University Heights in the fall of 1960. You all are the intrinsic reason the column has value, and writing it has been an enriching and rewarding experience because it has kept me closer to all of you. Thanks so much for a great six years of fraternal correspondence, and keep sending your memories and updates. Until next time, God bless all Streaks! Frank

SUMMER 2010 John Carroll university

Your columnist’s latest travel was in March to Israel and Jordan. Cecile and I stayed in Jerusalem while making side trips to Tel Aviv and Masada. Our last two days were spent roaming around the ruins in Petra, Jordan. Looks like Peru in June. Regards, Dick had a varied social service career and he is well respected for his knowledge in the field. ... Just before St. Pat’s Day, John Forhan and I were talking about the passing of a TV icon, Fess Parker. John stated that he met him once. He had been to his winery in Santa Ynez, which is about 40 minutes from John’s home in Santa Barbara, CA. John is retired and he and wife, Carol, do like to travel to big cities for the theater, restaurants, music, etc. They recently went to New Orleans and San Francisco. John continues to work as a part-time law instructor in Santa Barbara. ... Speaking of New Orleans, William Ryan was recently advised that he is a recipient of John Carroll’s 2010 Campion Shield. The award is presented in recognition of bravery or heroism on the part of a member of the John Carroll University community. Bill was honored at the Alumni Awards Dinner held May 21, 2010. Pete Bernardo and I attended so look for my observations in the fall Alumni Journal column. Congratulations Bill. ... I recently received the Gold Star Award from Remington College as their top instructor for the winter quarter. It was quite a recognition for me and I was very proud. ... Look for my post cards. Please forward any news about Class of ’67 members to me - [email protected] - always great to hear from you. Take care. Peter at Regis University here in Denver. About 22 alums met to greet President Robert Niehoff, S.J., and Mary Lavin, alumni director. It was super hearing the update about campus life, faculty, the graduation speaker (Tom Brokaw) and the wonderful honors paid to Tim Russert ’72. Did you know there are 200 of us alums now living within a 50 mile radius of Denver? I am currently working for Arapahoe Community College as the clinical coordinator in the School of Nursing. I enjoy my interactions with the students (ever younger population!) and opportunities to share my John Carroll experiences with everyone. Patrick Cassidy, my spouse of more than 40 years, and I live in Littleton close to the foothills on a lovely plateau overlooking the Chatfield Valley on the South Platte River. Pat works part-time for Follett Bookstore on the Arapahoe campus. While our hearts will always be with family and friends in Cleveland, I do love this place.” ... Jack O’Connell e-mailed about Reunion: “Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it to the 40th. I am going to Scotland to a graduation of a goddaughter at St. Andrew’s. I saw Chris Carmody in November in St. Louis, MO, for his daughter Robin’s (another goddaughter) wedding. I realize that everyone has looked forward to seeing my legs in the requisite pair of Bermudas and, believe me, if I were able to do both, I would. Have fun and say a prayer at Gesu that we will all see each other soon.” ... Chris himself also e-mailed his regrets: “Unfortunately I will be unable to make the Reunion. In June the NBA playoffs are still on and I am getting ready for the PGA in August. In January I married a wonderful woman named Gillian from Scotland. Great gal and a golfer (9 handicap). We are going back to Scotland in August to visit family and friends. So my summer is pretty full.” Chris is still working hard at Turner Network Sports. ... Bill O’Rourke e-mailed: “I recently returned from a three year assignment as president of AlcoaRussia, a $1 billion operation with two of the largest manufacturing facilities in Alcoa. It was the best (and worst) job I had in my life with lots of rewards, challenges, and disappointments. I went to Russia shortly after I lost my wife, Carol, to breast cancer. The best part of the Russia job (in addition to being detained in the airports, being robbed by the police, meeting Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev, etc.) was meeting my new wife, Elena, who was teaching me the Russian language. She’s a wonderful person. I’m still with Alcoa. I joined the company in 1975 as a patent attorney and have held a few diverse positions in addition to president of the Russian Operation. It’s been a great ride with a great company and is still going strong. My son and daughter live near me in Pittsburgh. My daughter and her husband, Andrew, had a son a year ago and I really enjoy the grandfather role.” ... Ed Sandrick dropped me a note to inform me about the Lt. Fred A. Hartman Jr. Memorial Scholarship. Some of you might remember Fred ’68 as a JCU classmate or a Murphy Hall RA. Fred made the ultimate sacrifice in April 1969 while serving in Vietnam as a U.S. Marine Corps officer. In contemplating your charitable giving, you might want to consider this wonderful scholarship that both honors Fred and helps John Carroll students. ... Keep the notes and e-mails coming! Ted


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Hello all. It seems like this New Year has flown by so far. I just finished our last column and now it is spring and time for the summer issue. I recently received the flyer for The Catholic Tour so I know that Jim Adair is still hard at work. Jim’s company schedules and conducts tours to many of the shrines and holy places in the world. This issue features visits to Lourdes and other locations in France. If anyone wants more information, you can visit ... I had a sales meeting in the Dallas area in January so was able to hook up with Jack McLain and Penny. He continues to enjoy his retirement. Penny continues to fly with Delta as a senior flight attendant. Most of her routes include European destinations so Jack is able to join her on some of her trips. Not a bad perk for all of his time in the Delta cockpits. ... I also had an e-mail from Dan Ruminski. I reported in the last issue about his project to help return Cleveland to its former grandeur. He wrote that they are currently getting their wings working on a museum to showcase the hey-day of Cleveland. It will be housed at Lakeview Cemetery as part of the Garfield Monument. They hope to attract all types of visitors. ... That is about all I have for this time. I am waiting for some of you to comment on your retirement or suedo-retirement so I can give Dan Raleigh some feedback on how many of us are really retired. John Minaudo, where are you? If I remember correctly, you might have been one of the first of us to retire. Take care all, Dave


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Hello class ... John Gibbons relates that he recently resigned after three years at Bedford High School. John will return to Lake Catholic High School as an assistant coach this fall and is looking forward to the opportunity. John has a long and impressive history with Lake Catholic, where he built his great reputation in high school football. John coached at Lake Catholic for 15 years and won two state titles. He left there in 1999 and coached at St. Edward High School for nine years. John has a career record of 216-92. When you consider the football teams he played against, that is a phenomenal record. He is considered a great defensive coach -- John will also get the opportunity to coach his son who attends Lake Catholic. Good luck in your new endeavor. ... Ben Litra continues to sell and lease autos out of his business on the Bedford Auto Mile. Ben is always anxious to see his former classmates. ... Mike Mullin continues to work as a counselor at the Northcoast Behavioral Healthcare facility located next to MetroHealth in Cleveland, OH. Mike has 32
John Carroll university SUMMER 2010

Onward, Forward, Upward with the Class of ’68 ... Donna Nelson and I were graduate students in speech at Miami University Oxford, OH, in 1968 after graduation from John Carroll. We received a Master of Arts in Speech from Miami University in 1969. We taught speech classes and had many interesting teaching experiences. Jenny and I stayed in Oxford, I taught speech and was the director of the speakers bureau, and Jenny taught fifth grade at Talawanda Elementary School. Donna is a very dear friend, dedicated Carroll graduate, and a long-time resident of Florida. ... I spoke with Peter Bernardo ’67, Vietnam hero, fraternity brother, and a dear friend at Carroll. Peter and I discussed many things which included our class of ’68 members. Peter pointed out a very significant, real fact that many of our classmates have passed away. We miss them all and pray for them and their families. As a continuing honor to them we owe it to them to stay connected to one another by your news for John Carroll magazine, continued support, and financial support to John Carroll. ... For you and John Carroll University, Jeff

‘69 ‘70

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Barbara Sturges Cassidy sent the following note to the Alumni Office: “Just a note to let you know about the wonderful alumni meeting held in April



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After the death of Tim Russert ’72 and the memorial weekend celebrating his life last year, many of Tim’s U-Club brothers decided that it is important to get together regularly and renew old friendships. An informal U-Club reunion is planned for the weekend of June 11-12 in Cleveland. The weekend last year celebrating Tim’s life was such a great time for so many of us and we hope this year’s will be just as memorable. ... Dominick Iacuzio has moved to San Francisco when Roche Pharmaceuticals moved his Tamiflu division to California. Though always an East Coast guy, Dominick didn’t mind moving as his three daughters have also moved to the West Coast. Only Dominick’s son, John, continues to live on the East Coast and will be married this June in Chicago. ... John Urban continues to practice law on the West Side of Cleveland. His son, Michael, is a chiropractor who practices on the West Side. John’s younger son, Ryan, is in California working in the film industry. ... Our big news is that Tom has been awarded the Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award for the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana campus. He is one of only a handful of teachers receiving these awards this year. Tom has taught two or three courses in communication and business and professional speaking each semester since 1972. ... Please send any news to us at [email protected]. Tom and Rosemary

dinner out of the deal. ... Mike Chambers is the 2009 winner of the Pinnacle Award, given by the Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry to the individual who has given unselfishly to the industry. Mike and Carol have been married 36 years and have three kids and four grands. ... Ran into Ed Harrington – he’s the big cheese as regional president at John Marshall Bank in Washington, D.C. ... And finally, a column wouldn’t be complete without word from the JCU representative in the House of Lords, Viscount Frank Palamara. Frankie is still selling private equity in “the City” and hopes to hop the pond this summer. But since I am at the 450 word limit I can’t tell you the stories that put me on the floor, so I’ll wrap it up ... see you at Reunion 2012. Take care, JM


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branch manager with Edward Jones. ... Congratulations to Bernie Conway ’75. He got married in February to a lovely lass named Blathnaid. He met her two years ago while living in Ireland. ... Ginny and Steve Noon’s son Aaron graduated last May ’09 from John Carroll with a Bachelor of Arts in French and is currently enrolled in the master’s program at Carroll. He is doing post graduate work in education. He is also a part-time French tutor at the South Euclid-Lyndhurst City Schools. Their daughter Morgan is a sophomore at the University of Cincinnati. ... Val Street spent two weeks in Hawaii this past February -- a week on Kauai, and the second week in Honolulu where she attended a class. ... To wrap up this column, Molly and I became grandparents for the second time in March. Our oldest daughter Kate ’98 gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Blaise Augustine. We were in Fairfield, CT, for the blessed event. Hope everyone has a great summer. Send me your news and updates. I am also on Facebook. Robby


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Patty Simoson Farrell wrote to let me know that Quilty has passed on. Quilty, their 10-year-old Wheaton terrier quietly passed away in January. So they got a new dog and named him Murphy. (Not to confuse the Farrell dog with Dennis of-thesame-name – he’s alive and well and can be reached at Fenway). Patty wrote that Don (Farrell) is looking forward to golf season. His parents are 89 and are needing a little more attention. But then Don is 59 and he is needing more attention. Don and Patty’s kids are great: Emily is a nurse, Colleen is teaching English at Loyola Academy, and young Don has graduated and is selling real estate and coaching lacrosse. Patty is looking to get back “in the game” at the International Center for Deafness and the Arts. ... Bobby Longo wrote Jack Bertges, and I got a copy of the “transcript.” Bobby is looking good (not in a datable way) and is touting “59” as the new “39.” Anyway, he relayed a story about how he had been trying to get together with Marty Schreiber, like forever. So one day, after a meeting at John Carroll, Bobby goes to Mass across the street at Gesu and the priest introduces a “guest homilist, our own newly minted Jesuit, Fr. Marty Schreiber.” Bob does a double take and says Marty V.2 looks just like Marty V.1. So at the kiss of peace, Bobby turns around and there is “senior.” Not only did Longo get a good surprise, but he weaseled an Easter

Greetings ’73ers! Gerry Patno is going to be a tough act to follow after all these years of unrivaled reporting ... hence the “Quill” ... but I have picked up the gauntlet and with your help, I will carry on. Any and all tidbits, rumors, suspicions, and occasional true stories will be accepted, tolerated, enhanced, occasionally verified, and published to keep you informed. I’m usually a presence at the Reunions and bump into locals as well as the drop-ins. I may also introduce a little feature I will call “sightings” ... and let you tell me whom you’ve run into where and when ... nothing in depth needed. For example: I understand Tom Malone, finance director for the City of Cleveland Heights, was seen in the Cleveland St. Patrick’s Day parade sporting his melodious bagpipes (and the latest in kilts!) ... I ran into Keevin Berman at my Worker’s Compensation office representing employers. ... I’m sure you have bumped into, road an elevator with, saw on Facebook or “Tweeted,” or even heard about on our own JCU Connect. That’s it for now. Rock on!


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reUNIoN Year
Hello classmates! Many of you probably have not received the spring issue of John Carroll magazine as of this writing and therefore I have not received your best guesses at to the answer of the trivia question in my last column. Just received an e-mail from Carroll with an online registration form for Reunion Weekend 2010 (our 35th). By the time you read this column Reunion Weekend will have come and gone – recap in the fall issue. ... Barb Varone chaired the Reunion Planning Committee for our 35th and Jack Metzger chaired the Class Gift with a goal of breaking the record for the largest donation for a 35th Reunion class gift. ... Received an e-mail from Donna (Rodney) Greene. Donna is a contracting officer with the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California. She and husband Buz live in Thousand Oaks, CA. They play golf a couple of times a week and are looking forward to attending the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach Golf Links in June. Their daughter, Shannon, is a graduate student at Western Michigan University majoring in athletic training. ... I received some sad news from Fr. Neal Buckon just before Easter. Neal’s father, John ’50, died on April 5. His wake was held in South Euclid with funeral Mass at Gesu Church. “Dad had the consolation and support of the Sacraments prior to his death. He was surrounded by his wife, children, grandchildren, and many loving family members and friends during his final days.” Neal plans to retire at the end of the year after 28 years of service to our country in the U.S. Army with a possible assignment next January to a parish within the Diocese of Cleveland. ... Benedictine has brought back famed track coach Cy Levkanich to run the Bengals’ program. Levkanich coached Benedictine to three Division II State Championships and has been the Bengals’ cross-country coach since 1982. His teams also have won seven district titles, five regional titles, and have been regional runner-up twice. Cy lives in Brecksville and replaces former coach Bob Holpuch. ... I will give you the correct answer to
SUMMER 2010 John Carroll university


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Mike Bergerson’s oldest son, Michael, graduated from The Law School, University of Notre Dame in May, and got married on Memorial Day weekend in SC. His sons Brendan and Patrick are working on Wall Street and living in Midtown Manhattan; Brendan trades oil in the pits and Pat trades in the equities market. Bergy’s oldest daughter Kara graduated from Western Washington University in June and his baby, Mary Sinead, is a freshman at Western Washington University. Bergy will be hosting his annual golf weekend. Expected to tee off include: Van Conway, Roger Hull, Ron Deneweth, John Clayton from Detroit, Tim McMahon, Jim Cannan (now retired from Proctor and Gamble), and Sean McNicholas from Chicago. ... Jeff Hokl, is an underwriter technician at Chartis Insurance in Chicago. His oldest son turned 21 and attends Marian University in Indianapolis, IN. Jeff’s oldest daughter is at the University of Illinois and his youngest daughter is a sophomore in high school. Jeff’s wife, Patricia, is a


the spring trivia question in my next column. took a trip to Key West and ran into Linda and Steve Ryan at a Duval Street bar. John, a senior account manager at Weatherbee Media, organized a Circle K reunion in September; attendees included Dave DeAngelis ’77 (Tulsa, OK), Bruce Luecke, and Pete Ruffing (both from Columbus, OH). Circle K plans to have reunions every other year. John also shares his joy of grandparent life with twin grandsons Michael and Patrick (1). ... Daniel Burke’s sophomore year at JCU begins with a fall semester in Rome. Dan is son of Mary (Klingshirn) Burke. Tuscany is on Mary’s bucket list, so she is looking forward to visiting Dan. Mary (Rocky River, OH) is happy that both older children, Catherine ’09 and Patrick, are employed in these tough times. Mary’s passion is bike riding; she is riding and raising funds for a cure to multiple sclerosis in the “MS 150 Pedal to the Point” ride in August. ... Paul Cipar added a new business in addition to his company, Paramount Machine Company (PMC). He manufactures custom corn hole boards - Paul and wife Pat live in Port Washington, OH, and await the June arrival of their fourth grandchild. Son Paul works for PMC and daughter Michelle ’01 teaches first grade. Golf and trips on his Harley are Paul’s hobbies. ... Jim Gregorich has been involved in relief efforts for Haiti. His company’s earthmoving equipment was used to search for survivors and to bury the dead in Petit Goave, which was hard hit by devastation; a company manager was instrumental in organizing an entire shipload of aid that reached areas not served by the big relief organizations. ... Pete Sheehan reports that the IPT fraternity gathered in Chicago in late April. Pete, Paul Giba, and Bob Kelsey got in a Cubs game at Wrigley. Pete is senior reporter for the Long Island Catholic in New York. ... After stints in Bangkok and Cairo, Rob Herald enjoys living in Hong Kong, working for the Canadian International School. With a beautiful view of Victoria Harbor, Rob lives right in the heart of the concrete jungle on the 47th floor of a high rise but can access some of the most green and beautiful hiking trails and seaside locations in less than a half hour. Rob is taking trips to Beijing, the Great Wall, and still finds time for golf. Rob keeps in touch with Nancy Moran Veselica and sends greetings to Jack Blackburn, Jim Gentile, Brian Farrell, Tim Casey, Kevin McCarthy, Dave Kavanagh, Mike Hendricks, and more. Rob expresses his personal gratitude for Dr. Jim Lavin counseling him on a career in education/student affairs. ... Thanks for writing! Tim

John Carroll alumni at Bob Keir’s ’77 wedding to sandy o’hehir in april included (l-r) Mark randall ’77, Brian niec ’79, Beth Keir (Friedel) ’78, Jeff Kasper ’77, Mark McGinley ’78, al hess ’80, al Baldarelli ’77, stan Mambort ’77, Kathy Kenny ’77, Cathy hogan-Monaco ’78, Brian henke ’77, Christine Picard ’92, (groom) Bob Keir ’77, Doug hogan ’77, urban Picard ’77, (bride) sandy Keir, tom Keir ’78, Beth Downing, Dennis lane ’77, erin adams (Cullen), Mike Downing ’77, Dave Cullen ’77, John randall ’76, John ‘Jr’ rutherford ’77, tom Corrall ’77, John harsh ’77, Mary Corrall ’77, Kathy Berry ’77, tom Welsh ’76, nancy Benacci (Cunningham) ’77, Kathy McCarthy, Bill Gagliano ’77, Mike McCarthy ’77, Joe Crogan ’77, Pete norton ’77. Here’s my new question: Michael Jackson is thought to have invented the “Moon Walk” dance step. However, while Michael was watching a documentary of a mime he saw the mime do the “Moon Walk.” Michael incorporated the “Moon Walk” into his performance of “Billie Jean” at the American Music Awards. Who was the mime that created the “Moon Walk?” The first classmate to give me the correct answer will be recognized in my next column. Pray for peace. Hey Sam! RR


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Ah, summer! Just a reminder that our 35th Reunion is in 2011. Perhaps we should start planning now in case the volcanoes in Iceland decide to continue perpetually. ... Congratulations to General Carter Ham who was awarded the 2010 Alumni Medal at the Alumni Awards Dinner in May. Carter, who is the current Commanding General, U.S. Army, Europe, was also recognized at the May 23rd Commencement. We’re honored to claim you in the Class of ’76. Thank you for serving! “Hi,” to Christi ’75! ... Apparently Terry Fergus is now in the furniture business, having surprised wife, Mary, by creating the Mary D. Fergus Endowed Chair in Maternal-Fetal Medicine to be held by a physician at University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital and MacDonald Women’s Hospital. Terry and family made the gift to honor Mary’s many years of dedication as a neonatal nurse and to recognize Dr. Fred Rothstein, who Terry and Mary credit with saving oldest son Nathan’s life 27 years ago. The family’s $1 million gift has been matched by the Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital Foundation with $500,000. Last, but not least, and bringing the Fergus saga full circle, congratulations and best wishes on the April marriage of son, Dr. Nathan Fergus! ... Have a wonderful summer, everyone. Send me some snippets, and I’ll see you in the autumn. Cools 34
John Carroll university SUMMER 2010

Yeah, yeah, I know I missed last issue. Did you look for it? Did absence make the heart grow fonder? Speaking of affairs of the heart it was a regular Class of ’77 reunion in Pittsburgh this past April as over 20 members converged on the City of Bridges for the wedding of the century. Yes, Bob (Sha) Keir, the perennial class bachelor and Duke of Murphy Hall, finally walked down the aisle and said “I do” to the lovely Sandy O’Hehir on April 10. Witnessing the blessed event were Nancy (Cunningham) Benacci, Urban Picard and his wife Christine (McFarland ’93), Mike Downing, John Rutherford, Jeff Kasper, Brian Henke, Stan Mambort, Kathy Berry, Mike McCarthy, Kathy (Coffey) Kenny, Bill Gagliano, Joe Crogan, Mark Randall and his brother John ’75, Doug Hogan, Al Baldarelli, John Harsh, Mary (Kelly) and Tom Corall, Dave Cullen and his daughter Erin ’02 and perhaps the biggest surprise, Peter Norton. Other John Carroll alumni in attendance were Mark McGinley ’78, Brian Niec ’79, Tom Keir ’78, Kathy Monaco ’78, Bev Friedel Keir ’80, Al Hess ’79, and Tom Welsh ’76. Did I forget anyone? It’s possible. There were an awful lot of Blue Streaks in town and I kept notes on a wine stained parking pass for Heinz Field where the reception was held. I’m happy to report that the Class of ’77 can still rock the night although the recovery period is probably a bit longer these days. ... If you know of any other significant gatherings of the Blue Streaks of ’77 please drop me a note. Any other news you’d like to share would be appreciated as well. Dennis


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Greetings! Here’s the latest ... John Baran and spouse, Kathy, live in Ligonier, PA. They recently

Hi everyone - how have you been? All good? Just checking. Haven’t heard from you in forever! Feel free to drop me a line anytime so we can catch up! ... Congratulations to Lori Oden Pietravoia. She has been named chief of the Office of Human Capital Management at NASA’s Glenn Research Center. Lori is an experienced human resources professional and will lead a staff of 35 and manage the full range of human capital management requirements for Glenn. Most recently Lori has performed duties as acting supervisor of Glenn’s

Logistics and Technical Information Division and chief, Human Capital Consultant Branch. Since beginning her NASA career at Glenn in 1990, she has served as supervisory human resources specialist, classification specialist, and human resources specialist, as well as employee and labor relations officer. Lori has also been recognized by NASA with an Exceptional Service Award. Way to go, Lori! ... Enjoyed an amazing spring weekend with gal pals: Cathy Dinkel Newell, Beth Maher Rinz, Paula Bruening, and Meg Hart at the lovely Frank Lloyd Wright’s Louis Penfield House right here in NE Ohio (Willoughby Hills) in March. A small but spectacular Usonian style home with a floating staircase, high doorways, and panoramic view which was built on a 30 acre wooded lot with the Chagrin River winding through it. It’s only about a half hour from downtown Cleveland, but we felt like we were a world away. We had a blast catching up, relaxing, taking hikes, watching and feeding the wildlife, cooking, eating, dining out, shopping, wine tasting etc! We sure crammed a lot of adventure into one weekend! All the gals are doing well and looking fabulous I might add! Cathy still works for Kodak and lives in Kendall, NY, right on Lake Ontario. Beth lives in University Heights and works for Sherwin-Williams, while Paula works as an attorney with privacy and management information law and lives in D.C., when she’s not off gallivanting around the world! Most recently, she spent time working in Paris! Ah, ça c’est très bon! ... I hope you all are able to take some time catching up with each other and enjoy your own special adventures. That’s about all the news for now. Don’t forget to write! “Every five while we’re alive!” Nancy

‘81 ‘82

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reUNIoN Year
Hello Class. A special thanks goes out to Kevin Whalen for his work on the reunion committee, along with all the committee members who volunteered their time. Additional recognition goes out to Don McGuire and Kevin O’Neill as class gift co-chairs who spearheaded the effort in collecting the Class Gift. The target amount was $111,000, which would be a record for a 30th Reunion. All the details of our Reunion will be in the fall issue of John Carroll magazine. ... Tina Romano-Allen is self employed as a human resources and career management consultant. In Tina’s spare time she is an independent Silpada Designs representative. ... Rob Knieriem sends greetings to all from Atlanta, GA, where he has been working as the Southeast regional sales manager for Specialty Foods Group which manufactures national brands such as Mickelberry’s hams, Kentucky Legend ham and turkeys, and Nathan’s hot dogs. Rob is in charge of all the retail/grocery stores in Puerto Rico, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas. Rob and his wife will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary this May and have a son who is a junior at Florida State University. ... Look for an expanded Reunion column in the next issue. Feel free to drop a line anytime! MFH

Greetings from Chicago! ... It’s a milestone year for many class of ’82ers. The big 5-0 has probably gotten most of us (although Katie Grace Brandt and I are still holding out until later this year). I was on campus in April and heard that Mary Rose (Coburn) Sullivan was celebrating her big day that evening at Finnegan’s. The next weekend, Joe Kovach was surprised at his party thrown by his lovely and talented wife, Peggy. She used the “kids in from college” ruse to get him to the restaurant. “Cold beer” used to work with Joe. ... Jane (Schneeberger) Grebenc has moved from KeyCorp to Park View Federal as executive vice president of retail banking. Jane has been active in the community, too, serving on the Board of Trustees for the American Red Cross, The Cleveland Sight Center, The Gathering Place, and the Holden Arboretum. Congratulations to Jane! ... In April, Katie Grace Brandt and I met in Berwyn, IL, to see Katie’s former roommate, Barb (Nagel) Rosene sing with the Harry James Orchestra. “Barbara” was on a five-week tour through towns in Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Minnesota that would make a minor league baseball player frown. She was spectacular! I am a fan of Big Band music and Barb’s voice and performance were something to hear and see. Check out future live performances at Barb has a son who is a junior at Dennison University and a daughter who is a junior in high school. ... Mark McDonnell joined Joe Kovach and me for lunch in March. Mark is a national sales executive for Lynnco Supply Chain – consultants for logistics and warehousing. His oldest son is finishing up at Carroll this spring – graduation at John Carroll will be beautiful. He also has a son at Loyola University Chicago and a couple more kids at home. Mac keeps up with Joe Basar, Tim O’Callahan, and Kevin Dougherty. ... Ed Fay was spotted at Sunday Mass at our parish in Winnetka, IL. I spoke with one of his sons, Warren, but missed touching base with Eddie as he was working the crowd. I remember so clearly the day I introduced Katie Grace and Ed Fay as they were both running to be our freshman class president. ... My Facebook friends’ list has grown with Jean (Nester) Turcu, Mary Lou Prendergast, Mary Alice O’Brien, Suzanne Fortunato, Beth Hassenplug Langenhorst, and Frank Cicco all agreeing to be my friend. I’m not sure what to do with Facebook, but I have some pretty good examples of what not to do from my youngest brother, Bill. ... Onward On! Paul

Suzanne was presented with John Carroll’s Alumni Medal, the highest honor awarded by the Alumni Association. It is presented to alumni who have distinguished themselves in their personal lives and careers, thereby reflecting well upon John Carroll’s educational efforts, moral principles, and philosophical tenets. Suzanne is the CEO of the Child Abuse and Neglect Council of Saginaw County, MI. For over 27 years, Suzanne has dedicated her life to children of Saginaw in order for them to have a safe and healthy environment while working to eliminate child abuse and neglect. The children she has protected, assisted, or saved from abuse have risen from their sufferings to become admirable contributors to their communities. There is so much to her story and so little space here to support her accomplishments. Suzanne accepted the Alumni Medal on May 21 supported by her husband Alan, daughter Samantha, son Ben, and other family and friends. Great job Suzanne! ... I was on Facebook with Ed Devney while he was “busy” conducting live shots as the deputy venues manager with Olympic Broadcast Coverage Vancouver. Ed’s promotion on FB was tremendous; this was his VI Olympic Games ... It was great to have. Tony Pallotta and Mo (Fallon) Adler in attendance at one of my benefit auctions. Tony’s daughter attends Saint Joseph Academy in Cleveland and Mo has taught there for 13 years. The alumni association has brilliantly started alumni networking nights in Cleveland. Start inking them on the calendar; you’ll enjoy meeting other grads. ... Mike Samerdyke cannot put the pen down. He won another first place prize for his short story, “The Rest of the Way Home.” Daughter Olivia matched dad with the top award at the Lonesome Pine Poetry contest for high school poetry entitled “The Crow.” ... Congrats to Bob O’Brien who has elevated his position again within Deloitte in Chicago. Bob was appointed to lead the U.S. real estate practice and has been elected a vice chairman. Bob and wife Diane (Winter) reside in Wilmette, IL, with daughter Jamie in eighth grade. Christie attends Tufts, Megan at Villanova. ... Sadly, I have to report that in March classmate Ed Mitchell lost his year long fight with myeloma. Ed’s wife Tara and two sons, E.J. and Robert, were comforted by John Carroll classmates who traveled to St. Louis; Bob and Diane (Winter) O’Brien, Craig and Ann (Dowdell) Fortin, Dave Mechenbier, Andy Majeske, Mike Ward, Kathy (Murphy) Emeterio, Karen Castelli, Peg (Morgan) Bollinger, Mary Kay (Sweeney) Friend. Please keep Ed and his family in your prayers. ... Enjoy summer, be safe, and tell me something good. Mark


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A famous quote states: “Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.” If you didn’t know classmate Suzanne (Schlichtman) Greenberg while we were roaming the campus, you will now.

Congratulations to Amy Ilyes as she has recently been named senior vice president, customer experience at Penske located in Beachwood, OH. She is responsible for the global deployment and ongoing development of the customer experience transformation. Amy has been a key member of Penske’s engineering and technology group for 22 years, most recently serving as vice president,
SUMMER 2010 John Carroll university


logistics engineering. After John Carroll, Amy earned both a master’s and a doctorate in operations research from Case Western Reserve University. ... My wife, Michelle (Sciangula), and I are proud to announce that our son Adam is now officially a member of John Carroll class of 2014. Adam will join his freshman classmates this fall! We all attended a freshman family orientation on a beautiful day this past April, and John Carroll has never looked better. It was fun to show our son around, and give him our pointers for living on campus, (though our advice is 25-years old). We toured the dorms and when we told the students living in Sutowski Hall that we were students there when their dorm was newly built (Remember when it was still called New Dorm I?), they looked at us like we were from a different century, which I suppose we are. We didn’t run into any classmates that day, but we came close: we saw some friends Tom and Suzanne Zinsmeyer, whose son Steven is considering JCU for the fall. Suzanne’s sister is Nancy (Salamon) Carroll ’83, who knew many in our class. Nancy has been married since 1986 to Gary Carroll and they live happily in Rocky River with their two kids. ... Where are your kids going to college? Send me an e-mail soon! Don covering the long-term care industry and aging issues. Jim’s main publication, McKnight’s LongTerm Care News, was named Publication of the Year by the American Society of Healthcare Publication Editors (ASHPE). Congrats Jim! ... Tom DiPasquale dropped us a line to let us know how things are going. Tom has been married for ten years and living in Upper St. Clair, PA. He and his wife Amanda have two beautiful daughters, Anna (8) and Kara (5). Tom has been working at Fujitsu America for 12 years and he is currently VP of sales. Tom still speaks with Billy Dawes (Columbus, OH) and Sal D’Angelo (Cleveland, OH) on a regular basis and reports that both Billy and Sal and their families are doing very well. Thanks to Jim and Tom for their e-mails. It was great to hear from you both. We hope this inspires others to drop us a line. It’s been 24 years ... someone has to have some news. Gigi and Beth

Images of
Photograph by Robert Wetzler

Can you identify anyone in these photos? We’d like to know! Please e-mail us at [email protected]


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Who are they?
We’re still trying to identify most of the individuals featured in the spring 2010 “Images of Carrol.” Our thanks to Elizabeth Becka ’85, who wrote the following about the jazz band photo above: “The people in the picture were in the jazz band (between) 1981-1984. The man with the glasses, standing (far left, back) was band director, Dr. Harvey Sisler.” If you see anyone you recognize, please e-mail your response to [email protected]


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reUNIoN Year
I am writing this column 100 days before our big 25th Reunion on June 11-13. Unfortunately, this is our summer column being written in spring so it does not contain any incredibly funny stories and informational updates on our classmates which will appear in our fall column. With no news to report other than an appeal to donate to our class gift for John Carroll, I bid you adieu! May peace be with you. Diane


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We hope this finds you all well and enjoying your summer. Congratulations to Rich Kramer, who was named CEO of Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co earlier this year. ... After 20+ years, we have received updates from two of our fellow classmates -- Jim Berklan and Tom DiPasquale. Jim and his wife, Sandy, have been married for 16 years. They live in Libertyville, IL, with their two boys, Matt (13) and Nick (9). After John Carroll, Jim went to Northwestern and got his master’s in journalism. He worked briefly at the Tribune and then for about 11 years at suburban Chicago daily newspapers -- at everything from sports reporter to features writer and editor, and finally city editor. Jim jumped to healthcare business publishing 10 years ago and has spent the last eight years as editor of an independent news magazine and its affiliated products (website, newsletters, custom publishing, webcasts, etc.)

Hi class! I had lunch a couple weeks back with Lisa Ahern Lewis at the Einstein Bagel Shop housed in the basement of the AD Building (yes, a bagel shop in the basement of the AD Building). As we ate, we commented on the students and the memories of our days at JCU, I miss those days! Not that I would want to go or anything (OK maybe for just one weekend). Now to all of you who helped make those memories, I have made it easy for you to contact me; I am now on Facebook. I finally broke down after seeing Dave Clifford at a funeral and hearing his comment “get with the times Sue and join Facebook.” So, you no longer have an excuse and I expect to hear from all of you! Dave Clifford briefly updated me that his company is partnering with Vistage International to launch a CEO/business owner think tank in NE Ohio where they can work on daily challenges in a peer to peer, confidential environment. Good luck Dave. He also mentioned his son David is a senior and daughter Tracey a freshman at Holy Name High School. Tracey is the JV pitcher and pitched a no hitter against Lake Catholic Saturday to lead the team to an 11-0 victory. Nice job Tracey. He also commented that Scotty Labuda continues to expand his Cali Juice stores and opened one in Strongsville. ... I was thrilled to hear from Alleyne McChesney last week, with lots of news. She is now living in North Carolina with her husband, Chris, and daughter Haley. They just returned from a trip to Hong Kong and South Korea and saw some wonderful sites. Alleyne said the best part of the trip was hearing Haley say how fortunate we are to live in the USA. Ditto to that! Alleyne keeps herself busy volunteering at Haley’s school and being the social chairman for their neighborhood -- always ready to plan a party (some things never change). She also writes: Maribeth Baker is living in Pittsburgh and doing well. Jane Overslaugh lives in Northern Virginia, works at the Pentagon, and has an adorable daughter, Lily. Alleyne will also be meeting her cousin Shannon McChesney ’88 and her three kids in NY City for a cousin and kids outing in May. Alleyne’s main reason for contacting me though was to inform


John Carroll university SUMMER 2010

me that her neighbors, the Delhommes, will be moving to Rocky River soon. Jake Delhomme just joined the Cleveland Browns and Alleyne wanted to share these words “To all Browns fans, I hope you welcome our friends the Delhommes. They are a great family and Jake will be a great asset to the team.” Thanks Alleyne. ... Enjoy your summer, Sue

‘88 ‘89

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‘92 ‘93 ‘94 ‘95

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received a grant to cover the cost of his participation in an archaeological dig this summer in Israel. In June and July, he will be digging the ancient ruins of the city of Tel Hazor in Galilee. I am anxiously awaiting photographs of this exciting endeavor and hopefully we will be reading more about his experience in a future publication of John Carroll magazine. ... Take care, everyone! Annie

I know our lives are crazy with spouses, kids, and jobs (and who knows what else!). When you read this, please logon to your computer and shoot me an e-mail - [email protected] - or Facebook me with an update for the next class column! We all want to know what you have been up to! Moe annie (hummer) dePerro 330-966-8845 [email protected]


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Greetings ’89ers and happy spring! As I compose this article, the Cavs are in the playoffs, Easter has come and gone, and so far the weather in Cleveland has been OK -- believe it or not. I had a chance to sneak out to campus last week and it looked great with all of the grass and trees so green and the flowers in bloom; wish I could go back for two years and relive the RAT bar, Frisbee games, and of course -- classes! My son is attending a basketball camp at St. Ignatius, run by a fellow Blue Streak and current Iggy baseball head coach Sean O’Toole ’91. I had the pleasure of running into Len Soeder ’90 who also has a son at the camp. Apparently Len is in medical sales and still lives right in the Carroll neighborhood and attends several functions at Carroll as well as enjoys the campus with his kids on weekends. Great running into you Len. ... This week I also heard from Caroline Spisak, who is an occupational therapist in Olmsted Falls, OH. Much to my surprise Caroline lives in my city of Avon and apparently has even spotted me at Holy Trinity Church with my family; what a small world we live in. Caroline was an avid runner until two recent injuries caused her to rethink her sport of choice. Now she is a member of the Snakebites bike club for men and women. She recently completed her first race and has a few more on the calendar. Good luck Caroline and thanks for the info -- see you at Mass some Sunday. ... I was remiss in my last article to not mention that Joan and Brad Gosser welcomed Johnny Gosser into their family to join the “Jakester” at home. It was my pleasure to meet the youngster on their last road trip through Cleveland. I am sure by now he is a handful and a great playmate for brother Jake; all the best Gossers. ... As of now that is all of the news I have to offer. May you all enjoy a safe and happy summer and enjoy whatever it is that makes you smile. Peace, David

reUNIoN Year
Hello classmates! By the time you read this, our 15th Class Reunion will be just a memory. I am sure I will have much to report in my next column. For now, I have news from three of our former classmates. First, from CityBiz, Washington DC via Meltwater (c): On February 16, 2010, The Board of Trustees of Chesapeake Lodging Trust appointed CPA Graham J. Wootten, who graduated with an accounting degree from John Carroll’s Boler School of Business, to serve as the company’s senior vice president, chief accounting officer and secretary. Graham previously served in several accounting roles between 2003 and 2007 including vice president and controller, at Highland Hospitality Corporation before it was sold to JER Partners, a private equity fund. Prior to joining Highland, Graham held various auditing positions for PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP from 1995 until 2003. Congratulations Graham, on your new position. ... Back in Cleveland, communication grad Randy Loeser joins the Cleveland Jewish News as senior director of sales and custom marketing. In addition to overseeing sales for the awardwinning weekly CJN newspaper, JSTYLE magazine, and other CJN publications, Loeser directs LinQ•2 Communications, a division launched in 2008 by the CJN’s parent Cleveland Jewish Publication Co. LinQ•2 provides custom media solutions such as specialty publications and also publishes the quarterly Cleveland/Akron Health and Wellness magazine. Before joining CJN, Loeser held senior management positions at Questex Media Group, where he was named Entrepreneur of the Year, and at Advanstar Communications and Penton Media. He has also been a consultant for business-to-business publications and nonprofit organizations and a guest lecturer at Ohio University as well as other colleges around Ohio. When not working, Loeser can be found on the basketball court as a referee licensed by the Ohio High School Athletic Association. A lifelong Clevelander, he lives with his wife and two children in Highland Heights. ... Finally, history grad Rev. Michael Simone, S.J.,

Brothers William and Anthony Cafaro Jr. have been named co-presidents of the Youngstown based Cafaro Co., owner of the Millcreek Mall. Anthony joined the business full-time in 1997 after graduation. The Cafaro Co. is one of the nation’s largest privately held shopping mall developers. The company operates more than 30 million square feet of space at 50 properties in 11 states. ... The greater Cleveland Automobile Dealers’ Association has named Louis A. Vitantonio, a 14year veteran of the organization, as president. The regional association represents 250 new car, truck, recreational vehicle, and motorcycle dealerships in Northern Ohio. Louis earned a marketing degree and an MBA from John Carroll then went on to obtain a law degree from ClevelandMarshall College of Law. He and his family live in Independence. ... Remember that you can send pictures with your updates to be included in future columns. I don’t know about you, but I’ve really enjoyed that addition. Until next time, the Lord bless you and keep you, Amy


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‘90 ‘91

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reUNIoN Year
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Hey everyone. Hope you’ve all had a nice spring. I have just a few updates to pass along -- Peter Munson (U.S. Marine Corps, Middle East Foreign Area Office) recently published Iraq in Transition: The Legacy of Dictatorship and the Prospects for Democracy (Potomac Books, 2009). The book is a history and socio-political analysis of events since 2003 and the effects of Iraq’s troubled past on the attempt at transition to democracy. The book has been endorsed by Dr. Steven Metz of the U.S. Army War College, Dr. Vali Nasr, an advisor on President Obama’s staff and professor at Tufts University’s Fletcher School, Dr. Ahmed Hashim of the U.S. Naval War College, and Gen. Anthony Zinni, former Commander, U.S. Central Command and Presidential Special Envoy to the Middle East. ... James Grant and his wife, Allison, welcomed their second child on Dec. 30. Her name is Caroline Rose Grant and she joins big brother James Harned Grant III (2). ... Brian Polian has moved from the Fighting Irish to the Pac 10. He was appointed special teams coordinator for the Stanford Cardinal football team after serving in the same capacity for the last five seasons at Notre Dame. Throughout his tenure in South Bend, the Irish special teams were some of the best in the nation. Under his guidance, the Irish boasted the best kickoff return coverage in the nation in 2008, allowing just 16.5 yards per return. ... Nicole
SUMMER 2010 John Carroll university



James ’97 and allison Grant welcomed their second child Dec. 30, 2009. her name is Caroline rose Grant and she joins big brother James harned Grant iii. Buchman Blum has been living in Portland, OR, for the past seven years. She’s been married to her husband, Trevor, for five and a half years and they are expecting their first child in early August. ... Bridget Smith Wendt is moving from Philadelphia to Atlanta, GA. Her husband, Michael, has been transferred by his company, Siemens. Bridget and Michael have also added a little boy to their family. Hogan was born in February 2009 and joins big sister, Louisa (4). ... John Alastra is working as an attorney for The Isaac Firm, LLC in Columbus, OH. He also mentioned that classmate Ryan Carter got married in November 2009. ... Gary Love is in Korea again. He will finish up his one-year tour in August and then head back to the D.C. area. ... Vincent Shemo and his family have relocated to Westlake, OH, and he recently took the position of vice president and controller of PolyOne Corporation in Avon Lake, OH. ... That’s it for now. Be sure to send me any updates you might have on yourself or another classmate. And don’t forget to sign up for our class page on Facebook. Just search for “John Carroll University Class of 1997.” Thanks! Brian

tim and Mary Jo (Marcellus) ’98 Wyse are the proud parents of audrey eleanor, who was born in Boston, Ma, on nov. 14. older brother, aidan John, was born in Fairbanks, aK on July 3, 2007. story was published in the January issue of Cleveland Magazine. “We are huge sports fans,” Jennifer writes. So the couple decided their wedding would reflect their love of sports. “Each person in our bridal party represented a team – the Browns, Indians, Cavs, Buckeyes, and Notre Dame too. The girls wore black dresses, with a sash that corresponded to a particular team’s colors.” As the couple exited church, guests waved rally towels donated by the Cavaliers. And at the reception, there was a ball and t-shirt toss, and guests could snack from a stadium hot dog cart. Before dinner, Rick and Jennifer threw up powder, as Lebron James does before each game. The “program” contained profiles of the coaching staff (their parents) and the players (their bridal party). Alumni in attendance at the oneof-a-kind celebration included: Dana (Weidaw) Arnold, Katie (Ruyan) Heavilin, Katie (Pusateri) Webster, Gretchen (Miller) Losey, Mary RoddyStretar, and Jim and Michelle ’01 (Marquette) Comerford. ... Unfortunately, our column must end on a very sad note. In April, the family of our well-liked classmate Javier Reveron learned that his body was positively identified, six years after his disappearance in January 2004. Javier touched the lives of so many people. May we cherish our memories of him. And may he rest peacefully in God’s loving care. Cherie

rick and Jennifer (Janas) ’98 McKenzie were married nov. 7, 2009. influential defined contribution advisors for 2009 by! At CBIZ, Mike is responsible for developing and implementing investment and fiduciary best practices on behalf of clients. ... Wedding bells will be ringing for Justin Hayes who is engaged to be married in July to Amber Marie Shores. Justin graduated cum laude from The Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law. He is a land use attorney for Linowes and Blocher LLP in Bethesda, MD. ... Rick and Jennifer (Janas) McKenzie were married November 7, and their unique wedding


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Congratulations to Steve Rozman and his wife, Stephanie, who welcomed their first daughter, Mia Antonia, on March 15. The Rozmans live in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, where Steve is a firefighter/ paramedic with Martin County. ... Tim and Mary Jo (Marcellus) Wyse are the proud parents of Audrey Eleanor, who was born in Boston, MA, on Nov. 14. Older brother, Aidan John, was born in Fairbanks, AK, on July 3, 2007. The Wyse family loved living in Alaska for a year before moving to Boston, which Mary Jo says is a great place to live, too. Mary Jo is a stay-at-home mother, and she recently had stories published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Tough Times Tough People, and Chicken Soup for the Soul: Thanks Dad. ... Congratulations to Mike Swallow, a vice president and senior retirement plan consultant for CBIZ. Mike was named one of the 300 most


Meg Galligan [email protected]

steve rozman ’98 and stephanie welcomed Mia antonia on Mar. 15, 2010.

I hope this edition finds you all well. Several of our classmates have big news to share with us! Megan Ross was married to Brian Trainer of Pittsburgh on Sept. 19, 2009, at St. Nicholas R.C. Church in Pittsburgh. The reception followed aboard The Duchess riverboat of the Gateway Clipper Fleet. Several Carroll grads were in attendance including: Sarah (Parsons) Trausch, Jeff ’98 and Erin (Liberati) Bors, Katie Ilg, Colleen (Auth) Potanko, Kristin (Riebe) Swenson, Dave ‘97 and Kim (Tomba) Pfundstein, Gregory and Kirstin (Feast) Martin, Megan (Stenger) Cooper, Mike ’98 and Shannon (Shepard) Scott, Darren and Leslie (Butler)


John Carroll university SUMMER 2010

Hilliard, Chris ’98 and Anita (Susnjara) Lembach, and Matt Tunno. ... Dr. Lindsay Nist and Douglas Werner were married Oct. 24, 2009, at St. Brigid of Kildare Catholic Church in Dublin. Since graduating from John Carroll, Lindsay received a master’s and doctorate from The Ohio State University. She is employed by South-Western City Schools, Grove City, OH. ... Susan Malick Spivey and her husband, Adam, welcomed a daughter, Savannah Jane Spivey, on Feb. 5, 2010. Susan is a reference librarian at the North Ridgeville Branch of the Lorain Public Library System and Adam is a computer technician at Forest City Enterprises in Cleveland, OH. Congratulations to the Spivey family! ... Craig Acton has been named chief financial officer for Wayfarer Aviation in Purchase, NY. Wayfarer is a premier aircraft management and charter firm of various aircraft types ranging from Gulfstream, Global Express, Falcon, Challenger, Learjet, Hawker-Beechcraft, and Cessna. Since graduating from JCU, Acton has held roles at other companies including Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings and Ernst & Young. Additionally, he earned a master’s in accountancy from the University of Notre Dame. ... Paula Peters married Kent Furst on April 10, 2010, in Clarence, NY. Paula is an employment specialist at the Employment Alliance. Kent is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University. He is a research analyst with Fredonia Group. ... When passing through Columbus, OH, in April, I had the pleasure of visiting with Julie (Randles) Curtis and Alicia Mazzi. Julie and her husband Matt, who live in Columbus, are expecting the arrival of their first child shortly. Alicia lives in Cleveland, and is using her law degree from Case Western Reserve University to support several local firms. ... I look forward to hearing from more of you in the coming months! Best, Meg news we gathered at Reunion in our next column. In the meantime, some Class of 2006 updates -- In baby news, Clare and Jason Smith welcomed Lucy Genevieve on Mar. 10. Lucy was 7 lbs. 12 oz. and 19.25 inches. She joins big sister Grace (2). Phillip and Angela (Susnjara) Hoover welcomed their daughter, Giuliana, on January 27. Giuliana was 6 lbs. 11 oz. On Feb. 13, Kevin and Valerie (Capiccioni) Gerbus welcomed identical twin boys, Andrew Joseph, 6 lbs. 3 oz. 18.5 inches and Benjamin Thomas, 5 lbs. 11 oz. and 19.5 inches to their family. They join siblings Elena (4) and Jonathan (2). And just a day later, on Valentine’s Day, Mike ’99 and Laura (Frankl) Dolan welcomed their first child, Evan Michael. Laura is currently working for Ernst & Young and Mike works for IBM. ... Classmate Mick Batyske is finding much success with his DJ business. Mick travels around the country and his work has been reported on by the likes of MTV and Rolling Stone. He began his DJ business while at Carroll as a way update your information if you move, get married, or land a great new job. Go to and click on the Alumni & Friends tab. It will take you to the JCUConnect page where you can register, send updates, and get in touch with other alums. Thanks again for 10 great years of post-graduation news! Have fun and keep us informed. Clare and Lisa


Maureen deMers Fariello [email protected]

Happy summer! Rory Allan Neill III was born on Sept. 18, 2009, to Rory ’02 and Meghan (Collins) Neill, who live in a western suburb of Chicago. ... Meghan McBride sends an update from overseas: “I moved to Madrid, Spain, in August 2008 to begin teaching first grade at the American School of Madrid. I’m finishing my contract here in Madrid at the end of June and I have accepted a position at the American International School of Johannesburg’s Pretoria Campus in South Africa. I will move there in August and I’m thrilled! The school is amazing -- I had the opportunity to visit it in 2006, and I found that the school’s educational philosophy is totally in line with mine, so it’s my dream job! South Africa is incredibly beautiful as well, so I’m looking forward to having the opportunity to absorbing the landscape and being immersed in the culture.” ... Laurel Maurer recently got engaged and will be married in August 2010. Congratulations, Meghan, Meghan, and Laurel on your many blessings. To the rest of the class of 2001, please continue to send updates so we can share and celebrate all that’s good in your life. Soak up the sun. All the best to you and those you love, Maureen


lisa (Foster) smith 440-339-6572 [email protected] Clare Taft [email protected]

Bridget (houlihan) Kennedy ’00 recently had her first book published, “Chicago’s South Side Irish Parade.” to help pay for school. His degree in marketing and MBA are definitely coming in handy as he continues to brand himself. Mick is currently on tour in Asia with shows scheduled for Taiwan and Japan. Good luck, Mick! ... We are excited to tell you about another one of our classmates who has recently been published. Bridget (Houlihan) Kennedy authored her first book, Chicago’s South Side Irish Parade, at the end of February. The book chronicles the famous parade with more than 200 photos from its start in 1979 until its end in 2009. To order a copy signed by the author, e-mail [email protected] – congratulations, Bridget! ... We are sure that there are many more success stories just like these – but we need you to tell us! Please continue to send your updates and photos so we can share them with our fellow alums. And remember to

Kristen (Muoio) McVean 585-259-3955 [email protected]

reUNIoN Year
We hope you have been enjoying your summer – and that it included Reunion! By the time this edition is printed, Reunion will have taken place so we are looking forward to reporting on all the fun

Clare (taft) and Jason smith welcomed lucy Genevieve on March. 10.

Hi everyone! I hope you’re enjoying your summer. Here is the latest news from our class. Katrina Machusick just returned to the United States after working for a year in Mexico on a public health project. She is starting medical school in the fall, either at Rochester or UC Davis. ... Kara (Clark) ’96 and Bill Barmann celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary this past October, and have two children: Maggie (3 ½) and Finley (10 mos.). For the past 11 years, Kara has worked as an emergency room RN for the Cleveland Clinic and Bill is a branch manager for JPMorgan Chase. ... Mike and Ashlee (Rager) Lake are expecting baby number three on May 21. They have twin girls who are turning four. Ashlee is working as the clinical coordinator for maternity services for Licking Memorial Hospital and Mike is a police officer for the City of Newark. ... Michelle McManus graduated from Averett University, Danville, VA, in December with her master’s in education with a concentration in reading. ... The marketing agency that Andy Halko owns is performing extremely well. It is going to double in size in 2010 and is moving into offices five times as big as its current space. Way to go Andy! ... Rory Allan Neill III was born on Sept. 18, 2009, to Meghan (Collins) ’01 and Rory Neill. The Neill family lives in the Western suburbs of Chicago. ...
SUMMER 2010 John Carroll university


Timothy Funkhouser was recently married to Sarah Graham. He met Sarah while playing in the World Adult Kickball Association league in Washington, D.C. Tim is currently an assistant vice president for Branch Banking & Trust Company in Arlington, VA. ... Patrice Skiba is planning to marry Timothy Lucason on June 26, 2010, at St. Luke Church. Patrice received her master’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh and is a Spanish teacher with the Montour School District. The couple met through a work happy hour. ... Rev. Eric Schild was just appointed president of Kateri Catholic Schools in Oregon, OH. It is a K-12 school system that combines all of the parish schools on the East Side of Toledo. He was also appointed Pastor of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish (Bono). ... That’s it for this time. Keep the news coming! Thanks, Kristen will both be chief residents of emergency medicine at Cleveland’s own MetroHealth Medical Center for the 2010-11 year. ... Congrats to Tim (Tooth) Estrella and Sara Malkin on their marriage this past April. Two fellow Kappa Sigma brothers, Tim Joyce ’05 and Andrew Sberna were in the wedding party. ... That’s it for now, please search John Carroll University Class of 2004 on Facebook and join our class page so everyone can stay in touch. Clapp

Patrick (slaw) althof ’06, Christina (Cobos) Bernard ’04, Paul Clapp ’04, Beth henry ’04 at the Kentucky Derby. 26.2 miles run in 3 hours, 34 minutes. Just to qualify for the Boston Marathon is a huge feat in of itself, but these two ladies posted solid times, congratulations again. Check that off your “bucket list.” ... It was nice to hear from Teresa (Delagrange) Higl when she sent a note letting us know that she is the new director of marketing for Schwab Company in Winona, MN. ... Thank you to Kenny Rosplock, MD ’03 for letting us know that Michael Glasenapp, MD (a University of Cincinnati: College of Medicine graduate) and Jon Keary, MD (a CWRU School of Medicine graduate)

Jennifer Tolhurst [email protected]

reUNIoN Year
Hi everyone! By the time you read this, Reunion will have come and gone. I hope you were able to reconnect with your friends! Reunion news in the fall issue, but in the meantime, here goes: Jack Jamison completed an internship in spinal surgery and sports medicine at the Cleveland Clinic and now has a spinal care and injury private practice in Erie, PA. He recently got engaged to Kristy Ciccarelli, and the two are planning an October wedding in Erie (I’ve been promised photos to include in the column!). According to Jack, “If plans of suborbital space flight fall through, we plan on honeymooning somewhere where there is surf and relaxation.” ... Courtney Kelleher was recently engaged to David Gordon. Both Courtney and her fiancé are nurse practitioners at University Hospitals Case Medical Center, after getting their master’s degrees at Case. The wedding is May 30 in Courtney’s hometown of Columbus, OH. ... Maggie Wainwright was recently engaged to Frank Eich IV ’06. Maggie works as a communications consultant at American Greetings in Cleveland. The two are planning a summer wedding in Beverly, OH. ... Stacy Yanek was married to Scot Gill on Sept. 5, 2009, at St. Bernard Church. Bridesmaids were Alisa LaPlante, Jessica Wells, Jayma Wells, Jessica Cosgrove, Lindsey Violi, Courtney Copeland, and Gina LaPlante. The happy couple honeymooned at Turks and Caicos Islands. Stacy works as a surgical nurse at the Cleveland Clinic, while working towards a master’s degree in nursing from Kent State. Busy year for Stacy! ... Amanda Leonberg graduated from Creighton University with her M.D., and is off to a residency at Tufts University in Boston. ... That’s it for now – keep the news coming, kids! Jennifer


Theresa (Jurak) Polachek [email protected]

Hello all. After a jam-packed column for the previous issue, I have little to pass along this time around. But what I have is exciting news! Cindy Kifer ’04 welcomed a baby girl, Evelyn Rae, on April 13. Welcome Evelyn and congratulations Cindy! ... I hope everyone is doing well, and don’t forget to send your updates to jcu2003@hotmail. com. Take care, Theresa

evelyn rae, daughter of Cindy Kifer ’04.



Paul Clapp 440-796-4947 [email protected]

Christine Bohn 440-668-8210 [email protected] roberta Muoio 937-627-5257 [email protected]

Hello everyone. This update is not long but it is full of great news. Huge congratulations to Shannon McConville and Kelly (Zimmerman) Moran. They not only ran in the Boston Marathon, but also posted two amazing times. Shannon finished in 3 hours, 13 minutes and Kelly completed the

shannon McConville ’04 finished the Boston Marathon in 3 hours 13 minutes.

We have lots of updates to share! Christine Vicini and Stephen Hall got engaged on New Years’ Eve. They are planning a Sept. 18, 2010, wedding in Tysons Corner, VA, where they currently reside. ... Kristen Holy is engaged to Christopher McGinness and they are planning a July 17 wedding in Mentor, OH. ... Christian and Renita (Simons) Yeasted married in October 2009 and


John Carroll university SUMMER 2010

from Walsh University on May 2, and will then start an 18-month physical therapy sports medicine residency at the Cleveland Clinic. ... Jonathan and Jennifer (DiNapoli) Kosmata married on Feb. 12 in Sarasota, FL, where they currently reside. Jonathan is a 2007 graduate of Baldwin-Wallace. ... Congratulations to everyone on their exciting news and thanks for keeping us up-to-date! Lisa and Brittany


MJ laPerch [email protected]

simons-yeasted wedding. top row: rachel reilly, amy howley ’06, Claire (yeasted) holekamp ’04, renita (simons) yeasted ’06, rona simons, and annamae heiman ’06. Bottom row: Kurt Krizek ’06, ethan yeasted, Bernie o’Keefe ’06, Christian yeasted ’06, tom Doody, owen yeasted and noah yeasted. live in Pittsburgh, PA. Renita is working as a research tech for Children’s Hospital and Christian is graduating from Temple Medical School in May. He will start his residency in July at West Penn Allegheny General Hospital. Amy Howley, Claire (Yeasted) Holekamp ’04, and Annamae Heiman were Renita’s bridesmaids. Kurt Krizek and Bernie O’Keefe served as groomsmen. Anthony Capezzuto, Nick Kacsandi, Terry Swadener, and Phil Traylor also attended the wedding. ... Milko Cecez passed the bar exam last July and is working as an assistant county prosecutor for the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s office. ... Michelle Mirowski graduated from Murray State University in the spring with a master’s in biology. ... Vincent Farallo graduated from Texas State in December 2009 with a master’s in population and conservation biology. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in ecology and evolutionary biology. ... Megan Mahaffey recently started a position at MTD Products in Valley City, OH, she works as a marketing communications associate in the mass retail division. ... Mallory McClester, Matt Weis, and Claire Sullivan will all graduate from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine on May 23, 2010. Matt will be headed to Toledo for a general surgery internship. Claire will be in Cleveland for an internal medicine residency. Mallory will be at the University of North Carolina for a family medicine residency. ... In the spring, Sarah Ruane started a job with Bergdorf Goodman in NYC. She will also be married in September 2010. ... Gina Marcantonio Sacriponte was accepted to the University of San Francisco master’s program and will start this spring. ... Dimitrios Tsatiris and Lisa Stempak are returning to Cleveland for their residencies after graduating from the University Of Toledo College Of Medicine. Lisa will continue her training as a pathology resident at University Hospitals/ Case Medical Center in Cleveland. ... Eric and Allison (McDonnell) Kaufman married on July 4, 2009, in Raleigh, NC. They honeymooned in Italy, where they were privately blessed by Pope Benedict. They just bought a home in Charleston, SC, where Allison works as a project manager for a medical software company. ... On Nov. 7, 2009, Alex Talarico married Katie Synek ’07. Their wedding was at Red Tail Golf Club in Avon, OH. Christine and Roberta

A lot has certainly happened over the last six months for the Class of 2008. As we move from recent grads to young professionals life now presents a new set of landmarks and responsibilities. Our focus has shifted from crafting the perfect spring semester or Friday night to what our next career move will be. And for a few of us our personal relationships have brought us to a different commitment, marriage. Angielique Lokaj ’06 and Nathan Moss were married May 2009 in Buffalo, NY. While at Carroll, Nathan received his bachelor’s of science and now is heading into his third year at The University of Toledo College of Medicine. After medical school, Nathan will serve as a physician and ensign in the United States Navy. Angielique received a bachelor of Science and a master’s in education at JCU and is currently an 8th grade science teacher for Toledo Public Schools were the couple owns their first house. Congrats guys! ... In December, Louis Volino was married to Erin Solterbeck. There was no shortage of John


Lisa Iafelice [email protected] Brittany Bush [email protected]

Here’s the latest – Sean McClure married Elissa Flynn on Sept. 19, 2009, at the Duke Chapel in Durham, NC. The reception followed at the Washington Duke Inn and Golf Club. The couple honeymooned in Hawaii. Sean is completing his final year as a law student at Duke. In the fall, Sean will be an associate at Latham and Watkins LLP in San Diego. Elissa is a law clerk for the Honorable James C. Dever III, U.S. District Judge for the Eastern District of North Carolina. ... Katie Obloy and Nathan Steven became engaged and are planning a wedding for May 30 at the Mill Creek Park in Youngstown. Katie is an internal auditor with Universal American in Solon, OH, and Nathan is a middle school science teacher at Summit Academy in Elyria, OH. ... Joe Gehring and Kara Radie are engaged and planning a wedding at Gesu Church in University Heights for June 2011. ... Matthew and Megan (Beatty) ’06 Ursick married on Mar. 20. Gloria Gyimah was the maid of honor. ... Michael Bogden will graduate with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy

angielique lokaj ’06 and nathan Moss ’08 were married May of 2009 in Buffalo, ny.

SUMMER 2010 John Carroll university


Carroll alumni in attendance. Congratulations to you too. It’s always nice to see that many Blue Streaks in one spot! ... If you have any news you would like to see in print, please share it with me as soon as it happens and I will gladly put your news in print. I work off your good news and accomplishments and look forward to seeing my inbox full of more Class of 2008 news. ... MJ


lisa Ugran [email protected]

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting up with Matt Beckley for lunch on the campus of The University of Akron. He is taking classes at Akron in order to earn his master’s in industrial and organizational psychology. He is also acting as a graduate instructor there, teaching several introduction to psychology courses. He will graduate in 2011. ... Congratulations go out to Alysse Boyd who graduated, this past May, from Case Western Reserve University. Alysse received her master’s degree in bioethics. ... Matt Wooters is finishing the first of his two years with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps. He is living in Belize, where he leads retreats in indigenous Maya villages. Matt says that despite the cockroaches, rats, and cold showers, he loves living there and he enjoys his work. ... Erin Currie became engaged to Greg Holzaepfel in late August 2009. Erin is currently working as an assurance associate for KPMG LLP in Cleveland. Their wedding will take place later this summer. ... Natalie Saville and Bill Freyvogel ’08 were married on May 30, 2009. They were happy to share their wedding day with many other JCU alumni from a multitude of classes. Residing in Pittsburgh, the Freyvogels have now been married for a little over a year and they are excited to announce that they are expecting twin daughters in June! Hopefully there will soon be pictures to share of those little ones. ... It just goes to show that a lot can happen over the course of a year! So, keep sending your updates. Lisa

louis volino ’08 was married to erin solterbeck in December. John Carroll almni at the wedding included back row l to r: Paul schroeder ’85, Greg nachman ’09, Jeffrey evans ’08, louis volino ’08, unidentified, unidentified, alex Payne. Front row l to r: tom rudnicki ’08, Daniel Kelly ’08, sara Capraruolo ’08, Maulin shah ’08.

Bill ’08 and natalie saville ’09 Freyvogle Wedding: Bottom row: ronald Petnuch ’82, susan Donahue Petnuch ’82, natalie saville Freyvogel ’09, Bill Freyvogel ’08, thomas “ty” Freyvogel ’70, abby Joyce ’08, ashley Bukach ’09, Carla Provenzano ’08, Mollie Patrick ’09, Kelly White ’09, erika reed ’09. Middle row: andy Costigan ’08, lindsey DelBene ’09, Jessica landis ’09, Mary lindenfelder ’09, angela Mastrean ’09, lianne torok ’09, Carolyn steckbeck ’09, howard “hoddy” hanna ’69, Catie Mclaughlin ’08, rhodora Donley huffmyer ’03, Joey Buescher ’08, Mimi Freyvogel Campbell ’72, susie Freyvogel Pastorik ’73. top row: David o’Brien ’72, Patrick Carpenter ’08, Kathryn stevens ’07, trey hornung ’09, andrew topa ’08, Kate lamb ’07, Justin hartley ’08, richard Donley ’99, John Kirkpatrick ’07, andy ellis ’08, steve Kistner ’09, adam Green ’07, Frank Pistella ’73.


John Carroll university SUMMER 2010


in MeMoriaM
Berton J. Beadle Robert J. Thompson Richard J. Breiner Linus A. Gottas William J. Manning Dorothy Leslie Robert U. Obringer William J. Cull Conrad J. Daiber Jr. Emiddio J. DiFulvio Edward J. Mulroony John D. Buckon Steve J. Kubofcik Sr. Edward McCormack Robert J. Michalak Joseph J. Raymond Leonard H. Soeder John J. Webster Virginia R. Anson Donald W. Farley Donald L. Novitski Frederick J. Blodgett George F. Letcher Thomas Mercer J. Patrick Phelan Charles A. Novak Joseph L. Rubey Sr. Kathleen Mary Mackin OP Dorothy Jean Witting ’36 ’37 ’40 ’41 ’41 ’43 ’43 ’47 ’47 ’48 ’49 ’50 ’50 ’50 ’50 ’50 ’50 ’51 ’52 ’52 ’52 ’54 ’54 ’54 ’56 ’57 ’57 ’58G ’58 4/3/2010 5/4/2010 3/9/2010 4/29/2010 1/30/2010 3/10/2010 5/23/2010 4/7/2010 3/20/2010 2/10/2010 12/8/2009 4/5/2010 4/10/2010 4/29/2010 4/22/2006 3/11/2010 6/10/2010 4/11/2010 3/11/2010 2/27/2010 1/17/2010 5/10/2010 4/29/2009 4/6/2010 4/11/2010 5/29/2010 6/22/2009 2/26/2010 4/7/2010 Edward P. McHugh Eugene F. O’Donnell Kenneth S. Ozawa David I. Wenzler Robert F. Kreidler Leonard M. Clezie Thomas G. Hermann Henry D. Dardy Ronald L. Loeffler Robert W. Clark Daniel R. Mittendorf Mark J. Ule James M. Callow Emilie A. Wiemels John R. Diczhazy Agnes Carmel Dziak OP Rosemary Finn Edwin J. Mitchell Sr. Christine L. Krosel Maura Norton Leon Fisher Craig W. Stevenson Brenda Pinckney Javier R. Reveron William J. Ulrich Leo J. Schneider ’59 ’59 ’59 ’60 ’61 ’62 ’63 ’64 ’64 ’68 ’68 ’69 ’71G ’71G ’73 ’73G ’80 ’83 ’86G ’87 ’88G ’88 ’98 ’98 retired faculty faculty 4/30/2010 3/25/2010 3/4/2009 11/24/2009 3/27/2010 2/28/2010 4/18/2010 2/27/2010 4/29/2010 2/10/2010 2/2/2010 4/25/2010 5/26/2006 3/10/2010 3/23/2010 5/4/2010 3/23/2010 3/2/2010 4/24/2010 3/1/2010 3/26/2010 2/27/2010 12/23/2008 5/3/2004 4/11/2010 6/7/2010

This is the deceased list as we know it. We apologize for any omission and ask that you please notify Joan Brosius at 216.397.4332.

leo J. schneider, Ph.D.
Leo Schneider, Ph.D., professor of mathematics died suddenly on June 7, 2010. Prof. Schneider had just completed his 47th year of service as a full-time member of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. He came to John Carroll as an instructor in 1963 and worked his way through the academic ranks, becoming a full professor in 1979. He also chaired the department from 1971 to 1979. In addition, Prof. Schneider served as the secretary-treasurer of Pi Mu Epsilon, the national mathematics honor society, which sponsors an annual conference in conjunction with the Mathematics Association of America’s (MAA) annual MathFest. Under his leadership, the annual grant awarded to PME by the National Security Agency increased, making it possible for more students to participate in the conference. Prof. Schneider held several volunteer leadership positions at the state and national level of the MAA’s mathematics competitions, was a recipient of the MAA Ohio Section Distinguished Teaching Award and was a faculty consultant for the Advanced Placement Program in Calculus. He received Grauel Faculty Fellowships from John Carroll in 1998 and 2009. Prof. Schneider is survived by his wife, Sue, whom he met at John Carroll, and daughters Carla and Rita. When he was not creating math problems, Prof. Schneider enjoyed bicycling, cross-country skiing, playing bridge, and travel—especially summer vacations with his family at national parks out West and at the Eastern Shore.

SUMMER 2010 John Carroll university



Fulbright Student Scholar effects change in El Salvador
hey were the last raindrops of the year. They culminated in waves of water, mud, and earth that rushed through small towns. Families along Lake Ilopango (east of the capital city, San Salvador) huddled on rooftops for safety. Those whose homes remained, slept on mud-soaked floors in the nights after the storm. They were afraid of thieves taking any belongings they had left. The untold story behind their attempts to rebuild from last November’s rain and landslides is the reason I worked in El Salvador this past year: remittances. I ask a group clearing out homes whether they regularly received remittances, a term for money that is sent from family members working outside the country. Everyone answers “yes.” How? “Western Union” is repeated time and time again. Nationwide, remittances make up 17-18 percent of the country’s economy: almost $4 billion dollars is sent from abroad each year. This exceeds all direct foreign investment in the country. Most comes from the United States or allá (literally: “over there”) in everyday conversation. The typical amount sent on a monthly basis is between $100 and $200. I first encountered these dollars when working with a nonprofit organization in Cleveland and John Carroll’s political science faculty. Most of us think about subprime lenders and tricky credit card contracts when we think about expensive or hard-to-understand financial products. For those of us who do not speak English or finance as a first language, remittances should be added to our list. My goal was to determine how the market for these transfers actually works, or doesn’t, for the typical family. I found my answer after the landslides. The five regions most damaged by the storm received nearly $20 million in remittances each month in 2004. Those sent after the storm to these areas were essentially personalized foreign aid. Yet, two-thirds of Salvadoran families are like the ones I met; they do not have access to affordable banking. They rely on costly wire transfers, like those


sold at Western Union to send and receive financial support. However, neither the U.S., nor the Salvadoran federal government regulates this market on behalf of consumer needs. Financial education for remittance recipients was nowhere to be found, evidence of banks and transfer companies coordinating to keep prices artificially high went uninvestigated, and government officials at the highest levels were not aware of how the market for these transfers even operated. After the rains, I decided to combine my research with action. I set aside my notes in English and began writing reports for local authorities on the importance of, but lack of attention being paid to, remittances. Representatives from the Central Bank

and Consumer Protection Agency were uninformed of how difficult it was for a consumer to navigate the market. After 8 months, they agreed to begin offering financial education on how to transfer remittances. This is one positive, but small step forward, so work continues in both the U.S. and El Salvador to improve how the market, as a whole, operates. After eight months, I saw the causes and effects of poverty in an infrastructure that collapsed after a rainfall. I saw them in rules and a financial system that did not work for families and communities along Lake Ilopango. Yet, I now see how accountability in that system can do more than create efficient money transfer markets. It can help to rebuild entire communities.

Joshua Marcin ’09 is a 2009-2010 U.S. Student Fulbright Scholar whose research in El Salvador focused on the use and accessibility of financial institutions for migrants. He arrived in San Salvador in August 2009 and returned to the United States in April, to assume a yearlong fellowship on domestic antipoverty programming for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in Washington, D.C.

Houses collapsed during the worst four hours of the storm in Santiago Texacuangos.


John Carroll university SUMMER 2010

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