Julianne McKinney Interview of 2007 on Microwave Harassment and Mind Control by the Advanced Media Group

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Julianne McKinney Interview of 2007 on Microwave Harassment and Mind Control by the Advanced Media Group



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Greg Szymanski’s Interview
With Julianne McKinney
Microwave Harassment and Mind Control
Transcribed for Advanced Media Group,

This interview contains information from Julianne McKinney’s book “Microwave Harassment and Mind Control
Experimentation”, 1992, as well as current conditions world-wide. Years of interviews turned Gregg Szymanski from
skeptic to believer in the secret world of electronic harassment, as harassment against Julianne McKinney has turned
potentially lethal. They are taking a stand to help TIs, Targeted Individuals, many civilians, escape this cruel harassment.

Microwave Harassment and Mind Control

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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Published May 28, 2016
Greg Szymanski: (Also) I have a guest who’s never given a radio interview before. Her name is Julianne McKinney. For
those of you who don’t know who she is, she is an expert in electronic harassment and surveillance…former military
background. And those of you who have followed this story on my show, many may know who she is and the
importance she has in this field.
We’re just going to lay some very solid credibility to what we’ve been talking about. So this interview’s quite important
and I want you to remember that, as we go along, she’s a very, very well-read person. We’re gonna get to that in a
minute. The problem on the use of electronic weaponry on a person was when I was working in a law office. The law
office I was working for several…oh a number of years ago, the law office I worked for prided in taking cases that were
difficult. And I listened to a person tell me about the facts regarding the use of electronic weaponry. And I had a
discussion with somebody else at the law firm and we came to this conclusion …causation… causation… causation Greg,
remember that element. It’s going to be awfully difficult to link what’s happening to the person. The injuries they were
alleging, to actually the person, or the defendants, that were doing it.
So it was a case, I’ll be very honest with you, that I was very skeptical over. But, as a journalist, I started to interview a
number of people, and I would like to say that this issue, after a number of years, has come up to one of the top of my
list as a problem in this country.
I talked to hundreds of people all around the country that are experiencing things that are just unbelievable. And from a
standpoint of the law, you want to get justice for these people. You hate to see their lives destroyed, and you hate to
see what happens, to a person that’s been harassed. But the biggest problem is it’s very difficult to pinpoint what’s
going on.
I have a guest today who is an expert in this field. You, the public, may not know who she is. But those of you who have
been targeted and listen to my show know very well. She’s never been interviewed before and I feel honored that she’s
here. Her name is Julianne McKinney. She’s had an extensive career in the US Army as an Area Intelligence Case Officer
till 1990.
Upon her return to civilian life Julianne became a member of the Association of National Security Alumni. That is an
organization of former intelligence officers dedicated to exposing excesses by the US Intelligence Services. Julianne
became the director of the Electronic Surveillance Project under their auspices as such she authored the publication
Microwave Harassment and Mind Control Experimentation in 1991. She kept that electronic surveillance project going
for four years, funding it with her own personal funds, obtained by her military benefits and pay.
Julianne did not copy write her work and it is out in the public domain for the public good. Microwave Harassment and
Mind Control Experimentation, the public has taken her hard copy publication and uploaded it to several thousand
domain sites over the past 15 years. It is respected as one of the most important publications on this subject. And with
that, I’d like to say hello, Ms. McKinney, how are you today?
Julianne McKinney: Please don’t call me Ms. McKinney (laugh).
Greg: Okay, can I say Julianne?
Julianne: Yes, Julianne.
Microwave Harassment and Mind Control

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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Greg: Now, you’re an expert in surveillance and electronic harassment. The first question I have is that, in your
observation, is there a wider scale of surveillance of average people, people with no threat to national security, in your
Julianne: I would say that most of us targeted are not, and never have been, a threat. I think that what happened
initially, when these operations began probably 30 years, ago people were singled out, perhaps, because of some
affiliation, either direct or indirect, with the United States government, and invited attention. But they were not singled
out as being a threat; they were singled out as being lucrative targets of experimentation.
In the past 15 years, since shutting down the Electronic Surveillance Project, primarily to seek employment, which I did
seek, and did obtain, I had occasion to observe many, many, many instances of individuals in the corporate environment
being singled out and targeted simply because they were convenient targets of opportunity. And, I have to comment on
something I heard you say
Greg: Okay
Julianne: Early on you referred to the difficulty of establishing causation in order to pursue these claims.
Greg: That, I might add, that was made is a legal sense, based on the fact that we were naïve people, not really…
understand… I have to be honest with you…I had not understood the problem back then, and felt it would be a difficult
problem, based on the fact of how the crime was committed and knowing how to pin that crime on someone. Go ahead.
Julianne: I understand the legal implications, certainly. There is enough literature, on the internet and elsewhere, that
establishes the existence of these weapon systems. To pinpoint, for purposes of prosecution, to pinpoint their existence
would be difficult and the position I take is that rather than pinpoint for prosecution purposes, easy enough to single
them out by electronic means to destroy them. But I guess that’s taking the matter a little far left field.
I think, frankly, we still face, until congress establishes laws that forbid the use of these technologies for involuntary
experimental purposes, that we’re going to get absolutely nowhere in attempting to prosecute.
Greg: Okay, listen, I need to take a break Julianne. And we’ll be back in three minutes on the Investigative Journal.
Julianne: Okay.
Greg: Okay, back for the second half hour. My guest is Julianne McKinney. She’s an expert on surveillance and electronic
harassment. And Julianne, I gave you an introduction at the beginning of the show.
Julianne: Yes
Greg: A brief introduction. But I think our listeners would like to know your background and why you’re qualified to
make these statements. I think it’s important.
Julianne: Okay.
Greg: If you could do that for us.
Julianne: Well, I would take exception to the term “expert” in these weapons systems.
Greg: Okay.

Microwave Harassment and Mind Control

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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Julianne: I certainly have had experience with them, having, for approximately the past 40 years, been on the receiving
end of this type of harassment. Expertise in surveillance comes with my employment in the intelligence field. I
understand what constitutes surveillance and am capable of immediately spotting the surveillance and I can see, as in
the case of gang stalking, a subject that you have addressed on prior occasions. I can see those who I label as covert
want-to-be’s fumbling through what they think are covert activities and I’d find it really rather amusing if it weren’t so
perverted in the ultimate objective.
I’m not certain what more I can add. I do have experience with these weapon systems. I’ve had sufficient opportunity
over these past many years to observe the progressive threat of these harassment operations. And I’m talking
specifically about electronic weapon systems.
Greg: Well, you’ve been a voice - I mean a strong voice - for warning people of these systems for at least the past 10
years regarding the installation of specialized electronic equipment and utilities. What are these electronics and what
are their capabilities?
Julianne: Their capabilities, generally, are to inflict pain in a highly focused fashion, and to alter mental states. Certainly,
when you have a frequency aimed at your brain, your mental functions tend to alter. In amplified form, they’re
sufficient, the frequencies are. They have the capacity to kill. Though that’s one reason the department of defense refers
to them as “less than lethal” rather than “non-lethal” weapons. As a matter of fact, the Department of Defense has gone
so far to eliminate them, to remove them from the category of even “less than lethal weapons” to bury them in the
category of “electronic weapons” trying to make them a little bit blacker.
Greg: Now is this protocol of surveillance and harassment seemingly patterned after a government protocol now
applied to the general civilian population?
Julianne: It’s difficult to pinpoint everything on the US government exclusively because these are global operations.
Greg: Okay.
Julianne: The pattern… the protocols, are virtually identical on a global scale so someone is overseeing the entire
activity. The government obviously is complicent because otherwise these operations would not be allowed to exist.
Why? It’s hard to say. Whether it’s for testing electronic weapon systems for future use under combat conditions or
whether ultimately there's a holocaust. (no-intelligible) It’s hard to say.
Greg: Well, you know what I find interesting….how people who aren’t aware of this problem can’t believe it’s happening
to begin with. And I try to mention…I have run stories about the Duplessis Orphans. It’s a program that’s been verified,
that the government actually used money in Canada and the United States to do medical testing on children, on adults.
I’ve talked to people on the POW issue, one Dr. Joe Douglas, who has documented how, that our government has done
…allowed foreign governments to do illegal experimentation on POWs. So why would people think that they wouldn’t
allow it on just average citizens? Just in your mind. Do you have an answer for people?
Julianne: Why wouldn’t they allow it?
Greg: Yeah, my thing is that they do it, they’re doing it. But some people that deny it can’t believe that our government
would do something like this.
Julianne: I find, even among the community of, I hate using slang terms, but the term TI is common, referring to
targeted individuals. Those are people who know they are on the receiving end of electronic weapon systems. And even
amongst TIs, there is a perception in certain areas that our government wouldn’t do this; a case of not recognizing
Microwave Harassment and Mind Control

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Saturday, May 28, 2016

reality. First of all if this were not being done by our government, congress would step in because of the hundreds of
complaints they have received, thousands of complaints, no doubt, over the past 10-15 years, from citizens who
recognize what’s going on. Congress, back in the early 90s, late 80s, took the position that anyone complaining about
these systems were imagining things because they simply didn’t exist. In two years, by 1992, they were off the drawing
boards, and in fact, being fielded and conveyed to law enforcement agencies.
Congress recognizes that these weapon systems exist and funds them, and knows, as a result of appropriate briefings,
what the bio-effects can be. Yet they have passed no legislation prohibiting their use under unconstrained experimental
That’s number 1. Number 2, given the nature, given the nature, given that the systems draw on existing power grids, it
would be necessary for the FCC at a minimum, and the Department of Energy, as a minimum, give some oversight and
control over what is going on. Though obviously, those with Congress, the FDA and the Department of Energy, the FCC
and the Department of Energy are knowledgeable and yet unwilling to do anything about it. So, there is complicity, but
the question is, who’s knitting, and submitting, the US government, allowing these operations to take place?
Greg: Now from your experience, how intense is this surveillance of targeted individuals? And tell us about the ways
that the targeted …that this is accomplished.
Julianne: From what I have observed, first of all I should explain that the standard that I address this in Microwave
Harassment and Mind Control Experimentation, it was a pattern that was unfolding as I was dealing with other targeted
individuals who…that contacted me. It was a pattern of harassment which indicated that there had been some
surveillance going on, some monitoring of their private lives. There had been entry into their houses. There was
systematic harassment. And then, ultimately, as part of a softening up process, and then ultimately, electronic
harassment, which followed; which would include the inducement of auditory input, which is now being referred to as
In answer to your question (laugh) I’m not certain if I …I think I’m probably missing the point there, but in order to target
someone, it requires that that person be put under surveillance, so that their personality traits, their capacity to interrelate with people, their capacity for corruption or non-corruption, that seems to be a critical point. And even their
religion factors into it.
Following a period of harassments, they are singled out for preliminary stages of harassment which includes gang
stalking, entry of their private homes or apartments, followed by gradually intensified and ultimately extremely
intensified electronic harassment. This is the pattern that has unfolder over and over and over.
Greg: And so, when you, I guess what I’m getting at…that’s a very good answer. You’re seeing a pattern amongst these
individuals. I guess…yeah…is there any pattern about how they choose them?
Julianne: I can’t speak for men. But it appears that quite a few of the women who have been singled out appear to be
somewhat, too independent; perhaps too intelligent. Tend to live alone or tend to pursue professional careers. There’s a
heavy predominance of those types of women in the TI community, the community of targeted individuals. Men are in a
smaller proportion and seem to be those who have a propensity to fly off the handle. Have a sense of self-esteem and
pride that seems to invite targeting. And I did mention a curious predominance of a certain lack of religion amongst TIs,
as opposed to a certain predominance of a particular religion amongst those who are participating in these operations.
Greg: Now you mentioned this was a global problem. Have you communicated with people from across the Atlantic
regarding what’s going on in other countries? Is it similar to here?
Microwave Harassment and Mind Control

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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Julianne: It’s virtually identical, virtually identical. When I was running the electronic surveillance project I was in
extensive correspondence with people overseas and patterns were the same. The nature of the gang stalking and
harassment were the same.
Greg: Now, when you’re talking about specific numbers I know you’re…you’ve been following this for years and years
and years. Is there any way that you can give our listeners a kind of an idea of how wide spread this problem is in terms
numbers in our country and compared to maybe overseas?
Julianne: I would say that the person who has realized what is going on is just a drop in a bucket. The persons whom I
have seen being targeted are completely unaware of what’s happening. So those who are complaining of this are, as I
said, the tip of the iceberg. I would say this is very, very, widespread. But I cannot under the circumstances come up with
any figures. Many, many, many thousands, no doubt, are involved. But I would say that the bulk of them are running to
their doctors and taking totally unnecessary prescription drugs to cure ailments that don’t exist.
Gregg: I guess that you have to ask this question even though it’s very difficult to answer. And you mentioned, you said
it earlier. But I really have to ask it because it’s on my mind and I know it’s always in the back of everyone’s mind when
they think of this problem. Why?? What is the major reason, I mean, outside of just pure experimentation… I’m
interested; for example, let’s say that they have targeted 100 people in Oklahoma. What do they, first of all, why are
they doing it? Is it for, basically, a blanket statement ‘controlling the population’? Or…and, what do they do with this
information once they get it?
Julianne: I don’t think they do anything with the information once they get it, other than to establish a harassment
protocol which will follow that targeted individual for the rest of his or her life. Why are they doing it? I see a number of
reasons. First, I don’t know if you’ve done any research on the phenomenon of capturing a percentage of the population
in order to install a dictatorship. There is always a percentage of the population, roughly 20% or so, that will buckle and
throw whatever constitutions might exist into the toilet and eagerly join the efforts at destroying the remainder of the
Part of the problem or part of the objective they are seeking obviously is testing the latest and greatest in electronic
weaponry and other forms of technologies. A part of it is to control and choreograph those who are involved in these
harassment operations on the dispensing end. And it would appear that those being targeted are simply objects who I
see as ultimately being disposable. In other words, I think that once full control is established over a major percentage of
the population, and enough of the population is silenced and unwilling to stick their necks out, that we inevitably would
be heading toward a holocaust.
Greg: The question, if I was, for example, let’s say we have a person, who suspects, and let’s just for hypothetical
purposes, say this person is being targeted, okay? Now, tell our listeners, because I’ve always wondered this myself,
okay. I’m sitting in my house and I see around me there’s telephone poles, there may be a tower in the distance that I
don’t see that handles the cell phones. There’s of course a grid of electric going on around me. I’ve talked to people and
I try to say, how does this get into your house? And I wanted to get your opinion, if a person is targeted, how basically
are they beginning to intrude their premises, and violate their constitutional rights, not only their rights of…not only
trespassing on their property? Go ahead. How would that happen?
Julianne: Now, are you talking about, how would the frequencies impact upon them and how would they first become
aware of it? Or how would they first become aware of the fact that their privacy has been violated?

Microwave Harassment and Mind Control

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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Greg: Well no, I guess I didn’t explain the question right. I wanted to know how they physically, are doing it? I mean are
they using a cell tower? Are they using a truck that’s in the distance? How is this being transmitted into the home to
target the person and to use this weaponry on them, from your experience?
Julianne: Well, first of all, in order to target a person you have to be able to see that person. And while they may not be
able to, they may, on entering the house, plant miniature cameras, miniature microphones, as a means of, for their
monitoring a person. But that is not necessarily the means by which they hone in on a person. There are plenty of
technologies that allow for the imaging of a person that might be sitting in a chair, as you mentioned you might be.
Using infrared imagery techniques, for example, they can capture your image by monitoring the concentration of heat
emanating from your body using certain acoustical frequencies, they can detect mass. And using sophisticated computer
software, they can convert those images to likenesses on computers, which conceivably could be used in a software
program that could be connected to an electronic weapon system. And in that context I should point out that, while
devices draw on the existing power grid, and while they…yes indeed, they do involve microwave towers…
Sounds like you’ve got a commercial coming on…
Greg: Yes we do, and thank you for making my job easier. We’ll be back in 3 minutes on the Investigative Journal.
First, I’ve put this in the top 3 of my stories that I believe are important, that the American people need to deal with,
because as Ms. McKinney, who is a, I consider her an expert. She would only say she’s an authority. But let me tell you,
Julianne, you are an expert in this. The reasons could be, like she said at the…before we went into the break, and a total
testing of our population to see, basically, perhaps maybe there is a holocaust in the future or a dictatorship in the
future. And they want to see how people react to it. That may be a simplistic way to look at it. Not a simplistic way that
Julianne looked at it but my way of explaining it.
But let’s get back to some of the things here, the last few minutes that are important. What can you tell us, Julianne,
about the microwave energy on citizens in terms of the existence of such a program and the nuts and bolts of what they
Julianne: Microwave energy is only one aspect of the entire electromagnetic frequency spectrum. Microwaves can be
lethal depending upon how they’re used. Obviously in order to achieve appropriate effects on people, they have to be
pulsed, because otherwise the individual would be cooked from the inside out. The objective of using microwaves as
opposed to other electromagnetic frequencies would be to inflict extremes of pain to cause thermal heating. That’s a
common complaint which leaves a hot spot on the scull. Again, primarily, just to inflict extremes of pain. I was just
wondering, we kind of skipped over or didn’t quite complete a preceding topic.
Greg: Oh, go ahead, go ahead. You’ve got free reign.
Julianne: You were talking about the use of the electrical grid throughout the country, the use of microwave towers, the
use of devices affixed to poles that are connected to power lines. But what wasn’t addressed, what you haven’t
mentioned, is also that these weapon systems are used by neighbors surrounding persons who have been singled out as
targets of opportunity.
Greg: Are they solicited to do this or what?
Julianne: That’s something that I’ve been pondering for some time. Again, what I’ve noticed is, there seems to be a
predominant, particular religion that makes it particularly easy for them to cooperate.
Microwave Harassment and Mind Control

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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Greg: Well listen, let’s talk about that after the break, a short break, and then I’ve got something to, some business I
have to take care of for 3 – 4 minutes. Then we’ll get back for our 2 nd hour with Julianne McKinney. We’ll take some
calls…. Back in 2 minutes on the Investigative Journal.
(In this section there seemed to be jumping around, like maybe the video was edited or there was some problem with
the recording.)
…by some of the Tis – and that’s Targeted Individuals.
…That song rose to number one without any publicity on the internet. And that song called TI, we’ll play that again Dr.
McKinney. I think it hits the nail on the head. I mean there’s a lot of people out there suffering. And I know you’re one
person, an authority in this field. And for my guests who are just picking us up this hour, Dr…or excuse me, Julianne
McKinney is a very highly regarded person in the field of electronic weaponry, and surveillance in studying this issue.
She’s a former area Intelligence Case Officer until 1990 in the Army. And her credentials can be found, will be found, you
can go to RBNLive.com and go to my archives in the Investigative Journal and read about that. She’s well qualified. She’s
still with us this hour. And Dr…or excuse me, I keep calling you Dr. and you should be.
Julianne: (Laugh) I’m not a Dr., thank you. Dr. Americus.
Greg: Dr. Americus. You know, that’s funny. I have a doctorate in law. And nobody ever calls me that and I hate being
called that, a doctor. But I’m interviewed on a Tehran TV station once every blue moon, couple months, and they refer
to me as Dr. Szymanski. And it’s nice to hear once in a while. I’ll be honest with you. Every two months is good enough.
Otherwise they just call me the jerk on the radio, which is better.
But, let’s go from here. You’re adding such credibility to this story, adding credibility in my mind as I speak. Because, I’ve
talked to hundreds of these people and was a doubting Thomas in the beginning. I must mention that. I did not think it
existed, and that was years ago. I thought people were either insane, or crazy, or trying to get attention. But you know
something? I will admit I was totally wrong with that initial…I guess…the look at the situation and have come around to
fully believe in most of the people I talk to and really sympathize with their suffering as I see their lives being ripped
Are there any things you can do…we’re going to get into a few more things here as far as the technical aspects of this…
but what can targeted individuals do to get some peace in their life? I mean that’s one thing they’re looking for. Is there
anything they can do?
Julianne: (prolonged silence)
Greg: Difficult question there.
Julianne: It’s very difficult to advise targeted individuals how to acquire peace. These frequencies can be blocked or
deflected. All of these frequencies I have found, some may contest this, but I have found can be…are vulnerable, and are
subject to deflection. And the pain can be immediately (word unclear), if not halted all together. Finding peace by
writing to members of congress or to state legislators might not be a better alternative because you will be treated as
something worthy of the circular basket. They just won’t intervene. Writing to the various agencies and calling a meeting
with them serves no useful purpose either because they will say there are no laws prohibiting these types of activities.
They can’t, say for example, the FBI…and I was given this statement on a number of occasions….there are no laws
prohibiting experimentation with these weapon systems. You’re talking to the wrong people.

Microwave Harassment and Mind Control

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Saturday, May 28, 2016

So my advice would be to do what you can to secure your premises, because so long as your house is or apartment is
being entered, you are susceptible to, in addition to being targeted by electronic weapons, there is a potential for having
drugs put in your food. And I’m not exaggerating there.
Greg: I had a few targeted individuals I talked to send me some questions that I’d like to ask you.
Julianne: Certainly.
Greg: And the one was “Are targeted individuals also broadcast around the country via closed circuit TV?” And, “What
purpose does this serve?” I’m fully in the dark on this question, but, go ahead.
Julianne: Okay. I have seen evidence of a closed circuit TV and it seems to be some form of major source of
entertainment and perhaps instruction for the individuals participating in this harassment. I don’t know who runs it. I
have seen aspects of that on a large screen TV across the street on which I saw surveillance films of a TI being harassed,
obviously, in an office environment. Gang stalked. Shows brain scans and is otherwise a very sophisticated, sleek,
communications operation. Why would it be used? As I said… either for entertainment, for creating a sense of unity, or
for identifying persons, TIs, who are to be harassed on the street. I mean, obviously you can’t harass someone if you
don’t know what that person looks like. So it’s a means of communicating to the perpetrators, perps, what the TI looks
Greg: Okay, now, before I get to some more, I want to put out that call for people to call. I got a couple emails. A lot of
times Tis don’t want to go public. And they’ve sent me some emails. I want to get to one in a minute. But one question I
have for you is, how can people gather evidence to support their beliefs that this is happening to them? Many people
will say, well it’s only a lack of sleep. I mean, you have a sleep disorder. Maybe there’s a problem with your joints, I don’t
know. It could be anything that the answers are when you suspect you’re being targeted. What kind of evidence do you
tell people to gather to support their beliefs that this is actually happening to them.
Julianne: Well, when you’re gathering evidence, obviously you have an objective in mind and that generally is legal.
What you want to do with that evidence. There’s really nothing you can do with it. So in the absence of that, the main
thing is to try to protect yourself and to alleviate the pain that you’re experiencing. Collecting the evidence, if you were
to go to, frankly, I’d strongly recommend that you keep your faculties together and avoid going to see psychiatrists and
psychologists, because the pattern that is evolving is that they are highly complicit of these operations.
And if you go to a medical doctor, you do not talk about it because medical doctors, many, are also involved. What you
do when you see a doctor is that you define your symptoms and get a very clear statement that, “well, we can’t figure
this out”. Well, that’s a clear indication that it is not indigenous, it’s not part of your system. It’s not coming from within
you, so obviously something is happening from outside. If they prescribe drugs and yet can’t find the ecology, the basis
for your disease, don’t take those drugs.
Greg: Now earlier we were talking about the fact that they may, whoever’s doing this, you’ve delineated, you’ve led a
good course into what…you’re tracking these people. But what I was getting at, we never got to the point where if…you
mentioned something about a religious group that may be targeted. What did you mean by that?
Julianne: The way… I don’t….well let me put it this way. I’m not out to start a religious war. I have found over the years
that the persons involved, both in gang stalking….I’ve made it a point to get to know these people. I’ve had to
necessarily. I’m not the type to…
Greg: You’re talking about the perpetrators or the targets?
Microwave Harassment and Mind Control

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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Julianne: The perpetrators.
Greg: Okay
Julianne: As well as the…I’ve been drawing distinctions. And what I’ve found is that the perpetrators appear to belong
predominantly to one particular religion; whereas the targeted individuals do not belong predominantly to that
particular religion.
Greg: And what is the particular religion of the perpetrators?
Julianne: Right. So, at this stage, again, I’m not particularly enthused about the idea of starting a religious war. And I
have challenged other TIs to get out there and become acquainted with, and get to know, the people who are harassing
them, to draw those distinctions themselves, because I’m not going to be making brash claims. This is something I’ve
observed over the past 10 years.
Greg: That’s fair enough. And maybe, perhaps, I could talk to you about it just for my own knowledge off the air.
Julianne: That would be fine.
Greg: And I will keep your name out of it at that point and let people know what the targeted group may be and what
the other group may be.
Julianne: There is a religious influence but that’s not to say these people aren’t just being used as puppets by some
broader interest.
Greg: Very good point. Can you stick with us one more segment of 5 minutes?
Julianne: Okay.
Greg: We’re interviewing Julianne McKinney, our last segment. Julianne’s an authority in the use of surveillance and
electronic weaponry. And this is an email question, kind of a technical one from a TI. Let me read this to you. Perhaps
you can answer it. Are the protocols for each individual modified based to custom tailor it for the specific targeted
individual? And if so, how does this process work?
Julianne: Yes indeed they are modified. There is a basic protocol that the perpetrators begin with. But the TI contributes
to the modification. A good example of that would be, if someone…. I’m trying to think of a good example. If the TI feels
the need to cooperate, even in the most subtle fashion, with the persons who are harassing him or her, he or she will
modify his behavior, in pathlobean condition, which alters the protocol. They’re constantly, targets are constantly
monitored, and if they respond emotionally to a particular trigger, that will be built into the protocol. If the target
displays a certain sense of guilt or embarrassment about a subject, that will be built into the protocol. It’s an ongoing
process. And one thing I want to emphasize is no TI should look for a reason as to why this is going on. It’s a serious,
serious mistake. I know I did that myself when they started on me and over the years I came up with probably 6
different excuses.
Greg: Is it still going on with you?
Julianne: Oh yes. Not to the degree that it was before but certainly in very lethal form.
Greg: Now, how has this hampered your life?

Microwave Harassment and Mind Control

Page 10 of 12

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Julianne: It’s come close to being lethal on a number of occasions. I deal, I dealt with gang stalking head on and I
essentially put that to rest. I deal with….I’ve developed a means for communicating with perps directly and made them
feel like the trailer trash that they are. So gang stalking is not one of their favorite activities in my case. So the primary
activity now is to see what I can survive in the way of an induced brain aneurism or stroke or a heart attack.
Greg: I just had a caller who doesn’t want to get on the air but wants to know, does moving help; moving your location?
Julianne: Running, if you’re talking about moving to a completely new location, no. This country is wired to the hilt for
immediate transfer. Your protocol follows you wherever you go so it’s a waste of time. Moving about physically in place
will not change anything. Other than, if you make a 180 degree turn you will notice the targeting will suddenly stop
because the weapon systems are programmed to focus on a particular area of your anatomy. So if you turn, the
targeting will suddenly end. If you turn back it’ll hit you again.
Greg: Interesting. Now, going full circle in the last 2 minutes here, in 1991 you published “Microwave Harassment and
Mind Control Experimentation”. This has been passed around the internet and over thousands of domain sites over the
past 15 years. Can you tell us how someone can get ahold of this publication to be informed?
Julianne: It’s not copy-writed. All they need to do is plug in my last name, McKinney, and type in the title Microwave
Harassment and Mind Control Experimentation and innumerable sites will appear and just read it from there. It will give
you a good insight into what the pattern is when harassment begins.
Greg: Now, let me just spell your name for people that are going to do that. That’s MCKINNEY…McKinney. And then it’s
Microwave Harassment and Mind Control Experimentation for an authority in the field.
I guess since 1981, have you seen….I guess a question I wanted to ask, from 2001, have you seen any, from the time of
911, has there been an increase in the last 4or 5 years, with this type of, that you’ve seen, in the number of people
contacting you. Has it been more wide spread since 911?
Julianne: Not since 911. When…I would say back in the early 90’s… I’ve seen a tremendous expansion of these activities
since the early 1990’s. And it has moved forward in consistent fashion. It’s become ever more sophisticated and ever
more wide spread. There was no sudden burst or flurry of activity since 911.
Greg: And you have no help whatsoever with the political arena in this. Correct? Politicians will not touch this with a 10
foot pole?
Julianne: That’s right. And even those who purport to be liberally inclined, and I’m speaking about members of the
democratic party, will not touch it, because quote unquote, and they know, they know what’s going on. They don’t …
they simply don’t have the funds to be able to pursue it. All sorts of humma humma excuses will be furnished for not
pursuing something like this. Before you close….I hear the music in the background.
Greg: We can stay another minute if you want.
Julianne: Okay.
Greg: Why don’t you come back for 2 minutes on the other side of the break and then we’ll finish up. Okay?
Julianne: Okay.
Greg: Okay, back with Julianne McKinney and 3 minutes on the Investigative Journal. You wanted to say something at
the break.
Microwave Harassment and Mind Control

Page 11 of 12

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Julianne: I did. I want to thank you very, very much for taking on this subject. There are so few in the media, as a matter
of fact, you’re the only one I know of, who has the guts to address it.
Greg: And you know, it really doesn’t… just in defense of every other media person. I don’t think its guts, in a sense,
maybe it is. I don’t consider myself having guts in this issue. I consider it to be an issue that you need to take time to
understand it. And that’s what I would recommend to the people in the media that haven’t touched this issue. If it isn’t
being down right censored by someone above you, at least take the time to talk, I’ll spend time talking to you about it.
Because it took me a little time to figure it out. And, I’ll tell you what, its people like you that need to be applauded
because it’s your efforts that are bringing this to the forefront. You’re laying the credibility on the line. But I thank you
anyway for your kind words.
And with that, I wanted to say goodbye to you. And we’re going to have to move on. And we’ll have you on again to talk
about this. And thank you so much.
Julianne: And thank you so much.
Greg: And that was Julianne McKinney. And she is an authority in the use of electronic weaponry and microwave
weaponry and she was with us for the last hour and a half.

Microwave Harassment and Mind Control

Page 12 of 12

Saturday, May 28, 2016

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