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seven international jump



Good morning, so I start to talk about my experience in Cerro Verde,
The experience began in August, I started to work by IMCO, IMCO is a
great company from Arequipa, so that company make jobs of
maintenance of machines’ and installation about mechanic and
electrical instruments. That company was create in 2006 by two
IMCO work by different mines, the main client is Cerro Verde, but
IMCO work by another’s mines for example Antapacay, Las Bambas
and Southern Cooper.
When I arrived to the mine, first I was scare because I didn’t know
anybody and didn’t know where did I go to work neither. But after a
week, I started to work in Area 4, that area is about the process to
(retain the water), and (clarificar el agua y almacenar el agua), after
that process, the water is (reutilizado) to crushing area, molib plant,
(floating plant).
So, I started to work in electrical room 53, that room controller
different instrument’s for example valve’s, pumps, tanks and sensors.
The wirings of all field devices have to send to a main control panel
In that panel, I had to configure the sensors, the valves with a
measure instrument it calls “Hand Held 475”, that instrument is only
use with a special protocols communication, fieldbus communication
and hart protocol.
So, about two weeks was during the commissioning to electrical room
53, Then we had to go to the next electrical room 54, it calls “the
primary Booster”. That area is the main group of valves to reclaim
water and pump to different process.
That area has different instruments for examples motoring valves,
level sensors, flow sensors. All devices are connecting by different
protocols in that case use foundation fieldbus and 4-20 mA hart and
profibus communication.
Then, the next area was PTAR, it was a good experience because, I
met a good people for example my partner is American, so I had to do
many jobs with him but the most important was I learned a lot of
technical and abilities of him.

The PTAR, reclaim the water our city, then the water is clarifying for
different process and before the water go through for sludge pump
and tanks to treatment.
I was 1 month in PTAR, I saw different instruments but the most
important I learned how to use many instrument measure, I had to
talk with foreigner people and work together.
The best experience that I had in this area was met a good people of
EEUU. And my supervisors and different people.

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