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SCENE 1 - SMALL TOWN, USA... Eddie is in his bedroom, reading a school book on his bed. He takes a deep breath, sit sup and begins squinting his eyes (trying to teleport) He does it, but ends up on the other side of the room. He tries again and ends up, standing on his room, does it again, ends up in a closed store, does it again and ends up in L.A. Scene 2 - He walks down the dark alley, shots ring out and he takes off running, he comes to a dead end, turns around and he’s a few years older and rugged, he has a pair of daggars in hand, he takes out a few demons when one comes running out of no-where, charging with a pair of axes, he takes them down, and the axes are left on the ground, he picks them up and throws them over his shoulder - cut to SCENE 3 He brings the axe forward introducing us to a new scene, where he swings an axe, followed by another the other, then the next movement he makes, he swings them together decapitation a vampire. He dusts himself off. Scene 4 - Three persons (a girl and two guys) sit around a table. He comes in, they turn to him worried, he (basically) says there’s no need to be worried, he’s a professional. Then they tell him, they got the scoop on the new man in town, the replacement leader of a gang that they previously dispatched. “I killed the last guy who calleed himself their leader, I can kill thig guy too:” (not those exact words but something like it) They warn him, saying that this new guy is pretty tough... he says, “we’ll see about that” cut to Scene 5 - The four stand in front of a warehouse, He charges forward and busts the door down, no-one there. They all follow him in... They hear the door shut behind them. Noone there, he turns back around and a man is in front of him all of a sudden swinging an sword trying to decapitate him. He blinks out... Blinks back in and the man stands in the center of a triangle formed from his three dead companions... “What kind of leader are you?” He charges forward swigning his axe, the guy just keeps blinking out, blinks back in, grabbing both Eddies’ axes and flipping backwards. He swings them at Eddie, Eddie falls to the ground... The man restrains from killing him “You could have just dissapeared, but you didn’t. It’s because you know it’s your fault they died, you’re feeling guilty and you dont feel right being alive... Well I’m not going to be the one to make you happy.” He turns around and Eddie reaches up and grabs his friends daggar... The man : (as he walks away) What kind of leader are you? Hell, you’re barely even a fighter. Eddie stands up, blinks out, Man looks back, worried look, looks back in front of him and his eyes go wide. “You’re right, I’m not a fighter... Not anymore” The man falls to the ground bleeding to death, Eddie stands in front of him with a bloody daggar. He looks onto the fallen heros, , a tear escaping his eye... zoom in on face... pull out on face... Scene 6 - ... Standing outside a suburban home. He knocks on the door, a woman answers, he gives her the package and walks away towards his vehicle. Cut to: Entering home. There is someone on his couch... A woman who asks him for his help. She says, that Eddie once helped her some fifteen years ago, and he says he has no idea what she is talking about and to get the hell out of his house before he calls the police... As she

leaves, he gets a beer from his fridge when he hears a kid yelling, no, please stop. He sits his beer down and blinks away. Cut to Scene 7- Two demons are beating up a younger demon. They are making fun of him for Lizard tongue, saying that there’s a reason their clans live on the other side of the world, because they dont fit in here and that they are abominations. One of the demons holds the child down, while the other slashes it’s face with it’s claws. Up comes Eddie who dispatches both the demons, and makes sure the kids okay... he is, and he tells him to run on home. The child says he has nowhere to go, Eddie tells him that it’s the only way to learn how to survive in this world. Why did you save me? “You needed help”, where are you going? “To be a hero” Blackout... SCENE 8 - BASEMENT, OPENS A BOX TO REVEAL BASEMENT, INSIDE THE LARGE BOX IS A PAIR OF AXES. END OF SHOW.

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