June 2013 LINK Newsletter

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The LINK is Fort King’s monthly newsletter designed to inform our congregation about news happening both in our church and our community.



The first Sunday in June we'll be recognizing our graduating seniors. Those soon-to-be high school, and now college graduates will be venturing forth into adulthood and we send them with our prayers and love. As we pause to remember how they’ve matured before our very eyes and give thanks for the many ways they’ve contributed to our lives, it’s hard not to think how change seems to be a constant in our lives. These graduates have, or soon will, close one chapter in their lives and begin another. Transitions seem to be part of life, the key to a peaceful transition is how we face and handle those changes. A pastor friend reminded me one time that the Christians in Philippi were charged by the Apostle Paul to give thanks for what was and "press on" and "strain ahead" in pursuit of the call of Christ. Whatever stage or decade of life we find ourselves in, there are opportunities and challenges before us that keep us growing, learning and serving. Families have their stages of development as do churches, communities and nations. Fort King is composed of many people experiencing many different types of life stages and transitions. In each of the stages and transitions of life we can claim the constant and faithful companionship of God. As I say on most Sundays, “ we are a body of believers here to support and walk beside one and another during this journey of faith and life.” It isn't easy to navigate through all of life's inevi- Pastor ........................................ Andy Gans Contributors ...............................Members of Ft. King Assembling .................................Phyllis Altonn, Kay Visitation Pastor (Ret.) ............ Tom McNeil table changes. Fortunately, we aren't alone! We Music Director........................... Rick Roberts Dahlen, Dorothy Decker, Joyce Gauntt, Eleanor are a part of a community of faith that rejoices Executive Assistant ................... Chris Muramatsu Hayesmore, Pat Merrill, Carol Primm, Roselle Nursery Attendant .................... Tammy Keeslar Pringle, Judith Simonin, Aileen Zimmerman with those who rejoice and weeps with those Proofreaders.............................. Susan M. Jensen and Bulk Mail Handling...................John Stewart who weep. May the love we have for God transJohn Stewart late into supporting and loving our brothers and 13 NE 36TH AVENUE www.fortking.org Office: (352) 694694-4121 sisters throughout life’s many chapter changes.
FAX: (352) 694694-5226 OCALA, FLORIDA 34470 [email protected]

Fort King Presbyterian Church Financials Effective 4/30/13
Month Budget April 2013 Income Estimate of Giving Mortgage Reduction Other Income Total Income Total Expense Net Surplus/ Deficit Endowment 24,639 0 0 24,639 25,481 (842) 21,601 25 3 21,629 24,605 (2,976) (3,038) 25 3 (3,009) (876) (2,134) 73,916 0 0 73,916 75,893 (1,977) 65,801 50 (6,223) 59,628 66,134 (6,506) (8,115) 50 (6,223) (14,288) (9,759) (4,529) 80,318 450 13,091 93,859 70,074 23,785 (14,517) (400) (34,231) (34,231) (3,940) (30,291) Actual April 2013 Budget Compared to Actual Budget Jan-Apr 2013 Year-To-Date Actual Budget Actual 2013 YTD Jan–Apr Compared Jan-Apr Compared 2013 to 2012 to Actual 2012 YTD









Thank You
The family of Roy Garrett wishes to thank our Ft. King family for the many prayers, phone calls and visits during our loss. Your concern and support has meant so much to us. We'd like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the Prayer Shawl Ministry. Dad's beautiful shawl was on the bed with him at Hospice and was a source of comfort for all of us during that time. Also, we so appreciated the reception after Dad's memorial service and all of those that helped put it together and host it! We are very blessed to have such an awesome church family! Sincerely, Jane Garrett, Jim Garrett, and Susan Powell and family



June Birthdays

Thank You
So many cards and phone calls! What a caring congregation we have at Fort King. Thank you one and all for your concern and prayers. They are and were most appreciated. Pat Merrill

Sherry’s Shuttle
Thank you to the five families who seem to be sharing the responsibility of shuttling Sherry Pritchett to church each Sunday. You know who you are! However, summer is here and that means vacation time and we are asking more Fort King members to please take a moment to sign up for one or two Sundays on the schedule posted across from the office. Let’s try to make this a group effort. Thank you.

The Nurse Is In Connecticut
Bonnie has returned to Connecticut. Nurse Is In hours will not continue in person, but Bonnie will be available for your questions or concerns by phone 203-266-7149 or email at [email protected]. I will try to answer your questions or refer you to resources in Ocala.


Teacher Appreciation Breakfast
On June 2nd, the Discipleship Ministries will host a covered dish breakfast at 9:15 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall to honor the Sunday School teachers, PYC and High Tide leaders that have given their time for our enrichment throughout this year. Please bring your favorite breakfast dish to share and join us in thanking these teachers and leaders.

Big News…Free Trip to Greece – June 23rd – 27th Available to All Ages
That’s right! Just join us for Vacation Bible School June 23rd - 27th for our theme of “Athens.” There will be great studies, activities and fun for all ages as we travel through ancient Greece during the time of Paul. Sheletha Strawder, Niki Tripodi and Cate Martin will be co-directing this year’s VBS along with leaders for all ages. VBS will run 5:30-8:00 each evening. We will begin with our traditional family style dinners at 5:30 p.m. If you join us for dinner, the cost will be $25 per week for adults, $12.50 per week for children th through 5 grade, and free to all children age 5 and under. Registration will begin June 2nd. Please save the dates on your calendar.

Library Corner
In preparation for our VBS study of Paul, readers may wish to get a head start and check out some of these books available in the church library: The First Paul by Marcus J. Borg and John D. Crossan Rabbi Paul by Bruce Chilton Peter, Paul, and Mary Magdalene by Bart D. Ehrman All the Apostles of the Bible by Herbert Lockyer Seven Pauline Letters by Peter F. Ellis What Paul Meant by Garry Wills What Paul Really Said About Women by John Temple Bristow. Two books about Paul for young children are also available: Paul the Missionary by Iva Jewel Tucker, and The Story of Paul by Alice Joyce Davidson. If you prefer to get your information by listening or looking rather than reading, then check out these CDs or DVDs: The Apostle Paul, 6 CDs (30 minutes each) from The Teaching Company, presented by Professor Luke Timothy Johnson of Emory University; Paul the Apostle, a 180-minute DVD from The Bible Collection; Peter and Paul, a 194-minute DVD from Universal Studios. All of the above items will be on special display in the library during the month of June. All are available for members to check out.


New Members

Crafty Ladies
Beginning Thursday, June 13th through July 25th, the Crafty Ladies will meet from 1:00-4:00 p.m. in Fellowship Hall (no meeting scheduled June 27th because of VBS). Hope to see all of you there. If you would like to join our group, come for a visit some Thursday and see what we are doing and how you can help. We welcome new people and new talents!

Sassy Seniors
All widows and single ladies are welcome to join Sassy Seniors on Wednesday, June 12th at 1:00 p.m. This month’s luncheon will be at Sonny’s on Silver Springs Blvd.

Card Making Ministry
Come join us on the 2nd Friday of every month at 10:00 a.m. until about Noon. We will meet off-site. Please contact Prudence Pritz if you are interested in joining this group.


Men’s Night Out
Men’s Night Out will take place at Jerry Merrill’s home on June 10th at 6:30 p.m. Please call Jerry at 694-8228 to RSVP.

Presbyterian Women’s Circles
All women of Fort King are Presbyterian Women and are invited to participate in all the activities of Presbyterian Women. Circles do not meet in the summer but will start back in September.

Domestic Violence
Don’t forget items for the Domestic Violence basket. Check the basket in the Narthex for a list of items needed.

Thank You For A Successful Blood Drive
The Mission Ministry thanks everyone for their prayers and or their blood donation. We had 14 pints, which translates into 42 units. The Bloodmobile will be back on August 25th. God bless all of you!

Food4Kids Collection at Teacher’s Appreciation Breakfast
Bring your Food4Kids items to the Teacher’s Appreciation Breakfast on June 2nd. Thank you for being so supportive of Food4Kids this past year. As of the end of April, we collected 47 baskets of food and cash donations.

Habitat For Humanity
The Mission Ministry has chosen Saturday June 22nd as a help Habitat For Humanity work day. We are now looking for volunteers, male and female. If you would like to help, please pick up a registration form in the Narthex or talk to Bill Reed. Thank you.


MISSION (continued)
You Are Invited To A Screening Of The PC(USA) Presentation: Trigger: The Ripple Effect Of Gun Violence
The Mission Ministry at Ft. King Presbyterian Church would like to invite you to a viewing of the PC(USA) presentation “Trigger”. Our hope is that we can come together as a faith community to discuss ways in which we can respond responsibly to the effects of violence here in Marion County. We hope this will be the first in a series of seminars addressing several different forms of violence within our community. Together, I believe that we can make a difference. Please plan to attend the initial screening, listen to Ocala Police Chief, Greg Graham and Brian Marcum, Marion County School Safety Officer, speak to the needs in our community and in our schools. Join in the conversation on how we, a faith community, can make a difference. Where: Ft. King Presbyterian Church 13 NE 36th Avenue Ocala, Florida 34470 Phone: 352-694-4121 June 6, 2013 7:00 - 8:00 p.m. - Viewing of the PC(USA) movie “Trigger: The Effect of Gun Violence” 8:00 – 8:30 p.m. – Open Forum: A Call to Action. What can we, as a faith community, do to prevent violence in Marion County? Guest Speaker: Ocala Police Chief Greg Graham Guest Speaker: Brian Marcum, Marion County School Safety Officer

When: Time:

For additional information on the video “Trigger “and the PC(USA) stance on gun violence, go to www.pcusa.org

Office Help Needed
Chris Muramatsu will be having her hip replaced on June 26th. She will be out of the office for approximately a month. Chris expects to do all computer work remotely from home and will be available for support via phone, so she is looking for some kind people to volunteer to man the office. Office hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday with a one hour break for lunch. If you can give 4 hours or 8 hours once or multiple times during the June 26th through July 24th timeframe, please call the Church Office at 694-4121. If you know a responsible young adult who is older than 18 and would like to earn some volunteer credits or office work experience, please have them contact the Church Office. The responsibilities will be to answer the phone, greet visitors, simple operation of the copy machine, sort mail, occasional opening and closing of the office and other tasks of this nature. Please help keep Ft. King’s office running during Chris’ medical time off. Thanks in advance.


Unexpected Joy
One of my favorite old hymns is In the Garden. And, I’ll wager it is one of yours as well. In the Garden is a gospel song with more meaning than some have realized. Here is its story. C. S. Lewis, author of the Narnia children's books, was an Oxford scholar of some note. In middle age, he also became a staunch defender of the Christian faith. A few years before his death in 1963, Lewis penned his autobiography, telling of his conversion from atheism to faith in Christ. He called the book Surprised by Joy. And "joy," for the author, meant much more than mere happiness. He would describe it as child-like wonderment, resulting from a glimpse of the eternal. Even before he realized it, his whole life to that point had been a search for such joy. Then he found it in an unexpected place--in a personal encounter with the Lord Jesus. The Apostle Paul could have said something similar. Heading for Damascus, "breathing threats and murder against the disciples of the Lord" (Acts 9:1), he was confronted by the living Christ. His life was never the same again. In a vital relationship with the One he'd previously opposed, Paul found his heart suffused by joy. He writes on the theme in Philippians, referring to joy some sixteen times. He reminds us we Christians have a profound reason to rejoice in Christ (Philippians 3:3); that we should rejoice whenever Christ is faithfully proclaimed (1:18); and that even making a great sacrifice for Christ is cause for rejoicing (2:17-18). Another who was surprised by joy is Mary Magdalene (John. 20:1-18). After Jesus was crucified, she came to the garden tomb early Sunday morning, only to find the stone rolled back from the entrance, and the tomb empty. Not comprehending the true meaning of what she witnessed, Mary began to weep. Then turning, she saw a stranger standing nearby. In the half-light of the predawn, her eyes dimmed by tears, she did not recognize who it was, but assumed he must be the gardener, hired to care for the property where the tomb was located. Thinking perhaps he was responsible for what had happened, she said, "Sir, if you have carried Him away, tell me where you have laid Him." But at that, Jesus (for it was He) simply spoke her name, "Mary!" She immediately recognized Him, overwhelmed by the utterly unexpected joy of hearing once more the sound of His voice. Mary sought to hold on to Him, as if to keep Him with her forever." But gently the Lord responded, "Do not cling to Me." Instead, He sent her to carry a message to His followers. Austin Miles (1868-1946), a one-time pharmacist, turned hymn writer, was meditating on this lovely account at Easter time in 1912 when, as he tells it, "I seemed to be a part of the scene. I became a silent witness to that dramatic moment in Mary's life, when she knelt before her Lord, and cried, ‘Rabboni!'" Inspired by his vivid mental picture of the incident, Mr. Miles wrote the words and music for the popular gospel song "In the Garden." It begins, "I come to the garden alone, / While the dew is still on the roses; / And the voice I hear, falling on my ear, / The Son of God discloses. / And He walks with me, and He talks with me, / And He tells me I am His own, / And the joy we share as we tarry there, / None other has ever known." The hymn has been called sentimental and meaningless--which it might be if just any "garden" were in view. But the author had a specific one in mind. And he wanted to capture something of the emotion Mary experienced. Miles comments, "Just one word from His lips, and forgotten the heartaches, the long dreary hours….All the past blotted out in the presence of the Living Present and the Eternal Future." Mary had been surprised by joy--a joy like no other. Many who have found the living Christ would say the same. And "though now [we] do not see Him, yet believing, [we] rejoice with joy inexpressible and full of glory" (I Peter 1:8). I would have liked to be in that garden, How about you? Rick


WORSHIP (continued)
Join the Summer Choir
Summertime is upon us and it would be a wonderful opportunity for you to consider joining us for our summer choir. We meet on Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m. The selected music will be familiar to all of us, and your participation would be most welcomed. If you have been thinking about joining the choir, now is a good time to “take a test drive.” I’ll be looking for you, With a song in my heart. Rick

Flower Calendar
Please note: I am trying to “work ahead” on the flowers, so if you would like to provide flowers to commemorate a special event/occasion/memory etc. for a specific date, please call Nancy Hall at 694-3221 as soon as possible. Please also note: It is never too early to call to select your chosen date. I am receiving many requests now for dates in the fall. As of this mailing, the following people will be providing flowers in June, July, August and September 2013. If you can provide flowers for a date in 2013, please call Nancy Hall. Thank you. Thank you to these people as they share in donating the flowers for the following worship services. June 2, 2013---In memory of our parents, Aleta, Max, and Robert, from the Repp family June 9, 2013---In celebration of three June birthdays and three June anniversaries from Cash and Gwynn Pealer June 16, 2013---From Bernice and Bob Henry in celebration of their 53rd wedding anniversary June 23, 2013---From Carol Primm in loving memory of John on our wedding date June 30, 2013---In honor of our 51st wedding anniversary from Charles and Mary Ellen Vowinkel July 7, 2013---In loving memory of my mother, Ann Patnode, and my brother, Edward, from Kay Dahlen July 14, 2013---From Vince and Margaret Spontak in celebration of our 31st wedding anniversary July 21, 2013---In celebration of 50 years of marriage from Joe and Jeannie Tyler July 28, 2013---The flowers today are given to the glory of God by Martha Slemmer in loving memory of her precious mom, Carol August 4, 2013---In loving memory of Wilbur E. Hall from his daughter Doris and her husband Steven Charleston August 11, 2013---OPEN August 18, 2013---From the Clegornes in honor of the Clegorne family birthdays--sons, Nicholas and Patrick, and Anthony’s mother and father August 25, 2013---In celebration to God on our anniversary from Dave and Marianne Fullarton September 1, 2013---OPEN September 8, 2013---From Jack and Sue Harshman in honor of our 61st wedding anniversary September 15, 2013---In celebration of our 66th wedding anniversary from Glendon and Mildred Shank September 22, 2013---In loving memory of Kenny Orme from Shirley September 29, 2013---From Dorothy Roth in loving memory of Merl on their wedding date


WORSHIP (continued)
Exodus 16: God’s Provision and Us
Mr. Moses had led the enslaved people out of Egypt; they were now in the Sinai Peninsula, sand a-plenty and nothing to eat! The people didn’t just “murmur;” they complained loudly: ‘We’re out here in no-where, starving in this wilderness. At least in Egypt we had Egyptian “fleshpots” for food.’ That menu consisted of Fish – the meat of choice Delectable vegetables, and 57 kinds of bread (Plaut Torah 443). No obesity problems in this group! Yet, they didn’t go hungry; the diet was so much better than Spam, rice, and lima beans in “assisted living.” Indeed, the people had a ‘right’ to gripe loudly; “At least in Egypt – even if we were slaves – we had three square meals a day.” So, Yahweh/God (=the Lord) and Moses had a conference call: Yahweh/God was going to provide “food”: they would receive Quail that were migrating north, good solid meat; and Manna: in Hebrew, this means “What is it?” Moses’ reply was: “This is the bread the Eternal has given to you to eat.” (Exodus 16:15b). Each person was to get only as much “food” as needed for a twenty-four hour period, no more, (Exodus 16:16)) to be measured at an omer which equals 6 ½ pints or 3½ liters, for every man, woman, and child in the “camp” (Plaut Torah 444)! Just what was this manna? In Sinai, symbiotic insects interact with the tamarisk tree to produce a substance that tastes like honey; it is spicy and yet sweet. It had to be collected early in the morning; during the heat of the day it would liquefy; but it served as the “bread of heaven” for Moses and his people (see Psalm 105:40) – it is God’s gift (Plaut Torah 453). In fact, the provision of quail and manna is an expression of “God’s glory” (Exodus 16:7a); this is God’s response to a people who are “unprepared, vulnerable, and frightened” (R.E. Friedman 2001 Commentary on the Torah 223). Let’s see here: the people who had been “slaves” in Egypt, who had eaten fairly well, and had become “comfortable” with their life there, were led out of Egypt by Moses, the grand liberator, the one who stood up to and faced Pharaoh, who ridiculed Pharaoh’s priests who were performing “tricks” of their trade; the people had been “liberated” – time to celebrate, have a party: Um, in a sand-populated area where even scorpions have a tough life? Manna and quail did enable the people to survive in the wilderness; that diet was abandoned when they entered Canaan, parts of which were already producing agricultural food (see W. G. Dever 2003 Who were the Early Israelites and where did they come from? especially Chap. 3; and B.S.J. Isserlin 1998 The Israelites). But, what kind of people did they become? They still complained! (Exodus 17:2ff). There was no Centrum available at that time! Ludwig Feuerbach in 1850 was quoted as saying the following: “The doctrine of food is of great ethical and political significance. Food becomes blood; blood becomes heart and brain, thoughts and mind-stuff. Human fare (i.e. food) is the foundation of human culture and thought. Would you improve a


WORSHIP (continued)
nation? Give it, instead of declamations against sin, better food. Der mensch ist vas er isst. Man is what he eats.” So, the better the quality and amount of food, the higher the quality of human life, ethical behavior and intellect? And how many omers of food do we have in our 26.5 cubic feet refrigerators? Which leads us to Jesus’ petition in the “Lord’s Prayer”: “Give us our bread for today” (Matthew 6:11//Luke 11:6). What are we really praying for when we recite the Lord’s Prayer, in particular, the above petition? Have we already provided so much for ourselves that the petition we utter is just so many empty words? Just how do we “depend” on God when we have full stomachs to the degree that our MD’s have to advise us that our weight exceeds federal BMI guidelines? For sure, we do need to think seriously about this. Shalom, Tom

Flower Ministry – After Sunday Worship
Flower ministry takes the arrangements that are left for the church and breaks them down into smaller arrangements to distribute to shut-ins. If you have a passion for flower arranging, please volunteer to perform this ministry. If you have a passion, but do not know how to arrange flowers, Anne Kinsland will teach you. Call Anne Kinsland to volunteer or to ask any questions.


FORT KING PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 13 N.E. 36th Avenue Ocala, Florida 34470

Non-Profit Organization US Postage Paid Ocala, FL 34478 Permit #100



Camp Cornerstone comes to Fort King
Fort King welcomes the Camp Cornerstone Day Camp to our campus this summer. Camp Cornerstone is a day camp for children in elementary and middle school. This camp is run by the Cornerstone School each summer but it was in need of a temporary location this year due to construction at the school. We will see many children and families around our property this summer thanks to Camp Cornerstone so let’s make sure we extend a gracious Fort King welcome when we meet some of these folks. Camp will be in session from 8:45- 4:15 Monday through Friday during the months of June and July. For more information on Cornerstone School and Day Camp, visit www.thecornerstoneschool.org.

June 2013
Italicized items are non-FKPC activities using FKPC facilities






Friday Saturday
1 9:00 - 3:00 Turning Point (FH) 8

7 3 4 5 6 9:00 - 11:45 Library 7:30 Men’s Bible 9:30 Prayer 11:00 Adult 9:15 Teacher Study Shawl Discipleship Appreciation Ministry Ministry Breakfast 5:00 Congrega1:00 Crafts tional Care Ministry 6:00 Trigger 10:00 Choir Practice 6:00 Worship Viewing 10:30 Worship 5:15 TOPS (FH) Ministry 6:00 - 8:00 Mari11:30 Discipleship 5:30 Mission Ministry 5:30 Evangelism Youth Ministry Ministry ons United (FH) 5:00 PYC 8:45 - 4:15 Cornersto neCamp(CE&FH) 7:00 AA (CE) 2 9 10 11 12 13 14 10:00 Card Making Ministry (off-site)


9:00 - 11:45 Library 7:30 Men’s Bible Study 9:15 Adult Ed. & 1:00 Crafts Youth 1:00 Sassy Seniors 10:00 Choir Practice (off-site) 7:00 Discipleship 10:30 Worship Ministry 5:15 TOPS (FH) 4:00 Property Children 6:30 Men’s Night Out Ministry (off-site) 5:00 PYC 7:00 AA (CE) 8:45 - 4:15 Cornersto neCamp(CE&FH) Montreat 18 17 16 20 19 7:30 Men’s Bible Study 9:00 - 11:45 Library 9:15 Adult Ed. & 1:00 Crafts Youth 10:00 Choir Practice 3:00 Pastoral Care 10:30 Worship 6:00 Session Team 5:00 PYC 5:15 TOPS (FH) 7:00 AA (CE) 8:45 - 4:15 Cornersto neCamp(CE&FH) 24 26 25 2 Cents A Meal 7:30 Men’s Bible 9:00 - 11:45 Library Study 9:15 Adult Ed. & Youth 10:00 Choir Practice 10:30 Worship 11:30 Congregational Meeting VBS 8:45 - 4:15 Cornersto neCamp(CE&FH) 30 9:00 - 11:45 Library 9:15 Adult Ed. & Youth 10:00 Choir Practice 10:30 Worship 5:00 PYC 23 27



Habitat Work Day



7:00 AA (CE)


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