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NorthRidge Church & Christian Academy

June 2013 Volume 5 Issue 2

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Our News Reaching You; Reaching Out to You

A Message From Pastor David
Whose kid actually ends up going into the lemonade stand business? You’ve seen them before; maybe your child tried it one afternoon. But there really are professional lemonade stands out there, so logic would dictate that some kid somewhere ended up going into the lemonade stand business full time. He wanted to try it one hot summer afternoon after seeing some of the other kids in his neighborhood doing it, or maybe he saw one set up at a baseball park and thought, “I could make a little on top of my allowance with this.” So he tries it out. Gets his dad to help him set up a rickety little stand. Hand paints a sign —“Lemonade – Fifty Cents.” And after one successful day, he tries it again. And again. And again. Then he gets invited to bring his lemonade stand to a middle school baseball game, he ups his price to two dollars a glass, and pretty soon he’s got a lot of invitations to bring his lemonade stand to all kinds of events. He’s getting really busy, taking his lemonade stand all over town. Sure, he’s making a really nice profit. But now things are a lot busier, a lot more professional. It’s taking up more time than he expected. He’s got to make special orders on lemons, he’s having to keep track of all his expenses on a spreadsheet, and what started as a little hobby has become a time consuming commitment. And in that moment, he had to make a choice. Is this going to become a kind of career? Is he going to hire a few employees to share the load? What will he choose? Some of you out there are thinking, “Maybe I should go into the lemonade stand business.” Others are thinking, “I wish that was my kid. My son doesn’t even know what a spreadsheet is.” Whatever you’re thinking, you understand that moment. There’s a moment when we all have to make a decision. Is this a hobby or is this a career? Is this for fun or for something more? Am I trying this out or am I investing in it? These kinds of moments aren’t unique to the business world. I think a much more common experience lies in the realm of relationships. Specifically, in our relationship with Jesus Christ. Is this relationship with Him a hobby we entertain on the weekends, or is this what defines our life, our decisions, our all? This is the context of a book I have recently received and now have challenged our Deacon Body to read. Kyle Idleman in his book, Not a Fan, confronts the tendency of the modern church and its lure to become fans. I fear that our church has the potential to very easily become a stadium full of fans of Jesus. See, I think we have a tendency to come together once a week and be fans of Jesus. We sit down in our seats and we open up our programs. We applaud at certain times and we leave somehow thinking that, as the fans, it was all done for us. We get in the car and we evaluate the sermon, and we kind of give the service and song selection a thumbs up or thumbs down. And we come back and do it again the next week. For what reason? Fans come because of what the game does for them. The thrill, excitement of the game. Yet, Christ has called us to be followers of Christ and not fans, even the most dedicated of fans. Take a reading challenge with our Deacon Body. Be bold enough to ask the hard question of yourself, “Am I a ‘fan’ or a ‘follower’ of Christ?” In Jesus’ story in John 6, Idleman points out that while the hills were filled with those who ate with Jesus (the feeding of the 5,000), their hearts were turned as Jesus began to dig into their own reasons for being there with Christ. John states in verse 66 that “many of his disciples left and followed him no more.” Why? I’ll intentionally leave this question unanswered. What Idleman notes is, Jesus did not go after them to try and retrieve them. He did not offer an ice cream social to regain their attendance. He just let them go. What is clear from this story is that Jesus cared more about the commitment of the individuals than he did about having a crowd. If commitment defines my relationship with Christ – purely commitment – are you a fan or a follower? Christ knows. You do also. Be bold enough to ask the hard questions. Then chart a course to become a fully committed follower of Christ, or simply go home. A Developing Follower, Pastor David

From the Desk of Pastor Harold
Home-bound Ministry
Thanks for all who give their time and resources to this ministry. If you are considering where you might serve, please pray about getting involved with the Homebound Ministry. This is the current group of Home-bound with addresses that are being ministered to at this time. If you know of others that would benefit from this ministry, please contact Rowena Daley or call the church office @ 863.422.4488 Ms. Irma Swain Spring Haven Retirement LLC 1225 Havendale NW Winter Haven, Florida 33881 (863)-293-0072 Ms. Lucille Tiner Savannah Court assisted living. 301 Peninsular Drive Haines City, FL 33844-5046 (863) 4225204 Ms. Vera Cook Brandywyne Health Care Center 1801 Lake Mariam Drive Winter Haven, FL 33884 (863) 293-1989 Not home bound, but limited in some way and could use a word or two of encouragement with a visit, call or card. Mr Russ Vincent @ home Ms. Dorothy Burgess @ home Ms. Regena Lyle Savannah Court 301 Peninsular Drive #7 Haines City, FL 33844. Phone 863-422-4157.
Frances Bradbury

James “Sunny” Watts 110 Woodland Drive Haines City, FL 33844 863-412-4921 Mr. George Price Spring Haven Retirement LLC 1225 Havendale NW Apt. 511 Winter Haven, Fl. 33881

Haines City Health Care room 118A

Don’t Let Us Leave Without You!!!!!
2013 Cruise on Freedom of the Seas 7 day Royal Caribbean Cruise, leaving September 29, 2013
The newly enhanced Freedom of the Seas® is a marvel of maritime engineering, packed with awesome innovations to stir your imagination. Share a high five with Shrek as part of The DreamWorks® Experience. Catch a first-run movie in the 3D theater or poolside under the stars on the outdoor movie screen. Infuse color into your cruise with the artworks of the BRITTO Gallery or with the frosted confections of the Cupcake Cupboard. Plus, enjoy all the revolutionary features Freedom of the Seas has always been known for – FlowRider® surf simulator, rock climbing wall, ice-skating rink, Royal Promenade, cantilevered whirlpools, mini golf course, H2O Zone water park, and much more. Ports of Call: Port Canaveral, Florida; Labadee, Haiti; Falmouth, Jamaica; George Town, Grand Cayman; Cozumel, Mexico; Port Canaveral, Florida

Please see Pastor Harold or Sharon O’Donnell
To register please call (800) 859-7225 ask to speak with Lewis @ ext. 13168 Tell him you would like to have early dining with reservation 8211905. This is Pastor Harold and Gina's reservation number. This will get us together at dinner. If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Harold Reserve early so we can plan for transportation to and from the port.

Academy News
There is still time to give. God is providing and we are moving forward with providing Mimio, an interactive whiteboard system in every classroom at NorthRidge Christian Academy. If you have not contributed, please consider how you can help impact the life of our children. If you write a check, please write Mimio in the memo line and the finance office will know what to do with it. We have approximately $31,000 pledged to date. Our goal is $40,000. This will allow us to place interactive whiteboards with a new laptop in every classroom of the Academy. Thanks for supporting NCA’s walk-a-thon. It was a blast and raised some additional funds for Mimio.

We are planning for next year and enrollment is in full swing. If you know families who may be looking for a school that is focused on providing a strong foundation for students to thrive spiritually, socially, and academically, invite them to come see us.

Youth Happenings
Greetings Church Family, Well, we made it! The school year is wrapping up and we leave for camp in just over a week!!!! I want to thank you all so much for all the help you have given to us. I am always overwhelmed by the generosity you show us every year. Please keep us in prayer as we travel to North Greenville University. It is going to be an amazing time for our students to recharge and reconnect with God. Some areas for you to pray for us are: 1) Pray for a safe journey to and from camp. 2) Pray for the students as they prepare to learn all that God has in store for them this summer. 3) Pray for our leaders, so that our hearts and minds will be open to the needs of our students. 4) Pray for the families of our students. We do have some families that are not churched, and it is always my prayer that these students will be so excited that it will spill over to the families! I can't wait to get back and give you all a report about this amazing week. Thank you for all your support and prayers. Stepping out in Faith, Derrick Whiteman

Events and Announcements

At 7:00 am
7:00. A All men all invited and encouragattend breakfast each Saturday morning at

Bible Study led by Dennis Graffious “Learning to Follow Jesus”

June Birthdays
1 Denice Tyler

2 Tammy Farrens



6 5 Helen Cowley Carly Farrens

7 Daniel Cameron Brooklynn Reeves

8 Jordyn Conerly Lynda Coots Alex Smith

9 10 Megan Kachmarik Bill Hatley Elaine Higgins Amanda Watts Rusty Watts 16 Kayleigh Butler 17

11 Cameron Herndon Brandi Sampson Sara Williams

12 Faith Pike



15 Gissell Alba Karen Myers Cheryl Yurick

18 Caley Coots Cherrie Jordan Dawn Wiley

19 Bryan Hatley Jacob Watts

20 21 22 Diego Novoa Roger Lee Melinda Arceneaux Todd Trierweiler Lief Watts



25 Terri Schaeffer

26 Ed Newberg





Wednesday services

Sunday services

5:45-6:45 -Prayer in Sanctuary 6:45-7:45 -Coffee and Bible study in Fellowship Hall

Sunday Morning Café -8:45am Sunday School -9:20 Worship Service -10:30am (also Kids' Church K5-3rd)

Church Office
Hours-Monday -Thursday 8:00am-4:00pm. If you need to contact the Pastor On Call you can at any time by calling the Church Office 863-422-4488 and leaving a message in the “On Call” mailbox (ext. 2104) The Pastor that is on call for the week will return your call ASAP.

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