Ku Klux Aids Salvation Army

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The Richmond Item (Richmond, Indiana) Dec. 21, 1922Local Klan makes donations of Christmas baskets to the Salvation Army.



The Richmond Item (Richmond, Indiana) Dec. 21, 1922!

! Ku Klux Aids Salvation Army! ! !

Several hundred dollars in food and cash will be turned over to the Salvation Army by the local organization of the Ku Klux Klan, according to Captain I. W. Amberger, who is in charge of the Richmond corps of the Salvation Army, last night. A number of baskets of groceries have been delivered to the headquarters of the army, and the balance will be taken there today, it was stated.! The donation of the klan was of great importance to the army in furthering it's Christmas plans, Captain Amberger stated last night. Owing to the light donations which of been made by the people of the city this year in response to the appeal of the organization, it was thought necessary to cut the issuing of baskets to people from 75 to 50. The army distributed 75 last year. With the klan donation the Army will now give away over 90 blankets, Captain Amberger said.!


The baskets will be ready for distribution Saturday morning. Most of the people receiving them will call at the headquarters of the Army, on South Fifth street. In the few cases where the recipients cannot call, their basket will be delivered by Captain Amberger. Each basket will contain a chicken and suf´Čücient vegetables for dinner.

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