Lab 2 Report

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Lab 2 Report
Name: Bright Park Time: Tues 4-7 1) This is called the home button, and it is clicked it takes you to your homepage. 2) The homepage can be accessed using the shortcut Alt+home 3)

4) To search for information on student learning centre within I would have to search [student learning centre] on google 5) Peter Jacksons first feature film was “Bad Taste” 6) Alan Turing was a computer scientist in WWII that played an important role in decrypting German codes. 7) The “Who Shot Rock and Roll” exhibit ran at the Auckland Art gallery from November 10th 2012 till March 3rd 2013. 8)


10) Cc stands for carbon copy whereas, bcc stands for blind carbon copy. When sending an email, people listed under cc will receive a copy of the email and other receivers of the email will be able to see who else received the email. However if someone is listed under bcc, other receivers of the email will not be able to see the person under bcc. (e.g, if everyone was placed under bcc in an email, all the receivers of the email will not be able to see who else you sent the email to) 11)

12) Rshe005 made their first message at 2:25pm, March 8th 2013, and the subject of this message was “hello everyone…” 13) The earliest announcements author was acam001, it was posted on Sunday the 24th of March and the subject was called “Welcome to CompSci111/111G” 14) The sticky thread’s subject is “Labs” 15) The second rule of Netiquette is to “Adhere to the same standards of behaviours online that you follow in real life” 16)







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