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UA Police Laws



Crime/Offence Driving Offences Dangerous Driving Death by Dangerous Driving(hit and run) Driving on the wrong side of the road No lights during night hours Speeding Failure to Stop/ At checkpoint Driving under the influence Public Disorder Anti Social Music/noise Laying/standing in the middle of the road Swearing at Police and other anti social behaviour Interfering with police business Gun Laws Unholstered Firearm in City limits Illegal Pistol Illegal Rifle Theft Laws Grand Theft auto (civ car) Grand Theft auto ( Cop Car) Drug Laws Drug Trafficking Drug Possession Major Crimes Resisting Arrest Assault/Mugging Jail Break Armed Robbery Attempted Murder Murder Murder of Police officer Mass Murder (3 Cop) (4civ)

Jail Time/ Fixed Plenty Notice 5min/$10,000 8min $5000 $2000 $1000 – $3000 - $6000 4 min/ 6min 5min 1min/$500 1min/ $1000 1min/$1000 1min/$1000

Additional Info If offender is arrested have the vehicle impounded This is driving in a way which presents a significant danger or threat to other road users. Impound vehicle. If intentional refer to murder charge. Officers may use discretion. Officer may refer to Dangerous Driving Officer May refer to Dangerous Driving 1st offence – 2nd – 3rd- Refer to Dangerous driving Impound Vehicle/ If The person jumps a checkpoint and is not wanted want the person/ If they are wanted lethal force is authorised. This is alcohol or drugs. Substance is only required to be on the suspect for this charge. Issue fine first – Failure to pay arrest Issue fine first – Failure to pay arrest Issue fine first – Failure to pay arrest Issue a verbal warning first This is standing in the officers face and not standing nearby. The offender must be causing a problem when enacting police business and not just on looking. Issue verbal warning to holster then issue ticket when they holster/ Failure to pay = Disarm and arrest/ Disarm Disarm Impound vehicle Impound vehicle Impound Vehicle and take drugs into evidence Impound Vehicle if driving and add driving under influence. This should only apply to small quantities This can be running from police to avoid capture or rolling around on the ground to avoid arrest Disarm if Armed

3min/ $7000 5min 8min 5min 8min 10min 5min 2min 4min 4min 7min 7min 10 12min 25min

Score ranking (Cop=1 Civ=0.5) Score of 3 must met to apply this crime

Foot Notes: 1. Take the largest Crime and +2min for every other crime 2. Always issue ticket first unless the offender is a serial offender 3. If suspect is arrested always disarm and have their vehicle impounded

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