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McGill 1 Logan McGill Dance 459 Edwin Austin February 16, 2 14

!"e dance world is a #lace o$ creati%ity, e&#ression, e&#loration and artistry' Dance is an art $ro( t"at is used to e&#lore and e&#lain di$$erent as#ects o$ li$e' Fro( t"e si(#le t"ings, to sub)ects t"at are di$$icult to e&#lain, dance e&#lores all as#ects o$ li$e in t"e "o#es o$ allowing t"ose w"o watc" dance and #artici#ate in it to "a%e a better understanding o$ t"e sub)ect being e&#lored' *ince dance is an art $ro( t"at is so o#en ended on w"at ins#ires t"e artist to create (o%e(ent, it gets easy $or t"e artist to e&#lore t"e(es t"at can be worldly and dar+' As Latter Day *aints, t"is can (a+e us want to a%oid trying to get #ro$essional wor+' !"e $ear o$ being #ut in situations w"ere we are surrounded by #eo#le w"o are li%ing in a worldly way sto#s us $ro( "a%ing any desire to wor+ in t"e dance $ield a$ter we graduate, w"en in reality, it s"ould gi%e us an e%en greater desire to bring lig"t to t"e world o$ dance in e%ery way we can' ,y understanding t"at we can e&ist in t"e world wit"out being a #art o$ it, by understanding dance is a gi$t t"at t"e Lord "as gi%en us and can be used $or good, and by understanding w"ere we co(e $ro( and our #ur#ose $or being "ere, - +now t"at we can o%er co(e t"e $ears o$ t"e dance world and touc" t"e li%es o$ ot"ers in t"e #rocess' First o$ all, we can e&ist in t"e world wit"out being a #art o$ it' - belie%e t"at is so(et"ing we (ust do' As dancers w"o "a%e been gi%en t"is talent $ro( our .ea%enly Fat"er, we "a%e a res#onsibility and a duty to s"are it wit" ot"ers to t"e best o$ our

McGill 2 abilities' !"at (eans #er$or(ing #ro$essionally i$ we are able to do so' !"e reason we are turned o$$ to being a #art o$ t"e dance world is o$ten because o$ t"e %iew #oints o$ ot"ers and t"e di$$erence between our belie$s, and t"e belie$s o$ ot"ers' /e are a$raid t"at our belie$s will contradict eac" ot"ers, or t"at we (ay be swayed to abandon our own belie$s' -n a tal+ gi%en by Dieter F' 0c"tdor$ called 1/"at is !rut"21, Elder 0c"tdor$ says3 1/"en t"e o#inions or 1trut"s1 o$ ot"ers contradict our own, instead o$ considering t"e #ossibility t"at t"ere could be in$or(ation t"at (ig"t be "el#$ul and aug(ent or co(#le(ent w"at we +now, we o$ten )u(# to conclusions or (a+e assu(#tions t"at t"e ot"er #erson is (isin$or(ed, (entally c"allenged, or e%en intentionally trying to decie%e'1 *o(eti(es we get so worried t"at any belie$ t"at does not co(#li(ent our own is wrong' /e get so stuc+ in t"in+ing t"at way t"at we $ail to recogni4e belie$s t"at ot"ers "a%e, t"at (ay not co(#letely agree wit" our belie$s, but bac+ u# our belie$s in so(e way' /e do not need to $ear t"e li$e styles and belie$s t"at ot"ers "a%e' /e +now t"e trut" $or oursel%es' /e +now t"at t"e gos#el is true' /e do not need to be scared o$ w"at ot"ers (ig"t tell us' As long as we +ee# t"at +nowledge at t"e $ore$ront o$ our (inds, we do not need to $ear being a #art o$ t"e dance world' *econd o$ all, dance is one o$ t"e (ost #recious gi$ts t"at t"e Lord "as gi%en us' -t is a #recious gi$t because it in%ol%es t"e use o$ t"e greatest gi$t t"at t"e Lord "as gi%en us' !"at gi$t is our bodies' -n a tal+ gi%en by 5ussell M' 6elson entitled, 1/e are 7"ildren o$ God1, "e states3 1!"e gi$t o$ t"e #"ysical body is #riceless' /it"out it, we cannot attain a $ulness o$ )oy'1 /"en you as+ a dancer w"y it is t"ey dance, o$ten t"e res#onse you get is t"at it (a+es t"e( t"e "a##iest, or t"at t"ey ne%er $eel (ore ali%e t"an w"en t"ey are dancing' /"en

McGill 8 - "ear t"is, - t"in+ o$ t"at 9uote by Elder 6elson' ,y using t"e gi$t o$ t"e body, we are able to $eel )oy and "a##iness t"at can only co(e $ro( using t"e body in rig"teous ways' Dancing doesn:t only allow us to $eel )oy, but it can allow us to $eel close to our .ea%enly Fat"er' -t allows us to celebrate our gi$t as well as s"ow gratitude to our Fat"er $or w"at "e "as gi%en us' Dance can be an e&tre(ely s#iritual e&#erience w"en used in t"e rig"t way and in t"e rig"t setting' -n a tal+ entitled 17reati%ity1 by 6eal A' Ma&well, "e says3 1/"ile true creati%ity is so(et"ing t"at can be s"ared by t"ose w"o a##reciate t"e wor+s o$ creation, true creati%ity does not de#end entirely $or its sati$actions u#on 1consu(ers'1 -t is a "ig"ly #ersonal e&#erience in w"ic" we are grate$ul to t"e Lord $or "el#ing us to see beauty and trut" and t"e order o$ t"ings, $or restructuring our understanding o$ t"ings, i$ necessary, to accord wit" t"ings 1as t"ey really are1'1 As Latter Day *aints, - belie%e it is our obligation to s"are t"e lig"t t"at can co(e t"roug" dance wit" t"e world' !"ere are (any t"ings in t"e dance world t"at are dar+' !"e world needs t"e lig"t we can bring t"roug" dance' -t is our res#onsibilty to gi%e t"at lig"t to ot"ers' Last, but de$initely not least, it is i(#ortant $or us to +now w"o we are, and w"y we are "ere' -$ we are to stay strong in t"e dance world, t"en t"is is t"e (ost i(#ortant t"ing to "a%e a +nowledge o$' /e (ust always re(e(ber t"at we are c"ildren o$ a .ea%enly Fat"er w"o lo%es us, and trusts t"at we will $ollow "i( enoug" to gi%e us t"is beauti$ul talent o$ dance, and to s"are it wit" ot"ers' -n t"e tal+ 17entering t"e Arts in 7"rist1 by 6ewell Dayley, it says3 17"rist lo%ed and obeyed "is $at"er and "e +new e&actly w"o "e was'1 ;ur ulti(ate goal as Latter Day *aints is to stri%e to be li+e 7"rist' !"at includes obeying t"e co((and(ents and (ost i(#ortantly, +nowing w"o we are' /e (ust

McGill 4 re(ain stead$ast and allow no roo( $or sli# u#s' /e can not be wort"y (e(bers o$ t"e c"urc" and be a #art o$ t"e world at t"e sa(e ti(e' -n t"e tal+ called 1-ntegrity1 by Elder 6' Eldon !anner, it stated3 1Let us #ursue t"is t"oug"t o$ a (an being w"ole wit"in "i(sel$, or undi%ided' *uc" a one would ne%er $ind "i(sel$ at war wit"in "i(sel$ as to w"ic" course to #ursue or w"ic" decision to (a+e' 7onstantly t"ere would be a unity o$ #ur#ose' !"ere would not be, as so(eone "as said, <one sel$ $or c"urc", anot"er sel$ $or business, anot"er $or recreation, "o(e, tra%el, and so on'= /e s"ould re(ain t"e #erson we are' /e s"ould not "a%e di$$erent 1sel%es1 $or di$$erent situations t"at we are in' -$ we $ind t"at we are not able to re(e(ber w"o we really are, t"en it is ti(e to reassess our situation, and (a+e so(e c"anges, but t"e $ear o$ t"is "a##ening s"ould not sto# us $ro( trying to s"are our lig"t t"roug" dance' As long as we are close to t"e s#irit, we "a%e not"ing to $ear' !"e "oly g"ost is our (odern day lia"ona, as stated by Elder ,ednar' As long as we "a%e t"e s#irit wit" us, and re(e(ber w"o we are, we "a%e not"ing to $ear' Dance is so(et"ing t"at can bring us closer to God, and strengt"en our testi(onies in a re(ar+able way' As long as we "a%e t"e +nowledge t"at we can e&istence in t"e world wit"out being a #art o$ it, by understanding t"at dance is a gi$t t"at t"e Lord "as gi%en us t"at can (a+e us grow closer to "i(, and by re(e(bering w"o we are and our #ur#ose $or being on t"is eart", we can re(ain strong in e%en t"e "ardest circu(stances' !"e dance world is by no (eans t"e easiest #lace to be in, but it is (ore t"an #ossible to re(ain wort"y and to e%en gain a stronger testi(ony o$ t"e gos#el by #artici#ating in it'

/or+s 7ited

1' 6' Eldon !anner, -ntegrity, A#ril 7on$erence, 19>> 2' Da%id A ,ednar, ,e .onest ?$ro( a de%otional address at ,@0A-da"oB, *e#te(ber 2 2 8' Dieter F' 0c"tdor$, /"at is !rut", "tt#3CCwww'youtube'co(Cwatc"2%D642%>@9EE94' 6ewell Dayley, 7entering !"e Arts in 7"rist 5' 6eal A' Ma&well, 7reati%ity, August 19F2 6' Da%id A ,ednar, !"at /e May Always .a%e .is *#irit !o ,e /it" 0s, A#ril 2 >' 5ussell M' 6elson, /e Are 7"ildren o$ God, ;ctober 199F 6

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