LEAD Conference Call 3 Notes

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August 31, 2009 10 am CDT Attendees: Jim Keysor, Katy Branham, Seffanie Kolbus, Liz Stoppkotte, Derek Deroche, Todd Hamilton, Kelsey Angle, Lisa Schmit, Jamie Bielinski, Jeff Colton and Jen Zeltwanger Overview of questionnaire • Webinar Groups ○ Servant Leadership: Kelsey, Jen, Jamie, Jim ○ Core Values: Beth, Kelly, Lisa, Stef ○ Power vs. Authority: Jeff B, Katy, Liz, Ashley ○ Mentoring: Jeff C, Todd, Derek ○ Groups will begin to meet and plan webinars on their own. Core ○ ○ ○ Values Discussion of replacing core values with a different topic Survey suggested communication as a replacement Majority voted to keep it and enough volunteers to cover it, so no change

Webinar Order ○ Majority wants to keep webinar in same order as discussed on previous calls Secondary Groups ○ Marketing Group: Kelsey, Derek, Todd, Stef, Jim ○ Month of Service Group: Jeff B, Jen, Beth, Kelly, Lisa, Jamie, Liz ○ Use in either group as needed: Jeff C, Ashley, Katy Webinar Timeframe Established ○ Servant Leadership: Early November ○ Core Values: Late February or Early March ○ Power vs. Authority: Early June ○ Mentoring: August ○ Month of Service: September

Other Items • DVDs ○ ○ ○ ○ Revisited previous discussion of DVD production Instead of distributing to offices, may post on wiki or blog instead Possibility of 2 videos – Johnnie “clips” and end-of-year wrap up Derek and Jen volunteered to help with video production

Motto ○ Group decided to pass item to the Marketing Group ○ ACTION: Marketing group will develop motto Logo ○ Ashley was not on the call, so will ask for update off-line Blog Update ○ Two facilitators now online with full access and editing to blog ○ ACTION: Jen will follow-up to try to increase participation ○ Jamie is having access problems with blog and Facebook group ○ ACTION: Jen will look into the problem New Project ○ Derek and Beth (and 2 others from LEAD 2008 class) talked with Scott Mentzer at the High Plains Conference about a possible new project ○ Concern about past applicants quitting the application process ○ Scott suggested the start of a mentoring or advisory program to help others with the application process (details still being worked out) ○ ACTION: Share any ideas about this project and how to accomplish this task Call Webinar groups will now begin to work together ACTION: Begin working in smaller webinar groups ACTION: Next large group conference call for progress report – early October (Jen will handle logistics)

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