LEADers Conference Call 3

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LEADers Conference Call 3
August 31, 2009 11am EDT

Q2: Webinar Rankings
• Servant Leadership (November) – Kelsey, Jen, Jamie and Jim • Core Values (late Feb/early March) – Beth, Kelly, Lisa, Stef • Power vs. Authority (early June) – Jeff B., Katy, Liz, Ashley • Mentoring (August) – Juiceman, Todd, and Derek

Q3: Should we keep Core Values as a single Webinar?
• Yes: 8 votes to keep it • No: 5 votes to do something else • 2 votes that didn’t care either way or only to replace it if we can come up with something better

Q4&5: What Should Replace Core Values (if we decide to
• Yes it should be mentioned still in other webinars • It could be replaced with: – Communication (4 votes) – Conflict Resolution (1 vote) – QBQ (2 votes) – S.L twice or in-depth explanation of Month of Service (2 votes) – Summary Webinar tying everything together (1 vote) – Diversity (2 votes) – Leadership alignment (1 vote)

Q6: Should we Keep Webinar Order the Same?
• Keep it the same: 10 votes • Change it up: 4 votes
– Servant Leadership should be before Month of Service – Core values should be before Servant Leadership

Q7: Marketing vs. Month of Service Teams
• Marketing Team – Kelsey, Derek, Todd, Stef – Jim would rather contribute to Marketing team given • Month of Service – Jeff B, Jen, Beth, Kelly, Lisa, Jamie and Liz • Juiceman, Ashley and Katy would rather help out where needed instead of choosing one over the other.

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