Leo Moon

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Leo Moon likes to be the center of attention? when they are comfortable in the s ituation. They may do a lot of entertaining at home and they have a great sense of comic timing. Those born with the Moon in Leo are talented organizers, and ma y bring that out to the point of trying to organize and control their friends an d family. They want to create and entertain? although they may end up being too lazy to actually put things together as often as they would like. Their natural bossiness helps them be good at delegating chores to others, although deep down they really want to treat others fairly. Leo Moon needs a lot of love to do well in the world. They can be overly dramati c if they feel slighted, and they are prone to sulking. Luckily, they prefer to perform their scenes in the privacy of their home. Public displays may hurt thei r image. They would rather appear dignified in public, since social status is ev erything. They may be a bit vain or snobbish, but they are very loyal. They are usually popular and sociable, and they have a lot of integrity. Their s ense of justice is strong, and they are usually easy to reason with. They are pa ssionate, but may tend towards exaggeration. They can get so caught up in a mome nt that they may do or say things that later won't be remembered. They can be ge nerous to a fault; in fact, it can become overwhelming to the recipient at times . They can't stand ingratitude, so if you are the one being showered with genero sity, express your thanks. Pride is Leo Moon's downfall. Their ego pushes them to take charge of everything , which may make them appear domineering. They are attracted to power and status . Stubbornness is a trait that helps them get what they want. At the same time, they can be very idealistic and make great personal sacrifices if they believe i n a cause. They are protective of their own and others' freedoms. In a relationship, they m ay be on the jealous side, even if they are not really possessive. When they go through a break-up, they may feel more pain to their ego rather than their heart . The Leo Moon Sign may be graced with artistic ability, or they may just be inter ested in the arts in some fashion. They have a natural air of authority coupled with dignity. Leo Moon is not a big risk taker unless they know they'll come out on top. They don't like to fail in front of others. Those born under the Moon Sign Leo do not take advice well, though they are happ y to give it. They have a lot in common with the cat? they feel they are always right and no one should tell them what to do. They may be materialistic, but the y accept responsibility with grace and honor. They can face adversity without fa lling apart, and when fortune smiles upon them, they are always willing to share .

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