Letter to Secretary, Civil Aviation (Fake Degrees)

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December 8, 2011 Dear Nasim Ji, Hope this letter finds you in a good spirit & health. I would like to request your good-self to consider the rampant existence of several institutes in the market which offer fake degrees in several aeronautical disciplines. These institutes don’t have any approval of either the AICTE or the DGCA and still can be found operating across length & breadth of the country without a fear for anything. I have come across several cases where students & their parents are duped into giving fees to such organisations only to find out later being abandoned to their fate. Candidates are offered placement guarantees and are shown fake authorizations in order to earn the credibility. There are several online sites which promise to offer ‘Authentic Fake’ degrees. No wonder, in the recent times, even the serving pilots have been reported to possess fake degrees/diplomas. There has been a worrying trend of licences being obtained illegally by fudging mark sheets and flying hours with the connivance of DGCA officials. Several cases have been reported where in order to save the fuel costs pilots flew about 40 hours for a license that required 200 flying hours. Such cases have already been brought to light by media and are humbly admitted by the ministry. A case of pilot landing the Aircraft on the nose wheel instead of rare wheels is the glaring reminder of the grave repercussions of such practices. Being a civil aviation minister earlier, I understand that such instances not only bring a bad name to the DGCA but, more regrettably, also put the lives of the passengers at great risks. It’s about high time ministry takes some decisive steps by initiating a thorough inquiry into the widespread fake degrees market & bringing culprits to book. In view of genuine need to address this precarious situation, I earnestly request you to consider the above on priority basis and direct all concerned to take the appropriate action to build an atmosphere where not only the candidates are ensured about their bright career prospects in the rapidly-growing aviation sector but passengers too are convinced of their security. With regards, Yours Sincerely,

(Syed Shahnawaz Hussain) Dr. Syed Nasim Ahmad Zaidi Secretary, Ministry of Civil Aviation

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