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25/10/09 - 26/10/09 LibertyNewsp U.S. Edition

Woman joins Obama golf entourage for first time

By Caren B ohan ohan ( Front Front Row  Washington   ) 

  P resident Barack Obama’s weekend outings to play golf have

or wield as much influence.  Women voters are a crucial part of the Democratic base because they tend to support the party in greater numbers than men.  During his presidential campaign

 become reg ular events, especially when the weather cooperates.  But Sunday afternoon, an almost  pict ure- perf ect fall day , mark ed  the first time in Obama’s  presid ency that a w oman joined  the golf game.   White House domestic policy aide Melody Barnes was among those who headed out to the Fort Belvoir army installation in Virginia to play golf with the quoted as saying by Lynn Sweet

last year, Obama made a concerted effort to court women voters by emphasizing issues such as pay equity and telling how he was raised by a single mother  with considerable help from his grandmother.   For more Reuters political news, By Jesus Diaz ( G Gizmodo  izmodo   )  click here.  Reuters photo by Jonathan Ernst Submitted at 10/26/2009 8:59:00 AM (Melody Barnes and White House Trip Director Marvin Nicholson  Get your $1200 ready, because

Submitted at 10/25/2009 3:53:57 PM

 presid ent. levels White House aides of  varying of seniority typically play golf with the  pre sid ent but unt il Sun day , the games were all male. “He golfed with women on the campaign trail but not until Melody this year,” White House spokesman Bill Burton was

ADVERTISEMENT: ( BloggingStocks  BloggingStocks   )  Submitted at 10/26/2009 12:40:00 PM

of the Chicago Sun-Times/Politics Daily. Sweet was part of the pool of reporters who covered  Sunday’s golf outing.  The golf game came on the same day that The New York Times featured on its cover a story looking at whether Obama’s White House was too much of a

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“man’s world.”

 complaints The Tim e s arose a r t iafter c l e Obama cited  w a l k u p for t h ae golf W h outing i t e H owith use driveway that hosted a high-level basketball President Obama). game that included no female  pl ay er s. It al so qu ot ed so me women Democrats raising concerns that women advisers to Obama do not seem to be as visible as their male counterparts

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Briton gets re-trial re-tr ial over wife s death By Haroon Siddique (World  news and comment from the  Guardian |   ) 

  Appeal against manslaughter  charge heard by Toulouse court eight years after body was found  in lake   A British man convicted of  killing his wife in France and then dumping her body in a lake to make it look like an accident returned to court today in a bid to  prove his innocence.  Evelyn Lund went missing from

turn around," he told the court with his head bowed. "At this point, I believe, she had  an accident and the car fell into the lake."  Her body was discovered when a horse rider spotted her car after a severe drought had caused the water level of Lake Bancalie to fall by 30ft.   The couple's relationship had   be c om e e xt re m e ly s t ra i ne d  following the move to France in 1997, with Evelyn Lund  struggling to adjust to her new life and drinking heavily, the court

home.  Lund claims she never returned  and he reported her missing two days later. The former tree surgeon said he "would not do any harm to her or desert her". "I'm a pacifist, I hate violence, I try to help people, I put other   peopl e befo re myse lf, " he said .  But examining magistrate Gisele Seban accused him of telling "manifest lies". Traces of blood  found on his wife's clothing and  the back seat of the 4x4 showed  she had died as a result of  violence, said the prosecutor.

the farmhouse she shared with her  husband Robert in the remote village of Rayssac, south-west By Deborah Zaba rrenko enko ( F Front  ront  t h e t o p s p o t , w i t h S e n a t e France, on 29 December 1999. Row Washington   )  Democrats reportedly close to  Her badly decomposed body was securing enough votes to move a found almost two years later, Submitted at 10/26/2009 6:47:33 AM national healthcare plan forward. slumped on the back seat of her   President Barack Obama heads to A proposed bill could be sent to Toyota Landcruiser in a lake, 15 Florida today to thank members the Congressional Budget Office miles away. of the military for their service —  for an official cost estimate. A  Robert Lund, 57, was cleared of   but given the deadly violence in Thomson Reuters report indicates report indicates m u r d e r b u t c o n v i c t e d o f   Afghanistan,, the commander-in- the U.S. healthcare system is just involuntary homicide, akin to Afghanistan

heard.   Robert Lund, originally from Darwen, in Lancashire, said his wife drank because she had not come to terms with the death of  her first husband and would   be co me "v er y vi ol en t" wh en intoxicated. "When she had not been drinking, she was the most kind, generous  person you could imagine … But when she drank she was the most

"Evelyn Wilkinson (Lund's maiden name) returned to her own home on the evening of 29 December 1999, as she had told  her friends she would do, to feed  her animals," said Seban. "This is explained by the fact that she changed her shoes and put on a jacket which was not part of her  earlier outfit. "Evelyn Wilkinson died from violence, something which is

manslaughter, French juryfor  in October Hea was jailed 12 years but days later launched  an appeal.Lund told the French appeal court in Toulouse that his wife's death had been a "tragic accident". "I believe she made a bad turn and  when she found out she had made the bad turn, I believe she tried to

timagine," e r r i b l e p eher s otold n y othe u ccourt. ould   He claims she stormed out of the house, named Fin Voyage –  Journey's End, after an argument on 29 December 1999 and went to visit mutual friends.  But several hours later, and after  drinking wine, she got back   behind the wheel to make her way

shownfound by significant tracesThe of   blood on her clothes." case continues. • France

Submitted at 10/26/2009 8:06:32 AM

The First Draft: Afghanistan and Obama

chief use theinopportunity reflectmight on strategy the region. to   Before Obama takes off, he’ll meet with his foreign policy and  national security team to discuss the situation and troops on the ground.  Afghanistan will also be on the agenda at the State Department, where Deputy Secretary of State Jack Lew will talk about progress made in hiring civilians there. The topic could come up at the Council on Foreign Relations too; Sen. John Kerry’s speaking there around midday.  But domestic matters could take

as wasteful Obama it by is,  but r eforms as could be pasays id f or fixing inefficiencies, preventing mistakes and fighting fraud.  In Washington, it’s the day after  the Marine Corps Marathon Marathon,, a massive road race that this year  drew more than 20,000 finishers.   Click here for more Reuters  pol it ic al co ve ra ge  Photo credit: REUTERS/stringer  (U.S. military personnel watch as a U.S. helicopter flies over a military base in Ghazni province, October 26, 2009)

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An Apple e-reader could overshadow Amazon's "This is nothing but dirty, dirty today's short hearing to insist T h e o r i g i n a l , i n S e r b i a n , Kindle and B N's Nook

Karadzic boycotts opening of war crimes trial By Ian Traynor (World news  and comment from the  Guardian |   ) 

  Judge adjourns first day of   prose cution stat ement s afte r exBosnian Serb leader says he needs more time to prepare defence  Radovan Karadzic, the Bosnian Serb leader charged with genocide for the worst mass murders in Europe since the Nazis, called the  bl uf f of th e sp ec ia l UN wa r  crimes tribunal today by  boycotting the the opening of his trial.

 p o l i t i c s , " s a i d Z u m r a c a Sehomerovic, from the eastern town of Srebrenica, who travelled  for two days by bus from Sarajevo to witness the appearance of a hated figure in the dock. "I'm totally shocked by this. We've  been waiting for this for 14 years, demanding justice. But instead of   be in g pu ni sh e d, he ' s be in g rewarded."  Her husband and son were among the almost 8,000 Muslim males massacred by the Serbs at Srebrenica in an act that the court

Karadzic have defence lawyers imposed on him and be forced to attend the chamber. Giving in to Karadzic's delaying tactics meant that "the trial can only start if the accused says it should," argued  Hildegard Uertz-Retzlaff, a  prose cutor . "Ther e is no reas on today not to start the trial."   The same tactics were used by the late Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic and the Serbian warlord  Vojislav Seselj to politicise their  trials and drag them out interminably. Judges have been

contained no explicit threat of a  boycott .  Karadzic was the political leader  of the Bosnian Serbs during the 1992-95 war, which left 100,000 dead – mainly Bosnian Muslims –  and divided the country into Serbian and Muslim-Croat halves. He has been indicted on two counts of genocide, the gravest charges possible, for allegedly overseeing the mass murder and  deportation of tens of thousands of Bosnia's Muslims in the northwest of the country in 1992 and at

  Presiding over the trial in courtroom number one of the Yugoslav war crimes tribunal in The Hague, the judge, O-Gon Kwon, of South Korea, sparked  uproar in the gallery by adjourning the keenly awaited  case after a brief 20-minute hearing.   Dozens of Bosnian Muslim victims and survivors of the Serbian mass murder at

has already established was one of  genocide.   Bakira Hasecic, one of the thousands of Bosnian Muslim rape victims of a systematic Serbian campaign of sexual assault during the war, said that if  the international court was incapable of delivering justice, Karadzic should be handed over  to a local court. "Let him come to Sarajevo. We've got courts. We'll

criticised by lawyers, victims' associations and human rights activists for allowing the war  crimes suspects to set the agenda and manipulate the court.  Judge Kwon said a recording of  this morning's brief proceedings would be made available to Karadzic in his cell in the nearby detention unit and that the accused should appear tomorrow afternoon.

Srebrenica, in the north-east, in 1995.  He faces a further nine charges of  war crimes and crimes against humanity for the 44-month Serbian siege of the Bosnian capital, Sarajevo, in 1992-95, and  for taking more than 200 UN  peacek eepers hostage in 1995 in order to deter Nato from launching bombing raids. • Radovan Karadzic

Srebrenica 1995adjourned howled and  wailed as theinjudge the  pro ce ed ing s and ple ade d wi th Karadzic to appear in court tomorrow afternoon.   Karadzic faces 11 charges of  genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity for allegedly orchestrating a systematic campaign of murder, terror and  deportation in the 1992-95 war  aimed at seizing half of Bosnia and ridding it of all non-Serbs.

deal with him,"trial sheissaid.  The Karadzic arguably the  biggest and one of the last to be held at the tribunal. He was arrested last year in Belgrade after  13 years on the run under a new identity and heavy disguise as a new age healer.   He is insisting on defending himself in the trial, allowing him to play for time and delay the  pro cee din gs.   The prosecution team used 

 Karadzic lasttrial weekasdescribed his long-awaited "the biggest, most complex, important and  sensitive case ever before this tribunal", and argued that he needed a lot more time to plough through around 1 million pages of   prosecution evidence. "My defence is not ready," he said. "I will not appear before you on that date [today]." This threat appeared in the English version of  a 10-page letter from Karadzic.

• Bosnia Serbia and Herzegovina • War crimes • United Nations

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By Brian White  ( B BloggingStocks  loggingStocks  )  Submitted at 10/26/2009 12:00:00 PM

  Filed under: Competitive strategy,, Apple Inc (AAPL), strategy (AAPL) , (AMZN)   Barnes & Noble Inc.(NYSE: Inc. (NYSE: BK S ) recently announced an electronic e-reader to compete with the likes of the's (NASDAQ: AMZN AMZN)) Kindle and Sony Corp. Corp.'s 's (NYSE: SNE) SNE) Reader.  In perfect holiday fashion, the ereader is set to become the "must have" gadget for the gift-giving season almost upon us. The newer   Nook devi ce has a sma ll col or  screen that allows easier content locating (but no keyboard), the ability to "lend" digital books to a friend and built-in wireless internet.   Continue reading reading   An Apple ereader could overshadow Amazon's Kindle and B&N's

 No   Aok  n Apple e-reader could  overshadow Amazon's Kindle and  B&N's Nook   originally appeared  on BloggingStocks   on Mon, 26  Ian Traynor  Oct 2009 12:00:00 EST. Please © Guardian News see our terms for use of feeds feeds.. & Media Limited 2009 | Use of  Permalink | Email this| this| Comments this content is subject to our  Conditions | More Feeds Terms & Conditions|



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Afghan copter crashes kill 14 Americans By Haroon Siddique (World  news and comment from the  Guardian |   ) 

• Hostile fire ruled out in collision that killed three civilians • US engages in war games for  exit strategy  Fourteen Americans were killed  today in a series of helicopter  crashes in Afghanistan, in the deadliest day for the US mission in the country in more than four  years.  Seven US troopers and three US

 The Taliban said they shot down a helicopter in Badghis province in north-western Afghanistan, but it was unclear if this was the same incident and the claim could not  be verifi ed.  It was the heaviest loss of life in a single day since 28 June 2005, when 16 US troops on a special forces helicopter died when their  MH-47 Chinook helicopter was shot down by insurgents.  US forces also reported the death of two other American troops a day earlier: one in a bomb attack  in the east and another who died 

Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal, for tens of thousands more troops.  The chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, oversaw a secret war game this month to evaluate two of the leading military options being assessed by the White House, the Washington Post reported.  Senior military officials told the  paper the exerci se examin ed the likely impact of increasing troop numbers by 44,000 to conduct a full-scale counter-insurgency counter-insurgency effort and an alternative strategy

  The White House has said it is awaiting the outcome of the  pr es id en ti al ru n- of f be tw ee n incumbent Hamid Karzai and  challenger Abdullah Abdullah  bef ore maki ng any dec isi on on troop numbers. Abdullah today called for the election commission chairman, Azizullah Lodin, to be replaced within five days, accusing him of having "no credibility". Lodin has denied  accusations he is biased in favour  of Karzai, and the election commission's spokesman has already said Lodin cannot be

civilians working for the government died when their  helicopter went down in western Afghanistan, a US statement said. Eleven American troops, one US civilian and 14 Afghans were also injured. In the south of the country, two US helicopters collided, killing four American troops and wounding two others.   US authorities have ruled out hostile fire in the collision but

of wounds sustained in an of inserting 10,000 to 15,000 insurgent attack in the same soldiers and marines as part of an approach that the military has region.  The deaths bring to at least 46 the labelled "counterterrorism plus". number of US troops killed in Both are based on options October so far. It has been the  pr e se nt e d by Mc Ch r ys ta l. deadliest year for international   Military officials told the and US forces since the 2001 Washington Post that the war  invasion to oust the Taliban. game did not result in one option  The casualties came as President  being endorsed over the other. Barack Obama prepared to meet "One of the exercise's key his national security team for a assumptions is that an increase of 

replaced by either side.  Abdullah made the demand in a news conference during which he spelled out what he said were "minimum conditions" for  holding a fair second round of  voting, including the firing of any workers implicated in fraud and  the suspension of several ministers he said had campaigned  for Karzai in the first round before the official campaigning period 

have crash not given causeThe forjoint the other in theawest. force had "searched a suspected  compound believed to harbour  insurgents conducting activities related to narcotics trafficking in western Afghanistan," Nato said  in a statement. "During the operation, insurgent forces engaged the joint force and more than a dozen enemy fighters were killed in the ensuing firefight."

sixth full-scale conference on the future of the conflict and Washington Post reported  that  that the US has been engaging in war  games, testing the various  pro pos als pre se nte d to Bar ac k  Obama to end the eight-year war.   The Obama administration has  bee n re- eva lua tin g its str ate gy amid falling public support for the conflict and a request by the US commanding officer in

Submitted at 10/26/2009 8:17:13 AM

10,000 15,000 troops give would US not in the tonear future commanders the forces they need  to take back havens from the Taliban commanders in southern and western Afghanistan," the  pap er re por ted .   McChrystal has warned of   possible "mission failure" unless more Nato forces are deployed  immediately and new tactics are adapted to win local support.

Call buyers LEAP into Microsoft  MSFT) By Beth Gaston )  Moon  (  B BloggingStocks  loggingStocks  Submitted at 10/26/2009 11:20:00 AM

 Filed under: Microsoft (MSFT), (MSFT), Options   Microsoft Corp.(NASDAQ: Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT), ), one of the equities MSFT consistently seeing the heaviest daily option volume, volume , saw some heavy options activity right out of  the gate Monday morning.   The January 2012 37.50-strike  bega n. call is easily the site of heaviest • Afghanistan call volume so far, with 39,660 • US foreign policy contracts trading on open interest • Obama administration of just 521. Eleven minutes after  • Taliban the opening bell sounded, a block  of 38,563 contracts crossed the  Haroon Siddique © Guardian News tape, trading one penny off the & Media Limited 2009 | Use of  ask price at $1.55 per contract. reading   Call buyers this content is subject to our    Continue reading Terms & Conditions| Conditions | More Feeds LEAP into Microsoft (MSFT)  Call buyers LEAP into Microsoft (MSFT) originally (MSFT)  originally appeared on BloggingStocks BloggingStocks on  on Mon, 26 Oct 2009 11:20:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds . Permalink | Email this| this| Comments



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Juanita Castro reveals CIA role By Alexandra Topping (World  news and comment from the  Guardian |   ) 

 Juanita Castro broke with Cuban revolution and collaborated with US intelligence in 1960s, she tells television interviewer    Juanita Castro, sister of Cuban leaders Fidel and Raúl Castro, cooperated with the CIA in the 1960s when the US agency was  plottin g t o assas sinat e Fidel and  overthrow his revolution, according to her book, published  today.   Juanita, who broke with her   brothers ' revolut ion in 1964, hid  government opponents in her  home. She incurred the wrath of  Fidel, who refused to visit her  house, saying it was "surrounded   by wo rm s" . He r mo th er al so intervened with Raúl to help  jailed or fugitive opponents of the Castro regime, the Miami Herald  reports.

they had interesting things to tell me and interesting things to ask of  me," she said. "I was left halfshocked, but in any case I told  them yes.''  In her book, Fidel and Raúl, My Brothers: The Secret History, Juanita admits to collaborating with the CIA both inside Cuba and after she went into exile in 1964.  Throughout the early 1960s, the CIA was involved in dozens of   plots to assassinate Fidel Ca stro –  the man himself claimed there were more than 600 – and  overthrow his government.  Juanita, the fifth child of Angel Castro and Lina Cruz, has  publicly and repeatedly criticised  her brothers' government since she left Cuba in 1964. Calling a  press conference 10 days after her  defection, she explained why she could no longer stay in Cuba. "I cannot longer remain indifferent to what is happening in my country," she said. "My brothers

one more Cuban family'' until Fidel and Raúl led the 1953 attack  on the Moncada army barracks, now recognised as the beginning of the revolution.   After the dictator Fulgencio Batista was overthrown in early 1959, she worked on building health clinics and hospitals in the country, but her faith in the regime failed as the brothers started cracking down on opponents and confiscating  pr iv at e pr op e rt ie s . "I begin to lose the enthusiasm when I see so much injustice and I say, this is not possible, they are wrong. Someone here is doing things badly,'' she said on the  pro gra mm e. "We tended to blame the people lower down, but the orders did not really come from the people lower  down. They came from the upper  levels, from Fidel, from Che, from Raúl."  Juanita added that her mother, Lina Ruz, also often helped 

  Juanita's revelation link  with the CIA came of as her a short teaser at the end of an interview with the Miami television channel Univisión-Noticias 23 23,,  broa dca st yes ter day. "The CIA wanted to talk with me ... because

Fidel and Raúl made it by an enormous prisonhave surrounded water. The people are nailed to a cross of torment imposed by international communism."  In yesterday's broadcast, Juanita, now 76, said that hers was "just

© Guardian News government "My mother  Media Limited 2009 | Use of  got help fromcritics. whoever could help,  &  especially Raúl because he was this content is subject to our  Conditions | More Feeds always very generous with her … Terms & Conditions| she appealed to Fidel in some cases," she said.  When Ruz died in August 1963,

Submitted at 10/26/2009 7:09:46 AM

Juanita began to feel her life was in danger, she said. "When she died, I had a very delicate situation in Cuba because of my activities against the regime. Of  course, with my mother, I always felt more protected ... I thought it would be harder for them to take drastic measures against me.''   Juanita last spoke to Raúl in  person on 18 June 1964, the day  befo re she left for Mexi co, she told the report. Her 432-page  boo k was co- wri tte n by Mar ia Antonieta Collins, a journalist who first began interviewing her  for a book on her life in 1999.  Univisión-Noticias 23 negotiated  the world exclusive on Juanita's tale with the publisher Santillana. She was forbidden from giving other interviews until the book  was published. • Cuba • Fidel Castro • Raúl Castro

Windows 7 Launches in Japan [Image Cache] By Mark Wilson ( G Gizmodo  izmodo   )  Submitted at 10/26/2009 8:40:00 AM

  I swear, Japan is just fucking with us at this point. [ YouTube via SirAshcraft] SirAshcraft]

Who Wore it Best? Celebs Sport Identical Styles ( E ETonline Tonline - Breaking News   )  Submitted at 10/26/2009 6:45:00 AM

 Alexandra Topping

 It's a fashion face-off for stylesavvy celebs! From Kourtney Kardashian and "90210" star  Shenae Grimes to Shakira and  Pink, see which stars are working the red carpet in similar styles.

InPulse Smartwatch for BlackBerry: All the BlackBerry you could want in a wristwatch coming next February By Nicholas Deleon  ( C CrunchGear  runchGear  )  Submitted at 10/26/2009 8:30:45 AM

 Real, and available to pre-order. I refer to that BlackBerry wristwatch that wristwatch  that was rumored for  so, so long till it was “made official” several days ago. Created 

 by All ert a (a nd not RIM ), the $150 when it's released in watch, officially named the February, 2010. inPulse smartwatch for  BlackBerry, will set you back 



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Star s confession draws court crowds cro wds Clashes in Jerusalem at al-Aqsa mosque By Justin McCurry (World  news and comment from the  Guardian |   )  Submitted at 10/26/2009 8:11:45 AM

opening day in the trial of Shoko anti-drugs campaign in the early Asahara, the cult guru whose 1990s, has been amply castigated  followers carried out a fatal gas  by an unforgi ving entert ainmen t

  Tears flow as Japanese singer   No ri ko Sa ka i of fe rs to sw ap saccharine stardom for geriatric nursing to escape jail for  amphetamine use  The chances of success stood at roughly one in 300. But even those odds weren't enough to stop thousands of people from braving heavy rain in Tokyo today for the chance to see one of Japan's bestknown celebrities take the stand  on drugs charges.  The case against Noriko Sakai has gripped Japan ever since the 38-year-old actress and singer  went into hiding in early August, on the day she was called in for  questioning after the drugs-related  arrest of her husband.   Tabloid tales of the couple's amphetamine use have been lapped up by an enraptured public

attack on the Tokyo subway in 1995.  Sakai's brand of saccharine pop made her a household name in the 1990s and earned her a huge following in China, Taiwan and  Hong Kong.  She was arrested for allegedly using amphetamines during a family holiday in July; investigators also found minute traces of the drug in her Tokyo apartment.   Dressed in a black suit and  clutching a white handkerchief handkerchief,, Sakai admitted the charges and  said she had been persuaded to take drugs by her husband, Yuichi Takaso, who describes himself as a professional surfer.   His arrest prompted her to disappear for several days,  pro mpti ng a hunt tha t at tim es seemed to be led by the media rather than the police.

w o r l d . T h eherm alleged e d i a hdrug ave characterised habit as a betrayal to the legions of fans drawn to her wholesome image as a twentysomething pop idol and, more recently, by her  devotion to her 10-year-old son.   Toyota stopped showing a commercial featuring Sakai on its website and her clothing line was  pulled from store s acros s Japan . She was later ditched by her  agency, Sun Music, and Victor  Records withdrew her CDs from stores.  In what appeared to be a plea for  leniency, she tearfully told the court she would divorce her  husband and swap showbusiness for a career in geriatric nursing.  A ruling is due on 9 November. • Japan • Pop and rock  • Drugs trade

in where as celebrity drug usea country still counts a genuine scandal.  Today, 6,600 people lined up for  the 20 seats in the public gallery at the Tokyo district court, a number topped only by the 12,000 who applied for a place at the

 month Prosecutors are for seeking an that 18jail term a crime carries a maximum sentence of 10 years, although most first-time offenders get off with a suspended  sentence.   Whether she serves time in  prison, Sakai, who appeared in an

  Justin McCurry© Guardian News  & Media Limited 2009 | Use of  this content is subject to our  Terms & Conditions Conditions|| More Feeds

Submitted at 10/26/2009 9:32:02 AM

  HECTORB  HECTORB  buzzed up: Hotel

owner tells Hispanic workers to change names (AP)   9 seconds ago 2009-1026T09:45:04-07:00

Israel.  David Cohen, the head of Israel's national police, accused Muslim extremists of inciting violence. Submitted at 10/26/2009 7:50:19 AM "The police will act with a strong   Demonstrations at holy shrine hand against anyone who disrupts erupt into violence as youths fight order on the Temple Mount and  against those who incite to riot,"  battles with riot police   Israeli riot police firing stun Cohen said. grenades and crowds of young  Palestinians, however, have been Palestinians throwing stones increasingly concerned about clashed in the compound around  right-wing Jewish settlers entering the al-Aqsa mosque in the heart of  the compound and about rumours Jerusalem's City today.   It was theOldlatest flare-up in several weeks of protests around  the site, known as the Temple Mount or the Haram al-Sharif. Around two dozen people were injured, mostly Palestinians, but none were seriously hurt.  Israeli forces stormed up into the compound behind riot shields and  crowds of Palestinians fled, some taking sanctuary in the al-Aqsa mosque.   The second intifada of 2000  began with prote sts in the same area, but these latest clashes have  been les s violent and so far s eem unlikely to trigger a more widespread uprising against the Israeli occupation.   Several Palestinians were arrested by Israeli police, among them Hatam Abd al-Qadir, a senior Palestinian adviser on Jerusalem, and Ali Abu Sheikha,

-near denied by Israel - of City, excavations the site. The Old in east Jerusalem, was captured by Israel in the 1967 war and later annexed, a move never recognised by the international community.  Palestinian officials accused the Israeli police of provoking the violence. Nabil Abu Rdainah, a spokesman for Abbas, condemned  "the storming of Haram al-Sharif   by Is ra el i fo rc es ". He ad de d: "Jerusalem is a red line that Israel should not cross." There have  been prot est s over the inc iden t from the Islamic Conference and  the Arab League. • Israel • Palestinian territories • Religion

 This content has passed through a senior leader from the Islamic Movement, an organisation within

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Statistics experts reject global cooling claims (AP) ( Y Yahoo! ahoo! News: U.S. News   ) 

By Rory McCarthy (World  news and comment from the  Guardian |   ) 

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Inflation vs Deflation Battle Hits Key Inflection Point

(Financial Sector and Stocks   Analysis from Seeking Alpha   )  Submitted at 10/26/2009 9:15:07 AM

 I think we're at a key inflection  point in the financ ial marke ts at this juncture. juncture. The direction that things head next could decide the winner, at least for the next few years, of the inflation vs. deflation  battle.  So I spent the morning revisiting an d reread in g man y o f my favorite arguments from both sides of the debate, and came up with three key metrics for us to

  Can the Fed inflate the asset markets one more time? They are trying like hell, but they'll only be successful if the social mood in the United States permits it.  One of the major reasons Japan was never able to reignite another   bubble after 1989 is is that the mood  of consumers permanently shifted. The demand for money increased  - consumers wanted to hoard it. They did not want to speculate, or  trade it in for assets.   Did the social mood of the US  perma nentl y chang e in 2007?   One tea leaf worth paying

arg u men ts fo r b o th sid es, I noticed that three central themes were the focus of much of the debate: • Inflation will occur when the  banks star t lendi ng agai n. • The demand for money, money, or   pr ev ai li ng so ci al mo od , wi ll determine if consumers trade in their cash for anything (leading to inflation), or if they hoard their  cash to pay down debt (leading to debt deflation. • Stock p prices rices will reflect a goosing of the money supply.

revisit.   First, let me lay a little groundwork and list my  p r e e x i s t i n g a s s u m p t i o n s : • My timeframe is defined as the next 3 years. years. After that, we ma may y well see hyperinflation and/or a true crash in the dollar - but for  the sake of this argument, I want to look at the next 3 years only (reason being, if you misplay the next 3 years, you could be toast

attention to is the demographics  Checkpoint 1: Inflation requires an increase in bank lending card . By 2007, the US had some   Thanks to the wonders of our  noteworthy demographic parallels fractional reserve banking system, with Japan of 1989 (ie. we're where banks are only required to getting old). old). Though we are not have a fraction of the money they "as screwed" as Japan in terms of  lend out, bank lending has a demographics, thanks to tremendous multiplier effect on immigration and somewhat higher  the money supply. During times  b i r t h r a t e s , w e ' v e p e a k e d  of expanding credit (2002 - 2007 demographically as a country, at most recently), this effect was felt inflation. However, if and when  b u b b l e t h i s d e c a d e w i t h least until further notice. in full force, as loose credit led to this chart begins ticking up once artificially low interest rates, it's  Conclusion: Demand for money,


amarkets. bubble in nearly all asset   Since the credit crisis began,  banks have significantly curtailed  their lending. While the Federal government has boosted the  balan ce shee ts of the big banks, there has not been a proportionate growth in loans (see chart below).  Source: The Daily Reckoning  Herein lies the rub - bank lending has not picked up, at least not yet. Check out the graph below, courtesy of the St. Louis Fed:   Conclusion: As long as bank  lending continues to decline, it's difficult to make an argument for 

• I accept the Fed's ability to "print" money.

• I also believe believe that inflation is  preferable to the government, and  given the choice between inflation and deflation, they will inflate (or  at least attempt to) every time. Also, massive government deficits certainly make inflation all the more tempting.   When revisiting my favorite

again, that will be a strong indicator that inflation may be on the way.   Checkpoint 2: The demand for  money and prevailing social mood   From World War II until 2007, the world was a place of  expanding credit. This growth was driven by consumer demand  for credit, which was particularly strong in the US. That is the key  point - that the growth was driven  by f rom the demand side, which in turn, resulted in increasing supply.   While many blame Alan Greenspan for creating a housing

important to consider the role that consumers played in that spectacle. Greenspan was on only ly giving the populace what it wanted - more credit. He may have spiked the punch bowl, but only at the insistence of the drunken party goers.  Today, with mortgage rates still near historic lows, we have no housing bubble an any y longer. In fact, we have a plummeting housing market. Why?   Because there's no demand for  credit. Consumers are choking choking on debt - they are screaming "No Mas."

and social mood, are admittedly challenging to measure in an objective manner. There may have been a permanent shift in 2007 - if so, the Fed may find  that, like Japan, it's "pushing on a string" in terms of trying to change consumer behavior and  attitudes towards debt.  Checkpoint 3: Monetary goosing will show up in stocks, especially financials, first   According to Milton Friedman, the script for inflation roughly goes like this: INFLATION page 10




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Are Big Banks Better

(Financial Sector and Stocks   Analysis from Seeking Alpha   ) 

  However, Stiroh also says that continuing consolidation seems to offer the possibility of reducing

removal of branching restrictions, which permitted the consolidation wave in banking. And when an

about 1.7% per year for the of the productivity revival that is economy as a whole. So I tracked  a t t r i b u t a b l e t o t h e d i r e c t down the source: Kevin J. Stiroh, co n trib u tio n s fro m sp ecific

 By James Kwak    Last week, Charles Calomiris wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal arguing that big banks are  better f or various reasons. Simon wrote last week saying that Calomiris underestimated the  politic al dimens ion, and that his  pro pos ed sol uti on — a cr os s border resolution mechanis m f or  large institutions — is the policy equivalent of assuming a can

entire industry isdation involved a  protracted consoli consolidation wave,inthe  best indica tor of the gains from consolidation is the performance of the industry as a whole. One study of bank productivity growth during the heart of the merger  wave (1991-1997), by Kevin Stiroh, an economist at the New York Federal Reserve, found that it rose more than 0.4% per year.  Note that Calomiris concedes that you can’t find benefits from

“ H o w dprosper i d b ain n ktheh1990s?,” o l d i n,” g companies 1990s? Journal of Banking & Finance, Volume 24, Issue 11, November  2000, Pages 1703-1745. (I’m not sure if anyone can download the  pa pe r or I co ul d on ly do it  beca use I’m on the Yale VPN. )   I fo u n d o u t th at S tiro h is measuring total factor   p r o d u c t i v i t y , n o t l a b o r   prod uct ivi ty, so 0.4 % is bet ter  than average for the non-

inefficiencies, so on positive balance industries, while industries would say he is slightly are relatively isolated from thethat IT Ithese a  paper  revolution essentially made no about size. Stiroh also has a paper  c o n t r i b u t i o n t o t h e U . S . on banks in Switzerland which I  pro duc tivi ty rev iva l. Thus , the didn’t read, but whose abstract U.S. productivity revival seems to says:  be fundamentally linked to IT.  We find evidence of economies   That second paper also finds of scale for small and mid-size (Tab le 2 ) th at p ro d u ctiv ity  ban ks, but lit tle evi den ce tha t acceleration — the difference sig n ifican t scale eco n o mies  betw een produ ctivi ty grow th in remain for the very largest banks. the 1995-99 period relative to the F in ally , ev id en ce o n sco p e 1987-95 period — was lower in economies is weak for the largest

opener.  I wanted to look at Calomiris’s specific claims. I think I’ve already dealt with with the  the myth that  banks “need to be large to operate on a global scale—and they need  to do so because their clients are large and operate globally.” Calomiris also argues that there are economies of scope (it’s better  to be big because you can play in multiple businesses). Here’s his

mergers by looking at merged   banks directly; this is why he falls  back on an industry average.  First of all, there must be a joke to be made here about correlation and causality. Wait, here it is. is.   Second, 1991-97 was only the  beg inni ng of the mer ger wav e; The Riegle-Neal Interstate Banking Act wasn’t passed until 1994. Let’s assume that mergers after 1995 wouldn’t show up in

man u factu rin g secto r. (Th e economy average was 0.3%, but the manufacturing sector was 1.9%, so by implication the nonmanufacturing sector was less than 0.3%.) So far, so good.  But what does Stiroh say about this productivity growth? His main explanation for the  pr od u ct iv i ty gr ow t h is no t consolidation, but information technology: “The finding of 

finance, insurance, and real estate than in the economy as a whole, including the services sector. I don’t know exactly what this means, but at first glance it doesn’t look good for banking consolidation.  Going back to the first paper (the one Calomiris cites), what does Stiroh say about bank size? “Desp ite th e stro n g o v erall  pe rf or ma nc e, ro ugh ly 10% of 

 banks that are involved in a wide variety of activities. These results suggest few obvious benefits from the trend toward larger universal  banks.   I wish I had more time to read  more of these papers. It seems to me that Stiroh has done a lot of  serious empirical research on  banking productivity productivity and finds the evidence mixed — consolidation should be good, but it doesn’t

evidence:  True, some empirical studies in the field of finance have failed to find big gains from mergers. But those studies measured gains to  bank s only, and mea sure d only the performance improvements of  recently consolidated institutions against other institutions, many of  which had improved their   pe rf or ma nc e du e to pr ev io us consolidation.   Yet even unconsolidated banks have improved their performance under the pressure of increased  competition following the

the ti1991-97 data. includes  Na on s- Bo at me n’That s, Na ti on sBarnett, Nations-Bank of  America, B of A-FleetBoston, Chemical-Chase, Chemical-Cha se, Bank One-First Chicago, J.P. Morgan-Chase ( JP M ), Wells-First Interstate ( WF C ), Wells-No rwest, an d   Wachovia-First Union ( WB). WB ).   Third, I was interested by that statistic, because 0.4% annual  productivity growth from 1991 to 1997 seems like nothing to write home about – labor productivity growth(the growth (the figure you usually read about) over that period was

steady productivity  particular, is importa ntgrowth, since it in is consistent with the idea that the massiv e in v estmen t in n ew technology is working to improve the performance of the banking industry.” This is not proven in this paper, but Stiroh went on to write a bunch of other papers on the link between information technology and productivity. For  example, this paper (on (on the entire economy, not just banking) concludes:   IT-producing and IT-using industries account for virtually all

costs were to inefficiency and  30-40% ofdue potential profits were missed. Moreover, efficiency does not significantly increase with  bank size as one might expect if  economies of scale are an important determinant of success. Rather, there are efficient and   pro fit abl e BHC s in eve ry siz e class and increased size does not guarantee success.” Figures 6 and  7 show that there is no difference in cost efficiency across size classes and that the largest banks actually seem to have lower profit efficiency.

really up in thework data.(or  I haven’t show read much of his talked to him) and I certainly don’t want to imply that he is against big banks. I just think that citing a study he did of the 199197 period to back up a claim that  banking mergers a re good is a bit of a stretch.  This content has passed through

Submitted at 10/26/2009 9:23:44 AM



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Can FDIC Proceedings Help Solve Problems with Money Center Banks?

(Financial Sector and Stocks   Analysis from Seeking Alpha   ) 

  Money center banks have had  some big losses recently. They still carry a lot of putatively bad   pap er . Whi le we ar e pro bab ly finished with subprime problems, we are waist deep in prime  problems, and jumbos, rese ts and  commercial problems probably lie more ahead of us than behind us.

they are preparing, with their  lobbyists and PR people, to fight  banking regulation, tooth tooth and nail, especially the salary and bonus caps. But is all this what we would like to see our money center banks do? Especially inasmuch as over 109 smaller   banks have failed this year and the the  big ban ks cov eto usl y vie w the new turf made available to them. If they can just survive what is ahead, with the U.S. Treasury

market mechanism a hand and  consider initiation of FDIC insolvency proceeding for each of  the big money centered banks. Why, you ask, should we do a crazy thing like that?   First off, not all insolvency  pr oc ee di ngs be fo re th e FD IC result in bankruptcy like reorganizations. reorganization s. Banks can go in for a serious review or what amounts to a major tune up, all without a major reorganization. A

against banking and financial reform. We would have a hammer  over their heads. Third, their  desire to “Be Like Mike” and  emulate Goldman Sachs money winning ways would likely be seriously dampened while in or  Lenovo All-in-One threatened with FDIC insolvency  proceedings. This would a llow us IdeaCentre B500 s Got a great opportunity to get an Cyborg Chic [Lenovo] amended and updated GlassBy Dan Nosowitz ( Gizmodo  Gizmodo   )  Steagall bill through Congress. Finally, FDIC proceedings might Submitted at 10/26/2009 9:01:00 AM

Asacfor  pr ti cethe of traditional ba nk s, th e lending mon ey center banks have not stepped up to the plate. After years of loaning mo n ey to an y creatu re th at  barked, they now hardly know a good prospect when they see one these days, few though they may  be. So what are those banks doing  be yo nd lo an in g th ei r ex ce ss reserves back to the Fed?  Actually, they are doing a good   bit, mostl y along four lines : (1) they are better learning how to hedge their mortgage service fees valuations and play with the GAAP rules in those regards, (2) they are inventively finding new fees and charges to levy on their  customers, (3) they are rapidly learning to trade, wheel and deal like Goldman Sachs ( GS) GS) to help their bottom line, and finally, (4)

 propping them up, but staying too much out of their way.   It is not hard to dislike money center banks, but even if we bring a less jaundiced eye to their   problems, the que stion remains is wh at we h av e d o n e v ery effective and, if so, at achieving what? Our efforts have surely  been expe nsive. T o be sure, their  doors are still open. Big bank runs have been avoided. The help we have provided has improved their   ba la nce sh ee ts . The se ar e not small matters. Bu t th e fact remains, properly viewed, these  ba nks tr ul y re ma in in so lv en t. Worse, more write-offs are ahead  even if GDP does materially imp ro v e o v er th e n ex t few quarters. So what, if anything, should we do?  My suggestion is that we give the

whole range of putative actions are possible by the FDIC. Secondly, while in FDIC insolvency proceedings, the banks are under the oversight and  general jurisdiction and  supervision of the FDIC. That is no small matter in our  circumstances.   While in FDIC insolvency  proc eed ing s, it is muc h har der   becaus e of the oversi ght to play misleading games with the GAAP rules. At least without more, major and probably FDIC mandated disclosures, assuming the FDIC were to even permit a fast and loose game here. Secondly, while in FDIC  proceedi ngs o r e ven while being threatened with them, it would be much harder for those banks to mount an effective campaign

actually help the money center   banks to better get on their their feet, in one manner or the other.   The downsides of public panic and the vacuum created on Wall Street can be dealt with; the first,  by a goo d pub li c in for ma ti on campaign and the second, by the realizatio n th o se b an k s are  presentl y only barely engaged in traditional banking anyway. They could continue much as they are while in FDIC proceedings, but only with more serious oversight. Th e p u b lic an d th e b an k s’ depositors should rejoice if they understand. Much good might come from the idea of putting the money center banks through FDIC insolvency proceedings.   This content has passed through

Submitted at 10/26/2009 8:31:50 AM

Jordanian pleads not guilty in Dallas bomb plot (AP) ( Yahoo! Yahoo! News: U.S. News   )  Submitted at 10/26/2009 8:43:09 AM

  HECTORB  HECTORB  buzzed up: Hotel owner tells Hispanic workers to change names (AP)

  1 1 seco n d s ag o 2 0 0 9 -1 0 2 6 T0 9 :4 5 :0 4 -0 7 :0 0  This content has passed through

  Lenovo introduced a few new computers today, most interesting among them (visually, at least)  being the B500 a ll-in-one with a crazy angular design. But they've also g o t th eir first Co re i7 notebook and a pretty nicelooking ultraportable.  Lenovo is fleshing out their all-in -o n e lin eu p (wh ich alread y includes the cheaper C100) C100) with the terrifyingly angular  IdeaCentre B500. It's got pretty decent specs, if you don't want to wait until the new Intel procs take over. The 23-inch 16x9 B500 offers (at its best and most expensive configuration) up to a Core 2 Quad proc, 4GB memory, a 1TB hard drive, DVD or Bluray, and an optional TV tuner  with remote, in case you want to turn it into a media center. [ Lenovo Lenovo]]



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Chubb Q3: Earnings Beat Despite Decline in Premiums Written

(Financial Sector and Stocks   Analysis from Seeking Alpha   ) 

OWLE Launches Bubo; Ultimate iPhone Video

  Chubb Corporation( CB) CB ) third  quarter earnings came in at $1.56  pe r sh ar e, ah ea d of th e Zac ks Consensus Estimate of $1.29 per  share. Last year, the company reported earnings of 93 cents. The results were helped by a mild  hurricane season, which overshadowed decline in

reflecting reduced demand due to the global recession.   On the basis of net written  premi ums by busin ess segme nts, Chubb Personal Insurance declined 5%year-over-year, Chubb Commercial Insurance declined 8% year-over-year and  Chubb Specialty Insurance declined 6% year-over-year.  Underwriting profits rose to $423 million from $69 million in the same quarter last year. Last year,

Sep 30, 2009, there were 7.0 million shares remaining under  the current repurchase authorization. Book value per  share for the quarter was $45.43, up 19% from $38.25 in the yearago quarter.   For the fourth quarter, the company expects earnings to lie in the range of $1.41–1.51 per  share. For the full year, the management has increased its guidance to $5.90–6.00 from the

 p r e m iincome u m s wspiked r i t t e n . to $596   Net million or $1.69 a share from $264 million, or 73 cents a share, in the year-ago period.   Though the company has improved its profits, its total net written premiums declined 7% to $2.7 billion from $2.9 billion,

the company recorded huge catastrophe losses.  The quarter’s combined loss and  expense ratio improved to 85.4% from 98.1% last year, mainly due to a low catastrophe loss.   During the quarter, Chubb repurchased 8.7 million shares at a total cost of $412 million. As of 

$5.20–5.50 per share previously.  Peer Travelers Companies Inc. (TRV) also benefited from the weak hurricane season, boosting its earnings in the quarter to $1.65  per share from 36 cents per sha re.  This content has passed through

• Increase the money supply

expect in an inflationary boomlet.

an important inflection point. If  is winning the inflation/deflation

• The new money money goes into stocks first, increasing stock   pr ic es • Then economic activity increases (a false boom) • Then the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rises   Sure appears like the script is  playing o ut to a tee. With regard s to stocks, we've seen that financial stocks have been the strongest

  But this market rally has, thus far, only qualified itself as a stellar bear market bounce. We are still in typical retracement territory. Bounces usually retrace roughly half of their losses - often even more. The 2009 bounce is currently eerily similar to the 1930 bounce in terms of  magnitude.  Conclusion: The jury is still out on what has actually driven this

the market continues to head  higher, the case that it's being driven by inflation will strengthen. If it makes new highs, that would probably seal it. On the flip side, if the market turns down from here, then all we saw this summer and autumn was a classic bear market bounce.   Bottom L ine: T he coming months will be very interesting, and hopefully quite insightful, in

 performers, which you'd prob ably

stock market rally. We could be at

terms of illuminating which side

Submitted at 10/26/2009 9:01:43 AM


By Daniel Bru silovsky  silovsky  ( C CrunchGear  runchGear   )  Submitted at 10/26/2009 9:11:31 AM

  W ith the iP hone 3GS , the  poss ibili ties are endle ss. In July 2009, Harold Smith and Graham Mcbain took the iPhone 3GS, and  made the first prototype of the OWLE Bubo, which we covered  on CrunchGear. Now, just four  months later, the OWLE Bubo is ready to ship to the public. OWLE, which stands for Optical Widgets for Life Enhancement, is aiming to making mobile video much easier, by taking the parts you use on your camcorder, and  enabling you to use them on the

istandard P h o n e .withT h B u b omount c o m on es a ehotshoe top for LED lights, four tripod  mounts and standard 37mm lens threading so that you can put your  own lenses on it, in addition to the lens that the Bubo comes with.

INFLATION continued from page 7

 battle. It's too close to call just yet in my opinion, as both scripts have been fulfilled thus far. But we could be near a fork in the road.  This content has passed through

Consumers dislike web tracking but not enough to change behavior By Tom Johans meyer  meyer  ( B BloggingStocks  loggingStocks   )  Submitted at 10/26/2009 11:40:00 AM




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Goldman Stockholders What Chumps

CONSUMERS continued from page 10

 Filed under: Industry, Industry, Consumer  experience,, Internet experience Internet,, Competitive strategy , Google (GOOG), Microsoft (MSFT), (MSFT),

to see the potential of this venue,  pa rt icu la rly whe n it co me s to tracking consumer behavior . Macy's(NYSE: (NYSE:  When the CEO of Macy's

(AMZN)   Traditional retailers retailers   haven't exactly embraced online sales channels. Sure, they all have websites, and they sell varying amounts of merchandise through them, but they've been slow to tap into the potential. When I was watching the space as an analyst at a major consulting firm (admittedly, back in 2007), many retailers equated a website to a new store opening. Finally, however, this industry is starting

M ), Terry Lundgren, says that online sales are only good for 6% of last year's total sales, it's a hint. The translation: "We focus on where the revenue is" is much different from "We focus on where the revenue could be." Aeropostale(NYSE: (NYSE: ARO ARO), ), on the Aeropostale other hand, sees the upside of   playing in the online space, which is where it saw revenues spike 85% last year. Aeropostale has seen increases in traditional venues too, but nothing like what

it's realized on the web.  So, maybe there's something to this internet, after all.   Continue reading  reading   Consumers (Financial Sector and Stocks   )  dislike web tracking, but not  Analysis from Seeking Alpha  enough to change behavior  Submitted at 10/26/2009 8:34:31 AM   Consumers dislike web tracking,  bu t no t e n ou g h t o c ha n ge   What group of hedge fund   behavi or   originally appeared on investors pay their managers 50% BloggingStocks on  on Mon, 26 Oct of profits? Goldman ( GS ) BloggingStocks 2009 11:40:00 EST. Please see stockholders, that's wh who. o. Over  our terms for use of feeds feeds.. Read | 50% of the profits generated at this| Comments G o l d m a n c o m e f r o m t h e Permalink | Email this| employees' use of the stockholder's equity capital. The other 50% comes from leveraging theovGoldman name  pr id e se rv icbrand es li ke M&to A advisory, IPOs, Prime brokerage, etc. And yet, the e mployees have convinced the stockholders that they are darned lucky to have them.   What chumps the stockholders  pudding.. But if Nokia th  pudding thinks inks some are. If these ppeople eople were risking of its newer phones can compete firm capital and didn't enjoy the with Apple as easy as other  Goldman moniker, it would be competitors, Nokia is dead wrong.   Continue reading  reading  Noki a's new CFO thinks company can compete with Apple's iPhone    N o k i a ' s n e w C F O t hi nk s company can compete with A p p l e ' s i P h o n e   o r i g i n a l l y ( E ETonline Tonline - Breaking News   )  appeared on BloggingStocks  BloggingStocks   on Submitted at 10/26/2009 12:27:00 AM Mon, 26 Oct 2009 12:40:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of   Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, and  feeds.. Read | Permalink | Email Jesse McCartney shared the feeds this|| Comments this spotlight on Sunday at the Nokia Theatre at L.A. Live to benefit City of Hope.

Nokia s new CFO thinks company can compete with Apple s iPhone By Brian White  ( BloggingStocks  BloggingStocks   ) 

Submitted at 10/26/2009 12:40:00 PM

  Filed under: Competitive strategy,, Apple Inc (AAPL), strategy (AAPL) ,  No ki a Co rp . (N OK )   Nokia Corp. (NYSE:  NOK ) has  been losin g mark et share in the mobile phone business to faster  and more innovative companies like Apple Inc.(NASDAQ: AAPL)) and Korea's Samsung AAPL Electronics. Although Nokia is still the world's largest mobile  ph on e ma ke r by vo lu me , th e

company's most recent quarterly results don't speak highly  highly   of its efforts as of late.   And, when you start suing competitors,, your back must be competitors against a pretty hard wall. What is  No ki a go in g to do ? Tr y to innovate again and manufacture wireless handsets that carrier   pa rt ne rs ar e gl ad to ha ve on shelves and customers seek to  pu rc ha se ? So rr y, th e iP ho ne already has beaten you -- for a few years now -- to the punch. A  po te nt ia l $1 bi ll ion ju dgm en t against Apple is proof in the


called a hedge fund, and they would be paid 20% of profits plus 2% of equity assets under  management. At Goldman, Goldman, it's 50%. On the other services side of the firm, I assure you that the  people running these busine sses would be nowhere near as successful if they didn't have Goldman Sachs on their business cards. Yet, the stockholders still  pay them 50% of the profits .   Goldmans return on equity has  plumm eted theaspast yearin and  was only as in high it was the  past due to excessive leverage leverage and  risk taking. For the employ employees, ees, it is the classic heads I win, tails you (the stockholder) lose. Who wouldn't want to work there with such chumps for owners?  This content has passed through

Disney Stars Sing for Hope rocked it... So amazing."   The second annual Concert for  Hope raised funds for and  awareness of cancer research and  treatments. Cyrus is very involved  in this organization, donating $1  per ti ck et so ld fo r he r Wor ld  Wonder Tour. The teen pop star    Demi tweeted , "City of Hope raised more than $2 million concert tonight was INcredible. I through her last tour for the cause. had a blast and Jesse and Miley



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Teradata TDC) ripe for a bullish trade? By Brent Archer  ( BloggingStocks  BloggingStocks   ) 

Submitted at 10/26/2009 12:20:00 PM

hedged trade on TDC.   TDC opened this morning at $29.58. So far today the stock has hit a low of $29.11 and a high of  $29.75. As of 11:25, TDC is trading at $29.36 up $1.03 (3.6%). The chart for TDC looks neutral S&P gives  gives TDC a neutral 3 and S&P STARS (out of 5) hold ranking. reading  Teradata (TDC)  Continue reading the stock could rise by as much as ripe for a bullish trade? 80 percent over the next two   Teradata (TDC) ripe for a bullish years, helped by the company's trade?   originally appeared on trade? high cash reserves, good client BloggingStocks on  on Mon, 26 Oct BloggingStocks roster, and technical advantages. 2009 12:20:00 12:20:00 EST. Please see This could be a good sign for  our terms for use of feeds . TDC. If you think that the stock  Permalink | Email this this|| Comments won't fall by too much in the coming months, then now could   be a good time to look at a bullish movement,,  Filed under: Major movement news, Magazines Good news, Magazines,, Options Options,, Technical Analysis Teradata(NYSE: Teradata (NYSE: TD C - option chain)) shares are rising today after  chain the stock received positive coverage in Barron's(subscription Barron's(subscription required) over the weekend. An analyst wrote in the magazine that

Lenovo gets official with Win7powered IdeaPad and IdeaCentre machines By Darren Murph ( E Engadget  ngadget   ) 

attorney was present.   The two sides met after filing contempt motions against each other because of money missing from a joint bank account. On October 13, the judge ordered  them both to put all of the money  back into the acco unt and show any other money withdrawn was

  Lenovo Lenovo   already got official official with  with a couple of its Windows 7 powered m achines last w eek, but it looks like the rest of the crop is landing today. Of course, we've already seen the 11.6-inch U150   and 15.6-inch IdeaPad U150 U550 U550 pop  pop up in various corners of  the globe this month, and the IdeaPad U350 U350   has been around  since the summer. That said, we'll

getting. We'll spare you the rehash (it's all there in the read  link if you need a refresher), but over on the desktop front, we're  pre tty sto ked abo ut the sty lis h (and previous (and  previous ly rumored  rumored )) all-inone IdeaCentre B500. Packing a Core 2 Quad CPU, 1TB of HDD space, up to 8GB of DDR3 RAM and a 23-inch LCD, this thing may actually perform fairly well in tasks more strenuous than checking email. The businessminded K300 and bargain-priced 

well. The whole lot should be available to order soon directly from Lenovo, and there's bound to  be plenty of options for those not content with base configurations.   Gallery: Lenovo gets official with Win7-powered IdeaPad and  IdeaCentre machines  Filed under: Desktops, Desktops , Laptops   Lenovo gets official with Win7 powered IdeaPad and Ide aCentre machines originally machines  originally appeared on Engadget Engadget   on Mon, 26 Oct 2009 12:01:00 EST. Please see our 

 Inside the courtroom, the scene done according to a divorce was less dramatic -- as Kate arbitrator's guidelines. Gosselin was not required to attend the proceedings. Her 

take the OSany refresh spec bumps day ofand theminor  week  (along with new colors on the S10 -2), -2 ), and that's exactly what we're

H230 ($299 starting are less thrilling from a point) hardware  perspe ctive, but they'l l certa inly fit their respective molds quite

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Kate NoShowGosselin at Court aHearing ( ETonline ETonline - Breaking News   )  Submitted at 10/26/2009 6:10:00 AM

  The attorney for Jon Gosselin said on their way into court that he'd be "shocked" if his client's estranged wife didn't show, but that's exactly what happened this morning.

Submitted at 10/26/2009 12:01:00 PM




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Palm Pixi coming to Sprint on November 5 By John Biggs ( CrunchGear  CrunchGear   )  Submitted at 10/26/2009 7:23:32 AM

  Get se outtheyour  becau Palmbuying Pixi is wallets coming to Sprint stores on November 15.  Pricing details are as follows:  It will cost just $99.99 with a two -year service agreement, after a $50 instant rebate and $100 mailin rebate and be available at Sprint stores, online at, through telesales at 1-800-SPRINT1, and  at Best Buy, RadioShack and  select Wal-Mart stores.   To refresh your memory, the Palm Pixi is the second WebOS  ph on e, th is ti me wi th a Tre oesque keyboard. The current WebOS device, the Pre, now costs $79.  Palm Pixi Available Nov. 15 for   just $ 99.99  Exclusively from Sprint   Application development for  Palm webOS devices powered by America’s most dependable 3G network S p r i n t ’will s Obe p eanleading D e v etopic l o p eatr   Conference starting today  OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – Oct. 26, 2009 – Sprint (NYSE: S) today announced Nov. 15 as the first day of nationwide availability for Palm® Pixi™, exclusively available on America’s most dependable 3G network1 from Sprint2. It will cost just $99.99 with a two-year service agreement, after a $50 instant rebate and $100 mail-in rebate and be available at Sprint stores, online at, through telesales at 1-800-

S P RINT 1, and at Best Buy,

time for the holiday season, and   – Prod uct Deve lop ment , Spri nt.

RadioShack and select Wal-Mart it’s a great addition to Sprint’s industry-leading device stores. “We are excited to offer the new  p o r t f o l i o , ” s a i d K e v i n Palm Pixi to our customers in Packingham, senior vice president

messaging and social networking

“Simply put, this phone is fun and  at a price everyone can enjoy, and  easy to use; with its multi-touch delivers so many of the great screen and full QWERTY PALM page 14 keyboard, it’s a great device for 




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continued from page 13

features people love about Palm Pre™ in a fantastic new form factor, making it a huge hit for  consumers.”

the conversations with the same  pe rs on in a ch at -s ty le vi ew , including MMS, even if it started  in IM and switched to reply with

AnytimeSM, which give customers unlimited mobile calling on the Sprint network to and from any U.S. wireless

trained retail associates to work  one-on-one with customers to  personalize their Palm Pixi, set up features and demonstrate how it

  Running the Palm webOS™ text messaging. The user can also mobile platform, Palm Pixi lets see who’s active in a buddy list the user keep multiple activities right from contacts or email, and  open and move easily between start a new conversation with just them, like flipping through a deck  one touch. of cards, using natural gestures.   A new Facebook application will This allows for easy movement  be ava ilab le with Palm Pixi , so  betwee n m essagi ng and email or  users can see and comment on all searching the Web while listening the latest news from friends and  to music, and items are rearranged  easily update their status. Palm s i m p l y b y d r a g g i n g t h e m . Pixi features an exposed full Universal search also makes QWERTY keyboard, multi-touch finding things easy, providing screen and a durable, removable results from both the device and  rubberized back cover. the Web.   While Palm Pixi comes with a  Palm webOS brings together the charger included in the box, Palm user’s most important information r e c e n t l y i n t r o d u c e d t h e from their phone, at work or on Touchstone™ charging dock, the the Web into one logical view. In first inductive charging solution addition to linking information for phones. Touchstone, along from Google™ , F acebook®, with the Touchstone compatible Microsoft® E x c h a n g e  back co ver (both sold sep arately), ActiveSync® and LinkedIn®, allows Palm Pixi to be set on top P a l m P i x i a d d s Y a h o o ! ® of the dock without worrying integration to Palm Synergy™3. about connection, orientation or 

carrier, unlimited nationwide texting, email, Web browsing and  much more, starting at just $69.99. The Simply EverythingSM plan from Sprint offers a truly unlimited experience for only $99.99 per month, a savings of $1,200 over two years versus a comparable AT &T iPhone® plan4. (All price price plans exclude surcharges and taxes. Other exclusions apply.)   Customers who subscribe to an Everything Data plan are also automatically automatical ly enrolled in Sprint Premier, the industry-leading loyalty program. The Premier   program provides customers with great benefits such as annual upgrades, discounts on accessories, anniversary rewards, rate plan checkups and “first to know” information about the latest at Sprint.   Palm Pixi will take advantage of 

works before the customer leaves the store. Customers have the choice of sitting down with a Sprint retail associate at the time of purchase or they can schedule an appointment for a later time at   Application developers will have a chance to learn more about Palm webOS at Sprint’s ninth annual developer conference beginning today in Santa Clara, Calif. The Sprint Open Developer  Conference is open to all developers and will feature information through speaker  sessions and coding camps on developing applications for a range of platforms, including webOS . P alm is a premier  sponsor of the conference, and  Ben Galbraith and Dion Almaer, directors of Developer Relations for Palm, will be giving a keynote address in addition to running

Palm Synergy offers: fit. The device remains active •Linked contacts – A single view while charging, allowing access to that links contacts from a variety the touch screen, movies or video, of sources, so accessing them is or the speakerphone option. easier than ever. Touchstone is available in Sprint • Layered calendars – Calendars stores nationwide for $79.99 and  can be seen on their own or  includes a Touchstone charger  layered together in a single view, and USB wall charger. The Pixi combining work, family, friends, Touchstone back cover is also sports teams or other interests, available for $19.99 (plus taxes). and the user can toggle to look at  Palm Pixi requires activation on a one calendar at a time, or see  prici ng plan inclu ding unlim ited 

the Sprint Mobile Broadband   Ne tw o rk (i nc lu s iv e of da ta roaming), which reaches more than 269 million people, 18,652 cities and 1,838 airports. The Sprint Networks (inclusive of data roaming) have more than twice the coverage of AT&T’s current 3G network and more than 15 times the coverage of T-Mobile’s current 3G network, both based  on square miles5.

several breakout sessions and  coding camps focusing on the webOS platform. platform. For details, go t o http://developer.sprint http://dev .com/devco n2009.   Customers who would like to register to receive additional information about Palm Pixi can register at

all at messaging a glance. – See all •them Combined

 carrier Sprint is onlyNow wireless to also offerthe Ready with

data, as with Sprint’s Everything Data such plans Any Mobile,

TomTom Car Kit for iPhone now selling in the U.S. for 120 By Doug Aam  oth  (  C CrunchGear  runchGear   ) oth  Submitted at 10/26/2009 7:30:00 AM

  TomTom’s iPhone car dock is now available from the U.S. Apple Store for $120 with a shipping time of 2 to 3 weeks. You’ll recall that the actual TomTom iPhone app runs for  $100   on top of that. $100   Aside from secure windshield  docking, the kit also includes a secondary built-in GPS chip for  “a truly reliable signal – even in high-rise urban areas,” according to the product description. There’s also a built-in speaker and  microphone for hands free calling and a 3.5mm audio out connector  that allows you to feed it directly into your car stereo’s audio-in  jac k.   TomTom Car Kit for  iPhone[Apple Store via S l a s h G e a r  ]




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Norman Rockwell The Original King of the Photoshop [Photography] By Wilson Rothman ( Gizmodo  Gizmodo   ) 

  Back when  Nor man Roc kwe ll ruled Saturday evenings, Adobe wasn't even a gleam in some nerd's eye, but a new book shows that the painter was, nevertheless, a photoshop god.  Very few Gizmodo readers were even born when Rockwell painted  his last Saturday Evening Post cover, but we all know them. You

looked as cool.)  Circus, 1955  What I liked about this picture is that you get to see how ridiculous Rockwell's sets could often be. He needed real faces, but he could fill in the rest. Hence piling chairs up on top of an old desk to simulate  bl ea ch er s at th e ci rc us . Go od  thing nobody fell off the back and  sued ole Rocky for millions—that twine used to hold the little girl's chair in place doesn't look OSHA

hear that name and suddenly you can picture those overly detailed, cartoonishly dramatic but ultimately ultimatel y kinda corny depictions of American life. Well, Norman Rockwell: Behind the Camera Camera,, written and compiled by Ron Schick, has given me immense newfound respect for the man, for  the meticulous photography, the real people and the unintentionally hilarious DIY  props and s ets tha t he required to make his painted fantasies of  Americana come true.   The book is not about painting. Rockwell's oil-on-canvas work  feels like an afterthought for  Schick, who mostly documents Rockwell's photography and art direction. Throughout the book, you see a painting, then you see the photographs he took to make that painting. In most cases, many shots comprise the different

certified. If the geeky looking fellow in the front looks familiar, it's because Rockwell himself  served as a model for his  p ai n t in g s a ll th e t im e .  The Final Impossibility: Man's Tracks on the Moon, 1969  Yep, here's proof that the moon landing   was faked. At least, landing Rockwell's commemorative  portrait of it was. NASA loved his work, so they loaned him spacesuits and helmets whenever  he wanted, and for this, he got  pe rm is si on to ph ot og ra ph hi s models moonwalking around an Apollo Lunar Lander, with a  blac k tarp dou blin g for infi nity and beyond. Remember, this is when Apollo was new and the Cold War was in full swing, so getting access to the latest NASA toys took clout.  Behind the Camera covers many aspects of Rockwell that I had not

Submitted at 10/26/2009 9:20:00 AM

elements, and are joined together  only in paint. It's almost sad: Vivid interactions between  people, rememb ered jointly in the



agency models, but friends and   Going and Coming, 1947

consciousness, may never have neighbors who were pleased to taken place. Even people facing help out, but not always thrilled  each other at point blank range  by the finis hed prod uct. were photographed separately,   Since Rockwell was one of the and might never have even met. most commercially successful  The photos are as memorable as artists of all time, you can the paintings: There's a little boy imagine the rights to all of his whose feet are propped up on images (paintings and photos) are thick books, a walking still-life; carefully managed. The publisher  there's a naked lady who ended up was kind enough to let us show a mermaid in a lobster trap; there you the book cover plus two are men and women in various additional pairings, below. I states a n d of b lfrustration, i s s , w h oconcentration se facial expressions defined Rockwell's style. These were mostly not

encourage you to buy the book  ($26.40 at Amazon)—what Amazon )—what you see here is just a quick lick of the spoon:

  You'll notice the book jacket shows a painting of a family embarking on a summer  vacation—Granny, S pot and  all—coupled with a photo of a similar scene with far less action. There's a kid sticking out of the car in both, but many family members are missing. This is  becau se they were photo graph ed  separately, in Rockwell's studio, and painted in where needed.

(You'll also notice that the he photo about previously. He was on the jacket is reversed—the reversed—t car  known an outspoken civil rights activist, was pointed in the other direction  but I s uppos e t hat would n't have  NORMAN page 16



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Behold, the BlackBerry* Watch: $150, Coming in February [Blackberry Watch] By John Herrman ( Gizmodo  Gizmodo   )  Submitted at 10/26/2009 8:54:39 AM

Get Facebook's   Old News Feed Back [Facebook Tip]

leaks   about a   Turns out those leaks BlackBerry Bluetooth companion watch were dead on: The Allerta InPulse Bluetooth companion watch—not a watchphone—isn't actually a RIM product, and  should ship in February for $150. So what does it do?   Think of it as an extender for  your BlackBerry, or a wristmounted dashboard. It won't place calls or compose texts; it's really  just there to g ive you a h eads-up and preview whenever your  BlackBerry mothership gets a call, receives a message, or has some other, being-a-BlackBerryrelated news to share with you. Also, yes, it's a watch, for telling time. It may not do a whole lot,  but the hard ware soun ds nice : * 1.3" full colour organic lightemitting-diode (OLED) display * Bluetooth® v2.0+EDR  * 150 mAh lithium-ion polymer   batte ry * Glass lens and full metal body * 22mm interchangeable wrist

can't we see a picture of this thing?  UPDATE: About that! Eric from Allerta shot me an email:  Ah, it's your right to talk vapour   because we don't have tech demos ready yet...I'm actually quite sorry about that. We're a new CE By Kevin Purdy ( Lifehacker  Lifehacker   )  startup, so it's tough going from the get go. We actually have near- Submitted at 10/26/2009 7:25:00 AM complete prototypes, but they're  Are you already feeling some ill made out of brass right now will toward Facebook for splitting (easier to CNC mill). We're up your Facebook home page currently in the month-long with a split "News Feed" and   pr oc es s of ma ki ng mo ld s fo r  "Live Feed"? Web PR consultant casting stainless steel. We didn't Steve Rubel  post s a sort a-ki nda want to publish too many pictures fix : Click "More" in your leftof the brass watches, in case it hand News Feed panel, then drag confused people. the "Status Updates" to the top of    Which is fair enough. They've the update stack. Refresh your   p o s te d a f e w o f t h e e a rl y home page, and you'll notice your   pro toty pe pict ures here, here, in case default feed is a bit more like how you're curious. This is what they it looked two weeks ago: Friends' look like now—just keep in mind, status updates take priority over  these aren't meant to look nice, network happenings, events, and  yet: other real-time updates. The "Live [ InPulse InPulse via  via CrackBerry CrackBerry]] Feed" is still there, though, if you feel like you're just getting too much done today. [ The Steve Rubel Lifestream] Lifestream ]

 band  * Vibrating motor  * Micro-USB port (for charging) * Over-the-air firmware updates * Dimensions: 51mm height x 38mm width x 12mm depth  Allerta, which totally sounds like a prescription mood drug, says the watch'll last for four days on a single charge, which is respectable considering that it

doesn't look too hideously large. The InPulse will communicate with any BlackBerry running OS 4.3 or above by means of a free companion app. T he watch, though, isn't quite as cheap: It'll ship for $150 in February, though it's available for preorder now.  One thing though: This is a nice render and all and the product doesn't smell like vapor, but why

carpet. There's another painting of  a little black girl being walked to school by US Marshals, and the many different closeup shots

 I wish I could run a gallery of  100 shots from this book, because each page startled me in a different way. Meeting the real


continued from page 15

and many of his paintings dealt with race relations. There is a  pai nti ng of two mur der ed men , one black and one white,

 pho togr aph s—al ways blac k and   product page] page] white, since the artist let his imagination add the color—I will no longer take Norman Rockwell

for granted. fact, gonna e b ehind the painti ngs, was and  kinda Rockwell detail required paint the  peopl accompanied by analive almost worshipIn him fromI'm now on. [ learning that every painting of tothe tense,  photo of two very guysabsurd  lying extreme page; Little, Brown side by side, eyes closed, on a  potent—and fab ricated—moment. composed of masterfully planned  Amazon sales page;




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inPulse Smartwatch for BlackBerry up for pre-order, ships in February 2010 Palm Pixi on sale November 15 exclusively at Sprint for By Darren Murph ( Engadget  Engadget   )  for around four days of "normal use." inPulse users will have to install a special BlackBerry   100 on contract Submitted at 10/26/2009 10:51:00 AM

 Just as we'd heard , RIM decided  to outsource the production of the  plane t's firs t Blac kBer ry watc h,  but that doesn't mean that devoted  BB Messenger users won't be hankerin' for one. The inPulse Smartwatch for BlackBerry  BlackBerry   is  bein g prod uced by Alle rta, and  now that it's official, we can safely say that it'll rely on Bluetooth in order to bring incoming emails, text messages and other alerts from your handset to your wrist (or your ankle, if  you roll like that). As for specs, you're looking at a 1.3-inch OLED display, glass lens, full metal body, vibrating motor, microUSB port and a rechargeable battery that's good 

application in order to pass along information, but those hoping to use their watch to actually send  messages will be sorely disappointed. It's up for pre-order  now at $149, and if all goes well, the first ones will ship out in February.   Filed under: Cellphones , Wearables   inPulse Smartwatch for  BlackBerry up for pre-order, ships in February 2010  2010   originally appeared on Engadget on Engadget  on Mon, 26 Oct 2009 10:51:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds feeds.. Read | Permalink | Email this this|| Comments

By Darren Murph ( E Engadget  ngadget   )  Submitted at 10/26/2009 10:27:00 AM

  Just as we'd heard earlier this morning,, today's the day that morning Palm and Sprint come clean with their undercover plans for the former's second-ever webOS device. The Pixi Pixi,, which we toyed  with back on our first Engadget Show,, is slated to hit Sprint Show stores, Best Buy, RadioShack and  select Walmart locations on  Nove mber 15th for $99. 99, but that's after a $50 instant rebate and a $100 mail-in rebate that you'll be waiting ages for.  Nothing here is a ll that surprising -- after all, we knew  knew  it'd be on shelves before the holiday season -- but the $100 price point is

downright depressing. The Palm Pre can be had right now for just for  just $150(also $150 (also on contract), and   beyond that, both webOS devices are being offered on the exact same network. Throw this thing on Verizon, AT&T AT&T or  or T-Mobile, and you've got a whole new wave of Palm customers; as it stands, who's really buying this with the Pre just $50 away?  Filed under: Cellphones   Palm Pixi on sale November 15 exclusively at Sprint for $100 on contract originally contract  originally appeared on Engadget  Engadget   on Mon, 26 Oct 2009 10:27:00 EST. Please see our  terms for use of feeds . Read | Permalink | Email this| this| Comments


Vivitar DVR 150: Infrared Night Vision Waterproof Pocket Camcorder [Pocket Camcorders]

By Jesus Diaz ( G Gizmodo  izmodo   )  Submitted at 10/26/2009 9:15:00 AM

 I don't know how the new Vivitar  DVR 150's 150's quality will stack up against the Flip, Flip , but being waterproof down to 16 feet and  having infrared night vision is a  pr om is in g st ar t. At le as t, fo r  amateur submarine night porn filmmakers.  The Vivitar DVR 150 has a 1.8inch LCD screen, 2GB of built-in memory expandable using Secure Digital cards, USB male prong  built- in, TV out, webca m mode, and comes in four different colors  via ChipChick ] for $50. [ Vivitar  via



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HTC Dragon coming to Verizon as the Passion? By Nilay Patel ( Engadget  Engadget   ) 

Submitted at 10/26/2009 12:21:00 PM

 1GHz We've been hearing about a Snapdragon-based Android  handset called the HTC Dragon ever since the HD2 HD2 came  came out, but now it looks like some pieces are falling into place -- apparently this mystery HTC set set we  we spotted  over the weekend is a CDMA version of the Dragon headed for  Verizon as the HTC Passion sometime in Q4. Apparently

New Video: Jon Gosselin Reacts To Kate s No-Show

Verizon's trying to unify the hardware UI of its Droid lineup, which is why the Motorola Droid ,

year for Android (and Verizon), no?  Filed under: Cellphones ( E ETonline Tonline - Breaking News   ) 

the HTCshare Droid Eris Eris, the Passion a set of, and buttons along the bottom edge of the screen, and some people are also claiming that the white notification bar is further sign of  similarity. As for us, well, we'll wait to hear more before we start when it hits, as HTC's big new ad  to get too excited -- and we can't  push  push is  is all about personalization. help but wonder if this thing will Still, it's looking like a hell of a run Sense or stock Android 2.0

 aHTC s t h Dragon e P a s s coming i o n ?   oto r i gVerizon inally appeared on Engadget on Engadget  on Mon, 26 Oct 2009 12:21:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds feeds.. Read | Permalink | Email this this|| Comments

Submitted at 10/26/2009 6:49:00 AM

 ET has the latest...  Our Diane Dimond was there as Jon Gosselin entered court today, where Jon's lawyer compared the reality show dad's estranged wife Kate to the "lady who lived in the shoe."   While Kate's lawyer would not reveal why Kate did not show up at court, Jon told Diane he was

Quickdev16 SNES developers cart: now you too can make games no one will ever play By Joseph  L.  L. Flatley  ( Engadget  Engadget   ) 

Submitted at 10/26/2009 11:13:00 AM

 If homebrew SNES development SNES development was an obscure affair in the days that the platform reigned supreme, undertaking such a project almost two decades later nothing left than a labor ofcan truebe geek love. But if you've always dreamed of  writing the next great first-person shooter for a retired game  pl at fo rm yo u' re in lu ck : th e Quickdev 16 is a cartridge that

includes everything necessary for   bri ngi ng you r cre ati ons to the Super Nintendo, including the Atmel AVR ATmega644 with  boot loader, USB connecti on for 

not surprised that Katealso was had  not there. His lawyer something to say about the noshow. "Kate Gosselin reminds me of the as you know your way around a lady who lived in a shoe that had  command line (and if you've read  so many children she didn't know this far, you just might). Available what to do," Jon's lawyer Mark  now for $120 including shipping. Heller told Diane as they were [Via Hack-A-Day] Hack-A-Day] entering court. "The difference is  Filed under: Gaming that Kate Gosselin doesn't live in   Quickdev16 SNES developers a shoe, she lives in a glass house cart: now you too can make and one thing you should know if  games noappeared one willonever play you live in a glass house is to not originally Engadget throw stones.  placing your code on the car t, 16 on Mon, 26 Oct 2009 11:13:00 megabits of SRAM, and an EST. Please see our terms for use RS232 converter for a debugging of feeds. feeds. Read | Permalink | Email terminal. Works with Windows, this this|| Comments Mac, and Linux systems as long

In one way, losing a father is a relief ( Scripting Scripting News   )  Submitted at 10/25/2009 11:14:49 AM

  I've been amusing myself with illogic this last week, at times giggling with the relief I feel at the passing of my father. I finally

found a way to explain it in words.   When I was a kid, like every other kid, when the parents went out and left me alone, I'd do stuff  that I wasn't normally allowed to do. But I had to be sure to cover 

my tracks so my mischief  wouldn't be discovered. The lessons learned from the failures were incorporated into my future exploits, I'd never get caught the same way twice!  So all through my life I've been

 prepar ing for my father to come forever. But now it has a different h o m e a n d c a t c h m e d o i n g ending. He's never coming home. whatever it is is I'm doing. Whether I was aware of it or not, I was always covering my tracks. My subconscious can't subconscious can't get rid of  this. It's a program I'll be running



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SPARC No Fun At All; Threatens SparkFun By Mike Masnick ( Techdirt  Techdirt   )  Submitted at 10/26/2009 6:33:00 AM

  If you think about it, you’ll

 John Fenderson was Fenderson was the first of a few of you to send in a link (via Slashdot ) to the story of how SPARC, the computer  architecture company owned by Sun, is threatening SparkFun over  trademark infringement claims. claims . SparkFun is an electronics shop, which sells components and kits and the like. The two are pretty different. This w whole hole situation situation apparently was "sparked" (heh heh) when SparkFun applied for  its own trademark, at which point SPARC sought to block the By Ben Dr a awbaugh  wbaugh  a long way since the old anaglyph trademark application. From ( Engadget  Engadget   )  red and blue glasses that come in there, they went on to sending a hanging experience to be as cereal boxes, so before you knock  cease & desist. The folks at Submitted at 10/26/2009 11:36:00 AM smooth as possible or if you have the new technology before it's SparkFun do a nice job breaking a habit of bolting down fire  Now wait one second before you even out, click through and read  down why the two marks are escapes in the middle of the night, start on the whole "I'm not about the technologies that might entirely different, and why even Sun employees seem to have no then Samsung’s recently-unveiled  wearing any stupid looking  bring us a real 3D revolution.

 probably t o wall hang once. your  flat panelonly TV ne onedthe Maybe twice. Maybe three times if you really move around a lot, like in the middle of the night when you hear a knock on your  door and thank god you slept in your clothes because there’s only enough time to put on a pair of  Velcro shoes and grab your 40inch TV.   Basically what I’m saying is if  you want your one-time TV

3.3 thickup40-inch LED TV millimeter might be right your alley.   There’s not a whole lot of info other than that the TV contains a 40-inch, 120Hz panel, a total thickness of just 3.3 millimeters, and a contrast ratio of 5000:1 –   pr ic in g an d av ai la bi li ty (a nd  weight) are unknown, although Akihabara reports reports that  that Samsung is looking to get the TV on the market as soon as possible. [via Akihabara] Akihabara]

The Future: 3.3mmthick Samsung TV By Doug Aam oth  oth  ( CrunchGear  CrunchGear   ) 

Submitted at 10/26/2009 8:00:00 AM

Ready or not the latest 3D technology is coming home

glasses," because no matter what you say, there are more people  paying extra extra to go 3D mov movies ies than ever and the reason is simple; it's  because this isn't like the crappy 3D you saw during the Super  Bowl last year -- or that our   parents grew up with. No, the 3D that Sony, Panasonic, and others are promising next year is like nothing you've seen. We've come

  Continue reading  reading  Ready or not, the latest 3D technology is coming home  Filed under: Home Entertainmen Entertainmentt   Ready or not, the latest 3D technology is coming home originally appeared on Engadget on Mon, 26 Oct 2009 11:36:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. feeds. Permalink | Email this| this| Comments

tdifference r o u b l e ubetween n d e r s t the a n dtwo. i n g This the seems like yet another case of  overly aggressive trademark  enforcement, just because some lawyers feel the need to oppose anything that might conceivably  be co ns id er ed ev en cl os e to similar.   Permalink | Comments Comments|| Email This Story



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NEC apparently plans to Students find problems with roll out touch screen Windows 7 upgrade business hand held By Serkan Toto ( CrunchGear  CrunchGear   )  Submitted at 10/26/2009 9:00:01 AM

  Not much info on this yet, but  NEC is appa ren tly pre par ing a mobile PC that’s reportedly as “capable as a personal computer” for business customers. The yet to  be name d devi ce fea ture s thre e main buttons and a 7 to 8-inch LCD display (which appears to be a touch screen). Sorry, the small  pict ure is all that ’s avai labl e at this point.   NEC says the device boots up quickly and lets users boost  prod uct ivi ty thr ough acc ess ing files and software through cloud  computing. The company plans to start selling the device in Japan this autumn and wants to sell 100,000 to 200,000 units yearly.

Eventually hopes sell more than 1NEC million of it thecan handhelds each year.  NEC has lost the top spot among Japan’s PC makers to Fujitsu in August (16.2% market share to 16.0%). The company announced  a whopping 48 new models last week.  Nikkei[registration [registration required,  Via Nikkei  Via  paid subsc ription]

Hatoyama vows to safeguard recovery (Financial Times - US  homepage   )  Submitted at 10/26/2009 5:35:54 AM

  In his first policy address to  parl iame nt as prim e minis ter of  Jap an , Yu k io Hato y ama o n Monday vowed to revolutionise how the world's second-largest economy is governed by ending  bure aucr atic cont rol of budge ts and cracking down on waste.   Mr Hatoyama, who led the

( CNET CNET   ) 

 In order to purchase the Backup DVD service, you will first need  to be  logged into the Windows 7 Offer  online store with your registered  email  address and the system generated   p a s s w o r d . P l e a s e u s e t h e following   in stru ctio n s to access th e store........  Sincerely,  Joanna A.

 logged into the Windows 7 Offer  online store with your registered  email  address and the system generated   p a s s w o r d . P l e a s e u s e t h e following   in stru ctio n s to access th e store..........  If you have placed an order for  the Backup DVD, the order will arrive   within two weeks via Postal Service. If you do not receive the

drive boot-able REQUIRES, an  Windows 7 Offer online store ISO. Here is an em email ail regarding  Customer Service this problem..    Dear Jon Curtis, [email protected]   Thank you for contacting the om Windows 7 Offer online store.  They want THE STUDENTS TO   We understand that you are PURCHASE more product. They having difficulties with the are trying to increase their sales downloaded file. rather than help. If i wanted to   We sincerely apologize for the wait 2 weeks to install windows i inconvenience that this issue would have purchased a dvd and  might have not bothered with the download.  caused you. It doesn't end here I got another   As of now, we are still upgrading email... the .ISO file generator. That is  Dear Jon Curtis, why,   Thank you for contacting the  we are suggesting you to add a Windows 7 Offer online store.  backup media for your order.   We apologize for the  We will contact you immediately i n c o n v e n i e n c e t h a t y o u regarding the update for the .ISO encountered. We understand   generator as soon as we have it  that you require the ISO file of  fix. Windows 7.   W e a p o l o g i z e f o r t h e   The ISO profile can only be i n c o n v e n i e n c e t h a t y o u o b tain ed b y p u rch asin g th e en co u n tered . P lease fo llo w  ba ck up dv d of 

Backup   DVD within that time, please contact us.  Sincerely,  John Patrick S.  Windows 7 Offer online store  Customer Service   [email protected] om  I then recieved another email this morning stating that they are still

Submitted at 10/26/2009 8:20:00 AM

 I am also having problems with Microsoft regarding this problem. The ad for the product clearly states that you CAN do clean installs when going from XP to 7. I have a netbook and the FIRST  problem i s the file t hey send you is NOT an ISO, but the little  p r o g r a m t h e y a s k y o u t o download to make your flash

Democratic Party of Japan to a historic victory over the longruling Liberal Democrats in August, acknowledged that the "most important topic" for his administration was safeguarding Japan's current recovery from recovery from the fierce recession into which it  pl ung ed la st yea r.  This content has passed through   th e in stru ctio n s b elo w to  purchase the Backup Backup DVD service for an  existing order:

working on get thetheir situation. I wish they would crap together  together  and stop trying to up-sell all of the students who are having to deal with their errors.  Oh yea...if you do "find" an iso file "somewhere", good luck  activating your copy of windows 7, cause the student versions keys will give you an error stating your  key "is for upgrades only" , and  not for CLEAN installs. Again not as advertised.

 This content has passed through  your program.  In order to purchase the Backup DVD service, you will first need  to be




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Mashable’s Weekly Guide to vents in Social Media By Tamar Weinberg  ( Mashable!  Mashable!   ) 

Submitted at 10/26/2009 7:58:33 AM

industry to talk about the failures they’ve had, what went wrong, how they got over it, and what

created to promote and accelerate communications innovation across Telecom, Mobile &

2.0 Technologies To Maximize Effectiveness Before, During, And After A Crisis to learn how

  It’s a brand new week, which means it’s time for Mashable’s guide to upcoming social media and web events, parties, and  conferences. For more upcoming event listings, check out M a s h a b l e ’ s E vents section .   Is your event not on this list? Contact us at least one month  be fo re yo ur ev en t an d le t’ s establish a media partnership.  Mashable’s Weekly Social Media and Marketing Event Guide is  proudl y s upport ed by Eventbrite, Eventbrite, the Web’s Event Marketplace.  October 26-27, Philadelphia, PA: Join hundreds of fellow healthcare marketing and communication  p r o f e s s i o n a l s a t e - P a t i e n t Connections 2009. 2009 . It’s the one conference you need to attend to make sense of the radical changes taking place in health marketing, including social media marketing,

they These are mistakes we alllearned. will make as entrepreneurs, missteps we’ll all see. And this is the best way to be prepared. This conference is also the cheapest of  the October season, and looks to  be informa tive and fun. Pick up 15% off tickets at count=Mashable15   October 27-28, 2009, L os Angeles, CA: At the 140 Characters Conference, we explore “The State of NOW.” The State of NOW looks at the effects of the real-time Internet on  busi ness . The core focu s start ed   by looking at the effects of twitter  as a platform and what that meant to: Celebrity, The Media, Advertising and Politics. Over  time the scope expanded to look  at the effects of twitter on topics including: Sports, Music, Education, Public Safety. Public

and marketing VPs from Best Buy, P izza Hut, Microsoft, InterContinental Hotels Group, and more. Call 888-343-6786 and  save $405 with VIP code CF9MSH! Discount applies to new registrations only and cannot  be combined with other offers.   October 28-29, 2009, Kyiv, Ukraine: Investor Day Central & Eastern Europe 2009  2009   aims to  bring together innovative start-ups from all over CEE, and worldwide investors, and lay the solid ground  for their further collaboration. The 2 day event consists of Expo day and of a conference day. Participation Participat ion for investors is free. Terms and conditions for startups  participation in Expo day includes  basic registra tion fee (EUR 50,-)  paid by every participating startup (that allows startup to be included  into conference’s catalogue) and  general participation fee (EUR 

ITelecom n t e r n e is t in C othe mm u n i c aoft ibeing ons. process re-written. You either stand on the side to be written into the past or  instead join with the growing community to write the future. Opportunities to profit from the radical restructuring and in accelerating the development of  how humanity connects, communicates and collaborates have never been so great. Use the code Mashable when registering to save 20% (can only be applied  for new registrations). registrations).  October 29, 2009, New Orleans, LA: T ribeCon ribeCon   is a one day conference focused on harnessing the passion of your communities to achieve meaningful offline goals. We have a diverse lineup of   pan elis ts spa nnin g indu stry and  endeavor with a keynote by Tara Hunt, author of “The Whuffie Factor.” Meet successful start-ups

to incorporate the power of social media into your organization’s crisis communications strategy. Hear from FEMA; CDC; U.S. Department of Defense; City and  County of San Francisco; U.S. Forest Service; U.S. Department of Homeland S ecurity; U.S . Department of Transportation; City of Owasso, Oklahoma, and  more, on how you can capture the  pow er of soc ial med ia in yo ur  organization, along with helpful tools, tips and techniques to get started. Mention “Mashable” when registering to save $200.   November 3, 2009, New York  City: The Winning with Social Media: Industry Leader Forum is Forum is an interactive event to help advertisers, agencies, media and  research companies determine how to use social media and  digital behavior for their listening strategies. Learn from Chris

web conversations, andtime mobile health. For the first in history, more people are searching the Internet for health information than asking doctors. Discover new ways to connect, educate, and  engage these digital health consumers. Use the code MASH10 to receive 10% off  conference registration.  October 27, 2009, San Francisco, CA: SNAP Summit  Summit   introduces their 4th installment, the first event to focus on failure: FailCon! Why would you want to hear this? They’re bringing together the  big ges t pla yer s in the Web 2.0

diplomacy and more. Given the location of #140conf:LA, this event will have a special focus on the use of twitter in the Entertainment Industry.  October 27-28, 2009, Chicago, IL: Forrester’s Consumer Forum 2009 connects 2009  connects you with analysts,  peer s, and indu stry lead ers who will help you create profitable relationships by meeting the needs of three-dimensional consumers  — c onsum ers who weave in and  out of channels, bringing their  interests, needs and past experiences along with them. Keynote speakers include CMOs

500,-) for selected startups that will participate in expo and in a contest. A half of the collected  registration fees together with goodwill donations will form a Prize Fund for the winners of a contest. Participation in expo allows 2 companies’ representatives to participate both expo and conference conference days. Use code MSH-45K2D46TE9 to get 10% discount on registration as a startup.   October 28-30, 2009, Amsterdam: The Emerging Communications ( eComm ) Conference & Awards was

who have built businesses by leveraging authentic community support. Connect with the people  behind cutting edge techno logies like enhanced reality. Learn to create a community of brand  advocates and create an authentic message that inspires people to care about your mission. Use the discount code MASHABLE for a 25% discount discount..   November 2-5, 2009, W ashington DC: Attend the Advanced Learning Institute’s Forum on Social Media for Crisis Communications in Communications  in Government: How To Integrate The Latest Web

Brogan, one of social media’s most influential forces, Google, IBM, ESPN, Crispin Porter + Bogusky and more. Network with Johnson & Johnson, Kraft,  No va rt is , Co lg at e- Pa lm ol iv e, Fidelity Investments, Procter & Gamble and other industry leaders. Mashable readers can use  pro mo cod e ILFM ASH to sav e $100.   November 3-4,2009, San Francisco, CA: Come to PayPal X Innovate 2009, PayPal’s first dedicated developer conference. MASHABLE’S page 22



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MASHABLE’S continued from page 21

Here you’ll have the absolute Crush It. Every attendee will take  ben efi t gam e com pan ies of all inside track on how to capitalize home a brand new copy of Gary’s sizes. With a day one keynote by on all of PayPal’s products. Learn  bo ok, and we’ ll hav e fan tas tic Sanrio Digital VP Robert Ferrari, from hands on tutorials about  p r iz e g iv e aw ay s . M a sh a b le a n d s e s s i o n s b y l e a d i n g

 November 6-8, 2009, Savannah, GA: Geekend 2009  is an interactive conference that brings together geeks from all walks of 

a Mashable reader to receive 15% discount.   November 10-13, 2009, Las Vegas, NV: PubCon is PubCon is a multi-

PayPal APIs and listen to keynote from industry luminaries including Tim O’Reilly and see showcase of cool developers. Get 50% off if you register  with  with code MASH or join us at $50 if you are a student.   November 4-5, 2009, Raleigh,  NC : Internet Summit 09  09   will feature over 75 speakers including major internet brands such as Twitter, Pandora, Google,

readers, use the code MASHABLE to get your ticket for only $30, a savings of $9 off  the public pricing. Get your  tickets now, as this event is anticipated to sell out quickly.   November 5-6, 2009, Berlin, Germany: The European Venture Market is Market  is a platform for investors, service providers and  entrepreneurs to meet, network  and further develop business ideas

developers and industry experts from around the industry, attendees will get practical tips and tactics that they can use immediately in their development and company. In addition, addition, any attendee can sign up to bring their  game or technology to IGC’s GAME DEMO NIGHT, which has lead 25% of participants in 2007-2008 to financial deals directly related to their 

life for three days of cutting edge speakers, expert panels, afterparties, networking and mash -up opportunities. Speaker  highlights include Major Nelson of Xbox Live, renowned designer  David Carson, Eric Snowden of  Atlantic Records, and Matias Corea of Behance, among many others. Get your geek on and enter  Mashable for $30 off the full price weekend badge.

track educational conference hosted by SearchEngineWorld & WebmasterWorld. PubCon events are for thought leaders and   professionals in search engine and  Internet marketing and advertising to gather and to share best  p r a c t i c e s i n t h e d e s i g n , development, promotion and  marketing of their Internet  businesses and brand s. Mashable readers can take off a 15%, Technorati, CBS Interactive,Digg, Huffington Post, Blogger, Meebo and more. Join over 1200 entrepreneurs, senior  marketers and executives in the conversation about the future of  the industry and how to to capitalize on the shifting dynamics of the internet and tap into its unlimited   b u s i n e s s p o t e n t i a l . Use registration code MASH for 20% off.  November 4-6, 2009, New York  City: Looking to advance your  social or mobile strategy? In need  of branding insight? Ready to make industry connections? Join Mashable at ad:tech New York –  the event for digital marketers. Register now with code BRNYX9 and save $200 off the current online price! Visit for the latest details on speakers, sessions and exhibitors.  November 5, 2009, Chicago, IL:

and projects, in a here. relaxed yet  profe ssion al atmosp During the event the participating entrepreneurs will be able to pitch their business projects for around  5 minutes to a crowd of interested  investors and service providers. The two conference days will also feature keynote speeches, specific industry presentations, coffee and  lunch breaks, a large dinner  reception on the Thursday night and, finally, a themed club party on the Friday night. Get 10% off   by usin g code evm_mashable   November 5-6, 2009, Los Angeles, CA: The Independent Game Conference West  West   is a 2 day, 5 track conference for game developers in the tradition of the devcons of old where speakers are accessible and connections are key. Now in its 4th year, the IGC series is coming to the West coast with tracks on Programming,

 p a r t i c i p a t i oto n . get 20% U s eoffc o1 dor  e MASHABLE 2 day advance regular admission.  November 6, 2009, Arcadia, CA: The Tweeters’ Cup will be held  during the first day of races at Santa Anita Park for the 2009 Breeders’ Cup World  Championships. The Tweeters’ Cup will be held in an exclusive area at the track, Seabiscuit Court, and will include a designated  seating area (frontside) for all  participants . A ticket t o the event also includes a betting voucher, 2009 Breeders’ Cup gift, buffet and a chance to win prizes. The day will feature a handicapping session, Q&A with prominent  joc key s, app ear anc es by ESPN  pe rs on al it ie s an d st ar s fr om Animal Planet’s show “Jockeys.” The best Tweeter onsite will win a VIP trip for two to the 2010 Breeders’ Cup at Churchill

 Cameroon: NovemberBarCamp 7, 2009,Cameroon Douala,  brings together technolo gists and  experts for the Cameroon first Barcamp. The theme for this edition is digital dreams, with some big names on the guest list and an open agenda that any attendee can contribute to, the organizers aim for tough talking and innovative thinking . Attendance is free; all you need to  bri ng is a wil lin gne ss to sha re your ideas and opinions.   November 9-10, 2009, Santa Clara, CA: At Social Media World Forum California, California , learn from social networks, brands, advertisers and analysts. Hear  from leading social networks on their strategy, revenue models and  how they are approaching the future. Worldwide case studies from global brands and  corporations on their use of social

discount with   November 12,code 2009,ma-77815. Phoenix, AZ: If you think there isn’t a vibrant entrepreneurial community in Phoenix, guess again. We bring Silicon Valley to Phoenix to share best practices. The theme for this year’s conference is “ Bright Spots in the Recession:: four entrepreneurial Recession growth segments you need to know about” and showcases Digital Media Entrepreneurship, Health 2.0, Cloud Computing, and  Sustainability. Use code AZEC09 for a discount!  November 12, 2009, New York  City: This conference will showcase the best case studies that demonstrate how leading  brands use social communications to achieve tangible business goals. Case Studies will be presented by McDonald’s, JetBlue, Intuit, Allstate Insurance, Roger Smith

Join us It forBash! a Gary Crush Bash ! WVaynerchuk  e’ll enjoy amazing food and wine and hear  Gary talk about his latest book,

Design, (including and  G a m iPhone/Mobile, i n g , aSocial n d   Downs hotel). Purchase yourairfare tickets here Business/P roduction, with a and use the code mashableLA for  variety of sessions that will a $5.00 discount.

media. m a r k e t Ecxamine o n d i t i othe n s , current future forecasts and predictions from leading analysts. Mention you are

Hotel & more. 2 interactive roundtable sessions will follow MASHABLE’S page 23



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MASHABLE’S continued from page 22

the case studies. Register at  bdionl m/socia lconsu ml using ml  using promo code MASH for a discounted rate of $155.   November 12-13, 2009, San Francisco, CA: The CMO Club is Club  is  bringin g t ogethe r th e p reemine nt CMOs in business today for the CMO Thought Leadership Summit, a two day event that will  be a p latform for the world’s best CMO conversations. A coterie of  the country’s leading Chief  Marketing Officers have been assembled to lead workshops at the event, including Michael

event and promises to bring in from Current T V, the S yF y over 1,000 people hungry to learn C h a n n e l , V M L , A d w e e k ,  — a n d t o s h a r e ! I t ’ s a n Columbia Records, Business unconference, so everyone is Week, and Deep Focus. The event encouraged to lead a session. The will also feature case studies from event is always free, and you TurboTax, Domino’s, Operation can’t beat the weather in Phoenix Smile, The Roger Smith Hotel, in November. So get registered, and L A’s Roxy T heater on Sunset. Following the the event will will and we’ll see you then!   November 15-17, 2009, Las  b e a T w e e t U p t o b e n e f i t Vegas, NV: At the Social Media Operation Smile. Mashable S u m m i t : S o c i a l M e d i a & readers: get a discount by clicking here.. B i l l i o n a i r e B o a r d r o o m here Experience. Join Peter Peter Shankman   November 16-19, 2009, New (@skydiver) and Nick Nanton York City: Web 2.0 Expo New (@nicknanton), along with Tony Y o r k   b r i n g s t o g e t h e r t h e

marketing and communications. The GREEN AWARDS™ recognises excellence in 16 categories in 2009 from Best Green International Campaign open to global entrants to Best Green Campaigner for individuals and small groups championing sustainability. The winner will be announced at a reception in London on 18th November with guest speaker Jonathon Porritt CBE. The deadline for GREEN GREEN AWARDSTM 2009 entries is 18th September. For further  details on categories and 

from around the globe, Under the Radar   will get you dialed in to what the 2010 mobile innovation marketplace will look like. It’s a must-attend event for dealmakers from global carriers, brands, media companies, and handset manufacturers responsible for  helping their companies leverage new mobile technology and  innovation in the fast-evolving digital landscape.  November 20, 2009, New York  City: Join a select number of PR, marketing and communications  professionals at PR Camp™ New

Mendenhall of HP, Porter Gale of  Virgin America, Guy Kawasaki of  Garage Technology Ventures, Scott Lutz of SAP, Susan Linton Smith of Red Robin Restaurants, Evan Greene of The Recording Academy (Grammys), Joe Rooney of Cox Communications, Randall Beard of UBS, Terri Graham of Jack in the Box, and  more. 75-100 CMOs expected to address industry issues, share ideas, and help each other be  better CMOs. Heads of marketing interested in attending the Summit visit Get a $100 discount by using code mashablecmo.   November 14-15, Tempe, AZ: Explore the world of new and  relevant media at PodCamp AZ, AZ, the southwest’s premier  destination for bloggers,  p o d c a s t e r s , s o c i a l m e d i a  butte rflies , photo graph ers, video

Hsieh (@zappos), David Bullock  (@davidbullock) and Andrew Lock (@andrewlock) for this unique event that will take you inside the minds of entrepreneurs who have built million dollar   busi nesse s on the back of socia l media. As a bonus, go inside Zappos corporate headquarters to learn why Zappos has become such a phenomenon (recently sold  for nearly a BILLION dollars to and pick the brain of CEO, Tony Hsieh to learn how he has used social media to create a culture that led to a $900 million sale. Register today at and save $250 using code mashable.  November 16, 2009, New York  City: The upcoming Gravity Summit NYC event NYC event will provide richer-level and best practice insights on how businesses are

d e s i g n e r s , , VCs, d e v emarketing lopers, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs  profes siona ls, produ ct manag ers, and business strategists – from start-ups to enterprises – that are  building the nex t-generation web. Along with a dynamic Expo Hall and plenty of networking opportunities, ten main topic areas discussing a spectrum of Web 2.0 topics from business strategy to web design, user experience, developer hacks, community  bui ldin g, sec uri ty, mob ile, web ops, user-generated content, and  more. Register today and save 25% (code: webny09bd5) or get a free Expo Pass (code: w e b n y 0 9 b d e ) a t w e b 2 e x p o . c o m / n y.   November 18, 2009, London, UK: The 4th Annual GREEN AWARDS™ for Excellence In Communicating Sustainability Calls for Entries. Now in its 4th

submission guidelines visit . .    November 18th, 2009, Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Cool Twitter Conference  Conference   s will be holding its eighteenth event in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on  No ve mb er 18 th , 20 09 at th e Media Rotana Hotel –Barsha, Dubai. The Cool Twitter  Conference provides an environment for developers,  p e o p l e i n b u s i n e s s , a n d  enthusiasts from multiple disciplines, who seek to understand and maximize the  powe r of Twitt er, the chan ce to contribute to the discussion and  tap into this real-time use of the web. This forum is ideal for  advertising, marketing  professionals and business owners looking to increase visibility and  improve customer experience. Use the code: mashable to save

York   for adiscussions full day of interactive onhighly social media — complete with marshmallows and a virtual campfire. It will explore how to market, measure and manage the opportunities and challenges that social media presents. Our  “unconference” format avoids  p a n e l s o r P o w e r P o i n t demonstrations. Top agency and   b r a n d e x e c u t i v e s s e r v e a s moderators to help participants find solutions to their social media questions. Mashable readers get a ten percent discount wi t h promo code MASHPRCAMPNYC.  November 23-25, 2009, Berlin, Germany: IIR’s Mobile 2.0 –  Content & Services Conference  prov ide s a dyn amic netw ork ing and information-sharing business environment, bringing together  key stakeholders within the

 pros andyour more ! It’swhile a chan ce to enhance skills learning from those in the trenches every day. This is the third year of the

using social media to give relevance and meaning to their  marketing. Bing is the Title Sponsor and will join speakers

Year the GREEN AWARDS™ are firmly fixed on the global eco calendar as the leading industry awards for sustainability in

25% on registration.  November 19, 2009, Mountain View, CA: Featuring 30 of the most cutting edge mobile startups

mobile web 2.0 value to discuss current trends andchain revenue MASHABLE’S page 24



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generation possibilities, successful business strategies and  the future opportunities that exist within this space. Receive a 10% discount by quoting I08LFMASH when registering. Significant price cuts also available to Operators, online communities, and content  provid ers  November 30-December 1, 2009, Toronto, Ontario: nextMEDIA Toronto   is an intensive two day Toronto event of networking, learning and  strategizing with the top minds in the fields of broadcasting, digital media and advertising.

invest, including: Web Business & Engagement, Managing Collaboration & Social Media: Internal & External, Enterprise Content: Searching, Integrating & Publishing, and Content Infrastructure. Session topics focus on managing enterprise social & mobile content; SharePoint & Office 2010; Egovernment & transparency. Save an additional $200 by using the discount code Mashable.   December 1-3, 2009, London, UK: Online Information & IMS 2009 Exhibitions will Exhibitions  will host more

inventors, investors, corporations, service providers, government and  media. Participants can expect an International who’s who of  investors, innovative corporations and entrepreneurs and a nexus of  multiple meeting and networking opportunities enabling discovery of Canada’s next great innovations and the people behind  them. Use this link   for a 20% registration registratio n discount.   December 4, 2009, London: London: At Social PR Forum Forum,, learn from global PR companies who have successfully embraced social

MusicTech Summit  brings together more than 600 of the best and brightest developers in the Music/Technology space, along with the musicians, entrepreneuriall business people, entrepreneuria  press, investors, service pro viders, and organizations who work with them at this exciting convergence of culture and commerce. We’ll discuss the evolving music/business/technology ecosystem in a proactive environment, conducive to deal making, and connect with friends and business partners old and 

  December 9, 2009, San Francisco, CA: Tech professionals  by day, rocke rs by night , they’ ll  pi ck up th ei r in st ru me nt s an d  venture onto the big stage to let their alter egos shine… for a good  cause and the love of music. 2009 will  will Silicon Valley Rocks 2009  brin g toge ther the Valle y’s tech community – from VCs and  entrepreneurs to bloggers and  software developers – to raise money for Music in Schools Today (MuST), a Bay Area non profit that seeks to rescue music  progr ams from budg et cuts . The

nextMEDIA unparallel opportunity for isourancommunity to understand and interpret the evolution of digital media and  how cross-platform content is funded and produced. Also, the event boasts the CNMAs, Canada’s only national new media awards. Tap into the digital economy and navigate your way to new revenue sources, network  with a multi-disciplinary audience reflective of the emerging new world of media. Use this link  for  for a 20% registration discount.   December 1-3, 2009, Boston, MA: The 6th Annual Gilbane Boston Conference  Conference   will offer  sessions tied to competitive  busin ess and prod uctiv ity issue s surrounding a company’s content, collaboration & customers. You will learn about content solutions that are ready to be implemented  today! The conference tracks have

than 200 international exhibitors, covering Web 2.0 Technologies, Content Management, Search Solutions, Online Content Resources; ePublishing Solutions and Library Management Systems. There is also a wide range of free seminars looking at, among others, Marketing Through Social Media, Content Management and E nterprise Search. Free to attend if you preregister, it is the perfect place for  marketing professionals to equip themselves with the information, skills and knowledge to succeed  in the digital world.   December 2, 2009, Toronto, Ontario: The Canadian Innovation Exchange (CIX) (CIX) is a must-attend  conference for participants in the innovation economy. CIX is a gathering of key players in the innovation economy which will showcase and accelerate the

media. Understand what be products and services you should using, and how to use them well. Learn how to seamlessly introduce social media into your way of  thinking and into your employees. Mention you are a Mashable reader to receive 15% discount.   December 6-9, 2009, Dubai, UAE: Are you harnessing the  power of social media marketing? marketing ? Do you know what it is and how to use it effectively to market your   prod uct and incr ease ROI? Join international social gurus and hear  from regional corporations, who are already using social media marketing successfully in December at this two day event. Through practical examples and  case studies detailing successful campaigns and their results you’ll leave with the tools you need to use social media marketing to grow your business. Mashable

new. D i s c Get o u nyour t tMashable i c k e t s 15% at 15Mashable   December 7-10, 2009, W ashington DC: Attend the Advanced Learning Institute’s F orum on S ocial Media for  Government:: How To Engage Government Your Employees And Citizens By Using The Latest Web 2.0 Technologies To Drive Communication Results to learn how to capture the power of social media in your organization, along with helpful tools, tips and  techniques to to get started. Hear  from DoD; Forest Service; U.S. Department of the Interior; City of Chesapeake, VA; IBM Center  for the Business of Government; U.S . Department of E nergy; Charlotte Fire Department, NC; U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and more, on how to

second annualSilicon showcase willbands once again feature Valley and original rockers who will entertain and amuse your entire social graph. Mashable readers can get a special discounted ticket rate by clicking here. here.   December 14th & 15th, 2009, Washington, DC: The Government 2.5 2.5 conference  conference aims to bring various participants and  stakeholders within all aspects of  government at the local, state and  federal levels together to learn how best to apply social media toward improving government services and allowing the public to participant in policy debate and  the spending of tax dollars. If you have an interest in making government more efficient through applied information technology and social media, then this conference is for you. Use the code: mashable to save 25% on

 bee n orga nizof ed how aro und the fou r  major areas enterprises use web and content technologies and where they are most likely to

d e v e l o p m e n t o f innovation the great technology-based emanating from Canada and will  be at te nd ed by en tr ep re ne ur s,

users can save 10% by using code Mash09.   December 7, 2009, San Francisco, CA: The SF

engage your employees and  registration. citizens by using social media.   January 14-16th, 2010, Sedona, Mention “Mashable” when registering to save $200. MASHABLE’S page 25



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AZ: Join us at #SMML for a Social Media Mastermind  Conference. We are going to get  pers onal . As you see k to glea n more information about social media, how it works and how you can use it to gain more customers. You’ll see more results in 2 days than you will have in six months working alone! If you are ready to  be ener gize d, enga ge with your  audience, work with the best and  take home real solutions in developing your own social media strategy, then join us. Speakers include: Robin Harris, Raliegh

 p r i c i n g w i t h s p e c i a l c o d e IUS_MASH_SMTM_#1 when registering!   January 23, 2010, Virginia Beach, VA: Social Media @ The Beach   is a place for anyone Beach looking to “get their feet wet” and  explore social media. It’s an interactive conference with the laid-back atmosphere of a meetup. The January event will focus on two main goals: boosting  personal social networking skills and developing professional social media marketing strategies. The event is open to everyone,

of online community  p r o f e s s i o n a l s – m a n a g e r s , developers, business people, tool  provider s, investo rs – t o discuss experience and strategies in the development and growth of online communities. As we have found  with our past events, the best source of information on all of  these challenges is other  knowledgeable practitioners. Mashable readers are entitled to a discount by registering here with here with code mashable.  March 4-5, 2010, Chicago, IL: At SOHO’s 2-Day, “The Co-

reality we want to hear from you. Geo programmers, researchers, early stag e startu p s, g arag e hackers, social media mavens, CTOs, entrepreneurs, and product developers are invited to submit  proposals to speak at Where 2.0. Proposals are due by October 13, 2009; registration opens December 2009. Be part of the Where 2.0 2010 program, submit your proposal now: cfp/78  May 4-5, 2010, New York City: Show  is a series of  The Internet Show is

  May 14-15, 2010, Milwaukee, WI: At SOHO’s 2-Day, “The CoAlignment of the Corporate and  Personal Brand,” a Strategy Framework, develop your  exclusive copy of “The Draft,” SOHO’s 16-page social communications policy workbook  for businesses and corporations. The focus in 2010 is co-aligning the corporate brand with internal and external communications. SOHO brings to you  pre sen tat ions , cas e stud ies and  Town Hall meetings with Chris Brogan and Dave Armano, and 

Pinskey, Flynn Thorsen, Shannon Frances Evans and more. Use event code SMMLBiz to save 15% on your registration fee.  January 20-22, 2010, Washington DC: Social Media for Defense and Government  Government   is a unique fo ru m o n th e emb racemen t, implementation and utilization of  new media platforms that meet the Governments goals of  transparency that allow for more efficient internal and external communication. As the public develops their use of online tools for their personal, career and   business development goals, DoD & Gov’t have made it their  mission to reach the public via these new forms of media. The forum will provide insight into technologies including Twitter  and Facebook as well as advanced  elements such as the Governments general information page, blogs,

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Alignment of the Corporate and  Personal Brand,” a Strategy Framework, develop your  exclusive copy of “The Draft,” SOHO’s 16-page social communications policy workbook  for businesses and corporations. The focus in 2010 is co-aligning the corporate brand with internal and external communications. SOHO brings to you  pre sen tat ions , cas e stu dies and  Town Hall meetings with Chris Brogan and Dave Armano, and  other experienced practitioners. For more information and to register, please visit . Use discount code MashableChi for a 20% discount on a 2-day “The Draft” ticket.   March 30-April 1, 2010, San Jose, CA: We’re looking for   people pushing the boundaries of  location-enabled technology. technology. If 

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and closed social media suite.   February 10, 2010, New York  you are working on cutting-edge out more and register to attend for  Mashable readers get an exclusive City: The Online Community mo b ile p ro jects, rich d ata, F R E E a t 20% discount off the standard  Unconference East is a gathering analysis tools, or augmented .




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On The Media Takes On The Music Industry  WNYC's excellent radio program On The Media this week decided  to spend an hour discussing the music industry. industry. It's quite well done, in that it highlights how this

Live Nation folks), but that segment was incredibly one-sided.   The other thing that I found  incredibly telling was that the  person who s ounded most out of  date and most in denial was not the RIAA representatives (who actually sounded at least

there, is why Billboard has  become so obs olete. It's lead by  people who think that file sharing is "stealing" and that it's meaningless in figuring out where the money is in music. It ignores the studies that have shown that  people who download also end up

check it out, even though it's not Memory Lane yet fully public -- though, I actually haven't used used it yet). The XKCD Pays Tribute  progra m shows how a band can to GeoCities actually figure out where their  hroeder  roeder   bigg est fan s are , whe re the y'r e By Stan Sc h Mashable!  ashable!   )  getting the most buzz, and  ( M actually helps bands better  Submitted at 10/26/2009 2:09:07 AM

is actually a great time in and  the music industry for musicians fans-- with the only party really in trouble being the old record  labels. The program talks to numerous knowledgeable people, including James Boyle, Amanda Palmer, Greg Kot and others. The one section, however, that I thought was a bit weak, was the section on live shows. That section only focused large stadium/amphitheater stadium/amphit heater shows -- the kind that only a very small number of bands deal with. It doesn't even mention the much more common forms of touring and live shows. shows. Furthermore, that section only seemed to talk to one individual -- a smaller concert  prom ote r who use d the par t to  basically bash Live Nation. Now there are things you can complain about with Live Nation (though, I'd argue that they've got a much

somewhat circumspect on how but the music industry was changing), Rob Levine from Billboard  Magazine, who still insists that it makes no sense to pay attention to "those who steal mu music." sic." He  brushes aside the band Ok G o for   jus t doin g "ok " as if you don' t count unless you go platinum in record sales. He dismisses things done "as a hobby" as simply not mattering. He is, of course, defending Billboard's obsolete "charts" which are still based  mostly on CD sales and radio  pla y, but jus t com es acr oss as someone who doesn't even realize what he's measuring (at 43:15 on the podcast):"Right, okay, the one thing that does skew our ratings is that older people buy more music. They steal less music.... So like, you know, a Bruce Springsteen or  a Madonna might overperform on the album sales chart relative to

 buying mu sic. people It ignoreswho the studiesmore that music. show download are more likely to attend a show or buy merchandise (things that Billboard doesn't appear to think matter at all in the industry). It's as if Billboard  Billboard  wanted to judge the popularity of  the transportation industry by  judging how many buggy whips are sold. Yes, as automobiles  be ca me mo re pop ul ar , bug gy whip sales declined. Sucks to be you if you're focused just on measuring buggy ship sales, but the problem is that you're measuring the wrong thing.  Instead, the guy who sounds like he's really looking to the future is Duncan Freeman, of the site Band  Metrics,, who shows that the really Metrics important thing is not figuring out how many CDs are being sold,  but how much fans are devoted to an artist (disclosure: I've met

connect with in old multiple ways -- not justfans on the model of selling them more CDs.   Oh yeah, one other point. Some Hollywood lawyers were getting on my case earlier this year, every time I claimed that the RIAA announced last year that it was no longer suing end users, even though it did keep suing suing.. Those lawyers insisted that the RIAA said no such thing (even though that's what all of the press reported). In this podcast, podcast, the RIAA's Jonathan Lamy repeats: "Last December, we officially announced that we would end the litigation program against end  hasn't.. users." Except it hasn't  Overall, the program is a really great hour's worth of discussion on the types of things we regularly talk about here, and well worth a listen if you're interested  in these things.

 Ah, you kids that were born after  1990 probably have no idea what horrors us geeks of old had to endure in the early days of the Internet. Of course, what was  painful then is nothing but a f ond  memory now, so I’m sure many folks will shed a tear when they see today’s issue of popular  XKCD.. online comic XKCD   The execution is perfect: the awful background, the annoyingly  blinking text, the bar ely rea dable  blue links and the horrible horrible HTML. This is what 90% of sites hosted  on GeoCities looked like (and  there were a lot of them,  believe us), us ), and yes, it’s all imprinted  forever in the collective memory of Internet users from 1995 –  1999.   Kudos to XKCD for the effort, and if you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, GeoCities closes

 better understanding of where the market is heading than most  people give them credit for based  on conversations I've had with

some more subjective measure of  their popularity. But as far as like who's stealing what... I mean, what use is that?" And that, right

Duncan a few times at events, and    Permalink | Comments Comments|| Email talk to him occasionally about the This Story music industry -- he's also given me an account on Band Metrics to

down today, today all its you, data being erased. Nice, with knowing we’ll never forget you, unfortunately.  Tags: geocities geocities,, xkcd 

By Mike Masnick ( Techdirt  Techdirt   )  Submitted at 10/26/2009 9:06:00 AM



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A Look Behind The Curtain: How A Web addresses may Patent Hoarder Makes Money adopt non English characters By Mike Masnick ( Techdirt  Techdirt   ) 

  A few months back, someone sent over some details about a legal battle involving Peter  Boesen, who is both a convicted  felon in jail and a patent hoarder  who licensed his patents to a "patent troll" firm to assert against tons of tech companies, and Niro Scavone, the law firm representing the patent company (and the law firm famous for, among other things, having been the inspiration for the term "patent troll"). There wasn't much to write about directly, but it looks like Joe Mullin has been keeping on top of things (as always) and  has found that via this lawsuit Boesen has exposed some of the underlying details of how much money patent trolls get: get : Most intriguing is the sum paid by

 percent t hat amount,which $271,817, went to of Niro Scavone, also  bi ll ed $4 6, 56 8 in ex pe ns es .  Nearly $40,000 went to someone identified as "Ward"--most likely Johnny Ward Jr., who served as local counsel to SPT in the case. Of what was left, almost $109,000 went to SP Technologies, then owned by investor Courtney Sherrer, and $311,400 went to Boesen.   Also noteworthy: a full 10  pe r c e nt of A pp l e' s pa yo ut , $86,500, is marked as going to "LG"--an apparent reference to LG Electronics, which, according to the Boesen receipt, paid  $834,964.01 to settle a separate SPT suit in 2006. Why would LG  be get ting a cut of the s ettlement in a suit to which it was not a  party? And was Apple aware that a piece of that settlement might wind up with one of its

and patent tend to be hoarding incrediblycompanies secretive about all of this stuff, it's still an interesting peak behind the curtain.  Oh yeah, as for Mullin's question about LG receiving 10% of the  payout from Apple, that that might not  be all that surpris ing really. Last year, we covered how it was  becom ing incre asing ly commo n for patent hoarders to play this neat trick where they sue a bunch of companies and promise the ones who settle quickly a cut of  what they can get from get  from the others. This sets up a little an interesting game theory situation, whereby companies have extra incentive to settle quickly, which makes the  pat ent hol der ver y hap py, and  which they use to tout how "legitimate" their patents must be (yeah, right). It sounds like,  per hap s, tha t' s wha t hap pen ed 

Apple settle an SPT  brou ght toover the iPho ne insuit the Eastern District of Texas in 2008: $865,000. Without any motions  be in g f il e d af te r th e in ti al complaint or any substantive discovery, a bit more than 30

competitors? Representatives from Apple and LG did not immediately respond to requests for comment. There's a lot more in Mullin's post. Not sure how much is worth commenting on,  but given that such patent holders

here. Since earlier,  perhaps part ofLG thesettled settlement was the right to 10% of a cut against others.   Permalink | Comments Comments|| Email This Story

Submitted at 10/26/2009 4:34:09 AM

South Korean growth at seven year high (Financial Times - US  homepage   )  Submitted at 10/26/2009 12:03:31 AM

 South Korea’s economy grew in the third quarter at the fastest pace in seven years, increasing expectations that the central bank 

may soon raise interest rates to on Monday. That was the most rein in rising property prices and  rapid pace since the first quarter  household debt. of 2002. GDP grew 0.6 per cent  t Gross h e J u domestic l y - S e p t eproduct m b e r pduring eriod  expanded 2.9 per cent from the second quarter, when it grew 2.6  per cent, the Bank of K orea said 

( C CNET NET   ) 

  The Internet may be getting friendlier for a significant chunk  of the world. A proposal is up for  a vote to let Web addresses use non-English characters.   The  pr op os ed ch an ge (PDF), known as Internationalized 

the internationalization of the Internet, which means that eventually people from every corner of the globe will be able to navigate much of the online world  using their native language scripts." IDNs   are not a new concept.   IDNs They've been debated for at least a decade. Some doubted whether 

Domain (IDNs), will allow theNames use of non-Latin characters in the entire address. Currently, such characters are allowed only in part of the address. IDNs will let people who write in Chinese, Korean, or  Arabic use their own languages to surf the Web, and is expected to  jump- star t Inter net use in many regions across the globe.  ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and   Numbers, which is responsible responsible for  managing domain names on the  Net, will review the historic, hot button propos al on Frida y at its six-day 36th International Public Meeting in Seoul. If approved, IDNs could kick in as early as mid-2010. "This is an extremely important meeting for ICANN, since the IDN program is moving one step closer to reshaping the global

such a system could  have work.taken But countries like China  China the lead in pushing for this change.  Of the 1.6 billion Internet users worldwide, more than half use languages with character sets other than Latin. Beckstrom sees the change as necessary, not just now, but for the future as Internet use continues to grow.   One of the challenges behind  IDNs has been the use of  translation technology to convert one character set to another to deliver the right address. But ICANN seems to have covered  that base. "We're confident that it works  because we've been testing it now for a couple of years," Peter  Dengate Thrush, chairman of  ICANN's board, said in a statement. "And so we're really ready to start rolling it out."

Submitted at 10/26/2009 9:14:00 AM

from a year ago, beating market Internet landscape," ICANN CEO expectations. Rod Beckstrom said in a  This content has passed through statement. "In Seoul, we plan to move forward to the next step in

 This content has passed through




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The New, New, New Facebook: Hundreds of Thousands Organize in Protest By Adam Ostrow ( Mashable!  Mashable!   )  Submitted at 10/26/2009 8:27:53 AM

  Although the latest Facebook  homepage changes  seem relatively minor compared to some of the more drastic moves the company has made in the past, there are once again hundreds of  thousands (if not millions) of  users voicing their frustration.  The most visible group to emerge so far: “ PLEASE GIVE US OUR  OLD NEWS FEED BACK! ” (caps and exclamation point included). The group will likely likely cross 500,000 members this morning, as more users catch wind of their friends joining it via the News Feed.   While much of the frustration seems like the usual anger and  resistance to change you always see when any major website  pushes a red esign, I hav e hear d a few valid complaints about the new Facebook:  1. The “Live Feed” isn’t all that live. Seemingly, you need to refresh to see new stuff, as there are no alerts when new content is available. That’s not completel completely y true: if you’re viewing the “News Feed,” you’ll get alerts when new

the previous iteration by re-adding information like new friends of  friends and changes in relationship status into the feed, and by moving events and   bir thd ays ba ck abo ve the fol d. However, those issues seem like content is available, but that’s not they were light years ago and  immediately clear. mostly forgotten.  2. The “News Feed” isn’t very   The problem here seems to be good. The goal of the feature is to Facebook add muchbut in  be a d igest of wh at’s important in that the way of newdidn’t and exciting, your network, much like rather just made a few “Highlights” in the previous incremental changes that make iteration. My own opinion: II’d  ’d  sense from a UI perspective, but give it a B- … most of the stories once again frustrate and confuse seem interesting, though nearly 24 those that are resistant to change hours old at this point. Given the (and don’t read Facebook’s blog “Live Feed” now includes more … or Mashable). information and is hence more  Will it it blow over? You have to cluttered, it would seem the think so given Facebook’s history “News Feed” should be more up- of surviving far more significant to-date to emphasize important revolts revolts.. Further, the issues with this latest change seem fairly easy happenings.   3. Facebook didn’t give much for the social network to address warning about the changes. with small tweaks to the product. Unlike previous iterations where  How do you feel about the latest announcements were prominently i t e r a t i o n o f t h e F a c e b o o k    pla ced on mem be r ho mep age s, homepage? Share your thoughts Facebook seemingly just flipped  in the comments. Reviews: the switch on this change without F acebook , Mashable doing much to prepare users.  Tags: facebook   Facebook did address a number  of issues that members had with

The Cost of Social Media to Worker Productivity:   2.25 Billion [Survey]

By Stan Sc h hroeder  roeder  ( M Mashable!  ashable!   ) 

Submitted at 10/26/2009 6:53:21 AM

 Every now and then an analysis  pops up c laiming that th is or that online activity is costing  busines ses m illions or bi llions of  dollars because employees are doing them instead of work.   The latest scapegoat: social networking and media sites. IT services group Morse conducted a survey, questioning 1,460 office workers, and came to the conclusion that use of Twitter and  other social networking sites is costing UK firms £1.38  billion(approximately  billion (approximately 2.25 billion dollars) every year. “When it comes to an office environment the use of these sites is clearly becoming a productivity

 If you take all those numbers and   put them together, you’d pro bably get the result that employees are spending 10 out of 8 hours doing nothing at work. But with a little common sense it’s easy to remember that employees are never 100% productive; before Facebook and Twitter, there was coffee and chitchat around the watercooler. Converting hours spent on social networks into dollars lost is walking on slippery ground; I’d rather have happy

employees to F acebook who andsometimes T witter go than unhappy ones who never do anything personal or fun online.  What do you think? Are social networking sites bad for   pr od uc ti vi ty ? Ar e th ey re al ly costing businesses millions? Please share your opinion in the comments.  Image courtesy of iStockphoto , Pertusinas   Reviews: Facebook , Pertusinas Twitter , iStockphoto conclusion that merely web  Tags: productiv  productiv ity ity,, social media, media, surfing costs US corporations  Tags: about US$63 billion each year. social networking

 bla ck hol e,” say s Phi lip Wick s from Morse. According to the study, employees spend 40 minutes every week, on average, on social networking sites.   We can point out many similar  studies and surveys that popped  up over the years. One claimed  that Facebook is costing UK firms over £130m a day , with 233 million hours “lost” every month. Another study came to the



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Vrooooom Start your car (and more) With 'memorialized' from your iPhone or iPod touch profiles, Facebook sees dead people By Steven Sande (The  Unofficial Apple Weblog  (TUAW)   ) 

Submitted at 10/25/2009 9:30:00 PM

 Filed under: Accessories, Accessories, iPhone iPhone,, Holidays , iPod touch touch   TUAW reader Ethan pointed us in the direction of something new, cool, and available only for iPhone and  iPod touch (take that, Palm Pre and Android phones!)  BestBuy has an exclusive on the new Viper SmartStart System, System ,  It uses a free iPhone app [ iTunes which can do a number of things link ] to give you that remote love, like when you are visiting friends for your wheels: overseas and want to scare people  by s tarting your c ar up whi le i t's • Start your car with virtually sitting by itself in the airport unlimited range  parking lot. The develope rs also • Warm your car in winter; cool note that in the near future, a new your car in summer  release of the app will give you • Unlock your your car or truck   push notification if your your car alarm • Arm the alarm to protect your  goes off. car  • Activate panic alarm to protect  There are two versions available: a module ( SmartStart VSM100 Module,, US$299.99) for cars that yourself  • Receive push-button status Module are already equipped with notifications

c o m p a t i band l e Vai pfully e r s tloaded  arting systems,  packa ge ( SmartStart VSM4000 System,, US$499.99) for the rest System of us.  Some of the app reviewers have noted that you're not only paying for the system and your iPhone  bil l, but the re 's al so a US$ 29 monthly annual GSM service bill that you'll have to pay (the first year of service is complimentary with your purchase). However, if  the money isn't an object and  you're already clueless about what to get a loved one for Christmas, this might be an idea to consider.   TUAW  TUAW  Vrooooom! Start your  car (and more) from your iPhone or iPod touch originally touch originally appeared  on The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)   on Sun, 25 Oct 2009 (TUAW) 21:30:00 EST. Please see our  terms for use of feeds feeds.. this||   Read | Permalink | Email this Comments

( C CNET NET   ) 

Submitted at 10/26/2009 9:06:00 AM

  With over 300 million active users   around the world, it's a users legitimate concern for social network Facebook to come up with a solution for what happens when members die. The company has now spelled out the process blog (in a post on its official blog(in that's a little bit awkwardly close to Halloween, considering the sensitivity of the subject matter).  Facebook's Max Kelly explains in the blog post: "Obviously, we wanted to be able to model  p e o p l e ' s r e l a t i o n s h i p s o n Facebook, but how do you deal with an interaction with someone who is no longer able to log on? When someone leaves us, they don't leave our memories or our  social network. To reflect that reality, we created the idea of  'memorialized' profiles as a place where people can save and share their memories of those who've  pass ed."   To "memorialize" a profile, members are encouraged to use a

feedback form that form that asks for some  pro of of a re la ti ons hip to the  person in question (knowledge of  an e-mail address and birthday, for example), as well as a link to  proof of death (like a news article or obituary). When a profile has  been mem oria liz ed, "se nsi tive " information, like phone numbers, are removed, and the profile is

locked to anyone who was not alreadyup a confirmed friend (nonfriends can't find the profile in search queries, either).   But for those who were confirmed friends of the deceased, they can continue to leave "wall"  posts in remembrance.  Memorialized profiles are also locked to future log-ins to prevent hacking--something that highlights how Facebook will have to be very vigilant about making sure that mean-spirited  members don't try to "memorialize" one another's  pr of il es as a ma ca br e pr an k.  This content has passed through

Backstage with Barry Manilow Live at the Hollywood Bowl ( ETonline ETonline - Breaking News   ) 

he performs at the Hollywood  Bowl in Los Angeles for the very first time!  ET is with backstage and behind  "I've been to the Hollywood  the scenes with Barry Manilow as Bowl, but I never played on the Submitted at 10/26/2009 6:30:00 AM

stage," Barry told ET before the  big event.  Before Barry stepped on stage to  be acc omp ani ed by a 60- pie ce orchestra, he donated $100,000

worth of instruments to the L.A. half-million dollars for the cause. Unified School District! Proceeds  benef it the Grammy Foundation and the Manilow Music Project –   –  and Barry has already raised a



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AOL names its post-Time Warner board ( CNET CNET   ) 

Submitted at 10/26/2009 8:39:00 AM

 In preparation for its upcoming spin-off from parent company Time Warner , AOL has named  nine members to its board of  directors--and from what it sounds like, more additions to the board  could be coming.   The current lineup includes former Amazon Chief  Information Officer Richard  Dalzell, Plainfield Asset Management partner Karen Dykstra, financial services exec William Hambrecht, Paley Center  for Media Director Patricia Mitchell, former FCC Chairman

Michael Powell,Officer former CBS Chief Financial Fredric Reynolds, former Procter & Gamble exec James Stengel, and  ex-William Morris Agency CEO James Wiatt. "AOL is very fortunate to have an exceptional group of proven leaders to serve on our board of  directors," CEO Tim Armstrong, who took over the reins of the company this spring, spring , said in a release. "AOL is on a mission to help create the future of media and content and the AOL board  will play a central part in helping us focus the strategy and also operate the company with the highest ethical standards."

 mThe e m b majority e r s d o n ' tof hthe a i l board  from Armstrong's own Silicon Valley turf: the CEO served as Google's director of sales up until his hire at AOL. But most of them are veterans of traditional media, which presumably will give the onetime dial-up king an advantage as it attempts to shape itself into a digital-content power player --at - -at least on the surface. (Disclosure: One of AOL's new  bo a r d me m be rs ha s a pa s t affiliation with CBS Corp., which  publishes CNET News.)  This content has passed through

Joanna Krupa Derek Hough Reveal Recipe for Success with their Waltz

( E ETonline Tonline - Breaking News   )  Submitted at 10/26/2009 12:10:00 AM

 Derek Hough has been working with Joanna Krupa on mastering the basic technique of the waltz in  prep ara tion for Monda y nigh t's "Dancing with the Stars."   The master chef of the dance floor told ET he is ready to "add 

BlackBerry Storm2 Arrives at Verizon on October 28th By Christin  )  a Warren  ( Mashable!  Mashable! 

with more device memory.  Other features include:  3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus   Are you excited about the  Built-in GPS upcoming BlackBerry Storm2 Storm2?? If   V Cast Music with Rhapsody y o u ’ r e a V e r i z o n W i r e l e s s  BlackBerry OS 5.0 customer, you won’t have to wait  Support for Verizon Wireless’ much longer, as Verizon and RIM Broadband Connect tethering have officially announced  that  that the service Original BlackBerry Storm2 will be released on Storm Owners October 28th.   Existing BlackBerry Storm   The newest iteration of the customers can upgrade their  touchscreen BlackBerry includes devices to OS 5.0 beginning today Wi-Fi, a software-based clickable v i a e i t h e r display (no more mechanical weirdness) and a faster processor  or Submitted at 10/26/2009 8:09:21 AM

for free. That will bring all the new OS-based enhancements to your existing phone. Pricing and  Availability  The Blackberry Storm2 will be  available online, in Verizon retail stores and through Verizon

 business channelsStorm2 on Wednesday. The Blackberry will be  pri ced at $179 .99 aft er a $100 mail-in-rebate with a new twoyear agreement (on a plan that either offers Email and Web or  Email and Web for BlackBerry).  What do you think about the new BlackBerry Storm? How do you think it measures up against the iPhone or the upcoming Motorola Droid ?   Tags:  bl ac kbe rr y ,  bla ckb er ry s t o r m, m ,  bl ac kb e rr y s to r m 2 ,  bl a ck be rr y s to rm 2 , verizon

the sizzle, the paprika, the flavor, the spices on top of it."  The intense practice schedule is tiring Joanna out, but she finds the energy to carry on once she reaches the dance studio. Derek  said, "It's like a marathon, except for you're not jogging. You're sprinting the entire way."

Now Playing: October 26 November 1, 2009

By Jam e es s Ransom-Wiley  ( J Joystiq  oystiq   ) 

Submitted at 10/26/2009 12:15:00 PM

  Wiki-wiki-wikee!  Choose your platform to jump to a specific release list:  Last updated: Monday, 12:15 PM Now Playing :   Continue reading  reading  Now October 26 - November 1, 2009   No w Pl ay in g: Oc to be r 26  No ve mb er 200 9 on   originally   on Mon, 26 appeared on 1,Joystiq  Oct 2009 12:15:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. feeds .  Permalink | Email this this|| Comments




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Apple Tablet “Impending” … And It Yahoo Mail outages Might Have Something to Do With plauge some users Newspapers By Tom Krazit (   )  Submitted at 10/26/2009 8:49:00 AM

By Stan Sc h hroeder  roeder  ( Mashable!  Mashable!   ) 

Submitted at 10/26/2009 7:44:06 AM

  Yes, it’s more Apple Tablet rumors,, but this time the rumor  rumors comes from an unlikely source:  Ne w Yo rk Ti me s’ ex ec ut iv e editor Bill Keller. Gawker found  latter; there may not be an official an interesting detail in a speech speech he  he release date yet, but the Tablet is held last is most probably real, and Apple is  below): at oweek ne poi(the nt he video says that already making hush-hush deals they’re planning to bring New with content creators such as the York Times on a multitude of  Times.  pla tfor ms, inc ludi ng the Appl e   Looking at what Apple (and  Tablet. Steve Jobs) likes to do, it makes a   Has Keller been reading too lot of sense. First, Apple has many Apple Tablet rumors, or  transformed the way we listen to does he know something that we (and purchase) music with the don’t? One can speculate either  iPod and iTunes; then, it changed  way, but I’m leaning towards the

the way we use our cellphones with the iPhone. Perhaps now Apple is interested in changing the way we consume news and  read magazines (among other  things)? We’ve already explored  that avenue; avenue; if Keller meant what he said, it seems even more likely.   The exact quote from Keller is “I’m hoping we can get the

newsroom more actively involved  in the challenge of delivering our   bes t jour nal ism in the for m of  Times Reader, iPhone apps, WAP, or the impending Apple slate…” It comes at about 8.30 in the video; you can see it below.   Tags: Apple Tablet, Tablet , new york  times

 Yahoo Mail users reported some  p r ob le m s w i t h th e s e r vi c e Monday morning, with the service unaccessable for some and spotty for others.   Techcrunch noticed a Twitter  spike in spike  in reports of problems with Yahoo Mail, and another  company called Downrightnow also reported problems accessing the service over the last several hours. Several CNET employees reported that they were able to access their inboxes, but mine is unavailable. Yahoo Messenger  and Yahoo's home page appeared  to be working fine.   Please let us know if you're having trouble in the comments  below, and we 'll update this pos t with more information as we go.

 used Yahoo Mail is theservice  most  widely Web e-mail service in the world by a wide margin, with over 100 million unique users in July 2009 according to Comscore. Gmail, Google's Web e-mail service, is growing fast as the third most-used e-mail service  behin d Micr osof t's Hotm ail but has suffered a few high-profile outages this year .  Updated 8:58 a.m. PDT: Yahoo released a statement confirming the problems, but downplayed the  brea dth of the iss ues. "A sma ll fraction of Yahoo! Mail users are experiencing intermittent email issues today, October 26. We are actively working to resolve the issue and apologize for any inconvenience this causes."   Originally posted at Relevant Results

Amazon Refuses To Give In; Appeals One-Click Patent Rejection In Canada By Mike Masnick ( Techdirt  Techdirt   )  Submitted at 10/26/2009 7:48:00 AM

 Amazon's infamous "one-click"  patent i s quite often roll ed out as an example of how ridiculous our   pat ent sys tem has bec ome. At times, even Jeff Bezos has indicated he realizes this... and  yet, the company still keeps on fighting for control over the "one click" concept. In the US, the

 pat ent is still  still   involved in a reexam, but up in Canada, the  patent was rejected  this   this summer, along with a rejection of pretty much all software/business model  paten ts in Canada -- saying that without specific new laws from the government, such things would be considered unpatentable in Canada. Michael Geist Geist points  points out that Amazon, rather than leaving well enough alone, is

Canada.. appealing the rejection in Canada   I have to admit that I don't understand why Amazon is fighting for this patent any more. The management there has to realize that this patent is case study #1 in the problems of the  patent system. And, w hile it did  try to enforce the patent against Barnes & Noble in the past, as far  as I'm aware, it hasn't bothered to enforce the patent against anyone

else in many years (anyone have any info to the contrary?). Continuing to fight for this patent in both the US and Canada doesn't seem to add any value whatsoever  Talkcast reminder: to Amazon, but just highlights Macs that go bump in how the company appears to be abusing the patent system with the night 10 pm ET ridiculous patents. By Michael Rose (The    Permalink | Comments Comments|| Email Unofficial Apple Weblog  This Story (TUAW)   )    FiledTALKCAST under: TUAW Business , pageBusiness, 32



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Yahoo Mail outages plague some users ( CNET CNET   ) 

Submitted at 10/26/2009 8:49:00 AM

 Yahoo Mail users reported some  problems Monday m orning, with the service inaccessible for some and spotty for others.   Techcrunch noticed a Twitter  spike in spike  in reports of problems with Yahoo Mail, and another  company called Downrightnow also reported problems accessing the service over the last several hours. Several CNET employees reported that they were able to access their in-boxes, but mine is unavailable. Yahoo Messenger  and Yahoo's home page appeared  to be working fine.   Please let us know if you're having trouble in the comments  below, and we 'll up date t his pos t with more information as we go.   Yahoo Mail is the most widely

used Web service the world by ae-mail wide service  margin,  inwith over 100 million unique users in July 2009, according to ComScore. Gmail, Google's Web e-mail service, is growing fast as the third most-popular e-mail service behind Microsoft's Hotmail but has suffered a few high-profile outages this year .  Update at 8:58 a.m. PDT: Yahoo released a statement confirming the problems, but downplayed the  brea dth of the iss ues. "A sma ll fraction of Yahoo Mail users are experiencing intermittent email issues today, October 26. We are actively working to resolve the issue and apologize for any inconvenience this causes."  This content has passed through

TALKCAST continued from page 31

Podcasts  It's the Sunday before Halloween, and that can mean only one thing!  No, not t hat you sh ould ha ve set your clocks back an hour -- that's next weekend . Tonight is about scary tech and the users that love it: Apple's most frightening  products of all time . Whether the fuzzy-scary iPod Socks or the just -plain-scary Performa series, there are plenty of bonechillers out there... pick your favorites over at Apple History, the Apple Museum or Museum  or Wikipedia Wikipedia and  and bring your nominations nominations to  to our chamber 

 button on our profile page page at  at 10  pm Sunday. To call in on regular   ph on e or VO IP l in e s ( ta ke advantange of your free cellphone weekend minutes if you like): dial (724) 444-7444 and enter our  talkcast ID, 45077 -- during the call, you can request to talk by keying in *-8. Talk with you then!   TUAW  TUAW  Talkcast reminder: Macs that go bump in the night! 10 pm ET   originally appeared on The ET Unofficial Apple Weblog TV Squad   )  (TUAW)   on Sun, 25 Oct 2009 By Bob Sassone ( TV (TUAW) 20:45:00 EST. Please see our  Submitted at 10/26/2009 11:40:00 AM terms for use of feeds .

this|| of tonight!   Read | Permalink | Email this  Toterrors participate on TalkShoe, you Comments client, or  can use the browser-onl the browser-onlyy client, you can try out the classic TalkShoe Pro Java client; however, for maximum fun, you should call in. For the web UI,  jus t cl ick the "TalkShoe Web"

Did an NYT editor let the Slate slip? By Michael Rose (The  Unofficial Apple Weblog  (TUAW)   ) 

Submitted at 10/26/2009 10:15:00 AM

  Filed under: Rumors  Rumors   There's a loud buzzing this morning, and  it's not just the hangover from late -night celebrations of the win; quite a few Yankees' pennant win;

from the New York Times executive editor, Bill Keller, that were supposed to remain off-the record -- and of course are now

out.  Read on to see the video.   Continue reading reading   Did an NYT editor let the 'Slate' slip?  TUAW TUAW  Did an NYT editor let the 'Slate' slip? originally slip? originally appeared on delivery of journalism to mobile The Unofficial Apple Weblog  platfor ms, and then he mentions (TUAW) (TUAW)   on Mon, 26 Oct 2009 the "impending Apple slate." 10:15:00 EST. Please see our    Is this a simple moment of  terms for use of feeds .

tech from and Mac sites (we, although heard it  play wishfultothinking thinkin g for Keller,starring or is it Comments   Read | Permalink | Email this this|| on vide o  all across the linked the presumptive first Edible Apple Apple, it's really really   everywhere  everywhere  now) now ) are  If you look at the transcript of his role that daily newspapers would  chat,   or the 8:20 mark in the  play  on the hypothetical Apple reporting on week-old remarks chat, video, you'll see him refer to wundergadget? I can't wait to find 

Last night s Mad Men twist: brilliant or risky (or both)?

Mad   I continue to be amazed Men . I don't mean the by overall quality of the writing, the acting, the direction, the production. It's easy to be amazed by all that. I'm talking about where Matthew Weiner and his writing staff are taking us.   I think we can all agree that,  beyond the bigger picture of how the 1960s changed America, the  big stor y on the show has been "Who is Don Draper?" It's the big secret that he's been keeping since episode one and it has really been the driving force of the show. But night Weiner  Weiner and Co. blew last night the show wide open by having Betty confront Don about the box in the drawer. And when she did, Don actually told the truth! And  this wasn't even the season finale!   Continue reading reading   Last night's Mad Men twist: brilliant or risky (or both)?  Reality-Free Filed under:, Mad Watercooler Watercoole Men r Talk ,   P e r m a l i n k |  E m a i l t h i s | | Comments



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Is the MacBook Pro about to receive a quadcore speed bump?

By John Burke (The Unofficial   Apple Weblog (TUAW)   )  Submitted at 10/26/2009 11:30:00 AM

Hardware,, Rumors Rumors,,   Filed under: Hardware Macbook Pro   With all the news circulating around about updated Apple hardware, you might be asking yourself "What about the MacBook Pro?" Apple certaintly hasn't forgotten about its high-end  notebook computer, and details are starting to slip out that the MacBook Pro might be receiving a speed boost sooner than anyone might have predicted.  Applesfera is reporting that reporting that some information about unreleased  MacBook Pro models has been found in support files of the latest developer build of Mac OS X 10.6.2. In addition, there's been

some talk on 9to5Mac 9to5Mac that  that Apple Store geniuses are starting to

Guy Who Signed XYZ Corp. Corp. Astroturf Letter... Worked As Telco Review: The PR Person For Nearly 3 Decades? By Mike Masnick ( Techdirt  Techdirt   )  Submitted at 10/26/2009 2:18:31 AM

 So, remember last week when we wrote about how anti-net neutrality lobbyists from AT&T had crafted astroturf letters for  various "special interest groups"

S e l l s i n L i t t l e R o c k ) . Venture Bros. Southwestern Bell, of course, Handsome Ransom  bec am e bet ter kno wn as SBC . TV Squad   )  SBC, of course,  beca me AT&T By Annie Wu ( TV after it bought the old AT&T and  Submitted at 10/26/2009 12:08:00 PM took on its name. So, if you're an AT&T lobbyist and you want to (S04E02) First things first. If you convince the FCC that "seniors" are not a connoisseur of '90s

to sign -- the but boilerplate someone forgot to "XYZ remove Organization" in the first  para grap h? We also noted that there was little evidence that the group -- the Arkansas Retired  Seniors -- actually existed. However, Matt Cutts did a bit of  digging and  and found that the name digging of the guy who signed the letter -Bob Sells -- appears to have worked in PR for Southwestern Bell for 28 years(there years (there appears to  be only one Bob S ells or Robert

are against net neutrality -- and  you don't want it to appear to come from AT&T employees employees--who better to go to than an exemployee? Still, next time you get a former employee to shill for  you, remember to replace the  bogus XYZ Organization you left for him in the text of the letter you sent him. Comments|| Email   Permalink | Comments This Story

  A leather jacket, leggings, and   plat form s give a swee t print an edgy makeover.  Think you are Street Chic? E Photo: Jonathan Alpeyrie

mail us your photo and photo and you could  appear in's Street Chic Daily.  Follow ELLE on Twitter.

work with the new Core that i5 and i7 Quad-Core processors may make their way into the notebooks.   While nothing is definite, it's looking like the release of OS X 10.6.2 and the refresh of the MacBook Pro might come in tandem, and sooner than we think.  Thanks to everyone who sent this in.   TUAW  TUAW   Is the MacBook Pro about to receive a quad-core speed bump?  bump?  originally appeared  on The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)   on Mon, 26 Oct 2009 (TUAW) 11:30:00 EST. Please see our  feeds . terms for use of feeds. this||   Read | Permalink | Email this Comments

Street Chic: New York By E L ( E ELLE LLE News  Blog   )  Submitted at 10/26/2009 4:00:00 AM


superhero cartoons or a following huge nerd  that has been closely Venture Bros. news all the way through production, you may have missed out on the full "Handsome Ransom" experience. That is not to say the unaware couldn't have a good time, but things were made ten times funnier if a viewer knew that the not-so-pure Captain Sunshine was voiced by Kevin Conroy, aka Batman.   Continue reading  reading  Review: The Venture Bros. - Handsome Ransom   Filed under: Other Comedy Shows,, OpEd , Animation, Shows Animation, Adult Swim,, Episode Reviews, Swim Reviews, RealityFree   P e r m a l i n k |  E m a i l t h i s | | Comments



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Found Footage: iPhone Facebook Settlement Gets Judge s costumes are either genius OK or deeply misguided By Michael Rose (The  Unofficial Apple Weblog  (TUAW)   ) 

Submitted at 10/25/2009 12:30:00 PM

Mac,  Filed under: Humor , Cult of Mac, iPhone , Holidays iPhone,  You have to hand it to Reko and  Bobby John for their stick-to-itiveness; they were behind a similar set of iPhone costumes in 2007,, but those didn't have the 2007 fully-functional power of these new outfits. outfits. Yes, those are LCD TVs on the front (not touchable, sadly) showing content from the (almost certainly) jailbroken iPhones mounted on top; yes, each getup weighs 85 pounds  because it includes a car battery battery to  power t he displ ay. I can s ee how the illusion would be broken by a 500-foot charging cable trailing

 behind them as they trick-or-treat their way around the subdivision.  There's a part of me that wants to tell these guys to apply their wild, inventive energy to more  pro duc tiv e pur sui ts. And yet .. . there's another bit of reptile brain that simply sits and watches, in awe.  Thanks to John for the tip! [via MacRumors Forums] Forums]   TUAW  TUAW  Found Footage: iPhone costumes are either genius or  deeply misguided   originally appeared on The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) on (TUAW) on Sun, 25 Oct 2009 12:30:00 12:30:00 EST. Please see feeds.. our terms for use of feeds   Read | Permalink | Email this this|| Comments

Verizon profits slip on restructuring costs (Financial Times - US  homepage   ) 

$3.57bn, or 60 cents a share, compared with $3.4bn, or 66 cents in the same quarter a year  Submitted at 10/26/2009 6:41:08 AM ago. This beat analysts’  Verizon said on Monday that its e x p e c t a t i o n s , a l t h o u g h t h e third quarter profits fell by 9 per  company produced profits of 41 cent but sales rose as the company cents when including charges lured more wireless subscribers r e l a t e d t o l a y o f f s a n d i t s  but a bsorbed the cost of j ob cut s acquisition of Alltel in January. and restructuring.  This content has passed through   Excluding one-time charges, V e r i z o nn’’ s n e t i n c o m e w a s

By Sarah Perez  )  (  ReadWriteWeb  ReadWriteWeb  Submitted at 10/26/2009 7:10:12 AM

Damages, Non-Profit Foundatio Foundationn   The case has been in litigation since last year, but now looks like it's drawing to a close. U.S. District Court judge, Richard  Seeborg in San Jose, has approved  the proposed Facebook settlement that would have the company  pay ing out $9. 5 mi lli on, tw o-

  Proposal Would Kill Beacon, Have Facebook Paying $9.5 Million  Late last week, a federal judge in California gave preliminary approval to a settlement of the class action lawsuit regarding Facebook's Beacon program. The controversial program, launched   ba ck in No ve mb er of 20 07 , allowed Facebook users to share online purchases made on third party aff iliate websites with thei r  social networking friends. The  prob lem wit h the prog ram was that it was opt-out instead of optin, angering many Facebook users who unknowingly shared  information they wished they wouldn't have.  Sponsor 

thirds of which would go to setting up a non-profit foundation to fund "projects and initiatives that promote the cause of online  privacy, safety a nd security." The remaining money would then be split among the lawyers and the  plai ntiff s, eac h of whom would  receive damages of $1000-15,000, according to MediaPost. MediaPost.   The other major part to the Facebook settlement is the

 One victimplaintiff was SeaninLane, now such the lead the lawsuit. He was especially angry after the news of an purchase was  post ed to his Face book prof ile . The purchase, a diamond ring he  bought for his wife, was meant to  be a surprise. After that i ncident, Lane, along with eighteen other   pla int iff s, fil ed a cl as s ac ti on lawsuit against Facebook, claiming that Beacon's opt-out option was "inadequate, misleading and deceptive." Details of the Agreement: Shutting Down Beacon, Paying

r e q u i r e d Beacon t e r m iprogram n a t i o nin oitsf   Facebook's entirety. Although Facebook had  quickly reacted to the Beacon outcry after its launch, changing the system over to opt-in and opt-in and even issuing a formal apology, apology , the  progra m still exist s today. (You can check your settings by going to Settings -> Privacy Settings -> Applications -> Settings tab. Then scroll down to the bottom to see if  "Beacon websites" is checked or  unchecked. Checked will ensure no Beacon stories get posted to your profile).  If the proposed settlement goes

through, Facebook would thenany be relieved from liability from future lawsuits regarding the same complaint and even those still  p e n d i n g like the Facebook/Blockbuster class action suit brought suit brought in April 2008. Settlement Sounds Great...Especially for Facebook    On the surface, the proposed  settlement sounds fair enough to all parties involved. Damages are  paid and Facebook Facebook has to promote online privacy. However, as David Johnson points out on the Blog,, Digital Media Lawyer Blog Facebook is already required by law to promote online privacy and  the safety and security of its users' information per FTC mandates. In addition, Facebook would get to nominate one and have say over  the other two board members on the proposed Privacy Foundation's  board of directors. directors.  effectively S a y s J o gets h n s omost n : "ofF its a c emoney book   bac k to fun d pro jec ts tha t it is already has an obligation to  pe rf or m. "  Sounds like the real winner here may be Facebook.   You can read the Settlement Agreement here, here , courtesy of  CircleID. CircleID . The settlement was  pro pos ed la st mon th, but onl y received preliminary approval on Friday. The affected parties have until February 1st to object to the  proposed settlement. Discuss



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What are Hulu s Mysterious Plans? By Sarah Perez  ( ReadWriteWeb  ReadWriteWeb   ) 

subscription model would be there to provide users with value-added  services that you couldn't get from

makes you pay - except in their  case, you're paying with your  eyeballs, not your credit card.

simply haven't decided what they're going to do about adding new premium services to Hulu

 Everyone is looking to Hulu a Hulu a s the future of Internet TV. The  joi nt ve ntu re bet we en se ve ra l major networks, Hulu delivers free, ad-supported programming via online streams - an untested  model for long-term profitability, at least when it comes to television.   While consumers have been enjoying the service since its launch in 2007, happily watching free TV shows and movies over  their PCs and even their TV sets thanks to Media Center plugins and other unofficial hacks, hacks , the company itself is still trying to navigate this new online landscape and effectively monetize their content. Now recent statements by a News Corp exec have people wondering: can Hulu make the ad-supported  model work? Or does the

Using video ads, Hulu has been attempting to monetize its service,  bu t th os e ef fo rt s ha ve be en difficult at times. This spring, for  instance, Screen Digest analyst Arash Amel claimed that Hulu had only sold about 60% of its ad  inventory. "What we've seen is rapid growth in consumption, but the advertising isn't keeping up," he said .  While these figures, if accurate, could be reason for concern, many feel that the profitability of an online video venture of this nature takes time to develop. Eventually, the ad-supported model would  work for Hulu as it has worked  for numerous other websites and  services, supporters claim.  Besides, more recent deals seem to bode well for the site. Case in  poi nt, thi s mon th the Pub li cis Gro u p e an n o u n ced a mu litmillio n d o llar ad d eal   th at

and therefore don't want to the free model alone. Perhaps  beh ind the sc ene s int er vie ws? d iscu ss it at all.   Yet the quote they provided to Sneak peeks? Actor interviews? AdWeek seems innocuous enough Who knows...but the possibilities - so why not just stick with it? are endless. Why now choose to say nothing at  As to why we think that, it comes all? Maybe they're hoping that down to simple math. We've now with no quote, there is no story, seen three different statements and that will allow them to quell about these premium services: the impending panic among some C a r e y ' s r e c e n t r e m a r k s , users who are worried about Murdoch's quote from earlier this Hulu's plans to make customers year, and anonymous sources Rayburn   wh o  pay. Be cause some pe ople ar e so quoted by Dan Rayburn  opposed to paying for online hinted that Hulu's iPhone app content, just hearing reports that won't launch until "Hulu rolls out Hulu might change to a pay-to- a s u b s c r i p t i o n b a s e d   stream model could dissuade them service."...And They'll be Tied to fro m co n tin u in g to u se th e the iPhone  The iPhone app, in fact, may be serv ice.  Then again, it could be that the the real secret the company is opposite is true. Hulu wants to trying to hide. Imagine if the keep everyone wondering about m u c h - r u m o r e d a n d h i g h l y what's coming next, generating anticipated application was application was linked  excitement without providing any to a subscription-based model. details. This means people can T h a t c o u l d d o w n r i g h t

co mp an y h av e o th er p lan s?  Sponsor   Is Hulu Working?   One of the primary objectives  be hi nd Hu lu wa s to pu t fr ee  progr ammi ng on the Inte rnet to combat the rampant pirating of  TV content that took place on sites like the popular file-sharing destination, The Pirate Bay. As iTunes did with music, the idea is to make using Hulu's service

involved targeted advertising to changed?  par tic ula r Hul u dem ogr aph ic s.  According to AdWeek , it has not. The deal is said to represent a In the article, the company claims "significant increase" in spending their ad-supported free service is still the one that "resonates with on Hulu. Hulu to Charge?   Despite the promises ad deals the largest group of users" and  like this hold, there is still debate that any additional models would  as to whether or not Hulu is going  just serve to complement that. to stick to the ad-supported model  However, when we reached out or try something new. At a to Hulu to ask about their plans conference last week, News Corp. regarding charging for content, deputy chairman Chase Carey the company wouldn't go on

easier than having to go out and  seek the illegal downloads.   Although iTunes charges for  music on a per-file basis, Hulu, too has a business model that

made a pronouncement regarding this point that raised more than a few eyebrows: "I think a free model is a very

Submitted at 10/26/2009 9:03:39 AM

of our content. I think what we need to do is deliver that content to consumers in a way where they will appreciate the value," Carey was quoted as saying by Broadcasting & Cable. "Hulu...needs to evolve to have a meaningful subscription model as  part of its business. "   This seems to jive with earlier  reports   where News Corp. CEO reports Rupert Murdoch had also hinted  at the site's plans to add premium services. "Are we looking at it with a v iew to ward ad d in g subscription services and pay per  view? Yes we are," Murdoch had  said.  But "looking at" and "doing" are two very different things - where does Hulu stand now? Has their  core philosophy - that is, their   belief in the ad-supported model -

speculate wildly and give their  opinions, allowing Hulu to tap into that online conversation about what people want before making any official decisions or  announcements. What We Think: Hulu Will Launch Value-Added  Services   Despite any official confirmations from the company, we think it's pretty clear that Hulu has intentions to launch value-

revolutionize the way people watch TV. Providing streaming content over the popular Apple smartphone would easily bring in additional revenue and that new source could quickly outperform the profits made by the adsupported model.  Yet launching a Hulu iPhone app would be a challenge, as the company is undoubtedly aware. And, of course, Hulu wouldn't

services on top of its free, want to say co anything about record any such statement. added Why Sowith Cagey? ad-supported model in the coming esp ecially n sid erin g h oit, w  Hulu's current decision to clam months. These may include pay- difficult Apple is when it comes up could be taken in a few  per-view options and some sort of  WHAT page 36 different ways. Perhaps they

too has a business model that

difficult way to capture the value

subscription model. However, that



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How Moms Use Their iPhones By Frederic Lard inois  inois  ( ReadWriteWeb  ReadWriteWeb   ) 

Submitted at 10/26/2009 7:00:00 AM

 ph on e in st or es , 42 % of th e mothers who responded to the the sole decision makers. Eighty Greystripe survey said that they

 According to a new survey by mo b ile ad v ertisin g n etwo rk   Greystripe,, mothers with iPhones Greystripe regularly let their children use their phones, download games specifically for their children and  often use their phones at grocery stores to compare prices and  check their grocery lists.  Not too long ago, mothers were still considered to be a hard group to reach through mobile applications because they tend to  be lat e ado pte rs. The iPh one 's mainstream success has changed  this, however, and iPhone moms have now become a desirable target demographic for marketers.  Sponsor    Greystripe is a brand-focused  advertising network and  obviously has an interest in making this group attractive for  advertisers, but the statistics in

 per ce nt hav e att end ed at le ast some college and are slightly more likely to have received a Graduate degree than the rest of  the iPhone user base. The age of  the children in these families skews slightly older, with 29% of  the moms having children  between 0 and 4, while 43% have children between 15 and 17.   How iPhone Moms Use Their  Phones: Shopping and Keeping the Kids Entertained   What is more interesting, though, is how these moms use their  iPhones. Fifty-nine percent of all iPhone moms let their children use their phones and 41% download games specifically for  their children. Twenty percent also download educational content for their kids.  With regards to shopping, 79% of  all iPhone moms use their phones for 'shopping related activities.'

this report seem pretty solid. Grey strip e fo u n d th e 1 ,2 9 4 respondents who filled out this survey through house ads on its own network. The iPhone Mom  According to Greystripe, 96% of  mothers with iPhones are involved in their family's  purchasing decisions and 40% are

The majority of these activities consist of locating stores (60%). Thirty-nine percent also use the  p h o n e t o c o m p a r e p r i c e s .  Nineteen percent of iPhone moms download coupons, 23% look for  items on sale and 37% use their   phones to learn about product s.   When it comes to using the

regularly use their phones at the g ro cery sto re. Gro cery list applications - or just the Notes app on the iPhone and iPod touch - are the most popular uses for the iPhone and 19% of all moms use these. Thirteen percent of moms also use the phone to look up  prices in the store itsel f - which explains the popularity of apps like Red Laser .  As Greystripe's founder and CEO Michael lastiPhone week, this dataChang showstold howusthe has become a tool for everyday life for this demographic. This group tends to have a large influence over everyday purchase decisions in their families and  these iPhone moms often use their   phones to make a good number of  these decisions, which make them an attractive target for marketers.  This study also shows that there is a large market for apps that are specifically geared towards this demographic, including mobile  pri ce com par iso n apps or app s that can deliver mobile coupons and a lot of iPhone dads will  prob ably be int ere ste d in thes e apps as well. Discuss

WHAT continued from page 35

to applications that compete with their core services. Apple may not even approve such an application, claiming (rightly so) that it competes with iTunes.   However, Apple may be loosening up on that front, with no small thanks going to the FCC who recently questioned the company's rejection of the Google Voice applicationapplication- a VoIP dialer  that Apple rejected because it competed with what the iPhone does natively. (Apple claims they're "still reviewing" it, but no one really buys that.) Since the

 bec aus e it, eve n mor e so tha n Google Voice, competed with iTunes. That leaves us hopeful that a similar application launched   by Hu lu co ul d al so ma ke it through the approval process.  Still, we wouldn't blame Hulu if  they wanted to keep that extremely quiet. And that would  certainly explain why Hulu won't comment on their plans.   Of co u rse, th is is all ju st speculation at this point, but we hope it turns out to be true. Discuss

FCC's involvement, however, Apple has gone on to approve a streamin g mu sic ap p called   Spotify,, an application that many Spotify had feared would be rejected 

Steelers defense punishes Vikings with two TDs

By Associat ed ed Press  ( E   ) 

mo st in a g ame with o u t a touchdown pass. It was also Favre's most passing yards in a Submitted at 10/25/2009 5:24:20 PM loss since 2006.  Fast Facts • Sidney Rice had 11 catches for  • A p a i r o f f o u r t h q u a r t e r   136 yards and has 312 receiving defensive touchdowns led the yards in his last two games. Steelers over the Vikings, who • The Vikings lost for the first lost for the first time this season. time this season and were unable • Lamarr Woodley returned a to eclipse their 6-0 start from Brett Favre fumble 77 yards and  2003. The loss also ended the K e y a r o n F o x r a n b a c k a n Vikings' six-game road win interception 82 yards, both for  streak . scores. • Rapid Reaction • The Steelers havelast won 10 straight at home since season, including the playoffs. • Favre threw for 334 yards, his

-- ESPN Stats & Information  This content has passed through



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Salesforce com and Adobe: Applications Enriching The Platfom By Alex William  )  s  s  (  ReadWriteWeb  ReadWriteWeb  Submitted at 10/26/2009 2:15:08 AM and Adobe have Adobe have entered a partnership that allows developers to create rich Internet and desktop applications in the cloud. The partnership is just one more example of how an ecosystem is developing between Software-as-a-Service Software-as-a -Service (SaaS) vendors and application developers.  In recent weeks has partnered with a host of  companies, including last last week and an integration with Cisco   earlier this month. Cisco  Sponsor    The partnership with Adobe means that users may create enterprise applications on the   platform.   Developers may create applications that are launched  through a browser using Adobe F lash tech n o lo g y o r o n th e d esk to p u sin g Ad o b e Air .  This is intriguing. We've seen a number of consumer application developed using Adobe Air,

including Tweetdeck,  Tweetdeck,  the rich Twitter application that has grown immensely in popularity. The  partne with Salesmay forcecreate .com means rship that developers similar applications through the integration of third-party API's that may provide another means for enterprise customers to create their own social applications.  We know there are any variety of  ways to create applications for the enterprise but the relationship  b e t w e e n Adobe a n d demonstrates how easy it is becoming to create rich applications for specific, business  purposes.  The simplicity is evident in the way developers create applications using Adobe Flash Builder. It's a as simple as drag

and drop togrids, add such features as calendars, charts, buttons and all the other elements to make the user interface compelling for  the user.   On the desktop, the data is synced to the environment via an API, creating an integrated platform for users.   Remember how third-party applications accelerated  Facebook's growth? A similar  model is emerging in the SasS world. Applications are making SaaS platfoms rich integrated  environments, tailored to the  business user. Development is far  easier than ever before, making it  possi ble to crea te tools that can enrich the experience for the user   by viewing data in ways that h helps elps them take faster action without the need for an IT administrator or  analyst to present it in a way that makes sense.


Anonymous Mobile Browsing: Tor for Android

By Jolie O'Dell  ( R ReadWriteWeb  eadWriteWeb   ) 

Submitted at 10/25/2009 3:51:24 PM

  Thanks to mobile developer   Na th an Fre it as an d th e te am s  be hi nd To r an d th e Gua rd ia n P ro ject, secu re, an o n y mo u s mobile browsing is on its way.  On his blog his  blog,, Freitas writes, "We

have successfully ported the native C Tor app to Android and   bu il t an An dr oi d ap pl ic at io n  bun dle tha t in st al ls , ru ns an d   provides the glue needed to make it useful to end users.... secure, anonymous access to the web via Tor on Android is now a reality."  Sponsor   The most recent Tor release uses toolchain wrapper scripts to run Tor without requiring root access. Orbot manages the installation,   The release preview for Adobe  bu nd le s th e To r bi na ry , an d  Flash Builder is available at The product will be furnishes the UI. The app is falls fully available in the first half of  2010.  Discuss

under the Tor license and contains a built-in HTTP proxy.  However, the developers who are currently preparing a nonymous mobile browsing for its premiere are seeking volunteers for the app and for preparing the privacyfocused Android browser, Shadow.. Interested parties should  Shadow contact Freitas Freitas.. Discuss

Good API design at Twitter ( Scripting Scripting News   ) 

usual, with the API.  The project -- convert the page of 

retrieves the timeline for an account. So much so that I didn't

  I am happy to criticize Twitter  when I think they made a mistake,

tweets to  to run   I ' v e b e e n p u t t i n g o f f   Berkeley off a list people's instead tweets of a special  progra mming with Twitt er lists , Twitter account. It turns out  but I should n't have. there's an API call that retrieves

even ,have the URL glue script script, I passtoinchange a different and it just worked.  It Just Worked™.

and I'm even happier applaud  when something workstoincredibly simply, and well.  Thanks!!

Submitted at 10/25/2009 10:49:58 AM

exactly like the API call that

  They did a really good job, as

the timeline for a list, and it works

 That s the Holy Grail of APIs.



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IBM Debuts Food Traceability iPhone pp By Richard Mac  Manus  Manus  ( ReadWriteWeb  ReadWriteWeb   )  Submitted at 10/26/2009 4:19:26 AM

 Today at the IBM Information on Demand  event,   event, IBM will demo a new app that will bring the Internet of Things to the iPhone. The as yet unreleased iPhone app is called Breadcrumbs and it will give consumers access to information about grocery food  items. The app will be able to scan barcodes and deliver a summary of the ingredients in a food item, along with when it was manufactured. That data is usually on the food label, but Breadcrumbs goes a step further it can provide extra information such as product recall data. If a  product has been reca lled in the  pa st , th is ap p wi ll te ll th e consumer all of the relevant details.  Sponsor    Breadcrumbs is able to scan  ba rc od es us in g th e iP ho ne 's

camera. The consumer simply  points their i Phone at a food item and gets back relevant data. Other  than product recall details, the information returned to the user is mostly the same as what's on food  labels - only it is pulled from the Web.   IBM told ReadWriteWeb that when 4G becomes common in mobile phones, then apps place such as Breadcrumbs will become more powerful and be readily used on-the-fly by consumers when grocery shopping.   The larger trend here is the convergence of smart phones with Things(i.e. (i.e. Internet the Internet of Things -connected real world objects). Devices such as the iPhone essentially become sensor and  RF ID read ers, wh ich allo w consumers to interact with real world objects in a much more

detailed manner. is a glimpse of    Breadcrumbs what we'll see in the near future, when information will literally finally- be at the consumer's fingertips when they're shopping for groceries or any other goods where data is plentiful. Up till now, data such as product recall information has largely been inaccessible to consumers - at least when at the grocery store.   In the long term expect to see apps like Breadcrumb provide data on where and when food  items get consumed, together with how long they were on the shelf   before being consumed. Apps like like Breadcrumbs may even be able to tell who consumed the items (privacy advocates, start your  By Kevin Purdy ( Lifehacker  Lifehacker   )  engines!). These apps will also be useful in determining counterfeit Submitted at 10/26/2009 7:00:00 AM items, for example when buying   Windows (Portable): You've an expensive luxury good. always been able to grab  The date that Breadcrumbs will uTorrent's program folder and   be launched on iPhone has not yet drop it onto a thumb drive for   been announced by IBM. Discuss  po rt ab le Bi tT or re nt ha nd li ng.  Now the PortableApps. com s uite has packaged our favorite torrent client and integrated it with their  level. But Monday’s application menu. announcement  goes substantially announcement goes  If you wanted to try out uTorrent further than expected and also with no commitment, this portable includes a requirement that ING download would be a handy sell ING Direct USA, its US download for any Windows direct bank. system. More likely, however, is  This content has passed through that you'll grab uTorrent Portable

ING to split as part of deal with Brussels (Financial Times - US  homepage   )  Submitted at 10/26/2009 4:37:50 AM

 ING, ING, the Dutch financial services group, announced on Monday that it would sell its insurance and  investment management  bus in es se s to fo cus sol el y on

 banking in a move prompt ed by intense pressure from the European Commission over state aid.  The group had already signalled  th at it was abandoning a  bancassurance model by model  by saying it  planned to s plit the managem ent of banking and insurance at board 

uTorrent Portable Puts BitTorrent on a USB Drive [Downloads] for stand-alone installation on your USB drive, or integrate it into your existing P o r t a b l e A p ps . c o m U S B installation. All the same features that you've come to love about uTorrent, like remote web control and organized downloads, downloads , are  present in the portable version. In short, you'll never be stuck at mom's house without a means to access crucial content again.   uTorrent portable is a free download, runs from anywhere on Windows systems. µ To rren t Portable[ Portable [ via Download Squad ]



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The Master List of New Windows By The Ho w w-To -To Geek  ( Lifehacker  Lifehacker   ) 


Shortcuts [Windows ] for the program (like XP does). • Shift+Right-click on a grouped  taskbar button: Show the window

Submitted at 10/26/2009 9:05:00 AM

menu for the group. • Ctrl+Click on a grouped taskbar  taskbar   bu t t on : C yc l e t h r o ug h t he windows of the group.

 Windows 7 adds loads of great shortcuts for switching between apps, moving windows around  your screen, moving them to another monitor altogether, and  much more. Here's a quickreference master list of the best new Windows 7 shortcuts.  We're nuts for keyboard shortcuts here at Lifehacker, and Windows 7 brings a handful of great new

  Mo re Usefu l Ho tk ey s Yo u Should Know  The new hotkey goodness didn't stop with the taskbar and moving windows around—one of the best new hotkeys in Windows 7 is the fact that you can create a new

ones to It's addalso togot your muscle memory. a few handy mouse-based shortcuts you'd do well to add to your repertoire. So let's get shortcuttin'. Window Management Shortcuts   One of the best changes in Windows 7 is the ability to "snap" windows to the side of the screen, maximize them by dragging to the top of the screen, or even move them to another monitor with a shortcut key. Check out the video

• Win+Left/Right arrows: Dock  the window to each side of the monitor. • Shift+Win+Left/Right arrows: Move the window to the monitor  on the left or right.

for a demonstration of how some of the keys work.  The full list of keyboard shortcuts includes: • Win+Home: Clear all but the active window. • Win+Space: All windows  bec ome tra nspa rent so you can see through to the desktop. • Win+Up arrow: Maxim Maximize ize the active window. • Shift+Win+Up arrow:

  You can also interact with windows by dragging them with the mouse: • Drag window to the top: Maximize • Drag window window left/right: Dock  the window to fill half of the screen. • Shake window back/forth: Minimize everything but the current window.

  In Win d o ws 7 , u sin g th e Windows key along with the numbers 1-9 will let you interact with the applications pinned to the taskbar in those positions – for  example, the Windows key + 4 combination would launch Outlook in this example, or  Win+Alt+4 can be used to get quick access to the Outlook Jump List from the keyboard .  You can use any of these shortcut co mb in atio n s to lau n ch th e applications in their respective  position on th e t askbar, or more: • Win+number (1-9): Starts the application pinned to the taskbar  in that position, or switches to that

• Ctrl+Win+number Ctrl+Win+number (1-9): Cycles Cycles through open windows for the application pinned to the taskbar  is that position. • Alt+Win+number (1-9): Opens the Jump List for the application  pinned to the taskbar. • Win+T: Focus and scroll through items on the taskbar. • Win+B: Focuses Focuses the System Tray icons

folder with a hotkey. hotkey . Justwindow, open up any Windows Explorer hit the Ctrl+Shift+N shortcut key sequence, and you'll be rewarded  with a shiny "New Folder" ready for you to rename.   Here's a few more interesting hotkeys for you: • Ctrl+Shift+N: Creates a new folder in Windows Explorer. • Alt+Up: Goes up a folder level in Windows Explorer. • Alt+P: Toggles the preview  pan e in Wind ows Expl ore r. • Shift+Right-Click on a file: Adds Copy as Path, which copies the path of a file to the clipboard. • Win+P: Adjust presentation settings for your display. • Win+(+/-): Zoom in/out. • Win+G: Cycle between the Windows Gadgets on your screen.

 In addition, you can interact with the taskbar using your mouse and  a modifier key: • Shift+Click on a taskbar taskbar button: Open a program or quickly open  Windows 7 definitely makes it a lot easier to interact with your PC another instance of a program.

Double-Click Top Window  program. Maximize • Ctrl+Shift+Click on a taskbar  from your keyboard—so what are vertically. the active window •Border (edge): Maximize window • Shift+Win+nu Shift+Win+number mber (1-9): Start Startss  but ton : Ope n a pro gra m as an your favorite shortcuts, and how • Win+Down arrow: Minimize vertically do they save you time? Share your  vertically.. a new instance of the application administrator. the window/Restore the window if   pi nn ed to th e ta sk ba r in th at • Shift+Right-click on a taskbar  taskbar  MASTER page 40

it s maximized.

 Taskbar Shortcuts

 pos it io n.

 button: Show the window menu



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Use Petroleum Jelly To Keep Your Pumpkins Fresher Longer [Halloween] By Sarah R  ae Trover  (  Lifehacker  Lifehacker   ) ae Submitted at 10/26/2009 8:30:00 AM

 So you found the perfect design to adorn your soon to be jack-olantern, but as soon as you take the first plunge with your knife, your pumpkin starts to loose  preci ous moist ure. Keep it from rotting before this weekend with  petroleum jelly.  Photo by Mr. Herb "MF" Real  Pumpkin carving is a Halloween tradition in many households, and  naturally, you want them to look  their best at least until the trick-or  -treaters arrive. If you want your 

R2D2 cut out to stay fresh until immediately after they have been All Hallo w's ev e, web site carved. This includes a light Pumpkin Carving 101 suggests coating of the entire inside of the  pum pki n. If you ca n' t do th e that petroleum jelly can help.   Coat all cut surfaces of the whole inside, at least try to coat  pum pki n wi th pet rol eu m jel ly the design that you've cut into the

 pumpkin. The petroleum petro as a b arrier to leum seal jelly in acts th e  pum pki ns int ern al moi st ure to help slow down the dehydration  proces s of the pumpkin.   Now your pumpkin should be fine through the weekend—if it can survive a smashing from the neighborhood teenagers, that is. I'v e b een ro ad testin g th is suggestion on our own front porch for a few days, and things seem to  be go in g we ll . If yo u' ve go t another DIY remedy for keeping your pumpkins looking their best, let's hear 'em in the comments. Th e Lifesp an o f a Jack -o Lantern[Pumpkin Lantern [Pumpkin Carving 101]

Affordable and Non-Permanent Winterizing for Apartments [Winter Upgrades] By Kevin Purdy ( Lifehacker  Lifehacker   ) 

ceiling covers in rooms where the

Submitted at 10/26/2009 8:00:00 AM

  You might have a hunch that your apartment will be all kinds of  drafty this winter, but you're not in a position to start replacing in su latio n . A v alu ab le Ask   MetaFilter thread offers many temporary heat fixes and DIY draft fixes.  Photo by Muffet. Muffet .   The question comes from a couple in Nova Scotia who spent a winter packed in outdoor clothes in a ground floor apartment, yet

still felt the chill. They've pulled  more ideas. Some of the more off the basics that a tenant can get novel answers are easily do-able: away with —p lastic win d o w  pick up i nsulate d cur tains, move furn itur eand piec es totemporary outs idecovers, dodgers, facing walls, using and the caulking, like—but draft needed a few  big

heat truly seems to escape.   Other tactics, like installing a  pr ec is e el ec tr oni c th er mo st at , might require some landlord  approval or subsidizing, but can  probably be rationali zed vis-a-vis energy savings when there's no tenants present. If you have your  o wn h it list fo r ap artmen t winterizing, share your help in the comments. How to improve our  efforts to winterize our drafty, old  apartment?[Ask apartment? [Ask MetaFilter via an old Ask MetaFilter roundup] roundup]

MASTER continued from page 39

experience in the comments.   The How-To Geek   is quickly wearing out the keyboard on his new Windows 7 laptop. His geeky articles can be found daily here on Lifehacker, How-To Geek , and  Twitter . Provides a WebBased Portal to Messaging and Social Networks [Instant Messaging] By Jason F itzpatrick  itzpatrick  ( L Lifehacker  ifehacker   )  Submitted at 10/26/2009 6:30:00 AM

  When you're away from your  home terminal and without your  favorite portable cross-service IM application, can help you get all your messages back into one window again. is a web-based tool to help you log in to multiple messaging and social networks. It currently supports MSN Messenger, ICQ, Google Talk,Yahoo, Skype,AIM, MySpace, and Facebook. You can log in to IMO.IM page 41




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IMO.IM continued from page 40

one or all of the supported  services and access your contact lists. Messaging windows are all displayed within the site and denoted by service type and  the user name of your contact.   In addition to the spartan but effective chat interface, also has a photo sharing tool and a whiteboard system. Using requires no special login, you access each account with the login

you're already using. Have a web based chat solution you love? Just tried out and want to share your opinion? Let's hear about it in the comments. [via TechCrunch ]

Mac OS X 10 6 2 Update Points to New MacBook Pros By Liam Cassid y  y  ( TheAppleBlog  TheAppleBlog   ) 

  Two Spanish Apple sites ar e reporting that reporting  that the latest build of  Apple’s upcoming update to its Mac OS X Snow Leopard  software contains references to asyet unreleased new models of  MacBook Pro.  Build 10C531 lists “MacBook  Pro 6,1” and “MacBook Pro 6,2”,

technology to a more powerefficient mobile chip.  The last time Apple refreshed the MacBook Pro line was in early June at the Worldwide Develop Developers ers Conference. Hefty Update  10.6.2 is a significant update to Snow Leopard, bringing a raft of   bu g f ix es a nd pe r fo rm a nc e improvements to existing functionality. Nothing has been said about new features, however, the user guide for guide  for Apple’s new

th ese areas: Ad d ress Bo o k , AppleScript, AppleScriptObjC, ATS, ColorSync, Component Manager, Core Animation, Core Audio, Core Chinese Engine, Core Data, Core Graphics, Core Text, File Manager, Garbage Collection, Graphic drivers, Help Viewer, ImageKit, IOHIDFamily,  Networking, NS Image, Ope nCL, OpenGL, OSA, QT Kit, Speech Recognition, Sync Services, and  Xtype.

an indication of major revisions of  the MacBook Pro lineup. The current family of MacBook Pro’s range from 5,1 to 5,5.   Last week’s introduction   of  refreshed iMacs brought Intel’s new Core i5 and i7 (Nehalem)  pr oc es so rs to Ap pl e’ s mo st  popular desktop machines, machines, but the refreshed product lineup didn’t include any new MacBook Pros. Applesana suggests that the new

Magic Mouse makes the following reference to Mac OS X 10.6.2:  To use your Apple Magic Mouse and its full range of features, update your Mac to Mac OS X version 10.5.8 or later and install the Wireless Mouse Software later, on Oct. 9, Apple produced  Update 1.0; or update to Mac OS  build 10C519f. Develope rs were X version 10.6.2 or later. treated to build 10C527f just one   Apple’s developers have been week after that. And finally, working hard. For those keeping 10C531 brings us to today.

 There is no indication yet as to when 10.6.2 will be released, though the speed at which these  builds are being developed developed — and  the urgent need for that datawiping bug fix — mean we  probably won’t be waiting much longer.   As Q4 begins, online video is now mainstream. Read the, " Connected Consumer Q3 Wrapup." up ."

MacBook Pro models will likely feature quad core processors  ba s ed on I nt e l’ s Ar ra nd al e architecture which brings i5/i7

count, thisbuild is 10.6.2’s fourtha developer in less than month. The first, 10C514f, was seeded on Oct. 5. Only four days

Submitted at 10/26/2009 7:32:47 AM

Leopard. Most notably, this update is expected to fix a serious  bug that  bug  that can result in users losing all their personal data. MacRumor’s Doctor Q lists other  lists other 

 hefty At nearly 500MB, 10.6.2 isan a fixes.   The seed is said to contain update, addressing equally hefty assortment of bugs dozens of minor bug fixes and  a n d i s s u e s a f f e c t i n g S n o w  pe rf orm anc e im pro vem ent s in




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  ult Hit Settlers of By Darrell Ethe rrington  ington  ( TheAppleBlog  TheAppleBlog   ) 


omes to the iPhone

hexagonal tiles, themselves laid  out in a hexagon pattern. Each tile represents one resource, either 

arrow button.  Sound is great, with a nice, fitting soundtrack running in the

 If you are or ever have been the  board gaming typ e, you may have run across Settlers of Catan Catan,, or at least heard of it from a fanatic friend. The game, which is a bit like Risk but without the war (at least in its basic incarnation), is all about resource gathering, trading, and colonization.  Fans of the series (and there are many) will be pleased to know

Sheep, Wheat, Ore, Lumber or  Brick. Each player gets to place settlements at the corners of these tiles, and collect resources from them when the number on the tile is rolled. Each tile has a number  from 1 to 12, and each player rolls two six-sided die at the beginning of their turn.  Some tiles, like those with a 6 or  an 8, come up more frequently, statistically speaking, and are

 ba ck gr ou nd , an d ap pr op ri at e sound effects for things like trades, resources, and standard   button presse s. In fact, I’d say it compares favorably even to the console version on the Xbox 360. Conclusion  Whether you’ve heard of Settlers of Catan before or not, the iPhone  port is an awes ome time-w aste r. It’s engrossing, rich, and carefully tailored to the handheld touch-

that now playable on yourSettlers iPhoneisthanks to Catan ($4.99, iTunes link ), ), an app that faithfully recreates the experience on your mobile device. If you aren’t yet a fan, Catan for your  iPhone or iPod touch might just  be the thi ng tha t con ver ts you . Gameplay   If you’ve played Settlers the  board game, or if you’ve played it on your PC or Xbox 360, then you’ll already be familiar with the gameplay in the iPhone version, since it uses the standard rule set. Expansions are available for the  board game wh ich ad d more tiles or new gameplay elements, but for now, Catan on the iPhone doesn’t offer any of these additional modes of play.   The board consists of 19

s t r a use t e g iof c athis l l y . aThe d v agoal n t a gin e othe us  beca game is to amass resources, which you can use to buy more settlements, roads, and other  things to earn victory points. In traditional play, the first person with 10 victory points is the winner.  Catan on the iPhone lets you play with between three and four   pl ay er s. Yo u ca n ei th er pl ay against computer opponents, or   play hot seat multiplayer mod e, in which you pass the iPhone off to other players when it’s their turn. It’s not an ideal multiplayer  situation, since you have to trust your partner not to glance at your  resource distribution, but without a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth option, it at least works well enough to be

controlled I will that I found theplatform. difficulty to besay rather  on the challenging side, even when playing against a stacked  line up of all the weakest computer players. The Xbox version has both a universal difficulty switcher and different AIs, allowing for greater  versatility, and I would  recommend Catan for iPhone adopt that in future, too. Still, for  $4.99, you couldn’t ask for a  better or mo re challengin g pocket strategy game.  Growing mobile data use turned  up heat on carriers in Q3. Read  the, " Mobile Q3 Wrap-up." Wrap-up ."

Submitted at 10/26/2009 8:59:30 AM

 playable. Sights and Sounds  Clearly, Catan wasn’t rushed out

original.  The board is viewed from a top-

to the masses on the iPhone. Developer United Soft Media (USM) took its time in refining the look and feel of this cult sensation before its release,  probably predicting correctly that fans of the game would be sticklers when it came this version’s faithfulness to the

down perspective, and you can zoom in or out using touch controls. Your resource count is displayed at the bottom of the screen in a convenient and nonobtrusive status bar. All of your  controls are nested in a pop-out tab interface usually hidden at the right side of the screen behind an



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NYT Editor Hints at Upcoming Apple Slate By Liam Cassid y  y  ( TheAppleBlog  TheAppleBlog   ) 

usual pinch of salt.  The speculation fun doesn’t end  Engadget   is reporting the there. Engadget availability(via (via wholesaler China availability Ontrade Limited) of the snappilytitled “Apple iTablet iPhone 4 Generation SIM Tray.” The  pr od uc t de s cr ip ti on fo r th e diminutive plastic-and-metal widget reads:  Original Apple iTablet iPhone 4 Generation (Probably iTablet) SIM Tray OEM  This part came from Foxconn to our warehouse at 10.23.2009.

Submitted at 10/26/2009 7:27:32 AM

 The new week begins with a new Tablet-related rumor that’s  bouncing its way cheekily ar ound  the tubes. This one comes to us courtesy of New York Times executive editor Bill Keller.  According to Nieman to  Nieman Journalism Lab,, “…the digital staff gathered  Lab for an ‘all hands’ meeting at TheTimesCenter to hear updates on various initiatives in adevelopment, d v e r t i s i n g ,andb content.” usiness Sounds riveting. Anyway, Keller  delivered a lengthy monologue (you can watch the whole thing here here)) but, around eight minutes in, he says: “I’m hoping we can get the newsroom more actively involved  in the challenge of delivering our   bes t jou rna lis m in the for m of  Times Reader, iPhone apps, WAP, or the impending Apple slate, or whatever comes after  that.”   Is that simply speculation on

Keller’s part, or is he a man in  p o s s e s s i o n o f p r i v i l e g e d  information? As I mentioned last week , Apple is said to have recently been in secret talks with  publishers about content delivery via a new platform, and given Apple’s long relationship with the  New York Times, it’s not beyond 

 Lingering a little longer on the “slate” moniker, Edible Apple reminds us of a series of tweets from Kevin Rose  Rose   a few weeks ago, who, while enjoying a few recreational beverages at a bar, met an inebriated lady claiming to  be an Apple employee:  Omg just met a drunk girl from

the realm Keller  “nowouldn’t apple tablet would be inofonpossibility the inside track of  apple well, we call itcoming… a tablet” those talks. haha leak!!

 China Ontrade’s websiteofprovides this visual comparison the 4G tray with its 3G/3GS predecessor;   So there you have it. A bit   So, they wouldn’t call it a unusual to start the week with a Tablet… but perhaps they’d call it Tablet rumor roundup, but hey, a Slate, yes? Kevin Rose has been it’s better than reading another  wrong oh-so-many times before. Windows 7 review. But sometimes he’s right. So  In Q3, Uncle Sam was the green these two threads of discourse IT king maker. Read the, " Green may be contextually connected in IT Q3 Wrap-up." Wrap-up."  ju st th e ri gh t wa y to le ad to conclusions (and the “jumping to” thereof)… or they’re really ayou big fat nothing. Whichever choose, I still recommend the

Review: Californication Slow Happy Boys By Da n nny ny Gallagher ( TV  TV  Squad   ) 

Submitted at 10/26/2009 9:29:00 AM

(S03E05)-"Once upon a time's gotta count for something." - Zloz to Hank    Ah, the old friend from back  home trick. It's been done so many times before in television.

Remember when Rob's old Army  buddy came to town in that one episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show or that one time when Don Rickles met up with his old pal Maxwell Smart on Get Smart? Those were some good times.  Imagine those episodes with a lot of hookers and copious amounts of beer, whiskey and vodka. Now

friendly.  Zloz's one episode appearance felt like the makings of another  "Guys Gone Wild" episode where the boys do some drinking, make with the smoking and then get into some fighting, but it turned  into something much deeper and  they are twice as better, even if  h e l p e d y o u a p p r e c i a t e t h e the hangover isn't as warm and characters more for what they are.

The ride was fun, even if you didn't really want to get back in line for it.   Continue reading  reading   Review: Californication - Slow Happy Boys   P e r m a l i n k |  E m a i l t h i s | | Comments

the hangover isn t as warm and 



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iPhone 3GS Bound for Orange November 1

Who or what will be the BitTorrent of Realtime?

By Darrell Ethe  rrington  ington  ( TheAppleBlog  TheAppleBlog   ) 

( S Scripting cripting News   ) 

Submitted at 10/26/2009 9:09:46 AM

 UK folks interested in the iPhone 3GS only have mere weeks to wait before they can shop around  and escape the tyranny of O2, according to a report from The Guardian this past weekend. In fact, in only two short weeks, Orange will begin offering the coveted Apple handheld, on Tuesday, November 10.   Th at’s th e v ery n ex t d ay fo llo win g th e en d o f O2 ’s exclusivity contract with Apple, so it literally couldn’t begin offering it any earlier. No word  yet on when specifically Vodafone will begin offering the device, though it will eventually  join its two rival s in sell ing the 3GS sometime in the new year.   According to The Guardian Guardian,, d esp ite th e iP h o n e’s stro n g  perf orma nce to date , inte rest in th e d ev ice in th e UK isn ’t sh o win g sig n s o f sto p p in g an y time so o n .  Certainly interest in the iPhone among UK consumers shows no signs of abating. Already Orange has had over 200,000 customers register their interest in getting the

device, before the company has even said what it will charge for  it.  While the timing seems ideal in terms of sparking a holiday price war for Christmas consumer  dollars, that scenario is actually fairly unlikely, since Orange UK  h as mad e statemen ts to th e contrary, claiming that instead of  offering a lower price on the device than O2, it will try to attract customers with added  value. That might take the form of  accessories, temporary contract incentives, or pre-loaded  applications, which is the mobile equivalent of bloatware, if you ask me.  It’s a disheartening sign for those who were expecting a more open field with regards to the sale of 

the iPhone to result in more affordable prices, but remember  that this is only the beginning. Vodafone will enter the fray in 2010, as will the smallest UK  carrier, 3, according to recent statements by the company’s CEO Kevin Russell.  I would expect the iPhone to be on the 3 network sometime during 2010. At the moment, we don’t have the iPhone. We don’t really have any smartphones but if we improve our range of smartphones and introduce the iPhone then our  data traffic will grow massively.   If networks want to use the iPhone to do more than just retain existing subscribers, they’ll have to begin offering clearly defined  advantages, and nothing attracts attention more than lower prices. Remember that the iPhone is already among the most heavily subsidized devices on the market,

Submitted at 10/25/2009 2:17:53 PM

  A market develops, a bunch of   pe op le ge t i t s ta r te d, t he n so meo n e at a b ig co mp an y discovers it, changes its name (sometimes they don't even do that) and relaunches it as if it were something wholly new. The press, many of whom were aware of the earlier effo rts, g o es fo r it. "Everyone knows" that it only matters when a big company does it. However, if you look at history that's often not true, it's often the small guy who ends up defining the market, despite what the press thinks.  A classic case is P2P. Ten years ago there were all kinds of early efforts, some remarkably popular  (thinking of  Na pst er  er )) and the industry launched a huge hype  ba ll oo n. Co nf er en ce s, wh it e

though, so it isn’t clear how much  pa pe rs , pre ss to ur s, al li anc es , further providers can go without  bo ok s, VC , st ar tu ps , et c et c. Billions of dollars thrown at it. seriously affecting profitability.   What was the big news that What ends up taking the prize? happened in your sector in Q3? BitTorrent! An open source Catch up with GigaOM Pro's, "  proj ect laun ched by a bunc h of  Quarterly Wrap-ups." Wrap-ups ."

nerds nerds,, without much PR. I don't know if it was the best technology, but it certainly was good enough. It wasn't glitzy or  even particularly easy to to use. It worked, and most important, you could get the music and movies and TV shows you wanted.  It's a good bet that in five years we'll look back and most of the companies staking out realtime today will be forgotten and  something like BitTorrent will rule this space, gently of gently of course.



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Buffalo Bills to stick with Ryan Fitzpatrick at QB over Trent Edwards

Tracy Morgan: The TV Squad Interview

By Associat ed ed Press  ( E   ) 

By Joel Keller ( T TV V Squad   ) 

Submitted at 10/26/2009 9:29:20 AM

Submitted at 10/26/2009 11:00:00 AM

 As my Thursday afternoon time slot to interview Tracy Morgan came closer, I knew I was in for  an interesting twenty minutes. As most people have seen and heard  over the years, interviewing Tracy is an amusement park ride that even Busch Gardens couldn't conceive. He's blunt. His emotions rise and fall quicker  than a roller coaster. And you never know what he's going to say.  When I got to talk to him, he had   be en in te rv ie wi ng al l da y in support of his surprisingly emotional and inspirational memoir I Am The New Black , and he was tired. But there was a lot of stuff I wanted to ask him about, only some of which involved his well-publicized 


Review: Curb Your Enthusiasm The Bare Midriff By Jon athan athan Toomey ( TV  TV  Squad   ) 

honestly, who in their right mind  would think a short shirt like that and '80s. Tracy didn't Tracy didn't disappoint. was work appropriate attire? It   So, buckle up folks, and get Submitted at 10/26/2009 10:15:00 AM wasn't believable, that Maureen ready for a fun ride. Audio and a ( S07E06)"Larry?! You sprayed  thought her shirt was OK for the transcript is after the jump. office. Fortunately, if you were   Continue reading  reading  Tracy Morgan: on Jesus??" - Maureen  For as good an episode as "The willing to look past the absurdity The TV Squad Interview smackdowns of   SN L   co-stars  Filed under: Saturday Night Live, Live, Bare Midriff" was, it still had one of the issue, it paid off with Cheri Oteri and Chris Kattan Kattan.. Interviews Interviews,, Celebrities Celebrities,, 30 Rock , huge problem that has plagued  arguably one of Curb's top five many past episodes of Curb Your  endings ever. There was also his criticism of  Reality-Free reading  Review: Curb David Israel and Jim O'Doherty,   P e r m a l i n k |  E m a i l t h i s | | Enthusiasm as well. The central   Continue reading  conflict -- Maureen's exposed  Your Enthusiasm - The Bare the creators of The Tracy Morgan C o m m e n t s stomach -- was just too much of a Midriff  Show, and just the general details stretch (no pun intended). Why's   Filed under: OpEd , Curb Your  about his rough upbringing in the that? The beauty of Curb is how Enthusiasm , Episode Reviews Reviews,, Bronx and Brooklyn in the '70s well it sheds light on awkward  Reality-Free situations we all relate to. Not so   P e r m a l i n k |  E m a i l t h i s | | much on this one, because C o m m e n t s

  ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -Buffalo Bills backup Bills backup quarterback  Ryan Fitzpatrick   will make his second straight start this weekend  Edwards continues  continues to while Trent Edwards recover from a concussion.  AFC East blog's Tim Graham writes about all things AFC East in his division blog division  blog.. • Blog network: NFL Nation   Coach Dick Jauron made the announcement on Monday, a day after Fitzpatrick helped the Bills (3-4) to their second straight victory, 20-9 at Carolina.  Buffalo hosts Houston (4-3) on Sunday before entering its bye week.   Edwards was knocked out in Buffalo's 16-13 victory over the  New York Jets Jets on  on Oct. 18.   Jauronwhether sidestepped a question about Edwards will regain the starting job once he's fully recovered.   The coach said Edwards is improving and has been cleared to work out.   Copyright 2009 by The Associated Press  This content has passed through



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Bravo orders from the Dessert menu

Tony La Russa will return to St. Louis Cardinals in 2010

By Alli  )  son son Waldman ( T TV  V  Squad 

By  (   ) m news services 

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Submitted at 10/26/2009 9:38:20 AM

  If you're a fan of Top Chef, there's nothing tougher for the contestants than desserts. Just this  past week during 'restaurant wars,' did you notice that one team decided to have no desserts on their menu at all. They just didn't want to risk blowing it.  Well, Bravo noticed, not just last week but all through the Top Chef  series. Bravo's creating a  a   Top Chef   spinoff called   Just Desserts in which chefs will have no choice, they'll have to deal with sugar, icing, cakes and struedels.   Top Chef: Just Desserts is the second Top Chef spinoff, after  Top Chef Masters. I'm anticipating Top Chef: Maitre D's

  McGwire Returning To The Cardinals McGwire Returning To The Cardinals  ST. LOUIS -- Tony La Russa is returning to the St. Louis Cardinals   as manager on a oneCardinals year contract, but there will be one change to his coaching staff.   Mark McGwire, the former  down the road, aren't you?   Continue reading  reading  Bravo orders Cardinals slugger, will replace Hal McRae, who was fired as from the Dessert menu hitting coach, La Russa said    Filed under: Food/Home/DIY, Food/Home/DIY, Monday. OpEd , Pickups and Renewals, Renewals , "I don't know how many years I Top Chef    P e r m a l i n k |  E m a i l t h i s | | have left to manage, and I wanted  to take this opportunity to invite a Comments guy who I think has a very special talent," La Russa said of  McGwire.  La Russa's new contract is for  one year -- his 15th with the

Cardinals plus a mutual option for 2011,-- meaning he or the Cardinals can walk away after  next year, sources told ESPN The Magazine's Buster Olney.  La Russa managed McGwire on  both t he A thletics and C ardinals.   McGwire did not attend  Monday's news conference to announce the moves. The Cardinals said they wanted to treat the situation like they would  with any other new hitting coach. "We are going to make Mark  available," general manager John Mozeliak said. "How he is going to answer questions is up to him."   McGwire hit 70 home runs in 1998 to break Roger Maris' 37year-old record, a mark since topped by Barry Bonds, and  retired after the 2001 season.  McGwire has largely been out of  the public eye since.   He attended congressional

hearings on steroidsaying abuse "I'm but said  little in testimony, not here to talk about the past," and  has fallen far short in balloting for  the Hall of Fame despite hitting 583 homers.  The 65-year-old La Russa had   been m ulling his future since the  NL Centr al champ ion Cardi nals were swept in the division series Dodgers   on  by the Los Angeles Dodgers Oct. 10.   His two-year, $8.5 million contract was set to expire at the end of the month. He's led the Cardinals to eight postseason appearances and a 2006 World  Series title, and he's third on the career victories list, trailing only Connie Mack and John McGraw.  Information from The Associated  Press was used in this report.  This content has passed through

Finally Yankees Earn Their Pinstripes By Jay Mariotti ( FanHouse  FanHouse   ) 

 by Jay Mariotti  Filed under: MLB MLB NEW  NEW YORK - On a pleasant, Doppler-free evening made for bare, brawny fo rearms, Alex Rodriguez continued his postseason

intentional walk because the bases were loaded. So as 50,000 fans stood and shrieked and awaited  magic in the new Stadium -- all except Kate Hudson, who sat like she was waiting for Matt Dillon in Y ou, Me and Dupree-- A-Rod  stepped in and sought a pitch to rip into the galaxy.

awakening even a bat. Thiswithout was in theswinging fourth Angels   were inning, when the Angels unable to employ their desired 

  The fat one never came. Joe Saunders walked him, forcing in Saunders walked the Yankees Yankees'' third run when it was apparent that the Angels

Submitted at 10/26/2009 2:15:00 AM

Pettitte and Mariano Rivera. All Pettitte and that awaited were the police to ring their field, and when they arrived nearly at the stroke of  midnight, the Yankees were celebrating their 40th American League pennant and first World  Series trip in six years, which in these parts is an eternity.

Dream Matchup| Matchup | World Series Schedule   Finally, Yankees Earn Their  Pinstripes   originally appeared on Pinstripes Fanhouse - Jay Mariotti Mariotti on  on Mon, 26 Oct 2009 02:15:00 EST . Please see our terms for use of  feeds.. feeds this| Linking   Permalink | Email this|

Blogs|| Comments  Olson: Loss Will Haunt Angels| Angels | Blogs wouldn't score more than that off  Price: Pettitte, Rivera Deliver  two Doctor Octobers, Andy Again   Playoff Pulse: CC vs. Cliff a




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MLB Playoff Diary: Yankees 5 Angels 2 ( The Daily Fix   ) 

Jeter scored a run. Its a movie that has been playing on and off since Submitted at 10/25/2009 2:30:52 PM 1996. Now theyll try to finish it  The Journal provides minute-by- for their 27th championship.–  minute analysis of the New York  Futterman Yankees’ 5-2 victory over the Los  12:03 a.m.: Final 5-2 Yankees. Angeles Angels that clinched the Congratulatio Congratulations ns to the New York  American League Championship Yankees for their 40th American Series in six games. Guest blogger  League pennant. Love the long Jonah Keri offers commentary on hug by Posada and Rivera instead  the game and the Fox telecast, of the usual crazy dogpile. Those while Journal staffer Matthew two have been through a few of  Futterman adds insight from these. Yankee Stadium.   This was anything but a pretty   Reuters Derek Jeter, Alex game. The Yankees left an army

  11:42: Kazmir walks Damon. Bases loaded for Teixeira, one out. And now a 1-0 count. This won’t end well for the Angels.  11:38: Kazmir flawlessly tosses the ball to first for the first out. Crowd mocks him.  They can smell it in the Bronx. are really good. Cliff Lee and   11:35: HOLY BLEEP! Kazmir  Cole Hamels don’t give a lot of  fields the bunt and throws the  b a se s - lo a d e d o p p o rt u n it ie s . r o u t i n e t o s s t o f i r s t o v e r   Prevailing in the World Series is Kendrick’s head for an error. Run going to take some more-timely scores, everyone’s safe. And  hitting than what the Bombers that’s the end of the Angels’ h a v e s h o w n h e r e t o n i g h t . –   season, folks. 4-2 Yanks.* * *

here. The Yankees have nine hits and six walks and a mere three runs to show for it. It’s a one-run game in the eighth inning —  again. Now go back to those bases -loaded chances the Yankees had  earlier in the game. A hit here or  there and this is a five-run lead, and yet somehow the Angels are a swing or two and six outs away from Game 7.– Futterman  11:28: Cano reaches to start the eighth. Interesting move by Scioscia, brings in the lefty Kazmir to turn Swisher around.

Rodriguez and Markthe Teixeira (left to right) celebrate Yankees’ ALCS victory.  All it took was about a billion dollars and six years, and one humiliating choke to the archrival Red Sox, but the Yankees have finally made it back to the World  Series.  When it finally ended with Gary Matthews, Jr. striking out as flashbulbs popped throughout this $1.5 billion stadium, Mariano Rivera delivered a calm pump of  his fist and a relaxed hug to catcher Jorge Posada while the rest of the team bounced around  Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter, two guys who it appeared would  never learn to play well enough together for the post-Paul ONeill Yankees to make it back to the Fall Classic.   But just after midnight, 50,000 fans were standing at the new

Futterman  11:55:@ed_price: “For Angels to have a chance, they need 3 R off  Rivera — same number he had  allowed in previous 31 postseason gms (47 IP) before tonight.”  11:53: Weaver strikes out Posada on a fastball on the inside corner  to end a really long inning.   The greatest closer in majorleague history has a three-run lead going to the ninth.

 I talking to 10 Scott Kazmir in thewas locker room days ago and  he was pretty confident about  perf ormi ng in New York and at Yankee Stadium, said it was a  p l a c e w h e r e h e f e l t v e r y comfortable, where he’d had  success with the Rays and that the Angels would benefit from that experience in the heat of the battle in the Big City. So just where did  that throw to first — err, right field — come from?– Futterman   11:33: And the bunt works! Swisher not only lays down a  perfect sacrifice, Howie Kendrick  incredibly drops a throw right in his glove for the error. Two on, nobody out.   The Angels continue to do whatever the opposite of playing the game the right way is.   11:30: Swisher trying to bunt! Don’t like that move either. Swisher has a grand total of 

 11:24: Rivera gets Morales groundout to second to endon thea threat. 3-2 Yankees.   From @ ed_price on Twitter: “Last ER allowed by Rivera in a  posts easo n home game : Oct. 11, 2001.”  11:23: You have to send Reggie Willits here. You want the runner  in scoring position, and Posada rarely throws runners out.   11:22: Big Bad Vlad with a seeing-eye single to right cashes Figgins. 3-2 Yankees. Willits in to pinch-run for Vlad. This is getting good.  11:17: Big break for the Yankees. Cano standing right at the second base bag to keep Figgins clos e. A sure single up the middle by Hunter becomes a routine groundout.   11:16: Mark Teixeira with an ENORMOUS diving stop on a  ball in the hole by Abreu . What

and on of base. The Angels madea ahalf litany baserunning and  defensive errors.   But in the end, the better team won. We’ve got a terrific World  Series match-up on tap starting Wednesday, with the defending World Champion Phillies going against the top team in baseball this year.  One final thought: CC Sabathia vs. Cliff Lee in Game 1 of the W orld S eries. T hanks Mark  S hapiro!  11:59: Gary Matthews Jr., who’s awful and batting left-handed,  pi nc h- hi tt in g fo r th e ri gh ty swinging Mike Napoli against Rivera, who’s always been better  against lefties.  11:58: Juan Rivera flies out to right. One out to go.  11:56: Kendrick starts the ninth with a weak groundout to first. Two outs away.* * *

  11:50: draws a lie walk,  ba sed loaA-Rod de d. Pos ad a re ve d  there are two out, so he can’t hit into a third double play.  11:48: 3-0 on A-Rod. This game is death by a thousand cuts for  Halos fans.* * *  Weird concept to consider as ARod once again walks to first: For  everything A-Rod has done and   been thro ugh in his care er, he’s never had an at-bat in the World  Series.— Futterman Yankee Stadium singing Frank   Not for nothing, but the Yankees  11:45: Teixeira with a deep fly to seven sac bunts in his career, with Sinatra and looking forward to have left the bases loaded three center, caught by Hunter, sacrifice a career-high three this season. Game 1 of the World Series here times so far tonight. Assuming fly scores Gardner. 5-2 Yankees,   T ries to bunt even on 2-0, Wednesday night.  bo tc he s it fo ul .* * * Mariano can get three outs before

should have been first and third  nobody out is instead a man on second with one out. Wow.

  Pettitte started, Rivera saved it,

he gives up three runs, the Phillies

two out, Jered Weaver coming in to face A-Rod.

  Give the Angels a ton of credit

MLB page 49




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NFL Diary: Steelers 27 Vikings 17 ( The Daily Fix   ) 

view. We’re at the two-minute warning, with a third and four  coming up for for the Vikings. Fourdown territory, obviously.   3:58: You could see that ball  b e i n g stripped from Roethlisberger by Asher  Allen long before it happened. Steelers catch a break, though, as it bounces bounces out of boun bounds. ds. The Vikings get it at their own 26 with 3:21 to go. go. 45 yards or so would   put the Vikings in p osition for a g ame-ty in g field g o al, b u t obviously Minnesota fans are

goal, LaMarr Woodley scoops it up — and then the beefy linebacker rumbles 77 yards to other way for a touchdown. Before that play, the worst case for Minnesota Minnesota seemed to be a game-tying field goal. Instead, they’re now down 20-10 with 6:23 left. That whole drive, which began all the way back  at the Viking 3, netted Minnesota a total of minus-seven points. points. That is probably the game.  3:42: Apparent go-ahead 10-yard  to u ch d o wn p ass to Rice is

thinking bigger right third now. and    3:55: The Steelers’ three play is whistled dead —  delay of game on the defense. A first down for Pittsburgh. Childress looks confused. So am I and so are the Fox announcers. announcers. Penalties might end up being the difference, though: though: The The Steelers can burn some serious clock now.   3:53: The Steelers take over at their own 30 with six minutes to go. If you believe in momentum,  ball went through his hands —  and right into Keyaron Fox’s. The the Vikings have it right now. Steeler linebacker then took it  3:49: We had an official down,  ba ck 82 ya rd s fo r th e ga me - after he was hit during Harvin’s clinching score. 27-17 Steelers touchdown. It’s 20-17, after the Vikings make the extra point, point, with under under a minute left.   4:05: A 29-yard pass play to with 6:09 to play. Peterson and the Vikings are in  And the official was helped off  the field before the XP, but seems field-goal range.  4:04: Message of that Tostitos ad: to be OK. If you buy our chips, your mother   3:48: Let me clarify that. When I will stop bugging you to make said “That’s probably the game,” I meant to say, “Percy Harvin will  babie s?  4:01: Favre tries to find Rice with  probably take the ensuing kickoff  more. ore. Vikings to the edge of victory. undefeated no m Yes, he threw a costly pick, but he   4:12: 14 seconds left and the the long ball. But as Moose  back 88 yar ds for a touchdown.” actually deserves the benefit of  Vikings are at the Pittsburgh 35. correctly notes, the sliver of  Vikings get within 20-16. the doubt on this one — it was a Favre stays in. Why not just try 3:44: Holy potatoes. The ball is

nullified by a Moose trippingdoesn’t penalty penaltylike on Jeff Duggan. the call. Oddly enough, the Heinz Field crowd does.  3:38: Peterson’s done very little today, but he comes through with a big run here — 19 yards, to the Steeler 21. Then he takes a short second down pass near the 10. Vikings are well within field-goal range.   3:36: After going to the booth and checking with the patrons at a local Buffalo Wild Wings, the ref  reports that it was, in fact a catch, and awards awards the Vi Vikings kings a first down at the Pittsburgh 46. 9:54 left in the game now.   3:31: Vikings intent on killing themselves with penalties. Holding, illegal shift, and now a false start bring up a third and 18. Favre’s pass to Rice is caught,  but the rec eive r is rule d out of   bou nds . Chi ldr es s is goi ng to

should have caught. If this Brett Favre shows up every week for  Submitted at 10/25/2009 8:52:54 AM the rest of the year, Minnesota  The Journal provides minute-by- will be just fine. minute analysis of the Pittsburgh   P erh ap s mo re n o tewo rth y , Steelers’ 27-17 victory over the though, was the play of the Minnesota Vikings at Heinz Field  Viking defense, which lacked  in Pittsburgh. Guest blogger Steve standout cornerback Antoine Kornacki offers commentary on Winfield (who may not be back  the game and the Fox telecast. until December). True, Pittsburgh  Associated Press The Steelers’ didn’t really try to test the corners Mike Wallace scores on a 40-yard  who replaced him, but the fact touchdown reception late in the remains that Minnesota gave up first half. very few big plays today, and also  The cliche about the game being forced a key turnover by Rashard  clo ser th an th e fin al to sco re indicates really does apply this game. Minnesota was threatening to take the lead twice in the fourth quarter, with crowd-silencing drives deep into Steeler territory. One ended with a pick-six, the other with a 77-yard fumble return for a touchdown by by the Steelers’ LaMarr Woodley. The Vikings really were close to winning the game, even if the Steelers ended up covering the six -point spread with a little  br ea t hi ng r oo m.  Before the game, I wrote about this being a chance for Favre and  the Vikings to prove that their fast start is no fluke. I think they did, even though they lost. First, Favre himself played a tremendous game, completing 34 of 51 passes for 334 yards. Included in that were some very clutch fourthquarter throws that brought the

Mendenhall. fourthquarter pointsThe that 14 sealed the game for Pittsburgh had nothing to do with the Viking D.  As for Pittsburgh, this is its first truly impressive win of the year, with the other victories coming ag ain st av erag e-to -d read fu l competition. Steelers fans can feel very good about their team’s defense (as always), which won the game today. The offense wasn ’t q u ite as imp ressiv e, struggling to move the ball and  convert key third-down plays. Roethlisberger finished with just 175 yards on 14 completions; he’d been averaging close to 300  pass ing yards per game comi ng into today. Still, after its 1-2 start this year, Pittsburgh, at 5-2 now, is in pretty good shape as it hits its  bye week.  4:14: Game ends on a Favre sack. 27-17 is the final. The Vikings are

you’ll still hav havee time for the onside kick and — if it works — a Hail Mary. Instead, Favre throws to Peterson for about 10 yards, and the clock ticks down to four  seconds.   4:10: Twice this quarter the Vikings made it into the Steeler  red zone needing only a field  goal to tie. And twice they committed turnovers that were returned for touchdowns.   4:07: Well, there’s the gamekilling Brett Favre INT everyone’s been waiting for. Not sure he should get all of the blame on that. He was trying to find  Chester Taylor on a quick screen. Taylor didn’t seem ready, and the

challenge this, and he should: should: The replay seems to show that (barely) both feet hit the ground 


Favre stays in. Why not just try quick screen that Chester Taylor  the long field goal? If it’s good,

sunlight still shining on the Heinz Field turf was blocking Rice’s

 3:44: Holy potatoes. The ball is stripped from Favre on third and 

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  11:14: Figgins with a little  bl oo p… .J US T ou t of Je te r’ s reach. Leadoff single. Big opportunity here with Abreu coming up to start a stretch for the Angels’ best bats.* * *  That standing ovation that filled  the stadium a moment ago when Mariano Rivera ran in from the  bullpe n was a colle ctive sigh of  relief that the Yankees had finally gotten to this point. For all the glory though, Rivera has had his moments. Cleveland in 1997. Arizona in 2001. Boston in 2004. He’s human, and after Figgins’s

called a ball anyway. 2-0 count now on Posada.  11:03: Looks like Rivera will get the eighth inning for the Yankees, despite a talk he had with Hughes after last game. Before today’s game, Girardi made it clear how  pleased he w as w ith Mar iano f or  taking the time to pull the young Hughes aside to speak with him after Hughes let up the crucial hit to Guerrero in Game 5. “Mo did it on his own, that’s the great thing about having the veteran players we have. They’re not afraid to speak.” Whatever advice Rivera

for the force. Two out, Aybar  up.* * *   There was a time when Joba coming in set off huge rounds of  applause and excitement in the stadium. Now it just makes the  place nervous. Lots of fans with their hands over their mouths right now. The way Joba has  pitched the past month, there isn’t a ton of faith in him.– Futterman   10:53: Maicer Izturis pinchhitting for Mathis, works a 2-1 count. Joba llooks ooks shaky.   10:52: And here comes Joba Chamberlain. Apparently the

Payback for Vlad’s Texas Leaguer, and a big rally-setter  here. First and second, one out, Teixeira up, Oliver still pitching.   10:37: Jeter draws a one-out walk. With uncertainty surrounding the seventh and the Overmanaging Girardi at the switch, the Yankees could surely use an insurance run.  10:34: Cabrera pops out to left to start the bottom of the sixth. Lots of speculation on when the Yankees might go to Rivera. Pettitte’s got 91 pitches through six innings, has a chance to get

fan out there that wants to see them.– Futterman   10:28: The amazing Vladimir  Guerrero reaches for a pitch at his shoetops and dumps it down the right-field line for a double. I once saw Vlad hit a one-hopper  in the dirt off the wall in leftcenter at Olympic Stadium. Even with his diminished skills, he’s still amazing.   Second and third, two out, HUGE chance for Kendry Morales.  10:24: Torii Hunter still has some wheels, beats out a slow chopper 

 bloop single this is far from over. The final six outs never came for  the Yankees last game. Let’s see if they do here or if the Angels  prov e to be as toug h an out as they seem to be.– Futterman  11:13: And Rivera starts Figgins with…a spitball.   Just kidding. Fastball down Broadway for strike one.  11:10: Matsui flies out to left to end the seventh.

gave Hughes, from the looks of  the Yankee bullpen right now, it looks like it will have to wait for  the World Series — or perhaps Game 7 tomorrow night — for  Hughes to put it into effect.–  Futterman  11:02: A-Rod slams a single up the middle, his fourth time on  bas e toni ght. Pla yoff mons ter .  11:01: Rivera’s up in the pen; we may well see him to start the

seven hits allowed in 2 2/3  pos ts ea so n inn ing s, com bi ned  with pitching almost entirely in the rotation all season, was enough to prompt Girardi to go to Joba in the biggest relief spot of  the season.   10:49: Rivera loops his second  single of the night. Tying run up in the form form of Jeff Mathis.  And that’s all for Pettitte. Terrific ovation by the Yankee Stadium

through the seventh. If he does, no reason to use Joba or Hugh Hughes. es. Rivera’s perfectly capable of  going two innings; lots of rest would be available before Wednesday, when the World  Series starts.  10:31: Kendry Morales gets a 3-1 count in his favor…and taps back  to Pettitte to end the inning. Huge letdown for the Angels, huge escape for the Bombers. Still 3-1

to third for an infield hit. hit. Vlad  up, representing the tying run.  10:21:…instead, weak groundout to second. Pettitte’s in control tonight, with an assist from some  boneheaded Angels baserunning.  10:20: Abreu slaps at an outside  pitch and nearly gets a cheap foul pol e hom er. Ins tea d, it’ s ful l count as he tries to get on for a second straight time.  10:18: If you’re keeping score at

 And here we go: innings Rivera, with the Two Yankees up for  by two. Go to your best, good move. The process is absolutely right here, no matter how the results go.   11:08: Two double plays by Posada tonight. Fortunately for  the Yankees and their legion of  LOB, the Angels’ bats have been silent.   11:07: Really nice double-play turned by the Angels. Morales scoops a short hop, fires a strike to second, back to Morales for the out. Impressive.   11:05: Santana throws a pitch

eighth.  11:00: Ervin Santana comes on to face Rodriguez as we start the  bot tom of the sev ent h.   10:56: The stinky Joba is no match for the stinkiness of the  bottom of the Angels Angels lineup. Two groundouts, inning over. 3-1 Yanks. No reason we shouldn’t see Rivera for the last six outs, unless the Yankees put up a bunch of runs in the bottom o off the seventh.  10:55: Jeter blocks a short hop,  boun ces off his che st…a nd the Yankees catch a gigantic break break,,

crowd.   10:47: Pettitte’s nibbling and  nibbling at the outside corner. Missed to go to 3-1 on Kendrick, hits the corner to get to 3-2…then gives up a line drive to Kendrick,  but right at Swisher for a big first out. Rivera and Mathis up.   10:43: And Houdini Oliver  escapes again! Grounder to third, Figgins steps on the base, throws a one-hopper to first, scooped out  by Mor ale s for the 5-3 doub le  pla y. 3-1 Yan ks aft er six .  10:41: Damon nets his second hit of the game, a bloop single over 

 NY.  10:30: You were starting to get to the point in the game where Pettitte might only have had to give the Yankees three more outs. It was nearly a situation where Pettitte hands the ball to Mariano Rivera to get six outs, bypassing the weakest part of the Yankee team — the bridge to the ninth inning. But two pitches changed  everything — not getting Hunter  on the checked-swing and  Guerrrero’s 3-wood to right. Now, Joba Chamberlain or Coke or  Ro b ertso n o r Hu g h es seem

home, fundamental e r r o r that’s b y tanother he su pposedly fundamentally sound Angels, following a litany of similar errors  by the supposedly fundamentally sound Twins.  10:17: Figgins tries to bunt his way on, called out after the ball hits him in fair territory. You don’t see that very often.  10:15: Looked like Darren OIiver  was wearing earplugs by the way. Let’s just hope hope he never h has as to hear a teammate yell for a base to throw to on a bunt.

that hits the inside corner, but it’s

as the ball bounces right to Cano

second o on n a ball at his toes. inevitable. There isn’t a Yankee

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in bounds. means it’s time for Chris Kluwe wonder if it would have been a   3:29: Has Fox ever explained  Fun Fact #4: He “has immersed  legal catch if Rice had somehow why Siragusa isn’t allowed in the himself into the MMORPG World  come down down with that.

 2:44, part two: Oh dear. Vikings half. Now they’re thinking field  hurt themselves with a facemask  goal. call ag ain st P ay mah , wh ich   2:19: But he doesn’t. Kluwe

 boo th, andfor ins d roa ms the sidelines theteawhole game?  3:27: Favre airs it out for Harvin, who can only get his fingertips on it. But then comes a clutch thirddown completion to (who else?) Rice. Viking are now now out at their  own 37.  3:25: Moose and the Goose both want pass plays here, to get the Vikings away from the goal line. Favre finds Rice out at the 14 on second down. Now they have

of Warcraft” “plays to a troll named Loate,”and according our  good friends friends at Wikipedia. This This time, the punt is good for 52 yards. Pittsburgh takes over at its own 24 with under a minute left in the third.   3:11: Vikings force a three-andout (there’s that surprisingly good  defense again!) and will get it at their own 24. Just under three minutes left in the third.  3:09: Minnesota is now ready for 

  2:58: Interesting decision coming upfourth-down here. Fourth and 1 at the Pittsburgh 35. Childress doesn’t blink. They’re going for it, and….what a great call! Play action, a pump fake, and a wide-open Sidney Rice, who takes it all the way down inside the Steeler 5.   2:56: Favre finds Harvin on a third and 7 near midfield. It was a free play, though, since Pittsburgh jumped offside.

movesMendenhall the Steelerscarries insideitthe 30.  boots it takes to es theover Steewith ler 9,1:39 wher Then down Big Ben tak lefte t o t h e 1 8 o n f i r s t d o w n . in the half. He finds Holmes for  Pittsburgh is now in the red zone, 14 yards on first down — and  and we’re not even two minutes Holmes is able to get out of  into the half.  bou nd s, to o.   2:44: Just like in the first half,  2:18: Well, so much for that field  Mendenhall takes the handoff on goal. Our man Kluwe will come the Steelers’ first play and runs to on to punt punt on fourth down. But t h e o u t s i d e f o r 1 6 y a r d s . first, Mik e To mlin tak es a Pittsburgh already in Minnesota timeout, Not a bad move, given territory. the possibility that Kluwe will  THIRD QUARTER  screw this up royally.

some breathing room.   3:23: So much for that. Mendhenhall coughs up the firstdown carry and the Vikings come up with the ball. Huge, huge break  for Minnesota. Favre takes over  at his own 3. 14:08 to play.   3:21: Woah, there’s a potential game-breaker. Roethlisberger hits Holmes, who who eludes tack tackle le after  tackle and takes it all the way down inside the Viking 10. A TD

the end-around. Time for a new gimmick, Tomlin.  3:07: Looks like we might have a very fun fourth quarter, one worthy of the buildup for this game. Maybe one of these teams will still self-destruct, but the story so far is how strong they’ve  both been on defense. This isn’t a huge surprise for Pittsburgh, but Minnesota’s D has only been average this year — and was

Minnesota refuses the penalty and  the Vikings are now at the Steeler  44.   2:53: Love these NFL/United  Way ads about discouraging childhood obesity. How about slapping a maximum weight on linemen?   2:49: Sapp nearly redeems himself with a pick on third and  goal. He doesn’t doesn’t come away with the ball, but he keeps Ward from

 2:28: Favre takes a knee to end  the half. Very tough way to go into halftime for the Vikings, who were looking at building on a 7-3 lead just a few minutes ago,  bu t wh o no w tr ai l by th re e heading into the lockerroom. And  a big confidence boost for  Roethlisberger and the Steeler  offense, which will get the ball first coming out.   2:24: Big completion to Mike

  2 :1 6 : S teeler fan Nin a, a commenter in Atlanta, emails: “Does Brett Favre ever throw interceptions?” It’s funny. You’d  never know he’s thrown 312 in his career based on his  per for ma nce so fa r thi s yea r.  2:13: Nice third-down catch by Visanthe Shiancoe. Vikings now set up with a first down at their  o wn 4 0 at th e two -min u te warning. A field goal would be

h ere u ld ga mak  po ss eswo si on me e. it a two   3:21:“Don’t go away, everybody,” says Moose. OK, you talked me out of it….  FOURTH QUARTER    3 :1 9 : Qu arter o v er. 1 3 -1 0 Steelers. Time for more “Lie To Me” promos!   3:18: Another nice run for  Mendenhall, this time for 17 yards. Something tells me that Zook, his old college coach, will have plenty of time next fall to catch his old star in person…   3:15: Favre’s third-down pass

supposed to take aofbig hit today with the absence Winfield.  3:03: The Vikings ignore Adrian Peterson on second and third  downs, so out comes Longwell, who connects from 18 yards. 1310 Steelers now with 4:44 left in the third. That drive ended very well for the Steelers. I think we all expected Peterson would be running it in to the end zone after  that long completion to Rice.   3:02: Favre misses Rice on second and goal, but it raises an interesting rules question, since his throw actually bounced off the

making R e e d thet ocatch m aand k e forces a n o t Jeff  her  appearance. His 27-yard field goal  puts the Steelers up 13-7 with just over 11 minutes left in the third  quarter. Big sigh of relief for  Viking fans here. Th That at drive could have ended a lot worse.  2:47: Wow, another stupid, costly  pe na lt y on t he V i ki ng s —   personal foul against cornerback  Benny Sapp, who pointlessly lunged at Roethlisberger, who was on his way out of bounds after finding the marker on a third  and one carry. carry. Now the Steelers

Wallace, who is wide openspikes at the Viking 40. Roethlisberger the ball to stop the clock, then finds him again on the next play  — a nd t he p runish old n ewsman does a celebratory flip as he reaches the end zone. Steelers go up 10-7 with 23 seconds left in the half.  2:23: Neither QB has thrown an INT yet — but Big Ben has come closer, twice so far on this drive alone.  2:22: Mewelde Moore carries for  six yards on third and one,  bringing the Steelers out to their 

very nice getting here, especially Pittsburgh the ball to with start the second half.  2:10: Roethlisberger is rushed on third and five and nearly throws a  pick. Minnesota takes over w ith 3:30 left in the half.  2:08: Did the Patriots also pay for  their videotaping equipment with Visa debit?   2:07: Finally, Ryan Longwell comes on for the XP to make it 73 Vikings, with 5:12 to play in the half.  2:05: On third and goal, Moose


slips out of Harvin’s hands, which

cro ssb ar o n th e g o alp o st. I

are inside the 10.

own 38 with 54 seconds left in the

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  10:12: Make it 1-2-3 (4-5) by what happens. 4-6-3 double play, center to score two. 2-1 Yankees. than Pettitte with runners on base Oliv er, after a strik eo u t o f  Angels escape very lucky to be   9:44: Saunders with a terrific in every inning and in scoring Swisher on on a sweeping curve. down just 3-1. fastball right on Jeter’s hands, but  position twic e, but he’s ma de the

Jeff Mathis, the Mark Lemke of  2009. Angels up, 1-0.* * *  You know baseball is a strange

Most  10:10:impressive. Oliver gets two quick outs to start the fifth. Manna from heaven for the Angels after a shell-shocked fourth.  10:07: And right on cue, Aybar  taps into an inning-ending double  play. Still 3-1 Yanks.   10:06: Did Mathis really just make an out?– Futterman* * *  The bottom of the Angels’ lineup is just much weaker than the Yankees’.– Keri   1 0 :0 5 : P ettitte wh iffs th e momentarily mortal Jeff Mathis for the first out. Aybar up, one out, one on.  10:02: Juan Rivera leads off the fifth, lines a single to center. This game is far from over, especially with at least three innings ’til Rivera and Joe Girardi in the dugout.  10:00: Give Joe Saunders some credit. Jeter has wrecked him in

 that 9:55: Saunders throwsthe a fastball appears to catch inside corner…and he doesn’t get the call. Ball four. A-Rod walks, 3-1 Yankees, still only one out.   Scioscia pulls Saunders, one  ba tt er too la te .* * *  50,000 people on their feet for ARod’s at bat. It’s no fun being Joe Saunders right now.– Futterman   9:53: A-Rod swung for the downs on a fastball right down the middle and JUST missed it. Fouled it off. Everyone in the TriState area just said  OOOOOOOHHHHHH!!! at the same time.  9:51: Teixeira with a slow roller  to short, Damon gets a great jump,  bea ts the for ce try by Ayb ar. Bases loaded, one out, A-Rod up, season on the line for the Angels.  And Scioscia elects NOT to go to Jepsen, the hard-throwing righty. Tim McCarver and I agree — 

right whenofhe’s to and  with pitches the bottom the had Yankees’ order coming up may be able to  breeze into the fifth.– Futterma n   9:32: Morales grounds out to second for the second out.   Lots of talk about Pettitte hanging a curve on the pitch Abreu smacked to right to score the first Angels’ run. Didn’t look  like that bad a pitch to me. Abreu  jus t wai ted on it and pul led it. Mark of a good hitter.  9:30: Vlad called out on a curve that missed by about three inches. Robots please! please!   9:27: Matsui with his second  weak groundout to first in two at bats. Yankees have now stranded  six in three innings. Still 1-0 Angels.   9:24: Posada with a flyball to right. Caught at the wall by Abreu.   Wow. Abreu makes a catch at

game Angels Mathiswhen becomes the catcher thorn inJeff  the side of the Yankees this series. A little perspective: Mathis hit .211 this season. He’s 7-for-11 in this series, has doubled and scored a run tonight and is on the verge of  getting his visage carved in those rocks out in centerfield of Angel Stadium. 1-0 Angels after two and  a h alf in n in g s. A lead fo r  Saunders. Yankees have been a hit away all night but haven’t gotten it, much to the delight of  the 11 Angels fans who seem to  be in the stadium. They are seated  together in the front row of the mezzanine above third base. When Abreu’s single scored  Mathis from third a few minutes ago, they were the only audible voices in the ballpark. Angels  Nat ion ?– Fut ter man   9:12: Fox graphic: Figgins and  Abreu 5 for 42 this series. No

his career. A-Rod has wrecked  everyone this postseason, so even though those walks got him taken out of the game, they may have limited the damage. If it costs your team a run to walk A-Rod  instead of costing you four if you  pitc h to him is that suc h a bad  thing? It’s a two-run game and the Angels still have 15 outs to play with. It’s not a position they like,  but could be much, much worse.–  Futterman  9:59: Darren Oliver faces Posada,  best-case scenario for the Angels is a groundball by the slow-

wallto at right Yankee Stadium andin a lousy decision. the lead was big  be scored tonight. I don’t like that the flyball doesn’t land  9:50: Grabbing decision. fo r th e Yan k ees, b u t mo re  9:37: Cano draws an extremely Connecticut. importantly this isn’t going to be a rare (for him) walk to lead off the  9:22: Saunders continues to keep long night for Saunders. He’s fourth. Swisher-Cabrera-Jeter  Yankees hitters off-balance, nearly 80 pitches into his outing coming up with a chance to knot setting down Teixeira to start the third. Looks like an unintentional and still in the fourth inning. The it at 1. Yankees are going to get into the   9:34: Kendrick takes a fastball intentional walk to A-Rod here Angels bullpen before long. That right down the heart of the plate with one out and the bases empty, hasn’t been a pretty sight in this for strike three for some strange though. 3-0 count. series.– Futterman reason. 1-2-3 go the Halos.* * *   9:17: Pettitte throws a wicked    9:49: Jepsen and Oliver up in  Pettite is darn sharp, despite the fastball on the outside corner to Angels pen. Scioscia won’t wait double to Mathis. 56 pitches catch Hunter looking to end the long here. through four innings; the Yankees inning. 1-0 Angels going to the  9:47: Redemption for Damon! couldn’t ask for more than that.  bottom of the third . Second time with the bases Saunders is at 53 through three  9:13: And now 6 for 44! Abreu

wonder Angels trailing.  Make itthe 5 for 43 on are a nifty play  by Cano in t he hol e.  9:11: Erick Aybar, displaying the worst plate discipline in the history of Western Civilization, Civilization, whiffs on a pitch a foot inside, in the dirt. His new haircut’s about as effective as Swisher’s so far.  9:09: Mathis has five doubles in 11 at-bats this series. He hit eight in 237 regular-season at-bats.  9:08: Improbable playoff hero Jeff Mathis starts the top of the third with with a double to right right--

Morales  pop up. can’t track down the  9:43: Jeter has now worked the count full. First base open, Saunders might go off speed off  the plate here, try to get Jeter to chase or take his chances with Damon with the sacks full.  9:40: In case that wasn’t clear —  this is incident No. 1 of Joe Girardi overmanaging. And the end won’t justify the means if  Jeter knocks ‘em in. It’s about the  process.   9:39: Swisher and his haircut finally off the schneid! An eighthopper through the left-side hole makes it first and second, nobody out.   Buck and McCarver speculating on a bunt. And indeed, Cabrera  bunts. Second and thir d, one out, top of the order up. But it’s the fourth inning, Cabrera’s a decent hitter, plenty more runs likely to

footed catcher…and that’s just

loaded, slashes a single to left-

innings. Flirting with danger more

strokes a single to right to cash

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frantically shouts for a pass play. Vikings inexplicably ignore him and hand the ball to Peterson who

Kluwe is “well known as an avid  figure out why Childress would  B u c c a n e e r s . B u t w i t h t h e Guitar Hero 2 player,” according challenge that one. Maybe he jjust ust exchange rate, I think that works to infallible source W Wikipedia. ikipedia. wanted to burn a timeout? out to 9-0.

take the ball. Favre trots out on the field. It’s his first visit visit to Pittsburgh in 11 years, Albert tells

scampers into theforen end virtually untouched a d6-3zone lead. Long delay for no apparent reason on the extra-point attempt….  2:03: Fox robot update: He/she/it had a football coming back from that commercial.  2:02: Childress runs on the field  to make sure a timeout gets called  on second and goal. I must say, he was wise to grow that beard.   2:00: Third and 1 from the 12. Peterson gets the call and takes it to the 3. That’s his second-best run today. Vikings in good shape to take the lead here.  1:58: Favre seems to be finding a rhythm here. Three short passes to the outside here, two to Bernard  Berrian, move Minnesota to the Steeler 21.  1:55: A 28-yard completion from Favre to Harvin on third down  puts the Viki ngs in Pitt sbur gh territory, at the 39-yard line.

This by thekick way,that he sets punted  well: time, a 54-yard the Steelers up at their own 23. 12:27 to go in the half.  1:45: Moose is calling for the nohuddle offense!  1:44: Best offensive play of the day so far for the Vikings: Peterson on a 15-yard carry on first down, bringing the ball out to the Viking Viking 33– their deepest drive so far.  SECOND QUARTER    1:40: That’s the end of the quarter. All things considered, the Vikings have to be happy. They’ve done nothing with the  ball (have they even been past the Pittsburgh 30?) and twice the Steelers started in Minnesota territory — but all they have to show for it is three  points.  1:38: Actually, it was a 39-yard  kick. Jeff Reed nails it and with

 Roethlisberg 1 : 3 0 : Oer n finds t h i rrookie d d owide wn, Roethlisberger receiver/longtime “60 Minutes” correspondent Mike Wallace for a first down. Or is it? Coach Childress is challenging this one.   1:26: Since it looks like we’re going to see him a lot today, I think I’m going going to start providin providing g a series of Fun Facts about Vikings punter Chris Kluwe. Fun Fact #1: He was born on Christmas Eve! Fun Fact #2: He doesn’t appear to be a good   punter. Tha t one just we nt for 19 yards. Pittsburgh gets it at the Minnesota 39 with 4:26 left in the first.   1:24: Peterson goes for minusthree on first down. He has now carried three times times for minus-two yards. Harrison takes down Favre on second down for a loss of six. Third and 19 coming up here.   1:22: Favre finds Percy Harvin

 1:14: is sacked James FarriorFavre on first downby and the Vikings go three-and-out, with minus-four net yards. Moose Johnston, in the booth with Albert, calls it “a real confidence  boo st fo r Fa vr e. ” Be ca us e he could have have been sacked twice, I guess? Steelers take over at the Minnesota 49 after the pun punt. t. 9:45 left in the first quarter now.   1:12: As Fox displayed its sp o n so rs’ n ames after th at commercial, the Fox robot was taking batting practice. Hmmm…why would Fox be trying to make us think think about  bas eba ll rig ht now?  1:09: Good job by the Vikings D here. After the Mendenhall run, they managed a sack of  Roethlisberger Roethlisberg er and, despite good   pro te cti on by the Ste el er lin e, covered the down downfield field receivers well and left Roethlisberger Roethlisberger with

us.  FIRST QUARTER    12:58: The most important  pre ga me no te is th at An toi ne Winfield, the Vikings’ all-pro cornerback, will be out at least for  the next month. Winfield was injured during last week’s game against Baltimore. He didn’t  practice this week, week, so the fact that he’s not playing today isn’t news. Still, his absence absence could make Ben Roethlisberger a very happy man: With Winfield out last week, Baltimore’s Joe Flacco came alive, leading the Ravens’ to three fourth-quarter TD’s and nearly stealing the game.   12:56: Yesssss! We get Marv Albert’s son calling the game for  Fox. Unfortunatel y, that also means we get Tony Siragusa.   12:55 p.m. ET: Were getting close to kickoff, so lets look a little closer closer at whats at stake for  for 

Moose reciting responds a excitedly  1:53: It’s still been 11 years since Favre has been past his own 33yard line line in Pittsburgh.   1:50: So far, the absence of  Winfield doesn’t seem to be hurting Minnesota at all. Karl Paymah delivers a hit that forces Hines Ward to drop what would  have been a big third-down conversion. Steelers punt and the Vikings get it back at their own 24.   1:46: The drive immediately conks out, and here comes our old 

51 seconds left3-0. in the quarter, the Steelers are up   1:36: Big Ben finds Santonio Holmes in the end zone on third  and five. But the celebration is short-lived: Heath Miller is flagged for offensive pass interference. Now it’s third and 15 from the 18 — and Big Ben is taken down by Jared Allen back  at the 23. Now the Steelers are looking at a 40-yard kick.  1:34, part two: Wallace gets the call again, this time on a reverse. He takes it down to the Viking 13. Top that, Morley Safer!

on third-and-five for a first I thought though t there might ha have vedown. been movement on the right side of the Vikings’ line on that one, but whatever.  1:20: Another three-and-out, and  the Steelers waste terrific field   position. Minnesota gets i t at its own 17, with just over 8 minutes left in the quarter. Imagine how excited Moose will get if the Vikings produce positive yardage on this drive!   1:18: Back in the studio, Curt Menefee informs us that the Patriots, playing in London, hav havee

no good options onball third long. Vikings get the backand  on the punt.  1:07: Rashard Mendenhall carries for 15 yards on first down. I credit the training he received from his college coach, genius tactician Ron Zook.  1:05: There’s that second-rankedagainst-the run Steelers D. James Harrison trips up Adrian Peterson Peterson for a loss on second down. Favre is forced to throw on third and  four, and it goes incomplete. Steelers take over at their own 26 after forcing a three-and-out.

 both tea ms y. The game  being tout touted, ed,toda not surprisingly, surprisin gly, asisa “Possible Super Bowl Preview”, and maybe thats what it will end  up being.  But Pittsburgh probably needs a win more than Minnesota does. At 4-2, the Steelers would would be the fifth seed in AFC if the playoffs were to start right now. Their  schedule after today isnt that imposing, and as one of the leagues most consistent teams over the last six seasons, no one really thinks thinks theyll have trouble


friend Chris Kluwe. Fun Fact #3:

  1:34: Call stands. Moose can’t

taken a 7-0 lead over the

  1:03: Vikings win the toss and 

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continued from page 51

center. Mike Scioscia already that scoots past Figgins. Two on, These baserunning blunders favors Mathis over Mike Napoli, two out for Jeter. Another big two a g a i n s t t h e Y a n k e e s t h i s who’s normally a much better  -out spot for a Yankees hitter   postseas on a re just unbelieva ble.

right by Hunter for strike two, whole, “You don’t want to have a then induces a soft lineout to end  Game 7, anything can happen” a 1-2-3 top of the first. No score myth in sports. The Yankees

here.   8:55: Make it 3 for 30 for  Swisher after a flyout to center. Joe Buck notes his struggles; haircut subterfuge didn’t work.   Cabrera’s up, two out, man on first. Saunders inducing a lot of  weakly-hit balls by changing speeds and locations so far.   8:52: Cano singles to center,  br in gi ng up th e ne wl y fa ux hawked Nick Swisher. Savvy move by Swisher, if there’s one thing announcers will harp on more than meaningful small sample sizes, it’s haircuts that don’t date from 1955.  8:49: Saunders gets Matsui on a weak groundout to first on the first pitch. pitch. Tim McCarver jjust ust compared Saunders to a freethrow shooter taking deep breaths to steady himself himself (in this case against the pressure of pitching in Yankee Stadium).

Visiting clubhouse staff must be administering lobotomies.   8:40: Jeter nearly made an unbelievable play on a ball up the middle, after he was playing d deep eep in the hole. Which shows two things:   1) Jeter’s range has improved  with age.  2) Vlad Guerrero, who started his career running like Clemente, now runs like Steve Balboni.  8:37: Saunders throwing tons of  sinkers, including against Posada, induces a popout to right. No score after one.   8:35: And sure enough, Rodriguez rips a single to left. Two on, two out, Posada up.   Look for junk, junk and more  junk by Saun der s her e.   8:34: Saunders sets down Jeter  and Damon, then yields a linedrive single to center by Teixeira. Scioscia’s already holding out

heading to the bottom of the first. could have with Pettitte  8:25: Tight, spinning, diving Sabathia or gone Sabathia-Pettitte. curve whiffs Abreu for out Fine either way. number two. two. And Pettitte starts  8:08: Thank goodness that vapid  Torii Hunter with a strike right on  NFL O n Fox postgame coverage the outside black. He’s got his A is done. Time for vapid MLB On stuff so far.* * * Fox pregame!  It’s as loud early here as it’s been   8:03: First great Tweet of the the whole series. Three up three- night, from former Yankees down is a bad way for these  blo gge r tur ned Bos ton Glo be Angels to start. Remember, for all writer Pete Abraham (@PeteAbe): their success in California, they “By the time the 1st pitch is h a v e n ’ t w o n h e r e i n t h e thrown, 68 hours and 49 minutes  postseason yet this year and were will have elapsed since the last  basically out of synch in the firs t one.” two games, in part due to the cold.   7:57: Good news-bad news on You wonder if they don’t get to the weather front as we await the Pettitte early will they begin to start of Game 6. The good good news: lose confidence as the innings  No rain in the foreca st, amazi ng  pass. The Yankees were 35-8 here weather up and down the East in the second half, and are Coast today. Bad news: In its u n d e f e a t e d h e r e i n t h e desperate quest for prime-time  p o s t s e a s o n . – F u t t e r m a n coverage, we’ll we’ll get another cold  cold   8:23: Pettitte starts the game by night instead of a perfect sunny going 2-2 on Chone Figgins, then afternoon for baseball.

the game. Three runners lefttwo in  Kendrick 8 :4 6 : Th e sizzlin g Ho wie scoring position after just draws a two-out walk, innings.– Futterman  but Juan Rivera flies out out to center    9:02: Damon mistimes a curve t o e n d t h e i n n i n g . T w o out over the plate and taps out to  baserunners and no runs for either  first. Two innings, five left on team in consecutive stanzas. No  base for the Bombe rs. Ruh-r oh. score going to the bottom of the  End of two, scoreless. second.  9:00: Jeter walks on five pitches  8:43: The Angels win when they after home plate umpire calls the  play good defe nse and run hard  and smart. They did neither in first ball four as strike one.   D a m o n u p , b a s e s l o a d e d . Games 1 and 2. And Guerrero Pitching coach Mike Butcher’s getting erased after a leadoff  out to the mound. More sinkers single is no way to begin.–  Futterman coming up.  8:57: Another weakly hit ball, but  8:42: And Vlad gets doubled off 

four for A-Rod.   OK, fingers not really. But wouldn’t have been a surprise.  8:32: Shoutout to my good buddy from elementary school and high school, Ron, who flew into New York from Chicago, bought a single ticket in the nosebleeds to see the game live, paid the GDP of Peru for the privilege, and is drunkenly texting me excited  updates. Dollars to donuts the stadium is filled with a lot more diehards like Ron and fewer suits tonight, hence the great early noise.

induces a is groundout third. Mark Grace standing bytowith an “I told you you so” if an anything ything goes wrong.  8:18: Fox’s Mark Grace on Andy Pettitte, via @BenBadler on Twitter: ““Pettitte is a big-game  pitcher, except in G ame 6s whe n the Yankees lead 3 games to 2…big risk by giving giving him the  bal l toni ght. ”  Sabathia’s pitching in one of the series’ final two games, if it goes seven. Can’t understand why it’s a risk to start him in Game 7 (or  Game 1 of the World Series) and 

hitter. Wonder if Napoli see the light of day if the will Angels survive past tonight.  9:06:@PeteAbe says: “ Yankees are 10 of 58 (.172) with RISP in this series.”  9:04: That last groundout really took the life out of The House That Mafia Contractors May Or  May Not Have Built.  9:03: There they go again. This time, bases loaded with two out, the crowd practically begging for  a hit, and Damon grounds softly to first. There is plenty of talk  about the fearsome Yankee lineup  but at le ast in thi s pos tse aso n there are holes in it that are allowing the Angels to survive. Saunders pitched around Jeter, who is .444 in his career against him, while Damon is hitting .211 in the series. Farther down in the lineup, Swisher is hitting about .100, and Cano .212 heading into

  Then this  bi gg er again, pr ob le m is fo rprobably th os e ata Yankee Stadium tonight than the rest of us who got to watch Brett Favre, then the Dolphins choke, choke, followed by three and a half hours of playoff baseball goodness.  7:40 p.m. ET: There are a few things you begin to notice when you watch the Angels g go o through their pregame routine night after  night. Vladimir Guerrero finishes his batting practice by trying to crush the ball as hard as he can to the nether reaches of the ballpark.

this one’s a seeing-eye hopper  first on a routine flyout to right.

 8:27: Pettitte throws a fastball

not tonight. This is part of the

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re Four Games From Ending World Series ‘Drought’

( The Daily Fix   ) 

 Let’s take a moment to think of  the fans — waiting, worrying, wondering: when would it happen? Would it ever happen again? It had been five long seasons since the New York  Yankees last made the World  Series, and fans had to be afraid  that OK, sorry, I can’t do this. There is nothing surprising about the Yankees — stacked with future Hall of Famers, well-

obligation.”   That obligation had seemed to weigh especially heavily on Alex Rodriguez, by dint of his actual  pos tsea son stru ggle s and (mor e enduringly) the media narrative that he just couldn’t get it done in the clutch. Note the past tense there. After two postseason rounds, Rodriguez owns a .438  ba tt in g av er ag e, .5 48 on -b as e  per cent age , five home rs and 12 RBIs, and has seemingly wriggled  free of what had proven to be a  pa rt ic ul ar ly we ig ht y an d il l-

compensated up and down the roster and seemingly inevitable since late July — making it to the World Series. Their 5-2 win over  the L os Angeles Angels on Sunday night made it official, setting up a Fall Classic matchup  be tw ee n th e Bo mb er s an d th e Philadelphia Phillies. Whether it was a victory for loosey-goosey shaving-cream-pie jollity or just another trip around the block for  the $200-million-plus steamroller  depends on your perspective. But it wasn’t surprising. Reuters Who says money can’t buy happiness? “Vestiges of the old Yankee attitude — that they’re better than everyone — still exist and   prob ably alway s will, ” Yaho o’s Jeff Passan writes writes.. “It’s not  bragg ing if it’s true, right? [CC] Sabathia signed here for a reason, and so did [Mark] Teixeira and  [A.J.] Burnett and all of the others

tempered monkey on his back. “Finally, A-Rod is going to the World Series, and going in a manner he probably never even allowed himself to dream after his  pas t fai lur es in Oct obe r,” John Harper writes  writes   in the New York  Daily News. “Finally he found a way to play through all the expectations, found a way to stop trying so hard that he got in the way of his own talent, and once again he said it all goes back to re -committing to baseball after his steroids admission in the spring and playing for the team after hip surgery.”  While A-Rod’s offense was a big  p ar t o f th e wi n, it ’s wo rt h remembering the Angels for all they contributed to the Yankees’ trip to the Series. The top of the Angels’ order struggled terribly. Their pitchers issued 38 walks. Players made several painful

Submitted at 10/26/2009 8:46:51 AM

in 162 regular season games. “At a very critical time they were just awful,” the Orange County writes.. Register’s Mark Whicker writes “The 5-2 loss, and 4-2 series loss, was absorbed by the more tentative team.” In the L os Angeles Times, Mike DiGiovanna outlines   the Angels’ collapse. outlines Elsewhere in the Times, Bill Dwyre bemoans  bemoans   the protracted, very un-baseball shape forced  upon the postseason by Fox’s television scheduling demands.* * *  I got many things wrong in last week’s Fix NFL Picks, Picks, but few of  my predictions proved quite as resoundingly wrong as my half-

 jok ing burItial of something the Cin cinof natai Bengals. was reflex, considering that the Bengals have had one winning season since 1990. But the Bengals thrashed the Chicago Bears 45-10 on Sunday and now share space with the defending champion Pittsburgh Steelers atop the AFC Central. “They are Bungles no more,” Dennis Dillon writes   in The Sporting News. writes “Let’s just say it: The Bengals are since 2004: To a baseball player,  base runni ng miscu es. And, after  among the best teams in the  be in g a Ya nk ee re ma in s th e two more errors Sunday, the league.” ultimate. For the money and the Angels finished the series with  The Steelers kept pace with the

of the season in a 27-17 decision. It might’ve been closer had Brett Favre not tossed a late-game pick, with the Vikings in field-goal range that was returned 82 yards for a touchdown. At CBS Sports, Pete Prisco wonders  wonders   whether  Favre’s shaky showing signaled  the start of a late-season slide for  the second consecutive season for  the 40-year-old gunslinger.   T he New E ngland P atriots thrashed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as thoroughly as anticipated Sunday. The Pats’ 35-

University of Iowa has forced the game’s biggest boys to make some extra room at the top. The Hawkeyes jumped to fourth in the BCS standings after the Michigan State win — sealed by a late touchdown pass from Ricky Stanzi to Marvin McNutt on a trick play — and are undefeated  and seemingly cruising towards a Big Ten title.   T his is doubly impressive considering that Iowa has proven more proficient at piling up offfield infractions than wins in

7 win was more notable for its venue — London’s Wembley Stadium — than anything that happened in the game. Plenty of  fans were on hand, but the Times of London’s Nick Szczepanik  thinks the NF L still hasn’t demonstrated that American football will ever truly be at home in the U.K. “It was a great occasion if not a great game, and  the NFL piled on the razzmatazz,” writes. “But it failed  Szczepanik writes. to prove its point. Of course NFL fans were going to flock to see the  bes t tea m in the spo rt’ s rec ent history. So what? The NFL may only know that they have reached  the limits of Britain’s potential when it fails. … If there is a full house to see the Carolina Panthers take on the Buffalo Bills, the NFL can take over the world, never  mind Wembley.”* * *   The teams at the very top of 

recent years. At CBS Sports, Dennis Dodd marvels at the gutty, gritty team’s ability to just keep on winning. “Ferentz’s team is the sum of some very rusty and  questionable parts,” Dodd writes writes.. “Iowa has never started 8-0. Four  of those victories have come by a total of eight points. … The Hawkeyes are undefeated this deep in the season for the first time and are trying to figure out how.”* * *  A great many people have lost a great many dollars over the last couple of years, and anyone who reads the business section of the newspaper (this paper has a decent one) should at least have some rough idea why. The fall from grace of former Boston Celtics star Antoine Walker, though, seems better suited for the gossip pages. His unpaid debts total some $4 million, despite

college football didn’t budge over  career earnings of over $110 the weekend, and likely won’t be million during his 12-year NBA going anywhere anytime soon. career . In a sobering Boston


 p re s ti ge an d th e c ha ll en g e.  No wh er e el se is gr ea tn es s an

eight errors in six games after  B e n g a l s b y h a n d i n g t h e committing a club-record-low 85 Minnesota Vikings their first loss

After a dramatic 15-13 win at Michigan S tate, though, the

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Oklahoma Sooners Sam Bradford plans to enter NFL draft after surgery By  (   ) m news services 

 pla y aft er the inj ury . I' m ver y disappointed that it didn't work  out differently. "Under these circumstances, and  after talking to several people, this is the right thing for me to do at this point."  Bradford Worst In NCAA In Red  Zone  Sam Bradford struggled in 2009 when Oklahoma was trying to  punc h the ball in the end zone .

archrival Texas, Bradford fell on Saturday.   According to his statement, the shoulder again when he was Bradford expects his recovery sacked by Texas cornerback  time to be four to six months. As Aaron Williams in what will of Sunday, the April 22 draft was likely be the last play of his college career. The Sooners, now about six months away. "I'll be up to the challenge," ranked No. 22, lost for the third  Bradford said in the statement. time this season to fall out of the  Bradford led the Sooners to the national championship race and  BCS championship game last  je op ar di ze th ei r ch an ce s at a season as a sophomore, setting fourth straight Big 12 title. school records with 4,720 yards  Bradford also holds several other 

in Birmingham, Ala.  Bradford was expected to address rep o rters after th e S o o n ers'  pract ice on Monday in Norma n, Okla., where he was to hold a news conference at 7 p.m. ET. "I dreamed about coming to Oklahoma my whole life," Brad fo rd said S u n d ay in a statement. "That's the reason I came back for this season. And I came back to play, not sit on the

Bradford's completion percentage from the 20-yard line and in is the worst in the FBS among passers with at least 15 attempts. Here's how he fared deep in opponents' territory the past two seasons:  Bradford passed up the chance to  be a firs t-rou nd NFL draf t pick  this year -- he was projected as high as No. 1 overall -- to play another season with the Sooners, who he grew up following as a child in Oklahoma City.   After he was hurt against the Longhorns, reaggravating a sprain of the AC joint in his shoulder, Bradford initially said he was going to wait until the end of the season to make a decision about his future. He then called a news conference for Wednesday on campus, then canceled it about two hours before it was scheduled  to take place.  He accompanied Oklahoma to its

 passing 50eight touchdowns while throwingand only interceptions. Oklahoma lost to Florida 24-14 in the championship game, and  Bradford announced less than a week later that he intended to return for his junior year -- along with classmates and fellow NFL  p r o s p e c t s G e r a l d M c C o y , Gresham   and Trent Jermaine Gresham Williams -- for another chance at the title.   It ended up being the exact opposite of what he expected.  He broke 2003 Heisman Trophy winner Jason White White's 's school record for passing yards in a career one play before he was hit  by BY U li ne ba ck er Co le by Clawson just before halftime in the season opener. The Sooners ended up losing that game and  again at Miami without Bradford   befor e he retu rned to throw for  389 yards in a win against Baylor.

 bench. That's the reason I tried to

35-13 road win at Kansas on

  On the second series against

Submitted at 10/26/2009 5:27:29 AM

  Bradford To Undergo Surgery, Enter Draft Bradford To Undergo Surgery, Enter Draft  ST. LOUIS -- Heisman Trophy winner Sam Bradford   will have season-ending shoulder surgery and expects to enter the NFL draft in April.  Big 12 blog's Tim Griffin writes about all things Big 12 in his conference  blo g . • Blog network:  College Football Nation   The Oklahoma quarterback  in ju red h is rig h t, th ro win g shoulder twice this season, most recently against Texas on Oct. 10.   The school announced Sunday that Dr. James Andrews will  perform the operation Wednesday

school records, including touchdown passes (88) andcareer  yards  passing in a game (468). "We want Sam to pursue the best option for his recovery and  future," coach Bob Stoops said in a statement. "We obviously feel this is best for his long-range future. Sam has led us to two Big 12 championships and an appearance in the national title game, and has demonstrated  uncommon leadership skills. He is an absolute role model as a student-athlete and loyal teammate. "We appreciate the incredible contributions he has made to this  program a nd universit y."   Information from ESPN's Joe Schad and The Associated Press was used in this report.   This content has passed through


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Globe feature that walks the line  between well-reported exposé and  shameless schadenfreu schadenfreude, de, Shira Springer reveals reveals    how the threetime All-Star lost so much.  While ‘Toine is facing jail time for his debts, fellow former NBA star J.R. Rider is in a prison of his own devising. While Rider has spent some time in actual literal  jai l, he’ s cur ren tly doi ng tim e with the North Texas Fresh of the (very) minor league American Bask etb all Asso ciatio n an d   staring at the end of what should  have been a much better hoops career. The winner of the 1994  NBA sla m dunk cont est put up good numbers during his nine  NBA seas ons ons,, but also earned a reputation as one of his era’s defining knuckleheads. (Imagine this piece, by the Marin Independent Journal’s Dave Albee, written dozens of times with different datelines, in fractio n s an d co u rtro o ms subbed in.) At Yahoo, Marc J. Spears finds  finds   Rider not exactly chastened, but not ready to quit, either.  — Tip of the Fix cap to fello w Fixer Garey Ris.  Found a good column from the world of sports? Don’t keep it to y o u rself — write write to u s at [email protected] [email protected]   and we’ll consider your find for inclusion in the Daily Fix. You can email David at [email protected]. [email protected].




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Florida remains in top spot Iowa moves to No. 4 USC No. 5

DraftWatch 2010: Kirill Kabanov Embraces North American Style

By Associat  ed ed Press  (   ) 

( F FanHouse  anHouse   ) 

Submitted at 10/25/2009 7:05:22 PM

 Iowa Makes Leap In Latest BCS Standings Iowa Makes Leap In Latest BCS Standings  NEW YORK -- Boise State got  bumped. TCU i s now in pos ition to be this season's BCS buster -for now.   The Horned Frogs passed the Broncos on Sunday in the Bowl Championship Series standings, with TCU jumping two spots from last week and Boise State falling three.  Florida (.9726), Alabama (.9450) and Texas (.8927) held onto the top three spots. All are on course to reach the national championship game if they can remain undefeated. The Gators and Crimson Tide, Nos. 1 and 2 in the AP poll, could meet in the Southeastern Conference title game.  Unbeaten Iowa (.8249) moved up two spots to fourth place after   bea tin g Mic hi gan Sta te 15- 13 with a last-play touchdown pass  by Ricky Stanzi .   Fifth-place USC (.7944) also moved up two spots.   TCU (.7890) is sixth, a spot ahead of Boise State (.7752).

 Cincinnati was eighth, the lowest of the unbeaten teams, with LSU and Oregon rounding out the top 10.   The big swing between the undefeated Broncos and Horned  Frogs came after TCU won 38-7 at Mountain West Conference rival BYU (6-2) and Boise State won 54-9 at Western Athletic Conference rival Hawaii (2-5).  Those games caused a major shift

against each other in the BCS  TCU has home games remaining against UNLV, Utah and New standings. "We'll see how the votes and the Mexico and road games left computers and all those people do against San Diego State and  that stuff and see how it turns Wyoming. The Frogs will be out," TCU coach Gary Patterson favored to beat all their MWC said after the Frogs' ninth straight rivals, and heavily favored against all but Utah, which is 16th in the victory Saturday.  Boise State is ranked fifth in both latest BCS standings. the Harris poll and USA Today  That Utah game is key for TCU  be ca us e Bo is e St at e ha s no coaches' poll.   TCU was seventh in the Harris opponent left on its schedule as

in the computer thatsaid  put TCU ahead of rating Boise and State, BCS analyst Jerry Palm. But the Horned Frogs lead over the Broncos is far from safe. "If those two teams keep winning, it's going to go down to the wire," Palm said in a telephone interview Sunday.  Neither the WAC or MWC has an automatic BCS bid for its champion, but in each of the last three seasons a team from one of  those leagues has earned  automatic entry by finishing in the top 12 of the final BCS standings.   Only one team from an nonautomatic qualifying league can earn an automatic bid and it's unlikely either would be taken as an at-large selection.  So while the Broncos and Horned  Frogs don't meet on the field this season, they are competing

 poll six th inFrogs the coac hesup ' poll The , Horned made the. difference in the computer ratings, which accounts for a third of the BCS average.   A compilation of six computer  ratings had TCU fourth in the country, Boise State eighth.   Palm said the computer ratings are volatile early in the season. "Boise took a beating for playing Hawaii and Cincinnati took a  beating for playing Louisville. At the end of the year, TCU is not going to be four spots ahead of  Boise in the computers," he said.   Ultimately, Palm said, the poll voters will decide between Boise State and TCU. "Nobody should be making travel  plans yet," he said. "TCU is there this week but long-term they have to get better in the polls or they're not going to stay."

By Christop her her Botta  Submitted at 10/26/2009 12:00:00 PM

 by Christopher Botta   F i l e d u n d e r :  N H L D r a f t , Exclusive,, Junior  FanHouse Exclusive Hockey  When he's not pursuing his goal of becoming the first overall pick  in the 2010 NHL Draft, 17-yearold Kirill Kabanov helps out with renovations on the home of his host family in Moncton, New good.  The Broncos have six games left Brunswick. against WAC foes San Jose State, "They treat me like a son," Louisiana Tech, Idaho, Utah Kabanov said of his billets. "I State, Nevada and New Mexico want to help out any way I can. This is my home." State.  TCU and Boise State did meet on  It will likely be for just one year. the field last season and the The super-skilled left wing is a Horned Frogs handed the Broncos certain top-10 pick in the draft their only loss with a 17-16 next June. His decision to move victory in the Poinsettia Bowl in from his native Russia to play in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey San Diego.   Boise State played in the BCS League this season has elevated  after the 2006 season, beating  NHL his already-lofty status sc out ing com mun itin y. the Oklahoma 43-42 in overtime in a  DraftWatch 2010: Kirill Kabanov classic Fiesta Bowl.   C o p y r i g h t 2 0 0 9 b y T h e Embraces North American Style originally appeared on Fanhouse Associated Press og on  on Mon, 26 Oct 2009   This content has passed through  NHL Bl og 12:00:00 12:00:0 0 EST . Please see our  our feeds.. terms for use of feeds this| Linking   Permalink | Email this| Blogs|| Comments Blogs



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continued from page 52

making the playoffs. After all, success is built on a flimsy, fluky theyre just two near-misses (three foundation. So, actually winning -point road losses to Chicago and  today isnt the most important

the Jets to an 8-3 start — only to throw nine picks in a hellish fivegame closing stretch in which the

team, Green Bay, which is now eighth in the league. (And the second best he faced was San

Cincinnati)  Still, a loss from today6-0. would make the defending Super Bowl champs an underwhelming 4-3 heading into their bye week. And their four  wins this year (against hideous Tennesse, Detroit and Cleveland  teams and a middling San Diego squad) really shouldnt impress anyone. So a loss to the Vikings  — the best te am, by far, that the Steelers have yet faced — could  raise some questions. A solid  win, though, will affirm everyones assumption: This years team is at least as good as last years.   Minnesota, meanwhile, has exceeded everyones expectations so far. Thats not saying much, since everyone seemed to expect that the Vikings, after Brett Favres last-minute unretirement, would be a bastion of disunity, infighting, and backstabbing.

thing for Minnesota: At 6-0, they can absorb an L. Playing a tough, close game on the road against the defending champs will earn them respect. Getting blown out on the other hand.   Pregame: The subject of Brett Favre and the 6-0 Minnesota Vikings recently recently came u up p in a Gchat exchange between me and  my friend Jeff. Remember when everyone just knew that it was going to be a train wreck? I asked. It wont end well, he assured me. Hell break down. YeahBreak down in tears of joy after leading them to a Super  Bowl triumph!   Like the proverbial half-full or  half-empty glass, there are two ways to treat the 1,347 yards, 12 touchdowns, 109.5 quarterback  rating, and six wins that Favre has produced in the seasons first

Jetsyof squ squandered a to once-certain  pla f andered be rth . Or the thr ee seasons before that, when he threw a combined 25 in tercep tio n s (with ju st 1 1 touchdowns) over the final five games of each campaign. So why get excited about another quick  start?   The reason, Favre partisans would respond, is that Unretired  Brett 2.0 seems to be playing with more focus and discipline than weve seen from him in years: His 1 2 -to -2 to u ch d o wn -to interception ratio is the best hes ever posted in a six six-game -game stretch. And this year, hes aided by Adrian Peterson — hailed this week by Pittsburgh coach Mike Tomlin as arguably the best football player in the world —  whose mere presence in the  backfield puts defenders on edge.   Todays Vikings-Steelers game

Franciscos 15th-ranked D.)can If  Favres sterling TD/INT ratio survive the trip to Heinz Field, he should win ov over er skeptics.   That said, even if the Vikings manage to put some points on the  board, theyll still be in trouble , since their 18th-rank 18th-ranked ed defense was exposed in last weeks 33-31 escape job against the Ravens. The Vikings surrendered 448 yards in the game, allowed three fourth-quarter touchdowns, and  survived only because Steven Hauschka missed a 44-yard field  goal as time expired.  That kind of performance wont cut it in Pittsburgh, where Ben Roethlisberger is averaging nearly 300 passing yards a game — and  the entire offense is churning out mo re th an 4 0 0 . F o r all th e attention that Favre has attracted, it may be that Minnesotas defense actually has more to prove today.

Instead, theyre undefeated two-and-a-half two-and-a-hal f games ahead inand  the  NFC North.  The question, as I wrote before, is how long Favre can maintain his torrid early season pace. Theres a sense that the Vikings

six ers ehl es e s t a gbames: l i s h e d Eith him f a sre-a championship-caliber gunslinger, or hes proven proven absolutely nothing nothing..  Certainly, theres ample reason to  be cynical. Just think back to last year, when Unretired Brett 1.0 led 

will M i n nbee sthe o t a stiffest s g r a ntest d Fyet a v rof  e Experiment. The Steelers rank  third in the NFL in total defense  — and sec ond aga ins t the run . Before today, the best defense Favre faced was that of his old 




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continued from page 53

Bobby Abreu often sprays line filling up with a fans who have drives across the infield on his waited 24 hours for this game to final half-dozen swings. A lot of  get underway. It’s perfect night

David Robertson in favor of  Alfredo Aceves, a decision that cost the Yankees Game 3 of the

the intodown the batters and guys beginstep laying  Then there is the manager, Mike Scioscia, who has his own routine. Most managers spend   batt ing prac tic e hangi ng on the rail of the batting cage, seemingly thinking deep thoughts. Scioscia, the longtime Dodgers catcher, grabs a bat and hits infield   practi ce, banging groundbal ls to Erick Aybar and Howie Kendrick, even directing them when to turn double plays, and when to throw straight to first base. “It keeps him in tune with the game,” said Tony Reagins, the Angels general manager. “It’s what he’s always done.”  Reporters who cover the Angels said the manager is downright religious about the practice, stopping pregame interviews virtually in mid-sentence when the time to hit arrives.

for fallinviting,” baseball. “Very inv iting,” Reagins called  it. Before Game 1 nine days ago,  played in a drizzle and 40-degree temperatures, Reagins had a different description of the environment. “Damn cold,” he said back then.– Futterman  Pregame: An intriguing pairing of lefties pitting the old veteran Andy Pettitte against the upstart Joe Saunders. A match-up of  sluggers, with Kendry Morales and Vladimir Guerrero squaring off with Alex Rodriguez and  Mark Teixeira. Another chance for umpires to either redeem themselves or make us again pine for more technology. technology.   But the storyline to watch in Game 6 of the ALCS is the battle of managers, with the Yankees’ Joe Girardi going up against the Angels’ Mike Scioscia. Girardi has made a series of perplexing

series. Girardi’s pinch-running fetish has also come back to haunt him; subbing in Brett Gardner and  Freddy Guzman and not running with either of them crippled the middle of the Yankees lineup to no good effect. When Gardner’s gotten the green light, he’s been gunned down.  Meanwhile, Scioscia’s decision to pull John Lackey in Game 5 (and replace him with suspect lefty Darren Oliver) nearly ended  the Angels’ season, and his handling of the pitching staff has  been suspec t. Then again, given this is nowhere near the Angels’  bullpens of old, per haps Scios cia simply lacks good options.  With three of the five games in this series decided by a single run, don’t be surprised if one at-bat decides the game; and that a manager’s decision influences that at-bat, and maybe decides the

 Whether Scioscia’s hitting is enough to helpinfield the Angels shock the Yankees by winning the final two games of this series, no one knows, but a half-hour before the first pitch, he was loose, they were loose, and the stadium is

moves, drawing ire of stares New series. York’s media and the confused from Bombers’ fans.   Most notably, Girardi has replacing same-handed pitchers against same-handed hitters to ill effect, including his removal of 

Suddenly Slumping Giants Slip ack to NFC East Pack By Dan Graziano ( FanHouse  FanHouse   )  Submitted at 10/26/2009 12:05:00 PM

 by Dan Graziano   Filed under: Cowboys Cowboys,, Eagles Eagles,, Giants ,  NF L An al ys is   EAST Giants, RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- This was to have been the Giants' get-right game. Sure, New Orleans beat them up last week, but the Saints are an undefeated team that was coming off a bye week and   playing at home. The Giants spent spent the week shrugging off that loss and promising to be better this week at home against the Cardinals. The defense promised  more blitzing and less trepidation. The offense promised to be sharper. To a man, the Giants were certain they'd come up with a big win Sunday night over the

well," Giants coach Tom Coughlin   said. "So, back to the Coughlin drawing board."  And back, whether they like it or  not, into a three-team NFC East tussle where there's no clear  favorite -- not even them.   Suddenly Slumping Giants Slip Back to NFC East Pack  originally  originally appeared on Fanhouse NFL Blog on Mon, 26 Oct 2009 12:05:00 EST . Please see our terms for  reigning of feeds. feeds. they lost.NFC champs...and then  use Permalink | Email this| this| Linking "For whatever reason, we've had  Blogs Blogs|| Comments two weeks in a row now where one area has not performed very



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Cardinals Flip Script on Clearing Up the Big Ten Giants Picture By Dan Graziano ( FanHouse  FanHouse   ) 

By Mark Hasty ( FanHouse  FanHouse   ) 

Submitted at 10/26/2009 1:18:00 AM

Submitted at 10/26/2009 7:30:00 AM

 by Dan Graziano  Filed under: Arizona Cardinals, Cardinals, Giants,  NFL Quarte rbacks ,  NFL Giants, Analysis EAST Analysis  EAST RUTHERFORD,  N.J. -- They flew all over the field  all night, racing to the ball, harassing the opposing quarterback with a variety of  national TV in the swamps of  aggressive blitzes. The defense Jersey. "We definitely fed off our defense w a s d i s rand u p tthe i v emain , d ereason e p a nits d   tonight," Arizona quarterback  energetic, team won the game. All of this Kurt Warner   said. More: Check  Score | Standings w a s t o b e e x p e c t e d , o f   Box Score| c o u r s e . . . j u s t n o t f r o m t h i s   Cardinals Flip Script on Giants originally appeared on Fanhouse  pa r ti c ul a r te a m . Blog on  on Mon, 26 Oct 2009  On this night, it was the Arizona  NFL Blog 01:18:00 EST . Please see our  our  Cardinals beating Cardinals  beating the  New York  feeds.. Giants   at the latter's own game, terms for use of feeds Giants this|| Linking forcing four turnovers and out-   Permalink | Email this Blogs|| Comments muscling Big Blue 24-17 on Blogs

 by Mark Hasty   Filed under: Indiana Indiana,, Iowa Iowa,, n, M i ch i g an S t at e , M i c h i g a n,  North west ern ern,, Ohio State State,, Penn State,, Purdue State Purdue,, Wisconsin, Wisconsin , Big 10 While most of the world is still trying to figure out how the Iowa Hawkeyes stole the cheese out of   but bar ely bre athing? And wher e the mousetrap-mousetrap -- again -- the do things go from here in this conference titlemore race shape. is beginning to take a little Since neither Iowa nor Ohio State lost this past weekend, there's no shakeup at the top. Both teams remain equally in control of their  respective destinies.  But what about the rest of the league? Is anybody new out of the hunt this week? Who's still alive

Unbeaten Saints Seem Parity Proof By Dave Goldberg ( F FanHouse  anHouse   )  Submitted at 10/25/2009 9:30:00 PM

 by Dave Goldberg  Filed under: Saints Saints   This piece was supposed to be about parity. About two of the NFL's four  remaining unbeaten teams losing and about why New England's 160 2007 regular season was so remarkable.  In other words, about why no one will match that soon. Or ever.  That's still probably true. But the

crazy conference?   Clearing Up the Big Ten Picture originally appeared on Fanhouse  NCAA Football Blog on Blog  on Mon, 26 Oct 2009 07:30:00 EST . Please see our terms for use of feeds. feeds .   Permalink | Email this| this | Linking Blogs|| Comments Blogs

Multiplayer Excitebike World Rally heats up WiiWare November 9 By JC Fletcher ( J Joystiq  oystiq   )  Submitted at 10/26/2009 12:50:00 PM

 Turn on your Wii and check out the Nintendo Channel right now: on the weekly "Nintendo Week"  program, hosts revealed a new WiiWare the version of Excitebike, called Excitebike World Rally, due out November 9. It looks like a 2.5D version of the original Excitebike redone in polygons, with the classic track editor. But this version has online multiplayer! Take that, Vs . Excitebike.. Excitebike   There's also footage of  Castlevania: The Adventure Rebirth! It looks fantastic. That comes pretty early in the show. The Excitebike reveal comes only after a Frag Doll appearance and a Scooby-Doo style fast-motion chase sequence. And a zombie grunting his way through a description of Zombies Ate My  Neigh bors.   Multiplayer Excitebike World  Rally heats up WiiWare  November 9 originally appeared  on Joystiq  on   on Mon, 26 Oct 2009

many interceptions does Darren Sharper , who will turn 34 in nine days, have to return for  touchdowns before we'll starting wondering if New Orleans can Developer claims 80 emulate the Patriots? Patriots? percent piracy rate for   Unbeaten Saints Seem ParityProof   originally appeared on latest iPhone release Fanhouse NFL Blog on Blog on Sun, 25 By Andrew Yoon ( Joystiq  Joystiq   )  Oct 2009 21:30:00 EST . Please Submitted at 10/26/2009 12:30:00 PM feeds..  believers after falling behind 24-3 see our terms for use of feeds this|| Linking  Apple's iPhone/iPod Touch is a 12:50:00 Sunday, then outscoring Miami   Permalink | Email this feeds.. see our  terms for EST. use of Please feeds Blogs|| Comments 43-10 in the last 30 minutes and  Blogs lot like Sony's PSP in many ways:  Permalink | Email this this|| Comments

Saints   are making a lot of  Saints

two seconds to win 46 34. How DEVELOPER page 60




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DEVELOPER continued from page 59

they both play games, movies and  Tap-Fu-- it seems marking the revenue? DLC. "This forces the music -- and now both can game down to $1.99 didn't  pira tes to chan ge thei r str ate gy struggle with the effects of piracy of piracy.. discourage anyone from taking a significantly and it might be a According iPhone , developer  Smells LiketoDonkey, about 80 Donkey  percent  of all downloads of Tap percent of Fu   were illegally downloaded. Fu  The developer notes that learning how to pirate games off the iPhone is surprisingly easy, thanks to "a kernel patch that  bypas ses Apple' s DRM syst em" that "would take an average  per son 5 min ute s in Goog le to find." Additionally, the developer  discovered that an average of zero  p e r c e n t   o f p i r a t e s e n d u p  purch asing a legit imat e copy of 

freeisride. "It kind of depressing," the developer admits. However, other  iPhone developers are encouraged  to take a proactive approach in lieu of Apple's slow response to the piracy situation. "Detecting a  pirated app is quite simple to do," the developer notes. "Probably the first thing we'll try is popping up a message reminding people that they really should buy the game if  they like it and conveniently  pr ov id e li nk s to do so ." An alternate plan to generate

while before becomes feasible to attack this itsystem." [Via Develop Develop]]   Developer claims 80 percent  pi ra cy ra te fo r la te st iP ho ne release   originally appeared on release Joystiq   on Mon, 26 Oct 2009 12:30:00 EST. Please see our  terms for use of feeds feeds.. this||   Read | Permalink | Email this Comments

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 s changes in excruciating technical detail By JC Fletcher ( Joystiq  Joystiq   ) 

Submitted at 10/26/2009 11:00:00 AM

  There are a few extremely obvious differences between  Ninja Gaiden  Ninja Gaiden 2 and and Ninja Sigma 2. 2. They work in different consoles, and one's got the word  "Sigma" in the title. Oh, and  there's the  boob thin g. Beyond  that, however, we must turn to the experts.   Digital Foundry Foundry reports  reports that the resolution has changed between the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

games. Sigma runs at 1280x718, effectively 720p, while the Xbox version ran at 1120x585. The resolution boost comes with some cuts: DF says the PS3 version loses some polygons, or rather  some whole collections of   poly gons : Sigm a 2 mai ntai ns a limit of six enemies or fewer in most situations, while Ninja Gaiden 2"revels in throwing seven or eight opponents at you at any given point." Things that didn't get cut: The lighting effects, which are noticeably more

advanced in the PlayStation 3 game.   DF also has a video demonstrating a stress test of sorts

enemies stabbing us in the back at any time. These games are at their   best when Ryu i s j uggling a few enemies, not when he's buried in them.   Ninja Ninja Ga iden Sigma 2's cha nges in excruciating technical detail originally appeared on Joystiq  on  on Mon, 26 Oct 2009 11:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of  feeds.. (forcing as many enemies onto the feeds   Read | Permalink | Email this this|| screen as possible). For some reason, we don't mind the idea of  Comments having slightly fewer ninja




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LA Noire characters revealed by mocap casting call By Andrew Yoon ( Joystiq  Joystiq   )  Submitted at 10/26/2009 11:30:00 AM

  Rockstar's LA Noire  Noire   has been shrouded in so much mystery that its very existence has been called  into question. question . A recent casting call for call  for actors not only confirms the game's continued  development, but also reveals the many (if not all) characters to be featured in the game. The call asks for "STRONG ACTORS, able to handle LOTS OF dialog" for a cast of supporting characters, comprised mostly of detectives,  police officers and the occ asional


Tropico 3 publisher aiming for 1 games a year

By Alex ander ander Sliwinski  ( J Joystiq  oystiq   ) 

Submitted at 10/26/2009 12:00:00 PM

  Publisher Kalypso Media USA and its recently released debut title, Tropico 33,, have something in common: both are trying to build  an empire from the ground up. Speaking with the The Washington Post, Post , Kalypso's El Presidente Deborah Tillett describes the current economic climate as a good time to start something up, because "you can't get worse than zero."  Tillett explains that Kalypso had  the opportunity to buy the Tropico

enough profit if it had done another installment. She notes Tropico's figures are "a pittance compared with many millions of  unit sales for every new GTA game."   The Germany-based Kalypso  plans to releas e about 10 game s a year, most of which will be indie titles that couldn't make the trip across the Atlantic. Tropico 3, a sunny, stylish reboot of the series, was developed by a team in Bulgaria and is getting respectable marks from marks  from the critics.  Tropico 3 publisher aiming for 10 games a year   originally appeared  on Joystiq  on   on Mon, 26 Oct 2009


is intended to be quite the

 Thesimilar castingtocall is looking for a face actors Gary Cooper  or Gregory Peck (pictured above) for the protagonist -- Cole Phelps. Co-stars and supporting roles, such as jazz singer Elsa Lichtmann, will only be required  to perform for 10 days or less. However, the actor chosen to play Cole Phelps will work for three months, from November to January, to record his  pe r f or m a nc e fo r th e ga m e .  It's evident from the large roster  of characters and the use of  Hollywood actors that LA Noire

cinematic However, with only threegame. months of mocap, it still pales in comparison to the upcoming Heavy Rain-- which demanded nine months of months of motion capture work. [Via Superannuation; Superannuation ; Image Source]] Source   LA Noire characters revealed by mocap casting call  call   originally appeared on Joystiq  on   on Mon, 26 Oct 2009 11:30:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds feeds..   Read | Permalink | Email this this|| rights from Take-Two because the 12:00:00 EST. Please see our   previous games sold "hundreds of  terms for use of feeds feeds.. Comments thousands of copies." That's great   Read | Permalink | Email this this||

for Kalypso, but Take-Two wouldn't have been able to make




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End of an era for early websites (BBC News | Americas | World  Edition   )   A service that gave many people their first taste of building and  owning a web page is set to close.   Yahoo-owned GeoCities once  boasted millio ns of us ers and wa s the third most popular destination on the web.  The free site has since fallen out

 A number of firms - including Yahoo - have also tried to woo GeoCities users to move their   pages to paid-for hosting services.  GeoCities started life in 1995 as Beverly Hills Internet, a small web-hosting firm.  The company allowed users to host their web pages in themed  cities. For example, "WallStreet" "WallStreet" hosted business related sites, whilst "SiliconValley" was used 

of fashiontowith users, who have switched social networks.  Yahoo, which acquired the site for $3.57bn (£2.17bn) in 1999 at the height of the dotcom boom, said sites would no longer be accessible from 26th October. 'Fascinating experiment'   However, many of the pages have been archived and will still  be av ai la bl e to vi ew vi a th e nonprofit Internet Archive project.   The giant digital library, which has been archiving the public web since 1996, has set up a special  —Violet Moon Gaynor   pr oj ec t to ar ch iv e Ge oC it ie s  Karolina Kurkova  be fo re it is lo st fo re ve r.  Alexa Chung   Molly Sims, Heidi Klum, and  " W e ' v e c o l l e c t e d a l o t o f   GeoCities sites over the years Audrey Marnay  but migh t not have ev ery site and   Devon Aoki every page," the Internet Archive  Lydia Hearst said.  All photos: Getty Images  It is asking for GeoCities users to  Follow ELLE on Twitter. check whether their site has been archived before Yahoo pulls the

to host computer and technology sites.  Users, known as homesteaders, could build and host their own sites in these online spaces.  At its peak, the site had millions of users.   In April this year, Yahoo said  that it was closing the site and  would now focus on helping "customers build new relationships online".  When Yahoo announced the end  of the site earlier this year, Rupert Goodwins, editor of the ZDNet website, said it was the end of an era. "I think GeoCities was the first  p ro o f t h a t y o u c o u l d h a v e something really popular and still not make any money on the internet. "It was a fascinating experiment in the pre-industrial era of the internet."

Submitted at 10/26/2009 3:33:28 AM

Go Chic Not Scary This Halloween By E L ( E ELLE LLE News  Blog   ) 

with diamond bracelets stacked  high à la Material Girl). In more recent years, my costumes have Submitted at 10/26/2009 5:36:00 AM included everything from Tom  Growing up, I always dressed as Cruise in Risky Business to a actual people for Halloween (I winged angel. For 2009, I’m was never a tree, lamppost, or  looking to some chic Halloween pencil). From age five to 15, I was lovers for inspiration. Here, my Madonna, though I’d switch top five favorites. Tell me, what things up every so often by or who are you going to be this dressing as Madonna dressed as H a l l o w e e n ? W h i c h i s y o u r   Marilyn Monroe (long gloves favorite from the photos below?

 plug . "GeoCities has been an important outlet for personal expression on

 Print  This Sponsor  content has passed through


the web for almost 15 years," it said.


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AP IMPACT: Immigration agents mishandle informants AP) ( Yahoo! Yahoo! News: U.S. News   )  Submitted at 10/26/2009 8:33:54 AM

  EL PASO, Texas – One immigration agent was accused of  running an Internet pornography  b u s i n e s s a n d e n j o y i n g a n improper relationship with an informant. Another let an informant smuggle in a group of  illegal immigrants. And in a third  case, an agent was investigated  for soliciting sex from a witness in a marriage fraud case.  These troubling misdeeds are a samp lin g o f misco n d u ct b y federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement personnel as the agency seeks to carve out a bigger  role in the deadly border war  against Mexican drug gangs.  According to documents obtained   by The Associated Press under the Freedom of Information Act, ICE agents have blundered badly in their dealings with informants and  other sources, covering up crimes and even interfering in a police investigation into whether one informant killed another.  At least eight agents have been investigated for improper dealings with informants since ICE was created in 2003, and more than three dozen others have been investigated for other  wrongdoing, the records show.  The heavily redacted documents detail how one agent failed "to report murders ... to her 

  In th e case in v o lv in g o n e informant charged with murdering another, Jose Daniel Gonzalez Galeana, a smuggling manager for  the Juarez cartel, was gunned  down this spring in his upscale El Paso neighborhood. El Paso  po l ic e s ay IC E de la ye d it s investigation, steering detectives away from the man now charged  with arranging the contract hit.   Kelly Nantel, an ICE spokeswoman in Washington, said in an e-mailed statement that the agency "works with

ICE office there, a man described  as "a homicidal maniac" was allowed to continue working as an ICE snitch even after he "supervised the murder" of an associate of the Juarez cartel.   In a recent AP interview, the informant, Guillermo "Lalo" Ramirez Peyro, now confined to an ICE detention facility, denied   participa ting in an y homi cides.   Even when not working with informants, ICE agents have gotten in trouble. The documents show that agents in field offices

investigative arm of the Department of Homeland Security when DHS was created after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. ICE also h an d les th e p ro cessin g an d   detention of illegal immigrants and miscellaneous tasks like oversight of security at federal  buil ding s.   Th e ag en cy h as lo n g b een interested in joining the border  drug war, and has been stepping up its efforts as drug-related  violence has killed more than 13,500 people in Mexico and 

natural handler for that type of  informant."   Law enforcement officers say agents follow general rules on informants: Federal investigators are supposed to keep close tabs on informants, approve any criminal activity that might be necessary to complete an investigation, and cut loose an informant who gets caught violating his agreement with the agency.   But it's not always easy, considering the kind of people involved in organized crime.

confidential informants in accordance with established best  practices and guidelines of federal law enforcement agencies."   The statement noted that ICE fired an agent last year for  "negligence in performing his duties, misdirecting funds and  submitting false documents" in relation to his work with an informant. Also, an agent in Miami was sentenced to two years

all over the country, and in several foreign posts, have been investigated for offenses including drunken driving in government cars, lying to other  investigators in ongoing cases, and misusing their position for   pers onal gai n.  In one case, an agent was probed  for having an inappropriate relationship with the target of an ICE investigation. Another agent

threatens to spill into the United  States.   Some local and federal authorities in El Paso are hesitant to work closely with ICE because of the way it operates, said law enforcement officers who spoke to th e AP o n co n d itio n o f  anonymity because they weren't authorized to discuss the issue.  In the 2004 DEA letter, inaction  by ICE offici als was blamed for 

"You are automatically dealing with bad guys," said Phillip Lyons, a criminologist at Sam Houston State University. "It's a dirty business from the outset."   In the Gonzalez case, El Paso  pol ice wer e out ra ged by wha t appeared to be a deliberate attempt to steer them away from the prime suspect. They laid out their complaint in an interview with the AP.

in federal prisonthis and resigned  from ICE earlier year as part of a plea deal for accepting gifts from an informant.   ICE officials in El Paso have repeatedly declined to comment on the Gonzalez case, but John Morton, Homeland Security's assistant secretary for ICE in Washington, said, "I'm aware of  that situation and it is under  review." He declined to answer  other questions.

was investigated for n using his   g o v ern men t p o sitio to ask questions from Texas about his mother-in-law's eviction in New Mexico.   El Paso, which sits on the Rio Grande across from the virtually lawless Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, is  pop ula te d wi th num er ous la w enforcement agencies that try to work together on stopping the n o rth b o u n d flo w o f d ru g s, immigrants and violence and the

"allo wintog take at least o th er  murders place 1 in3 Ciudad  Juarez" and for endangering the lives of DEA agents and their  families.   The murder of informant Gonzalez is another example of  concern. "It is interesting that an agency like ICE would be handling a cartel hit man, especially when you consider the other types of  agencies in El Paso," said Stephen

 As Gonzalez on the cul-de-sac in bled fronttoofdeath his house, his wife, Adriana Solis, made two  phone calls , as her husban d had  instructed her to do if anything happened to him. First, she called  ICE, then 911, said Lt. Alfred  Lowe, the lead investigator.   Gonzalez, a Mexican national, had been living in the U.S. on an ICE-issued visa given to him as a  perk for his informant work.  The ICE official his wife called,

supervisor" and how another   Problems with ICE informants failed "to properly document are not a new phenomenon.

southbound flow of weapons and  Meiners, a senior analyst for  who remains unidentified, called  Stratfor, an Austin-based global El Paso police a bit later to tell cash.

information received from a According to a Feb. 24, 2004, confidential source in violation of  letter from the head of the DEA ICE policy and procedure." office in El Paso to the head of the

  ICE was spun off from the intelligence company. There s Immigration and Naturalization  probabl y more than 50 agenci es S e r v i c e t o b e c o m e t h e there who might be the more

them their murder victim worked  IMPACT: page 66



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Jury selection begins in 1st polygamist sect trial   AP) ( Yahoo! Yahoo! News: U.S. News   )    ELDORADO, Texas –  Prospective jurors lined up in a cold rain Monday outside a municipal building that will serve as a makeshift courthouse for the first of a dozen polygamist sect members charged with abuse of  underage girls.   Raymond Jessop, 38, is set to

  Jessop faces up to 20 years in  pr is on if co nvi ct ed of se xu al assault of a child, a charge stemmin g fro m h is alleg ed   marriage to an underage girl in FLDS, a breakaway Mormon sect that is not recognized by the mainstream Mormon church. He will be tried later on a separate count of bigamy related to a second alleged underage bride.  In all, 12 sect members have been

two weeks, said Assistant state Attorney General Eric Nichols, who is prosecuting the case. The  prosec ution's witnes s list has 59  p e o p l e , i n c l u d i n g l a w enforcement and child welfare officials, two of Jessop's alleged  wives and former FLDS members.  Authorities have said little about the allegations against Jessop, but documents seized from the ranch

later convicted as an accomplice to rape in Utah for arranging an underage marriage there. He faces similar charges in Arizona and is charged with bigamy and sexual assault of a child in Texas.  One of Jeffs' daughters allegedly married Jessop the day after she turned 15. The bigamy charge against Jessop pertains to that alleged marriage.  Under Texas law, generally, no

stand trial Monday, 18 group's months after agents raided the remote ranch in West Texas and  carted off more than 400 children in the largest child custody case in American history.   At least 10 people in the jury  po ol cl ea rl y be lo ng ed to th e Fundamentalist Fundamentali st Church of Christ of Latter Day Saints. The women wore traditional ankle-length  prairi e dress es with their hair in  braids, and the the men wore buttoned  buttoned  -up shirts.   Sect members had vowed to register to vote after the April 2008 raid on the Yearning for  Zion ranch in Eldorado. Jury  po ol s ar e pu ll ed fr om vo te r  registration rolls.

assault charge stems charged with crimes ranging from from histhe alleged marriage to an failure to report child abuse to indicate underage girl. The girl later  sexual assault and bigamy.  Attorneys must cull from a pool  became pregnant and was in labor  of 300 people to try to seat 12 for several days in August 2005.  jurors and two alternates . Seating But after Jessop consulted with a n i m p a r t i a l j u r y i n t h i s sect leader Warren Jeffs, the girl community of fewer than 1,900 wasn't taken to the hospital, v o ters may p ro v e d ifficu lt, allegedly out of fear that hospital  because most reside nts know one authorities would discover her age another and the raid drew intense and turn in Jessop. media coverage. Images of the "I knew that the girl being 16 q u a i n t l y d r e s s e d w o m e n years old, if she went to the d o m i n a t e d t h e c a b l e n e w s hospital, they could put Raymond  networks for weeks after the raid. Jessop in jeopardy of prosecution  If lawyers can't come up with a as the government is looking for   jury from the initial pool, the trial any reason to come against us could be moved to an adjoining there," Jeffs wrote in a journal seized from the ranch. county.  Jessop's trial is expected to last  Jeffs was arrested in 2006 and 

one 17 can consent to sex withunder an adult.   Sect members, who believe  polygamy brings glorific ation in heaven, historically have lived  around the Arizona-Utah line, but the sect bought a ranch on the outskirts of Eldorado about six years ago. Hundreds of FLDS members, including many of the 439 children initially taken by child welfare authorities, have returned to the log cabin-style homes there.  The Mormon church renounced   poly gam y mor e tha n a cen tur y ago.   This content has passed through

Submitted at 10/26/2009 8:30:18 AM



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Net set for language shake-up (BBC News | Americas | World  Edition   ) 

necessary for not only half the world's internet users today but more than half, probably, of the Submitted at 10/26/2009 7:06:38 AM fu tu re u sers as th e in tern et  The internet is on the brink of the co n tin u es to sp read ." "biggest change" to its working  Relaxed rules "since it was invented 40 years  Plans for ILDs were approved at ago", the net regulator Icann has a meeting in June 2008. However, said. testing of the system has been   The body said it that it was going on for much longer, said  finalising plans to introduce web Peter Dengate Thrush, chairman addresses using non-Latin of the board in charge of  characters. reviewing the change.  The proposal - initially approved  "You have to appreciate what a in 2008 - would allow domain f a n t a s t i c a l l y c o m p l i c a t e d  

introduced workarounds that allow computer users to enter web addresses in their own language. However, these were not internationally approved and do not necessarily work on all computers.  The meeting in South Korea will also discuss its plans to introduce generic Top Level Domains (TLDs), such as .uk or .com.  Last year, the body voted to relax rules on TLDs meaning companies could turn brands into web addresses, while individuals

technical feature this is," he said. "What we have created is a different translation system."   The changes will be applied to the net's Domain Name System. This acts like a phone book, translating easily understood  domain names such as  into strings of computer readable numbers known as IP addresses.  The tweaks will allow this system to recognise and translate the non-

could use their names.   Icann, set up by the US government, was founded in 1998 to oversee the development of the net.   Last month, after years of  criticism, the US government eased its control over the non prof it body .   It signed a new agreement that gave Icann autonomy for the first time. The agreement came into

names written in Asian, Arabic or  other scripts.  The body said if the final plans were approved on 30 October, it would accept the first applications  by 16 November.   Th e first In tern atio n alised   Domain Names (IDNs) could be up and running by "mid 2010" said the president of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (Icann). "Of the 1.6 billion internet users today worldwide, more than half  use languages that have scripts that are not Latin-based," said  Rod Beckstrom at the opening of  Icann's conference in Seoul, South Korea. "So this change is very much


Afghan crashes kill 14 Americans (BBC News | Americas | World  Edition   )   At least 14 Americans have been killed in a series of air crashes in Afghanistan, military officials say.   Four US soldiers died and two were hurt when two helicopters collided mid-air in the south, Nato -led forces said.

"enemy fighters". "After they were flying away, that's when the crash actually happened," he said. "We did go... and remove an insurgent who was working with the drug trade in that particular area."  The three dead civilians worked  for the US Drug Enforcement Administration, news agencies reported.  The deaths were the first for the

 In a separate helicopter crash, in western Badghis province, seven US soldiers and three US civilians died.  The US said hostile fire was not  believed to be to blam e for either  incident, but the Taliban said it was behind the Badghis crash.   Taliban spokesman Qari Yusuf  Ah med i to ld th e AF P n ews agency that militants had shot down the US helicopter in the Darabam district of the province. on 1scrutiny Octoberofand it  Drugs operation Latin characters. under the the puts global "We are confident that it works effect   Another 12 Americans and 14  beca use we have been testi ng it "internet community". Afghans were also reported to for a couple of years," said Mr   Print Sponsor  Dengate Thrush. "We're really  This content has passed through have been injured in that crash.  Col Wayne Shanks, a spokesman ready to start rolling it out." for the Nato-led force in   Some countries, such as China Afghanistan, said the authorities an d Th ailan d , h av e alread y were still in v estig atin g th e incident in Badghis, but "do not  bel iev e tha t ene my act ion was responsible".  He said the crash happened as

DEA in Afghanistan it  began opera tions ther e since in 2005, Associated Press reported.  Bad year for troops  The exact location of the crash in the south of the country has not  be e n c on fi r me d by th e US military .  This year has seen the highest death toll of international troops in Afghanistan since the Taliban were overthrown in 2001.   There have been dozens of  American soldiers among those killed, making up more than half  the total foreign troop deaths in the country.  The worst single loss of US life in Afghanistan occurred in June 2005, when a Chinook helicopter  was shot down in eastern Kunar   pr ov in ce , ki ll in g 16 mi li ta ry  pe rs on ne l.  Print Sponsor   This content has passed through

Submitted at 10/26/2009 8:16:53 AM

troops were leaving where they had carried out an anarea anti-drugs trafficking operation and killed 14



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Castro s sister says she collaborated with CIA (AP)


( Y Yahoo! ahoo! News: U.S. News   ) 

 Solisved tolda police her assas husband   belie Juare zthat cartel sin nicknamed "El Dorado" was hunting him down.   According to Lowe, the ICE official didn't contact police again for three days. When he did, he gave police a photo array of  Gonzalez's known associates. A Texas Ranger noticed that the array contained one less photo than the last time he'd seen it. The ICE agent said he couldn't explain the discrepancy, Lowe said.  A few days later, the agent said  the missing person was a man he called "Mayer," an ICE informant who might have information about the Gonzalez killing.   But ICE had given the police a false name and a false lead.   Mayer was really Ruben Rodriguez "El Dorado" Dorado, a twist police discovered when the man was arrested along with a

charged informant with arranging the hit Rodriguez on informant Gonzalez. The soldier, the alleged  triggerman,, the teens and another  triggerman man also are charged in the case.   Neville Cramer, a retired INS special agent, said ICE was obligated to turn over Rodriguez to police as soon as they thought he might be a murder suspect. "If ICE knew ... this individual was involved in any manner  whatsoever, they had better not have kept the information from the police, no matter what the circumstances were," Cramer  said.   Added Lowe: "Some agencies don't take murder as seriously as drugs."  __   Associated Press writer Eileen Sullivan contributed to this report from Washington.  This content has passed through

we are not close to the record breaking demand we expe rienced  from 2004 to 2008," chief Jim Owens said.

 The company predicted that sales next year would rise by 10-25%.  Print Sponsor   This content has passed through

continued from page 63

for the Juarez cartel, but also was that of the man identified to them an ICE informant. They promised  as Mayer. to help.   Nearly two months later, they

  Castro says in the book, "My Brothers Fidel and Raul. The Secret Story," that she traveled to  MIAMI – One of Fidel Castro's Mexico City under the pretense of  sisters says in a memoir released  visiting her younger sister Enma. Monday that she collaborated  There she also secretly met a CIA with the CIA against her brother, officer who identified himself as starting shortly after the United  "Enrique" at the elegant Camino States' failed Bay of Pigs invasion Real hotel. of Cuba in 1961.   During the meeting, she   Juanita Castro, 76, initially expressed her concerns that those supported her brother's 1959 w h o s u p p o r t e d B a t i s t a ' s

"Enrique," whom Castro says she later learned was a CIA officer in Cuba named Tony Sforza, then asked her to smuggle messages, documents and money back into the country hidden in canned  goods.  He told Castro she would receive information through shortwave radio communications. Castro chose a waltz and a song from the opera Madame Butterfly as the

o v e r t h r o w but o f quickly t h e B a grew tista dictatorship disillusioned. In a S panishlanguage memoir published by Santillana USA and co-written by  j o u r n a li s t M a ri a A n t o n i e ta Collins, she says the wife of the Brazilian Ambassador to Cuba  pe rs ua de d he r to me et a CI A officer during a trip to Mexico in 1961.   By then, her house had already  be co me a sa nc tu ar y fo r an ti communists, and Fidel Castro had  warned her about getting involved  with the "gusanos," or worms, as those who opposed the revolution were called.

lsignals e t h e her r khandlers n o w i f would t h e y use h ato d  information for her.  Castro said she remained on the island while her mother was alive,  believing she wa s prot ected from the full wrath of her brother. Her  mother died in 1963 and she fled  Cuba the following year, eventually settling into a quiet life in Miami, where she ran a  ph ar ma cy un ti l 20 07 an d is generally well regarded by other  Cuban exiles. U.S. Army solider and two other  This content has passed through teenagers trying to steal a trailer  full of televisions. Lowe said  pol ice rec ogn ize d the pho to of  Rodriguez in the El Paso Times as

Submitted at 10/26/2009 9:33:48 AM

o v e r t h r o w were b u t being w e r pushed  e not communists out of the new government. Castro writes she agreed to help the CIA gather information but refused to accept money for her  efforts and said she wanted no  par t in any vio len ce. "I want to be very clear that agreeing to collaborate with you does not signify that I will  participa te in any violent activity against my brother, nor any official in the regime," she told  the agent. "This is my most important condition. And  moreover, I would say it is the only condition."

Caterpillar to axe 2,500 workers (BBC News | Americas | World  Edition   )  Submitted at 10/26/2009 8:40:27 AM

  Caterpillar, the world's largest construction and mining

 But the news comes even as signs of economic recovery have allowed it to rehire 550 workers it had previously laid off.

$58.85 in New York.  Hiring and firing  The 2,500 staff who are losing their jobs had previously been laid   The company has cut about off, but will now be offered   Last week, Caterpillar reported a 34,000 full-time and contracted  severance packages. stronger-than-expected profit of  stronger-than-expected


equipment maker, says it will  permanently cut 2,50 0 jobs in the US.

workers globally during the downturn.  Caterpillar shares rose 2.1% to

  The company has started to notify the affected employees. "It's important to remember that

$404m (£245m) for the third  quarter, still down 54% from a year earlier.


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Baghdad bombs Bloodbath in Baghdad January and security is a big issue. As in Afghanistan, where the Taliban stepped up attacks Submitted at 10/26/2009 12:39:00 AM during the election campaign,  Baghdad bombs more bombings are likely in the  Oct 26th 2009 | BAGHDAD coming months. Iraq's prime   From At least minister, Nuri al-Maliki, had been 155 die in the worst bombings in claiming credit for ending the Iraq of the past two years descent into civil war and is  TWO car bombs turned Baghdad  therefore vulnerable. Voters might into a killing field on Sunday also punish political parties with October 25th, claiming the lives their own militias, if they are seen

Iraqis are also pointing fingers at  polit ica l part ies. Insu rgen ts, by hitting ministries and other  governmentt institutions, are trying governmen to prevent a functioning state from emerging. Some ask darkly whether politicians have an interest in prolonged chaos, as some of them might lose powers of patronage if a modern  bu re au cr ac y we re to em er ge .   Iraqis know that political

of at least more. 155 people and injuring hundreds The main targets were the ministry of justice and   public works and the office of the governor of Baghdad province. Almost simultaneously the explosions sent windows and their  frames several hundred metres along Haifa Street, near the fortified Green Zone. Burst water  mains flooded parts of the area, washing over charred bodies and  through burned cars. This was the second such attack in two months,  but the bloodiest in two years. On August 19th bombs destroyed  several government buildings including the ministries of finance and foreign affairs, killing  pe rh a ps 10 0 pe op le .   The new attack has heightened  the sense of crisis in the Iraqi capital. The past two years have seen fewer bombings and fewer   peop le kil led tha n in the yea rs

violence be if with a long time,will even fullthem civilfor war  can be avoided. The fortunes of  insurgent groups wax and wane, their support base shrinking and  expanding depending on how vulnerable sectarian groups feel. But an end to the bombings is not in sight. The locations of the latest attacks were symbolic. Haifa Street was in the hands of  insurgents three years ago. American and Iraqi troops fought  pitched battles to retake it in what turned out to be the start of the “surge” that eventually helped to improve security in much of Iraq. At the time, bodies were stacked  up like bales of hay on Haifa Street. Since then, occupants had  returned and a sense of normality had started to take hold.   Back to top ^^   Readers' comments   The Economist welcomes your 

(The Economist: News  analysis   ) 

Colombians among Majorca collapse victims (BBC News | Americas | World  Edition   )  Submitted at 10/26/2009 9:19:27 AM

 Please turn on JavaScript. Media requires JavaScript to play.  Recue teams search through the rubble of the collapsed building  At least seven people died when a residential building collapsed  overnight in Majorca's capital Palma, in the Spanish Balearic Islands.  The three-storey structure, said to  be at least 50 years old, c ollapsed  at about 0030 (2230 GMT on Sunday).  Rescuers are searching for more  people who are unaccount ed for,

 The local gas supplier has ruled  out a gas leak as a possible cause.   Spanish media quote some neighbours as saying the building had been in a poor condition.   At least three Colombians are reported to be among those killed.   Earlier the death toll stood at five, but two more bodies were recovered from the rubble on Monday afternoon. A 16-year-old  girl and an elderly couple in their  60s were among the dead, Spanish media report.  Eight people were registered as residents at the address, though several more are believed to have  been there a t the time.  Print Sponsor 

re. But insu rgen tsassaults are now and believed to be in the rubble.  This content has passed through  befo focusing on spectacular in Four others were injured in the an effort to affect the political

to be attack associating  The comeswith at a terrorists. fragile time in the pre-election timetable. Members of parliament last week  failed to agree on a new election law, raising the prospect of a delay to the poll. If so, Mr Maliki would continue to rule but as a caretaker, but that would create more uncertainty. At the same time, the American army is continuing with its plans to pull out. It is hoping to have withdrawn 70,000 soldiers by August 2010, leaving a residual force of 50,000 for another year. Barack Obama and other world  leaders condemned Sunday's  bomb s. But viol enc e in Ira q is increasingly a local affair. A small group of American forensics experts visited the sites of the latest attacks but to get there they rode in Iraqi army vehicles.   The Iraqi government, and 

others, blame Sunni insurgent groups including al-Qaeda and  views.  This content has passed through

an effort to affect the political situation. Elections are due in

collapse, two seriously.

members of Saddam Hussein s former regime for the attacks. But



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American bank failures: An uncelebrated century (The Economist: News  analysis   ) 

 American bank failures  Oct 26th 2009   From Smaller  American banks are now at the centre of the credit storm   PARTNERS BANK of Naples, Florida, earned a dubious distinction on Friday October  23rd. It became the 100th American bank failure of the year. On the same day six other 

around 8,000 now. According to CreditSights, a research firm, when the current cycle is over, the rate of bank failures may be double what it was during the S&L crisis.   T he total of failures also disguises the size of individual collapses. The demise of  Washington Mutual, the biggest  bank to fail in America so far in this crisis, means that banks accounting for more than 3% of  the system’s total assets have fallen during the current cycle

exposed to commercial property, an asset class that continues to go downhill fast. In the latest sign of  distress, Capmark, one of  America’s largest commercial p r o p e rt y l en d er s , f il e d f o r   b a n k r u p tc y o n S u n d a y .  These factors point to a sharp rise in bank failures. There are 416 institutions instituti ons on the problem list of  the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). CreditSights estimates that more than 600  banks will fail if condi tions stay as they are. If things get really

the same buffers of equity investors and subordinated  debtholders to help bear the costs of failure.   The crisis among small banks may not threaten the system in the same way as big-bank failures. But for taxpayers, there is the  prospect of further outlays. A cash -strapped FDIC may yet be forced  to tap a $500 billion credit line with America’s Treasury. For big  banks, there is th e t hreat that the agency will levy an emergency round of premiums.

lenders—two more in Florida and   bank s in Minn esot a, Wisc onsi n, Illinois and Georgia—joined the rollcall of failure in the aftermath of the credit crisis.  More banks have failed in other  years. The post-war record was set in 1989 when 534 banks went under. That was at the peak of the savings-and-loan savings-and-loa n (S&L) crisis, which erupted in the late 1980s and continued in the early 1990s.

already, compared with 4.4% of  assets over the entire S &L episode.   Yet passing the hundred mark  symbolises how the financial crisis has shifted its focus from large banks to small ones. America’s big banks may face regulatory uncertainty but they take the shelter of government support. Most have diversified   bu si ne ss es so th ey ca n of fs et

sticky, more than 1,000 could go under (compared with over 1,800 in the S&L crisis).   T hat means lots of buying opportunities for other banks and   pri vat e-e qui ty inv est ors . But it spells trouble for the FDIC, which administers failed banks and  estimates that it will incur total losses of $100 billion over the course of this credit cycle. This weekend’s tally of bank busts

  As for borrowers, particularly small businesses that rely on local lenders, credit may be hard to come by. Barack Obama unveiled   pr op os al s on Oc to be r 21 st to increase the size of governmentguaranteed loans to small  busi nesse s, and to make it more attractive for small lenders to ask  for capital from the Troubled  Assets Relief Programme. The national picture may be

This any yearsince has seen more than 1992, but failures another  75 banks must go under to overhaul that year’s total.   Counting absolute numbers of  failures, however, is not the best way to assess the extent of a financial crisis. The number of   ba nk s an d th ri ft s ha s fa ll en dramatically since the S&L era, from some 16,000 lenders then to

ce raer dn ii tn gl so s sf er o s mw i it nh v b e sutomy ea n n tt  banking. The rece nt slew of thirdquarter results suggests that the number of non-performing loans is approaching a peak.   S mall banks have no such comfort. They are too small to  pose a thr eat to the entire system and thus too small to require saving. And they are heavily

added another the bill. The FDIC has $357m alreadytoproposed  ways to bolster its depleted  deposit-insurance fund by requiring banks to prepay some $45 billion of insurance premiums into the fund. But many think its estimates of losses are too low anyway, particularly since the minnows of American banking, unlike the big fish, do not have

 brightening: thewill nextbephase financial crisis local.of the   Back to top ^^   Readers' comments  The Economist welcomes your  views.  This content has passed through

Submitted at 10/26/2009 3:38:49 AM

Around the Net In Media: Whatever Happened to Christian Science Monitor ? ( M MediaPost ediaPost | Media News   )  Submitted at 10/25/2009 7:49:57 PM

 The Christian Science Monitor, a church-supported publication with a small but loyal circulation base and minimal reliance on advertising has what many large mainstream papers envy. Seven months after discontinuing its  pr in t ed it io n, th e Mo ni to r is growing and thriving.  Page 8.5 April million, are upviews, about totaling 20% from to October. Monthly unique visits have increased by an even higher   percent age. The money saved on  printing, paper, d istribution and a reduced staff balances the lower  circulation revenue. Ad revenue was soft earlier this year, but has started to trend up.  The competitive landscape has helped as well, says editor John Yemma. Polling has confirmed  that Monitor readers want a "stronger news orientation" rather  than off-the-news essays. The Monitor, which takes a straight news approach, "stands to harvest  N e w s w e e k s u b s c r i b e r s disgruntled with the magazine's n e w s t r a i n i n g - to to - b e - c l e v e r   commentary," he says. With U.S.  New s & Wor ld Rep ort cut tin g  back to monthly publicati on, th e Monitor has also picked up subscribers for a through weekly.  This contentlooking has passed


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The coming days The week ahead (The Economist: News  analysis   ) 

 The coming days  Oct 25th 2009  From The trial of  Radovan Karadzic for war crimes gets under way, and other news • THE trial of Radovan Karadzic is set to begin at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former  Yugoslavia in The Hague on Monday October 26th. Mr  Karadzic, who led Bosnian Serbs

 be unvei led on Mond ay Octob er  26th. Details of a new bill that will give America's government the power to dismantle stricken  ba nk s is in ten de d to be lie th e notion that some financial firms are “too big to fail”. The legislation may also be extended  to cover huge insurance companies. • THE constitutional court of the Czech Republic is scheduled to rule on Tuesday October 27th on a challenge by a clutch of senators that has delayed the country’s

Then European leaders will begin the process of a picking a “president” for Europe and a foreign-affairs spokesman. See article • FIGURES for GDP growth released on Thursday October  29th will give an indication of the state of America’s economic recovery. The economy is expected to show a return to reasonable growth in the third  quarter after contracting by 0.7% in the previous quarter compared  with the same period a year 

during the war of secession that accompanied the collapse of  Yugoslavia, has been charged  with war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. He is accused of atrocities against Croats and Bosnian Muslims and  most notably is charged with ordering the 1995 massacre at Srebrenica of over 7,000 Muslim men and boys. See article • THE Obama administration's

ratification of the Lisbon treaty. Vaclav Klaus, a committed  europhobe, has so far refused to sign the treaty, which is supposed  to streamline the functioning of  the European Union. But an Irish Yes vote in a recent referendum means that his signature is last obstacle to adoption of the treaty. If, as expected, the Czech court were to dismiss the call for a fundamental reassessment of the

 bef ore . Alt hou gh the rec ess ion may be over, celebrations will be muted. Unemployment is expected to rise even as the economy recovers: the jobless rate is now at 9.8%, a 26-year high. See article   Back to top ^^  Readers' comments  The Economist welcomes your  views.  This content has passed through

 plans for giant copingfinancial in the future teetering firms with will

treaty, it seems likely thatsign. Mr  Klaus would reluctantly

Submitted at 10/25/2009 7:00:40 AM

( M MediaPost ediaPost | Media News   ) 

expenses to decrease compared to last year.   Respondents whose plans are   A new survey from American changing said they'll rely more on Express reports that 30% of U.S. automobile travel, stay for a consumers plan to adjust this shorter time and cash-in rewards y e a r ' s t r a v e l p l a n s f o r   to help pay for holiday trips. The Submitted at 10/26/2009 6:45:06 AM

China diversification fears hit dollar (Financial Times - US  homepage   )  Submitted at 10/26/2009 3:51:42 AM

 The dollar dropped to a fresh 14month low against the euro on Monday after the People’s Bank  of China suggested that, while the dollar should remain dominant, the share of the euro and the yen should increase in its foreign exchange reserves.

 The $ 2 , 2exact 7 0 b ncomposition f o r e i g n eof x cChina’s hange stockpile, the world’s largest, is a state secret, but it is estimated that it is held 60 per cent in dollars, 30  pe r ce nt in eu ro s, wi th th e remainder in sterling and the yen.  Fears that China would diversify its reserves away from a weakening dollar have been a drag on the US currency in recent months amid repeated concerns from Chinese authorities over the value of its stockpiles.   The dollar fell to a low of  $1.5061 against the euro, its weakest level since August 2008, on the news.  But the dollar pared some losses to stand down 0.2 per cent at $1.5032 against the single  pl an s ve rs us th e af fl ue nt an d  currency, after the author of the general population (both 30%). In report, which appeared in the addition: Financial News, a paper published  • 19% of the general  b y t h e PB C, wa s p u re ly a  population who tra veled l ast yea r  will be staying home in 2009 “personal view”.   However, some analysts • 11% of young professionals

Research Brief Travel Down For Turkey Day


 backing.   Ulrich Leuchtmann at Commerzbank said that if China wanted to change the allocation of  its reserve portfolio it would not discuss the fact in the press first  but just do it. “We can only assume that this article forms part of the efforts by China’s regime to weaken the dollar,” he said.   Mr Leuchtmann said that the weaker dollar,tothe easier it was for the Beijing give in to  pressu re f rom the US a nd accep t appreciation of the renminbi –  which some believe is being kept artificially low by China to support its exports. “Beijing could then celebrate its willingness to co-operate while in fact, on a trade-weighted basis, the renminbi had actually depreciated,” he said. “There is no point in complaining about it though, while FX markets are willing to be taken for a ride in such a manner – and there is nothing to suggest that this will change – the dollar will trade at the levels the China wants it to: at weak levels.”  The dollar also dropped 0.5 per  cent to Y91.73 against the yen, dropped 0.2 per cent to $1.6322 against the pound and fell 0.2 per  cent to SFr1.0065 against the Swiss franc.  This content has passed through

Thanksgiving, historically one of  most significant changes are from indicated they intend to drive as the busiest travel days of the year, the young professionals, 37% of  RESEARCH page 70  bu t o nl y 2 1% e xp e ct th os e whom said they've adjusted their 

remained sceptical that the view did not have some official



Internet News Record

RESEARCH continued from page 69

opposed to fly, compared to spending in groceries (49% 7% of the general population and  versus 40%), grooming (23% versus 16%) and tuition (19% 6% of the affluent • 8% of young professionals intend to stay fewer days for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, compared to the affluent and general population (both 3%) • 7% of the young  pro fess ion als are usi ng rewa rds  poi nts, mile s and spe cial offe rs to off-set the cost, versus 4% of  the affluent and 3% of the general  population

versus five%)

  The study indicates that consumers have not measurably changed their overall outlook on spending compared to last month  but the y are starting to open their  wallets for the holiday season. They expect, however, to be more selective. • Consumers said they plan to spend significantly more over the next 30 days on travel, compared to last month (41%

  Pamela Codispoti, American Express Senior Vice President and  General Manager, Cardmember  Services, notes that "... consumers  pl an to op en th ei r wa ll et s. .. starting with Thanksgiving travel,  bu t. .. ar e re- pr io ri tiz in g th os e expenses... spending on dining and travel are very important to them during this holiday season."   The survey found that 80% of  consumers intend to make end-ofyear holiday gift purchases. In an encouraging sign, 22% of  consumers intend to do so in October, nearly 30% said they would wait until November and  28% expect to wait until December to shop. Significantly more women plan to make holiday purchases in October than their male counterparts (28% versus 16%). And, when asked if 

versus 33%) Nearly eight in ten of  the affluent expect to spend more, or about the same, over the next 30 days on dining out (78%) • Compared to last month, consumers expect to decrease

a promotion would entice them to shop early: • 82% of respondents said  they could be enticed by some sort of retail discount, with virtually all young professionals

and affluent agreeing (96% and  costumes and decorations 94% respectively). compared to 16% of the affluent • Young professionals seemed  a n d 1 5 % o f t h e g e n e r a l easier to motivate, saying they would be willing to begin spending with discounts as low as 10%. By contrast, the affluent said it would take a discount of  nearly 30%, on average, to open their wallets • 18% of consumers could not  be motivated by a discount and of  that group, 58% said they are on a strict budget, while 43% indicated it is just too early to start holiday shopping

 p o p u l a t i o n • 26% of young professionals are making their own costume or  using hand-me-downs compared to 13% of the affluent and 11% of the general population

Halloween plans compared to last year, and some, especially the young professionals are getting creative in order to save money. • Of young professionals, 36% are purchasing less expensive

 The Spending & Saving Tracker  Study is about consumers' views on the economy and what is motivating them to spend and  save. The research was conducted  online September 24 - 29, 2009 among a random sample of 2,009   Halloween, viewed by many as adults aged 18 and older. Affluent the unofficial start of the holiday is defined as having a minimum season, has grown in popularity annual household income of  among both adults and children. $ 1 0 0 , 0 0 0 . T h e Y o u n g According to the National Retail Professionals are less than 30 F e d e r a t i o n , i n 2 0 0 8 U . S . years of age, having a college consumers spent $5.8 billion on degree, and a minimum annual H a l l o w e e n a c t i v i t i e s . T h e household income of $50,000. American Express Spending &   For more information, information , please Saving Tracker found that 33% of  visit American Express here. consumers are shifting their   This content has passed through




Internet News Record 

TV Watch: Driven To Media Distraction? ( M MediaPost ediaPost | Media News   )  Submitted at 10/26/2009 8:15:35 AM

  Hav e y o u h ad y o u r med ia distraction today -- if you dare?   Fox News Channel has made a meal of its recent sparring with the White House. Fox commentators and others have said the White House should be talking about more important things. According to reports, there

 journey. NBC is already doing a spin-off of "Loser" with one of  th e sh o w's train ers, Jillian Mich aels.   All this seems like more distractions. Aren't there other  kinds of TV shows to consider -like another new crime procedure or medical drama? (I'm short in this area. I'll check my DVR.)   We are driven to media distraction -- most times because

is even a Fox News promo about content creators think we are this issue.  bore d. Thus the rise of text ing   Maybe the White House is to while driving.  blame; maybe Fox News as we ll.   This is a serious concern, so All of it is a waste of our time. much so that Verizon Wireless  ABC says it is going to air a new h a s s t a r t e d a n a d v e r t i s i n g reality sh o w called "Ob "  Ob ese," campaign telling mobile users to taking NBC's "The Biggest Loser" stop the practice,  practice,   to keep their  to another level by focusing each thumbs on the steering wheel, or  e p i s o d e o n a d i f f e r e n t their XM Satellite Radio, or that  per son 's yea r- lon g wei ght -lo ss latte.

MediaDailyNews: Interpublic Taps NYT s Graham To Lead Performance Communications At Initiative

CEO Richard Beaven. Before   New digital outdoor billboards ( M MediaPost ediaPost | Media News   )   joini ng the Time s, Grah am was s e e m t o b e a d d i n g t o t h e Submitted at 10/26/2009 5:03:59 AM senior vice president-director of  d istractio n ch ain , n o d o u b t interrupting interruptin g those who are texting  In a major push into what it calls s t r a t e g i c r e s e a r c h a n d   in moving vehicles at 70 mph. " p e r f o r m a n c e - b a s e d   a c c o u n t a b i l i t y a t P u b l i c i s ' The analog job of driving? Oh, communications," Interpublic's Starcom MediaVest Group, where In itiativ e u n it th is mo rn in g a number of Interpublic's senior  that's way down the list now.  Multitasking seems to be the rage announced that Jeffrey Graham media executives, including -- or the problem. Turns out has joined as worldwide director- Beaven, have come from. Before multitasking people seem to  perf orman ce, a new posit ion on that, he was senior vice president perf orm all thei r chor es poorl y. the agency's worldwide leadership research development at Dynamic  If everyone regularly multitasks t e a m . G r a h a m , w h o j o i n s Logic. media and/or daily errands poorly, it surely doesn't make sense to distract them with irrelevant content.  Think before you create content. One's life and slowly scrambling, media-oriented mind may depend  on it.  This content has passed through

Initiative executive directorcustomerfrom insight at The New York Times, will be based in New York and reports to Worldwide

Around In Media: CBS, PBS Turn to Indie Sites Tothe FillNet In Coverage ( M MediaPost ediaPost | Media News   ) 

which formalized a partnership with GlobalPost, which boasts 70 correspondents in more than 50   N e w s o r g a n i z a t i o n s w i t h countries. CBS's "60 Minutes," shrinking budgets are forming an has an ongoing partnership with increasingly s y m b i o t i c ProPublica, the the site run by by Paul relationship with a new wave of  Steiger and Stephen Engelberg, independent online news sites. from The Wall Street Journal and 

need people on the ground to tell Katrina corruption.  To some observers it looks like you something important is Western news groups are using happening, here's the person to hee says. If If these these partnerships to put a Band- speak to," h Aid over the gaping hole of cuts  partner ships are a n ew realit y of  in their foreign bureaus. But Paul doing business, they also offer  F r i e d m a n , e x e c u t i v e v i c e opportunities to incubate the next  pres ident of CBS News , says it form of journalism.

Many of the print sites are staffed  pink-sl ipped report ers. by

goes beyond "When you   This content .has passed through close bureaus that. around the world

Submitted at 10/25/2009 7:48:33 PM

The Oregonian, respectively. PBS' Frontline is working on a project


 This content .has passed through

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