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Nothing is Impossible

LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired

CHaNges IN teCHNology are CoNtINual aNd pervasIve. Accessible technology, using audio or large print or refreshable Braille, has opened so many doors for blind and visually impaired people in accomplishing tasks of daily living, access to travel and navigation, employment and community participation. It’s also caused the development of an entire infrastructure of developers and vendors who are attempting to keep up with the changing technology landscape.

However far modern

science and techniques

have fallen short But with these changes come challenges. There’s still far more in our environment that is not accessible to blind and visually impaired individuals than is. There’s still debate on what constitutes access for the greatest number of people and which of the access alternatives is best used in which situation. And, finally, there’s the public will and the economic realities of today. Assistive technology provides real and measurable access to individuals experiencing vision loss. However, whether it’s a talking alarm clock, cell phone, microwave or computer system; there’s a cost – and usually a significant one – associated with their acquisition. With an unemployment rate of 70%, individuals who are blind and visually impaired are often not in a position to purchase assistive technology items on their own. have taught mankind In addition, competition for limited resources means constant vigilance by individuals and consumer groups to keep access issues in front of politicians and bureaucrats. And, we can add the slowing economy to the list of obstacles between blind people and the technology that will make living and working independently more obtainable. 2009 will prove to be an interesting and exciting year. With your support, we’ll be back next year to report on our progress.

of their inherent

possibilities, they

at least one lesson:

nothing is impossible.

Anita Shafer Aaron, Executive Director and CEO

lightHouse technology services and benefits
LightHouse services empower people of all ages who are visually impaired to lead safe, active and independent lives. Technology plays a critical role in providing solutions for people with vision loss. The LightHouse offers the following technology services and benefits to individuals who are blind or visually impaired:
aCCess teCHNology traININg

Familiarizes individuals with technologies like screen readers, magnifiers and Braille embossers, as well as teaches individuals basic computer skills. Training on PC and Mac is available.
teCH CeNter opeN lab

This drop-in setting allows those learning new technologies to practice skills and receive assistance from lab proctors.
Quarterly teCHNology semINars

Hosted by our Vision Loss Resource Center (VLRC), the LightHouse offers quarterly seminars dedicated to educating attendees on cutting edge, low cost adaptive technology. Archived seminars are available on our website.
INformatIoN CoNversIoN

As part of our mission to advocate for accessibility for blind and visually impaired individuals, the LightHouse offers information conversion to alternative formats, including Braille, audio and digital formats such as DAISY.
broadCast servICes

Broadcasting 24 hours a day, LightHouse broadcast services (known as Access to Information Services (AIS) Radio) delivers local Bay Area news, magazine articles, literature and information via the Second Audio Program (SAP) of KTVU Television Channel 2 and can be heard on the internet. We maintain an archive of AIS Radio broadcasts available on our website.
teCHNology INformatIoN aNd resourCes

The VLRC provides in-depth information, referral and detailed follow-up on a variety of subjects, including technology, for all callers to our toll-free 800-line or those who have sent in email inquiries.

Visit for more information on the range of programs and services offered by the LightHouse.

IN tHe mId-1980s, LightHouse Board President Gil Johnson realized that he would be “left behind” if he didn’t do one thing: “I purchased my own computer, an IBM XT, and my employer – the LightHouse at that time – purchased a soundcard with software on it that could convert the bits and bytes into speech,” says Gil, who has been blind most of his life. After a week’s training he met his first goal – to write a memo for his boss. With the help of a good technology trainer, plus strong support from his employer, Gil brought himself up to speed with accessible technology, and he’s closely followed the trends ever since. Over his lifetime, the 71-year-old has witnessed the immense development of technology. Though there are still shortcomings, Gil emphasizes that the accessibility of information today is much greater than it was 20 to 40 years ago. That accessibility, he says, is critical to enabling blind people to fully participate. “We’re such an information-based society now that if you can’t access that information you’re really going to be shortchanged.” There are many ways that blind and visually impaired people can access the same kind of information that anybody else can. “To me technology is not a goal into itself,” Gil says. “It’s a means to an end.

It’s wonderful to have all this techno whiz-bang stuff, but why it’s wonderful is because of what it enables us to do.


to get from point to point I use gps. It is able to give me the distance and direction to that next point.

some people Call HIm mr. gps, but not simply because he has a good sense of direction. Former LightHouse intern Kevin Chao currently beta tests accessible navigation devices and gives presentations on the technology. The Berkeley City College student even contributed his specialized knowledge during an Enchanted Hills Camp (EHC) session last year. While it might seem like Kevin is a seasoned pro at using adaptive technology, his introduction to it only began about five years ago. Over a 6-month period, Kevin went from being fully sighted to becoming functionally blind due to Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy. “For the first few months it was pretty rough,” he recalls. “I was just trying to figure out why is this happening to me. After a few months I just thought … I can either have it take over my life, or I can accept it and move on and see what I can do.” Kevin chose to move on. He learned Braille and became acquainted with technology such as ZoomText, JAWS, talking cell phones and the BrailleNote, a PDA with optional GPS for blind users. “I think for the most part I have everything covered between school, recreational things and work,” he says. “For different types of internships and worktype things I’ve done, using my laptop, the BrailleNote and my cell phone, I can pretty much get anything done.”


for JereNe luNa, there’s no doubt about the role technology plays in her daily life. “I just love the computer,” says the 66-year-old retired nurse and Pacifica resident. “I feel like it’s my lifeline.” Jerene, who has diabetic retinopathy, experienced significant vision loss in 2001 after undergoing laser treatments. That year, Jerene’s rehabilitation counselor set her up with a CCTV and a computer outfitted with ZoomText. Though she had some keyboarding and Excel experience prior to her vision loss, Jerene’s computer knowledge truly increased after she took adaptive computer classes at Skyline College. She later enrolled in LightHouse classes, and Vision Loss Specialist Patty Quiñonez taught her how to use the Internet and email. “Once I took that Skyline class, it showed me a lot of things that I could do,” she explains, “I had to practice on it, and then I came to the LightHouse for the finishing touches.” Her CCTV is a critical tool for reading documents and filling out forms, while her computer allows her to keep a list of medications, maintain a record of daily blood pressure readings and communicate via email with her doctor as well as her friends. Jerene can’t imagine what she would do without her adaptive technology. “It’s really opened up my world.”

I just love the computer. I feel like it’s my lifeline.


there’s hardly a part of my life adaptive technology doesn’t touch. It’s all around.

WHeN Jeff samCo, who is legally blind due to a childhood form of macular degeneration, goes to work, he uses a screen reader, CCTV, digital voice recorder and talking barcode reader. At home, he finds himself surrounded by talking clocks, talking calculators and talking caller ID. The technology of the times has been an essential part of Jeff’s life, starting with cassette tapes through computers and CCTVs and now podcasts. “As capabilities have increased, I’ve latched on to a good number of them.” Currently an assistive technology coordinator in Grass Valley, Jeff was the recipient of the LightHouse 2007 Frances S. Miller Equipment Scholarship. The scholarship enabled him to update his screen reader, get a laptop and obtain a talking money management program. “I can now manage our family finances all on the same Windows-based computer instead of the old DOS computer and program I was using.” When asked to imagine life without adaptive technology, Jeff says the absence of it would have precluded his 20-plus years as a ranger naturalist for the National Park Service and other jobs. He says not having assistive technology would remove “options for recreational enjoyment such as access to reading material and ongoing personal growth through learning.”


WHeN lIgHtHouse board member Josh Miele says he’s motivated by self-interest to design tools and technology, he’s actually thinking of others, too. Josh, who is a Smith-Kettlewell Eye Institute Associate Scientist, has been blind since childhood. In collaboration with the LightHouse, Josh is working on audio-tactile BART maps that will enable blind and visually impaired riders to plan their travels through any BART station. The maps will be programmed so that users can tap parts with a digital pen for station and schedule information. “I’ve always loved maps, and I have always wanted to be able to look at street maps of the areas that I was going to be walking around in.” Josh believes tactile graphics will become more prominent in the short term. Additionally, he thinks cell phones and social networking and communication technologies in general will become incredibly powerful, creating extraordinary opportunities for improved information accessibility for the blind. Whatever emerges in the future, there will always be a driving force in Josh’s work. “I am a blind person who has never been satisfied by being told, ‘No, you can’t do that.’ I like to have information. I like to be able to make my own decisions, and my own decisions are based on the information I have available to me.”

It’s important that blind people be involved in developing the technology that we use and need.


glossary of assistive technology terms
Braille display
An electronic device that produces Braille output by raising and lowering pins in refreshable cells. The display attaches to a computer as a separate unit or is built into a Braille notetaker.

CCTV (Handheld)
A compact video magnifier that is designed for portable use. Due to its small size, it offers less magnification than a desktop model.

Screen magnifier
A software program useful for people with low vision that enlarges text and images shown on a computer monitor. These programs work somewhat like a magnifying glass that moves with the cursor to zoom in on either a specific area or the entire page. They typically provide options to adjust and enhance features such as color scheme, pointer and cursor.

Digital Accessible Information System (DAISY) is the leading multimedia file format for digital talking books. It enables blind and print-disabled individuals to freely access and navigate content within a sequential and hierarchical structure that allows the option of audio synchronization with full text.

Braille embosser
Also called a Braille printer, a Braille embosser produces text on Braille paper via input from a computer.

Screen reader
A software program that converts text on a computer screen into synthesized speech. It allows blind and visually impaired users to access and control applications with keystroke combinations, eliminating the need for sighted navigation and control by mouse.

Braille notetaker
A type of personal digital assistant (PDA), e.g. HumanWare’s BrailleNote, that is portable and electronic. It has a Braille keyboard for entering information and a speech synthesizer or Braille display for output. It can be attached to a computer for file transfers.

Digital talking book
A type of electronic book format that presents information to blind and printdisabled users in the form of alternative media (speech, refreshable Braille or large print). It allows for flexible and efficient access and navigation.

Video magnifier
Also called a closed-circuit television (CCTV), a video magnifier is a desktop or handheld device that uses a camera to project an enlarged image of printed materials or other items onto a monitor or television screen. It has controls for features such as magnification level, contrast, brightness and color.

CCTV (Desktop)
A video magnifier that is designed for stationary use on a desk or other work surface. It is ideal for extended reading and writing tasks because its monitor or screen displays an ample portion of a document and it offers a high level of available magnification.

Digital talking book player
A machine or software program used to read and navigate digital talking book files.

Job Access With Speech (JAWS) is a popular screen reader for Windows-based computers that is made by Freedom Scientific. In addition to reading information aloud, it can output to refreshable Braille displays and it comes with a scripting language that users can employ to make many applications accessible.


2008 year in review

2008 proved to be a year of innovation for LightHouse programs.

The inaugural class of the new Medical Transcription Program began the training of a new group of medical paraprofessionals. The Youth Services Program was a first-time host of the Northern California Braille Challenge, a day-long contest designed to emphasize the importance of Braille proficiency. Also in February, the Vision Loss Resource Center began offering T-Maps: tactile maps of individual neighborhoods and other specific locations. The new program was featured in a story broadcast on National Public Radio. Access to Information Services launched the new LightHouse Website, which combines attractive design with screen reader and magnification accessibility. Also, in April, the Napa Rotary Club renewed its fundraiser for Enchanted Hills Camp with the 2008 Cycle for Sight bicycling marathon. In response to the weakening economy and stock market, LightHouse management conducted a two-day, line-by-line examination of expenses and income to reduce spending for the 2009 fiscal year by $1M. The Advocacy and Public Policy Program, with funding from the Department of Pubic Health, launched a Pedestrian Safety Program, including a Public Service Announcement promoting the idea “sidewalks are for everyone”. Also in June, the first phase of an on-going fire abatement program at Enchanted Hills Camp was completed in an eco-friendly manner, utilizing a herd of 700 goats to clear brush around the camp. Vision Rehabilitation Services increased the effectiveness of its role with the San Francisco Community Living Fund by adding a Registered Nurse as LightHouse coordinator for the program. We saw the closure of the LightHouse store in Marin as well as the creation of a new Adaptations Mobile Store designed to bring products into the various communities the LightHouse serves. Also, through advocacy efforts by the LightHouse, new accessibility standards were set by the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection relating to high tech destination elevators. We launched E-Focus, a short email-only newsletter that highlights events and breaking news significant to our community. Go to to sign up! The Vision Loss Resource Center completed its first full year of Technology Seminars, presenting programs covering video reading machines, affordable technology solutions, health and technology and digital book readers.








directory of services
Recognizing that vision loss is a personal experience that affects individuals in different ways, the LightHouse has developed a diverse and comprehensive breadth of services to meet this challenge. Our staff provides the community with accessible and professional services that in turn enhance clients’ quality of life.

Vision Rehabilitation Services b Adjustment to Vision Loss/Peer Facilitated Vision Loss Support Groups b Independent Living Skills Training/ Living With Vision Loss Classes b Orientation and Mobility Training Home Safety b Low Vision Clinic (in partnership with UC Berkeley) b Access Technology Training b Worksite Evaluation and Training b Braille Instruction b Deaf-Blind Services b Tactile Communication Skills Training Community Services b Adult Education and Recreation b Youth Program b Enchanted Hills Camp (a 311-acre camp in Napa) b Peer Discussion Group b Taxi Voucher Program b Tech Center Open Lab b Advocacy

Information Services Vision Loss Resource Center (Information and Referral) b Access to Information Services: news reading services b Alternative Format Resource Center
b (Braille Transcription and Recording Services) b

Resources and Information
(LightHouse website, Lantern, InFocus and E-Focus newsletters)

lIgHtHouse vIsIoN Every individual who loses their vision is unique in the services they need. But every individual has one thing in common: the right to access services which enable them to live as independently as possible. At the LightHouse, we offer a full complement of training, educational and recreational services, which help make independent living a reality for our clients. lIgHtHouse mIssIoN The LightHouse promotes independence, equality, and self-reliance of blind and visually impaired individuals through rehabilitation training and access to other related services. WHo We are Founded in 1902, the LightHouse has expanded its geographic reach and services to become the most comprehensive organization serving the blind and visually impaired in Northern California. The LightHouse is a private, nonprofit organization and taxexempt under Section 501(C) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Our tax identification number is 94-1415317.


Technology Seminars b Tactile Maps for Specific Locations

Business Services b Adaptations, the LightHouse Store
( b b b b b

LightHouse Industries Youth Employment Services and Internships Digital Data Scan Medical Transcription Training Braille Solutions

Community Outreach b Publications
(i.e. the Lantern and InFocus newsletters) b

Presentations (to community organizations) b Website b Vision Loss Awareness Training b Volunteer Services


With your support, The LightHouse impacts the lives of nearly 3,000 blind and visually impaired individuals and their families each year with robust and innovative programs and services that promote independence. If you are interested in supporting us through monetary or in-kind donations, or by volunteering, call us at 415-431-1481 or visit our website at

roWaN Clara doNor group
Rowan Clara donors have supported the LightHouse for 15 years or more. Goldie Abers Joseph R. andLoretta Agliolo Paul J. Akrop Max H. and Mary June Allen Italo N. Amerio Otto E. Anderson John J. and Lucy A. Apffel James B. Arbios R. Kirklin and Mrs. Ashley Leonard and Lillian J. Austria Ian Back John W. Bacon Jim J. Baie Annabelle Baley Peter E. Bank Doris E. and Edward C. Bassett Alexis J. Batmale Verna E. and Roy Bawden Theodore F. Bayer Robert C. andJane D. Bennett Arthur H. Bernstein Ellen and Arel Berrier Joan and Burton Berry Bernhard H. Bittner Denise J. Blaisdell Eva G. Block Martin S. and Karen J. Bogetz Betty B. Bosc Margot E. Braun Henry J. and Mary Jo Broderick Elizabeth Brown J. Allan Brown Jack Brown Frederic Buckley James L. Buhler John and Gale Bunnell Phyllis J. Burkey Nancy B. and Franklin L. Burton J. B. Calhoun Albert B. Capron Emma and Joseph Carlomagno Jack A. Carverand Roland E. Casassa Park Chamberlain Hedy Chin William S. and Polly L. Clark Walter H. andMargaret D. Clemens Frederick W. and Ruth H. Coe Dorothy E. Cohen Ann Coleman James T. Concannon Barbara and Michael Conheim Manuel C. Conte Ralph Countryman John W. Craig Bernard Damele

Lance and Billie S. Darin Mrs. Richard Date Carol Davis James M. Davis Jordan F. Davis Paul Delucchi John G. Dempsey Clarence F. Desch Charles G. Dondero Benjamin and Edith L. Dorfman Winifred Downing Richard R. Dresel Harold J. and Joyce M. Dubay Layton M. Duffy Michael R. and Joan M. Dunn Olga B. Dunn Frances W. Dyer Veronica M. Dynan Joseph Ehrman III John E. and Paula Ellingsen Doris A. Elmore Minoru Endo Melcon and Elpida P. Enitcheyan Richard W. Ennes Peder B. Eriksen Neil E. and Barbara P. Falconer Gilbert S. Farfel Lewis J. Feldman Robert C. and Gwenn Fess Olivia I. Fiel Alice Fitzhugh Linda A. Follette Gene K. and Joyce L. Fong Helen W. Ford Mary M. Foudy John Freitas William A. Galeno Cecelia E. Gervais Yonda Gin Walter H. Girdlestone Ernest J. Goldman Walter J. and Corinne J. Goldman Andrew J. and Lorretta P. Gutierrez Jeanne C. Hallburg R.R. and Mrs. Hanko June Harman Alma A. Harris Stanley M. and Eleanor P. Harris Nancy C. Hayes Eugenia H. Haynie Bunnie B. Haynor Pamela M. Haywood Frances M. Heffernan Helen J. Henke Ione E. Hergert Mary R. Herleman and Lexie A. Fry Wayne W. and JoAnne Herman Charlotte A. Hicks Beulah M. Higgins John W. Higson Ruth and Harland Hoffman Blossom H. Hofmann Irene Holden

Angela S. Homme Kurt and Dorothy Horn Jonathan B. Horrell John D. Hourihan Ralph E. and Annette D. Howitt S. E. and Frances P. Hymes Donald C. Innes Frederick J. Isaac Dwight Johnson Ellen Johnson Bobby E. Jones Marny and Jean K. Jones Alfred C. Kaeppel Raymond and Betty Jane Kaliski Rosemary G. and Daniel E. Kaplan Selna Kaplan Susan Katz-Snyder and Alan B. Snyder James H. and Irma Keeffe Elizabeth D. and Stanley L. Kelker Mary A. Kelly Max C. Kirkeberg Sallie Koenigsberg Lotte Krug Louis R. Laeremans Herman Landson Marianne J. Larimore Paul R. and Vivien H. Larson Paula and James Latusky Claire M. Laughton Donald V. and Barbara J. Lawson Annetta Lazio Lieselotte Le Baron Virginia Leach Peter L. Ledee Gerald S. Levinson Donald M. Linn Roy C. Lopaus John L. Love Jean L. Lynch David N. and Mary L. Maas Richard A. Magliano A. Russell and Claudia J. Magnusson Susanne and John E. Mahoney

I love the braille Notetaker. It has a braille display and speech, a dictionary, a radio, a recording function.
divina fontanilla

Ottilia Malattia Justine F. Marcelli and John F. Baron Ernest and Mrs. Marx Fredrika D. May Louise G. McClain Lorene McKee Robert J. McKee Teresa M. McLean Richard L. Merritt Hans A. and Edith Merten Joseph G. andAnna Meyer Charles J. and Susan A. Michel Steven S. and Judith Mitchell Marion Monismith Mary A. Montgomery Robert Moore Helen K. Morton Thomas A. and Vivian Mullaney Robert M. Munro Gerald F. Murphy, Jr. Maxwell A. Myers Robert D. and Lynne S. Myers Irving Myerson Diane B. and Robert M. Neuhaus Arthur C. Neumann Robert E. and Marian C. O’Donnell Yvonne M. O’Gorman Helge B. and Birgitta B. Olsen Clarence E. Olson Vicki S. and Laurence S. Oppenheim Cecil F. and Lillyan F. Ormond Gladys M. and James A. Palrang Elizabeth R. Pansegrau Alexander Pappas Florence M. Paraventi Richard W. Patterson Mary Perata Olga J. Petersen Letizia Piacente Claire and Jack H. Polly Nancy S. Potash Dorothy G. Powell G. K. Provo Chester S. Psuik Kjell H. Qvale Aspasia Radoumis Vera Reininger Beverly and Louis H. Reyff William A. Robles Barbara S. Rogers Dennis E. andRenee R. Ross William L. and Rosita Rothschild Richard H. Salz Constantine Sarlas Robert A. Scalapino Carl E. and Helen E. Schlichtmann Laurette Schorcht James F. Schremp James H. Schwabacher John S. and Katharine S. Schwarz Gene Schweikert Sarah L. Searing Sylvia Serrahn

Hugo and Hanna Shane Francis M. and Geraldine Shannon Stephen L. and Joanne Shapiro Marion L. Sheehan Gladys Shegoian Kenneth L. and Jean J. Shelley David Simmons Thomas F. Smegal Ethel A. Smith Marthe E. Smith Harry B. Smith, Jr. William G. and Gail Snetsinger Elisabeth Sonntag Edmund J. and Joan Sprankle John A. Sproul William C. Stafford Frances L. Stein Robert L. Stein Charles T. Stewart Margaret A. and Clyde A. Stone George and Helene E. Strauss Andrea and Brian Suska Walter Swan Catherine Taiariol Thelma K. Tenenberg George and Nola K. Theobald Clifford G. Thornell Jean C. Tollini Bernice D. Tretten Janet E. and H.T. Tupper Michael Turan Ray F. Valdez Carl A. Valentine William H. Vederman Richard A. Vignolo Lidia M. and Joseph Vinal Mary J. Voelker Henry and Gloria Wachs May Walch Joseph P. and Margaret A. Ward Sisi and Harry Weaver Donald E. and Barbara Weber David L. and Regula A. Weill Arthur G. and Alice Weiner Joseph and Betty Jean Weiss Ruth B. Wenaas June Whitesides Stephen K. Whittemore Enid Williams Katalin K. Winegard Mildred E. Wittman H. E. and Priscilla W. Wolfram Bennett J. Woll Paul H. and Mae K. Wong Parker F. and Eleanor J. Wood Robert A. Zlodi


QuINaN CalIforNIa doNor group
Quinan California donors have supported the LightHouse at a level of $5000 or more. Theodore F. Bayer W. Beaton Douglas Bergman Park Chamberlain Mark S. Chester Philip C. Chin John W. Craig Howard and Julia Eastman Richard W. Ennes Nancy and Joe Foss Robert R. Foster Yonda Gin Walter H. Girdlestone Susan Katz-Snyder and Alan B. Snyder May Long Helen K. Morton Fred G. Nowell Norma Ring Richard M. and Barbara C. Rosenberg Richard H. Salz James A. Scalise Andrea and Brian Suska Marco A. Vidal Stephen K. Whittemore Special Acknowledgment is given to the individual members of the Peninsula Auxiliary Lighthouse for the Blind

INdIvIduals aNd WorkplaCe gIvINg doNors
James Abrams Catherine E. Adams Kathleen Adkins Bruno and Patricia Albini Max and Mary June Allen Jerry Amundson Mr. and Mrs. Adolphus Andrews, Jr. Anonymous Leonard D. Anspach James B. Arbios Mrs. R. K. Ashley Elizabeth Aswegan Theodore and Edythe Atz Ann Auburn Paul E. Auger Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Austria Jeanne Azen

Dr. Debra A. Babcock and Dr. Mark Rosekind Thomas J. Backos Norma J. Bagala Janeann Bailly Drs. Cedric and Dorothy Bainton R. Bairi Blanche Baker Carol Baker Kathleen Louise Baker Roslyn R. Barak Joan R. Barkan John and Joan Barkan William Barker Fred A. Barsuglia Patricia Barton Mrs. Edward Charles Bassett Elaine and Thomas Battista Jean and John Bauer Verna E. Bawden Arthur and Barbara Beato Donna and David Becht Jeanne and Robert Becker Imogene Beckwith Janet Bedula Mayetta Behringer Beatrice Bel Eva Beltrame Emmanuelle Benkoski Robert and Jane Bennett Bobbie and Fletcher Benton Douglas E. Bergman S. Bear Bergman Ida Berkowitz Arlene Bernstein Arthur H. Bernstein Charmaine L. Berry Joan Berry Brad “”Rocky”“ Bertetta Fred and Bonnie Jean Bertetta Per and Ole Berthelsen David and Edna Bettega John and Anna Bilci Sandra Blain

my very favorite piece of adaptive equipment is my mobile smartphone with mobilespeak and mobile magnifier. 
f. ross Woodall

Britney and Walter Blair Jean Blake William Blanckenburg Ilene Bliwise Eva G. Block Judie Block David Bloom Florence Blum W. Ben Bobo Hazel and Armand Bolino Carol Borowy Kieran Boughan William E. Bowen Neil H. Brandt Edith B. Brassey Laura J. Bredemeier Deborah L. Brennan Doris B. Brodie Sidney Brodie Kurt Brombacher Henry and Marilyn Brook Laurent R. Broussal Doris Brown Elizabeth Brown Lee and Carol Brown Lonnie M. Brown Richard and Alice Brown Standarlee Brown Beverly R. Brunker Jean Bucaneg Alvin and Francoise Buchignani James L. Buhler Karen Bui Drusilla and Fredrick Burrell Nancy and Franklin Burton Hilary Butts Anselmo and Alma Caballero Dino and Anna Caccia Jane Calender Dennis and Carol Callaghan Kevin and Kathleen Callaghan Bertram Callen Charles and Glenna Campbell Herb Campbell Ruth and Gregory Cano Brad D. Cantos Mr. and Mrs. Norvell U. Caraway Mari Cardenas Launa J. Carlson Kimberley Carrington Iris L. Carryer Arnold and Carol Carvajal Andrea Cercos Robert and Gail Chamberlin Ruth Champagne David and Judy Chan Joseph Chan Peter Chan Donald E. Chapman, III Sheila and Jeff Chapman John Charles Ralph and Paula Chernoff Judy Chew

Adele Chi and Pehong Chen Frank and Georgia Chiappellone J. L. and K. A. Chiappelone Gilda Chico T. Chidambaram Jacqueline W. Choppelas Edward Chu June Chun George Clark and Thomas Moore Mrs. William S. Clark Audrey and Jonathan Clarke Burton Clarke Richard and Carole Clausen Francis and Barbara Clifford Dr. Vicki L. Coe and Dr. R. Scott Mitchell Julie Coffey Carla Colacito Norman and Susan Colb Jeannie Colbert Eunice Coleman Edna C. Collier Sandra Collins Alice Colthurst James Concannon Forrest Conley Meghan Connolly Haupt Stephen Constantine Arthur and Mutsuko Cooper Judge and Mrs. John S. Cooper Anne Marie Cordingly Charlotte Coren Linda and Craig Corey Janice L. Corran Sam M. Corritore Geraldine and Al Corvi Constance and Dave Costa William Costello Joseph and Penelope Cotten Bennie and Antonette Cottone John and Celeste Craemer Gail and Kevin Cronin David Cruser Debra Cruser Harry and Ann Cush Bernard Damele Lance and Billie Darin Lenore Daris William and Jaci Daskarolis Nino and Dolores Davi Bernice Davis Carol Davis Howard G. Davis The De Goff Family Erin Dean Colcord Rev. Margaret E. Deeths Barbara Delong Anabella Denisoff Jim Dewey Gina di Grazia William and Patricia Dick Mark and Roberta Dietzen Louis and Dorothy Dito

Elizabeth and Donald Dixon Lua and Robert Dodds Charles G. Dondero John G. Donnellan Margie Donovan Charles Dorris Linda D’Orso Leslie K. Doughty Cynthia and Scott Douglas-Hiley Joan M. Dove Susan A. Dovi Julie Down Lillian and Michael Downing Winifred Downing David Dryer Joyce M. Dubay Scott and Carol Dubowsky Robert and Michael Ducharme Joyce and Chris Dueker Corinne Dufka C.D. and Pete Dunnebeck Hien Duong Patrick Dutra Christy Eberhardt Joseph Ehrman, III Richard T. Ellebrecht Margaret L. Elliott Dennis G. Engle Steve and Beth Erdmann Peder B. Eriksen Neil and Barbara Falconer Rosemarie Falor-Luis Elda and David Fanucchi Barbara and Patrick Favale Mr. Ray Favetti Lawrence and Marian Feigenbaum Christopher Feild David Feiman, DDS Lewis J. Feldman Louise Ferrando Michael and Sandra Ferrario Carolyn and Kenneth Ferro Olivia I. Fiel Leesa Fields Alan and Barbara Finn Anne Fisher Joseph Fisher Harold Fisk Luciano Flores Gerald and Dorothy Foerster Mary Fones Gene and Joyce Fong Jennie Fong Leo Fong George and Sophia Fonti The Family of Anna Chan Foo Nancy and Joe Foss Robert R. Foster Stanley and Beverly Foster Mary M. Foudy Alan K. Franck Julia S. Frank Don Franklin

Martha Franks Jennifer Franzen Denise Freinkel Kim Friberg Don and Peggy Fromm Jeannette A. Gape Amey Garber and Richard Lesnick Mr. and Mrs. Alfred M. Garcia Natalie Garner Joan M. Geis Linda and Greg Gener Michael Gersch Herbert and Annette Gershen Janet M. Gersonde F. E. Giari Irene W. Gibson Edward and Patricia Gigli Nancy and Stephen Gill David Gin Yonda Gin Margaret E. Ginsburg Frank and Marion Girasek Walter H. Girdlestone Stanton and Marsha Glantz Mary Glenn and Bonnie Kay Nelson Jerome and Gloria Goldberg D. Goldman Ms. Diane Goldman Walter and Corinne Goldman Robert Golovich George C. Goodman David and Elizabeth Goosman Ellen P. Gorman Patrick Gorman Verena Graham John N. Granet Joseph Grasso Marlean Gratuito Robert Graves Barbara L. Gray Laurel and Chris Gray Diane Graydon Clifford H. Green Fay Green Jeffrey Green Linda D. Greenberg George and Catherine Griffin Herbert and Lenore Griffin Ralph Griffin Lela and Robert Groom Susan Grossman Ralph E. Guenther Luis Guerra Paul Guidi Gary Gunther George and Dolly Gurrola Joe and Paula Gutierrez Donald and Jean Haet Angela Hagins Terry Hair Dennis Hale Jeanne C. Hallburg Thomas Hamilton


Rebecca Handler and David Andrade Frances and Thomas Haney Dorothy Harkavy June Harman Sharon Harris Shirley Harris Donna and Earl Hart Irene M. Hart Eugene and Joan Harter Robert Harvey Suann and Tim Hayes Eugenia H. Haynie Jill and Claude Heifetz Shelby Heifetz Sidney and Rose Heifetz Susan Heller Rebecca and James Helm Jacqueline M. Hendren H. Jean Henke Kenneth and Margaret Herman Wayne and JoAnne Herman Mirtha Hernandez Richard Hesse Robert and Patricia Hewett Steven R. Hibshman John and Eleanor Higson Miriam Hillier Elaine Hilp Debbie and Robert Hinkson Mr. and Mrs. Harvey D. Hinman Diane Hinson Ed Hodges Blossom H. Hofmann Susan Holt Geoffrey Hom Pamela Hom Dana Hooper and Alicia Swanson Jonathan B. Horrell, M.D. Gloria J. Howard Clinton Howe Joan Howell Annette D. Howitt Reggie Hudson T.F. and Nancy Humiston Dwayne Hunn Marlene Hunn Janin and William Inman Gary W. Ireland Frederick J. Isaac Grace and Luther Izmirian Jack D. Jackson Robert and Lois Jacob Anne K. Jahnsen Carl and Carolyn Janson Mary and Peter Jewell Betty Johannessen Denis Johns Dwight Johnson Gil and Beverely Johnson P. Kuuleialoha and Robert Johnson Polly and Neil Johnston Ralph and Dorris Jones

Lorraine Judice Marcus A. Jung Mrs. Leland Kaiser Robert M. Kane Elliot and Ida Kaplan Rosemary and Daniel Kaplan Patricia Kast Ilene and Gary Katz Susan Katz-Snyder and Alan B. Snyder Julie Kaufman George Kaw Mary A. Kelly Helen Kennedy Cahill William and Susan Kenney Lubov Kepuladze Alice Kim Loa Kingston Ivana Kirola Michael Klimo Virginia Knepper Doyle and John Doyle Kathleen Knox Erna Knutsen Norma Kollgaard Igor and Elizabeth Kolombatovic Sidney and Vivian Konigsberg Stuart Koop George and Susan Kotsovolos Kerry and Maureen Kravitz J. Lee Kreader James Kwan Deslar Kyn Patten Lynne and Andrew Laird Janice and George Landt Judy Larson Barbara and James Lassen K.C. and Steve Lauck Robert Lavaysse Joyce Law-Fong Lieselotte Le Baron Peter L. Ledee Wolfgang and Alexandra Lederer Cindy Lee

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George J. Lee May Lee Norma Lentine Donna-Marie Lera Wallis Leslie Luna Lester John and Aimee Levin Herbert Levison Alan Levy Mr. and Mrs. Ho Lew Mabel Lew Vivian Lew Harry and Gene Lewin Werner and Libby Lewin Evelyn M. Light Bonnie Gratch Lindauer Marilyn L. Lindsey, Ph.D Joanne Linn Joyce Lively and Ronald Kardon Ann LoMonte Jessica Lorenz Dan Lorenzo Susan Lum Mr. James M. Lundy Claire Lupia Louise Magner Mr. and Mrs. Russ Magnusson and Chris Krishna Malik Melissa Mallozzi Renee Malone Samantha Manewitz Ethel and Robert Mann Harry and Emma Mar Alex Marcollo Robert E. Marcus Helen L. Marsh James C. Marsters, Jr. Mrs. Donald Marx Howard Maull and Glady Lou LytleMaull Boris S. Maximoff John H. Maxson Fredrika D. May Liam Mayclem Frank McCaffery David and Rose McCallen David A. McCosker Leola McGrath Robert McKenna Christina and William McNair Robert and Colleen McNichol Brian McNitt Horacio Mendez Lawrence Mercier Scott and Theresa Merrick Hans and Edith Merten Charles and Susan Michel Gene and Carole Michel Spencer and Roberta Michels James Michener Joshua Miele and Elizabeth Ruhland Mona Milam

Hayes D. Miles John N. Miller Lauren P. Miller Selinda and Dwain Miller Yetta Miller Gordon and Karen Millner Lyla M. Mitchell Susan Mizner, Director Carolyn Mobley Michael Mojabi J.B. Molaghan Barbara Monie Mary A. Montgomery S. M. Moore Thomas M. Moore Mr. Dannie Moos Lillian and Harold L. Moose, Jr. Ada Morales Richard Morasci Michael and Angelina Morgan Sandy and Jeff Mori Michael and Lucinda Morlin Helen and G. Joel Morris Paul V. Morris Carol and Jerry Muchin Vivian Mullaney Mr. and Mrs. Donald Munakata J. R. Murphy James J. Murphy Leslie Murphy Rosemary Murphy Maxwell A. Myers Robert and Lynne Myers Emmanuel Nava Jean Neely William and Joan Neff Donald and Carol Nelson Lawrence Nelson Dirk Neyhart John H. Norcop Jeffrey Novick Varda Novick Juan Ocampo Gomez Mary O’Connoll Robert and Marian O’Donnell Tara and Brian O’Dwyer Rose Marie O’Leary David and Joyce Oliphant Joann and John O’Loughlin Dale and Vivian Olsen Richard Olsen Frank and Phyllis Olsson John and Victoria O’Neill Laurence and Vicki Oppenheim Vicki and Laurence Oppenheim Kazu Oshima Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Oswalt Raymond and Beverly Owning Charles M. Ozorio Rene and Judith Paladini Emily Papapietro Ellen and Michael Parker Jeffrey Parravano

Kevin Parry Betty Passanisi Fran and Clint Pelegrino Charles and Norma Jean Peluso Stephen Max Perr and Dr. Holly Christman Randall and Valerie Perry Maja Jean Peters Eugene and Barbara Peterson Joseph F. Peterson Nicholas and Patricia Petrakis Vonnie Pfingston Susan Piallat Teri Picante Anne and Nathan Plotkin Dana Polatin Karena Polcyn Laura Porras Jagdip and Robin Powar Robert and Lillian Powell Glenn and Jodi Preminger Arthur Psaltis Mr. and Mrs. Chester S. Psuik Sacha Rahi Robert Rakshys Alicia and Edward Ramirez Dorothy Raski Helene Renteria Cathleen and Gary Rettberg Alice Reutlinger Albert Reyff and Karla Yates Mary Rizzato Chris and Helen Rockas George Roehm Margery and Fred Roos Doug Rose Madeleine S. Rose Patti and Doug Rose Herbert and Ilse Rosenbaum Paul Rosenstein and Bonnie Lynn Helen Roxborough Edward M. Rubenstein Sylvia Rubin Carlos and Ruth Ruling Florence M. Rusk Nancy A. Russ Richard M. Russ Mr. and Mrs. Eugene W. Rzym Nicolai Safai Karen Salcedo Richard H. Salz Digna and Mario Sanchez Donna Sanchez Sarah Sanchez Ilse Sauerwald Joseph Scheuermann Mrs. Helen E. Schlichtmann Carolyn Schmidt Suzanne and Henry Schmitt Anna R. Schmitz Joseph Schmitz Gary Schnitzer and Sandra Wilder Thelma and Gilbert Schnitzer

Christine Schreiber Irving and Naomi Schulman Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Schultz Douglas Schultz Frank and Gloria Scigliano Janna A. Scopel Sarah Scott Linda Scourtis Mr. and Mrs. Alan K. L. Scroggie Victoria Seay Matthew Sell Fred Seronick Anita Shafer Aaron and Robert Scott Aaron Anna and Stanley Shaff Hugo Shane Stephen and Joanne Shapiro Helen J. Sharp Shelly Sharp Florence Shaw Sidney Shaw Timothy and Mary Sheehy Gladys and Ardson Shegoian Kenneth and Jean Shelley Kimberly Shuck Steve and Jeanne Sibley Esther Sichel Linda Silva Delrose Silvas Ruth H. Silverman Robert and Annette Simon Sandra Simon Henry and Katherine Simpson Katherine and Henry Simpson Hope Sinclair Irena and Mieczyslaw Skrobik Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. Small Katrina Smathers Thomas F. Smegal, Jr. Lawrence Smeragliuooo G. Edward Smith and Elizabeth Primrose-Smith Gretchen J. Smith Paul Smith and Carol Harvey Sigrid and James Snider John P. Souza Laura Sowell Marlene Spaeth and Terri Ritchie Dana M. Spear Joan L. Spelman Helen Springer John A. Sproul Mae Stadler Gerald G. Stangl Patricia Stark M. Geraldine Stasko Anne Stavropoulos Theodore E. Steiner Stanley Stenger Kim Stepney Diana Stepp Todd Stevenot and Anne Sandbach Richard W. Stevens


Charles T. Stewart Frances J. Stewart Margaret and Clyde Stone Chuck Stoops Edward Storm and Anne Paye Peter G. Straus George and Helene Strauss Anita Strom Ian Sublett Gideon and Hao Do Sughrue Thomas and Judith Sutliff Elizabeth H. Sutro Walter Swan, Jr. Charles and Linda Swift Eunice and Robert Swink Thomas Swinney Evelyn Szelenyi Kong Taing William R. Tanzer David and Teresa Tarr Ted Tawshunsky Glenhall and Patricia Taylor Colette Tedeschi Karen Tedford Thelma K. Tenenberg Clara A. Tennis Dr. Carol Tereszkiewicz-Zimmerman and Dr. Zachary Zimmerman Norma Tewksbury-Ooghe Nola K. Theobald Kimberly M. Thompson Clifford Thornell Mary P. Thornton Iwan Tjokrosoeharto Jean C. Tollini Aurora Tomadoni Deborah Toy Stella Tracy Cheryl and Richard Trice Paul Trichilo Ivy Troyer Judith and Richard Trusendi Janet and Tom Tupper JoAnn Tursone Steven Utz Don Van Eeghen and Theresa Le Olson Jeff and Elaine Van Grinsven Jean J. Vanden Peter Vas Dias Richard Vas Dias Galina and Slava Vassershteyn Prindle and Henry Vaux William H. Vederman John Verduzco and Herb Smith Elva I. Vergari Marco A. Vidal Fund Richard A. Vignolo Lidia and Joseph Vinal Jeremy and Randi Vishno Maria Vrionis Lowell and Donna Wallace Hazel Walsh

Dirk Walvis and Carolyn Dille Joseph and Margaret Ward John and Carmen Washington Sisi Weaver David and Regula Weill Edward and Janet Weiner Gary and Yaffa Weinstein Philip and Veronica Weismehl Betty Jean Weiss Robert and Marian Weiss Robin and Thalia Welch Jordana Welles and Julie Ray David L. Wells Dorothy H. Wesley Jim Whipple Nancy Whitney Bruce and Donna Whitson Stephen K. Whittemore Robert A. Whyte Sofia Widjaja Ron D. Willis Jerry and Judith Wilson Katalin K. Winegard Kenneth Winkler William Wipprecht Teresa and Erland Wolff Bennett J. Woll Jordan Wong Parker and Eleanor Wood Forrest P. Woodworth, IV Sharalee and Thomas Wrigley Sylvia Xuereb Irvin and Marilyn Yalom Stanley Yarnell Karla M. Yates Jennifer Yeagley and Jeff Russell Dr. and Mrs. Jerold J. Yecies Betty and Edmund Young Steven Young Katherine Younker Jean and S. J. Zaczek Dr. Arash M. Zadeh Eric and Beverly Zell Tamara Zhuchkova Roy Zitting Monique J. Zmuda Robert Zwissig

park CHamberlaIN HerItage soCIety
Park Chamberlain Heritage Society donors have supported the LightHouse through a bequest. Benno M. Abraham Ruth Abrahamson Juliette F. Alexander

Audrey M. Anderson Paul L. Andrieu Katherine Andros Robert Anino Philip Anspacher Frank Back Catherine Bagnasco Julia Baker Pauline Baldwin Bertha Bankhead Shena Baring-Gould Margarete Barsam Beatrice M. Beattie Irma Becker August Beeler John L. Bernhard Elvera Berven Martha J. Bibb Marguerite Billy Katharine E. Blanche May Bloom Louis & Leonore Blumenthal Anna Bohner Louise Bonne Fred Braun, Jr. Eileen Brennan Christine Breon Erma M. Bridgett William Henry Brown Harold L. Buechner Henry M. Cailleaud Gioavani and Margret Camajani Eleanor E. Cameron Bernice Canata Jacques Canes Marcelin E. Cannon Stanley Carlow Dorothy Carlson Fay Allison Carty John H. Casenave Myrene Cassel Robert Cathcart Victor A. Celotti Miriam Chaban Ronald Chaisson Park Chamberlain Laura Ciolek Mabel Clifford Bernice K. Cochran Fannie A. Cooper Ethel L. Cross Irene Crow Alfreda S. Cullinan Belle Curtin Marianne M. Davidson Ora K. Dennett George Dettner Robert Devereaux Olga Diora Clarence Dobie Teresa Drake Mae Dudley Marie L. Duggan

Olga B. Dunn Thomas Dutra George Dynan Yvette G. Eastman Howard and Julia Eastman Marie Edenburg Ethel L. Ehrhardt Ilse Elias Russell H. Ellis Mary H. Endlich Grace Eng Marion E. Evans Enzo S. Fanucchi Marguerite E. Fein Cyril Fels James Fenton Lillian R. Fitzgerald Justine Fixel Rose Flacks Nelly Forassieppi Jack Fox Sophie Fulton Nora P. Garwick Gisella Gellert Clifford Gerlach Jean Getz George Giannini Elinor Gilheaney Jack Gille Gladstone/Sassoon Family Benjamin Gold Melba J. Grayson T.B. Greenhouse Leonard Greenwell Genevieve D. Guppy Chester B. Guppy Lois Riley Haight Rita Hanlon Carl J. Hansen Vera Hardy Dorothy Harren Ferris W. Hartman Sophie E. Haut Eldon S. Heckman K. Henderson May I. Henriod Shirley Hicklin Beulah May Higgins

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Madeline Hilburn Trust Judson Holland Gloria Ann Hollis Allan Hovden Gloria Hubner Miriam Huggins Ethel K. Hughes Lucia Huneke Enid Hobson Hurd Felicia Hyman Evelyn Hymans Dolores Ippolito Charles J. Isaacs Sophie Jacobs Ebba I. Jorgensen James Mayfield Kaye Norah Kelly Vryra Fortin Kerr Ethel May King Gertrude L. King Rochelle Kingsland Fanny Klang Babette Klee Bertha Klein Carol Knowles Josephine K. Knowles Bertha Kristal Andrew Kristofsky Judith Kuhnle Barbara H. Kurtz Laine Family Genevieve E. Landon Louise Lang Virginia Larsen James V. Lawry Allan and Marilyn Lee Ruth D. Leon Sara G. Levin Louis Levitas Elizabeth Lippitt Genevieve C. Louderback Mary Lai Yi Louie Orsola Lucchesi Josephine Ludwig Alice E. Luscombe Jean A. MacAllum MayBelle Madden Della F. Maiden Mercedes Major Barbara Ann Mallory Marie R. Malough Steven S. Marcu Marie Brauninger Martin Ann McCarthy Signe Ash McClellan Florence McDonald Alicia McEvoy Mercedes McMicking Mellie A. Merritt Emmy Michielsen Mack E. Mickelson Betty M. Mignacco Frances S. Miller

Florence Millikin Elizabeth Mitchell Augusta Moyer Anna Belle Neal Paul and Norine Nelson Paul Axel Nelson Gertrud Neufeld Judith A. Neumann Yvonne Marie O’Gorman Rosina Olivieri Edith Palmedo Elizabeth R. Pansegrau Ruth Pels Ellen Peterson R.R. Pew Emmy A. Phelps Seymour Phillips Paul G. Pinsky Cora Pissis Virginia Marie Poccia Gabriel Poutous Richard A. Rath Fred F. Renner Viola Rhone Gunilda Rianda Henry M. Rist Dohma L. Roberts Helen M. Robinson Mario Rocca Jean Roddan Zerman George Rosenquist Edna Rosner Robert Ross Patricia J. Rourke Annie Rummelsburg Frank Rusalem Schaefer Charitable Trust Erna Schleu Ann V. Schmoll Walter Schroeder Maud van Courtlandt-Hill Schroll Flora Ludwigs Scott Rosita Scott Richard Sheldrick Hazel L. Shepard Shulmann Family Mildred Simmen Simmons Family Marie Simpson Constance M. Simpson Arnold J. Smoller Ann Elizabeth Snow Don Speakman Alma W. Spencer Margaret Stephens Helen S. Stewart E.B. Storrow William H. and Ruth B. Struckman Ludmila Suglian Stuart F. and H. Marguerite Svedeman Lillian Tassi Jacqueline D. Thompson


Joseph S. Thompson Todd Thorn Ivy Throop Lillian and Lewis Tilin Joseph M. Torrano Alice Frances Tracy Emma G. Trebilcot Dorothy E. Trevey John Thomas Trixler Irene Tsecklinskaya John Henry Turner Billie Vier Wilhelmina Waldeck Gwendolyn F. Walkup Marvin Walton Frances Isabel Weed Margaret E. White Agnes Whitelock Gates Wigner Tova Wiley Gladys H. Williams Richard Winckel Lillie Wissman William W. Witney Madeline E. Woodall Roma Zederman George Zimmerman Doris J. Zimpelmann Robert A. Zlodi Stephen Zlodi Virginia Lee Zwick

INstItutIoNal doNors
Agencies, Foundations and Companies Access Integrated Technologies, Inc. Airport Commission Employees American Legion Fort Humboldt Post 212 Artsigns Architectural Graphics, Inc. Bank of America Bank of America Charitable Foundation Bank of America Foundation (Matching Gifts) Bellini Foundation Bertetta Tanklines, Inc. Mervyn L. Brenner Foundation State of California General Fund California State Automobile Association Carroll, Burdick & McDonough LLP Cars 4 Causes Center for Accessible Technology Charity Funding Services ChevronTexaco “”People Making a Difference”“ Campaign County of Humboldt In-Home Support Services

Daley, DeBofsky & Bryant Department of Management, Minnesota State University Harold & Annette Dobbs Family Supporting Foundation Dodge & Cox Investment Managers The East Bay Community Foundation Electronic Scrip Incorporated South San Francisco Elks Lodge #2091 Envision Far Eastern Society of San Francisco, Inc. Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Francis S. North Foundation Gap Foundation Money For Time Program Genentech Employee Giving Program Give Something Back Business Products GMAC Mortgage Golden Gate Healthcare Center Google, Inc. The Guardsmen Walter and Elise Haas Fund Hall Realty The Vera C. Hendry Foundation Herbst Foundation, Inc. Humboldt Area Foundation IBM Employee Services Center IBM Retiree Charitable Campaign Independent Charities of America The James Irvine Foundation Jefferson & Gross, CPA’s Jewish Community Endowment Fund Jewish Family and Children’s Services Kaiser Hospital, Optical Department Korean War Veterans Association Lanahan & Reilley LLP Dean & Margaret Lesher Foundation Castro Lions Club Local Independent Charities The Los Angeles Spinsters Los Gatos Lions Charities, Inc. Lowell Berry Foundation Lundy and Mishanetz Bertha Russ Lytel Foundation Marin Community Foundation Mayor’s Office on Disability Eva L. McKenzie Trust Mid-America Tile Muir Oaks Veterinary Hospital Native Daughters of the Golden West Naughton Realty, Inc. The Neisloss Family Foundation Inc. Pacific Union’s Marin Agents Community Fund The Pfund Family Foundation PG & E Corporation, Campaign for the Community

Pile Drivers, Divers, Bridge Wharf & Dock Builders R.V. Kuhns & Associates, Inc. Redwood Empire Chapter, CCB Scholarship Fund RL & Associates, Inc. Rotary Club of Napa Sacramento Spinal Specialists The San Francisco Foundation San Francisco, City and County San Jose East Valley Lions Club San Jose North Valley Lions #0239 The Annunziata Sanguinetti Foundation Scales of Justice Lions Club The Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving Sears “You Can Make A Difference” Workplace Giving Campaign Silicon Valley Community Foundation Soroptimist International of Humboldt Bay The Morris Stulsaft Foundation Alice Phelan Sullivan Corporation Mr. and Mrs. G. Kirk Swingle Foundation Temple Beth Ami Religious School Twin Peaks Tavern Union Labor Health Foundation United eWay United Synagogue of Hoboken United Way of King County United Way of Northern Nevada & the Sierra United Way of the Bay Area Vallejo Grandmoms Club Veterans of Foreign Wars Viet Huong Fish Sauce Company VISA International Giving Campaign Wells Fargo Bank Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign

Joan Blalock and Butch Blalock Blow Styling Salon Breezy’s Restaurant and Bar Broadwest Corporation Byington Winery and Vineyard Cafe Organic Lettus California Academy of Sciences Capricorn Coffee The Cartoon Art Museum Chaya Brasserie #1301 Clara Chun City Dish Cocoon Howard G. Davis Deaf Counciling Advocacy & Referral Agency (DCARA) Drake Restaurants Hien Duong Echo Marketing Mr. Ray Favetti Lyndia Fillpot Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco Herb Fotish R. Grant Robert Graves Susan Hambrecht Heine Family Trust Maria Hershey David L. Holcomb Hornblower Cruises and Events Marguerite Illingworth Lynne and Andrew Laird Ledson Winery and Vineyards Ali O. Lee and John Wrigley Galen Leung Levende Lounge Art Lidstrom Alex Marcollo Market Street Grill Andrew Marshall Edna Mattz John H. Maxson Gloria May Eric McAlpine

INkINd, taNgIble property aNd Car doNatIoNs
2223 Restaurant 7 x 7 Magazine Acoustiguide, Inc. Barbara Adamson Kathleen Adkins American Conservatory Theater Aquarium of the Bay Arrowood Vineyards & Winery Asian Art Museum Beach Blanket Babylon Sandra Blain

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Doris McKeever Robert McKenna Guylene McMinton Betty McQuiston Horacio Mendez Lawrence Mercier Metro City Bar James Michener Charles Migos NameFinders Sheila Nelson June Nessler Oakland Museum of California Oakland Zoo Opus One Peju Province Winery Stephen Max Perr and Dr. Holly Christman Norman Peterson Pier 39 POP Sound Presidio Bowling Center Punchline San Francisco Eleanor Quigley Ravenswood Winery Redwoods Veteran’s Center Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum Eric Robertson and Tami Gamble Jill Roter Salsalito Taco Shop San Francisco Museum of Modern Art San Francisco Symphony San Francisco Towers Savannah Chanelle Vineyards Douglas Scheft Lynne Sentivany Esther Sichel Robert and Annette Simon Lawrence Smeragliuooo Chuck Somers Carol Soto Louisa Spier Jill and Tom Sprinkle Tom and Jill Sprinkle Bob Stanger Kim Stepney Chuck Stoops Sushi Groove TCB Cafe Publishing Marian Thompson Iwan Tjokrosoeharto Twin Peaks Tavern Don Van Eeghen and Theresa Le Olson Christopher Ward Andy Westfall Perry and Patricia Wolf John Wrigley Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Yerba Buena Ice Skating and Bowling Center Yet Wah Chinese Restaurant

INsIgHts supporters
INSIGHTS FUNDERS Community Arts and Education Program of the San Francisco Arts Commission San Francisco Foundation Walter and Elise Haas Fund INSIGHTS SPONSORS Claude Monet Level - $5000+ Guide By Cell Georgia O’Keefe Level - $2500+ Acoustiguide, Inc. Bank of America RL & Associates, Inc. Wells Fargo Bank Edgar Degas Level - $1000+ 7 x 7 Magazine Envision R.V. Kuhns & Associates, Inc. PATRONS Joan R. Barkan Brad “Rocky” Bertetta, Bertetta Tanklines, Inc. David and Judy Chan Joseph Chan George Clark and Thomas Moore Gina di Grazia Margie Donovan Joan M. Dove Nancy and Joe Foss Barbara L. Gray Karen Gray and Doug Elliot George and Catherine Griffin Paul Guidi Rebecca Handler and David Andrade The Herbst Foundation, Inc. Carl and Carolyn Janson Gil and Beverely Johnson Kathleen Knox Nicole Lange Barbara and James Lassen Harry and Emma Mar Howard Maull and Glady Lou LytleMaull John H. Maxson Mayor’s Office on Disability Christina and William McNair Joshua Miele and Elizabeth Ruhland Leslie Murphy Rosemary Murphy David Perry & Associates Gary Schnitzer and Sandra Wilder Anita Shafer Aaron and Robert Scott Aaron


Todd Stevenot and Anne Sandbach Jordana Welles and Julie Ray Sofia Widjaja Jennifer Yeagley and Jeff Russell Special thanks to Russell Quinan and Traction for the Insights 2008 PSA INSIGHTS DONORS Max and Mary June Allen William Barker Imogene Beckwith Ida Berkowitz Fred and Bonnie Jean Bertetta Neil H. Brandt Lonnie M. Brown Beverly R. Brunker Charles and Glenna Campbell Mari Cardenas Anabella Denisoff Dodge & Cox Investment Managers South San Francisco Elks Lodge #2091 Lewis J. Feldman Amey Garber and Richard Lesnick The Vera C. Hendry Foundation Herbst Foundation, Inc. Kenneth and Margaret Herman Polly and Neil Johnston Rosemary and Daniel Kaplan Vivian Lew Helen L. Marsh Liam Mayclem Mayor’s Office on Disability Susan Mizner, Director Susan Piallat Kimberly Shuck Gerald G. Stangl Galina and Slava Vassershteyn Viet Huong Fish Sauce Company Lidia and Joseph Vinal Joseph and Margaret Ward Gary and Yaffa Weinstein Betty Jean Weiss Robert A. Whyte Roy Zitting

CommuNIty partNers
Academy for Certification of Vision Rehabilitation and Education Professionals (ACVREP) American Foundation for the Blind Area #1 Agency on Aging (Humboldt, Del Norte Counties) Association of Fundraising Professionals AudioVision, Inc.

Bay Area Outdoor Recreation Program (BORP) Bay Area Transportation Blind Babies Foundation California Agencies for the Blind and Visually Impaired (CABVI) California Council of the Blind California Department of Forestry California Foundation of Independent Living Centers (CFILC) California School for the Blind California State Department of Rehabilitation California State Independent Living Council California State Library California Teachers and Educators of the Visually Handicapped (CTEVH) Coalition of Agencies Serving the Elderly (CASE) Commission on Aging and Adult Services Community Alliance of Disability Advocates (CADA) Community Arts and Education Program of the San Francisco Arts Commission Community Health Alliance Curry Senior Center Deaf Counseling, Advocacy and Referral Agency Delancey Street Van Service Department of Aging and Adult Services Department of Children, Youth and Their Families Department of Health and Human Services, Marin County Department of Public Health Development Executives Roundtable (DER) Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund Earle Baum Center of the Blind Fortuna Adult Day Health Center Foundation Center – San Francisco Guide Dogs for the Blind, Inc Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services – Adult Protective Services Branch Humboldt Diabetes Project Humboldt Senior Resource Center Independent Living Resource Center San Francisco Institute on Aging, San Francisco KNBR Leadership San Francisco (LSF) Long Term Care Coordinating Counci lMayor’s Office of Community Investment

Mayor’s Office on Disability, San Francisco Medsam Transportation MUNI Accessibility Services National Association for the Employment of People Who Are Blind (NAEPB) National Council of Private Agencies for the Blind and Visually Impaired (NCPABVI) National Eye Institute – Healthy Vision Community Award National Federation of the Blind of California National Industries for the Blind (NIB) NISH Northern California Association of Deaf-Blind Northern California Association of Education and Rehablilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired (NCAER) Northwest Committee for the Employment of People with Disabilities Nelson Nygart Project Open Hand Redwoods Veterans Center San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery San Francisco Community College San Francisco Department of Elections San Francisco Elks Lodge #3 San Francisco Library for the Blind San Francisco Magazine San Francisco Paratransit San Francisco Partnership for Community-Based Care & Support San Francisco Public Library San Francisco Recreation & Parks Department, Project Insight San Francisco State University San Francisco Unified School District Senior Action Network Sensory Access Foundation Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute, San Francisco Society for the Blind in Sacramento University of California, School of Optometry, Low Vision Clinic University of San Francisco Nursing Program Veteran’s Administration, Visual Impairment Services Team Vision Anew Westridge Builders YMCA Embarcadero

CoNsultaNts & CoNtraCtors
Adaptive Technology Services Michael Parker, MSME Access Ingenuity Joan Dove Area Executive Vice President Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. Insurance Brokers of California, Inc. Allen Ashton Ashton Abeck Design Haseeb Chaudhry Vice President Business Client Manager Greater San Francisco Bank of America Bay Area Communication Access Diana Gates Waterman Vice President Benefits Access Blind and Vision Impaired of Marin, Inc. Tony Capitan Cap’s Painting Company Community TechKnowledge, Inc. David Perry Principal David Perry & Associates Dodge & Cox Fred Cabala Regina Henderson Envision Digital Print Gregory Livestock Fire Abatement Don Gasser Fire Smart, Defensible Space, Inc. Golden Gate Regional Center Bruce J. Wright, CPA Good & Fowler, LLP Greg Barrow Construction Hearing and Speech Center of Northern California

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Houston Lighthouse for the Blind Katrine Hughes, LCSW International Association of Access to Information Services (IAAIS) Emdad Khan Internet Speech Luxor Cab S. Scott Seamands, CPA Partner Lindquist von Husen and Joyce, LLP Justin Loch Page Weavers Ricardo Perez Postal Systems, Inc. Richard Lesnick RL & Associates, Inc. Doug Rose Rose Communications Marcia Beard Senior Consultant R.V. Kuhns and Associates, Inc. Vicki Valentine Graphic Designer San Francisco Art Department Theresa Farina, Executive Director San Francisco Paramedic Association Disabled Student Services San Francisco State University Gerald Scott Scotty’s Janitorial Erik Dryburgh Attorney at Law Silk, Adler & Colvin Nick Harris Stream Guys Susan Jahromi Benefit Consultant Trendcepts Brian McNitt Trendmedia Mike Carr, President EHC Facility Management United Camps, Conferences and Retreats Vista Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired Chris Hauswirth Principal Wetherby Asset Management Krista Wissing Publications Designer Yellow Cab Debby Lieberman Zia Acces

speCIal aCkNoWledgmeNts
Acoustiguide, Inc. Joyce Cid Benny L. Catacutan Clubhouse Manager Concordia-Argonaut Cynthia and John Diggs Site Director & Cook Enchanted Hills Camp Jack Donnellan, Vision Anew Enchanted Hills Camp Advisory Committee Lynda Jones, CVRT Coordinator Rehabilitation Teaching Specialization Program in Visual Impairment Florida State University Liam Mayclem, Host CBS5, Eye on the Bay Thomas Moore Leslie Murphy “Friends of Charlie” Steve, Nancy and Annie Gill Kathy Graddy, Principal Graddy Graphic Design Dr. Robert Greer University of California School of Optometry Low Vision Clinic David Asheim Guide-by-Cell Ben Oude Kampuis Project Insight Richard Lesnick RL and Associates, Inc. Meg Shiffler Gallery Director San Francisco Arts Commission Mike May Sendero Group Christine McNair and Donna Santana Russell Quinan Traction Day Galles, Jeff Green, Fred Hosking and George Roehm Twin Peaks Tavern Dave Sayer Westridge Builders Inc

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2008 financial Highlights
SUPPORT AND REVENUE Bequests Other contributions LightHouse Enterprises Government grants and program fees Interest and dividend income Other income Net assets released from Restrictions Satisfaction of program restriction Total support and revenue EXPENSES Program services: Community and Information Services Rehabilitation Services LightHouse Enterprises Total Program Services Supporting services: Management and general Fundraising Total Supporting services Total expenses Change in net assets from operations Realized and unrealized gains (losses) on marketable securities Change in net assets Net assets, beginning of year Net assets, end of year $ $

Year Ended September 30, 2008


1,435,913 379,684 1,526,433 966,075 955,270 18,585 5,281,960 298,768 5,580,728


0 111,748 111,748 (298,768) (187,020)


0 -


1,435,913 491,432 1,526,433 966,075 955,270 18,585 5,393,708 5,393,708



1,591,417 1,689,263 2,351,413 5,632,093 196,238 431,218 627,456 6,259,549 (678,821) (6,756,638) (7,435,459) 37,352,265 29,916,806

(187,020) (187,020) 688,764 $ 501,744

128,733 $ 128,733

1,591,417 1,689,263 2,351,413 5,632,093 196,238 431,218 627,456 6,259,549 (865,841) (6,756,638) (7,622,479) 38,169,762 $ 30,547,283

Personnel Program costs Cost of raw materials Occupancy Depreciation Outside services Marketing and public relations Training and conferences Office supplies & equipment Insurance Special events Bank Fees, Interest and Taxes Telephone Postage and printing Shipping and delivery Board expense Total expenses

$ 946,767 316,799 0 98,077 66,400 47,560 19,448 24,796 16,681 17,019 15,460 1,794 10,247 10,263 106 0 $ 1,591,418

ASSETS CURRENT ASSETS Cash Receivables: LightHouse Enterprises Fees for service Contributions and bequests Other Inventories Prepaid expenses and deposits Investments Total current assets NON CURRENT ASSETS Receivables Bequests Permanently Restricted Investments Property and equipment - net Total Noncurrent assets Total assets $ 996,949 211,521 156,536 153,102 2,390 209,460 67,544 26,073,202 27,870,704 LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS CURRENT LIABILITIES Accounts payable $ 104,980 Accrued Expenses 499,425 Note payable 168,586 Total Current Liabilities 772,991 NONCURRENT LIABILITIES Note payable 195,467 Total Noncurrent Liabilities 95,467 Total liabilities 968,458 Net assets: Unrestricted: Designated by the board of directors for operations 19,971,955 Designated by the board of directors for capital assets and acquisitions 9,944,851 Total unrestricted net assets 29,916,806 Temporarily restricted 501,744 Permanently restricted 128,733 Total net assets 30,547,283 Total liabilities and net assets $ 31,515,741

359,647 128,733 3,156,657 3,645,037 $ 31,515,741


lIgHtHouse board of dIreCtors

lIgHtHouse HoNorary board
Theodore F. Bayer Past President, LightHouse Board of Directors Douglas Bergman Past Treasurer, LightHouse Board of Directors Jon Carroll Columnist, San Francisco Chronicle John P. Coghlan Past President, LightHouse Board of Directors Mike Cole Past President, LightHouse Board of Directors Winifred Downing Past Secretary, LightHouse Board of Directors Nancy R. Foss Past President, LightHouse Board of Directors William Gerard Past President, Lighthouse Board of Directors Daniel F. Goodman, M. D. Ophthalmologist Barbara J. Lassen Past President, LightHouse Board of Directors Mike May President, Sendero Group, Ltd. John Maxson Past Member, LightHouse Board of Directors Honorable Gavin Newsom Mayor, City and County of San Francisco Stephen Max Perr Past Vice President, LightHouse Board of Directors Catherine Skivers Past President, California Council of the Blind Ed Zaik Past President, LightHouse Board of Directors

$ 1,192,683 226,001 0 69,773 18,610 49,833 20,251 45,881 15,253 16,586 16,252 1,716 10,187 6,126 111 0 $ 1,689,262

$ 1,138,125 26,688 539,773 226,238 121,047 60,349 34,608 22,666 60,555 19,301 18,913 37,696 15,610 6,565 23,279 0 $ 2,351,414

$ 3,277,575 569,488 539,773 394,088 206,057 157,742 74,307 93,343 92,489 52,906 50,625 41,206 36,044 22,954 23,496 0 $ 5,632,093

$ 95,053 5,537 0 13,369 6,466 25,928 10,572 4,661 5,867 8,662 8,488 896 2,332 2,502 0 5,905 $ 196,238

$ 304,804 13,388 0 8,754 4,234 17,483 42,741 15,379 4,001 5,672 5,558 992 1,527 6,685 0 0 $ 431,217

$ 399,857 18,925 0 22,123 10,700 43,411 53,313 20,040 9,868 14,334 14,046 1,888 3,859 9,187 0 5,905 $ 627,456

$ 3,677,432 588,413 539,773 416,211 216,757 201,153 127,620 113,383 102,357 67,240 64,671 43,094 39,903 32,141 23,496 5,905 $ 6,259,550

The above three financial statements are excerpts from the complete audited financial statements for the year ended September 30, 2008. The footnotes included in the audited financial statements by our auditors, Good & Fowler, LLP, are an integral part of the financial statements. The complete audited financial statements can be found on our website,

LightHouse Enterprises

28% 18% 9% 18% 27%

Government Grants and Other Program Fees

Individuals, Corporate and Foundations

Interest and Dividend income

Gil Johnson – President Retired, American Foundation for the Blind Todd Stevenot – Vice President Finance Officer, Barclays Global Investors Arthur Beato - Vice President Financial Consultant, Retired Harry Mar - Vice President Contracts Analyst, San Francisco Department of Public Health Carl Janson - Treasurer Retired, Venture Builders Jordana Welles – Secretary Partner, Fagan-Welles Advertising Brad Bertetta President/Principal, Bertetta Tanklines, Inc. David Chan Systems Engineer, Wells Fargo Bank Joseph Chan Finance Director, Association of Bay Area Governments Margie Donovan VIST Coordinator, Veteran Affairs Medical Center Julie Down Real Estate Broker, Grubb and Ellis Rebecca Handler Head of Major Gifts, Wikimedia Foundation Dana Hooper Consultant Kathleen Knox Writer, Editor Joshua A. Miele, Ph.D. Associate Scientist, The SmithKettlewell Eye Research Institute Leslie Murphy Vice President, Wells Fargo Bank Gary Schnitzer Executive Vice President, Schnitzer Steel Keith Williams Consultant


1 9

LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired Adaptations, the LightHouse Store 214 Van Ness Avenue San Francisco, CA 94102 Phone 415-431-1481 TTY 415-431-4572 FAX 415-863-7568 LightHouse of Marin Adaptations, the LightHouse Store 1137 Fourth Street San Rafael, CA 94901 Phone 415-258-8496 Para Español 800-592-9053 TTY 415-258-8499 FAX 415-258-8501 LightHouse of the North Coast 2830 G Street, Suite B-1 Eureka, CA 95501 Phone 707-268-5646 Para Español 800-592-9053 TTY 707-268-5655 FAX 707-268-5647 Enchanted Hills Camp 3410 Mt. Veeder Road Napa, CA 94558 Phone 707-224-4023 FAX 707-224-5435 LightHouse Industries 2207 Poplar Street Oakland, CA 94607 Phone 510-444-6422 FAX 510-444-6425 Digital Data Scan 1540 Market Street, 3rd Floor San Francisco, CA 94102 Phone 415-437-0500 FAX 415-437-0501 Vision Loss Resource Center (VLRC): 888-400-8933 Adaptations Order Line: Phone 888-400-8933

lIgHtHouse staff
ADAPTATIONS Maritza A. Calderon, Adaptations Assistant Store Manager Cynthia Herrera, Adaptations Associate - Marin Laura B. Peters, Adaptations Assistant Store Manager Marin Teresa Wolff, Adaptations Associate - Marin ACCESS TO INFORMATION SERVICES J. Gregory Kehret, Director of Access to Information Services Greeta S. Ahart, Program Assistant Ayaka C. Isono, Information and Technology Specialist ShenKuan, AIS / Technology Associate DEVELOPMENT George L. Clark, Chief Development Officer Ellen B. Lord, Development Manager Andrea U. Ogarrio, Development and Marketing Associate Kari L. Orvik, Program Marketing and Outreach Associate Kimberly R. Shuck, Insights Coordinator Jennifer M. Yeagley, Director of Development DIGITAL DATA SCAN Jennifer F. Castillo, Account Representative Aurelia T. Duma, Pre-Process Quality Assurance David G. Jackson, Document Preparer Pre-Process Quality Assurance Son Kim, Document Scanner / Preparer EXECUTIVE Anita S. Aaron, Executive Director Charles E. Godwin, Executive Secretary FINANCE F. Howard Maull, Chief Financial Officer Iris A. Feng, General Accountant Kathy F. Louie, Accounts Payable Coordinator Ning Xiao, Controller HUMAN RESOURCES Julie E. McCarthy, HR / Office Manager Brian C. Hardy, Technology Manager Gilberto C. Melendez, Part-Time Receptionist Davina M. Mendez, Receptionist/Taxi Voucher Coordinator LIGHTHOUSE INDUSTRIES Phillip R. (Skip) Foster Jr., LightHouse Industries Manager Byron L. Albertson, Production Assistant / Box Maker / Utility Landall Bell, Maintenance Specialist / Relief Machine Operator / Lead Person Michael J. Irish, Manager’s Assistant/Sorter Lin Sang Leung, Machine Operator / Mechanic Arnel C. Paiso, Production Assistant / Packer Box Maker Tamara L. Thienes, Sorter PROGRAMS Anthony L. Fletcher, Director of Community Services Leah N. Gardner, Teacher’s Aid Vi TriHuynh, Youth Services Coordinator Molly S. Irish, Adult Education/Recreation Coordinator Philip C. Kum, Education/Recreation Coordinator Trainee Theresa P. Navarro, Program Assistant Keyatta D. Shade, Community Volunteer Outreach Coordinator REHABILITATION SERVICES Kathleen A. Abrahamson, Director Of Rehabilitation Services Kathleen E.Anderson, Orientation and Mobility Specialist David J. Baioni, Rehabilitation Teaching Specialist / Choral Instructor Jeffrey W. Carlson, Social Worker Sook Hee Choi, Deaf-Blind Employment Specialist Divina M. Fontanilla, Program Assistant Alexandra M. Galeczka, Program Assistant Donna Kazanjian, Rehabilitation Services Coordinator Carleigh A. Kude, Database Program Assistant Dawn M. Leeflang, Rehabilitation Teaching Specialist / Orientation and Mobility Specialist LindaPorelle, Social Worker Patricia Quinonez-Hudson, Vision Loss Specialist William E. Simpson, RN, Community Living Fund Case Manager and Coordinator Cory D. Tschogl, Orientation and Mobility Specialist LIGHTHOUSE OF MARIN Paula M. Armato, Driver/Reader Joyce A. Lopez, Rehabilitation Teaching Specialist LIGHTHOUSE OF THE NORTH COAST Coni M. Johnson, Orientation and Mobility Specialist Alison O. Lee, Vision Loss Program Coordinator Janet D. Pomerantz, Social Worker Patti A. Rose, Program Assistant Sandy Staples, Orientation and Mobility Specialist VISION LOSS RESOURCE CENTER Jessica D. Lorenz, Director of Public Policy and Information Beth F. Berenson, Vision Loss Resource Center Specialist Cherie C. Colmenares, Copy Editor Amber V. DiPietra, Vision Loss Resource Center Specialist James S. Leese, Reader/Support Staff F. Ross Woodall, Vision Loss Resource Center Specialist

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