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Lincoln   Rufus Wilson  Uncollected Works of Abraham Lincoln  Wilson Lincoln: A Photobiography  Photobiography Russell Freedman  Freedman Lincoln at Gettysburg Gettysburg  Garry Wills  Wills Abraham Lincoln Lincoln  Carl Sandburg Tried by War James M. McPherson  McPherson The Intimate World of Ab; Lincoln Lincoln  CA Tripp & Lewis Gannett Lincoln’s Melancholy Joshua Wolf Shenk  Lincoln: Biography of a Writer  Writer Fred Kaplan

Team of Rivals  Goodwin Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln’s Killer James L. Swanson  Swanson Lincoln  Lincoln David Herbert Donald Rivals Doris Kearns Goodwin  The Last Best Hope of Earth: Abraham Lincoln and the Promise of America America  Mark E. Neely  Neely Willie Speaks Out: The Psychic World of Abraham Lincoln Lincoln  Elliott V. Fleckles Myths  Stephen B. Oates  Oates Honor’s Voice: The Transformation of Ab; Lincoln Douglas L. Wilson We Are Lincoln Men  Men David Herbert Donald Abraham Lincoln: The Man Behind the Myths

Holzer Abraham Lincoln Lincoln at Cooper Union: The Speech That Made … Harold Holzer  Lincoln  Lord Charnwood Giants: The Parallel Lives of Frederick Douglass & Ab; Lincoln  Lincoln John Stauffer Mr. Lincoln’s T-Mails: How Abraham Lincoln… Tom Wheeler  Williams Lincoln and His Admirals  Wheeler Lincoln and his Generals  Admirals  Craig L. Symonds Generals T. Harry Williams  Stealing Lincoln’s Body Thomas J. Craughwell Marriage  Daniel Mark Epstein The Lincolns: Portrait of a Marriage 




Abraham Lincoln  Lincoln Ingri D’Aulaire The Long Pursuit Roy Morris Jr. The Great Comeback Gary Echelbarger Ab; Lincoln: A Biography Benjamin P. Thomas The Young Eagle Kenneth J. Winkle Mrs. Lincoln and Mrs. Keckly Jennifer Fleishcner Herndon’s Lincoln William Herndon & Jesse W. Weik Inner Weik Inner World Of A.L. Michael Burlingame

Informants  Douglas Wilson & Rodney Davis  Davis Battle Cry Of Freedom James McPherson In The Footsteps Of The Lincolns Ida Tarbell Lincoln Gore Vidal Speeches And Herndon’s Informants States William Harris A.L. Carl Saunders American Brutus Michael W. Kauffman Lincoln & The Economics… Gabor Boritt Writings, 1832-1858/ 1858-1865 Lincoln And The Border States 

Lincoln Bill O’ Reilly Ab; Lincoln & The Second American Revolution James McPherson Lincoln’s Virtues William Lee Miller Blood On The Moon Edward Steers Jr. Killing Lincoln  Lincoln’s Greatest Speech Ronald C. White Jr. The Words Of Ab; Lincoln Martin Lubin Tad Lincoln’s Father Julia Taft Bayne They Have Killed Papa Dead! Anthony S. Pitch


  The Presidential Archives Chuck Willis President Lincoln: The Duty Of A Statesman William Lee Miller The Last Lincolns Charles Lachman Redeemer President Allen Guelzo With Malice Towards None Stephen B. Oates Crisis Of The House Divided Harry Jaffa Big Enough To Be Inconsistent George Fredrikson Our Lincoln Eric Foner

Biography  President-Elect Harold Holtzer Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation Allen Guelzo The Radical And The Republican James Oakes Lincoln’s Sword Douglas L. Wilson A Biography  Ronald C. White Looking For Lincoln Kunhardt Brothers Abraham Lincoln: A Life Michael Burlingame In Lincoln’s Hand: His Original Manuscripts Howard Holtzer

The Fiery Trial Eric Foner Lincoln: A Life Of Purpose… Richard Carwardine With Charity For All William Harris Prelude To Greatness Don Fehrenbacher Presidency Of Ab; Lincoln  Lincoln  Phillip Shaw Paludan Lincoln’s Forgotten Ally Elizabeth Leonard The Physical Lincoln John Sotos Papers Of A.L. (Legal) Daniel Stowell TOP SIX EVER: TEAM OF RIVALS-LINCOLN(DONALD)-TRIED BY WAR-HONOR’S WAR- HONOR’S VOICE-AT VOICE-AT GET;BURG-A LIFE (M.B.) {&BATTLE CRY FOR FREEDOM,McPherson}/+++=Lincoln Prize/+++=Hon. Mention

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