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Stephanie Dawn Villoria Barluado added 16 new photos to the album: Graduation 2015 —
with Aniceto Barluado and 5 others in Dumaguete City.
4 hrs ·

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Gracey Villoria Balasuela Congratulations to both of you cousins! cheers!
March 25 at 11:51am · Like · 1

Stephanie Dawn Villoria Barluado Thank you Ate Gracey!^_^
March 25 at 11:59am · Like · 1

Gracey Villoria Balasuela yw! xoxo regards
March 25 at 12:21pm · Like · 1

Rose Dolor Paglalunan Cabilin congrats steph!
March 26 at 11:06am · Like · 1

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Ressa Angela Javier Regalado
7 hrs ·

As much as I value my time with the company of loved ones and friends, I put prime value on shying
away from everything and everyone to grab a book or just be still. This is when I can truly say "It's not
you, it's me." LOL

After Seeing This Brilliant Poster, I Now Totally Understand Introverted
This is genius.


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