List of Asian Universities

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1. Jo Jorda rdan, n, Hashe Hashemit mite e Kingdo Kingdom m a.


Amman Arab University for Higher Studies Location: Website: Arab Academy for Banking & Financial Sciences Location:

Website: New Institute of Technology, Jordan Location: Website: d. University of Petra Location: Website: 2. Ku Kuwa wait it,, S Sta tate te of  a. American University of The Middle East  Location: Website: b. Australian College of Kuwait  Location: Website: c.

Kuwait-Maastricht Business School  Location: Website: d. American University of Kuwait  Location: Website: 3. Leba Lebano non, n, Re Repu publ blic ic of  a. American University of Science and Technology Location: Website: b. Business and Computer University College Location: Website: c. Lebanese International University c.

Location: Website: d. Ecole Superieure des Affaires Location: Website: 4. Om Oman an,, Su Sult ltan anat ate e of  a. Modern College of Business and Science Location: Website: b. German University of Technology in Oman Location: Muscat, Oman Website: c. Dhofar University Location: Website:


Majan University College Location: Website: 5. Qa Qata tar, r, St Sta ate of  a. Northwestern University in Qatar  Location: Website: b. Stenden University Qatar  Location: Website: c. Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar  Location: Website: d. University of Qatar  Location: Website: 6. Sa Saud udii Ar Arab abia ia,, K Kin ingd gdom om o of  f  a. King Saud University Location: Riyadh Riyadh,, Saudi Arabia Website: b. King Abdulaziz University d.

Location: Jeddah Jeddah,, Saudi Arabia Website: c. King Faisal University Location: Dammam Dammam,, Saudi Arabia Website: d. King Abdullah University of Science and Technology Location: Thual, Saudi Arabia Website: 7. Syri Syria, a, Ar Arab ab Re Repu publ blic ic a. Syrian Virtual University Location: Website: b. Aleppo University in Aleppo Location: Aleppo Aleppo,, Syria Website: Al-Baath University in Homs and Hama Location: Hims Hims,, Hims Governorate Governorate,, Syria Website: d. Tishreen University in Latakia Location: Latakia Latakia,, Syria Website: 8. Tu Turk rkey ey,, Re Repu publ blic ic o of  f  a. Ankara University Location: Ankara Ankara,, Turkey Website:  b. Gazi University Location: Ankara Ankara,, Turkey Website: www.  c.


Istanbul Technical University


Location: Istanbul, Istanbul,  Turkey Student Affairs:  İTÜ Ayazağa Kampüsü 34469 Maslak-İSTANBUL : 90 212 285 34 00 : 90 212 285 29 09 Website:  

ITU International Office: Ayazaga of the President  Office 34469 Sarıyer/Istanbul : +90 2122853074 : +90 2122853074 Website:  Email: [email protected]  Website:  d. Istanbul University Location: Eminönü Eminönü,, Istanbul Istanbul,, Turkey Istanbul Universitesi Center Campus, 34452 Beyazit/Eminonu-Istanbul : +90-212-440 0056 : +90-212-440 0058 Email: [email protected]  : 0 (212) 440 00 00 Website:  9. Un Unitited ed Ar Arab ab Em Emir irat ates es a. Abu Dhabi University Location: University's Abu Dhabi is located on Al Ain Road, approximately 28 kilometers (km) from the city. Al-Ain campus is located on Abu Dhabi Dhabi--Al Ain Road, near Asharej Roundabout. P.O Box: 59911 Website: b. United Arab Emirates University Location: Al-Ain Al-Ain,, United Arab Emirates Website: P.O.Box 15551 : +971-3-7555557 : +971-3-7545277 Email: [email protected] c. Etisalat University College Location: Sharjah Sharjah,, United Arab Emirates Website: P.O. Box: 573, Sharjah U.A.E. Email: [email protected] d. American University in Dubai  Location: Dubai Dubai,, United Arab Emirates Website: P. O. Box: 28282 : +971 4 3999000 : +971 4 3998899 

 

10. Yemen Yemen,, Repu Republic blic of  a. Amran University of Technology





Location: Website: Lebanese International University Yemen Location: Website: Queen Arwa University Location: Sana'a Sana'a,, Yemen Website: Al-Andalous University for Technical Sciences Location: Republic of Yemen, Sana'a Intersection of Taiz St. with 50th St.( Dar salm round ) Website: : 00967 1 675567 - 00967 1 675568 : 00967 1 675885 P.O. Box: 37444 Email: [email protected]

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