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RESUME I am actively seeking a position as a Paralegal targeting position that will all ow me to utilize my skills and promote my experience in the areas of research an d writing, and lend my expertise in all facets of litigation. Focus: Legal Profession Job Title: Experience: 35 years me/ Contract looking For: Paralegal Fullti

Visa Status: Salary:

U.S. Citizen Negotiable

Education Level: Associate Degree Relocation: No Paralegal Certificate Travel Preference: Some WORK EXPERIENCE U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, (Washington, DC) g 10 Paralegal April 04 a" Au

Engage in post-judgment litigation against delinquent debtors in cases from the Home and Boston Offices. Evaluate debtors for possible referral to Treasury or for termination and possible discharge. Assist attorneys in conducting litigatio n with respect to foreclosures and actions to quiet title and advise staff on se ttlements; post judgment litigation; and effectuating distributions to investors in administrative and civil actions. U.S. Lands and Natural Resources Div., (Washington, DC) April 04 AKA/Environment and Natural Resources Div. Paralegal Sept. 99-

Engaged in litigation against defendants in cases that pertained to toxic waste/ dump sites, Clean Water Act, processed and litigated cases related to acquiring land from Indian reservations to improve that state with highways and roads. U.S. DOJ Tax Division Civil Litigation, (Washington, DC) Sept. 1978-Sept. 99 Paralegal Processed cases with respect to mortgage foreclosures, responsible for court fil ing, digesting depositions, drafted documents, prepared deposition and trial bin ders, organized files, analyzed documents, researched legislative history, redac t documents, prepared budget, prepared performance evaluations, recommended prom otions and awards, traveled with the attorneys, authorized travel, and supervise d the office. FBI IDENT DIVISION, (Washington, DC) June 1973 a"Sept. 78 Finger Print Examiner Classified and identified fingerprints, retrieved fingerprints after the identif ication. SKILLS

Access, Case Map, Concordance, Edgar, Excel, iConect, Internet, Real Legal Bind er, LexisNexis, Live Note, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Summation, Westlaw, Windo ws, WordPerfect, Choice Point, Pacer. LITIGATION SKILLS Document Review, online research, Privilege Logs, Privilege Review, Relevancy Re view, Second Request Review, redact documents, Bates Stamping, Blue-Booking, Cal endar/Docketing, Cite Checking, Criminal Litigation, Copy Checking, Court Filing s, Digest Depositions, Document Productions, Civil Litigation, Indexing on-line and manual, Motion Service, Page Checking, Process Service, Research & Writing, Securities Litigation, Tax Litigation, Criminal Litigation, Shepardizing, Trial Binders, Trial Exhibits, Trial Experience, Trial Preparation, Witness Kits, Scan ning, Tax Law, General Environmental Law, Superfund, Hedge Fund, Securities Law, SAR, Contract Drafting, Contract Review, 10K, 10Q, Distributions, Collections, Credit Reports, Treasury Referrals, Receivers. CONTACT ME Gloria H. Hyman Cell: 301-502-4731 Email address: [email protected] : (301) 627-3252


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