Live Blog: Democratic National Convention 2012; Michelle Obama, Julian Castro

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Sep 4, 2012 3:30pmDays right after Republicans wrapped their convention inside Tampa



Live Blog: Democratic National Convention 2012; Michelle
Obama, Julian Castro
Sep 4, 2012 3:30pm
Days right after Republicans wrapped their convention inside Tampa, Democrats kicked off the
actual Democratic National Convention within Charlotte, North Carolina.
We'll make an individual stay up for the minute all day long and also into the night. ABC Information
and Yahoo! Information will stream the convention proceedings, that about Monday include keynote
speaker as well as San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro and also initial lady Michelle Obama. Watch
Reside coming from 7 p.m. ET until 11 p.m. ET from
Read A Small Much More About the particular Democratic National Convention
Tell ABC: Have you Been Far Better Off When Compared With Anyone Had Been 4 years Ago? - It's
the actual question in the week as posed simply by Paul Ryan. Democrats will need to figure out how
an individual can persuade Americans to reply to 'yes' if they want to reelect Barack Obama as
Michelle Obama, Tweets each minute queen - 11:29 p.m. ET -Â Regarding whatever this is worth -
through Twitter's @gov account - "The finish @MichelleObama's speech drove an increased Tweets-
per-minute peak as compared to @MittRomney's with #GOP2012. 28,003 vs. 14,289 for that Gov."
Transcript: Michelle Obama's Speech at the DNC - 11:15 p.m. ET - HERE.
Highlights -
Full Speech -
President Obama and his
daughters in the White Home watching Michelle Obama talk at the DNC (Image credit: Official
White house Photo by Pete Souza)
Michelle Obama didn't mention Mitt Romney, yet the girl doesn't "begrudge success" - 11:09 p.m. ET
- from Amy Walter -
Note Michelle Obama's subtle pushback on the notion in which Democrats are generally attacking
Mitt Romney for his prosperity and good results inside private sector:
"Like consequently many American families, our families weren't asking for much. they didn't
begrudge anybody else's good results as well as care that will other people had significantly more
than they fact, these people admired it."
This will be the same message that will Julian Castro sent as well. Republicans, your Democrats
manage to argue, wish to turn us into an "every man with regard to themselves" society.
Whereas they, in accordance with their argument, want to make certain that weakest amongst us
won't fall by means of the particular cracks - we take action together.
AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite
Michelle loves Barack, but will independents? - 10:58 p.m. - Amy Walter tweets - "FLOTUS talks
regarding your ex love of POTUS. But, can easily your woman make wavering voters fall again inside
enjoy w/ him?"
"Today, I adore my hubby even more when compared with I did four many years ago...even more
than I would 23 a long time ago, when we 1st met." - 10:57 p.m. ET
He's your same Barack - 10:56 p.m. ET
So when individuals ask me whether being within the White Residence is different my husband, I can
easily honestly state that in the big event it comes to his character, and his convictions, and his
heart, Barack Obama is actually still exactly the particular same man I fell in love with all these a
lengthy time ago.
He's the identical man who began his career by turning down substantial having for you to pay jobs
as well as instead doing perform in struggling neighborhoods in which a steel plant had shut down,
fighting for you to rebuild individuals communities and acquire folks back again to work...because
regarding Barack, achievement isn't about how much money you make, it's about the difference you
make within people's lives.
!h!E9onJjYqiBPm7KSOkn!~~60_1.JPG?set_id=880000500F" width="250" />
Michelle Obama - Once you walk through the threshold you need to do not necessarily slam it
powering a person - 10:53 p.m. ET
Like so many American families, our families weren't requesting much.
They didn't begrudge any person else's success as well as care that other people had much a lot
much more than these people fact, these people admired it.
They simply believed because fundamental American guarantee that, even if you never start out
using much, should you function difficult along with do what anyone are supposed to do, you then
ought for you to be capable of develop a decent lifestyle with regard to yourself as well as an better
still existence for the kids as well as grandkids.
That's that they raised us...that's what we learned coming from their example.
Well, today, right after consequently many struggles and also triumphs as well as moments who have
tested my husband in ways I in zero way could have imagined, I get seen firsthand that will getting
president doesn't alter which you're - it reveals which team you are.
Michelle has been nervous concerning moving in order to D.C. - 10:43 p.m. ET - Your Woman didn't
need to uproot the woman's existence or perhaps the girl kids. The Lady recalls a guy who picked
her up inside a rusted out old car, wore shoes which were also small, along with prized any coffee
table he located in the dumpster. Yet the lady fell in love with most the man right after he informed
her regarding his family.
Michelle Obama onstage - 10:38 p.m. ET
Transcript regarding Julian Castro's keynote address - 10:36 p.m. ET. HERE.
Julian Castro vs. Marco Rubio - 10:34 p.m. ET - Their Particular politcies couldn't become much
more different, but their own biographies bear a number of similarities. Along With no less than in
the biographical portions in regards for you to the American Dream, there was several smiliarities.
Michael Falcone noticed:
"My mother fought difficult pertaining to civil rights in order that instead of your mop, I could
maintain this microphone."
MARCO RUBIO last week (highlighting his father's perform as becoming a bartender):
"You see he stood powering any bar within the back again involving the area those years,
consequently one day I could stand at the actual rear of the podium within the front of the room."
Castro: "We all comprehend freedom isn't free. Yet what Romney as well as Ryan don't understand is
that neither is actually opportunity."
#Sexyface - 10:17 p.m. ET - Kaye Foley studies - Shortly following Kal Penn's speech, and his
suggested twitter hashtag, #sexyface had become the number 1 trending subject within the United
States Involving America on Twitter and it is actually nonetheless heading strong.
Keynote Speaker Julian Castro 10:16 p.m. ET - The Particular difference involving the kids he grew
track of throughout San Antonio and in addition the ones he met at Stanford and also Harvard... "the
distinction wasn't certainly 1 of capacity it was among opportunity."
Later - recalls Romney suggestion which kids "borrow funds from his or her parents" to begin a new
business. "Gee," says Castro, mocking, "Why didn't I think of that?" Says he doesn't feel Romney
meant ill, "he just doesn't know how great he's had it."
But he then accuses Romney regarding attempting to "dismantle the particular middle class."
Image credit: Rick
A Vanishing Favorability Gap - Obama Loses advantage within Poll - 10:12 p.m. ET - Matthew Dowd
discusses president's shrinking favorability gap more than Mitt Romney.
Martin O'Malley - 'Forward, Right now Back!' - 10:09 p.m. ET - Snippets:
"Instead associated with investing in America, they hide their money throughout Swiss bank
accounts and ship our jobs to be able to China! Swiss bank accounts by zero means built an
American bridge. Swiss bank accounts in absolutely no way place cops on the streets or teachers in
our classrooms. Swiss bank accounts in simply no way developed American jobs! Governor Romney
just as you bank against the Usa involving America doesn't mean the rest of us are generally
prepared to sell her out. We are Americans. We must act like Americans. We must move forward, not
necessarily back."
"Let us move forward, certainly not back again by simply reelecting Barack Obama president with
the United States."
And an additional attack line upon Romney/Ryan.
"Mitt Romney along with Paul Ryan now say they desire to take America back. Along With we now
have for you to ask: Again for you to what? back towards the failed policies that will drove us in to
this deep recession? Back Again for the events of record task losses? Again for the times when
insurance providers called getting a female a "pre-existing condition"? No, thank you. I don't want to
go back. Do you?"
A slow drip against Romney - 10:04 p.m. ET - Rick Klein points out: You'll recognize tonight they've
found methods to segment out your Romney attacks tonight - Deval Patrick using in Romney's
Massachusetts record, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius in healthcare/Medicare, former Ohio Gov.
Ted Strickland upon auto bailouts, as well as Ted Kennedy (clips) about Romney's reversals upon
abortion rights.
Rather when compared with serve the particular red meat in one heaping quantity, it's becoming
doled out any steak with a time.
Introducing Michelle Obama: Any Military mom - 9:54 p.m. ET - Jon Karl reports: Michelle Obama,
who might have produced advocacy with regard to military families the woman's signature issue,
will be launched tonight a lady who knows one thing about the plight associated with military
families:  Elaine Brye provides four children inside the military -- each from the different branch
with the armed services. and she as well as the woman's husband tend to be Air Force veterans.
And... your woman is via Ohio.
Deval Patrick Vs. Mitt Romney - 9:47 p.m. ET - The Actual man that took over regarding Mitt
Romney as governor regarding Massachusetts attacks his predecessor. He paints any sorry picture
of hawaii when Romney left it, argues things are better now. "He was a lot more interested in having
the task as compared to doing your job," says Patrick involving Romney.
As Patrick speaks, the particular Romney campaign concerns a new press release arguing Mitt
turned the Massachusetts economy around. so apparently they will disagree.
But Patrick rallies the actual crowd. "It's time regarding Democrats to cultivate a amount of
backbone as well as stand up regarding what we believe!"
He will be fiery and also dripping along with sweat.
Later - "We're Americans, we shape our own future."
Patrick upon Obama -
This is the president who delivered the safety of cost-effective well being treatment for you to each
single American following 90 many a lengthy time of trying. This specific may become the president
whom brought Osama bin Laden to justice, which ended the war throughout Iraq and will be also
ending the particular war within Afghanistan. This specific will always be the president which ended
"don't ask, don't tell" to ensure that enjoy of country, not really enjoy regarding another, determines
fitness pertaining to military service. who produced equal spend with regard to equal perform
regulations in the land. This is the president which saved your American auto industry through
extinction, the actual American economic market from self-destruction, and furthermore the
American economy from depression. who added more than 4.5 million private sector jobs within the
final two-plus years, a lot more jobs as compared to George W. Bush additional throughout eight.---
The list of accomplishments is actually long, impressive and also barely told.
How Significantly is 23 cents? - 9:44 p.m. ET - Lilly Ledbetter says, "Maybe 23 cents doesn't audio
just similar to a lot in order to somebody with a Swiss bank account, any Cayman Island Investments
plus an IRA really worth tens of countless dollars. but Governor Romney, whenever we shed 23 cents
each hour, each and every day, each and also every paycheck, each job, over the entire lives, we lose
just cannot be measured within dollars."Â That's simply how much less hourly the girl had been
making when compared with men in Goodyear. the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Spend Act, which reacted to
the Supreme Court choice that will threw out the woman's lawsuit, was the first bill Obama signed
straight into law.
Need 1 quote to match 2008 in order to 2012? ABC's Rick Klein delivers this - 9:43 p.m. ET -
DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, about the mood within the room, in comparison
towards the mood throughout 2008, about our news livestream -
"This isn't with regards to rapture. This particular with regards to getting the task done."
Why can be Kal Penn (Kumar) speaking at the DNC? - 9:34 p.m. ET - Michael Falcone reports:
"Nobody's done more about behalf in the marketing campaign along with in the president to engage
young adults as compared to Kal."
-Senior Obama marketing campaign official with a briefing earlier today
Recall that Penn temporarily gave up acting for you to perform like a staffer within the Obama White
House's office Regarding Public Engagement (he's since left).
Best known for your "Harold & Kumar" films too as roles within television exhibits similar to "House"
along with "How I Fulfilled your Mother."
He's now traveling the nation for your Obama campaign, helping together with outreach in order to
youthful voters throughout swing states over the country. And Also inside his speech he mentions
the actual OBL killing, gay marriage as well as says, "thank an individual invisible man inside the
chair, with regard to that."
Jake Tapper's excellent exit interview using Penn via July 2011:
Rahm Emanuel, former WH chief involving staff and present mayor involving Chicago takes the
stage - 9:17 p.m. ET - "Each crisis had been consequently deep therefore dangerous which any
certainly one of these people could have defined yet another presidency." He's referring to the
financial along with auto along with housing crises.
Here's any story about the controversy involving Chicago inside the midst of the crime wave sending
50 cops to help outside in Charlotte.
'Wetting their own pants more than New Hampshire' - John Sununu on Democrats - 9:08 p.m ET -
Your former New Hampshire governor tells your ABC news / Yahoo! Information live stream that will
Democrats are generally really afraid - such as "wetting their own pants" - that Obama will miss New
Sandra Fluke on how Rush Limbaugh changed your ex existence - 9:07 p.m. ET - Student barred
from testifying in Capitol Hill generating famous by simply Rush Limbaugh stops by the ABC
Information / Yahoo! Information live stream -
Great fascination with abortion rights - 9:05 p.m. ET - Through Yahoo! News' Chris Wilson and
furthermore the Signal blog - "Here the factor is probably the most popular matters within DNC-
related tweets. Abortion is by way one of the most common, followed by education. They are 10-
minutes intervals. the spikes align using Planned Parenthood and also NARAL speakers."
Yahoo! news Signal Blog
Focus upon women's issues, abortion - 8:59 p.m. ET - Via Michael Falcone: We're hearing a TON
about women's issues tonight - the identical night Michelle Obama speaks. NARAL Pro-Choice
President Nancy Keenan just developed a reference to GOP Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin's
feedback with regards to "legitimate rape."
Keenan said: "We believe that will rape is rape. We think which a lady must help make well being
treatment choices along with your ex family, the girl doctor, and also your ex God."
She later added: "Women inside America can not have confidence in Mitt Romney."
Again, abortion legal rights and women's concerns are generally a large theme tonight.
Jesse Jackson about his son, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., with an extended depart of absence through
Congress - "At some point over time he must help make that choice regarding whether as well as
not he may still serve - That's through an interview on the ABC news / Yahoo! Information Reside
Stream interview along with ABC's Jonathan Karl.
What's inside a word? In case the word is actually 'God'... 8:37 p.m. ET - ABC's Chris Excellent
reviews - Democrats removed the language "God" along with "Jerusalem," alongside with all the
passages surrounding them, from your 2012 party platform. more here.
Calfornia AG Kamala Harris 'superstitious regarding 2016 chatter' - 8:39 p.m. ET - from Julie Percha
"I'm furthermore a bit superstitious," the lady continued. "You know, an individual concentrate upon
that will factor out there, after which you're gonna trip over the one thing before you."
When questioned if we should be prepared to observe your ex within Iowa as well as New
Hampshire soon, Harris played coy.
"Who understands where we're going being Luxury Horse Farms For Sale American University Park
DC a year through now," the girl stated upon ABC's stay stream in the DNC.
Cokie Roberts: "What surprises me most is the actual place blindsided Dems were simply by "are
anyone much better off" attacks by GOP.
A George Stephanopoulos Prediction - 8:04 p.m. ET - ABC anchor predicts about the are living
stream in which Bill Clinton will look with regard to a method to not necessarily speak in Weds. until
the particular football game will be more than - and a new recap from the AP throughout February -
Powerful since the NFL is, it's making approach with regard to President Barack Obama.
Opting to play a casino game on the Wednesday for that first time in greater than 60 years, the
actual NFL will open up the particular standard season in Sept. 5, to be able to steer clear of
conflicting with Obama's speech in the Democratic National Convention the subsequent night.
Factoids upon First Lady Michelle Obama and also the woman's official/political advocacy this
coming year - 7:55 p.m. ET - Coming From ABC's Devin Dwyer -
79,000 miles - Â crisscrossing the united states regarding official events, Let's Transfer as well as
Becoming A New Member Of Forces initiatives, and political rallies as well as fundraisers within
49 Fundraisers - she's headlined, since Jan. 1.
Nearly two dozen appearances about TV talk/reality exhibits - a sign of the woman's pop culture icon
status.... The Lady may be about Nickelodeon iCarly; Best Chef; Late Display (2x); Tonight Show
(2x); Day-to-day Show; Jimmy Fallon; Nick Awards; Greatest Loser; Ellen (2x); The Particular View;
Regis and Kelly; Restaurant Impossible; Dr. Oz Show; Rachel Ray; Iron Chef; and Sesame Street.
50,000+ Hires - through Becoming A New Member Of Forces, American organizations possess hired
more than 50,000 veterans as well as military spouses, with a pledge to employ at least 160,000
more within the years ahead. more when compared with 1,600 companies are already concerned in
this effort, which includes Microsoft, Comcast, Honeywell, Safeway and Sears.
20% Lower Cals, Sodium on Menus - through Let's Move, the particular First Lady secured
dedication via Olive Garden, Red Lobster and other chains to chop calories as well as sodium within
their meals across menus more than your next 10 years.
Disney deal  - The Actual Walt Disney Co., which usually owns ABC News, mentioned it's heading
to drop advertisers via its children's programming that don't comply with tighter nutrition
guidelines. First lady Michelle Obama appeared with Disney CEO Bob Iger in order to endorse the
particular relocate June, which in turn was coupled together with health-conscious revisions for you
to menus with Disney's theme parks as well as resorts.
Kennedy vs. Romney - 7:51 p.m. ET - The second Kennedy video depicts throughout great detail his
drubbing involving Mitt Romney inside the 1994 Massachusetts senate race. This includes Romney's
former opinion on Roe v. Wade and other matters.
Here's how Michael Falcone put it:
This had been very interesting. Throughout the thing which was an in any kind of other case glowing
tribute video to become able to Kennedy, the actual Democrats threw in many minutes involving
 the October 25, 1994 Massachusetts senatorial debate in between Kennedy and also Romney with
a couple of of the sharpest attack lines coming from Kennedy.
Kennedy says he's pro-choice along with hits Romney: "My opponent can be multiple choice."
Also note which we've previously heard several tonight about the  abortion issue, as well as we're
likely to hear a lot more all through your week.
For example, Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, D-NY, that spoke earlier tonight: "Now women tend
to be beginning to have the preventive services--including birth control--that these people deserve.
When these people become ill or even pregnant, they will not shed his or her insurance. and soon,
for the 1st time, no longer will getting a female be described as a pre-existing healthcare condition."
Here's the particular video posted by convention organizers:
JPK3 - RFK's grandson - introduces a video concerning his grandfather - 7:49 p.m. ET -Â read more
about Joseph P. Kennedy III, who is operating with regard to Barney Frank's seat upon Congress. It's
a bit odd for you to possess a Kennedy video consume a Carter video since Kennedy really didn't aid
Carter's reelection chances by likely to the convention together using his main challenge inside
"Welcome back, Carter" - 7:40 p.m. ET - a video through Jimmy Carter in order to endorse Barack
Obama offers Republicans gleefully arguing that will Obama can be going to end up like Carter - the
president ushered directly into workplace about a message of change, yet thrown out following four
years. Paul Ryan may be leading this charge. As Well As as the Carter rolls in Charlotte, the actual
Romney Press Shop blasts reporters inboxes with the cleverly titled press release, "Welcome Back,
Read a lot more coming from Shush Walshe about Ryan's Carter comparison.
Harry Reid introduces Romney's taxes - 7:30 p.m. ET - Harry Reid may be the U.S. Senate Vast
Majority Leader as well as he's in addition appointed himself agent provocateur about the topic
regarding Mitt Romney's tax returns. He features alleged - without substantiation - in which you can
find many years where Romney didn't pay taxes. Nevertheless since Romney just has launched one
12 months of returns as well as intends to release 1 more, it may be Reid's word versus Romney's.
Romney features much more just lately said he hasn't within the past a decade paid out lower than
13 % in a year. That's lower than the richesse gains price involving 15 percent.
Reid has been advertising online once more in the DNC Tuesday. " "We can only imagine what could
be revealed if he launched 12 many years of tax returns such as his father did," Reid said.
More about the $16 trillion national financial debt - 7:23 p.m. ET - Through Julie Percha -
It appears the particular U.S. initial reached the brand new $16 trillion financial debt figure final
week, in Aug. 31, according towards the Every Day Treasury Statement. The Actual Treasury
Department quietly posted it upon its site today.
The new credit card debt numbers work out in order to with regards to $51,000 for every and every
American, based on U.S. Census population estimates.
A NY subway manual for the Obama presidency - 7:22 p.m. ET - Coming From Dan Kloeffler -
#DNCin4words - 7:10 p.m. ET - Our pals from Yahoo! news noticedthe hashtag #DNCinfourwords
take off today. Just what were one with the most well-liked four words?
where's mitt's tax returns?
you didn't develop that
budget? what's a new budget?
feigning compassion, peddling hate
we h8 others' greed
mitt romney's tax returns
obama can be our man
Obama loses ground amongst women6:52 p.m. ET - The Actual newest favorability poll coming from
ABC Information / Washington Publish polls shows a few troubling figures for that president's
reelection campaign, for each ABC pollster Gary Langer -
Barack Obama approaches his nomination for a 2nd term with all the lowest pre-convention private
popularity regarding an incumbent president within ABC News/Washington post polls since the
He's furthermore in his lowest of your year among registered voters, using trouble among women.
Only 47 % regarding registered voters within the newest ABC News/Washington post poll discover
Obama favorably overall, down 7 percentage factors coming from his current peak in April, while 49
% price him unfavorably. He's numerically underwater in this team for that very first time since
See PDF using full results, charts and also tables here.
The decline provides occurred entirely amongst females registered voters - through 57-39 percent
favorable-unfavorable throughout April into a numerically negative 46-50 percent now. That's
Obama's lowest score amongst women voters - a new concentrate regarding recent political
positioning - in ABC/Post polls since he took office.
Unusually, his rating amongst men, 50-47 % favorable-unfavorable, is actually numerically better
laptop or even computer is actually among women, albeit not really by method of a significant
margin. The Actual outcome isn't the only sign of the work forward with regard to Obama among

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