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Hospital’s Pipes Rehabilitated by Nu Flow’s Angioplasty
It is well known that non-invasive angioplasty or arthroscopic procedures are preferred to open-cut surgery. The same is true when it comes to rehabilitating the plumbing infrastructure within your facilities. Over time, all drain systems develop problems, begin to fail and require attention. Replacing those pipes comes with the need to dig through floors and foundations or to cut through walls to access the pipes, which can be very time-consuming, costly and disruptive. However, this can be avoided by using Nu Flow’s noninvasive equivalent to angioplasty to clear pipes and install their version of a stent in order to rehabilitate failing lines and to strengthen weakened areas. Project: Remove corrosion and build-up and line under-foundation drain pipe using Nu Flow’s trenchless cured-in-place structural drain lining technology. Customer and Site: Long Beach Memorial Medical Center, one of the nation’s top-rated medical centers located in Long Beach, CA. The 54-acre campus and hospital houses 716 beds, employs more than 5,200 people and has more than 400 volunteers. System: 100 feet of 4” cast iron pipe running 4 feet under the Pharmacy and Sterile Process Department to the 6” mainline beneath a hospital hallway.

“In 20+ years, I have not been this impressed with a new technology.”
- Allen Oxander, Executive Director of Facilities, Long Beach Memorial Medical Center

Situation: The system was experiencing failure and backups due to erosion and corrosion over the past 60 years. In some places the erosion was so severe that the bottom of the pipe was missing. Before the hospital learned about Nu Flow, they were preparing to replace the pipe, which would require moving the SPD Department, setting up temporary walls, saw cutting the concrete, hauling out the debris by hand, completing the repipe and then rebuilding everything to finished surfaces. Solution: Nu Flow saved the customer from the cost and logistics of replacing the system, which would have caused extensive damage to the hospital. Using trenchless technology and existing access points to the drain system, Nu Flow removed all buildup and corrosion, returning the pipes back to their original inside diameter. Nu Flow then retrofitted the pipes with the patented Nu Flow process by pulling 100 feet of seamless structural liner into place, greatly extending the pipes useful life. The Nu Flow solution can install a new liner even where the old pipe is missing. The resulting solution restores the flow capacity of the drain pipes and returns the system and facility to service quickly. The hospital avoided the need to repipe the area, saving valuable money and six weeks of construction. Aged and failing pipe systems are common in commercial, industrial and residential buildings. Whether you are experiencing problems now or are interested in preventing the inevitable failure of your plumbing system, Nu Flow is available to restore your peace of mind.

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