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Is the US looking for a war in which it can again get its hands stained with the blood of innocent people of the Middle East region ? The US defence secretary is rushing Patriot missiles over to Europe so that the adolf of the Bosphorus can place them on his border with Syria. This is like making a big or sure-fire move to make it possible for World War 3 to erupt starting with a deliberately made spark in the Middle East. With US-made Patriot missiles in his hands the adolf will become unable to resist the urge to start rolling his tanks and troops forward. We may soon be seeing an exact repeat of the very historically fateful events of September 1939. The US is always busy with wars, invasions, attacks and mindless military violence. Now, it is even encouraging its loyal minions to act or behave in a similar fashion. The adolf of the Bosphorus wants to wage war against his immediate neighbour today knowing that his neighbour cannot possibly win in the fighting. The fighting or war will only quickly turn into a one-way slaughter by the adolf’s forces. The adolf already has been working so very hard with right-wing religious extremist groups to weaken his neighbour. But the dirty plan by the US and the adolf may unravel very quickly if the US and the adolf become too ambitious or too optimistic. The right-wing religious groups are not a submissive kind of force and it is possible they may turn against the adolf. That is, if the adolf starts a ground invasion these groups will want to stab him in the back. Then the adolf will cry out to his US patron and the US defence secretary will quickly send in his soldiers. And then, the world will surely be witnessing the slowly dawning of WW3.

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