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Archiving Instructions for Lotus Notes
Version 5.0x

Archiving Mail on your Local PC

1. Go to Actions

2. Archive

3. Click on settings (see figure 1)
(Figure 1)

4. Select the Basics menu (see figure 2)

5. Enter 60 days in the second option
after selecting the option
(Figure 2)

4. Select the Advanced tab (see figure 2)

5. Select as shown in figure 2
(Figure 2)

7. Click OK to save settings.

8. To archive messages select the “archive now”

9. There is an additional view that is created
“Archive” by name. This will lead you to the
Archived database.

10. You have to then delete the messages that are
archived from your mail box.

(Figure 5)

10. To view your archived messages, click on the
archive view. Your archived messages are
organized in the same folders as your
regular mail.

Ex. If you archived messages from your
“sent” folder, they will appear in your
archived “sent” folder.

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