Louis J. Russo Criminal Complaint against Candace V. Fay and Mark Broadmeyer

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SUBJECT: LOUIS J. RUSSO – WWII VETERAN OF THE BATTLE OF NEW GUINEA, AND PAPUATo all whom shall see this, greetings:It brings me great sadness and frustration at the most visceral level to write you this letter that has manifested from an allegation of criminal wrong doing, fraud, and dishonor against one of our cherished members of our nations Greatest Generation. (Our WWII Veterans) I have been informed that Mr. Louis J. Russo of 11 Hammond Rd, New Fairfield CT 06812, after having been assigned a conservator and attorney through the Housatonic Probate Court, 10 Main Street, New Milford, CT 06776, (860) 355-6029by Judge Martin Landgrebe, is now unable to return to his home, is being sued for inability to pay a nursing home bill, and that his home is currently and wrongfully occupied against the order of the probate court by a renter that is unwilling to leave.Further, that the assigned conservator named Mark Broadmeyer and under the court appointed attorney, Candace Fay sold off his possessions and made repairs and modifications to his residence. Recently, the probate court appointed a new conservator but has not changed the attorney. Further that the Veterans Affairs has not been notified and that he is not receiving care or housing through a VA provided home or facility. As a result, the very person that fought to protect this nation has allegedly been exploited, undermined, deceived, stolen from and left void of all forms of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness by the very institution he so bravely protected.I hereby request an investigation of all accounts and activities associated with the conservatorship of Mr. Louis J. Russo. And further request that any criminal activity be investigated and adjudicated under the rule of law and that Mr. Russo be granted residence in his home. Respectfully Submitted,Daniel R. Gaita



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