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Marriage & Relationship is the single most important aspect of life for which people
are flocking to the Astrologers, Marriage Counselors and Psychologists more than
ever before.This should definitely lead to a curiosity in human mind if there’s a strong
connection of Vedic Astrology in offering help & advice to lead a happy married life
and a successful relationship.

We all know that for ages there has been a role for family priest in matching the
Horoscopes of the boy and girl before fixing the marriage, choosing the auspicious
date and time of marriage. But gradually some of the things considered important
were done away with as. And when the rate of failure of marriages increased, some
wise old men (women included) once again propagated the role and importance of
fixing and arranging the marriages in traditional ways, where Astrology had a
definitive role. However, it would not be wise to push down the throat of people who
are driven more by the logic and scientific approach in their life in establishing the
credentials of Vedic Astrology as an effective scientific tool for warding off the
negatives and ensuring a healthy relationship & marriage. Hence the better way
would be to convince them by giving proof or explaining the link between the roles of
planets in deciding about the quality of married life of the native.

In the following cases we take up some well known and common rules of Vedic
Astrology related to marriage, its quality and likely problems along with some cases
and real Horoscopes.

Parameters and conditions which give happy married life

There should be a thorough examination of the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th and 7th and 12th
house, besides the quality of the overall Horoscope. In additional there is a need to
spend more time to check the divisional charts such as Navamasha and the
operating Dasha system besides the transit of planets. Following houses should be
strong and their lords should be well placed enjoying good strength. Also there
should preferably be the aspect of benefic planet on them. No aspect is better than
the aspect of cruel planets: -

 Ascendant / Lagna and lagna lord
 7th house - it is traditionally the house of marriage.
 5th house - it is the house of romance, house of progeny and state of mind /
 Planets in 7th house and the 7th house - from natural ascendant, 7th from Moon and
7th from Venus should also be examined.
 12th house - house of sexual enjoyment. The affliction of the 12th house / lord by
malefic especially if they are lords of six is not good. As it may give impotency /
 4th house - the house of happiness
 2nd house - the kutumbha (immediate family) and wealth
 Moon as karka of mind
 Venus - significator of 7th house and semen
 Mars - planet of virility
How to check if the relevant house is unblemished

A house to be good should have following:

 There should be aspect of benefic planets on the house. The house should not be
afflicted by malefic. The natural malefic planets are Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu.
 It should be in shubh kartari yoga and not be hemmed in between malefic planets
 It should be strong in strength (bhavabala).
 It should have above average benefic points (27 and above) in ashtakvarga.
 Of course, the aspect of benefic planets will add to the beauty.
Significators (Karka)

Almost every planets has role to play - directly or indirectly to make the marriage
going successfully. But briefly in this article, we shall take three important
significations. They are

 Venus: it is karka for marriage, and semen
 Mars: it should be examined as it represents sexual drive and incase of a female
Horoscope it is also useful for calculating the fertility.
 Jupiter: some astrologers are of the opinion that in the female Horoscope Jupiter
represents husband.
To give good results these significator should be strong. To be strong they should be

 Exalted or
 In its mooltrikona sign or
 In its own house or
 In Kendra or trikona: (the planets in Kendra trikona become strong) or
 In other auspicious houses. For example, Venus in the ninth house gives good luck
and happiness and in tenth and eleventh, it makes for a happy and romantic
marriage. Similarly in the 12th it gives sexual pleasures.
 Aspected by benefics.
 Should be strong in bhava bala
 It should be strong in Ashtakvarga.
 The planet should not be combust.
 The significator planet should be hemmed in between benefics which gives rise to
shubhkartari yoga - adding to its strength. Conversely, if it is hemmed in between
malefic planets it will not give good results.
 Similarly the planets should not be in 6,8 and 12 or trik houses
 A vargotama Venus gives good result.
 Sun is the worst enemy of Venus in marital matters.
Examination of Navamasa

If the navamasa occupied by lord of seven is benefic and lord of seven is also
associated with benefics, it shows a good and happy married life.

Example for happy married life

Col. ABC

This is the case of a retired Army Officer, who is around 72 years and is happily
married has three children. The factors which support him in marriage are:
 Good position of Venus in the house of marriage along with Mercury which is
representing in this case the sexual pleasures.
 Well placed lord of marriage - Saturn in the 10th house. Although it is debilitated, but
there is cancellation of debilitation also.
 Four planets are in kendras.
 In navamasha (D - 9), the position improves further as five planets go to kendras and
Jupiter with Moon occupied the seventh house.
 Of course, there was a significant of role of the favorable Dashas enabling him to
enjoy the marital bliss.
Kumar Manglam Birla

Quite a few points mentioned in the previous lines are confirmed from the Horoscope
of well known industrialist of our times Mr.Kumar Manglam Birla. For example,
 There is aspect of benefic planets Jupiter and Venus on the 7th house.
 He is free from mangal dosha.
 Saturn the lord of 7th house is in an auspicious house - 9th which represents religion
 Saturn also receives the benefic aspects of Jupiter and Yogkarka Mars.
 Jupiter and Venus have good shadbala points.
 Saturn, Jupiter and Venus are either in Kendra or Trikona.
The negative cases

Now let us see what happens if above mentioned conditions are not met - either fully
or partially. Well the newbees should not rush to conclude that it is a total loss. In
fact, depending on the total influence of all the factors there could be results ranging
from a very mild one to a serious matter, such as:

 Disagreement or preferences not matching
 Delayed marriage
 Unhappy Marriage / Marital Discord
 Denial of marriage
 Divorce or separation
Let us take up some examples.

Delayed Marriage


The lady got married at the age of 36 (November 2013), which is quite late as per
herself and the norms of her cultural and family background.

Some of factors responsible for this are:

The 7th house has Ketu in it
 There is no benefic aspect to the 7th house
 Jupiter though the 7th lord itself is with Gullika and is also retrograde
 In Navamnsha also the 7th lord is Saturn and it aspects its own house (main reason
for delay).
 Mars also aspects the 7th house and 7th lord in D-9, making her manglik and making
match making difficult (astrologically).
 Jupiter and Venus are posted in the 6th house with Ketu in D – 9.
Denial of Marriage


This person is a qualified engineer, with a successful career in the IT field and is
settled in USA. However, despite the best attempts of the person himself and the
family members he could not get married and he seems to be now giving up the

As per the classics, following conditions in his Horoscope are responsible for this

 Venus under the aspect of Saturn.
 Combination of Saturn and Moon. This gives thirst for spiritualism and detachment is
developed and the mind is set to achieve salvation. One has no interest in marriage.
 Venus is in the 6th house and is also the 1st and 6th lord. In addition, Venus is
retrograde too. One has many lovers but has no interest in marriage.
 Mercury in the 7th with 12th lord Mars. Mercury is a eunuch planet and 12th
represents sexual pleasures. This combination destroys the sex aspect.
 Venus with Mars and 7th lord in six or seven.
 Sun in the 7th house. It has been observed that the influence of both Sun and Saturn
on the 7th house / lord have a great role in denying marriage.
 Seventh lord in sixth.
 Two out of three lagnas, Sun, Moon and Ascendant having aspect of Saturn.
Therefore, in this case it is not just one or two but at least 8 conditions pointing firmly
to the denial of marriage.

Divorce / Separation

Divorce is a state in which the husband and wife decide to declare that they do not
have a compatibility or proper understanding and would now like to part ways.

Just as we have learnt about the good features which must be present in a
Horoscope for the marriage to be successful, there are also the negative features
which are engraved in the Horoscope. Natural malefic planets - Saturn, Mars, Rahu
and Ketu are agents of Divorce / Seperation, whereas Sun acts as a catalyst in such
cases, adding fuel to fire.


In this case, the native is separated from his wife for the last 4 years (then 37 years)
and the noteworthy factors are:

 Mangal dosh ( mangleek) - the presence of Mars in the 4th house of domestic peace
has denied him the pleasure of a good and peaceful home and also denied him the
company of his wife ( 4th aspect of Mars)
 Combust Venus in the 6th house ( it is a double negative)
 The 2nd house in the Horoscope is considered to be the house of family growth.
Here this house is afflicted due to the aspect of natural malefic Saturn from the 8th
house, denying the native a good relation with wife.

It is possible to avoid the pain two people go thru when they are stuck in a conflicting
or disharmonious relationshop or marriage. One can go for matching the Horoscope
for relationship compatibilty in Vedic Astrology. It is best advised to head for a Love /
Marriage Compatibility reading than to regret later in a marriage or relationship
turned sour.

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