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To the Graduate Support Team

KR.Narayanan, John F Kennedy, Lord Atlee, Prajapati Trivedi all have one thing in common...London
School of Economics. This college creates personalities who are capable of holding their chins high up in
the world.

Shambhavi Swarup is also another name that I wish I can add to the list in the future.
Having completed my junior college from Welham Girls' School, Dehradun with 94.25% and now
pursuing B.Com (hons) from Indraprastha College for women (Delhi University) I have had the privilege
to study in the best of institutions. I believe my undergraduate course in Delhi University has inculcated
in me strong quantitative and analytical abilities, which can be better utilised in an academic
environment, and what better choice than London School of Economics.
The institution is known for its high standard of education, its highly international student population,
the specialized teaching staff and a carefully designed and focused curriculum. It will give me an
opportunity to share and interact with people of diverse cultural backgrounds and also contribute with
my own unique perspective.
Further, my strong family bonds have instilled in me a feeling of worthiness, given me the freedom to
dream and the drive to translate those dreams into reality. I belong to an agricultural family of
Muzaffarnagar, a small town in India, which is striven by conflicts of casteism and orthodox thinking;
however it did not deter my parents to provide me with good education. I was lucky enough to get an
equal opportunity as my elder brother to fulfil all my goals.
In order to fully justify the strong support and financial backing by my family, I strove for excellence in all
fields, be it studies, sports or dance. As a Badminton captain in school and later in college I learnt to
undertake responsibility, carry out my duties efficiently and understand the significance of team work.
Having done my 'Arangetram' in Bharatnatyam , dance has inculcated in me the discipline to learn,
adapt and improve and has kept me rooted to my traditions and values.
Feeling the need to supplement textbook learning with practical experience I also did a variety of
internships with varied organizations. I worked as a trainee at K.R.Mangalam Institute of Management in
their International Admissions office, dealing with the queries of foreign students regarding the
admission procedure.
At Transcends Arts & Crafts Pvt Ltd, I was given the opportunity to explore and be a part of its retail
store management where I was exposed to the store administration responsibilities, customer service,
tactical meetings with suppliers and customers and thus honed my presentation and communication
skills as well as business etiquette
At Dabur India Ltd, I worked in the Finance and Accounts Department under the Deputy General
Manager where I studied the working capital of Dabur. I was given the opportunity to make their
Balance Sheet, learn about the 10 yr highlights and perform a comparative study of Dabur and its rival
I still have a long way to go and much to learn. As I step into the threshold of a new chapter in my life,
no place matches up to London school of economics. Pursuing my masters from this college will give me
the stimulus for further growth. Sadly the sudden economic crisis has left the Rupee reeling and the
downward trend of my currency Vis a Vis the dollar and Pound has put a big question mark on my
dreams of pursuing my education from LSE.
The earnings of my Grandfather and father support my family which includes my mother who is a
housewife and an elder brother who too is about to go for his higher education to USA for his MBA,
during the same academic session more or less. Costs have rocketed sky high and it is difficult to
sponsor both our education. Having reached this far I don't want to miss the crucial last step, in winning
the race due to lack of finances.
My parents, teachers and Institutions have all contributed in making and shaping me what I am today.
Now it is my turn to give back to the society and country in many folds what I have received. After
completing my masters I intend to start my own agro-based small scale industry in a village named
'Babri' near my hometown .This will not only provide employment to the women folk there but will also
give me an easy access to them, where I can provide them basic education, motivate them to stand up
for their rights, become financially independent and to finally break the shackles of unnecessary male
subjugation. In order to be truly successful, I feel it is imperative that I acquire a broader and more
comprehensive knowledge of the subject rather than restricting myself to a particular course of
specialization. Only after learning from a vast array of subjects and exposing myself to various ideas can I
develop the understanding required to achieve my goals - And my ultimate goal is to apply the tenets of
theoretical knowledge to practical solutions for the overall welfare of our society. I strongly believe that
the Master's programme at the London School of economics is the next logical step in this path.
This scholarship is very important, not only because it lessens the financial burden but it also motivates
me to continue working with the same dedication and perseverance. If I were awarded the scholarship it
would be of tremendous help to me as I would be able to focus more on my target rather than dividing
my time between studies and part time jobs.
Education adds value to a person; if in addition it is both reputed and sound as is your institution, it acts
as a skill multiplier.
It is therefore my earnest request that my application be considered by the graduation Support team for
the highest scholarship possible.
Shambhavi Swarup
Application ID(201135363)

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