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May 2013 | Issue 31

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Huckleberry Tim

Mayor Tim Shadbolt reflects on childhood, stranded whales and our kiwi way of life..

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Rearing to GO

If you love them, set them free. Another 25,000 smolt released. Page 7

Stag (& Tuna) Party!
Yeeeehaaaa! Ian and the lads have a successful outing hunting and fishing with a few beers. Page 9

There are a few areas of the Southland and Otago coastlines where there are still healthy populations of paua, it's not a coincidence that these areas are the same areas from which commercial paua fishing is currently prohibited. The commercial paua fishers and the Ministry for Primary Industries have proposed opening these areas, which will smash these paua populations and have a huge negative impact on all non-commercial paua fishers who use these areas. Submissions on this proposal closed on 19th April. And here we are - all the submissions are in, what to do next……..I thought the battle was over but it’s not! Hey all my name is Jono Bavin a brief back ground on myself. I’m a 31 year old townie turned to a country boy, born and breed in Wellington to a milkman lol (true fact) for the first 16 years of my life I lived in a concrete jungle, first lived in happy valley road before taking up school in Tawa about 15 min from the city centre....continued page 3 page 1

Introducing - Jono Bavin member of the ‘Paua to the People’ Group.

Tautuku Fishing Club Dunedin and Haast Inc. Monthly Newsletter

– prevails here. All New Zealand Fishers, both sea & freshwater are watching & waiting! Considering freshwater fishing; we have a supporter in Hon Peter Dunne – as I have noted in the UnitedFuture Confidence and Supply Agreement 2011 with our NZ Government, of two of their many principles, policies and priorities being of interest to all NZ fishers – * Hi, Maintain free public access to rivers, lakes, forests and coastline & * Committed to improving water quality in We await the decision of the Ministry of Primary our lakes, rivers and streams, in particular mitigating Industries and our new Minister of Primary Industries, the impact of agrarian runoff on these waterways, and Hon Nathan Guy, on proceeding further with the in ensuring quality standards and existing management proposed regulation change to the commercially closed of water supplies. Paua, PAU 5D areas. With 2,718 submitted submissions The key to all our Fishing Issues is communication with for supporting the status quo and objecting to any our Politicians and Ministry Personal. More New regulatory change verses only 22 for commercialisation Zealanders Fish, than any sport, in our fine country. of our Otago & Southland recreational paua areas speaks volumes. The ‘weight’ of those 2,718 Our Club elected Secretary, Sarah Paterson has submissions is huge – coming from City Mayors, City ‘stepped down’ due to increase work commitments. On Councils, TVNZ & Radio reporters, Maori TV, South behalf of our Committee and Club members, I Island Iwi, NZ Sports Fishing Council, Recreational appreciate your help, Sarah, in keeping Tautuku Fishing Fishing Council, LegaSea, FishinFuture Search, Club Dunedin & Haast Inc; a Fishing Club of ‘high Dunedin Fishing Clubs including your own Tautuku standard’. Many Thanks to Mark Fraser in ‘stepping up’ Fishing Club (who initiate/support this Kiwi Lifestyle) to take on this Club Secretary role. I know you will do a and the Power of the Public ! sterling job. I urge all Club Members to visit our Club Facebook If members haven’t been to the Club lately – you have page & take time to view the clip from Maori TV, Native missed a treat. Thanks to Allen Hurrell – on the bar Affairs News covering this Paua issue. recently, has been presented ‘smoke Albacore’, ‘smoke salmon’ & last Sunday ‘marinate & smoked Duck’ – Wow, Great with a Speights! Make note from this LURE Monthly issue, the dates and times for our Club ‘Clay Target’ Shoot and two Queen’s Birthday Fishing Competitions. End of June is the finish of our Club Year Competitions; as we have our Club Prize Giving due for July. Great to see that the Ministry of Primary Industries A very informative report covering both sides of this have announced there will be NO changes to the issue. Tim Pankhurst, CEO, Seafood New Zealand states management of striped marlin. The ban on commercial “Not one more paua is going to be taken – Paua landings of marlin caught with New Zealand fisheries fisherman are farmers, it’s not in their interest or in waters in 1991 – Stands! anyone else's interest, to go in and take all the stock in James Stevenson-Wallace, Director Fisheries a area” Yea Right! If this is the case why is it that the Management, MPI, says he recognises the considerable Commercial Paua areas/farms are not being value striped marlin provides for the recreational harvested/farmed sustainably ? If the Commercial paua gamefishery. This is great news, thanks James & the practises are correct in fishing their large farm areas, MPI Team – Hope the Otago & Southland Paua issue they wouldn’t be looking ‘over the fence’ at our also results in the same way for recreational paua recreational paua areas; that are preserved for all Kiwi fishing - the KIWI Way! recreational fishers. As Kees Meeuws states – “Once the door is open, it will never be shut again”. With the weather changes and river water flows – Take extra care at the Taieri River Mouth. Thanks to our local MP , Hon Michael Woodhouse for going ‘to bat’ for the Otago & Southland public; over Tight Lines. Page 2 Newsletter Header this Paua issue. Hope ‘common sense’ / the ‘status quo’ Brett.



Tautuku Fishing Club Dunedin and Haast Inc. Monthly Newsletter

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I always wanted to be a Dairy farmer from a young age, going through collage in town is hard when you wanted to go dairying as the nearest farm is 30 minutes away; so in 1999 I decided to head south to Telford Rural Polytechnic in Balclutha. What a big learning curve, moving south at 16 years old, no family and to learn how to farm. After a year’s course I entered the world of working on a dairy farm. In 2002 I met my wife to be, Kelly, who also went to Telford and had the same dreams as me too, to one day to own a dairy farm. After a couple kids later, Brooklynn 6 years and Jacob 3 years and a wedding in between, we reached our first goal last year of 50/50 Sharemilking 500 cows at tussock creek, about 10 minutes out of Invercargill. It has been a hard slog to get to this stage but is well worth it; being self-employed it’s also giving me a bit of freedom to do my other love of diving, fishing and hunting. Now on to the good stuff diving and fishing, Southland offers some of the best seas to get a good solid feed in the country from blue cod, bluff oysters, crayfish, tuna and of course the PAUA. Being a member of Invercargill’s only Diving and fishing club “DIVESOUTH”, has given me a great opportunity to see the wonderful places Southland / Fiordland has to offer, from Diving and catching tuna at Milford sound, catching some of the biggest crayfish in New Zealand @ centre island, Diving/Dredging for BLUFF oysters out of Bluff, or free diving for some of the biggest paua New Zealand has to offer around ?????? (I can’t give away all the good spots) and I don’t want the commercial divers to know!! And to be fair it’s not hard to get a pig or a deer in Southland either.

...continued from front page

commercial divers. At the end of that meeting I was

one of a core group of about 5-6 people who stepped in to mobilise the Paua to the People movement in Southland. We didn’t have long, we only had about two

weeks to get the public informed about the MPI proposal to open up over 30km of untouched coastline to commercial paua divers. We had 2 public meetings in Tokanui/Invercargill where about 50 people turned up, a hardy group of people walked the streets to hand out flyers, had a stand at the farmers market where we got 30+ submissions, had meetings with local MPs including Hon Bill English, Hon Eric Roy and a meeting with Mayor Tim Shadboult. From Tim’s meeting we got the support of the Invercargill City Council. The last 6 weeks has been a learning curve in politics, public speaking, media talking (and what not to say!) but although it has been enjoyable the battle is not over. It’s giving me satisfaction to be fighting for what I believe in, and knowing that if you feel strongly about something its best to stand up and be noticed than sitting back and letting people walk all over you. The people of Southland/Otago and New Zealand have spoken there was 2740 submissions received on the paua proposal, 2,718 submissions were opposed to opening up these areas to commercial paua diving. A mere 22 submissions (less than 1%) were written by paua quota holders, the commercial fishing industry and their allies in support of the MPI proposal. Where to from here???? I encourage EVERYONE to write a letter stating why this should not go ahead - write to your local MP if you live in the south, or straight to the Hon Nathan Guy. Go to and there is a link there which is quick and easy. We only have one chance to stop this proposal, one chance to save our PAUA. As recreational fishers, this is our kiwi lifestyle. Why do I feel so strongly about this? I want to see seafood stocks increase across the board, so that they stay healthy over the years for the future generations to enjoy as much as I do. I don’t want to be the one to tell my grandkids that it was my generation that buggered the Seafood stocks for years to come. I love seafood, my wife and kids love seafood and most of all I enjoy the day out, the challenge of catching that 4kg crayfish, finding that 170mm paua or reeling it that 34 kg Southern blue cod and the personal satisfaction of going out and catching a feed for my family. KAI KAHA PAUA TO THE PEOPLE Cheers Jono Bavin

Tautuku Fishing Club Dunedin and Haast Inc. Monthly Newsletter

PAUA TO THE PEOPLE for me? The story started when Oli Wilson and Dave Hodson came down to talk to about 70 people at an information meeting in bluff. They told us about the MPI proposal to open up closed areas to commercial paua fishing, and let us know what they were doing in Dunedin to try and protect the paua in their areas from being smashed by

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Message from New Zealand’s Southern City Mayor’s Desk

Survey Department in Kumeu. We sold those bullets to hunters for a shilling each and lived like aristocrats. The most exciting fishing trip I had was when my Uncle Dick took me out on his runabout to circle a whale stranded at Blockhouse Bay beach. After a stint at University, we retired to a subsistence lifestyle commune at Huia in West Auckland. We went fishing on every day that the weather was reasonable and if the fish weren’t biting we could rely on mussels from Whatipu and watercress from several streams running through our property.

Tautuku Fishing Club Dunedin and Haast Inc. Monthly Newsletter

After being elected as Mayor of Waitemata City, I travelled to Western Europe with my young family. The most hair-raising part of the journey was travelling around the coast of Ireland. Upon arriving in Belfast we were stopped by a road block of fully armed and very nervous looking British soldiers. he cultural and emotional identity of individual However, they immediately withdrew their rifles from nations is defined by far more than the high buildings the car windows when they discovered 3 fishing rods or towers that crowd our city skylines. Neither does in the back seat. The corporal in charge pulled out a the rate of inflation, global debt, the balance of photo of his young son proudly holding his first fish. Once again, things were tense as we passed through payments or other fiscal data give us a sense of purpose or national unity. In my view, it’s our lifestyle customs at Belfast International Airport. No one believed that a bunch of kiwis would possibly choose and intimate proximity to the environment that Belfast as a holiday destination. Once again it was defines us as a nation of free, independent, hunter the fishing rods that saved us from a digital search or gatherers. worse. The 50 or so fishing photos halted the interrogation immediately and it was an important I had a wonderful Huckleberry Finn type childhood. lesson for me on the political power of recreational My first fishing expedition at the age of 6 was hunting fishing. for tadpoles. It was also a lesson in biology as we watched them develop into frogs. Living in New Lynn After being elected to the ARA, one of my pet projects gave us a close connection to the Whau River. This was working to evict commercial fishermen from the gave us the ultimate playground of a rubbish dump. Waitemata Harbour and Hauraki Gulf. It was an issue In those days it was common for rubbish to be that ignored party affiliations as recreational dumped into the nearest estuary. We also learned to fishermen from the left and right of the political build canoes out of used corrugated iron. We sealed spectrum wanted to create a commercial fishing free up the nail holes by ripping tar seal off the edges of zone. One of my sons lives in Devonport and owns a the road and melting it to make a waterproof tarry little tinnie. His fridge is always full of fresh or paste. At the rubbish dump we began recreational smoked snapper. hunting for large rats, first using shanghais and then graduating to Diana slug guns. For food we stuck our Now that I live in Southland; fish, oysters, crays, kina hands down the eel holes and then cooked our catch and paua have played a major role in my life. at the local reserve on an open fire. From that point Commercial fishing is vital to our local economy but on, hunting and fishing was always part of my life. we have to manage our seafood resource in such a When the family moved to Massey to establish a way that recreational fishermen can maintain our citrus orchard on a lifestyle block we hunted for kiwi lifestyle. possums, as there was a bounty on them of three 303 bullets for each tail we handed in to the Lands and Tim Shadbolt JP. Mayor Invercargill City.


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Tautuku Fishing Club Dunedin and Haast Inc. Monthly Newsletter

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Tautuku Fishing Club Dunedin and Haast Inc. Monthly Newsletter

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From 1 rearing pond @ the City Salmon Hatchery: 25,000 salmon smolt were released on Saturday 25th May. Not initially into the sea – but into the Dunedin Leith stream. Once the salmon become the sea they go.

1, 2, 3

“ from the pond to the SEA !”

‘imprinted with the local environment’ – to

2 & 3 rearing ponds will be released on the Saturday’s 8th June & 22nd June @ 9am onwards. Club members are most welcome to help & enjoy the experience – MORE Hands make Light Work!

Also it’s a MUST for all City Fishers in

establishing Dunedin as Salmon City!

Tautuku Fishing Club Dunedin and Haast Inc. Monthly Newsletter

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Otago Salmon Anglers President Wayne Oslen
‘ wat c h f u l eye ov e r the salmon t ra p ’

Score of fish captured in the Leith Salmon Trap is 21 Trout verses 1 Salmon Hen. We know the Leith Salmon Trap is working. Just need more Salmon!

Salmon Trap News!

Hatchery Supervisor, Roger Bartlett & Hatchery Reticulation Manager, Lyall Nash – ‘prepare for the capture’.

Lyall Nash & Hatchery Supporter, Phillip More – ‘One salmon on the board’ Photos by Dan 'The Man' Hutchinson
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Tautuku Fishing Club Dunedin and Haast Inc. Monthly Newsletter

The Roar and Tuna fishing
“Its got to be done!”
I said to the boys, Dave and Darron, 'are you keen to go back to the coast for the roar?' Being as keen as they are there was only one answer....yep. I said we will go a bit later this year. The roar seems to be getting a bit later every year. We will go about the 6th April, on a good weather pattern. And I would also like to target a blue fin tuna a bit more this year, after running into them on the previous year. This time we will be more prepared with ice etc. so as to keep them cool. Weather was looking good, the sea should be calm. So the call was to go. A front has just passed through. On heading into the coast the weather just got better and better. I said we are going to hit it just right. We got to Deep Cove, the weather was cold but clearing. The boys said 'do you want a beer?', I said 'No, take me around the corner - I am going for a quick hunt before dark'. I headed up the river flat for about 20minutes - they were roaring......Great! I have hit it spot on. So I headed to the closest roar and started to roar back at them, they all were answering back....great. 30 minutes later had 2 stags on the deck. One 1 0 metres to my left another 50 metres to my right. One was an 8 pointer the other a close to 1 0 points...... stags. We are off to a good start.

Next morning it was up and at them, fishermen had reported that there were fish boiling on the surface and birds marking it. We couldn’t wait to get out there. That day we had a couple of double strikes but lost one under the boat. I landed mine with a shit load of panicking and a bit of Chinese language.....But we were having fun!! Caught a few more albacores as well. Our doh lab was full, so diving was next on our list. Crays on the coast are not hard to find, they are everywhere. Our limit was reached and that was done. Time for one last hunt. Up a slip we went, it could not of been easier. I let out a roar and a stag answered straight back to me. Four hinds take straight to the bush, the stag comes running straight towards me. Less than 2 metres from me he stops, looks, and smells me and bolts 20 metres then stops hesitated looks back at me and boom. Darron had watched the whole thing and wished he had pulled out his camera and videoed it. What a blast. We cant wait till next year, only 365 days & counting.

On having a beer later with the boys we learnt the sea outside was calming off (fishermen were on the radio), we reckoned tomorrow was the day to troll the lures. The plan was to troll up towards Charles Sound and camp up with Hamish Carswell (another renegade boat owner). Just outside hares ears we dropped the lures in, and 20 Ian Gunion (Owner of Renegade Boats & Tautuku Fishing Club Member) minutes later the reel screamed off.....Yeeeehaaa, we got with Darron Mitchell and Dave Knarston a blue fin......... now to land it. I played it out, and with a bit of good boat driving by Darron , Dave got the gaff in...yay we got it. Big grins and hi 5’s were given. We now knew that we hadn't wasted our time bringing in the load of sea ice, as they need to be gutted and chilled down as soon as. That day we caught one blue fin at 25kg’s and 4 albacore tuna. We meet up with Hamish at Charles Sound that night. His day didn't go as well as ours.....He had hit the tuna, but had lost everyone. He lost a heap of lures and traces...later we found it was due to 2 ceramic inserts in the eyes of his rod had fallen out which parted his braid.

Tautuku Fishing Club Dunedin and Haast Inc. Monthly Newsletter

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Tautuku Fishing Club Dunedin and Haast Inc. Monthly Newsletter

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Tautuku Fishing Club Dunedin and Haast Inc. Monthly Newsletter

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winteR wonderland
10 April 2013 Media Release Following on from a fantastic summer for local fishermen, Otago anglers are set to benefit from a release of hatchery reared fish from the regions Macraes Flat hatchery. “Winter fishing in the region is on the rise, so what better time to liberate these fish” says Steve Dixon, Otago Fish & Game ranger. Otago Fish & Game will release the excess hatchery stock into the Southern Reservoir, Sullivan’s Dam and Tomahawk Lagoon in Dunedin along with Butchers Dam in Alexandra. Around 300 of the year and a half old rainbow trout to be released weigh close to 1kg.“The dry summer hasn’t hindered the growth of the fish at the hatchery and the fish are in prime condition.” added Steve Dixon. The condition of the fish, along with the more settled weather over the winter months, and easily accessible fishing spots are cited as the main reasons for the increase in angler numbers over the coldest season on the fishing calendar. The winter fishing season begins on April 1 and runs through until September 30, with a winter season licence costing $72 for an adult and $14 for a junior, with those under 12 free. Please note that you cannot fish an Otago back country fishery on a winter licence. The release is scheduled to be completed by late April. For further information contact: Steve Dixon, Otago Fish & Game Ranger (021) 1900711, S.Dixon@fish­

Otago Fish & Game offers anglers a

Tautuku Fishing Club Dunedin and Haast Inc. Monthly Newsletter

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Current Lines 8th May 201 3
The Rolling Stones ‘Paint it Black’ comes to mind as does the term rolling with those large swells on the way to the northern grounds and the Kings Banks.

China Anglers Association Game Fish Challenge – Whangarei Deep Sea Anglers Club reports “Despite the short notice, it was great to see
1 2 local teams take part in the China Anglers Association Game Fish Challenge on Saturday 27th April. Our Chinese visitors had three teams, chartering local boats “Outahere”, “Lady Jess” and “Phantom”. First on the board for the contest, and causing a great deal of excitement, was Chu YongJin fishing on “Lady Jess” with a tagged Mako est 50 kg on 37 kg. This was followed by a Striped Marlin to Mark Goodman fishing on “Flying Start” weighing in at 11 3.2 kg – 1 5 years of trying has finally paid off Mark! The last catch of the contest went to junior angler Chris Healey tagging and releasing a Hammerhead Shark estimated at 70 kg on “Le Bateau”. It was a hugely successful day with our Visitors being treated to the sight of three “non-contest” Marlin being weighed. During the Prizegiving Mr Yin, President of the China Angling Association, spoke highly of their visit and showed the Association’s appreciation by presenting a crystal trophy and a rod and reel to the Club, and small gifts were presented to all of the Skippers who took part in the challenge. We were very pleased to have been asked to host visitors from the China Angling Association and are sure that they will be more than happy to visit us again in the future.”

Whangaroa Sport Fishing Club was proud to host for the first time, the Clubs NZ fishing contest and report “We had 8 clubs taking part with

28 boats and 82 anglers. Kamo Club brought up the most anglers with 20, Whangaroa had 1 9 anglers, Manurewa Cosmopolitan Club had 1 4, the Quota Club from Te Kuiti had 1 3, Papakura Club – 8, Oamaru Club – 4, Kaikohe & Districts R.S.A. – 3, and Papanui Club – 1 angler On day 1 they landed or tagged 24 snapper, 9 kahawai, 3 yellowtail kingfish, 2 mako shark and a striped marlin. The fishing on day 2 was just as prodigious with 20 snapper, 1 0 kahawai, 5 mako tagged and released, another kingfish weighed, and the first trevally. Michael Youngman on Black Pearl fishing for the Quota Club tagged and released a striped marlin estimated at 1 30 kg. Michael caught his fish with a live kahawai off Cape Karikari. After the Kamo Club’s points tallies from day 1 and a hoard of fish on day 2, they were in an unassailable position for the national club trophy which they easily won with a total of 1 375 points. In second place was Whangaroa with 864 points, 3rd: Manurewa CC – 524 pts, 4th: Papakura Club – 1 74 pts, 5th: Quota Club – 1 00 pts and 6th: Oamaru Club: 75 pts.”

King Bank from Pursuit - Continues to be the place to be although fishing there is not red hot. Marlin are there in reasonable numbers but

certainly don’t bite well every day, still suffering from the same inconsistency that has plagued the area all season long. Without doubt the very best water in the country lives there with some days approaching a heady 22 degrees C, certainly well over 20 all the time. To show you just how good it is there have been mahimahi seen and landed as well as three recent skirmishes with blues – one successful. Some very nice water here but still not great fishing for stripies. Some days there’s plenty of bait up high in the water column and things look great. The next the bank is barren – go figure. John Gregory of “Primetime” is still up there on his solo mission with a successful double strike of stripies to his credit to add to the other accolades! (It is rumoured that this trip’s solo tally is into the 40’s) Thoughts are still that eventually this bank will explode but, so far, just glimpses and teases. Kingis biting well with reasonable, but not red hot fishing. Also bottom-fishing is of a similar ilk. Expect better here on all fronts.

Free Fish Heads (FFH) initiative - Matt Watson is very pleased to have NZSFC and member clubs supporting the FFH initiative. He will be
conducting a PR and awareness campaign in spring/summer this year. In the meantime if any member clubs would like to get FFH bumper stickers (would be great to include when sending out newsletters or membership cards) please be in touch with Mandy Kupenga – [email protected]

DISCOUNTED FUEL! - Whether you’ve put your boat on “ice” for the colder months or are a hardened seafarer, Petroleum Logistics are still

here to save you $ and help support NZ Sport Fishing with great discounts on your fuel. You can “SAVE” by using PL Fuel Cards at PL Marinas and Service Stations and Truck Stops. Whether it’s your boat or your vehicles that require fuel it’s a win/win for you. With PL Fuel Cards there are no fees and you can save 1 0c/L incl gst at Mobil Service Stations and 6c/L incl gst at PL Marinas. Other card options are available at a slightly lower discount rate. Reminder! – In addition to fuel, we can also fill your oil and lube requirements! – Gulf products at wholesale rates! – delivered to your door. Reminder! – AA Roadside Support is now available through your PL Account – For a small “one off fee of $45 / year” If you haven’t opened an account with us yet to order fuel cards for vehicles and marina, please email (Claire) [email protected], give us a ring on 0800 42 83 83, or go to our website
Tautuku Fishing Club Dunedin and Haast Inc. Monthly Newsletter page 13

From the NZSFC website – latest first and heaviest for the current season, show we have no heaviest black marlin weighed to date, (the song

‘paint it black’) yet the writer is aware of at least 6 that have been weighed on club scales. This is just a reminder about Council Trophies - these need to be applied for and must be in the NZSFC Secretary’s hands prior to 7th July apart from the first marlin which had to be notified within 24 hours: 1 : 1 st Marlin of the Season Tagged: Steven Angus, Doubtless Bay – 28.1 2.1 2 2: 1 st Marlin of the Season Weighed: Jamie Lee, Whangamata – 29.1 2.1 2 3: Rob Dinsdale Memorial Trophy for the first Marlin of the Season – Steven Angus, Doubtless Bay – 28.1 2.1 2 Nominations required for the following by 7th July 201 3 - Saul Trophy – most tagged Gamefish, The Old Man & the Sea Cup, Lord Norrie Gold Cup – heaviest Striped Marlin, Fisherman of the Year – heaviest Game Fish, Peter & Noeline Short Memorial Trophy – most tagged billfish, The Top Junior Angler Trophy, and The Hart Trophy – for the best live marine photograph taken by an amateur photographer. Please remember to get your nominations in..... The NZSFC Secretary advises “each year I seem to get a call from someone who has got a heavier one – or one

before the first one I have recorded. Clubs – please look after your members and get their nominations in, Remember too that Nominations must come from Clubs, not individual members”.
Vacant Position

Are you the next Manager of the Mercury Bay Game Fishing Club?
The Mercury Bay Game Fishing Club is a well established and well supported club. Reporting to the Committee, the Manager will be responsible for the smooth running of the club to meet members’ needs. Running the game fishing tournaments and club nights will beimportant aspects of the role. In addition, there will be monthly financial reporting and management, the preparation and distribution of information and newsletters to members, and providing support and advice to the Committee. Leadership and development of six part time staff will be required. As this is a “hands on” and physical role, previous experience working in a bar, restaurant and kitchen environment are important prerequisites. A strong interest in game fishing is highly desirable. Please direct confidential inquiries to Greg Tims on 021 628 222 . For further information and to apply, please visit Also visit Regards, NZSFC

Ol’ blue eyes is belting out “and I did it MY WAY” A fitting sound track considering those who venture out to chase the elusive ‘gladiator of
the sea’ the mighty broadbill swordfish. Tauranga report a fine 1 75 kg specimen that graced their weigh station, and two were caught out the back of Great Barrier Island. The Mt Maunganui Sportfishing Club weighed a fine 1 67.8 kg broadbill for angler David Smart off Kane Spier’s trailer boat. Now the choice of song refers to an episode right out of a Zane Grey ‘Old Man of the Sea’ story based out from Whangaroa. On the 20th May 201 3, Cameron Finlayson, both angler and skipper in his 4.7 metre Surtees tinny, went forth and returned with not one but two broadbill caught on his own and he did it his way! One weighed 11 2 kg and the second 211 kg with both caught daytime deep dropping of baits. 4.7 m equates to 1 5 foot 5 inches long.

Nominations required for the following by 7th July 201 3 - Saul Trophy – most tagged Game fish; The Old Man & the Sea Cup (short story

needed with this one please); Lord Norrie Gold Cup – heaviest Striped Marlin; Fisherman of the Year – heaviest Game Fish; Peter & Noeline Short Memorial Trophy – most tagged billfish; The Top Junior Angler Trophy (short story needed please); and The Hart Trophy – for the best live marine photograph taken by an amateur photographer. Please remember to get your nominations in and that they must come from a Club, not from individual members.

Catch the Discounts! - Reminder! - 1 0c/L inc GST discount with PL Mobil Fuel Cards at Service Stations and Truck Stops for your vehicles

and 6c/L inc GST at PL Marinas while supporting NZ Sport Fishing at the same time. No catch! No fees, just 'net' savings for you and your Club! The same card can be used for your boat and multiple vehicles. Also: - In addition to fuel, we can also fill your oil and lube requirements! - Gulf products at wholesale rates! - Delivered to your door. Reminder! - AA Roadside Support is now available through your PL Account - For a small "one off fee of $45 / year". If you haven't opened an account with us yet, to order fuel cards for vehicles and marina, please email (Claire) [email protected], give us a ring on 0800 42 83 83, or go to our website
Tautuku Fishing Club Dunedin and Haast Inc. Monthly Newsletter page 14

44 Marlin in ten days - SOLO! John Gregory 'Primetime' has just completed a ten-day trip SOLO to the King Bank out from the Three Kings
Islands, where he tagged and released forty-three striped marlin and one blue marlin (out of four), which was his personal first. The first four days the fish were caught on lures, and as the fishing was so good he had to change to live baiting to conserve fuel to stay in the area while the bite was on. He also had to deal with a number of mako sharks as by-catch as you do when live-baiting. He also encountered multiple hook-ups, and lost quite a few fish in the process, but as he said he was fishing for himself and that was part of the game: win some, lose some. He didn’t even try for a broadbill while he was there. Congratulations John, a truly great effort!

Update on Carol - Carol’s remarkable movements can be followed on the interactive GHRI (Guy Harvey Research Institute) tracking website From across the ditch - February 8th this year marked the 1 00th anniversary of the world’s first black marlin capture on rod and reel, which

was also the first rod and reel marlin capture in Australasia. On that date in 1 91 3, Dr Mark Cowley Lidwill (1 878 – 1 969) of Strathfield, Sydney, landed a black marlin of approximately 70lb (32kg) from a small launch off Port Stephens, NSW after a 1 2 minute fight on 21 -thread cuttyhunk linen line. Incidentally Dr Mark Lidwill also invented the Pacemaker.

Australasian Mako research - the Australasian Mako Workshop is funded by the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC)

to identify gaps in our knowledge of shortfin makos. The workshop was run in February 201 2 in Hobart by Barry Bruce of the CSIRO. Participants included scientists from CSIRO and the Fisheries Departments of Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia, as well as experts from New Zealand, the USA and the Secretariat of Pacific Community (SPC). Issues identified to be of highest importance for shortfin makos included; the need for more movement information; a review of previous and current studies of their aging; the identification of pupping grounds; the identification of recreational and commercial post-release mortality levels; and the improved collection and collation of catch information from both the recreational (non-club) and commercial sectors. Previous and current satellite tracking data can be viewed at; In 201 2 Phd student Robert French deployed 1 2 SPATs off Sydney and Shellharbour in NSW, Eagle Hawk Neck in Tasmania and port MacDonnell in South Australia with the help of recreational anglers. A video detailing Rob’s research project can be found at; Regards, NZSFC

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East Coast Blue Cod – Cate Bardwell 3.1 35kg West Coast Blue Cod – Mike Archer 2.525kg West Coast Tuna – Ian Gunion – Blue Fin 25.9kg Jock Stewart – Nathan Pitcher 1 .235kg Salmon – Grant Hutton 9.50kg Barracouta – Mark Fraser 5.225kg Trumpeter – Murray Muir 3.61 0kg Kahawai – Colin Laing 2.495kg Smaill Salmon Trophy ( Senior Angler ) - Brett Bensemann 8.825kg Groper – Nathan Pitcher 1 4.31 5kg Ladies – Cate Bardwell – Groper 11 .455kg Associate Ladies – Lyn Muir – Groper 5.685kg Junior – Jorja Hutton – Salmon 8.795kg

Ian Gunion – West Coast Blue Fin 25.9kg

Tautuku Fishing Club Dunedin and Haast Inc. Monthly Newsletter

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Tautuku Fishing Club Dunedin and Haast Inc. Monthly Newsletter

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Results were:

Club Smallbore Shoot

Men’s telesights : 1st Mark Fraser 70pts. 2nd Phil Seque 69pts. Ladies telesights : 1st Leanne Mathieson 68pts. 2nd Kelly Fraser 37pts. Men’s Open sights : 1st Phil Seque 88pts. 2nd Russell Moylan 84pts. Ladies Open sights : 1st Leanne Mathieson 71pts 2nd Kelly Fraser 70pts. Junior :William Mathieson 78pts. Bad Luck for Kelly Fraser, who shot an outstanding practise round of 91.2pts!! Kelly is 7 Months pregnant – Best Wishes for June!!

Letters to the Editor
Best wishes and tight lines! Frank Cartwright “Once again Brett, all those concerned with the publication of this newsletter deserve a word of praise, it is a wonderful job that they all do!!!!!” Best Wishes, Mel Hollis, Mosgiel “The Newsletters are fantastic, and I am so very proud to be part of the Club. You are doing a tremendous job.” Alastair Mcalpine Life Member, Brisbane
Tautuku Fishing Club Dunedin and Haast Inc. Monthly Newsletter

Thanks to Brenda Bell and the Otago Smallbore Club, for the use of their shooting range; a Great Time had by ALL!

"Congratulations - another excellent effort with your newsletter. The letter from Dave Cull was particularly interesting. Nice to have the Council batting for the 'little' guy! And best of luck with efforts made to date for salmon returning to the Leith."

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Saturday & Sunday

Qu__n’s Birth^[y W__k_n^ Clu\ Fishing Comp_titions

Corbett Memorial Competition - Most Species on the day, caught by an angler. In event of two anglers catching the same number of species – the trophy & prize ( $50 BT award ), will go to the angler with the heaviest combined weight. Murray Mattingly Cup - Heaviest Fish caught over the two days . $50 & $25 BT prizes applies. To enter - contact either Murray Muir, PH: 4558808, or Brett Bensemann PH: 4557592

Sunday 9th June @ 3 p.m. Waldronville Gun Club. Cost $30/person for Ammo, facilities etc Club trophies for both Men’s & Ladies.

Club Clay Target - Shot Gun Shoot

RSVP by Friday 7th June to Russell Moylan PH: 4561162

Tautuku Fishing Club Dunedin and Haast Inc. Monthly Newsletter

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