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Lyman 1

Brian Lyman

Mr. Newman

English 101: Rhetoric

16, October

A Revved up Review

Most people would agree that the original movies are always better than the sequel, but for the Fast and Furious series, that is not the case. Now at six movies, producer Justin Lin keeps the excitement going by continually adding more vehicular mayhem in cities around the world. In the latest movie, Fast and the Furious 6, the drivers are brought to London where they are supposed to help the police catch an elite team of criminals as well as find Dom’s (Vin Diesel) supposedly dead girlfriend shown in the fourth movie. Critics say the movie is unrealistic and ridiculous, but the suspense of physics defying stunts attracts many viewers, especially young boys. Even though both Lisa Kennedy and Christopher Borrelli have different attitudes in their reviews, they both agree that Justin Lin successfully produced this movie for a younger audience. Lisa Kennedy’s review of Fast and the Furious 6 starts with a description of how successful the previous movies have been as well as describing the events that occurred in the preceding movie. Kennedy states, “Arguably the greatest fuel this franchise runs on after Diesel has been director Justin Lin,” supporting her evidence that Lin did a great job producing this series after the second movie. Like Kennedy, Borelli agrees that Justin Lin successfully took this franchise in a new direction with the unrealistic action provided by digital effects. He also explains that
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Lyman 2

Lin, “knows how to stage a chase as well as the next Bond director” by describing a scene in which they must stop a tank using only their sports cars (Borelli). Furthering this, Borelli explains that “Lin understand the possibilities of space” creating many scenes in which cars are driving about an inch part, but will never actually hit each other. Another point both reviewers agree on, is that Fast and the Furious 6 was intended for young boys around the ages of 6-12. Kennedy starts her review by stating that “this certain 12-year-old action franchise about muscle cars and the men and women who put pedal to metal has been making a killing overseas for years.” She also mentions those who have seen the very first movie also come back to see where this series is going and continuing the plot they witnessed as kids (Kennedy). Borelli says, “Filmmakers ran into Universal studios shouting the plot with the frenzied rush of a 6-year old.” It was as Lin directed this movie through the eyes of a young boy, which is what made this movie series so successful (Borelli). Both reviewers agree that the stunts are to unrealistic to appeal to an older audience. In Borelli’s review, he explains that there were “oodles of digital effects” and many scenes where cars are leaping across three lanes with characters jumping to and from cars perfectly. Kennedy goes on to explain in her review that the action sequences are: “insane, absurd, impossible, physics defying, triage-required stuff.” Even though this series is mainly focused on targeting a younger audience, it does not limit it to fans of the series or action movie lovers. Though Borelli and Kennedy share many similar views on the film, they differ in other content. While Borelli seems to review the movie more enthusiastically, Kennedy seems to write her review in a more informative non-caring way. For example, when Borelli paraphrased in the beginning, he said “On the way out of this theater, should you get the urge to drive your tank into oncoming traffic, Universal Pictures will not be held responsible.” By expressing his feelings

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Lyman 3

after the movie, viewers would read this and expect to experience the same feeling after going to the theatre (Borelli). In contrast, Kennedy does a good job of explaining the background and plot of the movie, but she is not as into it as Borelli. For example, her tone throughout her review is just to inform her audience about the ridiculous stunts that go on throughout the movie (Kennedy). She explains that this foolish franchise will, “go faster and faster and furiouser and furiouser” in the upcoming movies (Kennedy). To contrast Kennedy’s thought, Borelli’s review compliments the movie’s playful aspects of “anything goes.” He believes this rule of thumb while directing the Fast and Furious series makes viewers want to keep crawling back to the stunts that seem to become more death defying and complicated each movie (Borelli). Another example of the differences between their reviews is when they discuss Federal Agent Hobbs (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson). Borelli does not comment much on this character other than including a quote he says from the movie while trying to get Dom’s team to help the feds. Kennedy on the other hand, criticizes Agent Hobbs, saying that his lines are delivered with “maximum clunk” as a result of clumsy writing. She then goes on to say, “But who cares what Hobbs is saying? We’re mesmerized by the veins coiling his biceps” showing that his script is irrelevant and he is viewed as an “un-cool” cop (Kennedy). The Fast and Furious Series is one of my favorite series. Both authors are correct when they express that each movie is becoming more insane with each stunt performed. With the 7th movie coming out in July, I am positive that the movie will have more action packed scenes with dueling cars. Although these scenes are ridiculous, kids will enjoy the adrenaline of close-call situations as well as the family values shown by Dom’s team. Lin did a great job with the last four movies and I’m sure this next part of the series will not disappoint.

Commented [BN11]: You wouldn’t cite this; this is your feelings and response to what was said.

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Commented [BN15]: The conclusion works fine. I’m glad it’s your reflection on the series along with a nod to the critique still. We’ll need to work on citing at the appropriate place, maintaining present tense verbs, and commenting on your quotes.

Lyman 4

Work Cited Borelli, Christopher. "'Fast & Furious 6' Revels in Childlike Love of Vehicular Mayhem." The Chicago Tribune. Chicago Tribune, n.d. Web. 15 Oct. 2013. Kennedy, Lisa. "Movie Review: Vin Diesel and Paul Walker Return in 'Fast & Furious 6,' Extolling Family Values." The Denver Post. Denver Post, n.d. Web. 15 Oct. 2013.

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Commented [BN17]: The “n.d.” means no date, but you should probably have a date for the newspaper.

Purpose (25): Successful (A+ thru B):  Demonstrates a superior understanding of two critics’ reviews of the same film and shows how they agree and differ about various aspects of said film  Utilizes point-by-point or block format effectively in the analysis Genre (25): Successful (A+ thru B):  Contains a thesis in the last sentence of the intro that effectively captures the areas that are being compared and contrasted.  Demonstrates a sophisticated evaluation of the films regarding the aspects chosen for analysis Design/Layout (25): Successful (A+ thru B):  Uses a 12-point, Times New Roman font with a double-spaced page  Includes a creative title, appropriately placed and formatted headers, heading, and page numbers  A Works Cited list is included on its own page at the end that includes both reviews and possibly the film Audience (25): Successful (A+ thru B):  Uses vocabulary, grammar, spelling, and usage appropriate for a college audience  Assumes a level of intelligence and sophistication for the audience  Offers an intriguing mix of comparisons and contrasts in an intellectual way Stance (25): Successful (A+ thru B):  Demonstrates an understanding of each critic’s stance through textual support  Includes a consistent tone that presents the critics’ reviews fairly

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