Make A Home of My Heart

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“This is Julian Jail, It is not a tangible or physical place rather this is where we are imprisoned by our travler’s hearts” ~Milton Stern, 2009

Make A Home of My Heart Mike W Archibald

A Birthday Wish For Cass Curl
A wave hit you just below you knee sometimes you forget the wind its not that you aren’t observant you always flip the knife the right way you have no blind spot in your car outside a great lake down Elm Street stopping at Kruger edge of our seat, wide-eyed at the fog mysteries of Michigan it felt like your birtday to be completely honest

A Birthday Wish For Cass Curl
Mysteriously you weren’t there Feel it again? Another way Let’s take our shirts off and walk in the sun you cut your hair and said “This! Is what erudite life feels like” You were out at sea when you missed so much you missed your birthday Happy Birthday now one last wave, so long

She has a smile of a wrap around porch to linger on her lips would be a faint step into a wonderful home sitting until the sun sets in our neighborhood until its too dark to read the fall of the trees and back into her chest woodfire of a heart I want to lay staring at it

Coastliner to Home
If not just the tide I’d say the coast is getting closer I’d say waht we fished for today is much more immediate than in previous years I’d say these rocks are a little closer & things seem just that much more immediate If not just the tide I’d say perhaps lets move this towel or else drown I’d say if the ocean pushes these steal tracks we may need to be concerned

Coastliner to Home
If it is as you say “Just the tide of the time” then I’m going to at least need you to hold my hand as you do because as any good Brakeman knows “Two hands pull the course” I will remain cautious as ever so long as you do as you do

With You On One Side
When the sirens from an ambulance ran through the afternoon you stayed asleep but I was awake restless with you on one side of the street and me on the other When clean diesel busses shuttle our city from block to lock I dreamed of restless travel you were wrapped in the linens of our bed with you on one side of the street and me on the other

With You On One Side
When garbage trucks roaring and reversing made a mess of everything with you on one side of the street and me on the other After the 38th parallel where we felt divided with you on one side of the street and me on the other With my shirt stripped, shoes off sand and mud shores wood drifting down the Mississippi River with your bags packed leaving your side selflessly for mine

Droplets of water in the pond formed on a table where your eyes first opened with an ear to the surface life beat back low Droplets of water from a dark sky clean these streets, rivers to the gutters trickle as a treat & Mark and depth slip your firm hand into mine

Puddles of rain collecting in my street crash as waves from cars making a wake Puddles of rain flood my shoes I waited at the foot of the train doe-eyed afraid of love & broke

Storms surge my lake pressures of the damned you said you loved me I cried you held my hand Droplets of water my white noise I can’t sleep without you

Stones Mark on a Hill
Stones mark on a hill no land masses, steepled massed skyline building high for a horizon, losing time traveled mornings to see the sun come up later later later each day as not to miss it hands on the counter, succumb to so much night would fall more Icarus than Zarathustra God still dead king taken, not last, bones of the last late moon in the daylight

Stones Mark on a Hill
Life in kitchens no windows dreams of tents with temporary walls when did things change between eminent domain & manifest destiny no to this manifest give me a tree, projecting shade on a resting bench of five and one half feet, gentle breeze of a cold friend’s breath and I will return favorably

On the Theatre Arts
The regrettable incident you’ve just seen reviewing the fallout of love here, more lines in case they need a rose this love was once very pure /as the say/ my serious excursions rattling down . . . my patience retreats and stretches but evidently not far enough Before deciding what is wrong and what is right you gave up on love

Water Away
A good lawn takes it all to heart it feels the love of its culture growing and being cut down green days, to burns and weeds “This pasture has no right!” The heart of a good honest woman, dear pastor can bare the same rite but the creation of love; a most difficult water to come bye Take a tree, bring sun and it will show you the good home of New Shade steady your hands take deep cool breathes water away

Chirp birds Chip
Chirp birds chirp for you are the last native sounds cars pass like rolling waves but there is no water to shore the sky may be more blue & if the wind is right you way find what you want

Oh how your dog does whine
Oh how your dog does whine & you know what for but, you choose to extract divinity out of the sufferings of men Oh how your dog does whine the tired brakes of my car its painted appearance now weathers now bruises now fades marking another move away from here

Oh how your dog does whine
Oh how your dog does whine my dear she does in the aches of my joints in the squeal of my shoes with bad souls Telling me that, “Grass certainly will not grow without water” This will not do! listen closely.... I think she is sleeping

I want a woman of an Ivory Tower Tall blonde and away She won’t speak my language or understand my gestures She is still caring fair foreign and beautiful She is of the sea a boat a ship a “wave me away” I sit at the shoreline and peer misgivings from light houses for sail masts “Your Ivory Tower is above reason You are Reason”

For Fernando Pessoa
Don’t read Disquiet if you are tired If the road has worn you out If you are looking for advice or a spirit guide If your eyes feel soft and your stomach aches Don’t read Disquiet if you are leaving or have left If you are waiting or running late If who you are and who you were are in a discourse Don’t read Disquiet if you aren’t ready to hear the exact feelings of your heart to understand the weight of tears welling up Never listen Read Disquiet when you mostly know you shouldn’t

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