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MANAGEMENT INFORMATION 1. a) b) c) 2. a) Define: (i) Data (ii) Information (4) (8)

State and explain 4 differences between data and information

Define the inputs, processes and outputs for a College System (12) Name and explain 2 types of (i) External Information (ii) Internal Information Give 2 examples of typical sources for: (i) External Information (ii) Internal Information





Within an organization familiar to you list 10 items of source data, Separate them into internal source data and external source data. (10)


a) What is a manager? Name and explain 2 of a manager’s key roles in an organization. (6) b) State the 3 levels of management. Explain their functions. Explain how they are related to each other. (14)


a) Name and explain 5 types of information requirements that a manager might have. (10) b) Explain the requirements of an information system (10)


Using your own organization as an example explain how the use of information technology has aided information management. (20)

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