Manhattan GRE Words

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Manhattan GRE
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Abrasive Abreast

Rough;causing irritation;harsh Being up to particular standard or level especially in being up to date in knowledge ex:\"kept abreast of the latest developments\" The practice of pursuing political or other goals Describe roughly or briefly or give the main points or summary of ex:\"I adumbrated that I did not like his wife\" The lofty nest of a bird of prey (such as a hawk or eagle) Fake acting;have effect An extreme form of materialism resulting from the excessive desire for material goods ex:\" Neologism for american\'s desire for electronic goods is Affluenza\" Although ex:The village head is illiterate albeit very intelligent Causing hostility; Gradually paying off debt Ex:\"Amortize your mortgage over a loan period based on your input\" Talisman something wrong happened in the past Ex:Did you catch the anachronisms set in the latest blockbuster set in the Ancient Greece? Pain relief ex:Natural birth advocates reject Analgesia in child birth Treat as divine;apply oil or ointment Hostility;unfriendly Be earlier in time; go back further Ex:\"Stone tools antedate bronze tools\" Directly opposed Ex:Partying hard is antithetical to one\'s performance in exams Of questionable authenticity Person who deserts Party or religion or cause Ex: Some people consider freedom fighters as Apostate Pioneer of a reform moment Ex:Rubens is the Apostle of Mediterrian diet Formal praise or approval Ex:She won approbation from er peers



Take for one\'s own use ex: Principal appropriated Flood relief fund for personal use Judge ex;Professional mediator arbitrate disputes secret;hidden Person who leads austere life harshness;rough Ex:Asperity of cheap sweater/asperity of principal for not attending college Attack Ex:Assail the enemy Persevering;diligent;sedulous;consistent efforts Ex:\"her assiduous attempts to learn French\"; Adjusted; Ex:Attuned to the new environment Foreboding;presage;divination;omen;prophecy; Ex:\"I hoped the augury was a true one, but there were times when I doubted.\" Majestic;grand;venerable;revered Ex:\"august holy men\" Syndrome to consider others as people Enthusiastic;Desirous of power Self evident truth Ex; Its axiomatic that brain is dependent upon body Refuse to proceed Refuse to proceed or to do something Swell Ex: Junk shares ballooned during dotcom boom Something cursing Ex:Mosquitoes are baneful to my life Howling like wolf Ex:The lonely dog bayed all night Opp:Malediction Philanthropic;doing good;benevolent Ex: Salmankhan is a beneficent guy Innocuous;harmless;kindly;not cancerous Attack;surrounded Ex:The regiment was besieged by the enemies Group of birds;large group of people EX:The bar owner cringed after watching bevy of women Quibble;nibble;spat;squabble;fuss


Arbiter Arcane Ascetic Asperity


Activism Adumbrate

24. 25. 26.



Aerie Affected Affluenza


Assail Assiduous attuned Augury

6. 7.






9. 10.

Alienate Amortize


August Autism Avid Axiom

32. 33. 34.

11. 12.

Amulet Anachronism

35. 36. 37.

Balk Balk Balloon Bane Baying Benediction Beneficent Benign Besiege Bevy



14. 15. 16.

Anoint Antagonize Antedate Antithetical




40. 41.

18. 19.

Apocryphal Apostate

42. 43.


Apostle Approbation




Blight Destroy;ruin;killing plants EX:Violence had blighted our town Blight killing their farms Friendliness Ex:Everest base trip had developed bonhomie with so many people Shake;wave Ex:After drinking Brandi, drunken guy had brandished sword in ladies tent Suffer Ex:Brook shields had to brook a lot of wicked remarks from MI guy Travesty;lampoon;humorous comedy Polish;smooth Ex;I have replaced all rustic door knobs with burnished knobs Former or past Corpse;clay;dead body canard;slander;aspersion;malign;false rumor Ex:I hate your wicked(morally bad) calumnious accusations small light boat A procession going with mules;elephants;sheep etc Ex:Caravan of animals Universal;broadminded Excessive fat in thighs wile;deception;bilk;trick Ex:I have had enough of your chicanery young man :) Arranging in time order To be constructed around so as to touch all points Ex:A square circumscribed inside a circle by touching all points 2)To limit;restrict;skittish(limited) cautious;wile x:my brother was circumspect about my future hubby climb awkwardly Ex:with excitement to reach the top of summit she clambered even the steepest points Conducted with or marked by hidden aims or methods Ex:\"clandestine intelligence operations\" Snobbish;social exclusiveness
79. 80. 81. 82. 83. 84. 77. 70.



Cloying Coda Coffer

Distasteful Ex;Cloying sweets Epilogue;end Ex:The coda of the day was amazing Place of storing financial documents;treasury Ex:\"He was arrested for dipping into coffer\" \"I use my drawer as coffer for storing priceless old coins Connivance;secret agreement;collusion Ex:Two companies colluded for increasing the prices Brief summary Ex:Movie review is a compendium of entire movie A publishing containing different works Complying cheerfully;Oblige;pleasing Ex:Complaisant workers in the new country Give in;admit;accept Approve;agree;avow;concede;affirm; The act of creating by mixing few things Ex:confection of sweets The act of creating something (a medicine or drink or soup etc.) by compounding or mixing a variety of components Frustrate Ex: I was confounded with the questions Baffle;conundrum;puzzle;riddle Suggestion;implied;literal meaning Ex:Titanic means \"Large\", but it was sunk, so it had negative connotation Squeeze;restrict the freedom of Interpret;translate place in context Unite;move towards a point Opposite Call together Ex:The dean has convoked this meeting for discussion about new rules medical examiner Pamper; Ex\"The cosseted toddler formulate particular style or language Ex:Couch pillows twice a day against intutively











50. 51.

Burlesque Burnish


52. 53. 54.

Bygone Cadaver Calumny

71. 72.

compendium Complaisant

73. 74. 75.

Concede Concur Confection confection

55. 56.

canoe Caravan


57. 58. 59.

Catholic Cellulite Chicanery




60. 61.

Chronological Circumscribe

Constrict Construe Contextualize Converge Conversely convoke





85. 86.

Coroner Cosset Couch Counterintuitive







89. 90. 91. 92. 93.

Counterpoint Covert Credulous Crescendo Cringed

Antithetical;opposite Esoteric;veiled;hidden Gullible;dupe;easily believing Reaching climax;steadily increasing force Draw back with fear or pain;recoiled Ex:Girl cringed after finding her mother when she was with her BF Highest point Greed;Avarice Ex:Doctor had lost his licence due to his cupidity Flirting Dishearten;discourage degrade;lower Ex:Don't debase yourself by accepting bribery Speak in pompous manner;Formal speech x:After drinks Gabby declaim about her policy whole night Downward slope Judge;consider Mar the appearance;vandalize;wanton Failure to act Reverence;submission;yielding to authority turn aside Harmful Fix;limit Ex:The role of an executive coach was delimited by our behavior limn(draw);describe;draw a outline Leader who claims power by spreading false information Diffident;Shy;coy;Diffident Ex:Demure fellow Going off track;going off topic Ex:You are preparing for GRE in a most desultory way Disinterested;unbiased Transparent;translucent;pellucid Ex:Diaphanous silk Proverb;Formal order Ex:The old dictum was \"A stitch in time saves nine\" Instructive;teaching



make wider; ex;Doctor given eye drops for dilating my pupil Talk at length;elaborate Ex:Poet dilated for an hour about his new poem Come late ex:He\'s a dilatory fellow person who learns art for fun Ex:He is a Dilettante fellow Loud and confusing noise Elegy;Eulogy\'Encomium;coda;compendium;Paean;Panegyric Ex:His Dirge for Linocoln was so boring Frustrating;confusion(baffle) Ex:Your acts are discomfiting Dissonant;inharmonious;disharmonious Ex:Discordant speech Discern;showing good judgement disconnected;jerky;having joints separated belittle;shame Ex:your acts bring disparage to us Discrete;distinct;different Ex:Use quotations to disparate from others detached;disinterested;Calm;not passionate Disturbing Pretend Ex:Dissembling as an inexperienced guy relatives from maternal side;woman staff Ex:Doctor had asked whether any distaff has cancer? Swell;balloon Ex:Distended tummy Purify;extract the important elements Act indecisively; Ex:Stop dithering, select one shirt first. Trembling or state of fear Ex;Children came out of dither state Occurring every day; Happens in the morning Ex:Taking lunch is a diurnal affair Rigid;impractical Ex:Don\'t be doctrinaire and consider other feelings also Take off shirts:remove hats as state of gesture Ex:Doff your shirt and kiss me Gospel;sermon;gospel;doctrine;tenet;code of beliefs Abode;dwelling place;habitat;Shack Ex:You should have a domicile near to a place where you work join or fit together Ex:Their careers dovetailed nicely Saliva dropping out from mouth


Dilatory Dilettante Din Dirge Discomfit Discordant Discriminate Disjointed Disparage Disparate Dispassionate Disquieting Dissemble Distaff Distend Distill Dither


94. 95.

Culmination Cupidity

119. 120.


96. 97. 98.

Dalliance Daunt Debase Declaim


123. 124. 125.


100. 101. 102. 103. 104. 105. 106. 107.

Declivity Deem Deface Default Deference Deflect deleterious Delimit


127. 128. 129.



132. 133.

108. 109.

Delineate Demagouge Demure Desultory



Diurnal Doctrinaire Doff Dogma Domicile Dovetail Drivel



112. 113.

Detached Diaphanous Dictum


137. 138.








Goof;Funny in an odd way Ex:It was a droll production, funny in a odd way Person who became fool Ex:I was a dupe;many people duped me before also Deceitful Ex:We came to know his duplicity after few days Irritating;suffering from indigestion Ex:Dyspeptic professor enthusiastic Ex:Ebullient kid Unrestrained joyous





Characteristic or attribute of person, group (culture) or time period ex:Ethos of hard work and athletic competition Use inoffensive words in case of offensive Ex:Instead of saying he "Died of cancer", using euphemism as :"Finally is troubles are over" Sweet sound Ex;You miss poet's euphony if you translate reveler;Merrymaker;very happy;blithe;elated disinter;place body outside Emergency Ex:due to Exigent matters i didnt come for lunch Exculpated;clear from blame Ex:he was exonerated from crime Opportunism Proper;formal Ex:It is expedient to send gift Censor; Ex;Expurgated Novel due to lewd content Done without rehearsal Ex: It was extemporaneous to act in front of MY Mom when she cam suddenly Joyfully unrestrained;excessive Fax;duplicate copy Small group EX: Small factions's caucus had terminated abnormally with argots and cants Forged Ex:Fashioned house in the forest Come to understand;measure the depth of Ex: Its hard to fathom the mind of my neighbors fathom;sound;Come to understand fertile Ex:Fecund land Marked by happiness;appropriate Ex:Felicitous ocassion Fervent;Torrid;perfervid;ardent Ex:Fervid fan of football Order Having many forms






Dyspeptic Ebullient Ebullient Echelon





Euphoria Exhume Exigent

146. 147.


Higher ran executives;a level Ex:You can't meet echelons directly;I can't thrust echelon further Enlighten spiritually Ex:read book which can edify you Audacious;presumptuous Ex:I hate my daughter's BF effrontery proposal belief in the equality of all people (economic;social;political) emerge out of Ex:You should not block a primary or secondary egress doors Call forth;bring out;evoke Became thin Ex:Family surprised to see emaciated guy who was in Sea Ornate;decorate;adorn copy Produce;procreate;multiply Ex: Demagouge was responsible for engendering hatred and divisiveness Puzzle;confound;conundrum;



Edify Effrontery Egalitarian Egress


Exonerate Expedience Expedient Expurgate extemporaneous


172. 173.





152. 153.

Elicit Emaciate

176. 177. 178.

Exuberant Facsimile Faction

154. 155. 156.

Embellish Emulate Engender


Fashioned Fathom

157. 158. 159. 160. 161.

Enigma Enumerate Enumerate Enumerate Epicure


Specify individually specify one-by-one;count Specify individually;count Gastronomist;person who has good taste in food and drinks Ex:He is a great epicure(Dad) Composure Ex:Doctor's Equanimity was unparalleled Fair;equal;just Inferior;substitute Ex:Ersatz quality
185. 186. 181. 182.

Fathomless Fecund Felicitous Fervid Fiat Figurative



Equanimity Equitable Ersatz


163. 164.

187. 188.

Finesse Fledgling

Extreme delicacy Bird which got new feathers Ex:Nice to see fledglings to come out of aeries for the first time Passing quickly;temporarily(transitory) Instigate;stir up;provoke Search for a food Ex: Raccoon's forage in your garden,if you leave food Sudden attack

214. 215. 216.

Gouge Gradation Graft

Digging tool like chisel Progression embezzlement;inserting one plant into another where it continues to grow EX:I hate his graft and like him when he grafts one plant into an another plant Inserting plant into another plant Perform showily to impress others Irritating;harsh or discordant causing grief; creep or crawl by keeping one's face on the ground Clever deceit;cunning;mulct(impose a fine) Adorn;clothe;decorate common place;banal Grasping or squeezing due to nervousness Unlucky;unfortunate Vehement speech; Ex:Coach's harangue for failure Hard;Brave Farming tool that breaks soil;Painfully disturb or distress Pay attention;listen Fraud;putting bets on both sides; pursuit of pleasure as highest(ethic) Person devoted to pleasure Domination;authority Strike;chop or hawk Very old or gray Honor or respect Deceive Inimical;Enmity or ill-will;unfriendly Fiery and intense Pastoral;bucolic;rustic;mean;base Not noble Bigotry;narrow mindedness; Saturate or dye;soak cloth throughly Impending;ready to happen damage Deadlock

189. 190. 191.

Fleeting Foment Forage

217. 218. 219. 220.

Graft Grandstand Grating Grievous Grovel Guile Gussy Hackneyed Handwringing Hapless Harangue Hardy Harrow Hearken Hedge Hedonism Hedonist Hegemony Hew Hoary Homage Hoodwink Hostile Hotly Idyllic Ignoble Illiberality Imbue Imminent Impair Impasse

192. 193. 194. 195. 196. 197. 198. 199.

Foray Forbearance Ford Foreshadow Forfeit Fortify Fortuitous Frenetic


A place water is small enough to cross or ride Presage Surrender or loose as a part of error;cancel strengthen Happen by chance Frantic;Wildly excited Ex:He was such a frenetic,he used to sex while brushing his teeth :) Periphery;on the margin Playful like a lively kitten(young domestic cat) Ex:Frisky child Rail;Explode;attack against Ex: My father fulminate against gun powder Secret;hiding Ex:Quite furtive about junk food Trivial conversation collect;amass Ex:He garnered so many copies of classic novels for GRE Tactless;lacking social grace;awkward;crude
236. 228. 229. 222. 223. 224. 225.

226. 227.

200. 201.

Fringe Frisky Fulminate Furtive Gabby Garner


230. 231. 232. 233. 234. 235.


204. 205.

206. 207. 208.

Gauche Gawky Gestation Glacial Glower

Physically awkward

Pregnancy period Ex:Elephant's gestation period is 22 months Cold;unsympathetic EX:Judge's glacial looks had scared me Frown;sullen;Looking angry or sullen and wrinkle one's forehead as a symbol of disapproval Ex:GF glowered at me as I had missed her birthday Slaughterous;sanguinary;butchery Ex:I hate gory movies where people eyes are gouged out Barbarian

238. 239. 240. 241. 242. 243. 244. 245. 246.





212. 213.

Goth Gothic



248. 249. 250. 251. 252. 253. 254. 255. 256. 257. 258. 259. 260. 261. 262. 263. 264. 265.

Impecunious Impede Imperious Impious Implode Imponderous Imprecation Impugn Impute Inasmuch Incarnadine Inchoate Incipient Inconstancy Inculcate Indefatigable Indeterminate Ineffable Inept Inert Infallible Ingrained Ingrate Ingratiate inimical Inordinate Inquest Insinuate Insinuate Insularity Insurrection Inter Interplay Intrepid Juncture Kindle Knell

penury;wretched; Obstruct Commanding not religious;Lacking reverence Burst inward can't think curse Attack the truth Ascribe;credit Considering;In like manner Blood red or flesh-colored incipient;beginning state Inchoate Fickleness;Unreliability Teach persistently;plant in brain Untiring Vague sacred;sacrosanct;inviolable Ex:Ineffable beauty;sacrosanct efficient impassive Incapable of error;certain deep routed Ungrateful person;person showing no gratitude Make an effort to gain favor hostile Excessive Judicial inquiry Adumbrate Adumbrate;give to understand;insert in a subtle manner Detached;standing alone Rebel against a government Bury a dead body in a place Interaction or reciprocal relationship Brave;fearless critical point of time Ignite;burning The sound made by bell before funeral

285. 286. 287. 288. 289. 290. 291. 292. 293. 294. 295.

Lachrymose Languid Larceny Largess Lassitude Latent Lax Leap Leery Legerdemain Lest

Mournful sluggish;slow Theft Magnanimous;generosity Tiredness;weariness Potential but hidden Slack Pass from one state to another Suspicious or circumspect Trickery or magic with hands For fear that, in order to prevent Ex:\"she tiptoed lest her mother should hear her\" Sexually unrestrained;lewd;prurient;wanton;sordid; lascivious;salacious; lucid;vivid;clear; treat like celebrity flexible;supple;plasticity;lithe;svelte spiritless; angry Of high moral or intellectual value; elevated in nature or style ex:\"a noble and lofty concept\" High moral or intellectual value Preposterous;incongruous lachrymose;mournful; Make or cause to fall asleep walk heavily;ponderous shining gruesome Follower scheme whirlpool Largess;benefact wealthy person Powerful businessman:mogul Ex:Business magnate injure;wound Fleeting;temporary; Imprecation



297. 298. 299. 300. 301. 302.

limpid lionize lissome listless livid Lofty

266. 267. 268. 269. 270.

303. 304. 305. 306. 307. 308. 309. 310. 311. 312. 313. 314. 315.

Lofty Ludicrous lugubrious Lull Lumber luminous lurid Machiavellian machination maelstrom Magnanimous Magnate Magnate maim Makeshift Malediction

271. 272. 273. 274. 275. 276.

277. 278. 279. 280. 281. 282. 283. 284.

316. 317. 318.

319. 320.

Malinger Manifest Manifest Mannered Martinet Maxim Memoir Mendacious Mendicant Meretricious Metaphorical Metaphysical Milieu Militate Mired Mirth Missive Modicum Modish Molt Monastic Moreover Mores Morgue Morose Munificent Mutilate Myopic Nadir Nascent Neologism Neologism Neophyte Nettle Nocturnal

Pretended to be sick Excessively sentiment;crying for some purpose clear picture;image; Having particular manner Fastidious general principle expressed in proverb An account of the author\'s personal experiences dishonest

354. 355. 356.

Noisome Nontrivial Normative Notoriety Obdurate Objective oblique Obviate Occlude occlude Occult Offhand Officious Offset Ogre Ominous Omnivorous opine opprobrium Opulent orotund ossify Ostensible Ostentatious Outstrip Oven Overshadow Overwrought Palatial Palliate Pallor Panache Panegyric Panoply Paradox

Disgusting;offensive;harmful Important or huge Implying or establishing a norm;tell what to do Ill-fame;criminal ways Stubborn;obstinance;abstruse Unbiased;factual; slanting or slope Forestall;prevent Impede;Obstruct;block;jam block Arcane;hide;occlude;preternatural Ex:Moon occults the Sun Casual;brusque(rude) Meddlesome Counteract Fiend;demon;devil baleful;indicating tragic events Eat both plants and animals Ex:Man is omnivorous express opinion disgrace Rich and superior in quality rich;full; ex:orotund voice become bone;become hard;become inflexible in attitude Outward appearance Pompous Surpass An enclosed in which heat is produced Dominate Overly nervous;agitated palace;magnificent Mitigate;sooth;assuage;alleviate Pallidness;lividness;luridness Style;Flair;swagger flattery;servile; Splendid;wide ranging of array Contradiction

321. 322. 323. 324. 325.

357. 358. 359. 360. 361. 362.

326. 327. 328. 329.



Expressing one thing and representing another Study of nature

365. 366.

330. 331. 332. 333. 334. 335. 336. 337. 338. 339. 340. 341.


act upon;work against



Letters Less quantity Stylish;contemporary Shedding skin Abstinence;reclusive;seclude;hermit; Besides Conventions that embody the particular group Mortuary compunction;saturnine;gloomy;remorse;deep regret Lavish;over generous Mar;blemish;destroy severely Short sighted Ex:Increasing price is myopic Lowest point
383. 375. 371. 372. 373. 374.

376. 377. 378. 379. 380. 381. 382.

342. 343.

344. 345. 346.

347. 348. 349. 350. 351. 352. 353.

Inchoate;incipient;given birth;juvenile;

New word

Newly invented phrase



Active in night time

389. 390. 391. 392. 393. 394. 395. 396. 397. 398. 399. 400.

Paragon Paraphernalia Parching Pare Parish Parley Parry Pastiche Patent Pathogenic Pathological Patronizing Pedant Peddle Pejorative Penitent Penumbra Penury Per se Peregrinate Perennial Perfunctory Peripatetic Permeate Pernicious Perspicacious Perspicacious perspicacity Phalanx Philistine Phlegmatic Phony Pith Placebo Plagiarism

Model of excellence Appurtenance very hot To cut down;to trim Local church community Meeting; skillfully avoid;Equivocate Potpourri;medley;mix of incongruous parts Obvious Disease causing Relating to caused by disease Deign;condescend;feel superior than others;Sanctimonious Knowledgeable in books 1)selling illegally;selling by wandering; 2)disseminate or spread disparaging;belittle; Regretful;remorse; Shaded region of Eclipse;outer part;periphery; Extreme poverty


Platitude Plausibility Plausible Plebian Plethora Plucky Plutocracy Polarized Polarized Polemic Politic Polyglot Ponder Ponderous Posit Potentate Prattle Precarious Precipitate precis Predilection Predisposed Prefatory Preposterous Prescient Presumptive Presumptuous Presumptuous Preternatural Prevaricate Primacy Probity Proclivity Prodigious

banal;commonplace;cliche;shallow or overused statement apparent validity Believable; of common people Excess Brave;spirited Society ruled by rich Divided into sharply opposing groups;conflicting situation conflicting or contrasting situation Controversial argument;attack specific idea diplomatic;practical; Speaking several languages Contemplate;think deeply Walk heavily;lumbering; Suggest;put forward Dictator;ruler Chat idly;babble Unstable Hasten;fling;plunge;fell down Concise;summary Favorability Biased;tendentious;proclivity Preamble;introduction;preface Absurd Foreseeing the future;foresight Based on assumption Arrogant Assumption;bold;arrogant Supernatural Parry;equivocate The state of being foremost importance Honesty or integrity Inclination;natural tendency Colossal;stupendous;So great in size, force or extent as to elicit awe Ex:Prodigious enemy colossal;exuberant;profuse;abundant;luxurious;riotous

425. 426. 427. 428. 429. 430. 431.

432. 433. 434. 435. 436. 437. 438. 439. 440. 441. 442.

401. 402.

403. 404. 405.

406. 407. 408. 409. 410. 411. 412. 413. 414. 415. 416.

Intrinsically;by itself;




Wandering by foot




Having good discernment;keen insight

astuteness;perspicacious;intelligent Ex:His perspicacity is amazing Formation of soldiers in groups person in deficient or hostile to culture Sluggish Glib;mulct;deceive;cozen;delude; Cardinal;core;essence An innocuous(harmless) or inert medication

452. 453. 454. 455. 456. 457.

417. 418. 419. 420. 421. 422.

458. 423.

Copied from someone else



Profligate Profound Prolix Prolix Pronounced Propagate Propensity Prophetic Propitiate Propitious Proselytize

Wasteful;completely and shamelessly immoral(wanton;sordid) Deep insight;intense;pervasive

493. 494. 495.

Reactant Reap Recalcitrant Recant Recapitulate Recondite Recrudescent Redound

something that reacts harvest Not obedient;rebel Publicly retract Summarize Abstruse Revival;reappear again To have good or bad effect as a result of person's efforts or actions Ex:Studying vocabulary little every day will redound to success Provide relief Stubborn Shine riposte;Witty response or reply; Tear one's clothe translate;declare formally;submit or surrender meals Number of theatrical performances Abundant;profuse Tranquility Unscrupulous person;morally not restricted Reciprocate;repay;revengeful Recrudescent;revival Renovate;redo;revise Rail;vituperate;spread negative information rail;vilify;Vituperate;spread negative information about Voluble;fluent 1)Pleasant language;Using language effectively to please or persuade 2)confused language Obscene Burden replete;abundant A gap;fissure(rock);fight Ostentatious decoration Regret;remorse Brood;think

460. 461. 462. 463. 464. 465. 466. 467. 468. 469.

Prolonged conversation

Tautological;excessively prolonged;verbose




Ominous;presage; Appease;sooth Favorable;auspicious Convert to another faith or religion Ex:\"Christian efforts to proselytize Jews began to be made on nationalistic lines\" jutting;Extending out Lucky;charm;or relating to divine care Wise;savage;judicious skin disease Mix of water Juvenile;childish Boxing Bellicose;belligerent;truculent;jingoist;war like Power;might Beauty;comely;piquant Sharp taste or smell;bitter;stimulating;biting Cowardice;timid
516. 507. 508. 509. 510. 511. 512. 513. 514. 515. 501. 502. 503. 504. 505. 506.

Redress Refractory Refulgent Rejoinder Rend Render Repast Repertorial Replete Repose Reprobate Requite Resurgent Revamp Revile Revile Rhetoric Rhetoric

470. 471. 472. 473. 474. 475. 476. 477.

Protruding Providential Prudent Psoriasis Puddle Puerile Pugilism Pugnacious Puissance Pulchritude Pungent Pusillanimous Putative Querulous Quiescent Quixotic Quotidian Quotidian Raccoon Raconteur Ramp Ranks Rarefied

478. 479. 480.

481. 482. 483. 484. 485. 486.

Acknowledged;purported Complaining; Calm Ideally optimistic Ordinary;found in every day course of events Every day;mundane;cliche Ex:Omnivorous, nocturnal mammal Narrator Any inclined surface people;among groups of people Lofty;very high up or elevated;exclusive Ex:rarefied ranks of attendees
519. 520. 521. 522. 523. 524. 525. 517. 518.

Ribald Ridden Rife Rift Rococo Rue Ruminate

487. 488. 489. 490. 491. 492.


Rummage Sacrosanct Sardonic Savage Savant Savor Scant scant Scathing scathing Scintilla Scram scurrilous Scurvy Searchingly Secrete Semantic Sentient Seraphic Shard Sift Sinecure Skittish Slack Slake Slew Sobriquet Solecism Solicitous Solidarity Somatic Sound Spartan Spate Spearhead

Thorough search Ex:Please do rummage for rum Inviolable;Reverent cynically derisive Pugnacious;bellicose;belligerent;truculent;war like;jingoist Scholar;learned person Appreciate;enjoy scarcity Limit in quantity Vituperative;harsh criticism;coruscating injurious;bitterly harsh(remark) Tiny part Leave immediately expressing reproach Mean;Contemptible In a searching or protruding manner Produce a substance from cell Relating to different meanings of words or other symbols Conscious Angel sharp fragment of Pottery Check and sort carefully Paying for less or no work Restive;nervousness;shy;fickle;uncertain Negligent;lazy;loose Quench(Satisfy);slack(lazy);not active A large number of quantity;turn sharply A nick name Nonstandard use of grammar or words;esp in etiquette request;conscious or anxious;taking care Fellowship in interests or responsibilities Related to body Fathom;fathomless;wise;measure the depth of Austere;frugal deluge;inundate;sudden rush of vanguard;leader



527. 528. 529.

Quibble;spat;bickering;To argue over petty things Ex:Don't squabble over a silly girl Wretch;filthy;sordid conditions;bad Crush(quench);suppress;walk in mud land rank;exist infinitely complete;plain Equilibrium Existing condition Engulfed;engrossed;immersed Loud and powerful voice Social disgrace or mark on face pain Mean; Period of time;less amount of work;less amount of food Specify Stoic;unemotional Stamp;to bring down forcibly;to walk heavily Ex:He was stomped out of class Machination;intrigue;Army maneuver to deceive or surprise;scheme contrived to deceive Layer(strata) Supporting structure Block;hinder Exist only in mind or relating to one's own thoughts;not in reality Awe Imperceptible Court order brevity;gist;Adumbrate; make dirty Supersede;Replace especially with sneaky tactics Assumption;hypothesis Excessive Rude;ugly;hostile;churlish;peevish; Extrapolate;infer;hypothesis;conjecture Substitute deceive

562. 563. 564. 565. 566. 567. 568. 569. 570. 571. 572. 573.

Squalid Squelch standing stark Stasis Status quo Steeped Stentorian Stigma sting Stingy Stint Stipulate Stolid Stomp Stratagem

530. 531. 532. 533. 534. 535. 536. 537. 538. 539. 540. 541. 542.

574. 575. 576.

543. 544. 545. 546. 547. 548. 549. 550. 551. 552. 553.


578. 579. 580. 581.

Stratum Strut Stymie;stymy Subjective Sublime Subliminal Subpoena Succinct Sully Supplant Supposition Surfeit Surly Surmise Surrogate Swindle

582. 583. 584. 585. 586. 587.

554. 555. 556. 557. 558. 559. 560.

588. 589. 590. 591. 592. 593.

594. 595.

Sybarite Symbiosis Synoptic Syntax Tacit Taciturn Tawdry Temerity Tendentious Tenuous Terrestrial Terse Timorous Tiptoed Titan Toady Toddler Token Tome Topping Torpor Torrid Tortuous Transgression Travesty Treacherous Trenchant Truculent Tumultuous Turbid Turgid Turgid Turpitude Tyro Umbrage

Excessively involved in pleasures Inter dependent relationship between two groups or people Synopsis Grammar rules Implied reticent;reserved Gaudy;cheap Courageous Biased;strong feelings Long and thin Earth Sententious;pithy(often in rude manner) Craven;coward;fearful walk on toes Colossus;heavy weight;giant;behemoth;a person of great importance Fawning;servile;inveigle young child Symbol;representing entire group;only few people Scholar book A flavor addition Torpid;lethargic Passionate;very hot; Twisting;winding;not straight forward Violating law Lampoon;Burlesque Deceptive;betray;Quisling;mercenary Caustic;sharp;essential Bellicose;belligerent;Savage;fierce;war like;cruel;jingoist Riotous;violently agitate;noisy;chaotic Mucky

629. 630. 631.

Unconscionable Unseemly Unsparing Untempered Upbraid Usury Vacillate Vandalize Vanguard Variegated Verdant Verisimilar Vernal Vestige Vex Vicissitude Vim Virulent Viscid or Viscous Vitriol Vociferous Voluble Wan Wanton

with out conscience;Morally unjustifiable Improper Generous;lavish;ruthless(unsparing criticism) Not slowed down Irritate;reproach;captious;find faults lending money at high rates of interest waver in one's mind Destroy wantonly; Leaders in any activity;soldiers in front side Motley;different colors Green;Juvenile; Truth;probably Spring Sign of something that existed Annoy;bother Change of fortunes Enthusiastic Poisonous;extremely infectious Gluey;Sticky Vituperative;invective Vehement outcry;strident;clamorous;Strident; Fluent in speech Pale;dull Destroy without any reason;Promiscous;sordid(unrestrained in sexual behavior) Pile;wallow(roll); Stimulate;Make keen or more accurate Ex:Whet my appetite Deception;covering up Ex:Govt whitewashed all details of scam Weak and ineffectual To analyze carefully Charming Withered;shriveled;shrink due to illness Fear of foreign places or things Bark in a high pitched sound

596. 597. 598. 599. 600. 601. 602. 603. 604. 605. 606. 607. 608.

632. 633. 634. 635. 636. 637.

638. 639. 640. 641. 642. 643. 644. 645. 646. 647.

609. 610. 611.

612. 613. 614. 615. 616. 617. 618. 619. 620. 621.

648. 649.

650. 651. 652.

653. 654.

Welter Whet Whitewash Wimpy Winnow Winsome Wizened Xenophobia Yelp

622. 623. 624. 625. 626.





Opprobrium;disgrace;a corrupt or disgrace activity; Beginner;Novice;Juvenile;fledgling Annoy;irritate

659. 660. 661.

627. 628.

662. 663.

Yoke Zeitgeist

A burden or something that oppresses;A frame for attaching animals Based on particular time

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