March 16, 2012 Issue

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The Outlook  an edition of 

 The United Methodist Reporter Two Sections

Lenten Programs | 8A

Spring’s BIG READ | 4A

University Circle UMC Celebrates Mardi Gras | 4A

Section A 909160 Vol. 158 No. 46 March 16, 2012

chalk  talk 

This Sunday, It’s A New New Creati Creation on  A New Creation Creation, a cantata composed by René Clausen, will be presented by our Chancel Choir and Orchestra during worship, Sunday, Sunday, March 18. Consider these program notes written by Michaelene Gorney of The Dale Warland Singers:“Clausen “Clausen’s ’s cantata uses both English and Latin texts…to characterize, through music, various aspects of the human/God, God/human relationship. Awe Awe and wonder,, unworthiness and doubt, mercy and forgiveness, love, joy wonder joy and peace are all wrapped together in this piece.”Be sure to experience this Lenten service.


Ours is a time of surveillance cameras in our country’ss high schools. Ours is a time of metal country’ detectors and security officials screening persons entering school buildings or administration centers as “visitors.” Ours is a time when our school s chool children practice lockdown drills in preparation of an intruder or troubled school student with a gun. And ours is a time when today, Tuesday February  28th, as I write this article, a headline on page A4 of the Plain Dealer announces, “Chardon: An emergency plan paid off when horror unfolded.” Most of us cannot fully grasp that ours is a time when such plans are so very  necessary. We are stunned by the reality that such plans “pay “pay off ” in our fractured world. The news reports detailing the school shooting yesterday in Chardon are continuin continuingg to bring the horrific details of injuries and the tragic loss of life of young people sitting in a school cafeteria. Ours is a time of such realities. In these hours after the violent, shooting deaths and gunshot injuries of teenagers preparing life,when therewe just areonly no “speak” words.” These are tfor imes can “speak living words through the deeds of loving kindness, sacrifice, and steadfast caring. We are in the season of Lent; a yearly  preparation that reminds us of the tragedy of  Jesus’ execution. execution. One of the reasons that he was remembered in such a life-changing way is that in a violent time of constant (cultural???) change, Jesus was (and is) the Word Made Flesh; not talking or reciting words in a book, but a constant healing, embracing, uplifting, living presence. LOVE IN DEED. Last night there were candlelight vigils on the public square in Chardon. The words didn’t matter nearly as much as did the hugs that were shared by the people of that community community.. Tonight there will be another community-wide memorial ser vice. The words won’t matter nearly as much as will the living words of  Continued on back page

Deadline for the next Outlook issue is Monday, April 2, 2012

 Women  W omen of UCUMC: Retreat! You and your friends, relatives and guests are invited to participate in the 2nd Annual Women’s Retreat planned for May 12, 2012, 8:30am–4:00pm at River’s Edge Retreat Center. Center. The program, “Gazing upon the Face of God - Praying with Icons,” will be facilitated by Rev. Deb Gorman. During this retreat, we will learn what icons are, why they are painted, how they are painted and how they are used. We We will practice praying w ith icons and creating our own. There will be time for gazing, reflecting, writing and sharing. A registration flyer with complete program details will soon be available in the church office. Contact Judy Sockman at the church with questions: 216421-1200 or [email protected] [email protected]

Heidi Denman  Approved as Candidate At a Charge Conference conducted by Dr. Chalker following worship March 4, those in attendance approved an UCUMC resolution recommending member Heidi Denman for the process of candidacy to ultimately become an ordained minister in the United Methodist Church. Having completed her exploratory  process, including receiving a Masters of  Divinity degree f rom the Ashland University  Theological Seminary, Heidi is a declared candidate and now follows a multi-year process leading to her ordination. Congratulations and best wishes to Heidi during this journey.

Betty Brooks Zenia Peak Peak Jennifer Bier Bier Cathy Day Kermit and Ann Greeneisen

Neighborhood Lunch—  A Mission within UCUMC

Preliminary Drawings Preliminary of Chancel Remodeling

On the last Sunday of every month UCUMC serves 30–50 free lunches. Pictured above is the crew that prepared and ser ved the lunch on February 26. In January, the crew included the Confirmation Class and this month the Liturgical Dancers will step up and help prepare and serve the lunch. Any  Any 

At March’s First Sunday Potluck, Paul Westlake and Todd Mayher of Westlake Reed Leskosky presented extensive preliminary  drawings of the proposed Chancel changes. Mr. Westlake fielded questions regarding the drawings and noted that there will be opportunities for more feedback in the coming weeks before final drawings are

and all are welcome to join the crew whenever your schedule allows. Sign up with your group or  just “Come “Come on Down!” Other ways you can be a par t of this much appreciat appreciated ed mission project is to sign-up to prepare a main dish or dessert or supply the ingredients for salads or side dishes that the crew will prepare and serve.

made. For more information about the firm of Westlake Reed Leskosky go to Watch announcements in the bulletin for scheduled meetings about this important project.

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MARCH 16, 2012

Spring’s BIG READ Join your faith family in our congregational “Big Read” for spring, featuring the book A Hopeful Earth: Faith, Science, and the Message of Jesus by Sally Dyck and Sarah Ehrman.  A Hopeful Earth Earth draws together the Christian faith of United Methodist Bishop Sally Dyck and the scientific world of her niece, Sarah

A Hopeful Earth is available for purchase from online retailers such as There are a limited number of copies available for purchase in the church office for $7.50. Sally Dyck is a Bishop of the Minnesota Conference of the United Methodist Church. Prior to her election as Bishop in 2004, she called

Ehrman. they askas readers to reflect onTogether, how our mission a church intersects with our call to be stewards of the earth. In chapters that explore our love of stuff, world water realities and the concept of “just eating,” they  focus on questions of faith, science and our responsibility responsibili ty for God’s creation. If you would like to participate in the Big Read, please purchase or borrow a copy of A Hopeful Earth and read it during the month of  March. On Saturday, April 14, and Sunday, April 15, we will welcome Sally Dyck and Sarah Ehrman to UCUMC to lead us in discussion and reflection on the issues raised in the book. All are welcome to attend this informative and stimulating program; more specifics to come as they are available.

Cleveland her home, faith communities ofserving Churchthe of the Redeemer and Garfield Memorial UMC. She also was a District Superintendent in the Wooster area. An avid runner and “green” advocate, she believes that caring for God’s creation is a way  of loving God and our neighbor. She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with her husband, Ken Ehrman. Sarah Ehrman, a graduate of the University  of California Davis and Harvard Har vard Graduate School of Education, is an educator specializing in environmental science with high school students. Sarah is also an Ohio native and is the daughter of UCUMC members Jane and Jim Ehrman. She currently  lives in Napa, California.

Mardi Gras Night At University Circle UMC—March 18, 2012

 Artist  A rtist Talk-Bac Talk-Back k Following worship on Sunday, March 25, artist/illustrator Ron Beckham, whose exhibit, “Brushes with America,” has been on display in our hallways, will entertain your reactions to his paintings. You can share what you see and feel in specific works and also learn about his motivations for creating creating certain pieces in the exhibit. Plan now to attend this engaging session.

OUTREACH in ACTION Outlook Committee members want you to know about these opportunities to help others: March 11 through 25, we will collect items for the Norma Herr March Thrift Drive—From March Women’s Center (NHWC) and for the Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA). Items for donation to the Women’ Women’s Shelter include: small toiletries (hotel-size shampoos, conditioners, lotions, lotions, soaps), socks, flip flops, laundry soaps, cleaning supplies, and diapers; for the Vietnam Veterans: Veterans: jewelry, eyeglasses, arts and craft supplies, cameras, clocks, clothing (all styles, sizes and accessories), purses, backpacks, backpacks, and radios. The NHWC houses the largest shelter for homeless women and women with children in Cuyahoga County. County. The NHWC also offers onsite homeless preventio preventionn serv ices. NHWC Program Specialists work with residents to help them achieve self sufficiency, employment, access access to alcohol and other drug treatment, assistance assistance with benefits and personal finances and ultimately access to permanent housing. All services at the NHWC are available 24/7, 365 days a year. The VVA VVA is the only congressionally chartered national Vietnam Veterans Veterans ser vice organization. It has been a critical support service for returning veterans. VVA VVA became a membership organization in 1979 and began work on the issues it remains committed to today: improving the general welfare and hospital care of al l veterans, especially the homeless and disabled; assisting veterans suffering from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and other disabilities; assisting veterans of  other conflicts; taking the lead on women and minority veterans’ issues. Add to your to-do list cleaning out your closets and perhaps a trip to Marc’s or Walmart, Walmart, so you can bring to church the necessary items listed above. Check Check the church bulletin for more details. Summer Work Mission—July 15–21, 2012, Endicott, NY—Members of our church and others will be participating in a Summer Work Work Mission trip to the Endicott, NY, NY, region (about 5.5 hours from Cleveland) to reconstruct area homes and churches damaged by flooding during the 2011 summer storms. Over 15,000 families in the Southern Tier of NY (Binghamton region) were severely impacted by the flooding. A limited number of housing spaces are available for this trip. Participants Participants will be responsible for their own expenses and transportation (carpooling available). Primary tasks are wiring, insulation, sheetrock/drywall, sheetrock/drywall, painting and general carpentry.AND, we also need some culinary  experts/food coordinators, general cleanup/handyman assistants and a music/vesper leader.

UCUMC Art Council News

Christian Art in the Circle with Kermit & Ken

After Sunday worship on March 18, gather for a light lunch in the Reception Room and then make your way to the Cleveland Museum of Art for a g uided tour of the museum’s extraordinary collection of Christian artwork. From From 1:30–2:30, museum docent and UCUMC member Kermit Greeneisen wil l conduct the tour accompanied by Dr. Chalker Chalker who will offer historical and Biblical perspectives and insights. Although Although the tour is free, a nominal donation

Work Mission information sessions will be scheduled for April; check the church bulletin for times and room locations. The gift of your expertise would be greatly appreciated.

for lunch is requested. Please sign up in the church office.




The Season of Lent Each Sunday in March features two class offerings at 9:30am: “Torah. Torah. Torah. Torah.” Torah.” in the Yoder Room with w ith Dr. D r. Chalker “Touched by Love” class for women, in the Parlor with Heidi Denman Torah. Torah. Torah

One of the events that galvanized this country three generations ago was the Japanese surprise attack on the US Pacific Fleet anchored at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. The code name the Japanese used to signal their successful and complete surprise attack that Sunday morning was “Tora. Tora. Tora.” While the Hebrew word, “Torah” and the Japanese word “Tora” do not have the same meaning; the sense of a great surprise having h aving been achieved is similar. Torah Torah as the Hebrew word meaning the Ten Commandments, or the Law given by God to Moses on Sinai was then, and is now, a surprise revelation of God’s presence in the world. Jesus was crucified because the claim being made about him was that he was the “living Torah;” Torah;” the embodiment of the intent of God’s Ten Commandments to Moses. During Lent, Dr. Chalker Chalker will focus his Sunday morning class on studying the Torah and what Jesus may have meant when he described himself as having come—not to abolish the Law of  Moses (The Torah)—but to fulfill it. Touched by Love

During Lent, University Circle’s “Uppity Women” will focus on the third element of the definition of what makes a woman uppity: She is called to love the Lord her God with all her heart, mind, soul and strength, and to seek to love everyone she encounters with the same love that God first lavished upon her. Beginning March 4 and continuin continuingg through Palm Sunday, the class will wander through the New Testament, Testament, reflecting on the many ways in which God-become-Human engaged with people, touched them (sometimes literally) and changed their lives. Each Sunday, Heidi Denman will have selected passages for participants to use in the week ahead, to guide their Lenten walk—but each Sunday’s gathering will stand on its own. Women are invited to join Uppity Women at 9:30 in the Parlor to reflect on Jesus’ touch on their lives. (If you are unable to attend, but interested in receiving “Heidi’s Homework,” send her an email at [email protected]

Wednesday Lenten Series: “Coping with Loss” One of life’s realities is that each of us experiences loss for a variety of reasons—loss of a partner through illness, death, or divorce; divorce; loss of a job or career path; loss of personal health and wellbeing—the list goes on. Dealing with our personal losses and their consequences, as well as finding ways to help family members, friends and co-workers who are undergoing losses, can be profoundly difficult, stressful and emotional. To help us find healthy ways through loss and a nd grief, University Circle UMC presents Coping with Loss on the four Wednesday Wednesday evenings in March, from 7 to 8:30pm. Remaining sessions include: March 14—“None of Us Get Out of This Alive—Conversations on Mortality” with Rev. James Longsworth, Chaplain Chaplain at Heartland Hospice March 21—“Good Grief: What Do I Say? What Do I Do?” with Rev. Beth McGuire, Director of  Bereavement Services, HMC Hospice of Medina County  March 28—“Hospice Philosophy and Services: It’s About Living, Not Dying” with Megan Hufendick, Social Social Worker Worker with Cleveland Clinic Hospice. This time together will include an opportunity to assist with Advanced Healthcare Directives. 

GRACENOTES B Y N A T H A N M OTTA Director of Music & Arts

If there’s one thing that I think I like most about the worship experience at University  Circle United Methodi st Church, it’s that it’s relevant . Whether it’s an expression of praise, an interpretation of scripture, a sermon, an announcement, music,todance—whatever is, the “point” is relevant our everyday livesit in the modern world of 2012. It helps us worship together in a spirit of celebration, thoughtfulness, inclusion, gratefulness and love. Why bring this up? When I and others on the staff plan worship services, we take great care and joy in finding ways to weave common ideas, themes, images and language throughout the service in liturgy, performing arts, prayer and the spoken word. And so, during this Lenten season, I invite you to see what greater meaning you might find just beneath the words you sing in a hymn, an image you hear in a sermon or the text you hear in an anthem. What you find may be intentional, or it may be coincidental, but if it speaks to you in a meaningful way, then that

Lions and Turtles and Swans, Oh My!  A Cleveland Orchestra Orchestra Concert for UCUMC UCUMC Children and Families Our church children and their families are invited to gather in the Great Hall following worship, Sunday, April 1, for a kid-friendly  lunch and fellowship fellowship.. And then, we’ll run, hop, swim and fly over to Severance Hall together at 2pm to hear a Cleveland Orchestra Family  Concert featuring French composer Camille Saint-Saens’ beloved beloved classic, “Carnival of the Animals.” This one-hour musical adventure features a parade of animals, including a lion,

Here is your chance to treat your family to an afternoon of delightful classical music played by our renowned Cleveland Orchestra. We have reserved a block of seats for this concert and are able to offer tickets to our church family (children and adults) for $5 each. Please purchase tickets in advance at the church office by March 25. The pre-concert lunch is f ree, but reservations are required. Please join other UCUMC families for an

will be one more thing to carry you through the week ahead. Additionally, I would be remiss if I didn’t offer theses Music & Arts reminders: What do you mean you haven’t haven’t tried out one of our Music & Arts ensembles yet? Have you heard how good the Gospel Choir is?! Don’t Don’t the Bells look like a great way to 

hammer out some stress…in caring How wonderful would it be to ause yourway? dance moves with the Liturgical Dancers instead of just at a family wedding? Wouldn’t it be great to put that voice that sounds so sensational in the shower to good use as part of the Chancel Choir? Join us! You’re sure to have a good time! The Chancel Choir Lenten Le nten cantata, A New  Creation, is presented Sunday Sunday,, March 18. There will be a chamber orchestra, the music is melodic, strong and touching, and the text applies to life today. What’s What’s not to like?! Don’t miss it. Bring a friend (or five). Holy Week Week is r ight around the corner. Just wait till you see and hear what we have in store for you! It is certain to be the kind of  artistic expression that makes your Easter season more meaningful than ever.

Membership Invitation

Think Summer Camp!

If you have been considering membership at University Circle United Methodist Church, this season of Lent would be a perfect time to make that decision. Plans are currently  underway for welcoming new members into our vibrant family of faith at UCUMC on New Member Sunday, April 29. There will be two events in preparation for membership, to be held on Wednesday evening, April 18, and Sunday after worship, April 22, that new members are encouraged to attend. Please contact Judy Sockman, Coordinator of Membership and Volunteers, at the church, 216-421-1200 or [email protected], for more information or to indicate your interest in joining UCUMC in April.

Before you know it, warmer warmer days will be here again, and that means it will be time for Summer Camp! From family camp to horseback-riding camp, canoeing to stargazing, sports to praise, there’s a camping experience for everyone, thanks to the East Ohio Camps program of the UMC East Ohio Conference. Camp brochures are available in the church office, and some financial assistance to attend camp is available for UCUMC children and youth who may need it. For information about summer camps, call the East Ohio Conference Camping Office at 330-499-3972, ext. 108, or visit You may also contact Amy Wheatley, Director of Education, for details at 216-421-1200. For children and youth alike, summer camp means spiritual growth, widening perspectives, unique experiences and downright fun, creating memories to last a lifetime. Look into it today.

MARCH 16, 2012

chalk talk  Continued from front page

shared embrace. The Chardon Schools Superintendent, Joe Bergant, spoke spoke to a grieving community  yesterday afternoon. Television Television cameras made many of us a part of the audience. He said, among other things, that there were no words in times such as this. But, very wisely he also observed, “If “If you haven haven’t’t hugged or kissed your kid in the last couple of days, take that time.” These are the moments of life when too often there are no words. But what will heal and make a profound difference is The Word made flesh by our deeds. When we allow Christ to dwell within us, we are able through our deeds to share his loving spirit and uplifting, healing presence with others.

THE UNIVERSITY CIRCLE OUTLOOK published every four weeks as an edition of  THE UNITED METHODIST REPORTER for University Circle United Methodist Church Dr. Kenneth W. Chalker, Senior Pastor 1919 E. 107th St., Cleveland, OH 44106 www.churchinthec;; 216/421-1200 Outlook Editor:Jim Hogg [email protected] Photographers: Jeff Day, David Hughes, Brain Misch

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