March 2000 Wichita Audubon Newsletter

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Wichita Audubon Volume 34 No. 6 March 2000

CNC Upcoming Programs Saturday, March 4, 1 - 2 pm Where Does Maple Syrup Come From? Learn the steps involved in making maple syr syrup. up. A pril 15, 7 7:3 :30 0 pm - 8:3 8:30 0 pm Eye Shine  Tak  Ta ke a hike ike through the woods and search for the eyes of critters that may be watc tchi hing ng us. May 6 Members Twilight Dinner  Join  Jo in us for for a beach party, barbeque, and lots of fun. See page 3 for for details.

March Meeting Randy Rodgers, Wildlife Research Biologi Biol ogist st w wiith the K Ka ansa nsas Dep epa artment of Wildlife and Parks, is going to gi give ve us us an update on th the e status of  LesserPra Praiiri rie eC Chi hicke ckens ns.. Popula Populati tions ons of these birds have been dropping for someti tim meacro cross ssthei theirr range, and many are expressi xpressing ng co concern ncern about the dwindling numbers. Randy will tel telll us about tthe he probl problem emand steps being taken to help. We have a tradition of taking our speaker tto o di dinner nner befo before re th the e meeting. Y You ou can joi join nu us s to dine at JJa ason’s Deli, in in B Bradley radley Fair at at 21s 21stt an and d Rock Road, at 6:00 pm.

Gifts of Stock Plea Please remember W Wiichi chita ta Audubon in this year's tax planning! Last year, one Wichita Audubon member's gift of appreciated stock demonstrated her commitment to provide substantial support for Cha hapl pliinN Na atureC Ce enteran and dsavedher substa substanti ntia al capit capita al gains ta taxe xes. s. Rather than giving WAS a gift of cash, Ethelyn Lonnberg gave WAS shares of appreciated appreciated stock. T Thi his s allowe owed d WAStopurcha purchase seaJohnD De eereG Ga ator tractor for Chaplin Nature Center. Gift ftiingofap appreciate preciated ds se ecuri curiti tie eshasa two fold benefit. It reduces capital gainstaxesandpr provi ovides desconsi considera derabl ble e support to charitable nonprofit organizationslikeWAS. IIff youwo wou uld lilike ke more information on gifting appreciated securities to Wichita Audubon for the benefit of Chaplin Nature Center, pl ple ease cal call Jay N Ne ewton a att 316-322-9090 31 6-322-9090 or C Ca arol Cumbe berl rla and 685-4867.

Coming Events March 21 Regular meeting, “Lesser Prairie Chi hicke ckens ns::W Wha hat’s t’sH appeni ning nginK Ka ansas?,” by R Ra andy Rod Rodgers, gers, 7: 7:30 30 pm; Great Pl Pla ains N Na ature Cen enter. ter. March 4 Backyard Bir Birdi ding ng - O Open pen house and field trip. See page 2 for more information. April 1 & 2 Greater Prair PrairiieChi hicken ckenBooming, at a bl bliind ne nea ar C Ca assoday, K KS. S. R Res eservations required! See page 4 for more information. April 15 Clean u up pC Chi hisholm sholmCreek Pa Park. rk. M Me eet at 10:00 amat the the G Grea reatt P Pllains N Na ature Center parking lot.

April 22-May 21 Birda datho thon! n!Sta Start rt formingtthose hosete tea ams Meritorious Service Bir and rounding up sponsors now. You Award can pick any 24 hour period in this  The  Th eaward commit ittteeof Mik Mike eLesan, range of dates to find those birds. Rex Herndon, Herndon, and B Bob ob G Gress ressis seeking nomina nati tions ons for the a annu nnua al meri ri-- May 6 wiliight ghtD Diinnerat atC Cha hapli plin n torious tori ous Service Awa Award. rd. T The he cri criteria teria MembersTwil Ce enter, 5 pmti tilll ? See page3 for selection include: outstanding or Nature C sustained sustai ned llea eadersh dershiip as a member, for more information. officer, committee chairperson, or

sp spe ecia cial proj proje ect leade der. r. Plea Pleaseput you nomination in writing and send to Mike Lesan, 225 Ballard, H aysv ysviille, K S 670 67060 60..


Greater Prairie Chicken Booming We have reserved the K Ka ansas D Deepartme rtment of W Wiildlife dli fe &Pa Parks rksblind bli nd in Cassoda oday, y, K KS, S, to se see eGreater Prairi Prairie Chickens booming on April 1 and 2. Space in the blind is very limited, so rese res ervati rvations ons arenecessary. Call Patty Marlett, 942-2164. Patty will you you amap and iinstr nstructi uctions. ons. Besend prepared to get up earl rly, y, because you you have to be in the blind before dawn.

Nominations  The nomina  The inating ing c co ommit itttee of Ja J ay Newton, C Ca arl H olm olmes, a and nd Carol Fi Fiore ore is seeki king ng nomine nee es for of offi ficers cers next ye yea ar. The electi ction on wil willl be he helld at the theMay meeti ting, ng, a and nd new off offiicers

B ac ackyar kyard d B irding Field Trip  The Ma  The Marrch 4 Backyard Bird irdin ing g fi fie eld tr triipwil willl beade depa part rture urefrom fromthenorm norm.. It will be more of an open house hosted by five generous families throughout th roughout the area. Fro From m 8:00 a am m til ti ll noon you will wefollowing lcometo stop by any or allwil ofl be the addressesto vi view ew the bi birds, rds, llea earn what feeders work for various birds and other tips on how to attract birds to your own yard.  Thedir  The ire ection ionsbelow lowstartatthenorth end of town; however, feel free to start sta rt atanyof theffol olllowi owing ngaddres ddresse ses. As a general courtesy, please do not arrive until 8:00 am and be sure to

will take office July 1. Ifted you su gge sti stions ons or are iinteres nterested iin nhave se servrv- complete your visits by 12:00. Starti rting ngnorthw northwe estof town,visi visitt Jo  John ing,pl plea easecall oneoftthe hecommitt ttee ee. Sta and Martha JaneBissell at 11 11717 717 N Ridg Ridge Rd. T Thi his s site is actually more 1999 1999--2000 2000 WAS O Off fficers icers than a back yard. Stroll through 20 H omePhone acres.. T here are ffee acres eeders ne nea ar tthe he house, but you will benefit more by Presid ide ent Ca Carrol Cu Cum mberland 685-48 -4867 Vice-pr Vice -pre esident Mar Mars shaEba Ebaugh 683-4782 browsing along the paths and their Secretary Julia H op oppes 682-2623 natural na tural surroundings surroundings.. T Thi his s may be  Treasurer Sandra Th Tho olen 634-00 -0049 the th e best are area a to see tho those se shy bi birds rds Directors Bill Barr 316-442-6188 who may not come in to the feeders. Duane Delong


H avrrin yG Grro eg 28 67 3--4 72 66 08 8 Ke eo nreyweg 6 Mike Lesan 524-6332  Jay  Jay New Newton 316-32 -322-90 -9090 Commit ittee teeChair irs s Newsletter Patty Marlett 942-2164 C NC Rex H erndon 316-442-4550 Bil illl Barr 316-442-6188 Programs Marsha Ebaugh 682-4782 Co Con nservatio ion n Patty Ma Marrlett 942-2 -21 164 Dev Developm lopment Ja Jay y New Newto ton n 316-3 -32 22-9 -90 090 Membership K evin Groeneweg 687-4268 Hosp Hos pitality La Lau uraGr Groe oeneweg 687-42 -4268 Educatio ion n Ma Marrsha Ebaugh 682-47 -4782 Field Trip Trips s Har Harry Gre Gregory 263-7608 Finance Duane Delong 684-7456 Chapter Information Li Line ne 681681-2266 2266 Send address changes to K evin G Groeneweg, roeneweg,  2603  2603Capri L Ln, n, W Wichi ichita ta KS 67210, or by phone (316)687-4268,or e-mail kgroene [email protected] m Page 2

Movi oving ngs south outhan and deastvi visit sit thehome of Joeand HelenBrewer at 2531 N Roosevelt. Thi T his s is a an ne esta stabl bliished neighborhood with many bird attra tracti cting ng s shrubs hrubs and tr tree ees. T The he Brewers report report 14 to 18 speci cies esper day iin n earl rly y Febru Februa ary. O n the 14 14th, th, 22 cardi dina nalls were were seen at one ti tim me. T Thi his s addres ddress s is nort north h of the theWSU campus pus.. Gonort north honRooseveltof offf 21 21st sts stree treet. t.  The next y  The ya ard is the home of John andLoui ouis seWherryat211 2114 4G George eorge Washington Bl Blvd vd. This site is half  way betwe between en M Mt. t. Vernon a and nd Pawnee. A variety of feeders attract most of the usu usual ba back ck ya yard rd bi birds. rds. T Thi his s may be the best place to find redbreasted nuth nuthatches atches and mourn ourniing doves. M ovi oving ng due stapri on. P Pa aurn wne wnee, cr cross Rock Roa d toea C Ca pri. T Turn se, ou outh thoss to the home of Kevin and Laura Groenewegand 260 2603 3SC Ca apri. Th The Groenewegs have landscaped for birds bir ds in a fairl fairly y open neighb ghborhood. orhood.  The  Th eju jud dic icio iou ususeof avariety of feeders and a heated bi bird rdbath bath make th thiis a virtua virt ual bir birding ding island island.. K Ke evin rep reports orts that gol goldf dfiinches have have been common this winter.  This id  This ide ea of b ba ackyard bird irdin ing g is an experi rim ment bas based ed on garden tour tours s andpond tourstthat hatarestagedduri during ng the summer. We are iinteres nterested ted iin n feedback from everyone participating for future planning. Give us your recommendations and or criticisms.

Next stop by th the e home of Nick and Cathy C Cllausen at 6561 Ri Rico co Rd. Get there by going 1 mile north of  53rd 53 rd on M Me eridi ridia an. T Turn urn east on RioV RioViista, ta,fol folllowingtoEv Eva ans nston, ton,then south on Rico Rd. Pull in the large circl circle ed dri rive ve. The T he C Cllausens haveaone Gregory, ory, Fie Field ld T Trip rip C Cha hair acre yard with a yard list of 110 H arry Greg species cies. Twe wenty nty eight feed feeders ers are placed strategically around the yard.  You  Yo u should see most resid ide ent woodpeckers including red-shafted flickers, spotted towhees, most winter spa sparro rrows ws,, Ca C aroli rolinawre wrens ns,, alo along ng w wiith blue jays, cardinals and chickadees.


 Twili  Tw ilight ght Dinne Dinnerr at Chaplin N Nature ature Cen ente terr  Thisisaspecial event on Saturday, May  This May6 to honor our members and dono donors rs who make C Chapli haplin nN Na ature C Cente enterr possible. Activities include: ⇒ barbequedi dinner nner on tthe he beach ⇒ bird watching ⇒ sandcastle building contest ⇒ night hike ⇒ fr frog og and toa toad ds study tudy at K Kiingfi ngfishe sher pond ⇒ owl calling ⇒ storytelling and music around the campfire ⇒ star program

 Therewill betransportatio  The ion n to theriv ive er - so don’t worry if you ca can’ n’tt wa wallk that ffa ar. We want tthi his s to be accessibl sible e to everyone.

Donorswhohav have eg giivenonehu hundre ndred ddol dolllarsor morewil willl be honored with a free dinner (you’ll be receiving a personal invitation in the mail.) For those attending the CampH Hori orizon zonW We eekend, kend,thi this sw wiill betheSaturdayni night ght dinnerr iinclude dinne ncluded iin n you yourr fe fees. Al All othersare invit invite ed to jjoi oin n thefestivit tivitiiesforonl only y$5for adu dulltsand$2.50for chil childre dren n 12 and under - and thi this s is a alll you ca can n eat! Pl Plea ease let us know you are coming by returning the coupon below Festi Festivi viti ties eswil will be begi gin n wit with h asocial hour at 5:00pm, di dinne nner with payment by April 22. at 6:00 pm, andactivit ctivitiies conti continu nuiing unti ntill after dark. We advisebringi bringing ngafl fla ashli shlight ghtan and dla lawnchairsorbl bla anke nkets tsto Nam Na me:_______ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ___________  ____  sit on. We’ll have some picnic tables and benches on the beach, but a few more se sea ats woul would d be helpf helpful. ul. Street:_______________________________________  City:____________________St:_______Zip:_______  Fee enclosed for: #of adu adults:__ lts:___ _________#of chil childre dren u und nde er 12:__ :___ ____  Mail to to W Wiichi chita ta Audu dubon bon Society, PO Box 4 476 7607 07,, Wichita chita,, K KS S 672 67201


In a large mixing bowl, cream butter minutes or until center are just brown sugar. Beat in egg and Several people asked for the recipes set. Let stand for 2 minutes; remove and brown vanilla. Combine oats, flour, cinnafor two of the cookies served at the to wire racks to cool completely. February meeting, ti ng, so here th they ey are:

Make about 3 1/2 -c -cooki ookie es



1/2 cup butter or margarine ,softened 1 cup brown brown su suga gar, r, packed 1 egg 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 1/2 cup quick cooking oats 1 cup all-purpose flour Combi bine ne cake mix, o oiil and e eggs ggs in 1 teaspoo poon n gro ground und ci cinnam nnamon

1 package package whi white te cake mix 1/2 cup vegetable oil 2 llarge arge eggs 1 2/3 cups (11 oz package) cherry flavored morsels 1/2 cup chopped pecans (optional)

large Stirrounded in morsels and pecans. bowl. Drop by tablespoon onto ont o ungr ungrea eased baki baking ng sheets. Bake inprehe prehea ated350*F. ovenfor 10to15

mon, salt, ba baki king ng soda and baki baking ng powder;gra graduallyaddto thecr crea eamed mixture. Stir in the blueberry. Drop by heaping teaspoonsful 2 inches apart onto lightly greased baking sheets. Bake a att 350* F F.. degrees fo forr 12-14minute nutes sorunti untill gol golden denbrown. Rem Re moveto wi wire re rack to cool cool.. Y Yiield: 3 dozen LauraGroen roene eweg, H Hos ospit pita ality

1/2 spoon sa sal lt ng soda 1/2 tea ttea easpoon baki baking 1/4 teaspoon baking powder 1 cup fresh or frozen blueberries Page 3


Wichita Audubon Soc Society  P .O. B ox 47 4760 60 7 Wic Wi chita, K S 67 6720 201 1 RETUR N SERVIC ERVICE E R EQUES EQUESTED TED

  Non-Profit  Organization  U.S. Postage   PAID Wichita, Kansas Permit No. 921

Printed on recycled paper

 The Natural H istory istory S Ser eries ies Co-Sponsored by the Wichita Audubon Society and the Gre Great Pl Pla ains Nature Center Will They Soon Be Extinct? Thursday, Apri Aprill 13 13,, 7 pm– 9 pm, G Grea reat PlainsNature

 All programs are at the Great Plains Nature Center unless otherwise specified. The programs are for adults and class size is limited. For more information call the Nature Center at  683-5499.

Center , and Saturday, Apri Aprill 1 15, 5, Q Quivi uivira ra Nationa tional Nam Na me:_______ :__________ _______ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ _____  _  Wildlif Wildl ife e Refuge Bob Gres Gress s and SuzanneFell Fellows, ows, natura naturallists at the the Gr Grea eat Pla Pl ains Nature Cen enter, ter, wi willl take a look a att Endan Endange gered Street:_______________________________________  Species in Ka K ansas. Sa Saturday turday wewil will expl explor ore eendangered speci cie es’ habit bita ats a att Q Quivir uivira aN Na ati tiona onal Wildlife dli fe Re Refuge fuge. City:____________________St:_______Zip:_______  Fee: $20.00 including “An Illustrated Guide to EndanFee enclosed for: gered or T hrea hreatene tened d Speci Species es in K ansas”.  _____ Will Th The ey Soon Be Extin inc ct?($20) Know your “ Home P atc atch” h”  _____ Kn Kno ow Yo You ur “Home Patch”($10) Thursday, May 11, 7 pm pm– – 9 pm and Saturday, M Ma ay 13, 8 am am– – 10 am Staff Sta ff membe bers rs of the the Grea Greatt Pl PlainsNature C Ce enter wil willl let To register for these sessions complete this form and mail with

you know about C Chi hisholm sholm reek Park, iincl ncluding uding atour on Saturday Sa turday morni orning ng Fee: C $10.00.

Page 4

check to Great Plains Nature Center, 6232 E 29th Street N, Wichita, KS 67226. Please make checks payable to Great Plains  Nature Center.

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