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The March Comparison We have all heard the claims of a racist term being used when the House shoved the Health Care bill down our throats. A Majority of Americans wish it to be repealed. That being the ones that pay the bills do not want it. Those with their hand out like it. But we all heard the Racist charge. The Black Caucus made the claim, and had someone in front and some one behind them videotaping the whole event. Yet there is no proof. At a later time the story changed and got no press that it was not true. That racist charge is still believed to be out there. This diminishes the memory of the Martin Luther King and his movement. King stood up to fight against Government endorsed and Government Enforced Racist Policies. Jim Crow laws diminished the rights of all people of color. Martin Luther King and his fellow marchers were taking on the institutions controlled by Democratic Party machine across the country not just the south. From the time of the emancipation blacks were forced into a subclass system with no means of escape. MLK took the teachings of Ghandi of non violence and civil disobedience. He knew that any measure of violence would destroy his movement. Peacefully assembled demonstrations to challenge the Make no mistake these people were in fear of their lives. As they should have been, for tyrant do not easily succumb to the righteousness of the people of a peaceful march. No the Tyrant fully expects violence and therefore lashed out with violence at the marchers from the beginning of the Civil Rights movement. In this image of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during a civil rights march in Memphis, Tenn., March 28, 1968. This is his last march. You can see the fear in the eyes of everyone in this picture. They knew that they could be a target and still they marched on. These men and women are brave taking on the Democrats and their support groups like the KKK. Yes I said the KKK and the Democratic Party. These brave men and women took on the system and when King. Sadly it was Kings death that finally turned the corner of public opinion. Then the people demanded change. Now hold this image in the back of your mind. The absolute fear they felt you can read in their eyes. These were men and women of great courage to take a stand against tyranny. We have Brave Civil Rights marchers risking their lives for what they believed in back in 1968.

Let us move forward to 2008 and the Presidential Election. Everybody originally thought it was going to be a coronation of another Clinton when the establishment brought forth someone that most of America had not heard of. He ran center right platform as a candidate. No one could question his views without being called racist. It was a sign of things to come. Barack Obama promised to unite the country. When Clinton machine tried to bring up his Pastor they were called Racist. We were expected to believe that the Obamas could attend a church that held racist that preaches social just rather than equal justice and that he never heard those sermons. When we question it we were called racist. A church whose mission statement reads more like a declaration from the Klu Klux Klan, rather than from a church of GOD. When we question that we are the racist. When we questioned his association to a radical terrorist from the Weather Underground, Bill Ayers, we were expected to believe that sat on the board together and did not know each other. Then we find that Obama launched his political career in Bill Ayers home. They call us racist for making those associations. No matter what objection the charge was always the same. If you disagree with the Obama, well must be a bigot and racist. That is the hammer they used. At the time the country was upset with what was going on politically. Then Bush proclaim "I've abandoned free-market principles to save the free-market system,” This lead to the bailouts of the well connected. It was not about keeping people in their homes. It was to cover up what the Politically Connected had done. That being Chris Dodd and Barney Frank exploding the amount of Sub-Prime loans banks would have to write to prevent the weight of the government from coming down on them. We had literally millions of home loans to people who could not afford the loans. This is where it started. The tax payers had to bail them out, not that we wanted to. Our Political parties saw to it that they would not be blamed for the problem they created. Even Barney Frank realizing he cause the mess is insisting we write more subprime loans for condos in his district. This led to the birth of a movement. The feeling that led to the Tea Party had been festering since the 80’s and the Welfare state. The American people realize that the economic collapse was cause by government policies of forcing banks to write subprime loans. With groups like ACORN and Community organizers fleecing the systems for their masters within the Government itself. Little did the people know who all had a hand in it, but Barack himself we would find out with his ties to Rezco sweetheart land deal for Obama. Again we were called racist for making the connection.

Countrywide Home Loans was right smack in the middle with Chris Dodd. Then came TARP, then came the GM Bailout, then Obama promise to fundamentally transform the nation. They are doing by playing the race card every step of the way. The people started to object when they force GM into bankruptcy and to settle the bankruptcy on the Obama Administrations terms. Terms? We have laws on the books but nobody objected to this administration making their own law. The law requires that the bond holders are paid first. But because that wasn’t giving control to the government and the unions, that would not be any good. Obama made his own rules and NO ONE objected. Now the tax payers on the hook for GM underfunded UNION negotiated retirement and benefit packages. Again we were called racist for even thinking it was corruption at the highest level. He created his own rules folks and threw out bankruptcy laws. Was this the first act of a Dictator? Oh that’s right I am just a racist. Then came the town halls. They did not expect the reception they got. The American people started to wake up. From the beginning they label the Tea Party as racist. What they did not understand was we were just as angry at Bush statement "I've abandoned free-market principles to save the free-market system,” The Tea Party was tired of politicians on both sides of the aisle stealing the fruits of our labors. It had nothing to do with party let alone race. Still they played the race card. It was reported on August 7th 2009 that White House deputy chief of staff Jim Messina stated in a Senate meeting “If you get hit, we will punch back twice as hard,” in reference to town hall meetings. Was it an Idol threat? Well the answer was delivered loud and clear. At a Tea Party event on August 9th 2009 in St Louis a Black Man was attacked at a Tea Party event. You may not have heard about it. But he was assaulted by another black man and called a nigger for being there. He was trying to make a living for his family selling Gadsden Flags to the people coming to the event. Who assaulted him SEIU members dispatch by the Unions two days after White House deputy chief of staff Jim Messina made the aforementioned statement. Who is SEIU and ACORN and what is their relationship is it closer than most people know. How so? ACORN Founder is Dale Rathke. Rathke also an organizer for SEIU. Both are headquartered in the same building in New Orleans. Both organizations have been used previously to intimidate bank executives in to granting more subprime loans. Barak Obama got his start with ACORN in this area of litigation for people to get subprime loans. He was there from the start. But if we bring that up we are called racist.

The heated debate on health care went on for over a year. Clearly the majority of people did not want what was being proposed. 65% in one survey stated they should start over. We can clearly see where the Democratic Party support is coming from. It is coming more and more from the people that do not contribute to society. Democrats even claim it was a civil right. No I am sorry rights can never be granted by politicians. Rights are given by GOD. Health Care is a product that is purchased. I am called a racist for being against the Health Care bill. The battle was long and when it was passed it was only by hook and crook. Sneaky backroom deal and what id Pelosi say? Oh yeah “But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy” WTF? No Nancy let’s find out before they vote. In this nobody fully understood what they were voting on. Barack Obama struck again. Either he lied or he acted like a dictator. He signed an executive order to strike the abortion language. He does not have that authority to do so PERIOD. He cannot write laws. So either he lied are he is acting as a Dictator. Now they used every bit of corruption as possible to pass this bill. It has favors for the connected like Big Pharma. SO when the Congressional leader decided to march through the Tea Party and make the unproven claim of racist word being thrown about and later deny it happened after the press died down. It is in this air of arrogance that Nancy Pelosi tried to paint an image of a Civil Right achievement. They were expecting a violent reaction and when it did not come. They still made the charge. I remind you look into the eyes of those with King and you see fear. Look in to the eyes of those with Pelosi and you see arrogance that King fought against all those years ago. So America I ask you would Dr King be proud of what his movement has become? Race Card is nothing more than a political weapon to be wielded against opponents. Who are the Racist the ones objecting to policy or those playing the race card again and again and again? Every time the race card is played it diminishes all that Dr King stood and died for. Barry Bench Orlando, FL

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