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Marketing Plan 2008

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Introduction About Phoenix Amour  Marketing Plan 2008


Part 1: Purpose of the Marketing Plan

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1 1

Mission Statement Vision Statement

Part 2: Situation Analysis Current Product/service analysis Service Attributes Distribution Promotion Service offered Target Markets Current Distribution Network Competitive analysis Security 2000 G4S SMS Financial analysis of CIT service





Environmental problem and opportunities SWOT analysis 3 : Marketing Strategies and Objectives Financial objectives Marketing objectives Customer service objectives 4: Tactical Marketing Program Target Markets issues Product/service issues Promotion Issues Sales Department Telemarketers Advertisement Brochures Exhibitions Distribution Issues Pricing Issues Customer service area 5: Budgeting, Performance analysis and Implementation Marketing Budget Performance analysis Implementation 6: Additional Considerations Internal Factors External factors Research Limitations


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Marketing Plan 2008

MARKETING PLAN  Introduction:   Introduction: PHOENIX ARMOUR Background: Phoenix Armour is operating in Pakistan from 1982 however it was formerly known kno wn as Br Brink inks. s. Phoe Phoenix nix Armour Armour is a pionee pioneerr comp compan any y in cash-I cash-In-T n-Tra ransi nsitt se serv rvic ice e in Paki Pakist stan an and and now now it is oper operat atin ing g in 90 citi cities es.. It has has divi divide ded d its its operatio oper ations ns geograp geographica hically lly into 3 regions regions i.e. South, South, North North and Central. Central. The compa com pany ny is also also deal dealing ing in Secu Securit rity y Guard Guards s Servi Service ces s for for VI VIPS PS,, Fina Financi ncial al Instit Ins tituti utions ons and and other other busine business sses es etc, etc, and and secur security ity equip equipme ments nts like like CCTV CCTV cameras, Alarms and Intellectual Property Rights. Marketing Plan 2008: As mentioned above, PHOENIX Group of Companies is covering every aspect of  security related business however this marketing plan is related only to Cash-inTransit Service. This Thi s marke marketin ting g plan pla n is desig designe ned dpurpose to prov provide idethethe read reader er plan. with with Essentially the neces necessa sary ry information to fully understand the of marketing this plan is: •

Forces the marketing personnel to look internally in order to fully understand the results of past marketing decisions. Forces the marketing personnel to look externally in order to fully understand the market in which PHOENIX ARMOUR operates. Sets future goals and provides direction for future marketing efforts that th at ev ever eryo yone ne with within in the the orga organi niza zati tion on sh shou ould ld un unde ders rsta tand nd an and d support.

To develop this marketing plan a six-part approach is taken that includes: 1.

Purpose and Mission


Situational Analysis


Marketing Strategy a an nd Objectives


Tactical Programs


Budgets ts,, Pe Perrfo form rma ance A Ana nallys ysiis an and d IIm mplem eme entat tatio ion n


Additional Consideration




Marketing Plan 2008


This Marketing Plan is undertaken for the following reasons: •

Needed Need ed as part part of the the yearl yearly y planni planning ng proce process ss within within the marke marketin ting g functional area. Needed for a specialized strategy to introduce something new, such as new product/se product/servic rvice e planning planning,, enterin entering g new markets markets,, or trying trying a new strategy to fix an existing problem. Is a component within an overall business plan, such as a new business proposal to the financial community

1.1 Mission Statement: Statement: “Phoenix









excellent security solutions in the volatile conditions. We exist to attract and maintain customers; our services and products will exceed the expectations of  the customers and will fulfill their demands.”

1.2 Vision statement: statement: “Our ultimate vision is to become a superior security solution provider for each customer while doing things efficiently as an organization.”




Marketing Plan 2008


The situational analysis is designed to take a snapshot of where things stand at the time the plan is presented. The situational analysis covers six key areas: product/ service attributes, target market, distribution, competitors, financial and other issues. 2.1 Current Product/Service Analysis: 2.1.1Service Attributes: CIT Services: The salient features of services are: Risk-free transportation of cash and valuables between any bank and office. Door Do or-t -too-do door or se secu cure re tran transp spor orta tati tion on wi with thin in city city or inte interr-ci city ty,, and and •

• • •

nationwide. Salary distribution service. Vaulting facility for cash and valuables, over night or on a long term basis. Backed by a comprehensive insurance cover.

Types of Services: There are four types of services which are as follows: Local Services: This type of services is done within the city. Domestic courier service: When valuables are moved from city to another city then this type of service is called Domestic Courier Service. Plane Side Service: It refers for moving valuables, foreign currency etc outside the country by air. Wage Packet Distribution: Phoenix Phoe nix Armour Armour also also provides provides wage wage distribu distribution tion facility facility for other other business businesses es where the whole process is done by phoenix is people.




Marketing Plan 2008

Domestic 25% 25 %

Plane Side 10%

Wage Packet 5%

Local 60% 60 %

2.1.2 Distribution: This marketing plan is related to services not to any product , that’s why , there is no dist distri ribu buti tion on ch chan anne nels ls requ requir ired ed for for maki making ng se serv rvic ices es acce access ssib ible le to the the custome cust omers, rs, however however,, contact contacts s of Phoenix Phoenix Armour’ Armour’s s Operati Operations ons and unique unique refer ref erenc ence e number number (prop (propos osal al no.) no.) is provi provided ded to each each custo custome merr to av avail ail the services. 2.1.3 Promotion: The Phoenix Armour’s marketing department is the backbone of the company and plays a key role to achieve the goals of the organization. They get business fo forr th the e co com mpany pany by sa sati tisf sfyi ying ng the the need needs s of cu cust stom omer ers s and and find find out out new new opportunities to increase the market shares of the organization. The marketing and promotions of the company are done by following methods: • • • • •

Sales department. Telemarketing. Advertisement. Brochures and other printing materials. Exhibitions.




Marketing Plan 2008

All above techniques are integrated together to achieve the set targets for the marketing departments.

  Sales Department

Printed Materials


Marketing Department




2.1.4 Service Offered: As mentioned above, this plan is related to the services that’s why there is no pre and post post sale services services however however CIT service services s are backed backed by compre comprehens hensive ive insurance cover. Phoenix Armour also offers vault facilities to their customers to store safely and securely their valuables in any situation.




Marketing Plan 2008

2.2 Target Market: Generally, Cash-in-Transit service is utilized by the customers those want to move their cash and other valuables between two destinations securely due to security reasons. Phoenix Armour possesses excellent information about their target markets and knows a great deal about common attributes of the most valuable customers. This information will be utilized to better understand, who is served, what their  specific needs are, and how Phoenix Armour can better correspond with them. In case of Cash-in-Transit service, Phoenix Armour’s market consists of basically two segments: 1. Finan Financia ciall Insti Institu tutio tions ns.. 2. Gene Genera rall segm segmen ent. t.

Financial Segment National bank of Pakistan Habib Bank of Pakistan Allied Bank UBL MCB Bank Al - Habib NIB Meezan Bank Atlas Bank etc.

General segment Textiles Industry Pharmaceuticals Money Changers Oil & Gas Chemical Industry Construction Food & Beverages Hotels Jewelers. etc

2.3 Current Distributor Network: As mentioned earlier that this plan is related to the services so there is no distri dis tribut butor or chan channel nel is requ require ired d betw between een comp compan any y and and its custom customers ers.. The customers are directly contacted with the company if they require CIT services.  




Marketing Plan 2008

2.4 Competitive Analysis: Phoenix Armour being a market leader, is not facing intense competition and enjoying the monopoly. However there are some customers those are operating in the same industry. They are as follows: 1. Group Securicore G4S) 2. Security 2000 3. Askari Cash in transit 4. Bahria Cash in transit

Security 2000: It was formed in 1995, with offices in all provincial provincial capitals. Its Headquarters is in Karachi with eight regional offices spread throughout the Country. Countrywide the company has 10 offices. SERVICES:





Marketing Plan 2008

Customers: SECURITY 2000 has 4 full-fledged security divisions in different fields. 5 out of  the top FORTUNE 50 companies of the world and 12 of the top 20 NATIONAL companies are their clients.

Some are:





G4S SMS: Formed in 2004 from the merger between Securicor plc and Group 4 Falck A/S’s security business. Li List sted ed on the the Lond London on Stoc Stock k Exch Exchan ange ge (sto (stock ck sy symb mbol ol:: GFS) GFS) wi with th a secondary listing in Copenhagen. The largest employer listed on the London Stock Exchange Turnover from continuing continuing operations for the half year from January - June 2007 was £2,263.9 million (2006: £2,025.3m). PBITA for the same period was up 15.9% to £139.5 million (2006: £120.4 m) G4S SMS Pakistan has been working since 1992. They provide security services serv ices over 30 locatio locations ns and 10,000 10,000 employees employees covering covering the major  major  cities. •




Marketing Plan 2008


They are working in the following areas: 1. Mann Manned ed Secu Securi rity ty • • • • • •

Mobile Patrol, VIP Guards, Stationary Guards, Reception Services, Physical Protection and Event Security

2. Cash Cash Serv Servic ices es.. Cash in transit •

3. Othe Otherr Secu Securit rity y Serv Service ices s • • • • •

Security Training, Consultancy Services, Security Survey, Facility Services, and Research & Collection Services

Customer Segments: They are providing services to following segments. • • • • • • • •

Public authorities, Small businesses, Medium-sized and large businesses, Residential customers, International organizations, Embassies, Gas & Oil Exploration (Field Operation), Mobile Telephone Companies (Cell Sites) And NGOs




Marketing Plan 2008

The following graph shows the percent value achievement for each service. The domestic service as compare to other two services is not taking much part in profit pro fit genera generatio tion. n. The The main main reas reason on is the the facil facility ity of onlin online e transf transfer er wher where e customer can transfer money online to other city/cities without any exposure that’s why they avoid physical transfer of money to other cities.

Service Achievement for the Year 2007 

100    s    t   n   e   e   c   m   )    i   v   r   e   v   %    (   e   e    S   i    h   c    A

80  60  40  20  0 


Domestic Plane Si Side Service Type

All three services are showing great results and achievements in the following table in terms of revenue generation. generation. The company is enjoying profit more than it was forecasted specially in local and domestic services.   The main re reas ason on of getti getting ng more more profi profitt in the industr industry y as compa compare re to our  competitors is the reliability, goodwill, hard working and quality of our services. Howev Ho wever, er, new new compe competit titors ors are arriv arriving ing into into the mark market et and and also also exist existing ing competitors are cutting down their charges and upgrading their logistics which result in intense competition can affect our market shares and creating hurdles to achieve our our short and long term goals. goals. That’s why why the company company has has to keep keep an eye on the competitors by not only securing our market shares but try to reduce competitors’ market shares by aggressive marketing techniques.  




Marketing Plan 2008

Revenue Achievement for the Year 2007 

150    s    t   n   u   e   e   n   m   ) 100    e   e   v   v   %    (   e   e   i 50     R   h   c    A


Domestic Plane Si Side Service Type

2.6 Environmental Problems and Opportunities: Phoenix Armour is operating in the security industry. The company follows all the legal obligations that are necessary to run as a business, such as the verification of all the company staff/employees, especially the security guards. The company verified it by using their CNIC cards. The CIT vehicles are strictly bound to follow the traffic rules and regulations, such as parking restrictions and emission of smoke from the vehicle. The company properly prop erly maintained maintained the vehicles vehicles by periodic periodic maintenan maintenance ce and tuning tuning of the vehicles, which help to reduce the hydrocarbon emission from vehicles. Daily there are various services, which go through SBP (State Bank of Pakistan) and SBP have some restrictions on the entrance of the CIT vehicles in their parking area. The SBP allowed two vehicles at a time normally, however in the rush hours only one vehicle is allowed. There is a break of 3 hours from 1200 to 1500 on Fridays when none of the vehicle is allowed to enter into the bank. There is expansion in the financial sector of Pakistan. More banks are opening th thei eirr br bran anch ches es and and expa expand ndin ing g thei theirr busi busine ness sses es,, that that give gives s an enor enormo mous us opportunity to PHOENIX ARMOUR to increase its market share. Due Du e to the incre increase ase in street street cr crim imes es and unlaw unlawfu full cond conditi ition ons s es espec pecial ially ly in Karach Kar achi, i, theref therefore ore more more custom customers ers desire desire to transi transitt their their cash cash safely safely and and securely, that gives the company more customers in the general segment.




Marketing Plan 2008

Plastic money, online money transfer and big notes etc, are working as substitute products to us and are reducing the profit of the company. PESTLE ANALYSIS    POLI PO LITI TICA CAL L

Political Instability Co Co.. foll follow ows s all all guid guidel elin ines es imp imple leme ment nted ed by by S SEC ECP. P. Decrease In FDI.


Increase in disposable income of customers Expa Expans nsio ion n in ba bank nkin ing g sec secto tor. r. Increase in global inflation



Increase in street crime. Increase in Unemployment. Increase in fuel prices.


More usage of plastic money. Teleg Telegrap raphic hic transf transfer er and Hun Hundi di system system of money money.. Online transfer of money.


Verification of staff documents. Restrictions by SBP. all traffic laws are obeyed by armored vehicles.


Proper maintenance of armored vehicles periodically. Dail Daily y chec checki king ng o off CI CIT T ve vehi hicl cles es Rectifying immediately any wear and tear of vehicles.

2.7 SWOT Analysis: Phoenix Armour has several powerful strengths on which to build, but our major  weakness is lack of brand awareness and image in general segment. The major  opportunity is growing demand of CIT service due to the nature of the street crimes situation in Pakistan especially in Karachi. We are also facing the threat of  competition from other security companies and downward pressure on pricing. The following SWOT analysis captures the key strengths and weaknesses within the comp compan any, y, and and highl highligh ights ts the the opport opportuni unitie ties s and and threat threats s facin facing g Phoe Phoenix nix Armour. 2.8.1 Strengths: Pioneer in the security business in Pakistan. In-depth industry experience and insight. • • •

Highest market shares.




Marketing Plan 2008

2.8.2 Weaknesses: Lack of marketing in General Segment. Lack of marketing research. Company is less customer-focused. • • •

2.8.3 Opportunities: Expanding business in banking sector like Barclays is coming. Law & order situation. Political instability. Still lot of market share could be gain from general segment. •

• • •

Threats: Increasing competition. Online transfer of money between banks. Increasi Incr easing ng competi competition tion is compell compelling ing company company to over look its pricing pricing policy because SMS is providing their services less costly as compare to us. • • •


3.1. Financial Objectives: •

Increase the profit margin by 2 percent per quarter through efficiency and control on expenses.

Maintain Mainta in a signif significa icant nt budge budgett for for atten attendin ding g exhibi exhibitio tions ns and printi printing ng materials for advertisement.

3.2. Marketing Objectives: •

To achieve a stable boost in market development.

To maintain affirmative, strong growth in 2008.

To enhance brand awareness in the general segment.




Marketing Plan 2008

3.3 Customer Services Objectives: To reduce customer complains through communicating with them.

Buildi Buil ding ng rela relati tion onsh ship ip betw betwee een n cu cust stom omer er customers for enhancing trust on company.

serv servic ices es

depa depart rtme ment nt

and and

To conduct an annual conference with stakeholders.

Part 4: TACTICAL MARKETING PROGRAM: Part 4 is the core of the marketing plan. It contains descriptions of detailed tactics to be carried out to achieve the objectives and goals established in Part 3. In this section details and timetables are presented for six key decision areas: •

Target Markets Product




Other Areas. (Customer Service Area)

Preferably this section includes a brief summary of current marketing decisions (please refer to Part 2 Situational Analysis) so readers of the plan can easily compare what was planned to what is planned. 4.1 Target Market Issues: In case of Cash-in-Transit service, Phoenix Armour’s market consists of basically two segments: 4. Finan Financia ciall Insti Institu tutio tions ns.. 5. Gene Genera rall segm segmen ent. t. Our primary target market market is financia financiall institut institutions ions such as leading leading local local and foreign banks, money changers and multinational companies. Phoenix Armour is enjoying leading share of the financial sector, where the company is providing services to all the leading banks throughout the country. However, there is a constant need to provide better offering to them to further increase the market share of the company.




Marketing Plan 2008

Our seco Our seconda ndary ry targe targett segm segment ent is gener general al segme segment nt that that comp compris rises es of Fuel Fuel Stations, Textile Industry, Pharmaceuticals and Jewelers etc. those are needed to transfer cash from one location to another location. First segment is related to retail banks and it is also a primary segment for profit generation. In case of retail banks, they utilize the service when they require cash for their daily operations so generally cash is dispensed from their relative feeding or main branch to the retail branches in the cities at the start of the day and collection of cash from their branches to feeding or main branch in the evening. In case of General Segment, mostly industries avail this service when they require cash for wages or salaries for their staff.

Product (CIT Service) Positioning: Phoenix Armour is the premier provider for cash-in-transit cash-in-transit however viewers from general segment position Phoenix Armour as the company is only dedicated to banking sector. thisavailable year, thetocompany will reposition itself as thesector. services of  the company areInalso the customers other than banking This position posi tion will be achieve achieved d by leverag leveraging ing Phoenix Phoenix’’ competi competitive tive edge: edge: industry industry experience and passion. Its management is able to use its vast experience and persona pers onall passion passion for the cash-in cash-in-tra -transit nsit to develop develop strong awarene awareness ss in the general segment. 4.2 Product/Service Issues: As discussed earlier, there are no issues related to distributors and also same with the case with packaging and labeling however for this service the company will use market development technique (same service; new market) to attract more customers from general segment. 4.3 Promotion Issues: In th the e ye year ar 2008 2008,, the the prom promot otio iona nall acti activi viti ties es wi will ll be done done by part partic icip ipat atin ing g exhibi exh ibitio tions ns,, advert advertise iseme ment nt in busin business ess magaz magazine ines s and and attrac attractin ting g genera generall segment by distributing broachers and other printing materials. The marketing and promotions of company will be done by following methods: • • • • •

Sales Department. Telemarketing. Advertisement. Brochures and other printing materials. Exhibitions.




Marketing Plan 2008

4.3.1 Sales Department:

The sales team need to be more pro-active and must work according to the set goals. They will go into the field with the printing materials like broachers and reach the target market and explain the CIT services to them and also take the feedback of customers if they need any special requirement in our  services. The sales team will also explain the future benefits of our services to the customers and differentiate our services from competitors. competitors. The sale team will try to gather the information about the competitors in the market like their  charges, promotion etc. •

4.3.2 Telemarketers:

The telemarketers telemarketers will be assigned particular segments segments for a month on which they will work with full concentration and efforts. They will be given small goals, like to get a particular number of potential customers from assigned target markets. They will be responsible to generate a report about assigned target market at the end of the month in which they will explain the portfolio of  the segment. 4.3.3 Advertisements: To address the related target market, advertisement will be done through yellow pages, business magazines, company’s website, and also in annual magazines of industries like textiles and pharmaceuticals etc. The armored vehicles are also the moveable moveable advertisement for the company because they go number of places specially banks, industrial areas etc, and the potential customers can attract through them. •

4.3.4 Brochures Broch Bro chure ures s and and other other print printing ing mater materia ials ls like like leafle leaflets ts etc. etc. can can boost boost the the marketin mark eting g activiti activities es of the company company.. The brochur brochures es will be distribu distributed ted by sales team to the potential customers and also to existing customers who do not av avail ail the the servi service ces s and there there are are also also numbe numbers rs of custom customers ers where where management has been changed and they do not know about our services. By the help of printing materials, the company will refresh the information about the CIT services and to get more market shares. To increase the awareness of the company, brochures will be placed inside the financial institutions. •

4.3.5 Exhibitions

  An exhibition is the promotional way where company can convey its message to the potential target market directly. In the year 2008, the company will take part in the exhibitions on the quarterly basis where a well-defined picture of  the company will be illustrated to the potential customers.




Marketing Plan 2008

4.4 Distribution Issues: This marketing plan is related to services not to any product , that’s why , there is no dist distri ribu buti tion on ch chan anne nels ls requ requir ired ed for for maki making ng se serv rvic ices es acce access ssib ible le to the the custome cust omers, rs, however however,, contact contacts s of Phoenix Phoenix Armour’ Armour’s s Operati Operations ons and unique unique reference number (proposal no.,) are provided to each customer to avail the services. 4.5 Pricing Policies: There are 5 types of rates which are as follows: Base rates: rates: They varies according to the frequency of servicing required by the clients and base rate get doubles if the service is after 5 pm and during holidays weekends, special events like Eid, Christmas etc. Surcharge: of Rs 0.50 per thousand will apply if the amount or valuable are in Surcharge: excess of 0.50 million and for the banks 0.10 per thousand will apply if the amount or valuable in excess of 1 million. Sealing charge: is a seal charge which is used on every bag to seal it off with a special number it is Rs. 25 for each seal. Vault charge: is a premise where valuables are kept for longer or short periods it is guarded by armed men and security cameras and equipment the charge of Rs. 200 per night (only for Karachi and varies for other cities) per consignment is applied Waiting charge: is a charge of Rs. 500 per hour applies, if vehicle is kept on waiting for more than 15 minutes to pick up the consignment. 4.6 Customer Service Area: Phoeni Phoe nix x Ar Armo mour ur has has esta establ blis ishe hed d its its cust custom omer er servi ervice ce depa depart rtm ment ent for  for  improvement of the quality of the services. CIT is a service and in service indust ind ustry, ry, a custo custome merr direct directly ly conta contacts cts to the the supp supplie lierr that’s that’s why why custom customer  er  service serv ices s departm department ent is the backbone backbone of the service service industry industry.. The custome customer  r  service department will be responsible of total satisfaction of the customers. If a custom cus tomer er has any any comp complai lain n regar regardin ding g CI CIT T servi services ces,, this this depa departm rtmen entt wi willll investigate thoroughly the customer complains and try to eradicate the cause of  the problem by giving suggestion to the top management. This department will work as a bridge between CIT operation and customers to smooth execution of  the services.




Marketing Plan 2008

Feedback of Customers

100  90  80 

  s   r   e   m   o    t   s   u    C    f   o   e   g   a    t   n   e   c   r   e    P

70  60  50  40  30  20  10  0  Standard of  Services

Behavior of  Control Room Staff 

Vehicle’s Crew Behavior 

Standard of  Packaging Material (sealing & bag)

Service Time

Service's Attributes

Un Unsat satif ifac acto tory ry

Satis Satisfa fact ctor ory y

Fair Fair

Good Good

Exce Excell llen entt

The above graph shows the customers feedback about our services.




Marketing Plan 2008

Part 5: BUDGETING, PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS AND IMPLEMENTATION: This step consists of three steps. •

Marketing Budget Budget - presents a clear picture picture of the financial financial implications implications

of the plan Performance Analysis - presents the expected results of the plan including its financial impact •

Implem Impl emen enta tati tion on Sche Schedu dule le responsible for performing tasks •

sh show ows s time timeli line nes s

and and

iden identi tify fy

thos those e

5.1 Marketing Budget:

Marketing Expenditures

13% 24% Ads Website


Printed Materials Sales Departm Department ent Telemarketing


Exhibitions Customer Services 19%

13% 8%






Marketing Plan 2008

5.3 Implementation: This section illustrates a discussion of how and by whom the plan will be carried out.. The detai out detailed led budg budget et all alloc ocati ations ons and and time time for each each spec specifi ific c ma marke rketin ting g co comm mmun unic icat atio ions ns tool tools s are are give given n be belo low w in Gant Ganttt char chart. t. This This char chartt is also also identifying those those related departments departments for each each activity. The marketing marketing plan will be completed in the start of January 2008 by marketing department. The working of sales team, advertisements and telemarketing will be done throughout the year.   Part 6: ADDITIONAL CONSIDERATIONS: The final major section in the Marketing Plan prepares the reader for potential situations that may affect the plan. In this way the reader is provided with a somewhat more balanced picture of what the company may face as it attempts to implement the plan. 6.1 Internal Factors: The internal factors that may affect the plan are as follows: • • • • •

Loss of funding source. Loss of key personnel. Logistic problems. Unexpected virus attack on database. Relocation of departments due to revamp.

6.2 External Factors: The outside factors that may affect the plan are as follows: • • • • • •

Political Instability Law & order Situations CIT Vehicles have become vulnerable for robberies. Economic Crises for small businesses. Increase in Fuel Prices. Riots.

6.3 Research Limitations: • •

Difficult to find solid data on a certain subject. Numbers of assumptions are made on forecasting.




Marketing Plan 2008



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