Master of Philosophy Programme in Nursing

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M. Phill in Nursing





• In 1980 RAK college of nursing started an MPhil programme as a regular and part time course. Since then several universities started taking students for the MPhil course in nursing. • Prominent among these are: MGR Medical University, Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, SNDT University and Delhi University and Manipal Academy of Higher Education

• Nursing shares with the whole university a main focus of preparing its students for service and assisting them to achieve a meaningful philosophy of life. The student is encouraged to develop judgment and wisdom in handling knowledge and skills and achieve mastery of problem solving and creative skills. • Commitment to life long learning is the mark of truly professional person. In order to maintain clinical competencies and enhance professional practice the student must stay abrupt of the new developments and contribute to the advancement of nursing knowledge.

OBJECTIVES 1. To strengthen the research foundations of nurses for encouraging research attitudes and problem solving capacities 2. To provide basic training required for research in undertaking doctoral work


• Duration of the full term M.Phil course will be one year and part time course will be two year.


• At the time of admission each candidate will be required to indicate her priorities in regard to the optional courses .a candidate may offer one course from M Phil programme from the department of Anthropology, education, sociology and physiology or any suitable department. • The M.Phil studies will be into two distinct parts, part1 and part 2.

• Part1----it consist of 3 courses, ie research methods in nursing, major aspects of nursing, allied disciplines • Part2----after passing the part1 examination, a student shall be required to write a dissertation. The topic and the nature of the dissertation of each candidate will be determined by the advisory committee consist of 3 members. The dissertation may include results of original research, a fresh interpretation of existing facts, and date or a review article of critical nature of may take.

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