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Challenge: A consistent, decentralized approach for business users to create quality SAP master data Solution: MasterDataOnline clean & consistent SAP master data solution
MasterDataOnline by Prospecta Software, founded in 2002, a specialist SAP product development company and SAP Independent Software Vendor (ISV) is a product used by SAP customers worldwide to help organizations maintain clean and consistent master data in SAP by easily allowing business users to create information with standardized business rules, workflows and approval processes. Prospecta software has been in the industry for over a decade and has been pioneer in providing complementary solutions services and products in the SAP Ecosystem. MasterDataOnline release 1.2 now features extended functions to launch out directly from SAP transactions, search for items using Google-type searching, online catalogs for suppliers and customers. MasterDataOnline comprises of three main products: A Master Data Package allows you to make use of all or a single master data package. It is the business user’s single point of data entry for creation of master data records which can be configured to suit the business requirements for the process of creating master data. Once the master data record is created in MasterDataOnline it can be approved or automatically sent to your SAP system. Master Data Packages allows business users to create master data transactions and save records into SAP modules including: Material Master Customer Master Functional Location Bill of Material Vendor Master Equipment HR Org Structure PM Technical Objects

The second product is the MasterDataOnline Data Cleansing & Staging tool called MDO Clarify, which is typically used by a data quality user to harmonize data originating from different source systems, such as legacy applications, spreadsheets, or SAP in order to remove duplicate data records, cleanse, consolidate and standardize these records before being loaded into MasterDataOnline, SAP or other target systems, other features include mass changes for bill of material, creating/changing functional location hierarchy structures. A third product is the MasterDataOnline Framework which governs communication between MasterDataOnline and other systems like SAP. The integration layer comes with SAP Adapters which communicate to SAP using SAP IDOC technology or with other systems via web services or batch XML. These options can be used to distribute master data from MasterDataOnline to many different applications simultaneously.

MasterDataOnline Components  MDO Governance for Material Master - The Material Master Governance tool handles simple to complex governance processes for Materials, Bill of Materials and Service Masters. Some key features include: Business Validation Nouns and Modifiers (UNSPSC) Governance Workflow Mass Processing (Extend, Create)

 MDO Governance for Customer Master – Manages the governance processes for customer master data and can integrate with both SAP and SAP CRM. Some key features include: Context Based Catalogs Catalog Punch out to SAP Printed Catalogs

 MDO Governance for Vendor Master – Effective management of large volumes of Vendors to ensure accurate and quality data. Some key features include: Vendor & Supplier Self Service Vendor Governance Online Catalogs via PO RFP & Evaluation Process B2B Interface Procurement (ME21N)

 MDO Governance for Technical Objects – Used for governing Functional Locations, Equipment’s, Class and Characteristics and Task Lists. Facilitates technical structure maintenance in MDO using an easier to use interface for design, approval and subsequent updates into SAP with final changes. Maintenance Governance Assemblies and BOMs Managing Spare Parts Online Catalogs via Work Order Multiple OEM Parts

 MDO Organizational Structure – Used to maintain and visualize org structures. The org structure data is integrated with SAP, once the changes are approved and contains an Employee directory, accessible as a drill down feature from the org structure.  MDO Clarify – is made for SAP data cleansing and staging tool to support SAP data quality analysts and SAP functional consultants to cleanse and standardize SAP Master Data objects. MDO Clarify simplifies the cleansing process by allowing maintenance of your extracted data in a central location rather than across multiple spreadsheets, data bases and provides functionality to create, change technical object structures in a hierarchy tree for example functional location structures.  MDO Customer and Vendor Portal – MDO Portal provides your customers access to vendors catalogs to view and order parts or finished products. Enabling vendors to directly register and upload product information while customers can search and add their favorites to their shopping cart and purchase online. Customer access rights and views can be tailored depending upon their rights to view, select or purchase products. To learn more contact us at [email protected] or visit our website Or Follow us on: and

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